Thursday, October 21, 2010

Todd Boone...The Yogi Berra Of Cutlery Corner

"...don't know how you can go wrong on this deal if you're not buyin' it..."

Todd Boone. October 21, 2010

Absolutely, positively, without a doubt, Todd; truer words were never spoken. CAN'T go wrong NOT BUYING from Frost Cutlery.


"We just opened the show and this knife is already gonna be a popular item which it already is once we get started."

"Brand new fixed blade that we've never even shown before, and I can't remember how much more expensive it was the last time I had it on the air..."

"That's right a hundred knahves for a hundred dollars. Now we don't have many of these handmade Katana's, maybe 150 of 'em, but if you buy 2 sets, that's 200 knahves for 200 dollars, then we're gonna throw in ANOTHER Katana unless we don't have any more left because there's only maybe 300 of them to begin with, so if you tape the show and they're all gone when you order then you can't get any Katana's but that's not our fault so you better order now."

I do need to intrude, sorry. Seeing as how the show is already on tape delay... as it was recorded 6 hours prior to airing, everywhere BUT in Tennesee... it of course would be impossible to place not one but two orders in hope of getting a free Katana because they'd be long gone even before the program aired to begin with.

See. Even explaining what Todd is trying to say is near on impossible.

Am still watching and of course it's funnier than shit, but ol' Todd is being careful. Know that for a fact because every ten minutes he says so. Pauses, clears his throat...on air but of course...then dramatically offers that he's got to git things raht becuz makin' a mistake is a no-no anymores.

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