Friday, September 30, 2005

Skeptics Only

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A Proper Response
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Zero Tolerance or Zero Brains
A Dilemma Indeed
Shooting Lessons
A Flaky Prime Minister
Buyer Beware
Did He Really Say That?
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Goddard Again
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Time for Hooting
Some Good News from Germany
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How Could That Be
In Conclusion....

Child Abuse?

Now, I'm usually the last person on god's green earth to stick up for a moslem, but Charles over at Little Green Footballs feels that this picture is evocative of child abuse. Palestinian man holding his son on his shoulders and the boy is touching a rifle. Would anyone care to wager that there are many states and cities and backwaters in this country with households featuring similar pictures on the mantle? Charles is from California where guns are bad things, true, but this particular pic does not show a child being harmed.

How's about the mother & child pic? Think Charles would stroke out or what?

Lots of folks like taking photographs of their children with firearms. I don't, but I don't rule the world and as long as the child isn't being harmed, I've not a damned thing to say about it. BUT, and not the LGF NEEDS to publish inflammatory pics, but stop by and check out the hundred plus comments the Dad, Rifle, and Young Boy generated. lgf: Palestinian Child Abuse

What Bill Bennett Said WAS Wrong...

When one mentions blacks and crime in the same sentence one is SUPPOSED to weep.

The PC-Police are hot on the trail of Mr. Bennett for daring to DEBUNK the morally reprehensible premise that doing away with blacks means lowering the crime rate. Here's what Andy McCarthy of NRO has to say, but before you take on his somewhat longwinded desciption of the events, remember that the people who are screaming to the high heavens about all this are socialists, pure and simple, and the ONLY governments EVER to sanction exterminations of certain ethnic peoples have been...yep. Ya think what's left of their duty, honor, and patriotism, some tiny little infinitesimal remnant of common sense maybe, is itching away at them that something is wrong but they're not sure what?

"...That he was right in this seems to matter little. Bennett is being fried by the PC police and the ethnic-grievance industry, which have disingenuously ripped his minor point out of its context in a shameful effort to paint him as a racist. He’s about as bigoted as Santa Claus.

Here’s what happened. In the course of his Morning in America radio show on Wednesday, Bennett engaged a caller who sought to view the complexities of Social Security solvency through the narrow lens of abortion, an explosive but only tangentially relevant issue. Specifically, the caller contended that if there had not been so many abortions since 1973, there would be millions more living people paying into the Social Security System, and perhaps the system would be solvent.

Bennett, typically well-informed, responded with skepticism over this method of argument by making reference to a book he had read, which had made an analogous claim: namely, that it was the high abortion rate which was responsible for the overall decline in crime. The former Education secretary took pains to say that he disagreed with this theory, and then developed an argument for why we should resist “extensive extrapolations” from minor premises (like the number of abortions) in forming major conclusions about complex policy questions.

It was in this context that Bennett remarked: “I do know that it's true that if you wanted to reduce crime, you could — if that were your sole purpose — you could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down.” Was he suggesting such a thing? Was he saying that such a thing should even be considered in the real world? Of course not. His whole point was that such considerations are patently absurd, and thus he was quick to add: “That would be an impossible, ridiculous and morally reprehensible thing to do.”

Bennett’s position, clearly and irrefutably, is that you cannot have tunnel vision, especially on something as emotionally charged as abortion, in addressing multifaceted problems. It is almost always the case that problems, evenserious ones, could be minimized or eliminated if you were willing to entertain severe solutions. Such solutions, though, are morally and ethically unacceptable, whatever the validity of their logic. The lesson to be drawn is not that we can hypothetically conceive of the severe solutions but that we resolutely reject them because of our moral core."

This IS how low we've sunk. Prominant blacks can say pretty much anything and not be judged to be racist, but intelligent...and you simply do not get more intelligent than Mr. Bennett...intelligent discourse on sensitive subject matter is considered racist as long as the words, black and/or minority are included in the same thought process as "crime".

Senator Caligula, strike that, Ted Kennedy; drunk, debaucher and killer of young women called Bill Bennett "Racist". Senator Nancy Pelosi was "Shocked". Indeed shocked that anyone would admit that such views exist and dare to take them on and debunk them. Better the welfare state, right Nance? That way you keep the black kids poor and fatherless and easy prey to both man-made as well as natural disasters.

There do be putz's.

Moslem extremists? who loves ya baby...the NY Times does...

Two stalwart moselm fella's got themselves into some really hot water by engaging in certain criminal activities that could very well have been a prelude to terrorist acts. Ehab Elmaghraby and Javaid Iqbal, say that the government discriminated against them after 9/11 because they are moslem, and guess who comes a'runnin' to the rescue?

Top Officials Told to Testify in Muslims' Suit - New York Times

"The men, who eventually pleaded guilty to minor criminal charges unrelated to terrorism and were deported, charged that they were repeatedly slammed into walls and dragged across the floor while shackled and manacled."

The "minor" charges they plead guilty to? Counterfeiting and Fraud. Minor crimes to the Paper Of Wreckers, just like plagiarism and publishing phony stories are minor infractions of the journalism code of ethics. Haven't they lost ENOUGH money to have come to the conclusion that fewer and fewer people are buying into this nonsense?

That every moslem ALIVE has a handbook prescribing precisely what to do should the authorities capture them in the act of committing a criminal act doesn't seem to matter much to the TIMES, but it DOES to people of good will who KNOW that these people are dangerous and have oft times funnelled monies into various terrorist organizations.

And know what, Ali? If you're told to move and fall to the fall shouting for little-lulu or alla-lulu or whatever fricking lulu there is, bet your pedophile, rapist, cult-killing ass you're being dragged.

Carnival Cruise Line Berths For Refugees Could Cost $200 Million

Of course it won't, so don't go believing Baracks and the dumb blonde congressbroad he convinced to drop this dime along with him. The original intent was to pay approximately $184 a day for room and board and quickly get up to 20,000 New Orlinians out of harms way. Didn't work because the, ahem, residents, are balking at going aboard the luxury liners, and FEMA is going to redo the contract so it won't be any big deal.

In the space of two short weeks it's gone from, "What kind of an animal thinks about the COST of saving HUMAN lives? What monster stops to count the dollar signs when black people are drowning? What's that...75% of the hardest hit areas were white? What kind of EVIL VILLAIN stops to count the pennies when poor black AND white people are being raped, mugged, and possibly sold into indentured servitude in Yemen?"

To this: "It cost HOW MUCH?"

FEMA responded outside of the box, it didn't work so they're villified, but why DIDN'T the refugees wish to board?

You tell ME, how the hell can you get a big screen TV off a boat? Jump overboard and tow the bloody thing behind you?

And that's precisely what a New Orleans resident expressed to Messenger in an exclusive interview:

"Fix'd jack THIS po'ho wita a-sizes tub?" Offerred the woman who asked not to be identified.
"Diveah moe juices from out dat sea? Slinki' fats on moe fie? Nex tahm catch dis chickla ona looksee. Ri, 'cher?"

Can't argue with that.

Pissed That Bat-Flu Has Been Grabbing All the Headlines...

The Bird-Flu Worshippers Want Their Day In The Emergency-Room Too

"The range of deaths could be anything between five million and 150 million," said Dr. David Nabarro, who was appointed by the United Nations yesterday as the chief scare-monger for the bird flu. "I believe that the work we're doing over the next few months will make the difference between, for example, whether the next pandemic leads us in the direction of 150 or in the direction of five."

Can't they leave us all alone until they come up with the Goat-Fuckers Flu that only effects moslem cult-killers? But getting back to the latest GERMS! scare, all "Dr." Nabarro really means is that the U.S. better pony up a few billion or he'll keep calling CNN to make sure they scare the shit out of everybody. There have been NO reputable studies linking bird-flu with anything resembling a pandemic, just a lot of wishful thinking by underemployed medical professionals who could use a new gig. The bullswaddle meter should peg in the red zone whenever ANYONE affiliated with the UN slips out of his or her luxury suite long enough to hold a press conference about anything.

The Asians And Their Love For Curried Bat-Brains = SARS

Two Teams Identify Chinese Bat as SARS Virus Hiding Place

Okay, enough is enough. If it's not the Africans fucking monkeys, it's the Asians doing one discusting thing after another, and they simply MUST stop sucking bat blood through a dirty straw in every marketplace they happen upon. Not that SARS is particularly dangerous, but a bad case of the flu is a bad case of the flu and who needs it.

