Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cutlery Corner In Happier Tahms


Before there was a Cutlery Corner it was just the "Knaff Show". Then they went on to HSN for 7 long years of tomfoolery before Mr. James A. Frost conned enough saps into slapping down their hard earned money for Chinese pot steel and set up his brandy new format that we have today.

But all is not well in Grifterville, Tennessee. Tom O'Dell, the one on the right and the sterner looking of the two idjits, began experiencing memory loss and that prompted Terrible Todd into believing he was indispensable and could cough, laugh, sneeze, shout, and otherwise make an ass of himself on the air.

Todd is away to parts unknown and Tom wanders the set aimlessly while the gals (chosen for their ability to deal with those suffering from Alzheimer's) try leading him back to the knaff table to sell more pot metal.

Hopefully we'll have Todd on an upcoming Podcast so keep your fingers crossed that all goes well.

And...for your viewing enjoyment..taken di-rek-lee from one of their shows...
"Just that is, I think I want to keep that. I want to keep that trumpet sword."
"It is really amazing, but we have a trumpet sword, 26 Roman gladiator swords and a Caesar gladiator sword."
"This is probably approaching the best set I ever sold on television. Period."
"I tell you what though, we are going to double all of those gladiator swords. That's 52 of the gladiators, two of the Caesars and two of the trumpet swords."
"Okay, this is completely crazy. We have to - we are selling this at way below cost - we are going to have to finish this."
"Right. Right, the final item, this is the last one, this is 275 Delta Force Warhawk 5 folding knives and 275 Delta Force Warhawk Junior folding knives. These are authentic reproduction Delta Force knives. These are-"
"Watch yourself!"
"These are probably the sharpest - he he - sharpest knives we've had here. These can cut through an ogre's bone."
"Just one of those Delta Force knives would be worth a thousand dollars to the right collector. Those are, aren't they classified?"
"These are top secret knives. These are the knives you have all been praying for. They are the ultimate killing weapon. You get a total of 550 of them, mother of pearl on the handle, inlaid authentic gold colored inlay and these just snap open."

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