Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dana Loesch Versus Client #9

Eliot Spitzer is the quintessential asshat. This is undeniable. But his debating "skills" can't be overlooked because he happens to be an asshat. The following video is being hailed as an uncontested win by Dana Loesch, and in believing so we overlook the very reason Eliot was so successful.

Ma and PA Kettle will view this as at least a stalemate and at worst a resounding win for Eliot's side. What happened to Dana is what happens to ANYONE, well, maybe not Newt who has a remarkable grasp of pretty much everything, but anyone else who enters a discussion versus someone who knows what he's going to say, says it forcefully, resorts to badgering, which by the way flusters women more than men, and is so very practiced in the art form that is debating.

The trap we fall into, and by "we" I'm of course referring to Conservatives, is in believing that middle of the roaders, those fence sitters extraordinaire, will watch the thing and shout "You Go Girl!" That's what got us into all this trouble to begin with. Preaching to the choir doesn't win elections.

Spitzer hit his main points and he hit them well, especially with the "pre-existing conditions" spiel. You CANNOT convince Ma and Pa that those cute little waifs, those dying children, shouldn't be denied healthcare because of a pre-existing condition.

You convince them by telling the truth. That Obamacare won't help anyone in the long run because it is predicated upon one lie after another and that healthcare will be WORSE for those adorable tykes if the government has a hand in how to save them. The government, you say, can't deliver the mail, but you think it can help poor kids? Government can't even fix the potholes on your street but can save the children?

Overburdened, understaffed hospitals can't keep up now, and you think that by adding government to the mix and making the job even harder, is going to rescue little Timmy from the specter of a horrendous demise?

Dana seems like a nice young lady. Going toe to toe with one of the worlds most insidious villains just needs someone with a bigger boat. I don't believe he beat her, but we've had enough ties lately and that isn't my point. Will an independent believe his liberal talking points or hers.

Doesn't matter what WE think, or even what THEY think. Without the middle, we lose the Republic. Calling this a slam-dunk misses the point and is the epitome of laurel resting.

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