Saturday, October 09, 2010

Police Raid Wrong Home, Scare Elderly Couple Half To Death

Jakymek and her husband Andrij, 89, who suffers from Alzheimers, were in bed when a squad of officers from the Cook County Sheriff’s Police Gang Crimes Unit allegedly smashed their way into the elderly couple's Southwest side home. Sheriff's officers have not commented on the situation to confirm or deny reports. 

“I hear bad noise, I thought somebody breaks in,” Jakymek said. "In that time about 20 guys came in and they said they were looking for guns and narcotics. They tell me to go into the bathroom ... They search everything." 

At about 11:30 p.m. Thursday officers from the Cook County Sheriff’s Police Gang Crimes Unit executed a search warrant on the home on the 5600 block of South Kilbourn Avenue, the Chicago Tribune reports. They smashed in windows and broke down doors in their quest for crystal meth, cocaine, guns and money. 

"I was scared," Anna said. "I thought it was gang." 

The Jaykmeks are Ukrainian immigrants who have lived in the house since 1967, according to their son Andrew. Andrew said his father is a retired tailor and his mother worked as an elevator operator into her late '70s for Peoples Gas Co. 

Andrew Jakymek says when he arrived, police admitted they’d raided the wrong house.
“When I arrived the officer explained they had misinformation, but said his job was over, and he was leaving. They left a copy of the warrant, but he absolved himself of any responsibility for the raid or the damage," he told the Tribune. 
Only in Ill-Annoy, and particularly so with regards to Cook County. 
Isn't it amazing that, after incurring thousands of dollars of damage to these poor old folks' home, the coppers get to call a mulligan?



(Yet another thanks to The War on Guns.)

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Anonymous said...

What you mean, "thought it was gang"? It WAS gang! Cops no good in Amerika now.