Friday, June 30, 2006

Meanwhile...Back In The Jungle...

Militants Demand End to Israeli Offensive GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) - "Militants holding an Israeli soldier demanded Saturday the release of 1,000 prisoners and a halt to Israel's Gaza offensive, complicating efforts to resolve the crisis before it boils over into major fighting. The latest demand came after Palestinian Prime Minister..."

Here's the bottom line, as we all know it to be. Well, all excluding moonbats. The creatures either release their prisoner or face the wrath of the Israeli's, and that won't be a pretty sight. Isn't supposed to be. They kill that kid and the Jews will set Gaza ablaze.

Tit for tat, scumdogs. Play with big leaguers? You better have game.

Acidman Has Passed On

Always thought that had I been born a cracker, this is what I'd sound like.

tomfoolery of our time

* I shop for groceries at a local Kroger's store. They have an ENTIRE AISLE dedicated to "organic food," and that doesn't count the shit in the produce department veggie bins labeled "organic," which look like crap but cost twice what regular food does. I don't buy much "organic" food, except for the blue corn tortilla chips. I LIKE those, but I don't purchase organic salsa to eat with them. Organic, my ass.

* "Tolerance" is supposed to be a high virtue today. I don't get the idea, I don't buy it and I damn sure ain't gonna change my ways to be politicallly correct. Some things are INTOLERABLE and if you're arfaid to call 'em that, you need to be dragged off and shot.

* "The Poor." Bejus! Don't even get me started. When some overweight, big-titted woman with six illegitimate children, all living in a house with cable TV and air conditioning, prance around in designer tennis shoes and start whining about being "poor," I ain't listening to that crap. I've stood behind those people in a line at a Kroger's checkout counter and watched them buy ground chuck to feed a DOG because food stamps can't be used to buy Purina chow, and I've seen them be very careful when pulling out their Welfare Insta-banker cards, to keep from breaking the expensive French-look, manicured fingernails they sported.

But I trust every one of those sumbitches predicting that WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!! from global warming. Predicting climate is oh so much easier than predicting weather.

And his last posting:

people with good ideas
Did you ever the movie, "Bullets Over Broadway?" I thought it had a lot of really dumb crap in it, just what you get a lot of when "actors" feed a script. Just listen to those morons.
"To be.. or not to be...??? I'm sorry, but I can't undertand this character. What does he MEAN??? What is his MOTIVE??? NOBODY says that kind of stuff.. and besides... I want that skull scene removed from this play. Who is "Yorik," and how did I ever come to know him so well? Were we homosexual lovers? If so, shouldn't I make it obvious who was the pitcher and who was the catcher between we two?"

Nope! I cannot do THIS silly play!!! Get me a GOOD writer... one of those people who publish in the New York Times frequenty. That Maroon Down person would be nice, or maybe that Jetson McVeigh guy they fired for being black. Let THEM write my dialogue and I am convinced that it would be perfect!

By the way, get anybody named Shakespere off of this set and bring me some TRUE writers in here.

Shot the shit with him a time or two and he was a solid citizen. Coming from me that's high-praise shit.

Safe journey Rob, and save us a seat.

The Corner Takes On The Latest Supreme Court Decision On Guantanamo

1. Justice Breyer's short concurring opinion maintains that all the court has really done is invite the president to seek legislation from congress authorizing the commissions and defining their structure. Several folks, me included, have argued from time to time that this is overdue anyway — we should have a national security court, created by congress to get many of the terrorism cases out of the regular criminal justice system. But that said, Justice Breyer's unfortunate invocation of the left-wing/civ-lib-extremist talking point, to wit, that "Congress has not issued the Executive a 'blank check,'" is bombast.

There has never been a moment since 9/11 when Congress, had it chosen to, could not have prescribed a new scheme for military commissions. The president's commission plan, well known since 2001, was fully permissible under existing statutory law and venerable court precedent. But Congress was not bound by it. It could have jumped into the breach at any point. In fact, it did jump in, enacting the Detainee Treatment Act in late 2005. By doing so, it demonstrated the obvious: if congress had been unhappy with the president's commission procedures, it would have modified them. Instead, it acted in a manner precisely designed to let the commissions go forward without court interference.

This was no blank check. Congress examined what the executive branch was doing, was fully satisfied, and acted to correct the only thing it found offensive — the judicial intrusion.

2. A big issue to watch out for as congress re-examines this: the protection of classified information from al Qaeda in the trial process.

One of the principal reasons for having commissions rather than courts-martial or civilian trials is to prevent our enemies from learning what we know and how we know it. But the court held that the president had not justified procedures which call, potentially, for excluding the terrorists from the courtroom when classified information is introduced.

Now, let's compare. Alien combatants have no constitutional rights; therefore, they have no constitutional right to be present at trial. On the other hand, protecting the security of the American people — which is what classified information is all about — is the number one obligation of government. So by what law does an al Qaeda killer's purported right to be present outweigh the American people's unquestioned right to have the government protect them (by, for example, not providing the enemy with sensitive intelligence)? "

This is shaping up pretty much as we've offered. Now it's time for Congress to stand up, be counted, and won't THAT be fun.

This year and into 2008, Republicans can use this Supreme Court decision as a line of demarkation.

Them versus us. WE want laws to protect the country from terrorists. There IS no homeland to repatriate them to, so we have to keep them incarcerated or they are back in the game of killing Americans once more.

BUT...they have NO rights. Not under the Geneva Conventions or Hague Accords, or the Uniform Code of Miltary Justice. To treat them as American citizens cheapens the Constitution by allowing such heinous criminals to be afforded the same protection under the law as law abiding Americans.

Our enemy should either be killed or locked away so as not to rejoin the attempt at destroying America.

Let the liberals run on a platform of mollycoddling Osama's boys. And if conservative office holders and officer seekers don't use this valuable ammunition against the leftwing nutcases who would aid and abet our enemy, then they deserve nothing from us.

Michael Yon's Magazine

"Brad Kasal has been a Marine since he was eighteen. The story behind the famous photo taken by Lucian Read at the height of the battle for Falluja in November, 2004 has been told often and well in other forums, for the present purpose it suffices that in addition to injuries from using his body to shield another Marine from a grenade blast, he also got shot seven times. Despite bleeding from dozens of holes in his body, Brad Kasal never stopped fighting. For many, Lucian Read’s photo of Brad Kasal – pistol at the ready even as he was being helped from the building, but still with presence of mind to keep his finger off the trigger despite that he had nearly bled to death – is emblematic of the heart and fighting spirit of every United States Marine.

And so when I heard that Brad Kasal’s photo was being used in the 12 June 2006 issue of TIME magazine, with a cover title HADITHA, where the article seemed to intimate that Brad Kasal had been involved in the fighting in Haditha, I stopped working and drove 1 ½ hours round-trip to get a copy of that magazine."

BATTLE SCARRED - In November 2004 Kilo Company fought in Falluja, where First Sergeant Brad Kasal, center, suffered injuries from a grenade blast. [Not to mention being shot seven times that day.]

"The wording of the caption gives TIME some wiggle room, because it is accurate, but it’s not true in terms of the context which indicates that Brad Kasal was in Haditha during the time of the controversial fighting there. He was not.

So, I called Sergeant Major Kasal, still on active duty and recovering from wounds, and asked him about this. He was professional, but he was also disappointed with TIME. He didn’t say anything bad about the journalists, but his disappointment was apparent."
The truth has NEVER stopped the MSM from using our servicemen as pawns to sell their advertisers products'. Please read the entire story, and remember these cretins the next time they're asking for your money, because that's really the only true way to fight such calumny.

Semper Fi, Brad.

And When They Apprehend The Thug(s) Responsible...

...NYC's arch-liberal justice system will hand them a slap on the wrist because, afer all, it's not their fault they were raised underprivleged.

"A bullet lodged in her leg, a 6-year-old girl caught in the crossfire of a wild shooting in Harlem screamed: "Mommy! Mommy! I'm bleeding!"

Tahjai Brown, her 7-year-old friend Shanaisa Sherwood and two other kids cowered behind a park bench at the Renaissance Playground when the shots rang out late Thursday. Shanaisa and three adults were also wounded.

"They too little for this," Shanaisa's mother said yesterday as doctors at Harlem Hospital treated a wound to the girl's leg and cops hunted for the shooter.

The intended target, Alexander Pagan, 23, was shot three times in the chest and once in the arm. He was in critical condition at Harlem Hospital.

Two adults, Carl Sean Haynes and Tara Harrison, were wounded by stray bullets, police said.

Haynes, 21, who apparently tried to shield the girls from the gunfire, was shot in the spine, stomach and pancreas, and likely won't be able to walk again, relatives said. He was in critical condition at Harlem Hospital.

"Sean's a hero," his stepfather, William White, said. "If that's not a hero, I don't know what is."

The mothers, who live nearby in a battered women's shelter and didn't want their names used, said they routinely take their kids to the playground at night.

The moms were rounding up the kids when the gunman opened fire at 11 p.m. near 144th St. and Frederick Douglass Blvd.

"When she came running to me, she said, 'Mommy! Mommy! I'm bleeding, I'm bleeding,'" Tahjai's mom said. "I scooped her up."

