Saturday, July 30, 2005

Highly Recommended Self Defense Ammunition

Have Tried the Starfire in .38 Special and the round is awesome. Just placed an order for the .357 magnum version and will update when I've received them. Just one look into the hollow point really says it all, but the bullet performs very well in water-jug testing. The .38 penetrates approximately 15 inches, translate that to ballistic gelatin at 11.25 inches with an expansion to .84. Fine defensive round for the venerable .38, and I hope an excellent one for the magnum.

Close Call For Hill...

After a rough landing, emergency crews were rushed to the scene of the accident, but neither Hillary nor Ms RodHams aircraft had sustained damage.

The Evil Klingons

Testing till I drop, yeah baby, yeah

Test oh yeah test

Well, testing.

Ruger GP-100

More fun with pics

Pic Test...Glock Disassembly