Friday, October 22, 2010

NPR's Juan Williams Said His Peace...NPR Said He Should See A Shrink

For having the temerity to speak his mind?

NPR's firing of commentator Juan Williams this week is one of the worst examples of rush to judgment since 9/11.
Mr. Williams, whether one tends to agree with him or not, is immensely respected by his fellow journalists and viewers alike for his ability to conduct himself with dignity and respect in a field where extremes of opinion and low-ball tactics have become all too common. He's mostly a moderate liberal who is able to hear other points of view with respect, and he can be nuanced in his own views. 

Don't know about that. It always seemed to me that he was pretty much as liberal as most, just more polite in being so.

This should not be a newsworthy at all. How many times have we said that when Conservatives dislike something they simply refuse to be a part of it; and when liberals don't like something their first reaction is to ban it.

Once again they prove us to be correct. Not politically correct, mind you. That's their job.

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