Saturday, October 09, 2010

Delaware alcohol division's head faces DUI charge

A retired state trooper who heads Delaware's Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement faces a drunken-driving charge and possible disciplinary action after being arrested in her state-owned car early Thursday north of Lewes.

Siobhan G. Sullivan, 46, who lives near Rehoboth Beach, also was cited with speeding when state troopers pulled her over at about 2:30 a.m. on Del. 1 near Minos Conaway Road, court records show.

Sullivan, who was Gov. Ruth Ann Minner's security chief before taking the new post in November 2008, is the sixth high-ranking state official -- including three criminal prosecutors -- charged with drunken driving in the last 26 months. On Sunday, state Rep. Brad Bennett was arrested in Lewes with a blood-alcohol level of 0.155, nearly twice the legal limit of 0.08.

Sulllivan's blood-alcohol level was not listed in court papers, and officials would not reveal whether she declined to take a breath test, or if she did consent, what her reading showed."

'Course they won't release her blood results. Here's an interesting take on that; Most states that issue Commercial Driver Licenses lower the maximum level of blood alcohol permitted by at least half of what the average Joe can blow before being cited for DUI.

In other words, for those tuning in from Rio Linda, if the permissible level is .08, commercial drivers are DUI over .04.

Not law enforcement types though. Even though they merrily speed through town with impunity, their max level is exactly what everyone else's is. And as in the case of Miz Sullivan, just try and find what the level was, but I betcha since she was speeding...and not just speeding or the cop never would have forced her over...then the level of blood in her alcohol probably was one helluva doozie. 

At least Miz Sullivan had the grace to resign without causing a fuss though, but were her name to have been, oh, let's say Miz Athenayakeesha Jones they'd have to pry her out of office and face a bias-lawsuit in doing so.

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