Harrison, who is Pagan's girlfriend, was wounded in the leg. She was in stable condition at St. Luke's Hospital.

PS: Special kudos to anyone who can pronounce any of the above childrens' names. Ya think we'll ever see a time when these poor kids aren't handed one incredibly dumb French-variable monicker or another? Is Gon-Or-ee-A next because it sounds vaguely Parisan?

The Times...Not So SWIFT...

June 30, 2006 -- "NEW York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller has justified the paper's decision to expose the Bush administration's scrutiny of international banking transactions in part with a claim that the American people never gave the feds permission to snoop into banking records, even those of suspected Islamist terrorists.

Problem is, when the Bush administration did ask the American people for permission to scrutinize banking records for terrorist activity, Congress practically shouted yes - without public outcry.

Just six weeks after 9/11, Congress overwhelmingly passed the Patriot Act - which, among much else, vastly increased the Treasury Department's ability to examine both domestic banking transactions and international ones whose activity touches the United States. Federal law now requires all banks and brokerage firms doing business in this country to keep detailed records of new customers and to report any suspicious clients or transactions to the authorities.

Thus, if you withdraw, say, $15,000 in cash, with no history of similar requests, the bank must send the government a form reporting the transaction. And if you want to wire $100,000 to what you claim is a charity or business in, say, Jordan, that the bank cannot verify is legitimate, the bank must report that, too, or it risks severe sanctions, including closure.

Congress and the public clearly understood that such close scrutiny of American banks raised privacy issues. But the imperative to stop new terrorist attacks outweighed privacy worries.

In fact, any concern over privacy when it comes to banking is almost absurdly out of place anyway. Anyone who has ever worked in the U.S.-based private banking field knows, international banking in America is about as private as yelling your name from a rooftop.

But the Patriot Act's banking provisions were incomplete. Under it, banks' scrutiny is generally transaction by transaction, based on size and destination of withdrawals and transfers. That is, they're not typically watching for suspicious activity by client name. (Of course, they do respond to government subpoenas, and use watchlists and the like to ensure that they don't open accounts for prominent terrorists or sympathizers.)

Thus a terrorist facilitator in east London could send $3,000 to a would-be attacker in Miami, helping him buy a used car and some bomb-making materials - yet an American bank likely wouldn't flag the transaction as suspicious, since it wasn't very large and didn't originate in a suspicious country (and because the bank isn't tracking either customer's name).

A second Patriot Act flaw is that the law often generates too much information. Banks flag all kinds of transactions as suspicious, because they don't want the government to cite them as lax. But the feds don't need to know if former Sen. Bob Dole is withdrawing thousands in cash (and his bank has reported him) - they need to know if a group of suspected Islamist radicals in Detroit, whose names they haven't released publicly, is getting a few hundred dollars every month from some obscure Saudi "charity."

The program exposed by the Times and other media outlets last week partly remedied these deficiencies. By using access to Swift, the Belgium-based international banking-information system, Treasury officials don't have to rely on banks to flag transactions that seem suspicious. The T-men can search international banking records for the names of suspected or known terrorists without having to release the suspects' names publicly.

Plus, access to Swift also let U.S. officials track suspected terrorists transferring money from, say, Riyadh to Cologne, even if the funds didn't enter the United States.

In pursuing the Swift initiative without seeking the authorization of Congress (though it briefed lawmakers and the 9/11 Commission about it on a classified basis), the Bush administration may simply have concluded that it had already won permission to carry out bank surveillance. After all, Swift really just fills in gaps in the massive surveillance program authorized under the Patriot Act (and did so quietly, until the media unconscionably exposed it). Why tell the terrorists what we're doing to catch them when there's no legal reason to do so?

The administration may also have reasoned that, since Swift is an international system, it's hard to see how U.S. laws would apply in the first place.

New legislation, or even a public announcement, might even have scared Swift off. No overseas financial organization wants to appear to fall under the jurisdiction of U.S. officials or lawmakers. In this light, Treasury's approach, led by Secretary John Snow, seems correct: Seek quiet, multilateral cooperation with Swift's international stewards.

Apparently, the Times and its fellows have decided they don't like it when the Bush administration pursues cooperative international solutions to pressing problems."

Geeks. Gotta love 'em. Geeks of all stripes. Political geeks find the time and effort...because this stuff fascinates delve into stories laden with boring esoterica because since time immemorial, that's been their job. I'm still of the opinion that the Bush Administration is allowing, and yes, allowing is the correct way to say it, traitorous lefty lapdog media outlets such as the Times to run these stories in order to get as much disinformation out there as possible. We are at war. What sitting President would permit such actions to go unpunished? And we don't need to ask what sort of "newspaper" would publish information that aids and abets a sworn enemy.

The Silver Lining...

June 30, 2006 -- "So it turns out that the Constitution is a suicide pact after all.

At least, that's how five justices of the United States Supreme Court justices would have it.

In the much-anticipated Hamdan vs. Rumsfeld decision, the high court yesterday ruled 5-3 (with Chief Justice John Roberts recusing himself) that military tribunals for Guantanamo detainees would be illegal.

Salim Ahmed Hamdan was Osama bin Laden's driver - that is, a bona fide al Qaeda terrorist - when he was snatched off an Afghan battlefield in the fall of 2001. He's presumptively too dangerous to be released, but prior Supreme Court rulings declared him to be entitled to legal consideration of some sort.

So the administration charged him with conspiracy to commit terrorism and scheduled a military trial. This is unsettled territory, jurisprudentially speaking, but it didn't seem at all nuanced to the court's majority.

Writing for the majority, veteran liberal Justice John Paul Stevens concluded that "the military commission convened to try Hamdan lacks power to proceed because its structure and procedures violate both the Uniform Code of Military Justice and the four Geneva Conventions signed in 1949."

But the UCMJ is meant to apply to U.S. military personnel, and the Geneva Conventions to uniformed forces of an established nation. Hamdan falls into neither category.

So, as a matter of law, yesterday's ruling was breathtakingly expansive.

Practically speaking, it means that the masked thugs who sawed Nicholas Berg's head off while the vidotape ran are entitled to the same procedural protections as a Marine who goes AWOL.

What's next? Miranda warnings and a public defender for Osama himself, if the happy day ever comes when the master murderer is led shackled from the cave he now calls home?

Bottom line: The court has severely limited the power of the executive to wage war on a form of international terrorism that has shown itself willing - indeed, eager - to harness sophisticated technology to kill thousands in the blink of an eye.

The majority opinion, wrote Justice Clarence Thomas in dissent, "openly flouts our well-established duty to respect the [president's] judgment in matters of military operations and foreign affairs."

What's to happen now?

Happily, Stevens conceded that Congress has the power to make things right.

Almost immediately, there were signs that it would. Sens. Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.) and Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) declared: "We believe the problems cited by the court can and should be fixed . . . We intend to pursue legislation in the Senate granting the executive branch the authority to ensure that terrorists can be tried by competent military commissions."

That's a start.

Now it's up to Congress as a whole unambiguously to vest in the president the authority to wage what amounts to World War III in a manner that takes realistic account of the nature of the deadly enemy that brought war to America's shores - to New York - five years ago in September.

The UCMJ for Osama & Co.?

The Geneva Conventions?

That's mad.

Utterly mad."

True. Nothing in the UCMJ or Geneva Conventions mention anything about terrorists, wait...yes, the Conventions pretty much state that if you don't wear a uniform you may be summarily executed as a spy so let's take the Court at it's word and kill as many of these ragheads as we've ammunition for.

Time for Congress to now step up and make some neat new laws permitting a President to off these motherless scum who'd destroy US without a second thought.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

I'm Not Truly Evil...So Here's Something To Wash The Pelosi Out Of Your Mouth...

And...Just To Get The Blood A' Boiling...America's CHIEF-MOONBAT-IN-CHARGE

Pelosi on Iraq: ‘It’s Time to Face the Facts’

The war in Iraq has been a mistake – a grotesque mistake. It must be our resolve to end the war as soon as possible and to resolve to not make similar mistakes in the future. We owe it to the American people and we owe it to the young men and women that we send in to fight the fight.

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Click here to watch the speech >>

Pelosi: As We Celebrate Gay and Lesbian Pride Month, Let Us Reaffirm Our Commitment to Equality

At this time every year, we celebrate the contributions of the LGBT community in San Francisco and our victories in securing basic rights for all. But is also an opportunity to remember the battles we still have to fight, and honor those we have lost...

Gay and Lesbian Gay Pride Month. On precisely what planet would this be such a month, Nance? URANUS? And not for nothing, but we DO NOT send women to fight in Iraq. Damn shame of it all that we gave SOME of them the right to run for public office, too.

Cool Commercial

Lots, and I mean LOTS of babes...

PS: Yeah, NRO 's The Corner featured it as well, but that doesn't necessarily mean it isn't cool just because they are not.

How NOT To Write A Sports Story...

"Tackles flew. Heads were butted. But the game, a 1-0 win for Portugal, will be remembered for the performance of Valentin Ivanov, a referee from Russia who handed out an astonishing 16 cautions en route to ejecting four players."

