Friday, October 28, 2011

Ammo...ammo...and more ammo

I am now a Midway dealer, but can't meet the prices on

There will be a permanent link once Booger stops glitching.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Global Warming...We Hardly Knew Ye

Current hard times also explain the demise of global warming advocacy. With high unemployment and near nonexistent economic growth, Americans do not want to shut down generating plants or pay new surcharges on their power bills. Most people worry first about having any car that runs -- not whether it's a more expensive green hybrid model.
Over the last half-century, Americans have agreed that smoky plants and polluting industries needed to be cleaned up. But when the green movement began to classify clean-burning heat as a pollutant, it began to lose the cash-strapped public.
While the Obama administration was subsidizing failed or inefficient green industries, radical breakthroughs in domestic fossil-fuel exploration and recovery -- especially horizontal drilling and fracking -- have vastly increased the known American reserves of gas and oil. Modern efficient engines have meant that both can be consumed with little, if any, pollution -- at a time when a struggling U.S. economy is paying nearly half a trillion dollars for imported fossil fuels. The public apparently would prefer developing more of our own gas, oil, shale, tar sands and coal as an alternative to going broke by either importing more fuels from abroad or subsidizing more inefficient windmills and solar panels at home.
We simply don't know positively whether recent human activity has caused the planet to warm up to dangerous levels. But we do know that those who insist it does are sometimes disingenuous, often profit-minded, and nearly always impractical."

Just two things one need know about the modern liberal response to a crisis. Get hysterical, then do the dumbest thing imaginable to fix what appears to be broken.

Monday, October 24, 2011

This Day In History...Of The Twilight Zone

" this leg folder we're featuring in order to commemorate this day in history, October 23rd, 1915, when women in America received the right to vote.." Todd Boone, Cutlery Corner,

Aside from the sexist old boot-leg knives that supposedly went the way of the Dodo, the 19th Amendment was passed on August 26th, 1920.

Yes, it should be repealed, but since the American public was hoodwinked we might as well remember when. 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cutlery Corner: Fun With Numbers

"...we ran out of these knives but found some more in the computer...and originally were selling these Big Blue knives 12 for $12, but to celebrate our 8th Anniversary on TV we're offering them now for 6 knives at $8 as a fan appreciation special..." Todd Boone:

And he repeats  a now famous Boone-ism...

"...we've only got 75 or 100 of these Bowies left so get 'em while ya can 'cause they're down to single digits..."

Kaddafi Sleeps With The Microwave Pizza's

Well, well, well. Seems now that old Omar was captured alive, tortured, then riddled with bullets as he lay helpless and begging for his life. And his body is at a local grocery store in the frozen food department, so that folks can meander in and have a good spit at the old tyrant while they take cellphone pics for posterity.

And the libs bitched at Bush for allowing some fake waterboarding? While Obama ordered the drone strike that took down Kaddafi's convoy?

Gotta love the double standard by which these lefties live by. Not that the old frig didn't deserve to die like a dog, but where was his lawyer? Were his rights read to him? Was there a doctor on hand to monitor his "interrogation"?

Awaiting the hue and cry from the angry left over this. Just not holding my breath. But I'll tell you one thing; where this to have happened when Bush was in office, Harry Reid and Nancy would have been calling or his impeachment.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Kaddafi Goes Boom

Click the link then look to the lower lefthand side of the page for a poorly done video of Omar's body being manhandled out of a flatbed truck by jubilant citizens.

Reminding me of a National Geographic program on chimp tribes attacking then eating other chimp tribes.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Over-60's 'should be taxed out of their homes' to make room for the younger generations

Older people should be taxed out of their family homes to free up space for younger generations, says a report backed by Labour.

It argues that 'empty nesters' in their 60s are taking up too much room and should be 'encouraged' by a new 'land tax' to downsize to smaller homes.
The call comes from the Intergenerational Foundation, a left-leaning think-tank that aims to 'promote fairness between generations'.

