Sunday, May 31, 2009

Texas Woman Told to Remove 'Offensive' American Flag From Office

"Debbie McLucas comes from a patriotic family – her husband and both of her sons served in the U.S. military, and her daughter is currently deployed to Iraq on her second tour of duty as a combat medic.

So when McLucas arrived at work at a Texas hospital last Friday, she was stunned to be told that the Stars and Stripes she had hung in her office in advance of Memorial Day were offensive, and that the flag had been removed.

“I got into work, I was met by my supervisor and told that there had been multiple complaints, that people found the flag very offensive and it had been taken down," McLucas told

"I went to the office to retrieve it and found the flag wrapped around the pole, sitting in the corner on the ground. I was speechless."


Now take this as it is meant, merely an observation of reality, and not a tirade against hagish harridans. WHEREVER there are a plethora, plethora and a quarter maybe, of congregated modern females (for heaven TEXAS, even!), there are enough liberals to treble the size of the crack in the Liberty Bell just by their presence. The nursing/healthcare profession has turned otherwise attractive and happy females into lumpy, sack-wearing drones incapable of anything resembling pride in appearance or work ethic, so but of course hospitals have evolved into dens of leftwing iniquities.

And we all know that means NO American flag, No signs of patriotism whatsoever, and NO discussion about the matter because to even hint at offending their obesity-dulled sensibilities is insulting to they who SEE-ALL, and KNOW-ALL. After the fuss became public the hospital is hurrying to make like it never happened, and are saying that Mrs. McLucas can re-hang the offending flag. This is of course to head off even more scrutiny of these craven sloths, as who would wish to listen to the garbled, broken English coming from those who despise America as they try to relate their side of the story.

They tossed the Flag to the ground. Enough said.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Drugged And In Pain...

...and loving every minute of it.

Knee gave out again so forgive me for not responding to emails, death threats, and gay marriage proposals.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Glenn Beck: Bush's Compassionate Conservatism Must 'Die Violent Death'

"If the Republican Party has any chance of regaining its leading position, it must put to "death" George W. Bush's "compassionate conservatism," says top talker Glenn Beck.

Beck, a rising ratings star at Fox News and one the nation's leading talk hosts, has earned his popularity taking on some of the most cherished shibboleths of the Republican establishment.

During a Fox News interview with top radio talker Rush Limbaugh this past Thursday, Beck used the occasion to slam Bush's policies as inherently detrimental to core Republican principles.

Limbaugh agreed with Beck's assessment that Bush had gone off the GOP reservation.

President George W. Bush was the largest social spender in history, according to a recent report by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. In his first term Bush increased discretionary spending 19 percent. During Bush's second term federal spending increased 49 percent.

Beck suggested the stakes are high unless the GOP gets back to its roots.

He told Limbaugh: "And I'll tell you, they keep making the argument that if you vote for a conservative — oh, well, we're going to round up, you know, all of the unwed mothers and throw them in furnaces or whatever it is. That's not what this movement is about, at all. You're right on the social aspect. What this movement is about is they are destroying our children's future. Look, I don't care what you do in your own bedroom. You — we won't have a bedroom left anymore. We're all going to be living in Hooverville or Obamaville if we don't stop the spending."

Tell us something we don't already know. Congress is the entity that really spends all the money but Republicans had to go along with what Bush wanted in order to preserve party unity. Or at least they said so. Bush figured that inching closer to center would show the warm and fuzzy side of Conservatism, but then it isn't real Conservatism and America doesn't work that way. Not a healthy America.

And this is one of the reasons I shy away from politicians and madmen. In essence, they're both one and the same, or usually so, and it tasks me to talk to someone whose mind is made up before I've even entered the room.

Back when Florida was fighting for the Guns-In-Cars-At-Work law, I busted my frickin ass in writing to, speaking with, and calling upon elected representatives and fellow Conservatives in order to get the damn thing passed.

There are two things that true Conservatives do not do, you see. They do not tell me when I can pack heat and they don't favor killing babies. I was and of course remain against infanticide and my personal record is one of railing against it at every opportunity, but our 2nd Amendment woes is a different story altogether.

Some believe that they can disarm you if your vehicle drives upon their property with a gun inside. Not on MY land, the saying goes, at least not without MY permission, they say. I disagree. I don't think that you can tell a man to be somewhat less free, just for now, just because you say so. Particularly not businesses, but that's another story and I'm using this to illustrate a point and don't want to get into an imbroglio over the deal because my knee is killing me and I just don't have the energy.

Glenn Beck swapping spit with Limbaugh isn't going to solve any of our problems. We desperately need a way out of the mess, and do not need otherwise intelligent men constantly harping upon the painfully obvious. Everyone needs a living, yes, and these fellas happen to earn a good one so may God bless but fer chrissake can we focus upon the HOW and leave the bitching to the liberals where it belongs.

ANYONE can preach to the choir. I for one am on the lookout for someone who can lead by direction, and not by beating a dead horse. We lost. We didn't have a Conservative running for President and our milquetoast lost to their milquetoast. Time to get over it. Not that its going to be easy, what with the Yellowstream Media lying to the masses at every turn, but who said it HAD to be easy?

And, as far as Bush's compassionate Conservatism "dying a violent death", it ain't gonna happen, not like that anyway. Ma and Pa Kettle despise Obama but the talk of violence scares the shit out of them. What needs be done is telling the truth, speaking the truth, writing the truth, and living the truth. America is NOT some liberal playtoy, and we want it back the way it was. And this is how we're going to do it...

(Insert brilliant plan here)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ralph Peters On Instant Justice

"WE made one great mistake regarding Guantanamo: No terrorist should have made it that far. All but a handful of those grotesquely romanticized prisoners should have been killed on the battlefield.

The few kept alive for their intelligence value should have been interrogated secretly, then executed.

Terrorists don't have legal rights or human rights. By committing or abetting acts of terror against the innocent, they place themselves outside of humanity's borders. They must be hunted as man-killing animals.

And, as a side benefit, dead terrorists don't pose legal quandaries.

Captured terrorists, on the other hand, are always a liability. Last week, President Obama revealed his utter failure to comprehend these butchers when he characterized Guantanamo as a terrorist recruiting tool.

Gitmo wasn't any such thing. Not the real Gitmo. The Guantanamo Obama believes in is a fiction of the global media. With rare, brief exceptions, Gitmo inmates have been treated far better than US citizens in our federal prisons.

But the reality of Gitmo was irrelevant -- the left needed us to be evil, to "reveal" ourselves as the moral equivalent of the terrorists. So they made up their Gitmo myths."

Myths are what liberals live and die for.


In reality, reality is an irresistable force. Which is why most commies flock to Hollywood and/or Washington D.C., those bastions of make-believe.