Jamie Trecker / Fox Soccer Channel

No, no, and no again, oh clueless one. You don't begin by saying how tough the play was then immediately follow with the fact that the ref tried to control the violence so it was HIS well as the officiating in general... that the games have seen so many ejections.

Soccer is without a shadow of a doubt the worst excuse for a true sport there could possibly be. The players are small, not very athletic, but CAN play the game because the game doesn't require speed, or brute strength, or the topper of 'em all...HAND-EYE COORDINATION.

Disagree? Okay, then how fast do these pansies in little shorts run? If they have such leg strength, than how much can they leg press? How fast DO their kickies go?

No one knows and no one involved with soccer WANTS to know because it is the anti-athlete sport dedicated to EVERYMAN.

And stop already with this WORLD CUP nonsense, m'kay. Go to England, France, Italy, Holland, Portugal, you name it, and ask to play for a team. First and foremost they must check to see if they've not exceeded their quotas for NON-ENGLISH/FRENCH/ITALIAN/HOLLAND, or Portugal born players, and then they might give you a look-see.

Play some damn fine real football do you? Fine. Come to America and you can play on a team that's going to the Super-Bowl, no questions asked. All it takes is skill.

Think you're all that hot at baseball? Cool. Once again it doesn't matter where in the world you were born, and that's what makes the World Series special. ANYONE in the WORLD can play if they have the talent.

No quotas No ethnic purity. Just bring your ability and the will to win.

Lil Jaimee believes that the incredible skill level of these midgets in shorts is what's making it hard for the refs to keep up. Yeah. The real reason is the fact that the game is so dull and without anything resembling true athletes that even the officials are dozing off.

Typical bullshit to bitch about the umps when your team has had a sucky day. They should have taught you THAT too in whatever low-end journalism school you attended.

Nothing wrong with sports for poor people. Just don't make it sound like it's the real deal.

CAIR Threatens Hadji-Girl Marine

This in from Misha:

"As you may know, CPL Belile of “Hadji Girl” fame wasn’t disciplined in any shape, form or fashion. The Marine Corps concluded, correctly, that the 1st Amendment takes precedence over a bunch of girly-apes wetting their panties at CAIR.

As a result, CPL Belile decided that he’d make a recording of the by now wildly famous song and make it available to interested parties.

Sure enough, Ibrahim Hooper of the terrorist front organization CAIR immediately decided to issue this statement:"

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, which brought Belile’s video to the attention of the Pentagon, cautioned against a release, spokesman Ibrahim Hooper said Wednesday.

“It’s a free country, but I don’t know that it’s the wisest choice. I would hope he would seek the advice of levelheaded friends and family and just put this sordid episode to a rest,” Hooper said.

If that's a threat, and to my mind it certainly sounds like one, then bring it on motherfucker. Maybe this shit works in the land of sandfleas galore, but touch that man and I swear to all that's holy I'll saddle back up and find your ass. Trust me, scumdog, this is not something you wish to have happen.


WASHINGTON — "The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that President Bush overstepped his authority in ordering military war crimes trials for Guantanamo Bay detainees, a rebuke to the administration and its aggressive anti-terror policies.

Justice John Paul Stevens wrote the opinion, which said the proposed trials were illegal under U.S. law and Geneva conventions."

I don't recall us signing a treaty with Osama bin Laden, so it's balderdash that the Geneva Convention was violated in any manner. Best to let the ambulance chasers handle the legal ramifications of this one. The should at least be good for something, eh?

More after we get additional news on the matter.

Stop The ACLU Blogburst Thursday

"The most likely technology to be used for anti-terrorism purposes is Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), which can produce live, real-time images of people’s brains as they answer questions, view images, listen to sounds, and respond to other stimuli. Two private companies have announced that they will begin to offer “lie detection” services using fMRI as early as this summer. These companies are marketing their services to federal government agencies, including the Department of Defense, Department of Justice, the National Security Agency and the CIA, and to state and local police departments.

“This technology must not be deployed until it is proven effective — and we are a long way away from that point, according to scientists in the field,” said Steinhardt. “What we don’t want is to open our newspapers and find that another innocent person has been thrown into Guantánamo because interrogators have jumped to conclusions based on a technology no one understands very well.”

Yes. The ACLU doesn't want this new lie-detetector system to be used, and they're right for all the wrong reasons. As usual. The old polygraphs never worked very well, and the system was bastardized from the get-go and used in ways it's inventors never intended. For years now, we've been hearing about new MRI technologies that might, with the strong emphasis on might, determine if an individual was being truthful when presented with a series of questions. But since the designers and manufacturers of such systems didn't exactly have thousands upon thousands of people to test these new gadgets on, they hit upon the perfect solution.

Sell them to the government. The results could never be used in a court of law, but there'd be plenty of test subjects from which to tweak the machine's parameters until one day magicians might not be capable of defeating them at will such as they do with polygraphs. Professional charlatans scoff at the new fMRI's the same way they do when confronted with the old-fashioned lie-dectectors, and are itching to try them out for themselves but of course no one would want to hire such people to de-bug their inventions because of the fear they'd lie to their hearts content and the fMRI's wouldn't be able to tell.

Personally, I do not care what the government uses to interrogate terrorists, and if the likely-bogus fMRI's DO prove to be at least somewhat helpful, then another tool is available to save lives and bring criminals to justice. In all likelihood they will not be capable of determining an outright falsehood, but may be able to at least help in pointing investigations in the right direction.

As long as they're not used in court I don't see the problem, BUT, plenty of people have been indicted on bad information gleaned from polygraph results, and that's I suppose why the ACLU is against the use of this new technology. It IS easy to fool the government...sweet mother of mercy but even the Pentagon has employed mind-readers and dowsers in the hope of some miracle breakthrough in combating an enemy, so sure, fMRI's should be treated with kid gloves and employed to gather more information about how the brain operates with the hope that perhaps some day a genuine lie-detection system can be created.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Amateur Bullet And Load Development...MINUS 101

"..oh yeah, and I got 1259 fps from a 6" barrel using a 200 grain Speer bullet."

Wow, that's pretty cool, Jay. How's about those lighter rounds were we talking about?

"Well, using a 110 grain Speer and in the the same gun I got somewhere around 2025 fps or so, but with a different charge. I expect that in the 17" carbine we'd see somewheres at 2400 fps or therebouts."

Man that's smoking for a .357 mag, partner. Think you can kick it up some more without blowing yourself to kingdom come?

"Probably could, but those hollowpoints you want looked at , they'd destroy too much meat as it is."

And that's all of the conversation I'll retell. "Destroy too much meat" is the hunters lament so that one might eat "right up to the bullet hole."


I want something downright dastardly that kills robbers and rapist and thieves, you blithering nincompoop.


I am NOT going to eat them afterwards.


Sweet Lord give me strength.

Mexicans Treated Just A Tad Different Down South...

Okay, anyone with a map can tell that Mexico has a southern border as well, and email from an old friend reminded me of one of his last trips from Mexico to Guatemala, then into Honduras and Nicaragua.

They catch a lot of beaners down that way too, they do, and Fred was at first stunned to see rows of naked men, women, and children lying on the ground as they awaited repatriation back to Mexico.

After a few more such trips, it became commonplace for him to turn down offers of cheap shoes, wristwatches,and other valuables taken from the captured illegals, because that's simply how it's done way down south.

Mexicans get caught south of their border, and they are beaten, stripped naked, and starved half to death as a warning to never again try such foolishness. There were also strong hints to a slave trade that he never did nail down, and to be honest it was because he really didn't want to know or see any more than he already had.

And OUR Loons not only want to let them in free of charge, but there's movement afoot to build schools in Mexico...yes, from OUR tax educate them so that when the DO sneak in they can get better jobs here.

Can't make this stuff up.

Here's How It's Done, Condi, So Take Your "Let's Give Peace A Chance" Buttons And Drop 'Em Off At The Clinton Residence...

Israel Arrests Palestinian Deputy Prime Minister; Terrorists Murder Hostage

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Israel sent tanks into northern Gaza and arrested the Palestinian deputy prime minister and dozens of other Hamas government officials early Thursday, escalating its response to the abduction of one of its soldiers.
The moves came after thousands of troops moved into southern Gaza Wednesday and Israeli warplanes roared over the summer home of Syria's president, who is blamed for harboring Hamas leaders.
Palestinian witnesses said Israeli tanks and bulldozers entered northern Gaza before daybreak Thursday, adding a second front to the Israeli action in Gaza. The Israeli military had no comment on the latest incursion.

Adding to the tension, a Palestinian militant group said it killed an 18-year-old Jewish settler kidnapped in the West Bank. Palestinian security officials said they believed the body of Eliahu Asheri had been found in the West Bank city of Ramallah.

No deaths or injuries were reported in the Israeli actions so far. But the warplanes knocked out Gaza's electric power plant, raising the specter of a humanitarian crisis. The Hamas-led government warned of "epidemics and health disasters" because of damaged water pipes to central Gaza and the lack of power to pump water.

