Wednesday, August 31, 2005

What WOULD We Do Without "World Leaders"...

World Leaders Deplore Baghdad Stampede

Wait a sec if you'd be so kind. Bear with me...just a moment or so longer. Yes, there it is. The commotion you're beginning to hear? Editor's in pressrooms throughout the Mainstream Media desperately trying to somehow, anyhow, whateverhow, make this seem like our fault. If they don't, then bet the rent money that the speech writers for St. Cindy of The Sissy will.

Catholicism Is On The Wane But We Never Suspected...

Homeless Saints May Face Vagabond Season

The NOT-Recommended Movie List...

'The Constant Gardener'

"Ralph Fiennes gives an exquisitely understated performance."

Science has proven that there are several ways to lower a man's testosterone level. Show him a picture of his Mother, have him hold a baby, or ask him to sit through any movie starring Ralph Fiennes, ESPECIALLY one described as "exquisite".

Miscommunications At The Highest Level...

Rinnnnnnngggg..."Hey Carl? Yeah hoss, it's me. Get the pitcher a' me and Maw, fine lookin' woman ain't...say again...dang...uh huh...yep...okay. Okie dokes, later, scooter." Click.

"Dammit Dick, we need ta git you some battries for that hearin' aid, old son. Carl says we wuz supposed take a pic of me and that Cindy mom... get Condi back in here with her polaroid and send some fella's ta' stop that danged bus..."

New York Times In Peril - Messenger

New Orleans in Peril - New York Times

"As the levees of Lake Pontchartrain gave way, flooding New Orleans, it seemed pretty clear that in this case, government did not live up to the job.

But this seems like the wrong moment to dwell on fault-finding, or even to point out that it took what may become the worst natural disaster in American history to pry President Bush out of his vacation."

Seems "like the wrong moment", ah, yep, sure does. Couldn't help yourselves though, could ya? Like the little kid asking mommy in a far too loud voice if that "fat lady can fit through a door".

Moonbats By The Dozens Break Win...Strike That...CAMP At Crawford...

Sheehan, War Protesters Leave Texas Camp - Yahoo! News

CRAWFORD, Texas - Cindy Sheehan packed up her campsite outside President Bush's ranch Wednesday and took her war protest on the road, ending a nearly monthlong vigil that drew thousands and ignited an anti-war movement.

Thousands? Overall? Certainly NEVER at any one time. Hell, even as rich as her backers ARE, they'd never be able to afford feeding thousands of gluttonous pinkos, I mean, have you taken a good look at some of these mooses?

"This is where I'm going to spend every August from now on," Sheehan said as she smiled and waved through a bus window.

Shouldn't she get a JOB first and THEN think about where summer vacation time will be..duh...sorry. She HAS a job.

The group plans to stop in 25 states during the next three weeks, then take Sheehan's "Bring Them Home Now Tour" to the nation's capital for a Sept. 24 anti-war march.
Sheehan's first stop was Austin for a rally later Wednesday. On Friday, protesters plan to go to U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's office in the Houston area.

What, no Democrats on her agenda? I betcha if she calls Teddy he'd gladly find some space for her and the couple, three lunatics that hang around to make sure she doesn't get off her feed. Gotta be lots to do around Camp Hyannis Port and even with that humpback she'd probably make one helluva cocktail tray carrier.

And in other news from St. Cindy of The Sissy, the AP is reporting that she's glad the President didn't meet with her outside his home in Crawford Texas.

"I look back on it, and I am very, very, very grateful he did not meet with me, because we have sparked and galvanized the peace movement," Sheehan told The Associated Press. "If he'd met with me, then I would have gone home, and it would have ended there."

And Cin, sparked and galvanized is cool so kudos to the speech writers but you gotta pay attention to everything they ask you to memorize, kay? "Happy" that the ONLY person you really wanted to talk to on your camping trip never stopped by, is about as lame as it gets, but Michael can edit that out of the finished documentary. And if you forget how it REALLY was just click back here. M'kay?

Howard Dean's Office Reports That He Is Resting Comfortably After the Tests...

Scientists Decipher the Chimpanzee's DNA

And we're awaiting word from the Intelligent Designers as to why the very existence of chimps or deans was necessary to begin with if modern biology's facts concerning evolution are in error...

Looting And Drowning...A Tale Of Two Cities

Officials Helpless Against Looters

And what a crock of absolute shite this is. It's becoming more and more clear that a certain percentage of folks stayed in New Orleans to ransack and rape the city once the police had other things on their minds, and that the Mayor and Governor were clueless dupes who didn't plan for this at all. In case they hadn't noticed, parts of Mississippi got hit harder than New Orleans and so far there has not been the widescale looting going on, which tells us one or a combination of two things:

Mississippi's law enforcement is doing one heck of a professional job in controlling THEIR animals, or New Orleans has a hell of a lot MORE animals.

