Sunday, August 31, 2008

For CCW Only

Concealment trouser. From Master of Concealment. Sorta figures. Price: $74.95. Many colors and waist sizes. Includes concealed pocket and "surgical grade elastic holster".

Surgical grade elastic, eh? Sounds kinky.

Hurricane Gustav Update...

Mayor Ray Nagin says looting will not be tolerated

To which, inquiring minds might ask, "Ah, so you've found a way to keep the cops from robbing the neighborhoods blind?"

Same Guy Presenting From Appendex Carry

Looks funny but whatever works best...

Not living in an open carry state, I myself don't practice the present from an outside the waistband holster. Cover garments can simply be a pain in the ass, wearing a vest just screams LOOKY HERE I'VE GOT A GUN! and I've never gotten the hang of going out in public with a tee shirt and jeans. This little fella doesn't mind a bit but I've never favored the lefthanded garment pullaway. Complicated things oft times go bellyup.

Cop Kills His Police Dog

"A Scottsdale police dog was shot and killed by his handler on Friday. Police say they think the death was accidental.

This is the first time a police dog has died in the line of duty in the department's 45-year history, Police Chief Alan Rodbell said.

"Certainly, we don't think it was intentional," police Sgt. Mark Clark said.

Well then that makes it all okay. Looking at the bright side, since this cop can't handle a gun he's lucky there wasn't an innocent person killed as well. Not that killing a dog is excusable, no matter what the apologists are saying, and since he'll get off scot-free someone has to stand up for the poor dog, here goes.

You unconscionable idiot. If this doesn't persuade you to find a real job then nothing ever will, but here's hoping you put down the gun and pick up a broom or
anything less dangerous to those around you. Being sorry after the fact doesn't cut it in the land of grownups who are supposed to be held accountable for their actions so hows about proving there's still something of a man in you and hanging up the old gear, for good.

Thanks to the War on Guns for the link.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Time To Play...Celebrity Mugshots

Guess who

Michael Moore: One Truly Sick Son Of A Bitch

"Sometime you really have wonder at what cost some are willing to see their political ideology advanced.

To liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, the bounds are seemingly endless. Moore has made a recent career out of attacking President George W. Bush, bashing conservatives and criticizing business. His latest outrage occurred on MSNBC’s August 29 “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” and when he commented about the coincidental timing of an unfortunate disaster – the potential for Hurricane Gustav to make landfall at the beginning of the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minn.

“I was just thinking, this Gustav is proof that there is a God in heaven,” Moore said, laughing. “To have it planned at the same time – that it would actually be on its way to New Orleans for day one of the Republican Convention, up in the Twin Cities – at the top of the Mississippi River.”

This is one of the very same pricks that blamed the federal government when the dikes burst in New Orleans. Disasters are cool though, as long as the death and destruction happens to coincide with a Republican event. If a Conservative filmmaker had opined that flooding N.O. to eradicate some of the worthless blacks there, so thank you, God, how many more movies do ya think they'd let him or her make?

Teen robber shot by Wal-Mart shopper

EAST STROUDSBURG - "It's a night time shopper's nightmare. You buy groceries, go to your car, and someone tries to rob you at gunpoint.

Police say Joshua Eastman, 28, of East Stroudsburg was unloading groceries at his car shortly before 12:45 a.m. today when Reneau Jean Jacques, 17, of 77 Symphony Circle, East Stroudsburg, pointed a handgun at him and demanded that he hand over his money.

Eastman looked around for help or someone to yell to. The alleged robber continued to demand money. Eastman replied that he did not have any money - that he used a debit card to pay for his purchases.

Jacques became more threatening, pointing the gun and using a more menacing tone of voice.

Eastman then took out his wallet and pushed the door of his truck more open to put it between himself and the suspect. Jacques pointed his gun at Eastman's face.

Eastman dropped his wallet and started ducking down. Jacques fired a shot that went through the window of the door almost striking Eastman and causing flying glass from the car window to cut his face.

Eastman pulled out a handgun he was carrying and fell to the ground. He returned fire under the truck's door with his pistol while the teen continued to fire his weapon.

Eastman shot Jacques in the lower leg and foot. Then Eastman ran back toward the store as the teen fled towards Friendly's restaurant.

Jacques fled into a landscaped island of bushes and trees in the parking lot. Stroud Area Regional Police were on the scene almost immediately and found him hiding and trying to bury a handgun in the mulch. He originally claimed to be a victim before police determined he was likely the one who started the trouble.

"It appears to be an armed robbery that went badly for the suspect because he picked an armed customer," said Sgt. James Wielgus.

Jacques is charged as an adult with attempted murder, robbery, aggravated assault, crimes committed with guns and illegal possession of a gun, all felonies, and reckless endangerment, a misdemeanor. He hung his head and sighed after the judge told him he could face up to 30 years in prison if convicted of the most serious charge, attempted murder.

Jacques was taken to Pocono Medical Center for treatment. Police detained two other youths for questioning. They were in a car, trying to flee the scene, according to witnesses and police."

Related Story: Wal-Mart shopper says, 'It's not safe in East Stroudsburg any more.'

Pictured: Captured robber, and photo of officer pointing to which bush he and his men would hide behind while awaiting SWAT team backup.

" Mother of slain teen working for a safer community..."

"More than a year after a fatal shooting rocked the Evanston community, the mother of victim Darryl Shanon Pickett is working to keep her son's name alive and pushing for stricter laws aimed at controlling senseless gun violence.

"These kids are not thinking," said Bell-Pickett, who has brought her concerns to state lawmakers. "You know kids fight all the time, but nowadays these kids pick up guns because they got in a little fight. And under the Second Amendment they don't have to tell you where they got the gun from. They should have to tell you."

Ah, sorry about that, ma'am, but until you can convince the mothers who've raised such murderers not to raise any more murderers, you can work all you want for a safer community but it isn't going to happen. And while you're at it, take a quick glance at the Bill of Rights. Please do. Then maybe the next time you feel the urge to make a fool of yourself you'll at least know which Amendment to the Constitution it is that you want to complain about instead of the killers your neighborhood mothers churn out at a prodigious rate.

And since your town saw 163 motor vehicle thefts in 2006, you might want to consider expanding your efforts against crime to include a ban on cars in the city, just so poor kids aren't tempted beyond their ability to control themselves. The money from many a stolen car goes to buy guns, and if you curtail the financing you severely impact the ability to acquire firearms.

Burglaries were up over 40% from 2005, so it might also be a good idea to prohibit people from keeping such good stuff in their homes. And speaking of homes, only 13 were torched but thats the same as '05 so no need to ban matches just yet.

But keep that in mind.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin historic choice to be McCain's running mate

"If John McCain doesn't select a woman for HIS VP, he's dumber than I thought."

We said it last Sunday, and guess what...

McCain ISN'T as dumb as all that, so kudos to our Manchurian Candidate.

This of course takes so very much thunder away from the BO campaign as to be priceless. Obo didn't even bother to vette Rodham, but the liberal spin will be fast and furious, something along the lines that McCain is no longer Mr. Maverick, he just took the easy way out and selected a female when it was the politically expedient thing to do.

Bullshit. This is one smart and tough lady who is capable of making mincemeat of Joe Biden, or Obo himself for that matter since she has TONS more experience than he does in just about everything that really counts. Sorry, loony ones. The job of "senior neighborhood rabble rouser" just doesn't cut it in the big time.