In a clear warning to Syrian President Bashar Assad, Israeli airplanes flew over his seaside home near the Mediterranean port city of Latakia in northwestern Syria, military officials confirmed, citing the "direct link" between his government and Hamas. Israeli television reports said four planes were involved in the low-altitude flight, and that Assad was there at the time.
Syria confirmed Israeli warplanes entered its airspace, but said its air defenses forced the Israeli aircraft to flee.

In Gaza late Wednesday, Israeli missiles also hit two empty Hamas training camps, a rocket-building factory and several roads. Warplanes flew low over the coastal strip, rocking it with sonic booms and shattering windows. Troops in Israel backed up the assault with artillery fire.

Prior to the latest incursion into northern Gaza, the Israeli army dropped leaflets warning residents of impending military activity.

Dozens of Palestinian militants — armed with automatic weapons and grenades — took up positions, bracing for the attack."

Pardon me as I guffaw at the thought of "dozens" of Paleswine terrorists trying to shoot down modern warplanes with AK's. Hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa. Ahem, okay back to the rest of the story:

The Israeli assault came as diplomatic efforts to free the 19-year-old Israeli soldier, Cpl. Gilad Shalit, bogged down with Hamas demanding a prisoner swap and Israel refusing, demanding Shalit's unconditional release. Shalit was abducted by Hamas-linked militants on Sunday and is believed to be in southern Gaza.

"We won't hesitate to carry out extreme action to bring Gilad back to his family," Olmert declared."

Good on ya', Olmert, and may God speed.

'Nam was a bitch, and we carried a lot of excess baggage there as well. Grenada, well, hardly anyone knew we were even there, and Desert's Shield and Storm were in and out deals so the liberal media didn't get to mess with us all that much.

Pilfered this from Woody because I know the feeling all too well., and it isn't a pleasant one. I wish I could pass along even one-tenth of the scuttlebutt from the gang but this would turn into a military blog and little else, and a lot of it, while hardly secret stuff, is inside the Corps and that's where it has to remain. Pay absolutely NO attention to anyone telling you that our boys are wanting to cut and run like some Democrats would have you believe. Also, the Marines and their Corpsman being held in custody over the Haditha nonsense are doing fine, and things are looking good.

Semper Fidelis means ALWAYS, not just when the going is easy.

Oh Well...

"The bad news for Barbra Streisand fans is that the best seats you can buy for her Oct. 9 show at the Garden cost $1,804.50.

The good news is that you can probably still get them."

Was thinking of going, but I'll be damned if I'll pay more than $1700 apiece for ducats to see Babs.

The Times They Are A' Changin'

For the worse, because liberal entities never get any better...

June 28, 2006 -- "IS there anything to be done about The New York Times' latest debacle?
Certainly the possibility of prosecution exists. Rep. Peter King, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, has asked Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to begin a criminal investigation. Yet despite the Times' irresponsibility, I suspect most Americans would be uncomfortable with government prosecution of the press. The reality is the Times can't publish classified information without getting it from accomplices inside the government.

Prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. As for the Times, there is a far more effective solution than prosecution for a newspaper unwilling to distinguish between the "public's right to know" and aiding terrorists: a boycott by the American public."

I've said it before and it's worth repeating; the Times will probably get a small upsurge in readership because of the publicity, and it was a good publicity stunt. But readership doesn't mean a hill of beans unless the advertisers, the BIG advertisers hang around, and since most of them are big businesses they most likely could be influenced by an effective boycott of the paper that prints all the news that fits. Throw enough shit on the wall, see what sticks, then toss some more of the same. It isn't rocket science here, but the Times is counting on the general publics vaunted short-term memory, and for this particular tempest taking a back seat to the next. It takes time to build enough momentum for a boycott to be effective, and the vast majority of the American public isn't paying nearly enough attention to influence the big advertsing accounts.

Not yet, anyway. If the Times continues on the same road, which would be incredibly stupid of them, then they help dig the grave a lot of us would pay cash money to see. Intelligence and "smarts" are two different things, so we'll soon see which of the two the bosses at the Times are blessed with. Was this a quick stab at retrieving a lost liberal readership, or the last gasp of a drowning old sow.

Wishing To Remove Hi-Point From The Top Of The Most Ugliest Modern Firearm List...

S&W .460

Model: 460XVR Caliber: .460 Capacity: 5 Rounds Barrel Length: 3.5" Front Sight: "Light Gathering" HI-VIZ® Green Dot Rear Sight: Adjustable Grip: Rubber Frame: Extra Large Finish: Glass Bead Overall Length: 11" Material: Stainless Steel Weight Empty: 59.5 oz.

Price: To be determined. Look for something in the range of $1200-$1300 suggested retail, then wait a few months and CDNN will have them for $700.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Fly On The Wall Time...

Somewhere in the Middle East...


Mahmud? Are you there? Mahmud pick up the phone."

Ali? Master Ali is this you?

Of course it is I you thrice scorned sore on a monkeys testicle, and how many times have I told you not to use this machine-that-answers?

Ah, um, Master, but you said you needed to keep in contact with me and..

NEVER, you dog of a thousand lies and a lie! I told you to hire someone to answer the phone when you are out doing whatever it is you do when they bring fresh young boys to be sold at the bazaar, but that isn't important now. And you may trash both your machine-that answers as well as your telephone because the Times Of New Yorkers has told us that the American infidels are listening to everything we say. You HAVE read the Times lately, haven't you, Ali?

Um, ah, I am still trying to learn the English, oh great one and the Times of New Yorkers uses so very many long and difficult sounding words...

Enough you skin of a leprous pig! You've been learning English for 9 years now and it's still as bad as the manner in which their spaniard refugees speak. But we will not be speaking over telephones or the personalized computers either so you can erase those sickening screened names you employ while on America Online trying to teach children the art of fellatio. I've always told you that this can only be done in person and you must starve them for a time so that anything is pleasurable to taste, but you never listen. No, we will be using a magnificent new method of communication that our Leader Supreme himself has invented.

You, you mean Osam...

Silence! Haven't I told you NEVER to use his name over such telephony's? This is what I mean, Mahmud. None of you worthless curs can be trusted, so Leader Supreme has devised what he is referring to as The-Camel-Express, and here is how it will work. First you write down what it is you wish to tell me...

In code, oh great one?

Yes, yes, of course in code, you fool. But always use a difficult one, say something along the lines of spelling the words backward, but not TOO difficult, you understand?

Yes, my master, I understand. Perhaps we can use mirrors to write upon and then look at them through the reflection of other mirrors and...

Enough! Do not go into details over the telephony you pustulated swine! Write the message then hop aboard your swiftest camel. Drive the beast as hard as it can be driven, and somewhere along the path we will have established waystations with fresh camels.The Americans never target camels because their liberal mediums would scream to Allah himself that they were harming innocent creatures. Camel-Hop thusly until you have reached your destination.

Ah, but, but master...

Spit it out you stuttering fool! What?

We, ah, we do not have any more camels oh great one.

You do not have any...WHY in the name of all that is Allah do you NOT have any more camels?

Well, the Times of New Yorkers has done great things to help us, oh master, but before they could divulge all of the infidels secretings, the infidels, well, they cut off all of our monies, master, and we've been starving and had to...had to eat all of our camels.

You had to eat ALL of blithering fool of a worthless creature! This ruins EVERYTHING our Leader Supreme has thought of to thwart the Americans! Wait...let me think, let me...aha, I have it! What was the name of that dwarven member of your band...Achned...

Ah, Achmed, my master, his name was Achmed...

Splendid! Achmed, yes. Alright now here is what you are to do. Achmed is so tiny he can easily pass for a child and the Americans hate killing children so send Achmed to me disguised as a young boy and I will send him back with some money for you to..

Master... use in purchasing new camels. This can be easily done, and...

Master, there is something...

Haven't I told you to NEVER interrupt me you sniveling fool? Will you EVER understand the workings of a superior mind and the delicacy of it's thought processes? Well, what is this thing you so desperately need to tell me then?

Master, this is hard for me to...master we were very, very hungry, and when all of the camel's were gone, we, we...

Yes? What? Spit it out you tongue-twisted excuse for an upright male...

Achmed is no longer with us, my master because when all of the camels were gone...

Yes, yes, on with it man...

Well...we ate him too.


Meanwhile...Another Jungle Lord Is Heard From...

TEHRAN, Iran — "Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei dismissed the possibility of nuclear talks with the United States Tuesday saying nothing would be gained from them, state television reported.

"Negotiations with the United States would have no benefit for us, and we do not need them," the television quoted Khamenei as telling Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade."

Gotta give the guy credit. When you're right, you're right. Nothing WOULD be gained from them because dealing with gutter scum never quite works out like it should, ya know?

Hey, Ali Khamelhumper-Supreme, or whatever your name is, do the world a favor and keep working on those nukes, okay? We've a whole new batch of missiles that need testing.

Israeli's Begin Gaza Offensive...

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — "Israeli troops entered southern Gaza and planes attacked two bridges and a power station, knocking out electricity in most of the coastal strip early Wednesday and stepping up pressure on Palestinian militants holding captive a 19-year-old Israeli soldier.

Israeli troops began taking up positions in two locations east of the Gaza town of Rafah under the cover of tank shells, according to witnesses and Palestinian security officials. Palestinians dug in behind mounds of dirt, bracing for a major Israeli offensive."