Obama Set To Nominate Racist Spanish Woman For Supreme Court

"President Obama will nominate federal appeals court judge Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court Tuesday, FOX News has learned.

Sotomayor, 54, would be the first Hispanic on the high court if confirmed. She would succeed outgoing Justice David Souter."

Oft times quoted by La Raza, that racist organization that somehow believes Spanish descendants to be of a race other than Caucasian rather than the illegitimate blowby of Roman legionnaires on shore leave as all the world knows to be the sad reality of it all, Sonia will make a terrific Supreme.

Her socialist ramblings will be just another clarion call for unseating Obama come '12, so bring it on, jughead, the nation is strong enough to weather you AND your commie freakshows.

Sotomayor says: "I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male."

Ah yes, the old who's smarter ploy. Let's see now. Look around you. Really look. Everything within eyeshot, everything old or new, borrowed or blue, was created/invented/thought of by a white male. Or maybe let's say 99.999%. Now close your eyes to rest them before moving on to the next step. Ready? Cool. Open them, at your own pace now, and pick the designs of higher intellect that were thought into existence by a latina.

Dickie Morris Says Iran Gets The Bomb...

And Israel Gets Its Latest Epitaph

"From Caroline Glick, deputy editor and op-ed writer for the Jerusalem Post, comes alarming news. An expert on Arab-Israeli relations with excellent sources deep inside Netanyahu's government, she reports that CIA chief Leon Panetta recently took time out from his day job (feuding with Nancy Pelosi) to travel to Israel to "read the riot act" to the government warning against an attack on Iran.

More ominously, Glick reports (likely from sources high up in the Israeli government) that the Obama administration has all but accepted as irreversible and unavoidable fact that Iran will soon develop nuclear weapons. She writes, "...we have learned that the [Obama] administration has made its peace with Iran's nuclear aspirations. Senior administration officials acknowledge as much in off-record briefings. It is true, they say, that Iran may exploit its future talks with the US to run down the clock before they test a nuclear weapon. But, they add, if that happens, the U.S. will simply have to live with a nuclear-armed mullocracy."

She goes on to write that the Obama administration is desperate to stop Israel from attacking Iran writing that "as far as the [Obama] administration is concerned, if Israel could just leave Iran's nuclear installations alone, Iran would behave itself." She notes that American officials would regard any harm to American interests that flowed from an Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear facilities as Israel's doing, not Iran's.

In classic Stockholm Syndrome fashion, the Obama administration is empathizing more with the Iranian leaders who are holding Israel hostage than with the nation that may be wiped off the map if Iran acquires the bomb.

Obama's end-of-the-year deadline for Iranian talks aimed at stopping its progress toward nuclear weapons is just window dressing without the threat of military action. As Metternich wrote, "diplomacy without force is like music without instruments." By warning only of possible strengthening of economic sanctions if the talks do not progress, Obama is making an empty threat. The sanctions will likely have no effect because Russia and China will not let the United Nations act as it must if it is to deter Iranian nuclear weapons.

All this means is that Israel's life is in danger. If Iran gets the bomb, it will use it to kill six million Jews. No threat of retaliation will make the slightest difference. One cannot deter a suicide bomber with the threat of death. Nor can one deter a theocracy bent on meriting admission to heaven and its virgins by one glorious act of violence. Iran would probably not launch the bomb itself, anyway, but would give it to its puppet terrorists to send to Israel so it could deny responsibility. Obama, bent on appeasement, would likely not retaliate with nuclear weapons. And Israel will be dead and gone.

Those sunshine Jewish patriots who voted for Obama must realize that we, as Jews, are witnessing the possible end of Israel. We are in the same moral position as our ancestors were as they watched Hitler’s rise but did nothing to pressure their favorite liberal Democratic president, FDR, to take any real action to save them or even to let Jewish refugees into the country. If we remain complacent, we will have the same anguish at watching the destruction of Israel that our forebears had in witnessing the Holocaust.

Because one thing is increasingly clear: Barack Obama is not about to lift a finger to stop Iran from developing the bomb. And neither is Hillary Clinton.

Obama may have held the first White House seder (sic), but he's not planning to spend next year in Jerusalem."

Smarter folks than Dickie have predicted the end of Israel, and the smart money says the Jews find a way to shame Obo The Peacemaker into if not helping, then staying the fuck out of the way.

Such prognosticatory goings on do not sell newspapers nor draw massive online hits, but to follow the Dickie is to admit a total lack of imagination and/or courage.

Panetta can cajole till the cows come home. No, I don't mean Hillary and by the way where the hell is our Secretary of State through all this...but Israel will do what's needed to survive.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Get Ready...Here They Come

No-Name-Ridge. Seoul, Korea. December of 1950.

1st Marine Division, A Hill Outside Seoul

Wherever Marines set up a firing line, children would arrive. Some asked for food, some candy, some just wishing to be near a living adult. No one ever knew where they really came from but for as long as they were nearby they were fed and protected and welcomed as members of the company.

1st Marine Division, Korea

Wherever there was an aid station, Marines could be seen congregating in small groups outside as they awaited word of their wounded brothers. They'd receive what news there was, move back to the firing lines, and be replaced by other groups carrying in their wounded.

1st Marine Division: Korea, Late December 1950

Fleeing her burning neighborhood in Seoul, a girl stops to grasp the hand of a young Marine.

1st Marine Division: Korea, October 1950

Corporal Leonard Hayworth checks out a famous picture of himself that had appeared in Life Magazine. The following morning, a North Korean sniper killed Corporal Hayworth with a single shot to the head.

1st Marine Division: Korea, December 1950

Marching from the Changjin Reservoir. The dead and dying rode in trucks while every Marine who could stand walked alongside.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Senator Kyl Sticks It To The Phony President, But Good

GOP Leader Calls Obama Gitmo Claim 'Palpably False'

"Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., called the charge "palpably false" and said the White House has not provided any evidence to back up the claim.

"He meant to say that 770 people or more became terrorists because we have a prison at Guantanamo?" Kyl said on "FOX News Sunday."

"9/11 hijackers didn't do their deeds because of Gitmo. The people who ... blew up the (U.S.S.) Cole or the Kolbar Towers or the first World Trade Center didn't say, 'There's Gitmo down there,' because it didn't exist. And even after that I don't think you saw guys sitting around in some coffee shop in Saudi Arabia, saying, 'You know, those Americans have this prison called Gitmo, I think I'll become a terrorist,'" he said. "I mean, it's palpably false to suggest that the existence of Gitmo created terrorism, and yet the president gets away with that."

FACTOID #1: Jimmy Carter had more to do with terrorist expectations of success than erecting a country club jailhouse for recalcitrant moslem killers ever could.