Bye bye, BO. Don't let the voting booth hit you in the ass on the way out.

Seeing Is Believing...

Unless the media is trying to make a point...

FORT DODGE, Iowa — "An Iowa community college president resigned less than a week after a photo was published appearing to show him pouring beer into a young woman's mouth."

No, it does not, but lets continue...

"The photo, which was published Saturday in The Des Moines Register, shows Paxton with a group of young people on a boat. He is holding a small keg above a young woman's head. The Register said the photo was taken over the Fourth of July weekend at Lake Okoboji and sent to the paper unsolicited."

No again. The young lady is holding the keg with help from another woman. Dr. Paxton is reaching to hold closed her nostrils as she chugs, a common enough plea when one is trying to guzzle a prodigious amount of beer. The story is merely an example of how the Yellowstream Media can prevaricate right before our very eyes. I don't know Paxton from Adam, but he isn't holding the keg, nor pouring the beer. Not in this picture. My guess is he's either a Republican or someone the press doesn't like very much.

Mr. Peanut: "McCain Milking POW Time..."

"Former President Jimmy Carter said Thursday that John McCain is “milking every possible drop of advantage” from his time as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, USA Today reported Thursday.

Carter focused on McCain’s interview earlier this month with author and pastor Rick Warren at his parish, the Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif. McCain used every question, whether it was about religion, domestic or foreign affairs, to talk about his five-and-a-half years as a POW, Carter claimed."

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy. John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, told everyone within earshot of his daring self-inflicted wound exploits, and you and your comrades couldn't get enough of it. Senator McCain is a weebles-wobbler who can be all over the page depending upon to whom he is speaking, but one cannot milk five and a half years of degradation and torture. He deserves respect for his service, Jimmy. At least as much respect as those sandfleas you have such a man crush on.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

And McCain's VP IS...

Minnesota Governor Pawlenty...

At least thats what our secret operative at McCain headquarters is saying. Relaying the information via an unbreakable code, senior janitor (NAME DELETED FOR SECURITY PURPOSES: Editor) told Messenger that Pawlenty is definitely the pick.

Or at least I think thats what he said. My pig latin ain't what it used to be.


By now you know that secret operative and senior custodial engineer Harry Lime was as wrong as wrong can be, but in this instance I'm ecstatic.

Obo Speaks...

And as usual, says next to nothing...

The festivities began with the usual liberal ceremonial flag burning, then it was off to the races...

"...That's why I stand here tonight. Because for two hundred and thirty two years, at each moment when that promise was in jeopardy, ordinary men and women – students and soldiers, farmers and teachers, nurses and janitors -- found the courage to keep it alive.

We meet at one of those defining moments – a moment when our nation is at war, our economy is in turmoil, and the American promise has been threatened once more.

Tonight, more Americans are out of work and more are working harder for less. More of you have lost your homes and even more are watching your home values plummet. More of you have cars you can't afford to drive, credit card bills you can't afford to pay, and tuition that's beyond your reach."

Lies, distortion, the end of civilization as we know it, and all the doom thats fit to print, he ran the gamut of emotions from A to B. Click the headline link but don't think you'll see anything remotely new or interesting.

He took 2 weeks to write THIS?

George Will On Barack Obama...The New McGovern

"THE fact that Barack Obama lost nine of the final 14 primaries might have something to do with the fact that, when he descends from the ether to practicalities, he reprises liberalism's most shopworn nostrums.

Russia, a third-world nation with first-world missiles, is rampant; Iran is developing a missile inventory capable of delivering nuclear weapons, the development of which won't be halted by Obama's promised "aggressive personal diplomacy." Yet Obama has vowed to "cut investments in unproven missile-defense systems."

Steamboats, railroads, airplanes and vaccines were "unproven" until farsighted people made investments. Furthermore, as Reuel Marc Gerecht of the American Enterprise Institute notes, Democrats will eventually embrace missile defense in Europe because they "will have nowhere else to go short of pre-emptive strikes against Iran's nuclear facilities."

Obama, who might be the last person to learn that schools' cognitive outputs aren't simply functions of financial inputs, promises more money for teachers (who, as usual, are about 10 percent of the Democrats' convention delegates and alternates). He waxes indignant about approximately 150,000 jobs sent overseas each year - less than 1 percent of the number of jobs normally lost and gained in the creative destruction of America's dynamic economy.

US exports are fending off a recession while he complains about free trade. He deplores NAFTA, although since it was implemented in 1994 the US, Mexican and Canadian economies have grown 50 percent, 46 percent and 54 percent, respectively.

Recycling George McGovern's 1972 "Demogrant" notion, Obama promises a $1,000 check for every family, financed by a "windfall profits" tax on oil companies. He is unintimidated by the rule against legislating about subjects one can't define.

Obama thinks government is not getting a "reasonable share" of oil companies' profits, which in 2007 were, as a percentage of revenues (8.3 percent), below those of US manufacturing generally (8.9 percent). Exxon Mobil pays almost as much in corporate taxes to various governments as the bottom 50 percent of American earners pay in income taxes. Exxon Mobil does make $1,400 a second in profits - hear the sharp intakes of breath from liberals with pursed lips - but pays $4,000 a second in taxes and $15,000 a second in operating costs.

Obama's rhetorical extravagances are inversely proportional to his details, as when he promises "nothing less than a complete transformation of our economy" in order to "end the age of oil." The diminished enthusiasm of some voters hitherto receptive to his appeals might have something to do with the seepage of reality from his rhetoric.

Voters understand that neither the "transformation" nor the "end" will or should occur. His dreamy certitude that "alternative" fuels will quickly become real alternatives is an energy policy akin to an old vaudeville joke: "If we had some eggs, we could have ham and eggs . . . if we had some ham."

When he speaks tonight in a venue consecrated to the faux combat of football, the NATO alliance (which was 12 years old when he was born) may be collapsing because of its unwillingness to help enough in Afghanistan and its inability to respond seriously to Russia's combat in Georgia. It's unfair to neither NATO nor Obama to note that the alliance is practicing what he preaches: It's preaching to Vladimir Putin, who is unimpressed.

NATO, said Lord Ismay, speaking of Europe in 1949, was created to "keep the Americans in, the Germans down and the Russians out." That Germany's appeasement reflex is part of NATO's weakness is perhaps progress, of sorts.

Journalism often must be preoccupied with matters barely remembered a week later. But decades hence, historians will write about today's response to Russia by the West, perhaps in obituaries for the idea of "the West." If Obama doesn't speak to this crisis tonight, that will speak volumes."

Obama cannot and will not and SHOULD not talk about using aggression to combat a crisis, because the only thing liberals vow to destroy is the American way of life. Everything about America is sad, bad, and anyone would be quite mad to believe otherwise. To speak of standing up to dictators and rogue nations would not only frighten democrats but cause them to long even more for the good old days when Bill Clinton would harmlessly toss a missile into an empty tent whenever the talk about his felonies threatened to awaken Ma and Pa Kettle.

The same Bill Clinton who all but dismantled the American military and stood by doing nothing through attack after attack, now says that Obama is ready willing and able to support our much strained military.

So who in their right mind would believe such nonsense? Who has forgotten that it was the liberal gutting of our armed response that emboldened our enemies into thinking that America was now nothing but a paper tiger?

