Wednesday, October 06, 2010

When The Facts Don't Suit Your Agenda...

 ...There's Always Blatant Lying, As Caliph Barry Does So Very Well...Or Is It...

President Obama did more than just botch American history in his recent speech to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus; he advanced a racial separatist agenda which undermines our cultural solidarity and insults our sovereignty.

In a speech to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, the president recently came very close to endorsing a radical, race-based agenda. That agenda is best described as geographic reparations -- a misguided effort to correct past wrongs against the ostensible original Americans by committing present wrongs against real Americans today. In his ethnocentric speech, the president had this incredible factual error to share:

Long before America was even an idea, this land of plenty was home to many peoples. To British and French, to Dutch and Spanish, to Mexicans, to countless Indian tribes. We all shared the same land. [Emphasis added.]

That statement is a falsehood. America was definitely an idea by 1776, if not sooner. There could not have been a single "Mexican" here "before America was even an idea" because Mexico was not a country until 1821. There was no Mexican nation, therefore no "Mexicans" on our land "before America was even an idea."

So what accounts for Obama's eagerness to semantically superimpose Mexican people onto our early territory? There are convincing reasons to believe that Obama meant that today's Mexicans are descended from the rightful owners of part of this country. Allowing them to return via illegal immigration and lax enforcement is simple fairness -- geographic reparations.

The president here is demonstrating a commitment to the precepts of leftist open borders advocates, even La Raza ideology. According to a Tucson teacher who blew the whistle on La Raza ethnic studies courses, La Raza classes cause racial hostility. La Raza literally teaches children that "white teachers" do not want Hispanics to get ahead in life and "that the Southwestern United States was taken from Mexicans because of the insatiable greed of the Yankee, who acquired his values from the corrupted ethos of Western civilization." Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. warned against this "cult of ethnicity" in his classic, The Disuniting of America. La Raza ideology espouses racial resentment and condemns our national sovereignty. Such is the ideological core of geographic reparations.

If the president meant what he said about "Mexicans" being here "[l]ong before America was an idea," then the president shares with La Raza the belief "that the Southwestern United States was taken from Mexicans." This historical fairy tale is no doubt intended to reinforce the notion that someone else was here first and therefore they deserve a measure of compensation. Factually, there were other peoples here first, but the conclusion that we owe Mexicans a debt does not logically follow. Truly open-minded people would compare our tolerant treatment of illegal immigrants to the frequent bloody intolerance of some the North American natives. After all, our Declaration of Independence points to "the merciless Indian Savages whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions." King George III's support for those tribes was one of the charges listed against him in the Declaration. Warfare and ritual violence were, as scholars have noted, an integral part of pre-Columbian indigenous life.

We don't owe a blanket apology to the descendants of the "original" inhabitants in any region of the country. Instead, perhaps the descendants of the more -- to use Thomas Jefferson's word -- "merciless" tribes owe us an apology for butchering our early settlers. At the very least, we don't need to pretend that "Mexicans" were here before America was founded.

The problem with that theory is that the people who were here first were not Mexican. There were warring tribes with no Mexican national identity whatsoever, who had themselves been fighting and displacing each other. The brutal territorial conquests of the Iroquois and Osage long predated Columbus. For the president to say that "Mexicans" were here "[l]ong before America was an idea" is a historical fable. He is trying to delegitimize our claims to sovereignty and to make us ashamed of our territorial boundary. From these absurd premises the left builds an entire house of cards, including an open-borders immigration policy..."

There are times like this, when I am unsure if a modern, well-educated man of average intelligence as Barry, COULD be so very wrong about pretty much anything he talks about.

You see, he leaves himself open to such ridicule that its a tough call to label  him as nothing but a stone cold liar or a complete buffoon, because who in their right mind would wish to be thought of as such? But to tell the truth I'd rather a buffoon because poking fun at the retarded among us isn't all that cool and I'd stop in a NY minute were I assured that Soetoro was nothing more than an incomparable idiot of magnificent proportions.

Seriously. Stupid people have the same rights as you or I, and the Kenyan Kandidate might not be help to himself if it is impossible for him to string together three intelligible words without a teleprompter.

If he's nothing more than a commie rat that's one thing. But he stutters, looses concentration easily, is without a frame of reference for even the most commonplace of people, places, and events, and doesn't seem to mind being photographed taking embarrassingly retarded golf swings or riding a woman's bicycle.

We know he's truly egotistical so its not like he wouldn't wish to be portrayed in only the most favorable of lights, so I'm beginning to think he's just, well, dumb.

World Class Dumb, at that. This is one of the reasons I hate affirmative action.

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