Monday, October 11, 2010

Barack Obama: Liar, Demagogue, And Dictator-Wannabe

There are among the population of the country Barack Obama has been chosen to lead those who have experienced firsthand the iron fist of a dictatorial government and who have survived the bloodshed that resulted. Tens of millions died during the past century under dictators. Deep within their psyche, these survivors are extraordinarily attuned to those factors that gave rise to the devastation when dictators have their way. 

They know that the first step along this path is the emergence of a leader willing to do or say anything to promote a destructive and failed political philosophy and to achieve power by manipulating the emotions, fears, and prejudices of the people. But above all, they are mindful that only by exposing those who are determined to undermine their society, without hesitation or fear, can their nation be saved.
Therefore, on behalf of those of us who have live through the worst of times, and based upon the president's words and deeds, it must be stated that Mr. Obama is a liar and a demagogue.
This deception began during the presidential campaign. Falling sway to soothing rhetoric and a deliberately fraudulent campaign to promote moderate positions on the economy and government, many citizens in 2008 voted for Senator Obama. Further, they hoped that by electing a man of African descent, the long national nightmare of slavery and the long civil rights struggle would at last be relegated to the pages of history. Capitalizing on that hope, Mr. Obama campaigned on the theme that as a political moderate, he would bring all Americans together and end the divisive politics of the past, as well as control the scope and size of government."
There's lots more and you can read it here, but I must disagree as to why "many citizens voted for Barack Obama."

White liberals voted for such a man so as to CONTINUE, and even exacerbate the dialogue of racism, not to quell it. Barack was to be the "LOOK!...SEE!...Even though you HATED his kind WE love him and want to pay his entire race back for all the terror our great-great-grandfathers did to the negro!"

Anyone paying any sort of attention to the man and/or his writings would HAVE to have come to the conclusion that he himself was at least as racist and as kneejerk as any of the democrat race mongers of the past, so I don't buy the idea that ANYONE with half a brain thought Barack Obama capable of doing anything else than FANNING the flames.

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