Ones believing themselves to be disadvantaged will vote for Obama and in droves. This is why he MUST continue to hammer home the daydream that wishing to make it all better WILL make it all better. Because, you see, the biggest reason that the Russians and the Iranians and the Koreans and the Californians despise America is because, well, America just doesn't understand them. And when empty rhetoric fails, as it is forever bound to do, the liberal response is that the talk itself was marvelous, but the listener just wasn't paying enough attention.

So lets talk some more.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


"The teenage vampire slayer is the reason an estimated 50,000 women a year are quitting the church, according to a study published yesterday in Britain.

"Because of its focus on female empowerment, young women are attracted by Wicca, popularized by the TV series 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'," the report's author, Dr Kristin Aune, a sociologist at the University of Derby, writes.

"In short, women are abandoning the church," she wrote.

Young women are attracted to the pagan religion Wicca because females play a central role in it, Dr. Aune found.

And it's been shows like "Buffy" that are responsible for introducing young people to Wicca."

Well hells bells. Somebody's gotta stop the vampires. If the major religions would just give a teensy bit of lip service to the blood suckers over them demons that need exorcising, maybe they'd get the gals back.

"Would-Be Obama Assasins Had Massive Arsenal!"

"Three "bigoted meth heads," armed with high-powered sniper weapons, were consumed by a seething hatred of Barack Obama, federal authorities said Tuesday.

Authorities recovered a terrifying arsenal that could have been used in a shocking attack: a Remington 270 sniper rife, a Ruger 22-250 sniper rifle, boxes of Remington and Winchester ammo, two-way radios, bulletproof vests, camouflage and wigs."

Funny. I checked both Ruger and Remington websites and found no mention of sniper rifles. Just hunting.

Ruger M77® Hawkeye®

The New Ruger M77® Hawkeye® rifles are the latest iteration of one of America's classic modern firearms. Placing special emphasis on features shooters want -- like the crisp LC6™ trigger and newly contoured and checkered stock -- Ruger Hawkeye rifles deliver a new level of performance and value. The Ruger M77 Hawkeye rifles are available in blued & walnut or synthetic & stainless configurations, and are chambered in a wide variety of popular cartridges, including the new .375 Ruger.
BEST FOR: Hunting.

Model 798™ Rifles. Proven on Safari. Made Affordable By Remington. Model 798™ Centerfire Rifles

You know of course that neither GINGER ADAMS OTIS in Denver nor TODD VENEZIA in NY, would have a clue as to what to call these TERRIFYING ARSENAL weapons. Wonder who it was that told them they were military sniper rifles? Most bolt-action rifles these days don't even come with iron sights, making scopes a necessity, so it couldn't have been that. Could it?

By the way, the rifles, the ammo, the scopes, the bullet-resistant vests, all perfectly legal in Colorado. Don't know about the wigs. They, in fact, could be terrifying.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

PMSNBC Poll On Guns In Schools

Live Vote
Should teachers be allowed to carry guns at school? * 21998 responses
Yes. Any teacher should be allowed to decide if he/she needs to carry a gun.
Yes, but only in the country's most dangerous school districts.
No. Guns have no place in schools.
Not a scientific survey. Click to learn more. Results may not total 100% due to rounding.

Click the headline link to vote

What Do You Call 600 Ilegal Workers Getting Busted In Mississippi?

A Good Start

LAUREL, Miss. — "The largest single-workplace immigration raid in U.S. history has caused panic among Hispanic families in this small southern Mississippi town, where federal agents rounded up nearly 600 plant workers suspected of being in the country illegally.

One worker caught in Monday's sweep at the Howard Industries transformer plant said fellow workers applauded as immigrants were taken into custody. Federal officials said a tip from a union member prompted them to start investigating several years ago.

Fabiola Pena, 21, cradled her 2-year-old daughter as she described a chaotic scene at the plant as the raid began, followed by clapping.

"I was crying the whole time. I didn't know what to do," Pena said. "We didn't know what was happening because everyone started running. Some people thought it was a bomb but then we figured out it was immigration."

About 100 of the 595 detained workers were released for humanitarian reasons, many of them mothers who were fitted with electronic monitoring bracelets and allowed to go home to their children, officials said.

About 475 other workers were transferred to a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility in Jena, La. Nine who were under 18 were transferred to the custody of the Office of Refugee Resettlement."

It's a shame that you actually had to wonder what was going on, Fabiola. Seeing as how you're in the country ILLEGALLY and all. Bigger shame that you could actually work here with impunity and not give it a second thought until they actually came to get you. Maybe, just maybe, other traitorous American companies will stop using your kind and get back to hiring Americans in America.

Let The Joe Biden Stoning Begin In Earnest

September 22, 1987...NY TIMES

"LEAD: Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. issued a formal statement today acknowledging that he had misstated several facts about his past last April in a campaign appearance in New Hampshire.

Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. issued a formal statement today acknowledging that he had misstated several facts about his past last April in a campaign appearance in New Hampshire.

But the Delaware Democrat insisted today, as he had Sunday night in an interview with The New York Times, that some of the disputed statements were true and that his misstatements were the product of a faulty memory and the fact that he lost his temper.

Mr. Biden, whose Presidential campaign has been shaken by news reports about his unattributed use of speeches from other politicians and a plagiarism incident while he was in law school, said in The Times interview that he was ''frustrated'' and ''angry as hell'' over the reports.

Mr. Biden was going through his political agony even as he presided over hearings tonight on the confirmation of Judge Robert H. Bork to the Supreme Court. Exhausted top aides found their attention constantly torn between the crucial hearings and their principal's political future. Intends to Stay in Race

Late tonight, for example, Mr. Biden called a meeting of his senior staff to discuss the effects of the recent developments on his campaign. But senior aides said they did not know if it would even take place as the Bork hearings dragged into the night. Although a high-level aide denied that Mr. Biden was contemplating withdrawing from the race, several Washington politicians here said they believed he was considering this possibility.

On Sunday night, Mr. Biden said emphatically that he intended to remain a candidate for the Democratic Presidential nomination. ''I think if I can get by the next week, I can pull out of this if I can just get my story across,'' he said.

Most of Mr. Biden's statement was in response to a report in this week's issue of Newsweek magazine on a tape recording made by the C-SPAN network of an appearance by Mr. Biden at a home in Claremont, N.H., on April 3. It was a typical coffee-klatch style appearance before a small group. The network regularly records and broadcasts such events as part of its coverage of the Presidential campaign.

The tape, which was made available by C-SPAN in response to a reporter's request, showed a testy exchange in response to a question about his law school record from a man identified only as ''Frank.'' Mr. Biden looked at his questioner and said: ''I think I have a much higher I.Q. than you do.''

He then went on to say that he ''went to law school on a full academic scholarship - the only one in my class to have a full academic scholarship,'' Mr. Biden said. He also said that he ''ended up in the top half'' of his class and won a prize in an international moot court competition. In college, Mr. Biden said in the appearance, he was ''the outstanding student in the political science department'' and ''graduated with three degrees from college.'' Comments on Assertions

In his statement today, Mr. Biden, who attended the Syracuse College of Law and graduated 76th in a class of 85, acknowledged: ''I did not graduate in the top half of my class at law school and my recollection of this was inacurate (sic).''

As for receiving three degrees, Mr. Biden said: ''I graduated from the University of Delaware with a double major in history and political science. My reference to degrees at the Claremont event was intended to refer to these majors - I said 'three' and should have said 'two.' '' Mr. Biden received a single B.A. in history and political science.

''With regard to my being the outstanding student in the political science department,'' the statement went on. ''My name was put up for that award by David Ingersoll, who is still at the University of Delaware.''