It's about time the kid-gloves came off and the Israeli's took it to these monsters masquerading as human beings. So then, what did our State Department have to say...

"...Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice urged Israel to 'give diplomacy a chance.'"

Yeah, I'm with Condi on this one. 1400 years is way too short a time for these neanderthals to come around, so let's try diplomacy for, say, maybe another NANOSECOND before we help the Jews fry these creatures.

Give diplomacy a chance, my ass. "Diplomacy" is what's gotten the world in half the trouble it's in. And how did I miss the memo that Albright was back at State?

Warren Buffet Writes A Check...

...A 35 billion-dollar one...

Just after 10 a.m., Buffett arrived at the library to formally commit the bulk of his vast wealth to a foundation run by Gates and his wife, Melinda.

"I actually have several partners that the world doesn't know anything about that have fortunes that would put them on the Forbes 500 - they'd kill me if I gave their names," Buffett said during a question-and-answer session with Bill and Melinda Gates, whose foundation will receive a whopping $31 billion from Buffett.

"I'd hope a few would pick up on this model. It's a sensible model. I'd encourage them to think about what do they hope to accomplish with their money. There are a lot of worthy goals out there," said Buffett, the $44billion man known as the Oracle of Omaha for his astounding foresight as an investor.

Buffett's pledge to turn over $1.5 billion to the Gates Foundation each year will double its size to $60 billion, making it five times larger than any other philanthropy in the country.

After focusing much of its efforts on combating AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, the foundation will begin to fund prevention and treatment of some of the world's other top 20 disease killers.

"Within our lifetime I would expect we would have vaccines and medicine to eliminate all 20. There is no reason we shouldn't be able to cure those top 20 diseases," Bill Gates said."

When all is said and done, Melinda will have about 100 billion to play with, and here's hoping she's better at it then Grandma-ma, AKA Hillary RodHam, who when given the chance to reform health care made such a bolux of it that even Slick Willy had to reign her in.

Cure the top 20 diseases in Bill Gates' lifetime?

Good luck.

And While We Fiddle With Illegal Aliens And Rampaging Moslems...

...The Middle East Burns

June 27, 2006 -- JERUSALEM - Israel is poised to launch a massive military sweep of the Gaza Strip after the government rejected demands from terrorists who abducted an Israeli soldier.
Egypt, Qatar and France, along with Palestinian security officials, were trying to head off the crisis by negotiating the release of 19-year-old tank gunner Gilad Shalit.

If that fails, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has ordered his military chiefs to prepare a "broad and ongoing" operation - the first in Gaza since Israel's withdrawal last year.

Olmert gave no time frame, but Israeli officials believe the invasion could begin by tomorrow if Shalit is not freed.

An Israeli official who was not identified was quoted as saying that if any harm came to the kidnapped soldier, Israel would bring down the Hamas government.

Shalit was wounded, and two colleagues killed, on Sunday when terrorists used a tunnel under a Gaza fence to raid a base inside Israel, the first major cross-border attack since the Gaza pullout.
Olmert ordered Gaza sealed off "by land and by sea."

But authorities in Jerusalem fear Shalit will be smuggled through another tunnel from Gaza to a more secure location for terrorists. He is the first Israeli soldier kidnapped by Palestinians in 12 years.

"We believe that those who are holding him also have families and children, and that they know what we are feeling," said Shalit's French-born father, Noam Shalit.

Yesterday, three terror groups, including the military arm of Hamas, demanded the release of all imprisoned Palestinian women and children under 18 - just in return for information about Shalit's fate.

Olmert remained firm. "This is not a matter of negotiations, this is not a matter of bargaining," he said."
The Palestinian terrorists aren't giving this guy up without getting anything in return. If they were smart, which they are not, they'd leak information as to his whereabouts then look the other way while he was being freed, saving face and defusing this volitile confrontation.

Belgians Waffle

Lem is featuring an interesting story that illustrates just how pervasive the moslem scourge has become.

"Guido Demoor, a 54-year old Flemish train conductor on his way to work, was kicked to death by six "youths" on a crowded bus near Antwerp's Central Station.

There were some forty people on the bus. Demoor asked the “youths” to calm down, whereupon they turned on him, savagely beating and kicking the man.

Three Moroccans, two of whom are minors, were arrested today. The website of the Dutch paper De Stentor reports tonight that a fourth suspect, believed to be the ringleader, fled into a shop as the police were poised to arrest him. He managed to escape from the shop when dozens of “youths” came to his rescue."
Someone tell me how even dozens of kids can interfere with armed policemen? Wait a sec, ARE they armed? And if they are, would they hesitate to shoot?

Let's put this another way; would they shoot moslems? It appears that the officer in the picture (found here ) is carrying a firearm, but so far I haven't been able to locate anything about their rules of engagement, and it's entirely possible that such rules are not for public consumption. It isn't a cops fault if he's not allowed to protect himself or the people he is sworn to serve, and I doubt these officers are anywhere near as corrupt and/or incompetent as those in New Orleans, but if rampaging moslems are premitted to kill someone then flee with impunity because a group of children inrevened, then something is rotten in the state of Belgae.

Keep this in mind when planning your next European Vacation. And check out this from the official Belgian law enforcement website:

"Th(e) philosophy is based on the global and integrated approach of the security problem. It is based on a maximal visibility of the police and forwarded police activities on a limited territory, which allows improving the contact between civilians and policemen. In this case we are speaking about community policing or community orientated policing."

I guess that means ticketing motorcyclists while moslem street gangs run amok.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Burping The Bottomfeeder

A fast reload the way it should be done. Not as the Fat Old Retired Guy over at Box O' Truth does it, because juggling magazines during a firefight will get you dead.

Crickey...Just Wait 'Till The Loons Get A Hold Of THIS...

"Why aren't our troops wearing penny-jars!!???

NEW YORK (AP) -- A tenant leader who has campaigned against drug dealers in her neighborhood says a "penny jar" prevented a bullet that hit her apartment from doing more damage.

Brenda Scott, 56, president of the Ebbets Field Houses Tenants Organization in Brooklyn, said she was in her bedroom Saturday night when she heard a loud noise "that sounded like thick glass crackling."

She found a bullet hole in her front door. "The heavy-duty penny jar in my front hallway stopped the bullet from going all the way through" the apartment, said Scott, a retired second-grade teacher.

Scott said she is sure the bullet wasn't a stray..."

Michael Yon's Fight Continues...

"...Jack Kliger is neither nimble, nor quick. How does someone like Jack get to run a $550 million company? And why is a company that smears our military in order to sell copies of their gross-out tabloid allowed to sell any magazines on our military bases?

Although Kliger’s letter failed to persuade the managers of 10,000 stores who responded to the emails and calls from outraged customers and pulled the magazine, it did manage to lure two distributors to cross the line into actionable turf. Last week we learned that two bookselling chains, Borders and Indigo/Charters (a largely Canadian enterprise) are joining Jack in breaking the law.

A concerned citizen wrote to Borders, and then forwarded Border’s response to me. Unbeknownst to the citizen, my representatives had also sent Borders a second demand notice with a copy of the copyright registration attached. Despite this communication from my attorney, Borders cited the First Amendment as grounds for their decision to display and sell a magazine that by the publisher’s own admission is comprised of stolen goods.

Borders has a consistency problem when it comes to draping itself in the First Amendment. The last time this bookseller was in the news for pulling magazines from their shelves the First Amendment also came up, but in that case they stated publicly that concerns for the well-being of their Muslim customers outweighed any allegiance to the First Amendment. The decision caused some controversy which might explain their reluctance to extend the same concern to customers who are veterans, active duty military or the friends and families of both. This attempt to hide behind the First Amendment is so far off point as to provoke a What could they be thinking? Selling those magazines with my work is illegal, period.

This isn’t about free speech, it’s about copyright infringement. It’s about right and wrong. All of these retailers are vigorous in pursuit of shoplifters so they understand the impact of having property taken from them. A store owner can be an innocent infringer up until we inform the violator that the merchandize on his shelves violates US law. I intend to pursue any business, at any point in the chain of custody of my purloined property, who tried to profit from this violation. That includes those retailers who refuse pull the magazine from circulation.

Rite Aid agreed to do the right thing, including the permanent removal of the magazine, and so I personally told Rite Aid that I would not demand a dime from them, even though under the law I can because they sold some copies. But after Rite Aid became aware of the dispute, they were professional, courteous, and decisive. I will go out of my way to shop in Rite Aid stores...."

And from now on, so will I, Mike. To be clued into the whole sordid affair click here.

Don't Brag, Pray Tell...

Because that's what living an alternate lifestyle boils down to for some people. Bragging rights. All exhibitionists feel this way, and check out Ms Weepy's tale of woe:

"Three weeks ago, I attended a march on the Brooklyn Bridge for marriage equality and, like most functions I attend, I proudly came in uniform. I explained to a news reporter there that I have a girlfriend, but she's not from the States, so she had to return to her home country. We have endured months without each other that we wouldn't have had to suffer through if we were a heterosexual couple. That hurts me. And it makes me angry. I'm an American. I'm a taxpayer. I vote. I'm serving my country, but I don't have the freedom or the right to marry the person I love.