Never can tell. Once upon a time AIDS was confined to monkeys until they started looking so damned sexy to one tribe or another, and don't believe for a moment that the HIV virus in Africa and parts of Asia is the same one that infects people in the states. Damned sight more communicable, and that's all we need is for something to come along that makes you dead as soon as you say god bless you

3 Less Paleswines To Worry About

West Bank killings cast shadow over Palestinian vote - Yahoo! News

3 Hamas terrorists exchanged gunfire with Israeli soldiers and learned the hard way that shooting wildly into the air is no substitute for real training, and were the latest cultists to join their goatsucking god in whatever hell it calls home.

So how does the AFP report this story? Well just look at the headline then weep for the poor innocent Palestinians who were killed just because they fired upon Jews.

This is the sort of crap that ALL news services run on a regular basis and it shouldn't bother me the least, but lefty news all day all the time such as what Yahoo features does get under my skin now and again. These guys and gals actually went to an accredited journalism school? Where? Aruba?

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Another Travesty For The American Legal System...

NY Times Reporter Judith Miller released from jail.

Ms Miller was incarcerated for refusing to divulge her sources, and continued to pretend that she actually had a source, until today when after 87 days residing where she belongs, Ms Miler at last found someone to admit that THEY were the imaginary source.

It took nearly 3 months for one of these detweillers to step up and pretend to be Judy's 'source', and I guess they felt it appropriate to wait a while so the judge wouldn't catch on to their little scheme. Early reports suggest that she was set free to create even more bogus news after meeting with Vice President Chaney, but since Ms Miller is a known operation-scar-junkie, it may well have been just a show-me-please plea that the Vice President found hard to ignore.

We'll keep you up to date as soon as there's more.

UPDATE: 9:30 PM From The NY Times:

Jailed Times Reporter Freed After Source Waives Confidentiality

Judith Miller agreed to testify in the C.I.A. leak case after she obtained a waiver offered by her source, I. Lewis Libby, Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff.

Curioser and curioser eh what? And what in the name of all that's holy is an I. Lewis Libby, besides of course, yet another posturing I-hate-my-first-name whinger trying to hide either Igor, or Ida.

Judge Says Okay To Release Of ALL Abu Ghraib Pics

Superior Court Judge Hellerstein rules that the public may see ALL of the Abu Ghraib poking-fun-at-cult-killer-terrorists pictures.

The Judge feels that terrorists do not NEED an excuse to, well, terrorize, so the release of these photographs are of no consequence to the safety and well being of Americans throughout the world, particularly our troops that are already in harms way.

We've paused in our efforts to generate a Pay-For-View hanging of Blanco, Nagin', and Compass, while we contact the local cable outlets to see if we can add one more name to the list.

Anne Coulter Takes Issue With The 'Conservative' Mr. Rove...

"The greatest thing the devil ever did was to convince the world he didn't exist." Kaiser Soze.

"The greatest thing George W. Bush ever did was to convince the world that Karl Rove was a conservative." Ann Coulter. (as interpreted by messenger)

Annies got her gun and it's pointed at 'W' and Karl The Evil Magician Rove:

Welcome to

"Now Bush has Sandra Day O'Connor's seat to fill. For those conservatives confident that Bush won't betray them, let's review Bush's other ideas about what constitutes a good Republican. In 2002, Bush backed liberal Richard Riordan in the Republican gubernatorial primary in California against conservative Bill Simon. This triggered a series of events that culminated in Arnold Schwarzenegger becoming the governor of California. But I don't think even liberals would claim Karl Rove had a plan for California voters to elect Democrat Gray Davis, erupt in a rage at him, and demand a recall election in which a famous Hollywood actor would enter the race and beat the sitting governor.

In 2004, Bush backed liberal Republican Arlen Specter over conservative Pat Toomey in the Republican Senate primary in Pennsylvania. Bush still lost Pennsylvania and, worst of all, Specter won. So that worked out well. In 2004, Bush backed Mel Martinez for the open Senate seat in Florida and asked the magnificent Katherine Harris not to run against him, so she graciously bowed out. Martinez has since called on Bush to shut down Guantanamo. What's Spanish for "buyer's remorse"?

...The secret to Reagan's greatness was he didn't need a bunch of high-priced Bob Shrums to tell him what Americans thought. He knew because of his work with General Electric, touring the country and meeting real Americans. Two months a year for eight years, Reagan would give up to 25 speeches a day at G.E. plants — a "marination in middle America," as one G.E. man put it. Reagan himself said, "I always thought Hollywood had the wrong idea of the average American, and the G.E. tours proved I was right." Because of these tours, Reagan knew — as he calmly told fretful advisers after the Grenada invasion — "You can always trust Americans."

The G.E. tours completely immunized Reagan from the counsel of people like Karl Rove, who think the average American is a big-business man who just wants his taxes cut and doesn't care about honor, country, marriage or the unborn."

Parts Of New Orleans Reopen...

"Yawn dat doe, nit foh my? Daym stret fally'd wata two, three fit dee." Said an agitated resident when asked how the city looked after a month of being underwater.

Meanwhile, the acting NO PD Chief says there are over 100 luxury cars missing from a local dealership, hundreds of officers fled or were not where they were assigned to be, there does appear to be evidence that the police participated in the looting, and that he perfectly understands why former Chief Compass could no longer deal with all of the problems and left town with his wife in their brand new matching Cadillacs.
A Fox News Poll returned the following results:

Should people who re-build in high risk areas be eligible for government relief a second time?

58% said no.
27% said yes.
15% were outright lefty loons whose votes were tossed in the shredder.

A Messenger Poll returned the following results:

Should Mayors and Governors and Police Chiefs who desert their people in time of need be hanged on Pay-Per-View with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders dancing in the background to the tune of James Browns' "Cold Sweat"?

99.96% said yes.
.04% said no and cried so we let them go home but counted their votes anyways.

Confusion Reigns...

EU calls emergency talks as Austria blocks accord on Turkey

..."This is NOT acceptable. No constitution, bickering amongst the gathering states, key votes postponed, terrorism rampant, no strategies for the future, allowing weapons of mass destruction...ah...wait..."

Senator Kennedy's office apologizes for the above comment. We thought the story was about Iraq.

This Just In...

"Pssst. Dianne? Fuck you AND your shoes. Ha. Ahem, I wish to thank..."

How's About A Super Blackhawk

I am a gun enthusiast (no kidding ed.) On occassion, meaning when the gods of Booger deem it okay, I post pictures of handguns that I own or covet. They are not gratuitous* (irrelevant and inappropiate) pictures, as they are germane* (relevant and appropriate) to my approach to blogging, my hobby, and my personal preference for objects I consider pleasing ot the eye.

*Definitions of certain words added to educate the Kim du Toits of the world.

And thanks for your support.

Ya Think?

ROBERTS WAS CONFIRMED as chief justice of the U.S. by a Senate vote of 78 to 22. Bush could now face a tougher battle ahead for his next nominee to succeed retiring moderate Justice O'Connor. (my emphasis)

Someone is being paid big bucks over at the Wall Street Journal to pester us with the painfully obvious, and would it have hurt to simply tell the truth and say something akin to, 'the president must now look for a much tougher battle in his attempt to replace the retiring...'

"Could" is mealymouthed. "Could" means one is not certain. And why do I expect more when I know full well it ain't gonna happen.

Could it?

Kim du Toit Quote Of The Day...

“We have become a nation of women”

Imagine that. A man corpulent enough to have breasts taking umbrage with femininity.

PS: A nation of women would be MY idea of heaven...

As If Joining With That Other Glitchy Failure NASA Weren't Enough...

The List Of Sicilian Messenger

Goggle. In Partnership With. AOL.

Ground Zero Or Bust?

Governor Bars Freedom Center at Ground Zero - New York Times

...Governor Pataki said he had instructed the development corporation, which is overseeing the development of the memorial and cultural buildings, to "work with the I.F.C. to explore other locations."

But 42 minutes later, the center said in its own statement that there was no other location to explore, since the memorial quadrant was "the site for which the I.F.C. was created, at the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation's request, and as an integral part of Daniel Libeskind's master site plan."

"We do not believe there is a viable alternative place for the I.F.C. at the World Trade Center site," said the statement from the center's executives, Tom A. Bernstein, Peter W. Kunhardt and Richard J. Tofel. "We consider our work, therefore, to have been brought to an end."

Moonbats surrendering? Well, they DO love the French but this giving up so easily bothers me. Does it also speak volumes about their original intent? Certainly. They wanted ground-zero or NOTHING, as the intent was to hurt America at it's most vulnerable point and please, there's no place ELSE the loons can put the America-Should-Die memorial to Kerry losing the election to the chimp?

I'd look for Schumer to step in as a mediator in all this and beg the "committee for the master plan" to rethink their decision to pull up stakes.