FACTOID #1-a: So did this fella named Mohammad. He gathered together lots of folks who hated other folks who weren't moslem folks, then told them to recruit or kill the other folks. Time went by and whenever the Mohammad folks had a chance they did just as Mohammad asked.

Capturing these sick fucks and caging them did the exact OPPOSITE of empowering or recruiting them, Mr. Obama, and the proof of this lies in the irrefutable FACT that we haven't been been airplane-killed since.

Getting to the root of the problem, which for 1500 years or so been the propensity of moslem folks to kill non-moslems, is what's MOST important, because Mohammad is long dead and can't call a "my-bad-do-over", and Jimmy Carter is senile. This means killing or caging these terrorists every chance we get, you see.

Personally, I'm all in favor of shutting down the Guantanamo prison system in favor of simple scaffolding.

Arsenal seized in Parsippany, authorities say!!!!

"Authorities raided a Parisppany (sic) home early yesterday and seized an arsenal of more than 40 firearms, many of which were loaded, according to the Morris County Prosecutor's Office."

OMG! Loaded? He had LOADED guns in his house?! Hang the fucker!

"Adam Coughlan, 28, was arrested and charged with the unlawful possession of high-capacity ammunition magazines and three counts of unlawful possession of an assault firearm with a high-capacity detachable magazine, said office spokesman Capt. Jeffrey Paul.

With a warrant, heavily armed officers searched Coughlan's home on Roosevelt Avenue in the Lake Hiawatha section around 12:15 a.m. yesterday, he said. They found "numerous" assault rifles, high-capacity magazines and other "high-powered" weapons, he said, as well as thousands of rounds of ammunition.

"This investigation is ongoing, and it will take us several days to sort through the voluminous amounts of evidence which were seized," Morris County Prosecutor Robert Bianchi said in a statement. "Additional charges are anticipated."

Coughlan was held at the Morris County jail yesterday in lieu of $200,000 bail, according to authorities. The arrest followed a short-term undercover investigation conducted by the prosecutor's office, Parsippany police and the Morris County Sheriff's Office."

Bottom line? The "authorities" squandered untold resources to do nothing more than stop an enthusiast from exercising his unalienable right.

The preempt factor. Just in case someone might have an evil thought or two waffling around in his head, let's nip it in the bud and trash whatever remaining rights he might have, because, after all, he might very well someday turn into a criminal.

Akin to performing a larynx-ectomy just in case someone looks like they might be thinking of shouting "fire" in a crowded theater. Which, as we've long maintained, is the difference between 1st and 2nd Amendment restrictions. In the theater scenario, one must at least COMMIT something close to being a crime, fire or no fire. But gun control isn't about saving lives or conducting civilization in a respectful manner. No guarantor of adherence to the societal compact, no expectation of legitimate deportment.

Control. The liberals will accept nothing less than unconditional control and THAT is what the fight IS and has always BEEN about.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Magnificent Montage

Time To Uplifticate A Saturday

Anatomy Of A Self-Murder

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) - "Linda Fleming was diagnosed with terminal cancer and feared her last days would be filled with pain and ever-stronger doses of medication that would erode her mind.

The 66-year-old woman with late-stage pancreatic cancer wanted to be clear-headed at death, so she became the first person to kill herself under Washington state's new assisted suicide law, known as "death with dignity."

"I am a very spiritual person, and it was very important to me to be conscious, clear-minded and alert at the time of my death," Fleming said in a statement released Friday. "The powerful pain medications were making it difficult to maintain the state of mind I wanted to have at my death. And I knew I would have to increase them."

With family members, her physician and her dog at her side, Fleming took a deadly dose of prescription barbiturates and died Thursday night at her home in Sequim, Wash.

Being afraid of losing one's faculties, one commences with the ultimate in faculty deprivation.

I see.

Perhaps Miz Fleming was unaware of the distinct probability that death would erode her mind as well. Not being able to think like such cowards, it is difficult to tell what they were imagining so I call for balm in Gilead on this one.

I guess what really bugs me is the need to ask doctors and hospitals, and, perhaps most of all, the government to grant permission. But I suppose it isn't really the need for societal acquiescence as much as the desire to exit without discomfort, or leaving behind all that much of a mess for someone else to clean up.

Fuck that noise. I'd be damned if I asked for a note from my Mother excusing me from life. And if my Mom has no say then some stranger certainly should not. I came in all bloody and screaming and kicking up a fuss and the only thing I'd change whilst exiting would be the wardrobe selection. The women in my family, you see, expressly forbade the birthing of babies wearing boots and their finest gunbelt.

This is quite reasonable. But to not at least feel a modicum of the pain felt by them in bringing us in, would be, to me, quite craven upon egress.

Passing The Terror Buck...Obama Style

"PUT Barack Obama in front of a Tele PrompTer and one thing is certain -- he'll make himself appear the most reasonable person in the room.

Rhetorically, he is in the middle of any debate, perpetually surrounded by finger-pointing extremists who can't get over their reflexive combativeness and ideological fixations to acknowledge his surpassing thoughtfulness and grace.

This is how Obama, whose position on abortion is indistinguishable from NARAL's, can speechify on abortion at Notre Dame and come away sounding like a pitch-perfect centrist.

It's natural, then, that his speech at the National Archives on national security should superficially sound soothing, reasonable and even a little put upon (oh, what President Obama has to endure from all those finger-pointing extremists).

But beneath its surface, the speech -- given heavy play in the press as an implicit debate with former Vice President Dick Cheney, who spoke on the same topic at a different venue immediately afterward -- revealed something else: a president who has great difficulty admitting error; who can't discuss the position of his opponents without resorting to rank caricature, and who adopts an off-putting pose of above-it-all righteousness.

Obama has reversed himself since becoming president on detaining terrorists indefinitely and trying them before military commissions. Once upon a time, these policies were blots on our honor; now they are simple necessities.

Between the primary and the general election, candidate Obama changed his mind and embraced President George W. Bush's terrorist-surveillance program. In recent weeks, he countermanded his own Justice Department's decision not to contest a court decision that would have led to the release of photos of detainee abuse.

A less self-consciously grandiose figure might feel the need to reflect on how his simplistic prior positions didn't fully take account of the difficulties inherent in fighting the War on Terror.

Not Obama. On the commissions, he explicitly denied changing his view and trumpeted cosmetic changes he's proposed as major reforms that would bring them in line "with the rule of law."

For all his championing of nuance, Obama comes back to one source for every dilemma: Bush. As if without his predecessor, every answer to how a nation of laws protects itself from a lawless enemy would be easy.

Under Bush, according to Obama, we set our "principles aside as luxuries we could no longer afford." Even now, there are those -- are you listening Mr. Former VP? -- "who think that America's safety and success require us to walk away from the sacred principles enshrined in this building." What a shoddy smear.