I don't even have the freedom to talk about her because that violates the "don't ask, don't tell" policy.

But I'm not special. I am just one of approximately 730 service members who are discharged each year under the DADT policy. I am one of about 10,000 service members who have been discharged under this policy since it began in 1993. According to the U.S. Census, I am one of 65,000 gay Americans on active duty, soon to be a part of the 1 million gay veterans living in the United States today."

Let me explain something to this Loon:

Being in the military I'm quite sure you know of these things called RULES. The military tells you when to go to sleep, when to awaken, what you may eat and drink, how to dress and what the cut of your hair should look like. There's a very good reason for all of it's members to look the same and act relatively similar.

You can even look it up.

It means that you are part of a select team. A team also has this thing called RULES. You join a team, or the military, and you SWEAR to abide by the silly little rules.

For the TEAM. Not for yourself, or your significant other, but the TEAM. If you cannot follow the rules then you do not belong in the service of America, because choosing which rule to follow just ain't cutting it.

Following me? You decided to break the rules and hurt the TEAM. This makes you a lowlife dirtbag who does not DESERVE to wear my Country's uniform.

Glad you're gone. Hope you didn't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Miami Lice

by Ralph Peters

"It's time to give credit where it's due, to the ever-criticized, never-thanked feds, from the FBI agents who busted the Miami Seven last Thursday, through the intelligence professionals working diligently amid all the political flak, to the Border Patrol agents who daily face some of the most miserable tasks in government.
This isn't to slight the great work down at the state and local levels. But it's the feds who get attacked no matter what they do. If they devise innovative ways to take down terrorists, a trash-America paper blows the secret on Page One. Yet the same voices warning so self-righteously of "threats to our civil liberties" will be the first to screech that the government failed when terrorists strike us again.

The feds aren't perfect. Only God is. But in our War on Terror the greatest proof of success is a negative - the absence of attacks. And since the horrors of 9/11 (so soon forgotten by so many), al Qaeda and its surrogates have not been able to stage a single strike on American soil. And it isn't because they haven't wanted to hurt us.

The viciousness which those on the left aim at honest - and underpaid - federal employees was on evidence again this weekend. After the Thursday bust of the al Qaeda wannabes down in Liberty City, it took less than 48 hours for the critics to mobilize. By Saturday, we were being told that those arrested weren't a serious threat, that they'd been entrapped, that they're just misguided youths who need a hug."
Yes, the whingy apologists for misguided yutes are already rushing to the aid of Narseal Batiste and his felonious monks who thought it'd be swell to take down the Sears building in Chicago. An incredibly ugly building, to be sure, but plotting to do so is sort of against the law, REGARDLESS of what race one happens to be a member of.

The definition of a nanosecond? The time it takes for a minority member to commit a heinous criminal act and the intervention of liberals wishing to free him.

Coming soon to a Moonbat store near you: FREE NARSEAL! tee-shirts with a likeness of CHIMPHITLERBUSH on the reverse side.

Fun With Numbers, Courtesy Of Dick Morris

"...The Tarrance survey asked Republicans how they feel about the Senate approach (without identifying it as such), thoroughly describing the broad outlines of the bill passed in that house.
One approach, the survey informed participants, would: "provide resources to greatly increase border security, impose much tougher penalties on employers who hire illegal workers, allow additional foreign workers to come to the United States for a temporary period, and create a system where illegal immigrants could come forward, register, pay a fine, and receive a temporary workers permit, provide temporary workers with a multi-year earned path to citizenship if they get to the end of the line and meet certain requirements like living crime free, learning English, and paying taxes."

After this voluminous description, Republican voters indicated their approval of the proposal by 75 percent to 17 percent. By 39-49, they reject the description of this legislation as "amnesty." By 60-27, that said they'd be more rather than less likely to vote for a candidate who embraced the proposal.

The survey then tested the House bill, also without calling it that. It described an alternative approach would "tighten the borders, put tougher penalties on employers and workers who violate the immigration laws, create an expanded guest worker program that allows people to work here only temporarily, and provides that most current illegal immigrants would never be eligible for citizenship." Republican voters broke even on this legislation, with 47 percent backing it and 46 percent opposing it.

The survey then asked Republicans if they would support "an earned legalization program in which illegal immigrants could earn legal status and eventual citizenship by working, paying taxes, learning English, and waiting their turn behind people in their home countries who are already waiting in line for visas." They backed that proposal, 80-17.

"Creating a program in which illegal immigrants could earn legal status as a foreign worker but would have no possibility of ever becoming citizens." They objected to this approach, the essence of the House legislation, by 25-70.

So when the House Republicans maintain that they are vindicating the views of their base, they are just wrong. Republicans are far more tolerant of illegal immigrants - as long as they earn the tolerance by good conduct - than their political leaders seem to be.

This approach is also self-defeating. If House leaders succeed in typing the GOP as an anti-Hispanic party, they will be guaranteeing that red states like Texas and Florida slip into the blue category by delivering the swelling Hispanic vote to the Democratic Party.

President Bush's approach, on the other hand, is inspired. It creates a well-crafted balance between those who want to control our borders and the bulk of the voters of both parties who want to avoid having a disenfranchised class within our country that toils away with no hope of political participation"
Dick spent some time smooching Hillary for work and since that didn't pan out it seems he's back to trolling the Bush Administration. The bottom line remains the irrefutable fact that hispanics procreate at a rate several times higher than any other group in America. Hispanics have long since become enamored of the Democratic way of doing room and board with all the trimmings as long as you hand over a great many Constitutional rights. They've been told, and have become accustomed to hearing, that they are disadvantaged minorities who need help in competing with non-hispanics, and it would be difficult for ANYONE not to desire a spot at the head of the public trough so they vote, and if they cannot do so legally pressure others to vote, for Democratic candidates.

Now none of this would amount to a hill of beaners if the country were not so closely divided along the line of surrenderers and fighters. The folks who dislike handouts, think killing a million or so babies a year is wrong, don't wish to be forced to accept alternative lifetsyles that they consider to be immoral, and would prefer the Constitution to remain as it was written, still outnumber the other side of the aisle that is just fine with all of the above.

Enter the illegals. And the legals who've been mesmerized by the likes of Al Sharpton, Nancy Pelosi, and Teddy-The Woman-Killer. The once precarious balance is now on the brink of being tipped, and the Dems are clinging to this hope as a drowning man clings to a leaky life preserver. Their side is in fact diminishing, thanks to the fact that many future Dems are being killed in the womb, but here come the illegals to right the sinking Ship of Dope.

Work hard, take only your fair share, respect the Constitution and the Country it birthed. Keep an eye on the strong, protect the weak, worship and maintain your own standards and refuse to be be bullied into accepting what you don't like. Doesn't seem all that difficult a concept now does it?

But we're losing ground. The cradle-to-grave coccoon attracts the weak-kneed, and in more cases than we'd have imagined, actually creates more of them. The fence-sitters who used to be shamed into doing the right thing now find a haven in which to retreat from morality, and once there's a place for the weak to run they gather en masse. So, inexorably, we're reduced to the central core that does most of the heavy lifting anyway but we're soon to be dismissed as obsolete naysayers who just can't seem to understand how great other such experiments in multi-culturalism are coming along.

Europe has the moslem horde. Here, we were doing a yeomans job of rising above what slavery had wrought and left us with, but just when the future was beginning to look rosey, here come the illegal hordes. The neon sign proclaiming FREE LUNCH has been lit and it'll take nothing short of a miracle to extinguish it.

Monday Morning Rage Factoid

The Average Moslem Prisoner At Guantanamo Has Gained 18 pounds.

The Average American Prisoner Taken By Fanatic Moslems Loses 11 pounds*.

*The Average Weight Of A Human Head.
What to Do on Immigration.

Online debate between Steven Camarota, Center for Immigration Studies Director of Research, and Tamar Jacoby, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute Council on Foreign Relations web site, June 19-23, 2006

EXCERPT: Steven Camarota: ''On Ms. Jacoby's main point that we are not letting in enough people legally, she misunderstands how migration works. Legal immigration has roughly doubled in the last two decades. Yet we have more than twice as many illegals as in 1986. Most of the top illegal-alien-sending countries are also the top legal sending countries. Legal immigrants are the ones who often provide illegals with jobs and housing. The presence of an ever-larger legal immigrant population is the basis of the social network that draws in illegals.

''Finally, she still seems to be saying that it's okay to debate the issue, but in the end we must accept that foreigners will break our laws if we don't accommodate them. This kind of determinism must be rejected. We can enforce our immigration laws. The problem is that we have never tried. ''

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Woody Takes A Stand

Got to hand it to someone who clears the decks and sticks to his guns.

Where Is The Outrage?

UPDATE: I took everything else off my site for awhile because nothing else I blog about seems important enough to bump this down the page. This will stay here until there is some much needed outrage or until I give up hope that America will wake up and realize the seriousness of the struggle we are engaged in.