Breaking News: San Fernando Valley Wildfires Rage...

This just in...

Governor Schwarzenegger asks for $200 billion to relocate grape vines, coffee houses, celebrity drug-rehabilitation centers, and Members-Only Health Spa's, and isn't it cool that New Orleans wants millions for clam beds and can Kali-Forr-Nia get some of that money too?

Roberts Confirmed...


Now get ready for the real fight. Look for Ms Brown to squeek through at something like 60-40. Really? You really think 'W' has ANY gas left in his tank? No, to be honest I don't but hope springs eternal.

By the way, I figured Roberts for a shoo-in at 88-12 and how dumb was that? Figured the Dumbs, strike that, the DEMS would save their bile for the real conservative, and while some obviously did, the usual traitorous dregs of humanity couldn't help themselves and I should have known better.

The Dems Who Say Nee

Evan Bayh of Indiana
Joseph Biden of Delaware
Barbara Boxer of California
Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York
Jon Corzine of New Jersey
Mark Dayton of Minnesota
Dick Durbin of Illinois
Dianne Feinstein of California
Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts
John Kerry of Massachusetts
Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey
Barbara Mikulski of Maryland
Barack Obama of Illinois
Harry Reid of Nevada
Charles Schumer of New York
Debbie Stabenow of Michigan
Jack Reed of Rhode Island
Tom Harkin of Iowa
Daniel Inouye of Hawaii
Paul Sarbanes of Maryland
Maria Cantwell of Washington
Daniel Akaka of Hawaii

Nearly half of the Democrat contingent voted against a brilliant legal mind because he didn't answer Senator Feinstein's question about shoes? Sure. Just LOOK at those names. A who's-who of lunacy, irresponsiblity, and hatred for America.

PS to clueless O'Reilly: Your much beloved Senator Chuckie the Shoe voted no, Bill, so you can stop having the dirtbag on and praising him for his 'fairness'. Rodham (yes, that's the name on her tax returns as well as NY Drivers License) doesn't have the guts to come on The Factor because old Hill can't even debate the stumbling likes of you, and those lights would make her look as old as she really is, but can you please pick some other Dimwitted Dem to be in love with? Plenty of them out there, Bill.

The Hive Mind At Work Again

So I'm cyber-thumbing through National Review Online and follow a link to a Hugh Hewitt (who names their kids like this?) and stopped dead in my tracks before I too became a honeyseeker.

The latest buzz from hive-think is that the media over-reported upon the trials and tribulations of the New Orleans residents with regards to the rape, looting and overall anarchy that ran rampant during the first few days after hurricane Katrina, and while some of the usual suspects have been pointing fingers at kindly old men who look really really thirsty and why hasn't someone given him anything to drink, here at Messenger we've been screaming since day fricking one about how dreadful the media coverage has been in NOT catching the big story.

Relief chopper goes down, sorry, we're looking for Sean Penn. Firefights throughout the city, thousands of out of state looters chasing the NO-police to parts unknown? Sorry, the Times is accusing Geraldo of nudging aside a National Guardsman and that's REAL story. And on, and on.
The horrors were not OVER-REPORTED, they were UNDER-REPORTED. Okay, conditions at the Dome were horrendous and the press made them seem even worse, but fer chrissake, WERE the toilets working? And now that the whingy little home football team is crying out loud that they've no place to call home, is ANYONE in the media, blogworld or otherwise, taking them to task for bitching about not having a Superdome when the sorry ass excuse for a stadium doesn't even feature hot and cold running water and toilets that work? Is ANYONE asking WHY such a facility fell apart?

They just don't get it. Reporters are supposed to find the news and tell us what they've found. But some bloggers, including the clueless at NRO who link to the same ole, same ole, seem to think that waiting for the smoke to clear and then hopping on the same tired bandwagon is what reporting is all about. This is the 24-hour-all-news-all-the-time generation, but we don't get anything CLOSE to news, we get stories, and there's a tremendous difference in the two. If it catches on, then it's worthy of talking about, but if it doesn't garner attention, then it isn't news.

Why DO I click into The Corner on NRO? Why DO I subject myself to what is nothing more than the local 'talent' sending insider-messages back and forth to one another? Because the medium IS the message, and a lot can be learned from them about why we don't have anyone reporting the news. They await the passing bandwagon and hop aboard, because everyone is so damned fearful of being the first to feature a story that hasn't been vetted for weeks until it's old news.
Go ahead, make an honest mistake now and then and correct yourself when wrong, but DO SOMETHING other than hash out the hivethink.

Cue Twilight Zone Music...

So then. Virtually EVERY post I enter here is accompanied by an error message telling me to contact Blogger. 80% of the time I cannot upload pictures, half the time it takes up to three hours for a posting to be published, and there've been so many error messages who can keep track of 'em all. Here's the response Blogger sends after I follow THEIR instructions to contact them:

Hi there,Thanks for contacting Blogger Support. We will review your email and respond as soon as we can. In the meantime, if you are having trouble accessing or using Blogger, please try clearing your browser's cache andcookies, or using a different browser.

This was a week ago, am still getting the same errors, and if anything the "service" is worse. That's gotta be the reason NASA loves 'em.

Google Teams With NASA...

Google's new neighborhood

Boosting its reputation as a company that likes to tackle big technological problems, Google announced Wednesday that it will build a research complex at NASA/Ames Research Center and collaborate with the space agency's scientists.

Just what NASA needed. A slow, glitchy entity to share dreams of the impossible with.

Really Weird

Have spent the last half hour or so trying to post a pistol picture, and received yet another error message but at least this one was different than the many other Blogger error messages that I receive on a daily basis, so it was something new to look at. Problem is, I can't upload anything to do with firearms yet Booger was happy to let the Al Franken photo through. Random chance I guess. Yeah right.

So How IS 'Air America' Really Doing?

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Time For A Quickie?

Isn't it rather appropriate that the abbreviation for the New Orleans (murder capital of the United States) Police Department is: NO PD.

Guess the Chief took it to heart.

Aren't The Home Offices Of Wal-Mart In Arkansas?

Great day in the mornin'...ya think they'll be offering these services soon? Can't you just visualize the commercial..."We Suck Out Dead Babies For Less...Guaranteed..."

Anyways, SOME detweiller is offering feebies:

Arkansas Clinic Offers Free Abortions - Yahoo! News

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - A doctor has offered to perform free abortions on hurricane evacuees, saying it may be too dangerous for them to wait until they return home.

"If we didn't provide it now, they would get it later — a late-term abortion that would give greater risk to the mother's health," Edwards told KTHV-TV in Little Rock.

Huh? So if a woman waits too long to get an abortion, her mother gets sick? Is THAT why we kill about a million and a half babies each year? I did not know that.

New Orleans...Gimme Gimmee Gimme

Meanwhile, The New Orleans Saints are reacting much as their hometown fans. No, they didn't loot or run away or scream for billions of dollars to reconstruct their waterfront homes: They had to play, sob, on the, sob, road, sniff. Listen, you frickin steroid abusing heart attack waiting to happen misanthrope, go play your little sport and STFU. Eh?

Horn Says NFL Made 'Mockery' of Saints

So um, their hometown was built in a bowl surrounded by water that got flooded. Their piece of crap stadium couldn't even get the toilets to work so the flood survivors could gather there in safety, and they have the bronze balls to bitch? Because they wanna play football? Stop me before I pull a Kim du toit, will ya...

Barely Human Prehistoric Womans Remains Found...

Iron Age Woman's Skeleton Found in Denmark

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) - Danish archeologists said Wednesday they found the well-preserved skeletal remains of an Iron Age woman while excavating an ancient grave site in a suburb of Copenhagen. The woman, who was between 20 and 40 when she died, probably lived around the year A.D. 400.

The accompany picture is an artists rendering of what the sub-human female may have looked like.

No Moonbat Freedom Museum At Ground Zero...

Museum Dropped From WTC Site for Now - Yahoo! News
NEW YORK - Bowing to pressure from furious Sept. 11 families, Gov. George Pataki on Wednesday removed a proposed freedom museum from the space reserved for it at ground zero, saying the project had aroused "too much opposition, too much controversy."

He left open the possibility that a new spot at the former World Trade Center site could be found for the museum.
The decision followed months of acrimony over the International Freedom Center, with Sept. 11 families and politicians saying that the museum would overshadow and take space from a separate memorial devoted to the 2,749 World Trade Center dead and would dishonor them by fostering debate about the attacks and other world events.
Pataki said that the Freedom Center cannot be part of a cultural building located near the proposed trade center memorial. But he left open the possibility that the center could find a home elsewhere on the 16-acre site.