Consider Obama's breaks with Bush: We stopped using enhanced interrogation techniques for now, but Obama reserves the right to use them again; we will have military commissions, but with four procedural changes; we're going to close Gitmo but find some equivalent detention facility for that category of detainees who, Obama says, are dangerous but can't be tried or released.

These are matters of degree and therefore questions of prudence, not principle. If Bush violated our fundamental beliefs, then Obama is violating them, too, only a little less so.

Excoriating Bush is good politics for Obama, which is what makes his repeated exhortations to look ahead so disingenuous. In his speech, he rued that "we have a return of the politicization of these issues." In other words: Dick Cheney, please shut up. But when did the politicization of these issues end? Has the left ever stopped braying about Bush's war crimes?

Obama bracingly politicized these very issues on the stump, staking out unsustainably purist positions because they suited his momentary political interest. Now that's he's president, he wants the debate to end. He's above the grubbily disputatious culture of partisans and journalists.

And he's above contradiction because, as ever, he occupies the middle ground, one "obscured by two opposite and absolutist" sides: those who recognize no terrorist threat and those who recognize no limits to executive power.

And there Obama stands, bravely holding his flanks against straw men on all sides."

Poor little Jughead is finding out just how cruel the real world can be. The BIGGEST reason those terrorist asswipes are in Gitmo...hell, the very reason for Gitmo's existence... is to keep dangerous criminals away from the jurisdiction of bleeding heart liberal judges who, given half a chance, would set them free in a NY minute. And that'd be just fine if Bush were still around to shoulder all the blame, but with Juggy in charge its a way different story now isn't it.

The simple fuck hems with intent to haw, then STILL finds a way to blame someone from the Bush administration.

What a lowlife.

Take My Gun...Please

"Struggling to subdue a crazed suspect, an NYPD cop broke a cardinal rule of law enforcement and handed his gun to a Manhattan janitor, telling his stunned new deputy, "I need some help here," The Post has learned.

Even though his idea of backup usually involves clogged drains, Placido Contreras, 51, said he took hold of the weapon and pointed it at the floor after the cop told him, "Keep your eyes on him and shoot him if you have to."

The officer, whom police refused to identify, had switched the weapon to his weaker hand and couldn't get it back into the holster while he got the cuffs on McNair.

Still, the department praised his actions.

"The officer did a remarkable job in locating and apprehending the suspect, adapting as circumstances required," said NYPD spokesman Paul Browne.

"I was shocked," the janitor later said. "Because that's the first time I held a real gun."

And if the poor bastard milked the trigger in sheer panic and shot the place to shit, you can bet the NYPD would now be blaming him for order to shift blame away from whatever two-ton-tony cop it was that couldn't do something as simple as controlling an unarmed suspect.

In a more perfect world, the janitor would have simply drawn his own gun and held the bad guy under cover, but this is NYC after all, and the ONLY time a peon is allowed to even touch a firearm is when his masters tell him to.

Can't defend yourself in such a liberal paradise, but you damned well better shoot to kill if a cop needs assistance.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Hussein Teaches Us About American Values

"President Barack Obama Friday warned America risked its security when it compromised its values, seeking support for his bid to sketch a new legal framework for anti-terror policies.

Obama used the backdrop of the US Naval Academy graduation ceremony to argue that founding US ideals must guide the future battle against terrorism, a day after trying to quell raging debate over Guantanamo Bay in a major speech."

This is the same unmitigated slimeball who filled his cabinet and advisory staff with tax cheats and terrorists, and has the bronze balls to even make reference to "values". The very same slimebucket who for years listened to a "pastor" that spoke against America and its allies. The community organizer who made his bones raising the dead and homeless to vote the liberal line.

Clue one, you posturing poser; American values have ALWAYS revolved around personal freedoms and the ability to FIGHT with a vengeance for our way of life.

I tell ya kids, this guy can't be tossed out of office too soon to suit me.

Cutting Emissions Begins Here

I've been nursing a torn up left knee for a while, and blogging, well, even getting to the PC itself hasn't been as easy as all that.

Perfect time to blog, too. We've had an average of 5" of rain a day for seven straight days, and while the gators are lovin' it, I can't bring myself to limping through Hogtown Swamp in search of adventure, so being a layabout has been job-one.

Normally, I'd spend such time excoriating one asshole or another but between the pain meds and the pain they do nothing to ameliorate I don't want to do something I'll regret such as calling for the lynching of a certain Pennsylvania Avenue resident, then have to fight off the attacking Secret Service dolts.

All seems to be going as planned, though. The aforementioned resident and his gang that couldn't legislate straight is doing a fine enough job of lynching themselves, but at least let me include this cartoon of one of our most renowned traitors.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Obama flubs defense chief's name

WASHINGTON (AP) - "President Barack Obama sees his secretary of defense just about every day, but he still flubbed Robert Gates' name on Thursday.

Gates was in the crowd for Obama's national security speech. Pointing him out, the president said "William Gates" was on hand. Perhaps Obama was thinking of Bill Gates, the Microsoft billionaire.

It isn't as if this is a big thing in and of itself. Hell, Obama only reads what they tell him to read.

But imagine George Bush making the same mistake. Just think of how incredibly slipshod his puppeteers must be for them to not even know the name of the Secretary of Defense.

They do it all the time, you see. Wrong person, place, or thing, because to the liberal mindset INtention is all that counts, and attention to detail is something that only plagues the little people.

And these guys have their collective paws on THE BUTTON.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ann Coulter Has Her Say On "Mr. Obo Goes To Notre Dame"

"How about for next year's graduation ceremony Notre Dame have an abortionist perform an abortion live on stage? They could have a partial-birth abortion for the advanced degrees.

According to liberals, the right to kill babies was enshrined by the Founding Fathers in our Constitution -- and other constitutional rights are celebrated in public.

The right to bear arms is honored in 21-gun salutes, turkey shoots, Civil War re-enactments, firearms demonstrations and, occasionally, at Phil Spector's house.

The right to petition the government for redress of grievances is celebrated at political rallies, tea parties, marches, protests and whenever Keith Olbermann has a fight with his cat.

The free exercise clause is observed in church services, missionary work, peyote-smoking Indian rituals, and for a few days after every time Bill Clinton gets caught having an extramarital affair.

So instead of inviting a constitutional lawyer to yammer on about this purported constitutional right, why not show it being practiced?

How about a 21-vacuum hose (D&C) salute? Maybe have the Notre Dame marching band form a giant skull-piercing fork? How about having the president throw out the ceremonial first fetus, like on opening day in baseball? I'm just brainstorming here, folks -- none of this is written in stone.."

