Saturday, October 02, 2010

Florida Case Puts Focus on Issue of Absentee Ballot Fraud

When police raided Daytona Beach City Commissioner Derrick Henry's office this week and seized his computer, they say they discovered evidence of what election experts say has become a rampant, largely ignored and troubling issue in Florida — the widespread abuse of absentee ballots. 
Police say Henry's computer was used to obtain dozens of absentee ballots prior to the city's Aug. 24 elections, in which he was re-elected."

Mr. Henry is a black democrat. Democrats of every persuasion, as long as its black or hispanic, usually remain at arms length from investigation in southern Florida, because any evidence against them better be air-tight or else the dreaded R word is hurled from pillar to post.

Looks like they caught themselves a genuine dumbass who cannot even hide behind his melanin. 

Oh and by the way; I couldn't find ANY indication to his political affiliation in the story, but rest assured this mutt is a certifiable card carrying democrapper.

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