Pataki said he would direct the Lower Manhattan Development Corp. — the agency he created to rebuild the site — to explore other locations for the center.
"Goodbye and good riddance," said Rep. Vito Fossella one of three congressmen who had threatened hearings on federal funding if the museum stayed where it was. "The IFC will not stand on the hallowed grounds of the World Trade Center site."
In addition to the terrorist attacks, the Freedom Center planned exhibits on such topics as Abraham Lincoln, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., the fall of the Berlin Wall, the civil rights movement, the Declaration of Independence and the South African constitution.

Okay, so the loonie left can't erect their monument to evil America at ground zero, but don't believe for a New York minute that their insane plans are thoroughly thwarted. Like all rats caught in the light of day, they'll scurry for cover and Pataki will grant them refuge in some nearby nook or cranny. And this is what bad politicians do best, they create what is perceived as a compromise but in reality the shit-fest will continue a few yards from where they originally wanted it. The MOON is too close to the remains of the Twin Towers for such a travesty to be built, but I always thought that somehow, some way, they'd get their "museum" no matter who protested the very idea of it.

Pink Locker Room Driving The Pinkos Crazy...Time For Lefty-No-Pest-Strips?

People Seeing Red Over Pink Locker Room - Yahoo! News

IOWA CITY, Iowa - The pink visitors' locker room at the University of Iowa's stadium is making some people see red.

Several professors and students joined the call Tuesday for the athletic department to do away with the pink showers, carpeting and lockers — a decades-long Hawkeye football tradition.
Critics say the use of pink demeans women, perpetuates offensive stereotypes about women and homosexuality, and puts the university in the uncomfortable position of tacitly supporting those messages.

I want the locker room gone," law school professor Jill Gaulding told a university committee studying the athletic department's compliance with NCAA standards, including gender equity.

Well I want Jill gone but what can you do, ya know? I'm sitting here trying to figure out why, after decades of it being this way, the color pink is suddenly evocative of demeaning women, homosexuals and probably Easter Bunny's the world over, and the answer as most answers usually are, is simple.

We've in the mother of all politically correct era's and what's one more ludicrous assertion in a sea of ludicrous assertions. Why not be a Jill and carve another notch in your stupidity belt - hell, the NCAA opened the door with it's no-Indian-mascot ban, and once the door is open it draws flies, disgusting creepy crawlers, and of course liberals.

Which brings me to the realization that Anti-Pest-Strips For Lefties is a product worth looking into. Annoying creatures invading your premises? Just hang the life-sized Anti-Lefty-Strip in a conspicuous place and, as they say in Kentucky, Vi-Oh-La, no more moonbats. It'd have to be disguised as say, a limping deer, or a gun owner handing his weapons over, or a crying flag burner who's run out of lighter fluid, or even Cindy Sheehan backed into a corner waving what appears to be a rolling pin at invading military recruiters...anything sure to draw a lefty loons attention. Topical and/or seasonal Strips could be used, with the flavor of today being for example a smiling effigy of a disheveled college student holding a "Impeach Bush" petition, or something resembling Diane Feinstein or even Chuckie Schumer waving a "Judge Roberts Hates Civil Rights" pamphlet that your average run of the mill pinko would be unable to resist.

Lefties are notoriously weak-kneed and weak-armed, so we wouldn't need an awful lot of sticky stuff to hold them fast, and collection days could be set up to remove the offending loons from the premises and bring them to some sort of collection point where they'd be hosed off, given as many lattes as necessary to bring them around, and then released back into the wild having learned a valuable lesson, and reluctant to dash off into whatever babbling nonsense used to draw their attention.

It's just the right thing to do. Humane even. Not that I'm big on humane, but I honestly feel that some of these dolts can be saved, and if I'm wrong then what have we lost for the trying? There are already too many dumpsites dedicated to one sort of waste or another, and using otherwise perfectly good property for a liberal-landfill should only be contemplated as a last resort. Short term, Catch & Release is definitely the way to go.

Michelle Malkin On O'Reilly...

...I ciechi che conducono i ciechi.*

Her cuteness was on His Cluelessness, and it's difficult to tell who was more in over their head. O'Reilly's been doing the TV gig for years so we don't expect Michelle to be as relaxed or as glib...she CAN be eloquent but that's not what works on TV and a whole 'nother story... but this talking-mannequin schtick of hers is getting old. Last night the buzz was about Air America, that penniless venture where liberal talk radio goes to die, and Michelle and a lot of conservative blogsters have been cackling with glee over Al Franken going down for the count.

Yes, he's an immature, talentless punk who can't seem to find much work nowadays, but I always felt that the other immature tallentless punks needed someone to listen to, and feel a tad queasy when both sides of a tale aren't given equal representation.

Okay, okay, I'll stop the bullswaddle. AS ALWAYS, the best thing that can EVER happen to the Republican party in particular and conservatives in general is for the moonbats to be heard so people may see what stark raving loons they truly are. I WANT Al Franken out there making a fool of himself, I WANT Cindy The Seasick SheSerpent out there making a fool out of HERSELF, because it's the best recommendation on the planet to turn to the conservative way of thinking. Exhibitionists have always done silly things to draw attention to themselves, and the modern leftwing'er is, deep down inside, a repressed streaker who wants to run naked through the crowds flaunting his limitations.

So then; if a man can show the world his tiny dick and not care, ya think these loons give a rats pitute that folks look at them in embarassment FOR them? Any publicity is good publicity, but on to Michelle and her, hmmm, her investigative blog partner Brian Maloney. Investigative blog...what? The dude who does the legwork?

Anyway, Michelle says that Air America's business model is a bad one, but true or not, "talent" is always difficult to deal with and AA hired well known actors and comedians who weren't going to work for scale, nor act like saving a few pennies was any of their business. Mr. Maloney agrees that AA is on it's last legs if one of the lefty fat cats doesn't begin tossing in some big bucks, and here's hoping they do.

They're funny. They are America's new pratfallers, the modern - hey, watch me get a pie in my face and how's about a little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down my pants...

*the blind leading the blind. Sounds much better in Italian.

PS: how do I get to have an investigative blog partner...

Specifically For Those Who Google Kim du Toit

Kim du Toit ran a successful blog relating to the pussification of men as seen through his eyes. Taking umbrage at any slight, real or imagined, he rallied his troops to dismiss the neutering of the American male as feminist propaganda, specifically designed to rob us of our precious bodily fluids.

A naturalized American citizen from South Africa, hence an African American, Mr. du Toit had a passing knowledge of firearms, particularly hunting rifles, but as far as I can determine never discharged a weapon in self defense against anything besides paper targets he was leery about. This of course in and of itself does NOT label Mr.du Toit as a chickenhawk, merely a wannabe poser that pretty much knew everything there was to know about everything.

He regularly posted what he came to refer as gratuitous gun pics, but did not understand the word gratuitous so he stopped doing so. His rantings were legion, his promise of retribution to all enemies foreign or domestic were venomous and descriptive, but at the end of the day can best be described as stale and hackneyed ramblings without a scintilla of original thought.

The internet is replete with various versions of the raving redneck persona who are all talk and no substance, as was evidenced by his erase and run as soon as the heat was on. Rumor has it that his wife's fledgling home-schooling business came to an abrupt halt once certain investors clicked into their website and recoiled in horror, unfounded but probably true. Mr.du Toit has asked that his full name not be mentioned in any blog, as his new occupation is a "public one" and he does not wish his new employers to come to the same conclusion the investor(s) did, namely the fact that he came across as a seriously disturbed individual with delusions of grandeur and enough persecution complexes to bring Sigmund Freud back from the dead.

As regular readers of Messenger are fully aware, I am a strong defender of the 2nd Amendment and believe that even seemingly unbalanced individuals have the right to keep and bear arms, particularly those with internet muscles - the one's who foam at the mouth behind the anonymity of the web but resort to cut and run when the going gets the least bit tough. The true excercise of strength is in it's restraint, and grown men with feelings of inadequacy do not know this and should not be held accountable for being pure idiots, because when properly ignored, they'll eventually fade away with no lasting harm done. The du Toits of the world NEED an audience and even by disagreeing with them we provide such. I do so enjoy typing his name to be googled, and had a good time poking fun at a bloated old man who ran screaming into the woods for reasons unfathomable by the sane mind.

There are only a mere handful of true experts in the use of modern firearms, Pat Rogers for example, and Mr.du Toit was not on the same planet let alone the same league. Paying attention to the truly clueless can get you killed very quickly, so caveat emptor, and whenever an unknowledgeable individual with a large following bites the dust it is a win for the good guys.