The despicable slumdog soon-to-be-millionaire who is referring to himself as President of these United States has constructed his platform on the premise that killing the unborn is lower on the list of things to stop doing RIGHT now than bowing to a moslem potentate and sucking Euro-Trash-Ass.

Wrap your mind around this for a moment if you can; Barack Obama believes that incarcerating moslem killers is naughty, but fully sanctions the death of millions of children.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Obama Calls For Understanding...

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP) - "President Barack Obama strode head-on Sunday into the stormy abortion debate and told graduates at America's leading Roman Catholic university that both sides must stop demonizing one another.

Obama acknowledged that "no matter how much we want to fudge it ... the fact is that at some level, the views of the two camps are irreconcilable." But he still implored the University of Notre Dame's graduating class and all in the U.S. to stop "reducing those with differing views to caricature. Open hearts. Open minds. Fair-minded words. It's a way of life that always has been the Notre Dame tradition."

One of the noisiest controversies of his young presidency flared after Obama, who supports abortion rights but says the procedure should be rare, was invited to speak at the school and receive an honorary degree. "I do not suggest that the debate surrounding abortion can or should go away," the president said.

The Rev. John Jenkins, Notre Dame's president, introduced Obama and praised the president for not being "someone who stops talking to those who disagree with him." Jenkins said too little attention has been paid to Obama's decision to speak at an institution that opposes his abortion policy."

Unless of course your name happens to be Rush Limbaugh. Then it's not only okay to stop talking to, but jim-dandy to poke fun at, and even wish death for.

Shame on Notre Dame, and shame on anyone who doesn't see the irony in a half-black man voicing the same bullshit that slave owners used for centuries. Unborn babies aren't human, and neither are blacks, right, Barack?

Because, after all, it's up to the individual to determine what is and what isn't a real person. Right?

Hypocritical bastard.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Supermodel Says Michelle No Beauty...BUT...

She Has A Great Personality?

"US First Lady Michelle Obama is not "great beauty," but will "just get better with age," Iman, one of the first black supermodels, says in a magazine interview.

"Mrs Obama is not a great beauty," the Somali-born model and wife of rocker David Bowie tells Parade magazine's Sunday issue, reflecting on the first black US first lady, who is a lawyer by training and a former executive.

"But she is so interesting looking and so bright. That will always take you farther. When you?re a great beauty, it?s always downhill for you. If you?re someone like Mrs Obama, you just get better with age," she said.

Iman, 53, also told Parade that her rise to catwalk superstardom did not free her from racism.

"You suddenly represent a whole race, and that race goes, ?Well, that person does not represent our ideals of beauty.? For lack of a better term, it becomes what it was like during slavery," she said.

"One had the field nigger and the house nigger. There was this notion that I was chosen by white fashion editors to be better than the rest, which I am not. I did not like being thought of as the house nigger."

Now hold on thar...

Is Iman intimating that Mrs. Obama is nothing more than the White House nigger?

Sure, she's no raving beauty, sort of ugly as all hell as a matter of fact, but she is after all the woman who married the community organizer that got elected to the Senate and then the Presidency, so she deserves some respect.

Not All Carjackings Are Successful...

by Tanya Arja

TAMPA - "Tampa Police are investigating six carjackings, or attempted carjackings, in two weeks.

They've all been in the same area near Kennedy and Westshore Boulevards.

Police are looking for two suspects. Investigators say that those two, plus another man who is already in custody, have carjacked two women. They say they've attempted to carjack four other people.

We spoke with a 22-year-old woman who was attacked in the parking lot at International Plaza, but did not want to be identified.

"I thought I was going to die," she said.

She had just gotten into her car and was about to close the door, when she said a man grabbed her door open and forced his way in. He pushed her to the passenger seat, pointing a gun at her.

"He took off out of the parking lot, and I screamed just let me out," she said. "He opened my passenger side door for me to get out, he didn't slow down. He hit me over the head with the gun and basically pushed me out."

The woman's arm got stuck in the seatbelt and said the man, accelerated to make her fall out. She rolled onto the pavement, breaking her wrist and hand, and got road rash all over her legs (my emphasis to illustrate professional journalism at its clumsy worst: Fits).

Tampa Police said she's one of six people who've been targeted.

They arrested A-keem Carr, of Gulfport, but are looking for his accomplices.

One is described as a black male, mid to late 20's, 5'10", short hair, scruffy/unshaven, chipped or missing tooth. The other man is also a black male, mid 20's, under 6', thin with chrome rectangular prescription glasses.

One victim, Audry Sauceda, fought back. She pulled her own gun when a man jumped in her car.

"He stuck a gun in my side and told me to get out of the car. And I pulled out my gun and stuck it in his face, and told him, he needed to get out. He screamed and jumped out of the car," Sauceda said.

She's taken self defense classes and kept her cool, watching the man's movements before she took action.

She's been robbed 6 times in 7 years and said she was tired of being a victim."

What's old news is blacks robbing defenseless women. What's encouraging news is the fact that not all women are comfortable with remaining hapless victims, and despite the best efforts of liberals the country over, are taking steps to defend themselves against such scum.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Birthday Present: Benchmade Dejavoo

The ever loving Lisa presented me with a Benchmade Dejavoo; 4" of S30V steel, marvelously balanced and smooth as snot on a snake.

The knife feels as if they used my hand for the template and whenever such marvelous goings on appear unsolicited tis cause for joy indeed.

G-10 scales that feel smooth yet grippy at the same time, and titanium liners mean this is a tool for an adult. Or even me maybe.

It will slice paper evenly, but I'll work on it to shave hair properly, and but of course to treetop.

Please be so kind as to click the pics for enlargination.

Karl Rove: Nancy Pelosi was an accomplice to 'torture.'

"Someone important appears not to be telling the truth about her knowledge of the CIA's use of enhanced interrogation techniques (EITs). That someone is Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. The political persecution of Bush administration officials she has been pushing may now ensnare her.

Here's what we know. On Sept. 4, 2002, less than a year after 9/11, the CIA briefed Rep. Porter Goss, then House Intelligence Committee chairman, and Mrs. Pelosi, then the committee's ranking Democrat, on EITs including waterboarding. They were the first members of Congress to be informed.

In December 2007, Mrs. Pelosi admitted that she attended the briefing, but she wouldn't comment for the record about precisely what she was told. At the time the Washington Post spoke with a "congressional source familiar with Pelosi's position on the matter" and summarized that person's comments this way: "The source said Pelosi recalls that techniques described by the CIA were still in the planning stage -- they had been designed and cleared with agency lawyers but not yet put in practice -- and acknowledged that Pelosi did not raise objections at the time."

