Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gator Eats 50 Pound Dog

First a little preamble from someone who's been around an alligator or two. There's this thing called common sense, some folks have heard of it, to others its just a rumor, but finding it and using it can be the difference between life and death.

Wanna know the SINGLE biggest reason alligators can attack family pets and even people with all but impunity? Tree huggers. Here in Florida, anyone can report a nasty reptile, and the state has gator-wranglers who'll arrive and relocate the beast. It's all done on the QT, or at least as much as possible, because the shoreline is full of lookee-loos who'll literally jump into the water to save a hooked gator, and even if they don't resort to such theatrics they'll phone, fax, email, snailmail and otherwise make the lives of Florida's fish & wildlife people miserable.

Now here's a link to a video where some old folks bemoan the loss of a pet as well as the fact that they themselves can't go near the water. If they'd only STOP protecting the alligators none of this would be a problem but as is usually the case, they make their own little world and then bitch about how sucky it is to live there.


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