Two US Soldiers were captured in Iraq. They were tortured and killed in the most inhumane abuse of human beings that I can recall in recent history. According to reports these men were beaten, their arms contorted, their testicles cut off, their penises cut off and stuffed in their mouths, their eyes gouged out, their hearts cut out and were beheaded. If reading that shocks or disgusts you let me take this opportunity to say that I'm glad to offend.

Well, it's a lot to ask, Woodman. For what it's worth, I'm with ya bro.

Sorry About That...

BREMERTON - "The Kitsap County Sheriff's Office has placed a deputy on administrative leave after the deputy shot and wounded a man in a tree with his gun instead of a Taser, the sheriff's office said.

The deputy meant to fire the Taser and not his gun on Thursday, but grabbed the wrong weapon, sheriff's office spokesman Scott Wilson told the Kitsap Sun.

The deputy has been with the sheriff's office for five years. employee with nearby B&B Auto Repair, described the man's reaction to getting shot.

"He said, 'Ow, that hurt, I'm coming down, I'm coming down,"' Blakeslee said.

The man climbed down the tree on his own where medical personnel were waiting, Blakeslee said."

About a month back I was introduced to one of the local Deputy Sheriff's and we chatted for a time. I asked if the Glock in his holster was a G-23, he affirmed that it was, and proceeded to withdraw his Taser before realizing that he was presenting the wrong weapon.

"Ooops, happens all the time..." he said. It's a far stretch from showing the wrong tool to shooting someone with it, but I remember feeling very good about myself that I had not asked for a demonstration of his Taser.

If You've Never Participated In A Full-Auto-Shoot...

...Then You're Missing A Lot Of Fun

Would be a terrific idea to find wherever it is old Drive-In Movie screens go to die, and set them up along our border with the above video on a continuous loop.

Then Again, Perhaps It's ONLY The Texas WOMEN With 'Em...

Dallas: Law would forbid sale of highly realistic fake weapons

"Soon, it may be illegal to sell or play with some toy guns in Dallas.

A proposed ordinance considered by the Dallas City Council on Wednesday would ban businesses from hawking highly realistic fake weapons and kids from playing with them in public.

The proposal is being refined in the city's Public Safety Committee and is expected to be adopted later this month.

The Rev. David L. Ferrell, pastor of Trinity Valley Missionary Baptist Church in West Dallas, said that toy guns being sold in the city, and in some cases off the back of ice cream trucks and could easily be confused with real guns. He spoke Wednesday before the City Council."

Ah Texas, where for art thou, Texas. Carry a concealed weapon, and permit or not, if a whingy citizen tells a cop that something is under that man's shirt!! then it's a high misdemeanor and possible loss of gun- carrying privileges for "disturbing the peace by printing". Now they want to ban anything resembling a gun because the sight of a Super-Soaker might cause the sheeple to run for the hills.

Modern Texans would build a backdoor to the Alamo.

A Texan With Stones

"I know I'm not making myself popular here. But the Second Amendment is not about duck hunting. It's about our right -- all of our rights -- to protect ourselves from all of you sitting up there."

Suzanna Hupp speaking to the Senate

Madeleine Not--All-That- Bright Has A New Work Of Fiction Out...

"Iraq is a long way from [here], but what happens there matters a great deal here. For the risks that the leaders of a rogue state will use nuclear, chemical or biological weapons against us or our allies is the greatest security threat we face."
--Madeleine Albright, Feb 18, 1998

"Hussein has ... chosen to spend his money on building weapons of mass destruction and palaces for his cronies."
-- Madeleine Albright, Nov. 10, 1999

The above quotes from Madeleine the bouncing Czech, WON'T be found in her new book, "The Mighty And The All Mighty", because she is a Loon of the first magnitude and as other members of failed Presidency's have done...all the way to Jimmah Cahtah...she is spending an awful lot of time explaining why everything bad that happened on her watch wasn't her, or the President's fault, and how much of a mess the Bush administration has made of things.

No longer content with allowing history to judge an administration on it's merits, the current weepy-willows have decided to reinvent the past to their own liking, and if ever there was a less suitable individual to run the State Department...well... that person has not even been born yet.

If you'd like to tune into her fortune-cookie words of wisdom, then please click here. If you do not, then here is a snippet from her publisher:

"In this illuminating account, Albright argues that, to be effective, U.S. policy-makers must understand the power and place of religion in motivating others and in coloring how American actions are perceived. Defying the conventional wisdom, she suggests not only that religion and politics are inseparable, but that their partnership, when properly harnessed, can be a force for justice and peace."

That's defying conventional wisdom? Sort of like, um, maybe what everyone from the Founders on up have been saying for over 200 years now? Then there's this babble of epic distortion:

"In The Mighty and the Almighty, Madeleine Albright examines the profound impact of religion on America’s view of itself, the effect on U.S. policy of the rise of the Christian right, the Bush administration’s successes and failures in responding to 9/11, the challenges posed by the war in Iraq, and the importance of understanding Islam. She offers a balanced but, when necessary, devastating analysis of U.S. strategy and condemns those of all faiths who exploit religious fervor to create divisions or enhance their own power."

This IS funny stuff, kids. Not that I'd grace the sow with a red cent of my own money, but perhaps I'll have a gander when next at the Library.

A Baseball Tale

Badanov is featuring a baseball story, and the content reminded me of a day some 41 years ago...

We were playing the second game of our Little League Doubleheader. Bottom of the 9th, runners on 1st and 2nd with 2 outs. We were winning 4-3.

The guy on second had driven a fat pitch right up the middle and our tiring pitcher had walked the next. Our Manager calls time as he trots to the mound, and signals me in from Centerfield. He's got our flamethrowing lefthander warming up but the kid isn't ready, so he takes the ball from the Pitcher and hands it to me.

"Give him his first shave." He tells me, "Take your time winding up then hit the silly little bastard. I'll come out to talk to you, and by then Sammy will be ready so he'll strike the next kid out. Got that?"

I had a decent enough arm to play the outfield but all I could throw was fastballs from the mound, and since I'd played the first game my legs were shot anyway, so replacing me with a fresh outfielder was a good idea. Sammy could throw his hard stuff to one or two batters before he ran out of gas, and almost always struck the first guy out so loading the bases wasn't a big deal. I'd never been told to hit someone, and I knew it was part of the game so I figured what the heck, I'll toss one in on his hip or catch him in the butt as he tries to get away from the pitch.

Then the opposing manager threw ME the curve. He calls back the kid who's stepping into the batters box and sends up my brother Joe.

All through Little League Joe was behind me, but catching up quick and lately was getting some good wood on the ball. And he's my brother for chrissake so how can I hit him on purpose, but a walk is as good as a plink on the can, so I tell myself just nibble outside and he'll see what's going on and take his base.

Then he turns to the Ump with an outstretched hand to signal timeout...and...and...

Starts to dig in.

I'm pitching and he's digging in. Not even looking at me, he's standing there kicking his spikes into the dirt and making a hole from which to swing from.

Around MY plate he's doing this. Showing me up. Digging in. Our father is in the stands, and for the first time all day is suddenly quiet. I look over to find him and he looks back at me and starts nodding. Yes. Yes. I tell myself that he knows what's going on in my head and is letting me know it's okay, just do your best, forget he's your brother. You're the pitcher and he's trying to make you look bad so...


By now the Ump has tired of Joe determining precisely WHERE China truly is, and shouts "Play Ball!" so it's up to us to decide this pitch, this game, this day. I turn my body and bend over just a little to see the signals from the catcher. The catcher knows what's coming, or thought he did until Joe stepped in and is looking back at the Manager to see if the sign had been changed.

It wasn't. He flashes an index finger, then two fingers, then the thumbs up.

Deck the bum. Play him some chin music. Put one in his kitchen. Show him what a close shave really is. Time to play some bean-ball.

Joe finally looks at me, straight at me, and he's squinting. His hands are working the bat and he's jiggling it in the way he did to try and time the pitcher from motion to throw. Runners are on 1st and 2nd so I'm not supposed to go into a full windup because it'd give them a better jump off the bases, and as I DO begin my full windup the last thing I see besides my intended target are his eyes opening wide.People are standing now and urging me on. Bottom of the 9th, runners on 1st and 2nd with 2 outs.

We won.

An Old-Timer Fades

June 25, 2006 -- "HOURS before all the old-timers stepped onto the grass of the time machine known as Yankee Stadium, I called Phil Rizzuto's home. This special day was just not the same without the Scooter.
Phil's wife, Cora, picked up and said Phil was sleeping. Each day is getting that much tougher for Phil Rizzuto, 88, but he's trying to hang in there, as he did on the double play when the runner, who always was bigger than Phil, was bearing down on him.
Yesterday was the first Yankees Old Timers' Day Rizzuto has missed. That should tell you how difficult the days are for him.
"The story is still going," Cora said of her Hall of Fame husband. "He's had a beautiful life."
Later, Yogi Berra would tell me in a concerned voice, "We sure miss Phil. They say he's not feeling too good. We'll see what happens. I hope he's all right."
During introductions, a message was read from Rizzuto, saying how he missed "seeing all the great Yankee fans today."