When questions were raised last month about these statements, Mrs. Pelosi insisted at a news conference that "We were not -- I repeat -- were not told that waterboarding or any of these other enhanced interrogation methods were used." Mrs. Pelosi also claimed that the CIA "did not tell us they were using that, flat out. And any, any contention to the contrary is simply not true." She had earlier said on TV, "I can say flat-out, they never told us that these enhanced interrogations were being used."

The Obama administration's CIA director, Leon Panetta, and Mr. Goss have both disputed Mrs. Pelosi's account.

In a report to Congress on May 5, Mr. Panetta described the CIA's 2002 meeting with Mrs. Pelosi as "Briefing on EITs including use of EITs on Abu Zubaydah, background on [legal] authorities, and a description of the particular EITs that had been employed." Note the past tense -- "had been employed."

Mr. Goss says he and Mrs. Pelosi were told at the 2002 briefing about the use of the EITs and "on a bipartisan basis, we asked if the CIA needed more support from Congress to carry out its mission." He is backed by CIA sources who say Mr. Goss and Mrs. Pelosi "questioned whether we were doing enough" to extract information.

We also know that Michael Sheehy, then Mrs. Pelosi's top aide on the Intelligence Committee and later her national security adviser, not only attended the September 2002 meeting but was also briefed by the CIA on EITs on Feb. 5, 2003, and told about a videotape of Zubaydah being waterboarded. Mr. Sheehy was almost certain to have told Mrs. Pelosi. He has not commented publicly about the 2002 or the 2003 meetings.

So is the speaker of the House lying about what she knew and when? And, if so, what will Democrats do about it?"

Not. A. Damn. Thing.

Nancy Pelosi has her job BECAUSE she's a world class liar. Her constituents, colleagues, and even foes know and expect this.

To ask anything else of so immoral a personage would be an exercise in futility, as she is incapable of being anything other than the lowlife slug she happens to be, and her culprits in criminality are cut from the exact same filthy cloth.

Senate Backs Allowing Loaded Guns in National Parks

WASHINGTON -- "The Senate on Tuesday voted in favor of a measure, 67-29, that would allow Americans to carry firearms in national parks, if their state laws permit them to possess a gun, with 27 Democrats voting in support.

But because the measure was passed as an amendment to a broader bill seeking reform of the credit card industry, the move jeopardizes the reform bill, whose lead sponsor, Sen. Chris Dodd, opposed the firearm amendment.

The amendment was sponsored by Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., who has been fighting for some time for the measure. Dodd, a Connecticut Democrat, voted against the Coburn amendment.

Bullshit, bullshit, blah, blah, blah.

If the House finds its balls and does the same it'll be interesting to see if anti-America-Obo vetoes it. The fix might very well be in, with our "representatives" voting for park carry knowing full well that the jerkwad in-chief would never sign the thing.

Cue Twilight Zone Music

Ex-Student Says NJ Medical School Discriminated Against Him

New Jersey's University of Medicine & Dentistry expelled a Caucasian immigrant from Africa, Paulo Serodio.

Because, on his application, he declared himself to be of African American ancestry. Told by school officials that he couldn't be African American because he is white, Mr. Serodio stuck to his guns and that was that.

The irony, among many of course, is the fact that in his country of birth, Mr. Serodio was a minority member. He was white. Moved to America, became a naturalized citizen, and in effect lost the right to even mention his former country because to do so would be insensitive to "real" African Americans.

Can't make this shit up.

Click the headline link for more.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Curious Story Of: Obama And The Birth Certificate

Hardly a day goes by without my receiving an email concerning the legitimacy of Barack Obama's birth certificate, and, as if by osmosis, I'm beginning to wonder.

Supposedly, he and the DNC have spent close to a million in lawyer's fees trying to fight off legal challenges demanding he produce a birth certificate, and what puzzles me is why the guy just doesn't show the bloody thing and be done with it.

It isn't like John Kerry's service records. A close look at Kerry's complete DD214 would have shown the good with the bad, but at least we know he DID serve. Of course he didn't want a disciplinary report or two to be papered all over every news rag in the country, so there's plenty reason to hem and haw.

But why Obama?

Think there's something to the idea that he wasn't really born in Hawaii?

And if not, would the Jurassic Press rally behind him anyway, and along with a rubber swamp Congress just say, oh well, nothing to see here...

If the guy isn't an American born, would would WE do? Better yet, what COULD we do? And live through it.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Comedienne Wanda Sykes Draws Fire With Cracks About Rush Limbaugh's Health....

...And Obama Busts A Gut Laughing...

"Rush Limbaugh, 'I hope the country fails' -- I hope his kidneys fail, how about that? ... He needs a good waterboarding, that's what he needs."

Obama joined the crowd in laughing at the crack about Limbaugh's "kidneys."

Limbaugh of course said no such thing. He, like many other patriots, fervently wished for Hussein's plan of ruining America to fail.

And just how long would you or I last as free men should we produce videos featuring gales of laughter coming from a crowd that called for Obama's death? Somehow, someway, the president has become more important than the people he works for...US... and that my friends is one of the biggest sins of his soon-to-be-toast administration.

Moms Walk To Pass The Buck On Gun Violence

NEW YORK (AP) - "Hundreds of mothers and other activists have been marching the streets of New York City to protest gun violence.

Gloria Cruz of the Million Mom March in New York says she wants to honor children who have died as a result of gun violence. She also says the march is to show people will never stop fighting for stronger gun laws. The march Saturday was scheduled to coincide with Mother's Day on Sunday.

The walk started in the Bronx at Saw Mill Park at 139th Street and Brook Avenue, and ended at St. Ann's Episcopal Church at 295 St. Ann's Avenue."

Meanwhile, innocent people across the country are wondering just WHEN it will be that these "mothers" stop popping out fatherless killers, then blaming it on the tools of their ghastly trade.

Beg pardon? Liberal administrations have been funding these killer-incubators for decades and won't stop until we MAKE them?

Good point.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Movie Review: Star Trek Troopers

Phasers On Dumb For Star Trek 90210

When writing a fictional story for young folk, one generally looks to, well, older folk, in order to at least dot the t's and cross the eyes.

But with the latest Star Trek feature film, the inmates are running the asylum. Or so it seems. One day, you see, James Tiberius Kirk is being disciplined for being an unruly cadet, and several days later is given command of the Enterprise, along with a promotion to Captain.

A Naval Captain is the equivalent of an Army or Marine Colonel, high rank indeed, and one not usually handed out like tissues at a save-the-baby-seals convention.

But it would be if 12 year-old's were writing the story. "Hiya there, Jim, welcome aboard and by the way, wanna sit in the Captain's chair because it just looks so damn cool?"