Labour MP Tessa Jowell sponsored the report's launch in a Commons hospitality room yesterday, saying the current situation ran against Ed Miliband's vision for Britain.
But the 'bedroom blocker' plan drew condemnation from Tory ministers and pressure groups for older people."

Look, next time the Brits need help beating off the Krauts...and there WILL be a next time... let the Hun have his way. As a people, the Brits are a wonderful lot. As a society, they are one small step above retarded forest fairies.

Thanks to I Hate The Media for the link.

Curio & Relic Points Of Order

First off, thanks to the folks inquiring as to the availability of certain Curio firearms, or at least those the ATF considers to be so, but I cannot order a "regular" AR lower, or complete AR-15, or neutered M16, no matter when they were designed or manufactured. EXCEPT for the Colt AR-15 Vietnam Tribute Special Edition, registry numbers VT001 to VT1500. Believe me, if I could I would and only charge for the shipping.

I can order a Ruger Blackhawk 44 w/6 and a half inch barrel as long as the serial numbers are 1 to 29860. Or certain Winchester, Remington, or Mossberg rifles and shotguns and others as long as they're serial numbered according to the ATF protocol, which can be as long as the phone numbers in Ted Kennedy's little black book. I can also order a Dragunov model SVD in 7.62X54R, or a Simonov in 7.62X39, or a Remington pump action manufactured between 1931 to 1950. 

What I'm trying to say is don't stop asking, but remember that this cannot be a business for me whereupon I derive most if not all of my monetary resources, and I've included the above information for historical purposes only. I can sell off my own firearms but only 3 of them every 5 days. Or whenever a fifth blue moon occurs during the 2nd leap year when a Republican is President; I forget which, or maybe its both.

I do intend to upgrade my C&R to a full-fledged dealer license in the not too distant future...the ATF was kind enough to send me the application and it isn't any more difficult than obtaining a Florida Concealed Carry Permit... so stay tuned.

In the meanwhile, Midway is going to license me as a Dealer, so there just might be enough of a discount for parts or ammunition to offset shipping from them to me and me to you to make it worth the hassle.

None of this information should be used to buy or sell any firearm from any person or dealer. So please check your local, state, and Federal laws, get a haircut, lose some weight, and trim that mustache. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Um...Be Careful Stroking That Arrow...

...Or It'll "Rain" On Mehico Bigtime

Taurus Public Defender

Why don't I have one of these yet? They can be had...I'm told... for under $500 semolians and what revolver chambered for .45 Colt PLUS 410 gauge isn't worth that? Hells bells but a well powdered .45 Colt is kissin' cousin to the .44 magnum in everything but reputation, and having a snake gun should be mandatory for anyone traipsing about the wilds of Hogtown.

Gallery of Guns will find you a list of local retailers that may or may not rob you blind.

Massatooshits Cops "Targeting" Unlocked Vehicles

Police officers invoked the ire of drivers in Beverly, Mass. after they issued warnings and locked the doors of cars that had been left unlocked, even if the keys were still inside.

The police officer's actions, while perhaps a bit invasive, did have drivers' best interests at heart, as stealing components from unlocked vehicles has been a rising trend for car thieves over the past couple of years.

"It's a little creepy, but I think that it has best intentions," a Beverly resident told WBZ-TV.

According to the local news outlet, the police issued about 100 warnings -- equating to roughly 1 in every 5 cars that offers tested -- that alerted car owners' of their mistake and offered some safety tips for avoiding vehicular theft in the future.

While some motorists were understanding of the officers' intentions, others were quite put off -- especially those that had their keys locked inside their cars.

"A few were upset by the fact that we went into their vehicles, and we understand it," said Beverly Police Chief Mark Ray."

No, you do not understand it,  Markie m'lad. Breaking the law, which you sanctioned, then defended, is a worse offense than when the common street thug does it, because...YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE THE LAW.