I've posted this above information as an answer to certain emails I've received regarding Mr. du Toit, and from my perspective his hasty exit was good riddance to bad rubbish.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Negro League Player Johnson Dies at 94

DENVER (Sept. 27) - Byron "Mex" Johnson, a shortstop for the Kansas City Monarchs of the Negro leagues and Satchel Paige's traveling team, died at 94.

Johnson died Saturday, and daughter Jacquelyn Benton said Tuesday he had prostate cancer.
Johnson played for the Monarchs in 1937-38, when blacks were barred from the National and American leagues. He joined the traveling team of the legendary pitcher Satchel Paige in 1939 and stayed through 1940.

"He never complained about how hard it was being a black baseball player, and he was never bitter that he didn't get to play" in the majors, said baseball researcher Jay Sanford, who knew Johnson for 20 years.

My love affair with baseball began at the age of six, and I simply didn't believe that there was a time when black players weren't allowed to play in the major leagues. Like a lot of things to learn about a complex sport, I thought it to be something that would come to me in an epiphany, and ya know what, I'm still waiting.

I'm not one of those who vilify the past, nor a promoter of new sorts of segregation to make amends for the wrongs of century's ago, but this does stick in my craw and always will.

RIP Byron, and save me a seat.

International Freedom Center...Done Deal

New York Post Online Edition: postopinion

September 27, 2005 -- Hillary Clinton. Three New York congressmen. Westchester DA Jeanine Pirro. Former Yonkers Mayor John Spencer, who may challenge Clinton. Ed Cox, another likely Clinton rival.
The firefighters' union. The police union. Fifteen independent organizations representing 9/11 families.

Some 47,000 petition-signers.

And now — America's mayor: Rudy Giuliani.
"They should change the whole concept and scrap [the] plans and focus it on 9/11," Giuliani said Sunday. "I think it's a mistake . . . "

Giuliani was referring to the International Freedom Center's intention to host debates and "educational" programs that invite criticism of the nation and its historical record.
Which may be a worthy goal — but is highly inappropriate at the site where America suffered it worst domestic attack (for reasons that have nothing to do with its historical record).

Rudy wants the lefties to go somewheres else to cry, and it must have simply killed him to be on the same side as RodHam, so this does bring us to the point of asking what part of NO these rejects from humanity have difficulties understanding. As time drags along it should be evident even to the postulators of the painfully obvious - you know, the kiddie-koluminst-korps on NRO, for example - that the days of asking them have long since gone and it's time to TELL them ENOUGH.

Pataki doesn't seem capable of stepping up, and that speaks volumes about how much he desperately needed Rudy to be his backbone, and none of the legitimate contenders for the Governorship want to incite the loons for fear of a Cindy The Seasick SheSerpent-like attack on all things viewed to be only moderately liberal. Most of the people directly responsible for this abomination are trying so very hard to remain middle-of-the-roaders that you can rest assured nothing of consequence will be done to deep-six this eyesore, and that the Freedom Center is a done deal.

Why? Grassroots gang, grassroots. 47,000 petitioners in a city of over 8 million?

Even the slowest of us must get the feeling that a big chunk of the NYC loons remain behind this dreadful idea and they've enough clout to see it through. Normal folks tire, lefties never sleep. Like rust. Like cancer.

In The Name Of All That's Holy...Think of The CHILDREN...

Moonbats For Cindy Bare All

This isn't pretty. Matter of fact, it's downright disgusting but KNOW THINE ENEMY.

Here's some of what showed up to support Cindy the Seasick SheSerpent.

And PS to all of the weepy whack jobs braggin on how very many more lunatics showed up as oppossed to the pro-Bush ralliers,etc. Now I'll type slowwwwww..

NO-BODY PAID FOR THEM to arrive in buses. Cindy the Seasick SheSerpent is paid a handsome...only thing about the woman that IS handsome...salary to tramp from town to town spreading the gospel of nanyism to the frightened little loony birds. Her "followers" are provided transportation and living quarters and meal money. Fuck, they don't work so what else do they have to do?

Vacationing In The Phillipines, Reps For Ms O'Donnell Issued A Terse "No-Comment"

Piranha Bites Manila Airport Inspector

Now, Even Abject Stupidity Has It's Own Gene

Scientists Close in on the 'Daredevil' Gene

And of course this is all bullswaddle, as gene studies owe their entire foundation to the modern biological sciences belief in the FACT of evolution, and we'll await the Intelligent Designers reponse before giving the entire theory a thumbs up or down.

Living things don't change. That's why I don't believe in this new flu shot every year because the viruses, gasp, evolved, and call on ALL ID'ers to put their money where their deity is and do the same. And no sneaking grandma to the Doc, either. Last years med'cine should do her just fine.

Whew, And Not A Moment Too Soon...I Need Some Quarters For The Drier...

We are the change makers, says Blair

Crank Up The Twilight Zone Music And Cue The Yorkshire Puddin' Heads...

BBC NEWS England West Yorkshire Cooing at new-born babies banned

A West Yorkshire hospital has banned visitors from cooing at new-born babies over fears their human rights are being breached and to reduce infection.

A statement from Calderdale Royal Hospital in Halifax said staff had held an advice session to highlight the need for respect and dignity for patients.

On one ward there is a doll featuring the message: "What makes you think I want to be looked at?"
But Labour MP Linda Riordan said the measures were "bureaucracy gone mad".

She told the Halifax Courier: "All mothers want people to admire their babies because all babies are beautiful.

"But in a case where a mother did not want to answer questions it should be up to that individual to say so."
Some new mothers have already said they are astonished by the rules which stop people asking questions about their babies or looking at them in maternity wards.

Debbie Lawson, neo-natal manager at the hospital's special care baby unit, said: "Cooing should be a thing of the past because these are little people with the same rights as you or me.

Wowsers and hot petuna. Folks can vote and drive and join the service and drink alcohol at a MUCH younger age in England, don't you think? Rights for the newborn. Well, they HAVE a right to be born, despite the best efforts of the suck 'em and dump 'em lefty crowd who feel it's their RIGHT to kill anything that ruins such a lovely figure.

But rights against cooing? Have the Brit mentalists gotten into the act and read the wee ones minds to discover this? Has this female-thing, this Debbie Lawson, has SHE had a chat with the babies and they expressed such to HER?

And what'll happen if you DO coo? Will armed men in plainclothes wrestle you to the ground and repeatedly shoot you in the head? Beg pardon, say again? Only if you're Brazlian? Okay. Whew. For a moment there I thought they were gonna arm the babies.

New Orleans Police Chief Eddie Compass Retires

"I will aks ya to respeck my privacy.."

So says the latest New Orleans cop to leave the sinking ship.

"He leavin' on top, just like Jim Brown did in football. Gonna go now and make lotsa money doin' somethin' else." Says Mayor Nagin', most likely referring to the hoard of loot the Chief will have to divvy up to the other officials who have been naggin' him to get their share.

UPDATE: Fox's chief horror-monger and hurri-ghoul reporter extraordinaire, Sheppy Smith cut into the press conference to provide a mold growth report on the abandoned homes in New Orleans. "Mold...damp, and moldy, covered in mold. People cannot live with mold. There's just too much, FAR too much mold. People have died and in their place...mold"

No Likee Bear? Maybe Likee Watch Bull? Good. Bring Big Pail.

Singapore: Bull Semen Improved China Ties

Watchee Bear Make Boom-Boom? 5 Dallah.

China to use satellite to peep on panda sex

You're A Democrat In A Democrat Town...The System Failed...

So What do You Do?

Simple...Get the media to pitch in and it'll all go away

Some Reports of N.O. Violence Exaggerated

The violence in New Orleans was UNDER-REPORTED and swept under the rug by a media far too busy following wheel chair tracks in the mud. THOUSANDS of well armed gang members with high performace water craft and state of the art communication systems drove the New Orlean Police out of their way as they raped the town. Cowardly cops and incompetent local officials NEVER stand for criticism very long so it was only a matter of time before one of the leftwing media outlets jumped in to deflect the blame.

Or was it just ME who saw those 300 pound female police officers looting Wal-Mart when they SHOULD have been protecting the community they swore to serve?

Brown Says Louisiana Was Dysfunctional...

Tell us something we DIDN'T know, Mike. They don't call New Orleans the Big Easy because of it's familiarity with going through official channels. No, business as usual has always been pick up the phone, get a crony to agree to something and wait for things to happen. Extend that same brand of inaction to the entire state and sorry Mike, but you figured since your end was moving smoothly theirs would too, and surprise, surprise.

And while I'm at it, hows about a go at the myth that private industry always outperforms the government when it comes to getting things done. Businesses get the job done because they don't have to deal with the media breathing down their necks, have no one to answer to, and when they totally screw the pooch the government's the one getting blamed anyway.