The younger Spock is not only quite the emotional fella himself, but is making time with Uhura, Checkoff is 17 and more Russian-mispronounceable than ever, just ask the voice-identifying Enterprise software that can't understand his commands, the new Bones McCoy raises and twitches his brows more than a visit to a crazed optometrist substituting acid for eyedrops would warrant, Mr. Scott has incredibly become a comedian in training...complete with an alien straight-man (?), Sulu is so green and stupid he forgets to let off the emergency brake before liftoff and isn't that side-splitting hilarious, and the aforementioned Jimmy Boy strains so hard to assure us he's a hard drinking, cuss-swearing womanizer that it evokes the good old days when gay guys would at try to seem normal but we'd all catch on at first strut anyway because phony sticks out like a sore thumb.

The good news?

Green bitches!

Young Jim is wrestling atop one before being interrupted by the prim Uhura...who is after all nailing a Vulcan so who is she to talk...a character given more dialogue than usual just to be politically correct, when the old Trek was anything but.

The plot?

Bad evil guy wants revenge. Bad evil guy has planet buster thing and wants Kirk and Spock out of the picture just as soon as he has them squirming enough.

The cartoons...special effects to those who continue to demand they be called that...are pretty good, action is aplenty, and Leonard Nimoy is in the bloody thing so how swell is that.

So then, if the thing makes any money to speak of there'll be another to follow, and don't be surprised if the cast of Dawson's Creek and/or Charmed drop by for some interstellar hijinx.

That's unless Scooby Doo gets first dibs.

Reporting in...

Saturday was this old fella's birthday, and the festivities have been hot and heavy, hence the paucity of postings. There was a time when it'd take a coroners inquest to keep me away from blogging, but all of us eventually find the time to sit back and relax, well, the smarts ones at least.

The Union still stands, the dopes residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue haven't given away ALL of the farm yet, and there remains enough living patriots to be proud of. So I'll see ya soon.

Thursday, May 07, 2009


Aug. 1, 1933 - May 4, 2009

One of my favorite comedians, Dom DeLuise. First seen by yours truly on the Ed Sullivan Show as Dominick The Great, an incompetent magician, who, by the way, used Ruth Buzzi or Shegundelah, his likewise incompetent magicians helper.

Attention Baseballers...

NEW YORK (AP) - "Manny Ramirez was suspended for 50 games by Major League Baseball on Thursday, becoming the latest high-profile player ensnared in the sport's drug scandals.

The commissioner's office didn't announce the specific violation by the Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder, who will lose about one-third of his $25 million salary.

"Recently I saw a physician for a personal health issue. He gave me a medication, not a steroid, which he thought was OK to give me," Ramirez said in a statement issued by the players' union."


In other news, President Barack Obama has sent staffers to interview Manny Ramirez to gauge any possible interest he'd have with signing on to a high cabinet-level position with the DEA.

Seperated At Birth? Woody Knows

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

More Of Ann Coulter On The Torture That Is PMS NBC

"The media wail about "torture," but are noticeably short on facts.

Liberals try to disguise the utter wussification of our interrogation techniques by constantly prattling on about "the banality of evil."

Um, no. In this case, it's actually the banality of the banal.

Start with the fact that the average Gitmo detainee has gained 20 pounds in captivity. There's even a medical term for it now: "the Gitmo gut." Some prisoners have been heard whispering, "If you think Allah is great, you should try these dinner rolls."

In terms of "torture," there was "the attention grasp," which you have seen in every department store you have ever been where a mother was trying to get her misbehaving child's attention. If "the attention grasp" doesn't work, the interrogators issue a stern warning: "Don't make me pull this car over."

Farther up the parade of horribles was "walling," which I will not describe except to say Elliot Spitzer paid extra for it.

And for the most hardened terrorists, CIA interrogators had "the caterpillar." Evidently, the terrorists have gotten so fat on the food at Guantanamo, now they can't even outrun a caterpillar.

Contrary to MSNBC hosts who are afraid of bugs, water and their own shadows, waterboarding was most definitely not a "war crime" for which the Japanese were prosecuted after World War II -- no matter how many times Mrs. Jonathan Turley, professor of cooking at George Washington University, says so.

All MSNBC hosts and guests were apparently reading "Little Women" rather than military books as children and therefore can be easily fooled about Japanese war crimes. (MSNBC: The Official Drama Queen Network of the 2012 Olympics.)

Given what the Japanese did to prisoners, waterboarding would be a reward for good behavior.

It might be: waterboarding PLUS amputating the prisoner's healthy arm, or waterboarding PLUS killing the prisoner. But waterboarding on the order of what we did at Guantanamo would be a reward in a Japanese POW camp.

To claim that the Japanese -- architects of the Bataan Death March -- were prosecuted for "waterboarding" would be like saying Ted Bundy was executed for engaging in sexual harassment.

What the Japanese did to their POWs made even the Nazis blanch. The Japanese routinely beheaded and bayoneted prisoners; forced prisoners to dig their own graves and then buried them alive; amputated prisoners' healthy arms and legs, one by one, for sport; force-fed prisoners dry rice and then filled their stomachs with water until their bowels exploded; and injected them with chemical weapons in order to observe, time and record their death throes before dumping them in mass graves.

While only 4 percent of British and American troops captured by German or Italian forces died in captivity, 27 percent of British and American POWs captured by the Japanese died in captivity. Japanese war crimes were so atrocious that even rape was treated as only a secondary war crime in the Tokyo trial, similar to what happens during an R. Kelly trial.

The Japanese "water cure" was to "waterboarding" as practiced at Guantanamo what rape at knifepoint is to calling your secretary "honey."

The Japanese version of "waterboarding" was to fill the prisoner's stomach with water until his stomach was distended -- and then pound on his stomach, causing the prisoner to vomit.

Or they would jam a stick into the prisoner's nose so he could breathe only through his mouth and then pour water in his mouth so he would choke to death.

Or they would "waterboard" the prisoner with saltwater, which would kill him.

Meanwhile, the alleged "torture" under the Bush administration consists of things like:

-- "failing to respect a Serbian national holiday"; or

-- "forgetting to wear plastic gloves while handling a Quran."

The liberal media and its vile lapdogs...the democrat party and those who continue to vote traitorous monsters to office...cannot be bothered with facts. Because its feelings that count, not reality, and since everyone just knew that George W. Bush was really ChimpHitler anyways, whats the big deal?

Hey listen; Ted Kennedy's cult members still stick up for him, and anyone who could watch the back of so criminally evil a human being DESERVES what he gets with regards to high taxes and loss of liberty.

But what about the real Americans? What about us? Don't we deserve some sort of collective badge of honor for even living in the same country as this monster and his Pelosi-Reid-Martha gang of skieves?

College Student Shoots, Kills Home Invader

"A group of college students said they are lucky to be alive and they’re thanking the quick-thinking of one of their own. Police said a fellow student shot and killed one of two masked me who burst into an apartment.