First thing a criminal does when caught redhanded is to profess innocence, followed shortly thereafter by offering mitigating "explanations". Crooked cops like Chief Markie skip the former while working damned hard on the latter.

ANYONE, and I do mean anyone caught fiddle fucking with my property without that silly thing called a warrant is getting the surprise of his life. That's what the good Lord invented triple-ought buck for.

Now Its Getting Expensive...

But isn't that what a hobby is supposed to be.

I'm trying to acquire as many variants of the 7.62X54R round as possible, and suddenly realized that I hadn't checked out Double Tap.

And but of course they have 4 loads to chose from. For my way of thinking, the 123 gr Barnes is just too lightweight for hog, even if it is traveling at Warp Factor 6. I might scope out the 180's and 200's just to see what I can see but am at this moment inclined to zero in a 140-150 grainer for demising Sus scrofa

 7.62x54R  123gr. Barnes TSX Lead Free 20rds.   7.62x54R 123gr. Barnes TSX Lead Free 20rds.   $48.97  Buy Now 
 7.62x54R 150gr Barnes TTSX Lead Free 20rds   7.62x54R 150gr Barnes TTSX Lead Free 20rds   $48.97  Buy Now 
 7.62x54R 180gr Nosler Accubond 20rds   7.62x54R 180gr Nosler Accubond 20rds   $43.53  Buy Now 
 7.62x54R 200gr Nosler Accubond 20rds   7.62x54R 200gr Nosler Accubond 20rds   $43.53 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

What To Do With Enemy Snipers

Bootcamp....Commie Style

I'd actually forgotten some of the ...joys of Marine boot camp. One of which was the slinging, swinging and spinning around 11.5 pounds of the last true battle rifle our armed forces had, the M14. We slept with it, showered with it, ate with it, and kept it cleaner...far cleaner...than our own bodies.

Think your hands are strong? Your shoulders tight and powerful? Ha. Even the biggest recruit spent many a day weeping (inside) over the demands of learning to control then master the manual of arms. As accurate as any mass produced battle rifle ever made, but enough about my favorite military arm.

Wrestling 8.5 pounds of commie delight...the Mosin Nagant should have been a whole lot easier but I didn't think about yanking and pulling dried out leather and webbing and trying to flex the metal-wood tolerance back to "normal". What a dumbass. Not that it hasn't been fun, truth be told its been a blast and I haven't even shot the bloody thing. Still too dirty. Cosmo galore (wasn't that the name of a Bond-Girl?) lurking here, there, and everywhere.

But learning an entirely new manual of arms is invigorating and when I do get to show her off at the range I won't look like some has-been, or worse yet a never-was, playing fumble stumble and regroup.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Brits Look At Hollywood...

"This evening Rupert and I saw a movie called The Ides of March, directed by George Clooney. Ostensibly it’s about a young staffer on a presidential campaign who is corrupted by the process. In reality, it’s about George Clooney’s fantasy of running for president. In this scenario he is that rarest of creatures: an electable liberal. Cue scenes of him explaining to unibrow Christians why it’s okay to be gay, or why solar polar is a sustainable alternative to the War on Terror. In the real world, Clooney’s candidate would be ranked somewhere beneath Dennis Kucinich, but in movieland he’s the frontrunner for his party’s nomination and a shoe-in for the presidency. His only flaw? Why, the only flaw that Hollywood would understand – sex. His nineteen-year-old squeeze gets pregnant. Whether one is prochoice or prolife, the this subplot is truly execrable. Not only does no one at any point suggest she might keep the child, but the movie’s handling of the physical and emotional realities of her condition would shock even Planned Parenthood. Put it this way: Clooney’s mistress is possibly the first woman in history who dresses for an abortion.