In the Sunday interview, Mr. Biden said of his claim that he went to school on full academic scholarship: ''My recollection is - and I'd have to confirm this - but I don't recall paying any money to go to law school.'' Newsweek said Mr. Biden had gone to Syracuse ''on half scholarship based on financial need.'' Says He Also Received Grant

In his statement today, Mr. Biden did not directly dispute this, but said he received a scholarship from the Syracuse University College of Law ''based in part on academics'' as well as a grant from the Higher Education Scholarship Fund of the state of Delaware. He said the law school ''arranged for my first year's room and board by placing me as an assitant (sic) resident adviser in the undergraduate school.''

As for the moot court competition, Mr. Biden said he had won such a competition, with a partner, in Kingston, Ontario, on Dec. 12, 1967.

Mr. Biden acknowledged that in the testy exchange in New Hampshire, he had lost his temper. ''I exaggerate when I'm angry,'' Mr. Biden said."

Translation: Since I'm not all that hot as a debater I flat out lie to make a point.

Monday, August 25, 2008

If August Is Waning...Then IT MUST Be Time For...

College Felonball

Miami suspends 7 players for season opener

Mexican Cartels Give OK to Hit U.S. Targets

EL PASO, Texas — "Security is being heightened along the southern U.S. border because of a threat that warring Mexican cartels may send hit men into the United States, authorities said Monday.

Law enforcement officials would not discuss specific security measures being taken at the ports of entry, along the border or in the city of El Paso, Texas.

"We received credible information that drug cartels in Mexico have given permission to hit targets on the U.S. side of the border," El Paso police spokesman Officer Chris Mears said.

Authorities learned of the threat last week.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Chief Officer Rick Lopez said: "CBP is on heightened alert ever since we became aware of the threats in Mexico."

U.S. Border Patrol spokesman Doug Mosier said officials "are reinforcing the importance of vigilance."

So okay then. Lots of 'em resemble the guy in the pic, and that means it'll be super-dee-duper difficult for our members of law enforcement, so keep an eye out. Or two.


Speaking of which, I hadn't noticed that along with being racist and elitist and America-hating, she's cross eyed too.

I've included a link to the story, but its nothing more than an sloppy old AP blowjob to Obo so don't bother unless getting riled is what you feel like doing.

One Last Look At The Olympics...Promise

It's just that the beach volleyball gals celebrating a win is so very heartwarming.

At Height Of Storm, City Crews Sandbag Congresswoman's Home

"Some are questioning whether a top city leader showed favoritism when he ordered crews to help a "single woman" cope during the storm. That single woman was U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown, D- Jacksonville.

During the height of Tropical Storm Fay, when many Jacksonville residents were trying to keep rising water out of their homes or dealing with fallen trees and power lines, the city sent a public works crew to put sandbags around the Brown's home along the Trout River.

Brown denied getting special treatment, telling Channel 4 that she's like any other citizen who had an emergency. She said that when her roof caved in and water flooded her home, she called the city for help.

"I had to call and call and call, just like anybody else," Brown told Channel 4's Diane Cho. "I had to call several times before I got anybody.

"Neighbor Joe Deloach lives one door down from Brown and he too has rising waters flooding the foundation of his home. He said when he saw the city with prisoners sandbagging the congresswoman's home, he naturally asked for the same help but didn't get the same response.

"I'm glad she got help to save her house. I'm not mad at that. I'm upset that the same people wouldn't help me and they denied it was going on," Deloach said. "I had prisoners laughing at me when I approached them about it. They knew what was going on. It was hilarious to them."

A democrat calling for a freebie and someone thinks this is unusual?

It is a virtual certainty that she feels entitled. And telling her "No Way" would have opened a can of worms that few would want to deal with.

That's why they don't let us make these decisions.


For when you simply just gotta kill you some gello blocks

"Guns don't belong in school, period"

"There is absolutely no reason for anyone other than police officers or security officials to have guns. Allowing the average citizen to carry a weapon into a school only increases the potential for tragedy. Miscommunication could lead to disaster. A teacher may interpret a student's body language to be threatening or vice versa and then chaos ensues."

Now here's a perfectly good example of the difference between free men and those who've grown accustomed to, no, who gladly bear the yoke.

Free men believe that any place a cop can be armed, THEY can be armed, too.

Gee, Joe...Was That Plagerized Too?

"I’m the guy who originally wrote the assault weapons ban"

Senator Joseph Biden

Sunday, August 24, 2008

.40-Caliber Glock Used in Slaying of Oklahoma Girls

Lots of folks have been blogging about this particular story, as it is a good example of what happens when the Yellowstream Media teams up with cops gone wild.

It was a .40-caliber Glock.

"In their latest effort to solve a double-murder that thus far has neither motive nor suspects, Oklahoma police have revealed the make of one of the weapons used to kill two young girls on a country road nearly 10 weeks ago.

Police say two guns were used to kill 13-year-old Taylor Paschal-Placker and 11-year-old Skyla Jade Whitaker as they took an afternoon walk down County Line Road in Okfuskee County on June 8. It's a "brutal and deliberate" crime that has stymied investigators in this rural area 70 miles south of Tulsa.

"Since we don't have a motive, we just can't look in one direction for a certain person," Jessica Brown, spokeswoman for the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, told "It's wide open."

In a state that doesn't require gun registration, officials have had to canvas local pawn shops to check sales records for Glocks. They compiled a list of 60 gun owners and tested the weapons of about 40 last weekend. But they still need to test more."

For the record, most states don't require gun registration, but you'd hardly know it given Miz Sara Bonisteel of Fox News' propensity to fudge in order to agree with the cops and their desire to disarm us.

"Here's the only way it's going to help us probably, if someone just bought a gun or they loaned it to someone recently right before the homicides and got it back," Brown said.

Officials said they were checking up with the remaining 20 gun owners to see why they chose not to have their weapons tested. "We just want people to cooperate so we can find this weapon, and then the person who had it in his hand," Brown said."

Gangbanger(s) did a drive-by, and so the police want, of course, for the innocent to disregard their rights and give them something to do while they await a confession. Make-work, while hoping to stumble upon the facts.

They're probably thinking it was a GLOCK from the striker indentation on the brass...if they found any...or the polygonal rifling on the retrieved rounds. Hard enough to tell a .40 from a .357 SIG or even a big .38 Special round, regardless of what the crime shows would have you believe. STILL doesn't mean it was from a GLOCK, but since GLOCK makes 5 different .40 caliber semi-automatics they could narrow it down by...


Travesty #1 was when the animal did cold blooded murder. #2 is these Keystoner's fumbling around in the dark, and why confuse them even more.

China Takes The Gold

Last I checked, we'd won more overall medals, but the chinamen and chinawomen won 7 or 8 more gold.


Basically, their tumblers and divers were hard to beat. Difficult for people from developed countries, particularly those over the age of 15, to compete in games...not sports, tumbling and jumping into the water aren't sports...against pre-pubescent children. Games and sports where the contestants actually physically meet one another is where we, and for that matter most of the first-world countries, shine. At least at the world-class level. Had our girl and boy acrobats not spit the bit, then who knows.

We might have stolen all of china's thunder. Not that I watched much of the Olympics. It's pretty much turned into a for-women-only viewing event. Would have liked to have seen the Sumo Wrestlers though.

Trooper Ran Background Check on Reporter

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — "A Nashville newspaper reporter was on a list of people believed to have been the subjects of unauthorized background checks performed by a Tennessee Highway Patrol officer.

