Saturday, October 09, 2010

Frost Cutlery Special...Southwest Asia MIA Commemorative Buck 110's...

Friday night's Cutlery Corner, which is broadcast in civilized parts of the country early Saturday morning around 3 AMish or thereabouts, depending on how badly your cable company needs the pennies they can get from Frost...

...One of the "Specials" was the Southwest Asia Buck 110 MIA Commemorative knife.

Now, we're not talking about a typo. Todd Boone, the stuttering liar who hosts the first half of the Cheap-Chinamen-Steel show referred to as Cutlery Corner, said time and again "SOUTHWEST Asia, because that's where all of the Asian countries are, in the Southwest...". Or how's about the fact that the replica of the Vietnam Service Ribbon that is glued onto the lefthand side of the handle he refers to as "..the Southwest Asian flag..."

Can you imagine someone living in America, over the age of 40 at that, not knowing that Vietnam is in SouthEAST Asia? Or that every Asian nation is found in the Southwest part of the Asian region?

That's what happens when you lie so much you pay little attention to the words coming from your own mouth.

I sent the crooks an email informing them of their insult, hoping that the Saturday evening show... that as sure as God made little green apples will feature the same product even though it is supposedly in "limited quantity"...will at least be referred to as Southeast Asian MIA Commemorative Buck 110.

Not that they could give a shit.

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