They decided to stay, and let's face it, if the levies hadn't broken all we'd be talking about was a few inches of rain since the Hurricane was no where's near as powerful as the media was pounding into our heads, so kudo's Engineers for doing such crappy work, and most of them wanted to feast upon the riches they KNEW would be theirs for the plucking. Animals can smell blood from miles away and this one was a no-brainer.

Remain and take your chances with the rising waters in order to make a small fortune stealing everything from bottled water to televisions to jewelry. And now we're supposed to feel sorrow and pity for the one's not as fleet of foot or fluent with their backstroke. For the genuinely disadvantaged who simply made the wrong decision and were overcome by this disaster, my heart goes out to you and your families.

For others who are bucking tidal waters as they try and make it to higher ground, my advice is drop the widescreen sucker, that might help.

More Fun With St. Cindy of The Sissy...

Right Wing News (Conservative News and Views)

It certainly seems as if St. Cindy is one helluva lying witch, yawn, so we expected otherwise from the minions of Michael Moore? This has been a moonbat documentary in the making from Day One and since when have these troglodytes been known to tell the truth? About anything?

"Is Cindy Sheehan Telling The Truth About Chuck Hagel?

My buddies over at Ankle Biting Pundits ran across what appeared to be quite a scoop from Cindy Sheehan.

In Cindy Sheehan's "Last Post From Crawford," she posted thank-yous to a number of politicians. Most of them were standard, run-of-the-mill, ultra-lefties. However, there was one name that really stood out...

"George Bush for not meeting with me on August 6th. Martin Sheen for his support and presence. A.I.M for Dennis Banks and Russell Means. Gary Hart, John Conyers, Maxine Waters, Barbara Lee, Sheila Jackson Lee, Jan Schakowsky, Dennis Kucinich, Frank Pallone, Lynn Woolsey, Chuck Hagel, Ralph Nader, Jim McDermott, Walter Jones, Charlie Rangel and the other politicos who either came to CC, or called me to offer their support and love."
So Chuck Hagel "either came to (Camp Casey) or called me to offer (his) support and love?"

This seemed to be plausible since Hagel had compared Iraq to Vietnam and said Bush should have met with Sheehan.

But still, something didn't smell right to me so I called Senator Hagel's office.
I talked to three people there and every single one of them unconditionally denied that Senator Hagel had ever been to Camp Casey or talked to Cindy Sheehan. So, I guess this is just another instance of Cindy Sheehan playing fast and loose with the truth."

Wasn't Ms MoDo On The Wagon?

Dowd: A Lipstick President

She still IS? And wrote THIS sober?

Cindy Incites The Anklebiters to Full Frontal Hackle...

Ankle Biting Pundits - Cindy Sheehan Lies About Bush Playing Golf While Hurricane Raged

Cindy Sheehan Lies About Bush Playing Golf While Hurricane RagedPosted by bulldogpundit on Tuesday, 30 August 2005 (19:32:50) EDTContributed by bulldogpunditUPDATE: Our buddy Lorie Byrd at Polipundit has a must read post containing a link to a Cindy Sheehan interview that will leave you speechless.Raging Lefty Moonbat Cindy Sheehan painted an awful portrait of an out-of-touch President Bush today, in saying that he played golf yesterday while the hurricane raged through America, soldiers died and gas prices skyrocketed.

Quote: While George golfed yesterday, the worst hurricane ever struck New Orleans; oil went up to over 68.00/barrel; and an American soldier was killed in the charade and cataclysmic occupation of Iraq.

While there's no doubt this would have made great fodder for obese low-budget filmmaker Michael Moore's next fictional documentary, there's only one problem. It's not true. But this is Cindy Sheehan and the left we're talking about here. You think truth matters? Me neither. I mean, we are talking about a woman who claimed that Osama Bin Laden was "allegedly" behind 9/11. What's next from this kook? Claiming that "the Jews" were behind Hurricane Katrina? Or that Karl Rove orchestrated the hurricane to divert attention away from Bush's plunder of Iraqi oil?

Now, the fella's at Anklebiters are doing one helluva bangup job. Okay, where's your "but" oh chairborne commando...

Used to love the 3 Stooges , hell, still do. Would wince when Curly or Larry got a patented Moe finger-in-the-eye or hammer to the head. Then I grew up. Wasn't real. Some things are entertainment, and not to be taken seriously. St. Cindy of The Sissy isn't real either, and the moonbats need entertainment too.