The reporter, Brad Schrade, covers the highway patrol for the Tennessean. Schrade says he received a call Saturday morning from a highway patrol investigator who said Lt. Ronnie Shirley had accessed Schrade's background information.

The Tennessean reports that the agent who contacted the reporter is one of a team of officers who are calling people on the list about unauthorized checks.

Tennessean Editor Mark Silverman questioned whether Shirley's actions were condoned by his supervisors.

Schrade reported on the internal investigation on Aug. 12. Shirley has been placed on administrative leave."

I go through spurts in posting on cops gone bad. Tough to flit from hither to yon, then back again when hither is feeling lonesome. As long as lonesome doesn't mind, it isn't a problem, but thats not important now. Fact of the matter is, you could run a dozen blogs like David Codrea's War on Guns and still not begin to scratch the surface of peace officer malfeasance. I've said time and again that you can win all you want in the courts but if the cops remain an entity unto themselves it won't matter. They've far too much authority, and have given new meaning to total power corrupting totally. Even Conservative minded judges fall for the whining and moaning and incessant over-all bitching from law enforcement, and at the end of the day believe them to be a necessary evil.

And make no mistake, that's what modern police departments have become. An evil we're forced to live with. For the time being.

Flashback: Joe Biden On Barack Obama...

"I think he can be ready but right now, I don't believe he is. The presidency is not something that lends itself to on-the-job training."

If John McCain doesn't select a woman for HIS VP, he's dumber than I thought.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Shattering The Myth Of The Criminal That Can't Shoot Straight

"New findings on how offenders train with, carry and deploy the weapons they use to attack police officers have emerged in a just-published, 5-year study by the FBI.

Among other things, the data reveal that most would-be cop killers:

--show signs of being armed that officers miss;

--have more experience using deadly force in "street combat" than their intended victims;

--practice with firearms more often and shoot more accurately;

Nearly 40% of the offenders had some type of formal firearms training, primarily from the military. More than 80% "regularly practiced with handguns, averaging 23 practice sessions a year," the study reports, usually in informal settings like trash dumps, rural woods, back yards and "street corners in known drug-trafficking areas."

One spoke of being motivated to improve his gun skills by his belief that officers "go to the range two, three times a week [and] practice arms so they can hit anything."

In reality, victim officers in the study averaged just 14 hours of sidearm training and 2.5 qualifications per year. Only 6 of the 50 officers reported practicing regularly with handguns apart from what their department required, and that was mostly in competitive shooting. Overall, the offenders practiced more often than the officers they assaulted, and this "may have helped increase [their] marksmanship skills," the study says.

The offender quoted above about his practice motivation, for example, fired 12 rounds at an officer, striking him 3 times. The officer fired 7 rounds, all misses.

More than 40% of the offenders had been involved in actual shooting confrontations before they feloniously assaulted an officer. Ten of these "street combat veterans," all from "inner-city, drug-trafficking environments," had taken part in 5 or more "criminal firefight experiences" in their lifetime."

THIS is why the cops want full rock and roll, among other things. The idea that they are being out-gunned, however, is ludicrous. They are confronted, as the study shows, by those who are simply better than they are and since becoming a better shot seems to be out of the question, it's spray & pray then hope for the best.

Read it all here.

Officer charged with raping woman while on duty

INDIANAPOLIS - "An Indianapolis police officer has been charged with rape, criminal deviate conduct and other crimes.

Thirty-six-year-old Anthony S. Smith was suspended amid allegations that he sexually assaulted a 19-year-old woman while on duty early Friday morning. He was in police custody Thursday night.

A probable cause affidavit shows that Smith stopped the woman at a gas station and told her she was wanted on a warrant in a misdemeanor case. The woman says Smith threatened to put her in jail unless she had sex with him."

One of these days someone's going to assemble a database of police malfeasance, and it simply can't come too soon. Even if just to prove to the unbelievers that the majority of cops are bad apples, that the job has changed so much as to virtually guarantee a certain level of corruption.

Florida neighborhood preparing to take up arms in crime-plagued area and become a "locked and loaded" community...

Hollywood - "Leaders of a crime-plagued neighborhood near downtown are tired of talk and task forces. Instead, they're taking up arms and preparing to become a "lock and loaded" community.

Members of the Royal Poinciana Civic Association say they want to start working with a Texas-based gun-rights organization and a local weapons-training academy to verse residents on gun laws and self-protection.

"It is unfortunate, but it really has come down to this," said the association's president, Jack David, whose neighborhood is surrounded by cheap motels, slum apartment buildings and a large cluster of social service agencies.

A number of residents have already signed up for courses at the 911 Store in Hollywood, a weapons shop and training center. The group has also been in contact with the Texas-based Second Amendment Sisters to teach them about gun laws, said David.

Police Chief Chad Wagner, a task force member, said the neighborhood has the right to arm itself, but he's concerned about creating a dangerous situation.

"I am strong advocate of the Second Amendment, but you can go from being a victim to someone being prosecuted very easily," he said. "My fear is that someone is going to get into trouble, or hurt."

Strong advocates of the 2nd Amendment don't try to instill fear in innocent people by drumming it into their heads that "someone is going to get...hurt."

Damned straight someone is going to get hurt. That's the whole point. The police and politicians don't have the will to take back towns like Hollywood, Florida, and since they won't, the citizens will. Yet another nice little town turned to hell by the minorities that leech off of the liberal teat, and wouldn't it be nice if the cops pitched in to help train the citizens in stead of tsk-tsking that all thats going to happen is people are going to get themselves into trouble.

But hells bells, people, you don't need them. Chances are once you familiarize yourself and get some practice time in, you'll be a helluva lot better with a firearm than most of the beat cops, and as long as you learn the laws and keep a cool head, well, this isn't rocket science. Florida law says that you can use lethal force to protect yourself, your family, friends, and property. You can even stop a felony in progress if you so desire, and if you do happen to drop some scumdog neither he or his family can sue you in civil court. There are LESS restrictions on your use of guns than those the police must abide by, and thats a good thing.

Hillary Never On The List

The Politico is running the following headline:

Hillary gets stiffed

If so, it'd be the first time in over 29 years, as Chelsea turned 28 in February.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Obama Selects Biden As VP

"The United States Secret Service has dispatched a protective detail to assume the immediate protection of Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del., a source tells ABC News, indicating in all likelihood that Biden has been officially notified that Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, has selected him to be his running mate.

Sources also tell ABC News that two others said to be finalists for the position of Obama's running mate -- Sen. Evan Bayh, D-Ind., and Virginia Gov Tim Kaine -- have been told they have not been selected for the vice presidential slot.

Kaine flew to Denver earlier today, is in Denver tonight and has no plans to leave in the next 24 hours. Bayh is at his Washington, DC, home with his family.

Biden was last seen minutes ago at his Wilmington estate where his extended brood is gathering.

The Obama campaign would not comment, but Obama mentioned Biden twice in speeches on the trail this week, both times heralding his legislative leadersip in East Asia."

I last saw Joe Biden flying commercial during the 2007 Memorial Day weekend. Don't like the man but shook his hand and thanked him for serving the country. He had such tiny, slender hands.

I suppose that his referring to Obama as a "Clean black man " had everything to do with his selection as Obo's running mate. Certainly couldn't have been those little hands.

