Friday, October 08, 2010

Why We Shoot The Messenger...

...Former NFL Player Arrested For?

  Former San Francisco 49ers running back Glen Coffee has been arrested on a gun charge in the Florida Panhandle.

Fort Walton Beach police say he was arrested Thursday night and charged with possession of a concealed firearm. He was released from jail Friday morning.

According to the arrest report, an officer pulled over Coffee's 2008 Cadillac for excessive speed. Coffee reportedly failed to provide registration or proof of insurance and the vehicle was towed. A cocked pistol was found in the center console.

In Florida, it is perfectly legal to have a firearm in one's vehicle, as long as it is not in plain sight. This is because a soccer Mom might glance your way then drive into a sidewalk full of nuns upon seeing a G-G-G-G-GUN!

In other words, there was no crime committed. The cops towed the car because the idjit didn't have his registration, but the story clearly states that he was charged with "possession of a concealed firearm".

Which, we repeat for those of you tuning in from Rio Linda, in and of itself is NOT a crime in The Gunshine State.

Great reporting. NOT.

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