Hey But Wasn't Live-8 Gonna Fix Everything? - Recolonizing Africa

By DAVID MCCORMACK August 31, 2005

"African Islam's historically moderate traditions have been undermined in recent decades by the introduction of Islamist influences from foreign sources. The usual suspects -- led by Saudi Arabia, Iran and Libya -- have, over the last 40 years, gained a great deal of control over the Islamic message reaching sub-Saharan Muslim populations. A volatile mix of Wahhabism, Khomeinism and pan-Islamism has subsequently corroded African Islam's temperance.

With Saudi Arabia leading the way, tens of billions of dollars have been poured into the region in support of Islamist activities. This money, among other things, funds mosques and madrassas that one Ethiopian journalist, Alem-Zelalem, in a 2003 article termed "jihad factories." It also trains African clerics in extremism and even directly finances terrorism.

What's more, Islamism's advance often functions through nominally nongovernmental organizations. Saudi Arabia's first attempt at continent-wide Islamist coordination, interestingly enough, took place in 1976 in Mauritania's capital of Nouakachott under the auspices of the Riyadh-controlled Muslim World League. Saudi and other foreign-sponsored Islamist groups have since continued to operate in the country and throughout Africa.

An environment permeated with radical Islamic thought has, not surprisingly, created legions of terrorists and provided them a hospitable base of operations. In Mauritania alone, prominent international terror groups such as al Qaeda have established training camps, while lesser-known but nevertheless dangerous groups such as the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat have emerged to wage jihad. In fact, al Qaeda along with other terrorist outfits such as Hezbollah have a continent-wide footprint -- from Liberia to Eritrea to Tanzania -- often linking up with local extremist groups such as al-Ittihaad al-Islami, which has terrorized the Horn of Africa, or Qibla, which operates in South Africa.

The U.S. and other Western governments can check Islamism's designs on the region only by acknowledging that Africa is an important piece of the global security architecture. For its part, Washington could take a practical first step by establishing a separate military command for sub-Saharan Africa, as suggested by Gen. James Jones, currently charged with the military's oversight of most of the subcontinent as the Supreme Allied Commander for Europe.

To its credit, the U.S. has begun to deploy troops in several African countries to train African forces to combat terrorism -- including Mauritania, under what is known as the Pan-Sahel initiative (though it would be surprising if this exercise withstands the coup). Given America's other priorities, however, it can scarcely afford a stronger military presence in Africa -- a reality reveled in by militant Islamists. Fortunately, much can be done to demonstrate the strategic importance the West attaches to Africa without putting boots on the ground."

Boots we can ill afford to spare right now, and Mr. McCormack is correct in presuming that pressure to the SOURCE of the terrorism is a far better strategy than waiting until the baby beast matures into a raging monster. The devil remains in the details however, and pressuring fundamental Islam requires a knowledge of the threat, an understanding of the enemy, and a willingness to devote the resources necessary to win, not just pass the problem along to the next generation. Listening, Bubba?

Sadly enough, the good thing to arise from the London bombings was a throttling wake-up call to ALL of Eurabia. Such destruction CAN and WILL happen wherever moslems are allowed to gather in strength and preach their holy war to disenchanted young men and women. It took murder to open the eyes of the British, but the beast they confront is nothing compared to an empassioned Africa that is ready, willing, oh so near and soon to be oh so able of attacking European countries that have long since disarmed themselves, their people, and are incapable of fighting back. Nukes aren't much of an offense when there's no place to drop 'em, no one or two cities to demolish with the clear message that this will be but a beginning should a conflict continue. Radical Islam is a disease that will require skill to destroy. Skill, guts, and NOT just a too-little, too-late kneejerk retort that sends a clear message to Brazilian electricians the world over.

Yanks: Sleepwalking In Seattle

Memo To George:


I dreaded this west coast trip. From NY to Seattle, no off day in-between, and knew that the weakest link would snap like a Lou Pinella temper tantrum.

And snap it did as the first two starters, Mussina and Chacon, threw the ball as if they'd just trotted onto the field after a long winter and were loosening up for spring training. The hitters did surprising well all things considered, and one of the "all things" is of course the lack of advance scouting that can allow a journeyman hurler like Jeff Harris...he started the season pitching in dominate a lineup that should have had him for breakfast. This was also the first time the Mariners were seeing Chacon, but it was obvious from the get-go that they had SOME idea of what to expect, unlike the clueless Yanks who didn't have the foggiest notion of what Harris had to offer.

This is why advance scouting is so important. Hitting is nothing more than timing, pitching is nothing more than ruining that timing, and without a heads-up from scouts, hitters are on their own when facing an unknown. Again, Chacon didn't faze the Mariners at all, but then again neither did Mussina who they knocked around as if someone had fooled them into believing it was still batting practice. That can be somewhat attributed to jet lag and Moose's tender elbow, but neither he nor Chacon looked like they had any preparation whatsoever.