Time For: You Can't Take It With You

Disgraceful Gun Control Laws...Volume 762,493

Procedure for Proper Disposal of Handguns Belonging to Deceased NEW YORK State Pistol License Holder:

In accordance with Sections 400.05 and 265.20 of the New York State Penal Law, Executors, Administrators, or any other person(s) who have lawful possession of property, specifically handgun(s) that belonged to a New York State Pistol License holder who has died, must dispose of the handgun(s) within fifteen (15) days of the death of the pistol license holder.

The handgun(s) can be disposed of to a licensed firearms dealer or to another pistol license holder. Because there are specific procedures that must be followed in these types of disposal, please contact the Pistol License Unit at (315) 435-2037, Monday through Friday, between 8:30 am and 3:00 pm.

If the handgun(s) are not disposed of within the fifteen day period, the handgun(s) must be turned into a law enforcement agency, who will hold the handgun(s) for safekeeping until proper disposal can be arranged or authorization is given for destruction. The handgun(s) can only be held for a period of two years, at which time they are declared a nuisance and destroyed in accordance with New York State Penal Law.

So remember; if you plan on dying in NY do your family a favor and sell the gun to a friend before THEY* come to take and destroy it.

plural pronoun, possessive their or theirs ...In other words, the very same police officers who swore to uphold the Constitution, but turned traitor.

NYPD Not So Blue

"The starting salary for new cops will jump from approximately $36,000 to $42,000.

The department suffered a recruiting crisis after starting pay was slashed to $25,100 in 2005. It was raised to $36,000 in May.

The pact brings a 51/2-year veteran cop's pay up to $76,488, compared to the present $65,382.

The pay spikes to approximately $91,823 when longevity boosts, holiday pay and night-shift differentials are added in, the city said.

"The contract provides stability to a key labor force in our city," Bloomberg said.

PBA President Patrick Lynch called the first negotiated deal in almost 15 years a "historic pact."

He added that the contract will move city cops' salaries closer to what officers in neighboring suburbs are receiving.

"I've never been shy to stand on the steps of City Hall . . . and say when something is wrong," he told reporters. "Well, I'm equally not shy to stand inside City Hall and say something is right."

The average cop can expect to receive $8,000 in retroactive pay, according to the city.

The total cost of the agreement is $470 million.

The agreement restores vacation days for new hires - and gives cops back the day they use to qualify at the shooting range.

The proposed contract includes minor concessions from the PBA.

Cops performing investigative duties - known as "white shield detectives" - will have to work additional tours.

The PBA also agreed to drop six pending lawsuits against the city, including one filed by cops over restricting where they could protest during the 2004 Republican National Convention.

Cops on the beat were happy about the raises.

"God, finally something decent," one officer said. Another added, "We are New York's Finest - we deserve it."

Whoops. Look for one helluva spike in cops gone bad. They're feeling special again and we know what that portends.

Since Wall Street is taking a beating, NYC revenues, hell the entire states, is in the toilet. And at a time when the Governor is asking for everyone to shoulder the burden the FINEST demur and instead get nearly half a billion tossed their way.

Way to go fella's and gal's.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Guns In School...

IOC Investigating Gymnastic Tiny-Tot-Chinawomen

"The International Olympic Committee has launched an investigation into allegations that Chinese authorities covered up the true age of gold-medal gymnastics star He Kexin because she is too young to compete, the London Times reports.

An IOC official told The Times that "discrepancies" that have come to light about the age of He Kexin — the host nation’s darling, who won gold in both team and individual events — have prompted an inquiry that could result in the gymnast being stripped of her medals."

I am SHOCKED. More so than John Kerry (who served in Vietnam) EVER was. You could knock me over with a Genghis (Pronounced Gen-Ghis) Khan.

And NO. I will not stoop so low as to suggest that she could be blindfolded with dental floss. Nope.

Ann Coulter: Fun With Obama

"This week, Barack Obama's challenge is to select a running mate who's young, hip, and whose accomplishments in life don't overshadow Obama's. Allow me to suggest Kevin Federline.

The only thing we can be sure of is that Obama will choose someone who is the polar opposite of all his advisers until now. In other words, it will be a very, very white male who was probably proud of his country even before being chosen as Obama's running mate.

Obama's got a lot of ground to make up following that performance last weekend at the Saddleback presidential forum with pastor Rick Warren.

After seeing Obama defend infanticide with the glib excuse that the question of when life begins is above his "pay-grade," Rev. Jeremiah Wright announced that although he's known Obama for 30 years, he only recently became aware of how extreme the senator's viewpoints were. Wright, after all, has his reputation to consider.

Network heads responded by dashing off an urgent memo: During the main presidential debates this fall, ask NO questions about abortion, ethics or evil! Morality isn't the Democrats' forte.

Obama's defenders spin his abominable performance in the Saddleback forum by saying he's just too smart to give a straight answer. As Rick Warren charitably described Obama's debate performance: "He likes to nuance things ... He's a constitutional attorney." The constitutional lawyer "does nuance," as Bill Maher said on "Larry King Live," "and you saw how well that goes over with the Rick Warren people."

If that's Obama's excuse, he ought to know a few basics about the Constitution.

Did the big constitutional lawyer whose "nuance" is too sophisticated for Rick Warren's audience see the letter his wife sent out on his behalf in 2004? Michelle Obama denounced a federal law banning partial-birth abortion, writing that "this ban on a legitimate medical procedure is clearly unconstitutional." Clearly!

The Supreme Court later found the law not "unconstitutional," but "constitutional" -- which I believe may have been the precise moment when Michelle Obama realized just how ashamed she had always been of her country.

But most stunningly, when Warren asked Obama if he supported a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman, Obama said he did not "because historically -- because historically, we have not defined marriage in our Constitution."

I don't care if you support a marriage amendment or not. That answer is literally the stupidest thing I've ever heard anyone say. If marriage were already defined in the Constitution, we wouldn't need an amendment, no?

Say, you know what else was "historically" not defined in the Constitution? Slavery. The words "slavery" and "slave" do not appear once in the original Constitution. The framers correctly thought it would sully the freedom-enshrining document to acknowledge the repellent practice. (Much like abortion!)

But in 1865, the 13th Amendment banned slavery throughout the land, in the first constitutional phrase ever to mention "slavery": "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction."

On Obama's "historical" argument, they shouldn't have passed the 13th Amendment because the Constitution "historically" had not mentioned slavery.

Do we know for a fact Barack Obama has read the Constitution? Obama's Facebook profile: "I'm pro-infanticide, I love sunsets, and I don't get the 13th Amendment!"

This is the guy who thinks he can condescend to Clarence Thomas? Asked at the Saddleback forum which Supreme Court justice Obama would not have nominated, Obama said ... the black one!

In Obama's defense, he said he thought Thomas wasn't experienced enough "at the time." So I guess Obama thinks Thomas should have to "wait his turn."

By contrast, Obama has experience pouring out of those big ears of his. Asked last year by Robin Roberts on ABC's "Good Morning America" about his lack of experience in foreign policy, Obama took umbrage.

Swelling up his puny little chest, Obama said: "Well, actually, my experience in foreign policy is probably more diverse than most others in the field. I'm somebody who has actually lived overseas, somebody who has studied overseas. I majored in international relations."

He actually cited his undergraduate major as a qualification to be president.

But on Saturday night, Obama said he didn't think Clarence Thomas was a "strong enough jurist or legal thinker" to be put on the Supreme Court.

I bet Thomas has heard of the 13th Amendment!"