Trucks headed for New Orleans...private contractors...making their own decisions to make it a go or not. Water a little too high? Head back to the barn and don't tell anybody because that's up to the bosses to deal with the government. Rumors of looting and heavily armed gangs roaming the streets? Police joining in the looting? Making you queasy about taking that trailer load of water to the staging site you were contracted to deliver it to? The hell with it. Turn around and let the dispatcher deal with breaking the news to the people waiting for something to drink.

The military comes upon an obstacle to a mission and passes word along the chain of command that other resources are needed. The mission doesn't end because you need more help, it continues in another direction, but above ALL things, the mission IS completed. And therein lies part of the rub with the incompetent Mayor and Governor of the most corrupt city in the most corrupt state in the union. Tomorrow is ALWAYS another day, and after all, those there contractors are the lifes blood of the political donation process, and so what if the drivers or loaders or dispatchers simply stopped doing what they were supposed to be doing? If it don't work out then hell, blame the federal government. Not enough bus drivers? Governor is taking her sweet ass time in issuing a special proclamation allowing ANY available driver to get behind the wheel during an emergency? The hell with it - you passed the buck - she dropped it - end of story.

This isn't to say that FEMA is without blame, and it's easy enough to see that Mr. Brown wasn't exactly the take-charge kind of guy he should have been, but for crissake, this is NEW ORLEANS and LOUISIANA we're talking about. People were dancing up and down Bourbon Street when it was clear that Katrina missed New Orleans, and were it not for the failure of the levee system no one is talking about any of this. The same levee system that the CITY and STATE should have been responsible for.

You'll be hearing more about Brown's testimony from the talking heads who know everything there is to know AFTER the fact, so I won't bore you with links to what the Special Committee hit him with. Suffice to say that Louisiana WAS and REMAINS dysfunctional, and sending them over 100 billion dollars when all is said and done isn't going to fix the problem. Time for Congress to act in getting the federal government MORE involved, and the military in particular when it comes to disaster response. Channel Lumber did great shakes in cranking out tons of plywood, Wal-Mart almost did something nice too by sending management teams to assist in distributing perishables to the stricken...which by the way was a secondary concern, for what Wal-Mart corporate REALLY wanted to know was how much damage was done to their stores, how much could be written off, and how soon can they reopen...BUT it's easy to be a hero when there's no accountablility.

Where's Fox and CNN and MSNBC when it comes to asking the private companies what happened with their promises to deliver much needed food and water and cots and everything else they were supposed to handle?

Forget it. Many of those SAME organizations are advertisers, so...BLAME THE GOVERNMENT.

The private sector failed almost as miserably as the local government did, but it's NOT their job to surmount the insurmountable. Give the President more authority to act quickly, and discard the silly notion that Ted the Truck Driver is going to brave the floods and the looters to deliver his load, and while your at it, find out where the MILLIONS of dollars in communications equipment went once the shit hit the fan. Oh, the local contractors wouldn't DARE head to certain areas to open those offices because they were afraid of getting shot by any number of the roving gangs of looters that the local cops ran away from? Tsk, tsk, thank heavens those good ole boys are worth a bundle come election time.

George Will On Feinsteins Follies

It happens to the best of 'em. For several weeks George Will made about as much sense, as say a Democrat describing how killing babies makes one a lover of children, and it's with a general sigh of relief that we can report his return to terra firma. He appears to have become acclimated to whatever medications were clouding his thoughts, and there is no greater proof of this than his use of the word 'encomiums'.
Welcome back, George. And we won't even kvetch that Feinsteins Follies are approaching old-news and won't call much attention to the fact that lambasting her is shooting-fish-in-a-barrel, because we sense you're on the road to recovery and everyone needs a ground ball once in a while.

New York Post Online Edition: postopinion

September 27, 2005 -- "DIANNE Feinstein's thoughts on the nomination of John Roberts as chief justice of the United States should be read with a soulful violin solo playing, or perhaps accompanied by the theme song of "The Oprah Winfrey Show." Those thoughts are about pinning one's heart on one's sleeve, sharing one's feelings and letting one's inner Oprah come out for a stroll.

Feinstein, like many Democrats, has interesting ideas about what Supreme Court justices do, or should do. In her statement explaining to fellow members of the Judiciary Committee why she opposes confirmation of Roberts, she began with a cascade of encomiums, describing Roberts as "an extraordinary person" with "many stellar qualities," including "a brilliant legal mind," "a love and abiding respect for the law" and "a sense of its scope and complexity as well." Her next word was "but."
She was, she said, disappointed when Roberts was asked by another Democrat whether "he agreed that there is a 'general' right to privacy provided in the Constitution." Roberts replied, "I wouldn't use the phrase 'general,' because I don't know what that means."
Well, what does it mean? Roberts had clearly affirmed his belief that the Constitution protects privacy in various ways that amounts to establishing a right to privacy in various contexts. But what would make such a right a "general" right? Do Americans have, say, a constitutional privacy right to use heroin in the privacy of their homes? No. To sell prostitution services in the privacy of their homes? No, again.

Remarkably, Feinstein was reading her statement. So her mare's nest of inapposite words and unclear thoughts cannot be excused as symptoms of Biden's Disease, that form of logorrhea that causes victims, such as Sen. Joe Biden, to become lost on the syntactical backroads of their extemporaneous rhetoric.
Feinstein should have been more fluent because she was talking, as senators are wont to do, about . . . herself. Some of her "questions" to Roberts were a familiar form of preening, of moral exhibitionism. They were an example of how liberals compete, mostly among themselves, in the sensitivity sweepstakes. She might as well have simply said: Look here, Roberts, are you or are you not in my league as a world-class reacher-outer to, and a stayer-in-touch with, plain people?

Cue the violin."

George, George, George. If the heroin and/or prostitution constituency were a larger voting block you can take it to the bank that privacy would be extended to those areas as well. Remember a time when abortion was a filthy, backroom procedure only available to the dregs of society, or the very rich? Remember a time when sodomites were villified? What changed? Both got themselves organized and turned out to vote.

Pro Picks From The Pot...

Closed my eyes, reached in and picked this weeks football winners from an old pot, and including Monday nights game, the pot went 7-7.

In other football news, the Jets quarterback Chad (what kind of name is that for a football player) Pennington, aka Mr. Glass, once again tore his shoulder to shreds and is out for yet another season. With the back-up quarterback ALSO being injured, it'll be hand the ball to Curtis Martin and see if the rookie QB can learn enough to replace the fragile Pennington. For good. I mean it, this is ridiculous with this pencil neck being out of action so often, and its time for the franchise to suck it up and realize that Mr. Glass isn't capable of taking such pounding on a regular basis.

Looters Gave Houston A Try, And While It WAS Only A Wal-Mart...

They Were Arrested On The Spot...

Guess where they were from? You betcha. New Orleans refugees from Katrina.

Daniel, USMC: Back

Monday, September 26, 2005

Nothing "Gratuitous" About These Pics.

AWOL Kimmy the Toy once pledged to tone down his posting of gratuitous gun pics, and since he was an aficiando and his readership were aficianado's as well, ya think Lil Kim knew the meaning of the word? Gratuitous: "Not called for by the circumstances".

ANYtime I find a picture of a good looking gun I'll post it, because I like em', and you like 'em. What else SHOULD we post? Pictures of things we DON'T like?

S&W one time a service-issued revolver for certain police departments. Damn. Would make a man want to join.

(That was the point, clueseeking one. Ed)

O M'Gosh! They PLEDGED To STOP And Those EVIL JEWS Keep Bombing Them!!

Israel Presses Forward With Gaza Offensive

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Israeli aircraft attacked suspected weapons factories Monday throughout the Gaza Strip, pushing forward an offensive against Palestinian militants despite a pledge by a top Hamas leader to halt rocket fire against Israel.

Have these Jews no shame? Sure, Hamas has "pledged" to stop 123,645 times, but, but, what'll CINDY say?

Son of Got-Your-Quickie-Right-Here: See What I Mean...

Briton believed killed by crocodile in Australia

Got Your Quickie Right Here

Binge on broccoli to boost the brain: British research

Three words NEVER to include together in a single sentence; British, research, brain.

The Few, The Proud, The Loony-Left...

Was surfing over at lgf: Let's A/B the Media and Charles was featuring this gem that's being picked up by the news services:

Popular view and FULL view....

As I noted in a comment over at LGF, yet another spontaneous pic brought to by the yellowstream media.

Gunsite "Epiphany"

Feature article in this months issue of American Rifleman, the enthusiasts magazine published by the National Rifle Association, about one of the writers being given the task of generating a story about his experiences at Gunsite, the Jeff Cooper founded school of handgun, and rifle training.