Channel 2 Action News reporter Tom Jones met with one of the students to talk about the incident.“Apparently, his intent was to rape and murder us all,” said student Charles Bailey.

“They just came in and separated the men from the women and said, ‘Give me your wallets and cell phones,’” said George Williams of the College Park Police Department.Bailey said the gunmen started counting bullets.

“The other guy asked how many (bullets) he had. He said he had enough,” said Bailey.That’s when one student grabbed a gun out of a backpack and shot at the invader who was watching the men. The gunman ran out of the apartment.

The student then ran to the room where the second gunman, identified by police as 23-year-old Calvin Lavant, was holding the women.“Apparently the guy was getting ready to rape his girlfriend. So he told the girls to get down and he started shooting. The guy jumped out of the window,” said Bailey."

Luckily, this happened in Georgia and not some dirty place like New York, or California where there would be protests galore to canonize the dead thug while at the same time demonizing the hero who saved the day. And here's a tidbit from the comment section that deserves notice:

"This calls for a new bumper sticker. "My C average student wasted your thug-ass kid while breaking and entering."

Thanks to Of Arms and the Law for the link.

'Pedophile Protection Act'

"The leader of a pro-family organization says families across the nation need to contact their U.S. senators now to try to derail a legislative plan that already has passed the U.S. House and is being awaited by President Obama – after a Democrat confirmed it would protect "all 547 forms of sexual deviancy or 'paraphilias' listed by the American Psychiatric Association."

WND columnist Janet Porter, who also heads the Faith2Action Christian ministry, today cited S. 909, dubbed the "Pedophile Protection Act," as an extreme danger to America.

As H.R. 1913, the House version of the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act bill, the plan was adopted on a 249-175 vote, but not before several amendments were proposed by Republicans trying to mitigate the impact of the law.

Democratic Sens. Edward Kennedy and Patrick Leahy immediately introduced a matching plan in the U.S. Senate, and activists say a vote in committee could come as early as tomorrow."

Well, we've been saying that eventually democrats would get around to protecting pedophiles in the same manner they harbor all other forms of deviancy, and this ladies and gentlemen, is Round One.


Pedophiles vote too.

Bear this in mind; they try to take away rights from the healthy, and to balance the books, give rights to the diseased among us.

And as always, don't forget to vote democrat.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Corrigan Brothers Present: There's No One As Irish As Barack Obama

Child Support As Defined By The Animals Among Us

"A man was caught in Tampa Tuesday for allegedly throwing his ex-girlfriend's 4-month-old baby out of a car window, killing the child.

Richard Anthony McTear Jr., 21, was arrested Tuesday morning, hours after police say he tossed the infant boy onto Interstate 275, according to Hillsborough County authorities.

Police say he got into a fight with the baby's 17-year-old mother and attacked both of them.

He then fled with the child in his blue Chevrolet Impala.

The baby, Emanuel Wesley Murray, was found dead near the interstate about 4 a.m. just as police were preparing to issue an Amber Alert, FOX affiliate WTVT reported."

Guaranteed he'll maybe do 3 to 5 then be released by a weepy parole board. Any bets?

Quick Fits

I've heard that British "scientists" have constructed a car that runs on chocolate. Bet that's good news for Hershey Pennsylvania. And, speaking of location specific means of cheap fuel, should they ever get around to making a vehicle that runs on the AIDS virus, San Francisco is set for life.

Named and shamed!

The United Kingdom's 16 Least-Wanted

"Sixteen people banned from entering the UK were "named and shamed" by the Home Office today.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said she decided to make public the names of 16 people banned since October so others could better understand what sort of behaviour Britain was not prepared to tolerate.

The list includes hate preachers, anti-gay protesters and a far- right US talk show host.

She said the number of people excluded from Britain had risen from an average of two a month to five a month since October.

The list of the 16 "least wanted" includes radio talk show host Michael Savage, real name Michael Weiner.

"This is someone who has fallen into the category of fomenting hatred, of such extreme views and expressing them in such a way that it is actually likely to cause inter-community tension or even violence if that person were allowed into the country," Ms Smith told BBC Breakfast"

Tit for tat.

Or, banning the titless brat.

Even as we speak, the above picture is being circulated throughout Hogtown with contact numbers to reach should anyone spy Miz Jacqui, who will then be politely asked to leave the United States of America.

Over a million...CONSERVATIVELY speaking...illegal immigrants living off of England's dole, and this simple twat thinks Mikey to be a problem.

But hey. Gotta be a tough act. Being an ugly woman in today's society and all.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Another Poor Boy Gunned Down As He Tried To Straighten Out His Life...

"A troubled teenage father struggling to turn his back on the Bloods street gang was gunned down as he walked away from an argument on a Harlem street yesterday -- a horrific execution-style killing caught in chilling detail on video obtained exclusively by The Post.

Police said 17-year-old Cory Squire, the father of a 3-year-old boy, died instantly after being shot once in the head from behind on West 141st Street around 4:30 a.m.

The video, recorded by a surveillance camera in the building at 101 W. 141st Street, shows Squire walking along, wearing a hooded sweatshirt when another man calls out to him.

The two talk for about a minute, then separate.

But as Squire continues on his way the other man silently runs up behind him, methodically clutching a gun in his right hand, and puts a bullet in the teen's head."

Aside from the fact that I've not a clue as to how someone methodically clutches a gun, what I am...old Pollyanna taken aback with a 17 year-old who had a 3 year-old kid. His girlfriend, all of 18 herself, says he tried to quit the gang and was on the road to getting his life straight, as opposed to his mother who said he stole from her. What we know for certain is another instance of a fatherless teenager doing what came naturally then paying the price for being a alley animal.

This instance of cruel but inevitable street justice will be enshrined in the Brady diary Of Children Killed By A Firearm, stamped in gleeful red in order to more better use criminals as a means to continue to steal from us even after their timely demise.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Knife Of The Week: UPDATE

Ka-Bar Bull Dozier

No bells nor whistles, and Clint Slaughter tells me that the six and a half inches of AUS8 in this blade is the best he's seen. I'll believe it when I see it but it's at least a good looker, and hopefully I'll get a chance to break it, strike that, put it through its paces, sometime this weekend.

Here in Florida, you see, using a knife that isn't stainless is just asking for trouble even if you take good care of the steel. And coating, schmoating, after a day of decent use there's enough nicks and scratches and dings to give rust a place to latch on to.


Well AUS8 is STILL AUS8 as far as I'm concerned.

Might be a tiny bit less rollable than the "older" versions of this Japanese stainless, but it loses an edge quicker than a liberal kowtows to Obo.

Next blade to test...

A ZDP 189 stainless that contains 20% Chromium, and 3% carbon.