Saturday, October 16, 2010

Obama's Fluctuating Pay-Grade

President Obama once opined that pre-born babies, and specifically their humanity, were "above his pay grade."  Something has changed, possibly his pay grade, because the President recently offered an opinion about the pre-born, specifically about their sexuality.  Just yesterday, our increasingly capable President opined that people are born gay:

I don't think it's a choice. I think that people are born with a certain makeup, and that we're all children of God. We don't make determinations about who we love.
President Obama repeatedly extols the use of science over ideology but seems to selectively apply that standard.  There is no doubt about the humanity of a pre-born baby.  A baby's heart begins beating about 20 days, hiccups begin 52 days, and organs function eight weeks after conception.  There is some developing but inconclusive research about the biological basis for sexual orientation, focused on brain structure, hormones and twins/siblings.

There you have it. For all to see, the results of an affirmative action education.
Babies being human is too complicated for the moron to comprehend, but babies being homo's is definitely understandable.

And this guy has his finger on the button. Comforting.

Great Scot, but wait!

If we convince him that all babies are born homosexual, then he'd be forced to ban abortion. Or illegal aliens, yeah. All babies are illegal aliens because they've entered the country without papers. The entire democrat-controlled Congress would put an immediate HALT to abortion.

We may be on to something, guys, stay tuned.

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fits said...

He's a partisan dunce without a lick of core values to fall back on.