There is so very much wrong in what is in effect a major advertisement for Gunsite presented to members of the NRA, that any in-depth essay would take up twice as much space as the article itself, so we've focused on one particular area.

Gunsite provides valuable training for police and military personnel, but offers little in the way of real-world training for the real-world civilian. The accompanying picture- if it indeed publishes what with Google dropping the ball every other post- shows exactly how far removed such classes are to the armed citizen:

What such training does for the average Joe:

Passing the course makes one very good at passing courses.

Ammunition for the weapon used is not what would be employed for self-defense...the author of this poorly written tale admits to purchasing cheap reloads that are far from what 99.99% of ALL armed personnel use.

The gun itself wouldn't be used by most, law enforcement, military, OR what would be the primary audience for the NRA, the average citizen. As stated in the story, large caliber semi-automatics are used because they knock down certain taregets a lot faster, and most people attending Gunsite are urged to employ a weapon they would not normally carry.

The 5-Steps designed to create proficiency in drawing and firing a gun feature the following:

1.) Grip. Reach down and establish a strong grip.
2.) Clear. Keeping the trigger finger straight, lift the pistol out of the holster.
3.) Click. Rotate the pistol and disengage the safety.
4.) Smack. Move the pistol forward and up, with the support hand smacking the pistol.
5.) Look. Aquire the target and get ready to fire.

The above steps omit the single most important function for the concealed carry civilian, namely the FIRST step being to clear the shirt or coat or blouse, or suitjacket that is concealing the weapon. Or perhaps the NRA believes normal joes and janes traipse about in full frontal open carry with .45's on their hips. Notice that the steps refer to "pistol" and not revolver, for neither revolvers nor Glocks - which are favored by 65% of law enforecement, and a not insignificant percentile of the gun-carrying public -have external safeties.

This renders the 5 steps worthless to the civilian, and let's pull this all together:

1.) Wrong gun
2.) Wrong ammunition
3.) Wrong "steps" to intitiate an armed response of deadly force.

Conclusion? Information offered only for law enforcement or the military, and DETRIMENTAL to the poor schumucks who pay the NRA's bills, and as such a major disservice to the membership.

Best of the Web...

OpinionJournal - Best of the Web Today

On John Roberts and the Democrats that hate him:

"Incidentally, this is a good week for liberal Newsweek ladies. Clift's colleague Anna Quindlen makes an excellent point at the expense of Judiciary Committee Democrats: "How could senators complain that they had not learned enough about the nominee when so many of them had wasted their allotted time giving pocket stump speeches?"

True, it's noteworthy and even amazing when a left wing loon says something that makes sense, hence the inclination to praise them for declaring that fire is quite warm.

On loony lefties asking questions:

"Our discussion last week on Democrats who wanted John Roberts to share his feelings prompted our friends at the Media Research Center to e-mail us about MRC's 1993 award for "Dumbest Question of the Year." It came in an exchange between NPR's Nina Totenberg and Justice Harry Blackmun on "Nightline." Totenberg was asking Blackmun about death-penalty cases:"

Totenberg: Have you ever cried over these cases?

Blackmun: Have I ever what?

Totenberg: Have you ever cried over them?

Blackmun: No.

"Now, in fairness to Totenberg, Blackmun did have a tendency toward the maudlin in his dotage. His opinion in Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992), which we noted Wednesday, read like a lament for a lost love. Maybe Totenberg was trying to illustrate that Blackmun had just become too bathetic to administer justice impartially.
Still, imagine if Geraldo Rivera interviewed Justice Ruth Ginsburg and asked her if she ever cries over cases the court hears. Would this not be universally recognized as invidiously sexist, not to mention idiotic?"

Most if not ALL of everything Geraldo says IS idiotic, so I really miss your point, James. Next time, chose another, more well-respected newsperson to compare the loony left to. Wait. There are none. Okay.

On violent crime:

"Reports of violent crime in the United States in 2004 stayed at the lowest level since the government began compiling statistics 32 years ago," Reuters reports:

The nonprofit Justice Policy Institute said the statistics underscored the need to shift the emphasis away from "overzealous spending on incarceration" to "what states and localities are doing to reduce incarceration, reduce crime and build communities."

But the Associated Press has a different take: "Many explanations have been advanced for decline in violent crime, including the record prison population of more than 2 million people."
Huh? More people are in prison even though the crime rate is going down? Someone, make sense of this paradox before it causes our brain to explode!

Sure. And trust me, James, THAT head explodes and it's taking out more civilians than Katrina. VIOLENT crime stats ARE dropping. Misdemeanor and nonviolent crimes ARE rising. Prisons, you see, incarcerate OTHER than rapists, robbers, and murderers. No charge, and call on us again if something has you stumped.

Click on over to Best of the Web for all of their selections of recent moonbattery.

RIP Don Adams

Don Adams of 'Get Smart' Dies at 82 - Yahoo! News

LOS ANGELES - Don Adams, the wry-voiced comedian who starred as the fumbling secret agent Maxwell Smart in the 1960s TV spoof of James Bond movies, "Get Smart," has died. He was 82.

Adams died of a lung infection late Sunday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, his friend and former agent Bruce Tufeld said Monday, adding that the actor broke his hip a year ago and had been in ill health since.
As the inept Agent 86 of the super-secret federal agency CONTROL, Adams captured TV viewers with his antics in combatting the evil agents of KAOS. When his explanations failed to convince the villains or his boss, he tried another tack:

"Would you believe ... ?"

It became a national catchphrase.

Smart was also prone to spilling things on the desk or person of his boss, The chief - actor Edward Platt - Smart's apologetic "Sorry about that, chief" also entered the American lexicon.
The spy gadgets, which aped those of the Bond movies, were a popular feature, especially the pre-cellphone telephone in a shoe.

EVERYONE was walking around tossing off "would you believe..." or "sorry about that Chief," lines, and I do mean everyone. After the first show of the second season the normally staid, outright dour Monsignor who was saying Mass I was attending incorporated would you believe into the sermon, and the kids never respected him more.

Save us a seat, Don.

Old Sparky Too Harsh?

Well, okay. Seeing the bitch of crawford wriggling in the chair as she finally finds a way to shed some of that suet IS a tad overboard.

Say...two fat birds with one stone practice with a purpose, and D.C. DOES have some kickass National Guard...

May We Recommend....

Sheehan Arrested During White House Protest

Michelle Malkin Remains Hot On The Trail

...Of The D.C. Antiwar Protestors, Courtesy Of The Wicked Witch From Crawford...

Michelle should be half as tough in her "mainstream" media opportunities as she is on her blog, but makes a good point that the feckless vandals are pretty much being allowed carte blanche in destroying private property and taxing the city's resources.
Violently protesting to promote peace is akin to raping to promote chastity, and if these cretins were really arrested and charged with felony's we'd soon see an end to their rampages. Not going to happen in the ultra-liberal D.C.

Michelle Malkin

"I've posted the second round of my photos from Saturday's Sheehanapalooza in Washington at my Flickr site. (Round one is here.)
What a lot of folks don't know is that the moonbats haven't left yet. Today, they plan on lobbying Capitol Hill and then sapping local police resources the entire day with what they're calling "nonviolent direct action." The event's main co-sponsor, the far left-wing group United for Peace and Justice, has organized a bunch of "affinity groups" who will try and get themselves arrested."

Blogger Still Boogers

For the past two days I've been unable to upload pictures, and that ruined a perfectly notorious slide show I was preparing that mocked the yellowstream media's obsession with the hurricane season.

Tried again just now but it's still a no-go, so bear with us while the dolts work out whatever is wrong with their glitch prone blogs.

Governor Blanco Is Reassured...

'Dead women' elected as councillors in Pakistan

Sorry though, Blanky; it's dead and not just dead from the neck up.

Nagin' Wants The Dry Ones Back - How Long Before Sharpton Calls It Racist

"What? Because black people retain water more than most THEY can't go home...?

New Orleans Mayor Reopens Drier Parts of City
By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Residents of one New Orleans neighborhood were invited to come home today and "help us rebuild the city."

Bowing to the increasing pressure from the hotel/tourism industry's, Nagin' is beside himself trying to get New Orleans residents back, and it is indeed a good thing that he only wants them to return to the drier parts of the city, as the NY Times headline so proudly proclaims with it's - "see, he's just concerned, well, we really aren't sure..."

Logging into the Times online is funnier than ever before, now that it's a pay-for-play website regarding the editorials, and I have this recurring vision of a seedy looking character standing ourside of a subway station in NYC and flashing open a voluminous raincoat as he tries to sell - "psst...Maureen Dowd columns?"

