Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lee County, Florida likely to lift gun ban

Lee County is likely to let permitted gun owners carry arms in public parks rather than buck state law.
Commissioners today will decide whether to lift a ban that prevented people — even those with state-issued concealed weapons licenses — from carrying guns in some county-owned parks. The county’s legal staff is suggesting commissioners lift the ban on permit holders to stay consistent with state law.

Depending on the vote, the county could have to modify signs at county parks, which banned firearms alongside alcohol and leash-less dogs. 

“At this point, we’re going to have to follow state statute,” Commission Chairwoman Tammy Hall said.
Fort Myers Attorney J. Patrick Buckley sued Lee County in August, saying the signs and the county policy contradict state law. 

Only the state has jurisdiction over firearms. Buckley could not be reached for comment.

The Lee County "legal staff", named after General Robert E. Lee...The County not the legal staff...knew full well that the county was violating the law, but Lee...the county not the doing very well thank you very much despite the recession because it remains a tourist trap, and the fear was that some northeastern cow would moo until she collapsed in abject fear over the sight of a bulge in some man's cover garment. Northeastern cows have a tendency to do that...and then trapped tourista's might flee en masse so there'd go the neighborhood.

I mean, what's more important anyways...

Two-ton-Tessie's being protected from masculine bulges or the United States, and Florida's, Constitution?

All men of good will know full well the answer to that question; just don't ask a scumdog liberal because you really don't want to go bitch slapping every loon you meet.

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