The movie’s lack of moral focus is beside the point. It is an exercise in Hollywood idealism that is now hopelessly detached from reality and no longer heartwarming. It’s time for Mr. Smith to either wise up or quit Washington – his kind of schmaltzy Jimmy Stewart pap won’t cut it anymore. Obama, rumor has it, has disappointed movieland liberals and his donations are down. If that is so then he has my sympathy. At a time when millions are unemployed and the Western world hurtles towards economic oblivion, only Hollywood could continue to express outrage that the Japanese go whaling once in a while, or that Bill and Ben can’t get married in the mosque of their choice..."

Worth a read so please click here. Always interesting to see how those from the lesser nations view us, but this fellow is spot-on.

Mosin Arrives Nearly Unscathed...

Manufactured in 1942 at the Izhevsk armory in Russia, replete with  hammer and sickle stamped upon the barrel shroud. The only thing I fault UPS and/or J&G Sales for is a hole the bolt handle pierced through two boxes...and one good reason why folks revamp to a bent-bolt configuration. Still and all, it isn't as if J&G recently a-birthed and had yet to discover the peculiarities of straight bolt design. Not that anything seems amiss...but punctured packaging isn't cool.

Even bathed in cosmoline, the bolt cycles quite easily, and the rifle arrived with a sling, bayonet, ammo pouch, crown cap, rod connector, punch, jag, bolt tool and what is pictured above.

Am awaiting at least 4 types of ammo...147...170...180...and 203 grainers in both softpoint and fmj design. Will report back after some range time.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

This Week With Mister Stumbles

"...and we have a ceramic knife that's ceramic, that are all sold out but there's only 27 left..." Todd Boone

Thursday, October 06, 2011


Just a note on the passing of Steve Jobs. Apple has long been, the, well, apple of Hollywood and the liberal establishments eye. I know, same thing. Every laptop or computer seen in theatrical presentations has the ubiquitous bitten apple logo, because, after all, Steve was just so uber cool.

And isn't it interesting that one of the greatest capitalist success stories of the 20th...and perhaps any so revered by the socialist masses.

March on Wall Street to rage at those merciless moneymakers yet mourn the king of them all.


Mosin On The Way

A while back I received my Curio & Relic Federal Firearms License, and durned if I didn't go and order me a Mosin Nagant from J&G Sales. The value of a C&R FFL is to eliminate the middle man, the gun shop that'll oft times charge an arm and a leg for the honor of ordering a firearm for you, because, after all, mere un-vetted civilians can't be trusted to do so on their own. And besides, it's cool to see an ad online or a flier and buy a rifle just like that. Here's a description of the 7.62X54R Russian battle rifle that preceded the SKS and AK47:

7.62x54R caliber WWII era military Russian Mosin-Nagnat round receiver bolt action rifles with laminated wood stocks. Includes bayonet and some accessories. Arsenal refinished in very good to excellent condition. C&R eligible. 

I picked the hand select with clean and shiny bore, and if you'd like to learn more about the rifle itself click here.

Oh yeah and it'll be here next Tuesday, 5 business days after I placed the order.

Oh yeah Part II, I chose the round receiver over the hex because folks in the know have told me that while the hex is more collectible, the round is sturdier. With the tens of millions of both varieties around I doubt a hex would fetch much more from my estate after I've shuffled off to the big target range in the sky, and besides, I'm no museum curator just a guy who likes to shoot genuine battle rifles, not peashooters, so more-sturdy is more better.

Back when I lived in Iowa, Crazy Jay and I crono'd the Commie Russian 7.62X54R versus our very own Patriotic American 30-06, and the difference between the two wasn't enough to mention. So I'm hoping it'll be just the ticket for Hog hunting once I get her sighted in.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Obama Fried Chicken...The Profession He'd Be FAR More Suited For...

" Beijing, China, a restaurant is actually calling itself OFC with a logo that looks alarmingly like the President dressed in the colonel's clothes. 

The catchphrase underneath, apparently says 'We’re so cool, aren’t we?'

Yeah, but can they teach him to say "Do you want fries with that?"

Without a teleprompter...