It is morbid but true. My family shares an area of a Florida cemetery with the Rizzuto family. Something my Father, a livelong Yankee fan, couldn't resist. He is interned next to a close relative of Phil's, and the elder statesmen of our clan are abuzz over the soon demise of a hero, and someone we'd see on occasion as he visited his deceased relatives. To be a Yankee fan is to adore Phil Rizzuto. Each and every one of us miss his voice, his personality, and while he does not evoke childhood memories for me...Red Barber and Mel Allen did the calls when I was a kid...his rise to fame coincided with my becoming a man and I'll always remember how he maintained his own personality in the face of adoration. They stayed the same, most of the oldtimers did. Broke or rich they were who they were, and tough shit if you didn't like it.

One of the last Old Timers Day that Phil participated in as an announcer featured a cannon firing in the outfield, for whatever stupid reason, and the blank charge from the cannon knocked part of the outfield fence down, startling a great many people from the roar and impact.

"Holy shit they're blowing the fucking wall down!" Phil shouted to an open mike, and no one took exception because that was Phil at his best. I wasn't "allowed" to call him The Scooter because that nickname was reserved for the older genersation who saw him play. To me he was Phil, and just knowing Phil was still around was comforting in so very many ways, and I dread the phone call telling me otherwise.

George Will Remembers "Gone"

June 25, 2006 -- CONFINED to her bed in Atlanta by a broken ankle and arthritis, her husband gave her a stack of blank paper and said, "Write a book." Did she ever.

The novel's first title became its last words, "Tomorrow Is Another Day," and at first she named the protagonist Pansy. But Pansy became Scarlett, and the title of the book published 70 years ago this week became 'Gone With the Wind'."

Gone means different things to different people, and it should be read if only to capture what cannot ever be done again. Write a bestseller without succumbing to the politically correct? A chick-read, no less? Go ahead and try. The Great American Novel is still awaiting publication but we live in a time, the likes of which have never been heard of let alone seen before, where nearly half of the citizens of a country detest the very premise of their country being referred to as Great. The grand experiment is on life support not because there are no challenges to rescucitate it, but because the challenges are TOO grand.

Patsy Ramsey Dead At 49

Mystifying murder case. Someone, some absolute bonafide sicko, was enthralled by her little daughters beauty and killed her in a most heinous manner. I did pray that some good would come of Jon Benet's passing, that wealthy Mom's wishing to relive their glory days would think twice before tarting up their daughters and parading them about in a society that encourages different lifestyles. To harm a child is the worst offense, and they'll never find the creature that did this crime, because the parents muddled the investigation and the police were buffoons straight from a bad episode of Law & Order. Not that I believe the Ramseys had anything to do with JonBenet's death, but Patsy didn't grieve in public as much as a distraught mother should have, and I think that even the police found her relative calm to be strangely out of place.

June 25, 2006 -- "Patsy Ramsey, thrust into the national spotlight by the unsolved 1996 murder of her 6-year-old beauty-pageant daughter, JonBenet, died yesterday. She was 49.

Ramsey, first diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1993 and suffered a recurrence years later, died at her dad's Roswell, Ga., home with her husband, John, at her bedside.

She is to be buried beside JonBenet in St. James Cemetery in Marietta, Ga.

JonBenet was found beaten and strangled in the family's home in Boulder, Colo., the day after Christmas in 1996. Patsy claimed to have found a ransom note demanding $118,000. John told investigators he found the body eight hours later.

Cops said the parents were under "an umbrella of suspicion," but the couple insisted they had nothing to do with the crime and said it must have been caused by an intruder.

In 2003, an Atlanta judge ruled that the evidence did indeed point to an intruder. No arrest has ever been made.

Patsy was born in Parkersburg, W.Va., on Dec. 29, 1956, and crowned Miss West Virginia in 1977.

JonBenet followed her mom into beauty pageants, learning how to walk, gesture and perform and collecting a wardrobe of elaborate costumes, including those of a Las Vegas showgirl and a cowgirl."

Waiting For Annie...

She was late with this week's column, probably because her sojurn to the land of fruits and nuts required something of a respite and this is understandable. In it's entirety, because it's a rampaging hoot...

I dedicate this column to John Murtha, the reason soldiers invented fragging.

In response to the arguments of my opponents, I say: Waaaaaaaaaah! Boo hoo hoo! If you're upset about what I said about the Witches of East Brunswick, try turning the page. Surely, I must have offended more than those four harpies. Wait 'til you get a load of what I say about liberals in the rest of the book! You haven't seen the half of it. For snarling victims, my book is Christmas in July. Hey — where's Max the grenade-dropper?

Let's keep this diaper-fest going all summer. How about these pungent points:

— No liberal cause is defended with more dishonesty than abortion. No matter what else they pretend to care about from time to time — undermining national security, aiding terrorists, oppressing the middle class, freeing violent criminals — the single most important item on the Democrats' agenda is abortion. Indeed, abortion is the one issue the Democratic Party is willing to go to war over — except in the Muslim world, which is jam-packed with prohibitions on abortion, but going to war against a Muslim nation might also serve America's national security objectives. Liberals don't care about women. They care about destroying human life. To them, 2,200 military deaths in the entire course of a war in Iraq is unconscionable, but 1.3 million aborted babies in America every year is something to celebrate.

— Frederica A. Massiah-Jackson of the Philadelphia Common Pleas Court was known for shouting obscenities from the bench and identifying undercover policemen in open court. Bill Clinton nominated Massiah-Jackson to be a federal district court judge in 1997. Among other notable rulings, Judge Massiah-Jackson sentenced the brutal rapist of a 10-year-old girl to the statutory minimum and apologized to the rapist, saying: "I just don't think the five to 10 years is appropriate in this case even assuming you were found guilty." She refused to allow the district attorney to present a pre-sentence report or victim impact statement, saying: "What would be the point of that?" After his release, the defendant was rearrested for raping a 9-year-old boy.

Massiah-Jackson wasn't some random nut nominated by Clinton by accident, like Janet Reno or Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She was a liberal heroine. The New York Times was in high dudgeon when Massiah-Jackson withdrew — and not because Massiah-Jackson had sneered atAIDS victims and rape victims ... The Times was in a snit because of the "judicial mugging" the Senate had put her through. Massiah-Jackson, the Times said, "now returns to the state bench, battered but with her honor intact. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the Senate."

— Liberals were afraid of a book that told the truth about IQ ("The Bell Curve") because they are godless secularists who do not believe humans are in God's image. Christians have no fear of hearing facts about genetic differences in IQ because we don't think humans are special because they are smart. There may be some advantages to being intelligent, but a lot of liberals appear to have high IQs, so, really, what's the point? After Hitler carried the secularists' philosophy to its grisly conclusion, liberals are terrified of making any comment that seems to acknowledge that there are any differences among groups of people — especially racial groups. It's difficult to have a simple conversation — much less engage in free-ranging, open scientific inquiry — when liberals are constantly rushing in with their rule book about what can and cannot be said.

— While gays were being decimated by the AIDS virus, U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop was more interested in not "stigmatizing" them than in saving their lives. See, where I come from, being dead also carries a certain type of stigma. Instead of distributing condoms in gay bars and at productions of the play "Rent," where they might have done some good, Koop insisted on distributing condoms in kindergarten classes, in order to emphasize the point that AIDS does not discriminate, which it does.

In 1987, New York Times reporter Maureen Dowd — before she was elevated to the cartoon pages — wrote a heroic portrait of the man. Dr. Koop, she said "fiercely wants to strip AIDS of its stigma," and for that reason, he talks "about making an animated educational video that would feature two condoms 'with little eyes on them' chatting, and about the need for 'gentle, nonmystifying' sex education for students, starting in kindergarten."

I would pay quite a bit of money to hear someone describe anal sex — oh hell, make it any kind of sodomy — to a 5-year-old in a gentle, nonmystifying way.

Finally, a word to those of you out there who have yet to be offended by something I have written or said: Please be patient. I am working as fast as I can.
Ludicrous apparitions of realty such as Dr. Koop could not long have survived in this day of blogging. Getting the word out and about on this Clinton appointee would have had him shaving his chin whiskers and fleeing to parts unknown. He DID fall out of favor with America's lunatics after refusing to go after the Dairy Industry with the same vigor he attacked big tobacco, but even lifelong crusaders can only do so much, and Koop was so fascinated with sex that he wrote poems about circumcision. AIDS was his baby and let them EAT or do whatever it is they want with meat.

Koop, Joannie Ginsberg, Mr. Janet Reno, and certainly Massiah-Jackson, were Bill Clinton's gift to stand-up comedy, and it's a shame that Maureen Dowd hadn't kissed enough Hillary-ass...not that she didn't try real receive an Oval Office appointment, but let's face it, she would have been pearls before the swine and RodHam didn't want anything resembling a female to come within zippers-distance of Billy, and I've always believed that if the Rod assumes her rightful place as Queen of America, she'll drag Mo-Do along for the ride. Not that being a media-shill for Moonbats everywhere isn't an important occupation, but having that White House job on the old resume opens doors, and book deals, galore.

And regarding abortion, well hell, that's why the Dems want as many Mexicans in the country as possible. True liberals have abortions, Mexicans dont, BUT...they vote for liberals so it's win-win. Hey, SOMEBODY'S got to make future generations safe for crime without punishment.