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Picks From The Hat...

Okay, I picked the teams from an old pot not a hat, and the pot went 7-6 so it can't do any worse than .500 if Denver beats Kansas City on Monday Night Football.

The entries are taking hours to get posted, so I don't know if this will be seen until, well, who the hell knows while Google frigs with Blogger.

Anyway, I'll be looking for the "pros" that pick football winners for a living and will be comparing them to the pot as the season goes along.

No Killers In Arlington... - Politics - Senate Considers Ban on 'Lifers' from National Cemeteries

WASHINGTON — The elderly couple, Daniel and Wilda Davis, opened their door to Russell Wayne Wagner on Valentine's Day 1994.

"He took Mom and Dad and sat them on a kitchen chair, tied their hands behind their heads and put a pillowcase over their heads, stabbed them 14-15 times and then he robbed them and then he left," their son, Vernon Davis, tearfully told the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee Thursday.
Wagner was convicted of the couple's murders and sentenced to two life terms with parole eligibility. When he died in prison, he was cremated and placed in the nation's premiere veterans' cemetery: Arlington National Cemetery.

Big hubbub going on about excluding honorably discharged Veterans who've gone on to commit serious crimes, and it's that old slippery slope, but I can see how certain Vets might not want to spend "eternity" alongside a serial killer.

Dead brothers in arms are dead brothers in arms, honored for a service that can't be erased because they went on to become horrible men. I'll be there eventually, and they can rest them alongside me.

BIGGER, Abdul, Bigger! I Told You, It Has To Hide A Power Plant..

Iran plans to weave world's largest carpet

Madre del Dio...Did You SEE How Tiny Their...

German porn shoot stuns Italian tourists

The Ads They Are A' Changin'

Well now. Google might be run by a bunch of dp's, some can't see out of one eye and the rest blind in the other, but they've finally stopped featuring pinko commie loony leftwing propaganda ads at the bottom of our blog. Good. Was making me right embarassed it were. See...who needs Kim du Toy when anybody can act like a redneck jerkwad?

See Ya, Butch

'Little Rascals' Actor Thomas Bond Dies

LOS ANGELES - Thomas Ross Bond, who played Butch the bully in the "Our Gang" and "The Little Rascals" serials of the 1930s, has died. He was 79.

The Rascals were staple fare when I was a kid. Long before infomercials, junk sports, and bad reality TV, there were reruns. Old movies, serials, and groundbreaking TV shows. I figure that the Rascals were seen maybe 10 times a week on one station or another, and how I hated it when Butch picked on Alfalfa. Save us a good seat, Tom

AOL's Incompetence #10,764,423

Google's Blogger is free and I still bitch, but AOL actually charges for it's horrid "service", and if the simple fucks would stop outsourcing so much work to Togo, they'd have someone around who KNEW this old saying :




"Missed" a bullet? Anyone home that Speeky Engrish?

The Witch Of Crawford Has A Little Whine With Her Protest...

"...I am watching CNN and it is 100 percent Rita...even though it is a little wind and a little is bad, but there are other things going on in this country today...and in the world!" Cindy al-Sheehan.

Well of course you're watching CNN dear, where else would they be apologizing for covering the hurricane over poor little you? They DID help by promoting the ridiculously exaggerated numbers of "people" who arrived for your terrorism-love-fest, and I'm sure that when you see the videotape you'll be thankful that the hundreds who showed up were reported upon as hundreds of thousands. Now if you're going to visit Iraq best get back to work on those veils...if ANY woman should be forced to wear one it's you, darlin', and we'd recommend you spit Mickey's shriveled little wheeny out long enough to practice your lululululu's. Oh yeah, I called the airlines and you CAN bring the rolling pin.

al-Sheehan quote taken from Daily Kos. No, I won't link to it, I feel violated and filthy enough as it is for even going there.

The BBC Sees The Future of Great Britain...

Skills for outcasts Eunuchs in southern India train to be beauticians

And who better than the Brits to feature a story about eunuchs?'re right, there IS Fwance, after all...

Still waiting for the British hurricane relief donation, but it does appear that my bet that Bangladesh would send more money is a sure thing. So far:

Bangladesh: $1,000,000
Great Britain: $0

I do give these gutless limeys, strike that, valued allies, the benefit of the doubt while they get tough on terrorism. A quick check with BBC-online shows that Tony Blair is still waxing the floors at several local mosques, and I'm quite sure he'll get around to spotting us a quid or two when he finds the time.

1st Sergeant Matthews

New York Post Online Edition: postopinion

September 25, 2005 -- "THIS past week we lost a great warrior: 1st Sergeant Mark Matthews (1894-2005) was a Buffalo Soldier. If few know what that means, it's an indictment of the short memory our society too often displays.

Matthews was black.

We know of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, but 1st Sergeant Matthews' contribution and those of the men he served with predate both Parks and King by decades. And their efforts were all the more significant because they performed them far from the limelight and without expectation of notice or acclaim.
They are deserving of worldwide acclaim — for the achievements of Buffalo Soldiers like First Sergeant Matthews are the stuff of legend.
SOME say the Cheyenne were the people who first called the black troops "Buffalo Soldiers" because their hair and complexion resembled that of the buffalo who roamed the West. Others insist the Sioux coined the term, because these foes were as dangerous and imperturbable as the buffalo. But the origins don't matter so much as the fact that the Buffalo Soldiers took that name and wore it with pride.
And so they should — for the incidence of disciplinary problems and desertion among black troops were but a tiny fraction of that among white troops. The Buffalo Soldiers took pride in what they did. They took pride in their units, in their duty and in themselves.
Consider: During the Civil War, 23 black soldiers received the Medal of Honor. During the Indian Wars, 18 Buffalo Soldiers were so awarded. As America expanded westward in those decades, Buffalo Soldiers continued to serve with distinction."

Present arms, and thank you 1st Sergeant. May our expressions of gratitude and admiration for your distinguished service help you to rest in the honorable peace you so rightly deserve.

Gun Of The Day...

Sunday's Pro Football Pics...

Last Sunday we went 8-7 with our at-a-glance pro picks, this week it's pick 'em from a hat time and we did just that:

Buffalo over Atlanta
Cincinnati over Chicago
Green Bay over Tampa Bay
Indianapolis over Cleveland
Carolina over Miami
Minnesota over New Orleans
Jets over Jacksonville
Philadelphia over Oakland
Pittsburgh over New England
Giants over San Diego
Dallas over San Francisco
St. Louis over Tennessee
Seattle over Arizona

Monday night game
Kansas City over Denver

Israel Retaliates After Hamas Rocket Attacks

Israel Launches Airstrikes Against Hamas - Yahoo! News

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Israel launched a "crushing" retaliation Saturday against Hamas in Gaza with deadly airstrikes, troops massed at the border and a planned ground incursion after militants fired 35 rockets at Israeli towns — their first major attack since the Gaza pullout.
Israeli aircraft pounded suspected weapons facilities and other militant targets throughout the Gaza Strip late Saturday and early Sunday, wounding at least 19 people, Palestinian officials said. Earlier, Israeli aircraft fired missiles at cars carrying militants in Gaza City, killing two Hamas militants.

The escalation threatened to derail a shaky seven-month-old truce.

What truce? The ASSociated Press and al-Reuters continue to call it a truce whenever Israel strikes back, and were it not for the fact that once Hamas is retaliated upon they run like the baby-killers they are, these latest rocket attacks could turn into a mini-war, with of course the Arabs once again getting their asses kicked as they have been for what's it been, a thousand years now?
Want to know what started this? Besides the fact that the cultists are deranged animals? Idiot Paleswine jerkwads blew THEMSELVES and a ton of other goatfuckers to hell a few days ago, and somehow they blame Israel for launching an invisible weapon at them.

And don't forget that these cretins are friends of Dingy Sheehan, so expect her to turn up the volume on how evil the jooooooooos are.

To top it off, the ASSfor youCindyPress includes the attached picture:

AP Photo: Fires burn as Palestinians inspect the damage of the Akram School after it was hit...

Now, a Google of the "Akram School" returns a ton of gibberish, but you gotta hand it to the take-my-ASS Press for finding a pic that looks to be a group of guys lolling around some campfires, and including it in a ISRAEL LAUNCHES AIRSTRIKE story. I'm sure somewhere within the hundreds of articles Charles at LGF gets sent every day, they'll be something do describe this unused, half-demolished building as other than a "school", and we'll get the truth. It boggles the mind that the cavemen of Palestine have even heard of such a thing as a school. let alone built one, so this is most likely a deserted Israeli facility that Hamas took over after they crawled from under the rocks they'd been hiding under and were using to launch rocket attacks from.