After listening for months to the likes of talk radio's Laura Ingraham telling us how "" Barack Obama is, its good to see more and more taking the hint of what Bloggers knew from the get-go.

The guy is an empty suit. His wife is an empty dress. As opposed to Hillary Clinton, who was an empty pantsuit, and her husband who is just empty.

Double-Tap Introduces Its Version Of The .40 Super

"A perfect match for someone needing a high speed low
penetrating loading for home defense or CCW."

Caliber : 40 Super

Bullet : 135gr. Nosler Jacketed Hollow Point.

Ballistics : 1755fps / 923 ft.lbs. - Glock 21 6" barrel
1685fps / 841 ft lbs 1911 5" barrel.

But as we are told time and again (usually by those who've never fired any gun in anger, no less), handguns are puny things that shouldn't be taken all that seriously, so your mileage may vary.

Brazenly Purloined From Hammer

2 more IMPD officers face discipline

"Two more Indianapolis police officers are in trouble after internal investigations, police said Wednesday.

Officer Christopher Poindexter, 34, was arrested Aug. 14 after, police say, he filed a false report to cover up an accident in which his fiancee sideswiped a vehicle while driving his department-issued cruiser.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Chief Michael Spears also suspended and is seeking to fire 10-year veteran James Ingalls amid allegations that Ingalls had sex with a prostitute while on duty.

The latest actions come two days after the suspension of an Indianapolis police officer for policy violations and weeks after a series of criminal misconduct allegations involving seven IMPD officers since April.

That makes 10 officers either arrested, jailed or under investigation in the past four months, prompting some local leaders and activists to call for greater scrutiny within the department."

I'm in agreement with David at The War on Guns from whence I derived the link to this tale of woe. Having been associated with entities far larger than the Indy Metro PD, its totally unheard of for TEN, count 'em, TEN, employees of ANY company to be connected to criminal activity, and in four months, no less.

It begs the question as to precisely how many cops are dirty at any given point in time. Shame the Feds don't have the stats on this, or maybe they do but it escaped my notice. Regardless, this isn't just the obligatory reference to "a few bad apples", on the contrary. If TEN were caught, you can bet even more were dirty, and thats an epidemic.

Jughead On TIME Cover For 7th Time This Year...

Don't think they've taken sides, do you?

Fickle Fay Floods Florida


Just South of us they've had over 30 inches of rain today, courtesy of Tropical Storm Fay Raye. We, on the other hand, are far better off with only a mere 20 inches plus.

It rained straight through July, with the Fits All-Purpose Rain Gauge And Astrological Projections Thingamajig showing 34 inches for last month. August has been less wet, by half, but no matter how much precipitation we endure, they...and by they the politicians and weather sissies, will be caterwauling DROUGHT to all comers. Fact of the matter is it can be coming down cats and dogs on one block and the next street over will be posting UV danger warnings. Fine fodder for the doomers and gloomers to cherrypick whichever end of life as we know it scenario they want.

Anyways, should I disappear for a time it most certainly be caused by one or two things.

The spiderweb that passes for power lines in these parts has given up the ghost, or, the Smyrna Undocumented Militia will have made good on their promise of invading Hogtown to steal our colors and I went down defending the ship.

America Says "Drill"..."But No, Not Ever," Says Nancy The Commie Shill

"With the president having lifted the executive ban, all that stands between the American people and the estimated 89 billion barrels of oil is Congress' ban. If my fellow lawmakers would put the interest of the American people ahead of an outdated, extremist environmentalist agenda, they'd let that ban expire.

And if Congress wants to make a real difference for struggling families, it would fast-track the permitting process to reduce the average $3 billion and seven years it now takes to get an offshore platform into full commercial production.

I recently toured Northern Alaska and the Artic National Wildlife Refuge, which holds another real answer to our energy woes. The area set aside for drilling by President Jimmy Carter (but kept off-limits by Congress) is all flat arctic tundra, with absolutely no trees or mountains. It's also tiny, just 2,000 acres in ANWR's 19.6 million acres - a postage stamp sitting on a football field. Drilling threatens nothing except extremist ideology.

The Energy Information Administration estimates ANWR holds more than 10 billion barrels of recoverable oil, ready and waiting for us to retrieve. Opening it for production would create 750,000 American jobs, the EIA says - a great jumpstart for the US economy.

The Republican plan includes all of the above. If Speaker Pelosi would allow a vote on such common-sense energy legislation, American families would receive the relief they deserve."

Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) is a member of the US House of Representatives.

Ask a liberal, most any one will do, as to why we aren't drilling in ANWR and the response will be nothing more than a litany of stale old democrat talking points that are, to say the least, disingenuous.

The section in question already HAS roads leading to and from, is nothing more than a frozen dessert in the winter and a muddy one come spring and summer. Wildcat roughnecks could begin drilling with very little notice, erecting their relatively diminutive and easily transported rigs in mere weeks. Just the knowledge that this is happening sends crude oil prices spiraling downwards, and here's where the truth, the REAL truth sinks in.

Liberals do not WANT you driving at your leisure. Personal freedoms are anathema to their cause. They want you to eat what they tell you to eat, hand over your guns, send your kids to diploma mills, and stay close to home in order to continue supporting socialist representatives.

Its all in the communist How-To books. And far too many of us have fallen for such bullshit.

A Jewel Of A School

by George Will

"SEATED at a solitary desk in the hall outside a classroom, the slender 13-year-old boy earnestly does remedial algebra, assisted by a paid tutor. She, too, is 13. Both wear the uniform - white polo shirt, khaki slacks - of a school that has not yet admitted the boy. It will, because he refuses to go away.

The son of Indian immigrants from Mexico, the boy decided he is going to be a doctor, heard about the American Indian Public Charter School here and started showing up. Ben Chavis, AIPCS' benevolent dictator, told the boy that although he was doing well at school, he was not up to the rigors of AIPCS. So the boy asked, what must I do?

Telling young people what they must do is what Chavis does. A Lumbee Indian from North Carolina, he earned a Ph.D., got rich in real estate ("I wanted to buy back America and lease it to the whites") and decided to fix the world, beginning with AIPCS.

Founded in 1996, it swiftly became a multiculturalists' playground where much was tolerated and little was learned. Chavis arrived in 2000 to reverse that. Charter schools are not unionized, so he could trim the dead wood, which included all but one staff member.

In his book "Sweating the Small Stuff: Inner-City Schools and the New Paternalism," David Whitman reports that in Chicago, from 2003 through 2006, just three of every 1,000 teachers received an "unsatisfactory" rating in annual evaluations. In 87 "failing schools" (with below-average and declining test scores), 69 had no teachers rated unsatisfactory. In all of Chicago, just nine teachers received more than one unsatisfactory rating and none of them was dismissed. Chavis' teachers come from places such as Harvard, Dartmouth, Oberlin, Columbia, Brown and Wesleyan.

AIPCS is one of six highly prescriptive schools Whitman studied, where "noncognitive skills" - responsible behaviors such as self-discipline and cooperativeness - are part of the cultural capital the curriculum delivers. Many inner-city schools feature a monotonous chaos of disruption. AIPCS - Oakland's highest-performing middle school - stresses obligation, not self-expression. Chavis, now "administrator emeritus," is adamant: "Everyone says we should 'preserve our culture.' There is a lot of our culture we should wipe out."

