" Vivian Deen had never fired a gun.

But Friday morning she didn't hesitate to shoot at an armed robber threatening her husband, William.

The Deens own Magee Field Grocery, a neighborhood grocery store, at North Davis Highway and East Yonge Street and were confronted by a man who wanted their money.

William Deen, 60, was on the telephone about 10 a.m. when he said the man came in with a stocking over his face. He was dressed in black.

"He kind of eased in, and when I looked up, he said, 'This is a stickup,' " Deen said. "I thought it was some kind of joke, but then he put a gun in my face."

Deen said the man again demanded money and tried to crawl behind the counter. The two then struggled for the gun.

"All I could see was his pistol in my face, but I wasn't giving up anything," Deen said. "I work too hard for that. He was going to have to come and take it."

Deen said he didn't want his wife to get involved.

However, Vivian Deen, 45, grabbed a handgun kept behind the counter and fired at the robber's shoulder.

"I've never even fired a gun before. But when I saw the gun pointing at my husband, I didn't waste any time," she said.

She fired again but missed. The man ran from the business without getting any money. He also wore a skull cap and a zippered sweat jacket with a blue- or white-striped hood.

City police said the Deens will not be charged.

Although it is self-defense, Assistant Chief Chip Simmons said the Pensacola Police Department does not encourage this type of behavior.

"We certainly don't want everyone to be drawing weapons," Simmons said. "However, if someone is inclined to rob a store or an individual, they should be cognizant that that person may be armed."

The Deens say they will continue to keep a gun at their store for protection.

"It just makes me sick to my stomach that a person would kill you for a dollar," Vivian Deen said. "We know most everyone who comes in here. You think they're nice, but you just never know."