Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Obama And The Great Pumpkin

The key evidence proving Whittaker Chambers' allegations against Soviet spy Alger Hiss, an important member of the U.S. State Department, became notoriously known as the "Pumpkin Papers," for they were secretly placed by Chambers in a hollowed-out pumpkin in the patch on his family farm.

Rep. Darrell Issa, poised to become chairman of the House Oversight Committee, is not afraid of the monstrous task of cleaning skeletons from the closets and carving the pumpkins to reveal their slimy, seedy contents to the American public. And conservative candidates, if elected, pledge to begin the messy process of repealing the rotten stench of unconstitutional legislation.
A great pumpkin paper harvest begins this November 2. I have eerie premonitions of a monstrous mash of pumpkin available for an enormous American pie, baked by a new Congress with a real conservative recipe.

And I for one am barely constraining my glee at the mere thought of someone, ANYONE, taking a hard look at Obama and his mysterious cronies. Let a Conservative do something, well, childish, in High School, and the Yellowstream Media has ALL the details in a nanosecond, but cannot seem to locate the President of The United States' birth certificate?

Can you even imagine what a dutiful examination of this man is likely to turn up?

Glee is just around the corner.

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