A visitor to an AIPCS classroom notices that the children don't notice visitors. Students are taught to sit properly and keep their eyes on the teacher. No makeup, no jewelry, no electronic devices. AIPCS' 200 pupils take just 20 minutes for lunch and are with the same teacher in the same classroom all day. Rotating would consume at least 10 minutes, seven times a day. Seventy minutes a day in AIPCS' extra-long 196-day school year would be a lot of lost instruction. The school doesn't close for Columbus Day, Martin Luther King Day or Cesar Chavez Day.

Every student takes four pre-AP (advanced placement) classes. There are three weeks of summer math instruction, three hours of homework a night. Seventh-graders take the SAT. College is assumed.

Paternalism is the restriction of freedom for the good of the person restricted. AIPCS acts in loco parentis because Chavis, who is cool toward parental involvement, wants a school culture that combats the culture of poverty and the streets.

He and other practitioners of the new paternalism - once upon a time, schooling was understood as democracy's permissible, indeed obligatory, paternalism - are proving that cultural pessimists are mistaken: We know how to close the achievement gap that often separates minorities from whites before kindergarten and widens through high school. A growing cohort of people possess the pedagogic skills to make "no excuses" schools flourish.

Unfortunately, powerful factions oppose the flourishing. Among them are education schools with their romantic progressivism - teachers should be mere "enablers" of group learning; self-esteem is a prerequisite for accomplishment, not a consequence thereof. Other opponents are the teachers' unions and their handmaiden, the Democratic Party. Today's liberals favor paternalism - you can't eat trans fats; you must buy health insurance - for everyone except children. Odd."

The only thing liberals find interesting about children, is the fact that there's tons of money to be made in training them to be underachieving and dumb. Public schools throughout the country do their level best to create as many wards of the state as is possible, guaranteeing the liberal cause, ad infinitum. How else does one explain the difference between achieving minorities versus the ones destined to be murdered or sent to live in prisons for most of their life.

Shots Fired!!

LAWRENCE, Kan. (AP) - "Markieff Morris, an incoming freshman basketball player at Kansas, is facing a battery charge after allegedly firing a BB gun from his dorm window.

The 18-year-old, a member of coach Bill Self's 2008 recruiting class along with his twin brother, Marcus, has been ordered to appear Sept. 10 in Lawrence Municipal Court, the Lawrence Journal-World reported Wednesday on its Web site.

Campus police said shots were fired about 11:15 p.m. Saturday from a room in the Jayhawker Towers. A 47-year-old Wisconsin woman was in the dorm's courtyard about the same time and reported being shot in the arm with a plastic BB. The woman suffered minor injuries, according to the newspaper.

Morris is also suspected of using alcohol during the incident.

Officers seized a 3-foot-long black Airsoft rifle and a medium-sized plastic bag of BBs.

"We take this matter very seriously," Self told the Journal-World on Wednesday. "Poor judgment was used by bringing an Airsoft gun, (one) that can be purchased at Wal-Mart, on campus that can shoot plastic BBs."

Ya see, this is how they assure job security. An airsoft fun isn't a BB-gun. BB's are copper, copper clad, little METAL projectiles, and referring to someone using an AIRSOFT toy as "shots were fired" is beyond the realm of idiotic.

Of course this kid is a dope. But you slap him on the wrist for scaring the eloi then go about your business. And, what sort of "injuries", minor or otherwise, could this woman have incurred?

Assault Weapons Major Police Departments ALMOST Bought...

Throughout the age of firearms, law enforcement has experimented with many variations on a theme. Here then, are some of the guns that didn't quite make the cut.

Quote Of The Week

"Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined...The great object is that every man be armed. Everyone who is able might have a gun."

-Patrick Henry.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

California Deputies Sue Widow

"The bloody date was June 5, 2007. Karen Mies, staggering under the news that her son had murdered her husband, told a family friend she was grateful for one thing: The wounded deputies were alive.

One year later to the day, two of the deputies filed a civil lawsuit against the widow and the estate of her deceased husband, Arthur, and her son. Officers Jon Yaws and Greg Murphy – both recovered and back at work – each is suing the Mies family for $4 million for emotional distress, medical expenses, loss of earning capacity, and punitive damages.

Given her modest circumstances, the 66-year-old hospice nurse says their $8 million claim would be laughable – if the whole situation were not so heartbreaking.

"June 5 was a tragic day for me and my family, and it was a tragic day for the deputies who were injured," Karen Mies said. "We were all victims that day. But this lawsuit is victimizing our family again. What do they want? My husband's dead, my son's dead. Do they want my house and my 10-year-old car?"

In their lawsuit, Yaws and Murphy allege the Mies family was negligent in failing to control their troubled son Eddie, behavior that led to the gunbattle and their injuries. Yaws was wounded in the arm, chest and leg; Murphy was struck once in the leg

In addition to their physical injuries, the suit alleges the deputies suffered anxiety and humiliation.

Such lawsuits by police officers are highly unusual – and hard to win, according to several experts in tort law. They point to a long-standing legal tenet called "the firefighter's rule," which generally precludes emergency workers injured in the line of duty from suing citizens."

Gee. Ya think I can sue the Vietnamese, Granada, Iraqi, and (DELETED: Remember, you were never there. Editor) governments? Wait. I never suffered anxiety or humiliation. Damn. Should'a been a cop. Wouldn't have learned a damn thing about honor, duty, and country, but could weep and whine and whimper with the best of 'em.

Thanks to The Smallest Minority for the link.

Russia warns of response to US missile shield

MOSCOW (AP) - "Russia says its response to the further development of a U.S. missile shield in Poland will go beyond diplomacy.

Russia's Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying the U.S. missile shield plans are clearly aimed at weakening Russia.

The U.S. says the missile defense system is aimed at protecting the U.S. and Europe from future attacks from states like Iran.

The United States and Poland signed a deal Wednesday to place a U.S. missile defense base just 115 miles from Russia's westernmost fringe.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP's earlier story is below."

WARSAW, Poland (AP)—Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and her Polish counterpart signed a deal Wednesday to build a U.S. missile defense base in Poland, an agreement that prompted an infuriated Russia to warn of a possible attack against the former Soviet satellite.

Rice dismissed blustery comments from Russian leaders who say Warsaw's hosting of 10 U.S. interceptor missiles just 115 miles from Russia's westernmost frontier opens the country up to attack.

Such comments "border on the bizarre frankly," Rice said, speaking to reporters traveling with her in Warsaw.

"When you threaten Poland, you perhaps forget that it is not 1988," Rice said. "It's 2008 and the United States has a ... firm treaty guarantee to defend Poland's territory as if it was the territory of the United States. So it's probably not wise to throw these threats around."

The deal, which Washington sought as a way of defending the U.S. and Europe from a hypothetical threat of long-distance missiles from Iran, has strained relations between Moscow and the West. Those ties were already troubled by Russia's invasion of its former Soviet neighbor, U.S. ally Georgia, earlier this month.

Speaking to reporters traveling with her, Rice said, "the Russians are losing their credibility."

Back when most of the talking heads were breathlessly pronouncing how the Russians Were Coming!! it seemed obvious that in the real world nations would flock to the US and its allies for help, and this is exactly what happened.

All the Soviets, beg pardon, the Russkies, managed to do was fashion themselves as a rogue nation, without the necessary modern technology to pull it off. In both Gulf wars we proved how antiquated Russian tech and tactics were, and maybe once upon a time sheer numbers could be counted on to hold the day but that was long before the payoff from the space age took us to the moon and beyond.

Bring it on, Ivan.