Thursday, October 14, 2010

Texas Bank "Allows" Concealed Carry...

I despise bringing any attention to the Clinton News Network, but know thine enemy, etc.

The Bill of Rights guarantees the right, not a bank's creating a "rule" as the caption describes, and except for the kudos that should go to the bank this is a worthless piece of crap story that symbolizes CNN's unprofessionalism, despisement of freedom,and pretty much misses the overall point by a country mile. Yeah I hate them. No real reason to watch the actual video because its self-explanatory for anyone who can A) read English, as opposed to, say the average CNN viewership, and 2) understand the definition of freedom. Click here if you really wanna as I could find no way to embed the thing, but be aware that the link is from Gun Digest which can be problematic loading since it is chockablock with ads, etc.

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