Think Bobby Valentine lets something like this happen? Sure, there are days when a good pitcher dominates your team, you tip your hat to him and prepare for the next game. But a guy who began the year learning to speak Cantonese?

Bench coach, First Base coach, or Manager, the Yankees need for a Bobby Valentine is apparent each and every time they are caught flatfooted like this. For years baseball scribes have been opining that spring training is far too long, that modern ballplayers arrive in shape and ready to go, but not so with the Yanks. They began the year raggedy, played that way for a month until the grogginess wore off, and are now in the fight of their baseball lives for a playoff spot. A fight that is important enough to warrant having the best available baseball minds overseeing the best available talent.

Call him, George.

The City Was Sacked And Belonged To The Beasts...

No, not a description of Troy as taken from The Iliad...

Sad and oh so predictable. Minorities are rioting and looting what's left of New Orleans and the police have been caught flatfooted, no pun intended, and ill prepared to deal with the enormity of the situation. It does appear that the National Guard must be called out under the auspices of Martial Law, and of course most of the MSM is handling this with kid gloves. Too many pictures and videos of blacks trashing one Wal-Mart after another is not good for their political constituency, and in their heart of hearts you just know that the pinkies feel sorry for these criminals.

Michelle Malkin as well as several other blogs are covering this story as best they may, but this is where the big boys have us at a distinct disadvantage. As I've often said, blogging will never replace or even seriously threaten the mainstream news. Not having the bricks and mortar is an advantage when it comes to not being encumbered by it all, our sheer numbers insure eventually accuracy, but without the cameras and satellites and crews we're ALL observers, left to the mercy of whatever pablum is tossed our way.

Sure, we can vet a story, dig deep into the very life's blood of a situation to thrash it all out, BUT, we can't go get the news, only disect it.

Like it or not, we're the coroners. And New Orleans will need us but not until the body is quite cold and fingerpointing time has come to pass.

Indeed...Pick 'Em Too Soon And They Get Tough And Stringy...

U.S. woman sues over harvesting of brother's brain

And don't you just love the medical term for performing an organ-donation procedure? Harvesting. These people gave me the creeps even before they began wrecking the language with their modern ghoul-speak.

Pope Had Sit Down With Oriana Fallaci

And who might she be, asketh the clueless minions of darkness that haven't followed the to-do her writings have caused throughout Eurabia? Um, I forgot for a minute, but the story reminded me.

Pope meets controversial critic of Islam - Yahoo! News

Controversial because she tells the truth and the headchoppers hate her guts for doing so. Journalists, after all, are supposed to kneel before the almighty moslem world, particularly FEMALE journalists who take the chance of being a sex slave for all eternity should they displease a man. Gotta love the 6th Century, eh folks. Hey, it was what it was but today is what it IS, so do your part for civilization and keep a wary eye on a goat humping towelhead today.

Just in case.

Travel Tip

Was sorting through some business cards and came upon this one. When traveling through Borneo a highly recommended restaurant featuring good food at good prices.

Just have a care for the orangutans, especially around this time of year. Yeah, yeah, not telling you anything you don't already know but on the outside chance you've never made it there, it pays to be safe.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

"If, For Example, They'd Only Tell Us What Installations Are The Most Vulnerable, We'd Be Glad To.."

U.S. Muslims feel sidelined in terrorism fight

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Bush administration is neglecting American Muslims in the fight against terrorism, undermining a potentially priceless resource that could be used to root out militants at home, major Muslim groups say.

Uh huh. Ask the folks whose holiest of holies orders them to kill us, ask THEM for help and let 'em in on our plans as allies against...themselves?

Each and EVERY moslem individual or organization in the WORLD knows precisely what needs to be done to root out militants. Stop harboring them, stop feeding them, stop protecting them, stop funding them, and fer chrissake, what, you don't have a phone and can't CALL the authorities if you know of something that might be of assistance? Engraved invitation? Okay, here it is:


That's Webdings For "Please Tell Us Where The Killers Are", Now un-sideline your cult-killing asses and...whoops, sorry, I mean, thanks.

"Hey Baby, This Is Al..Huh...What You Mean She On The Other Line...Get Her Whi..."

The guys and gals over at The Corner on National Review Online have been wondering why Cindy hung up during a recent radio interview. Here's a snippet of her conversation with Neil Cohen of NPR BEFORE master called:

"The appearance by Cindy Sheehan on NPR's "Talk of the Nation" that Jonah mentioned yesterday was quite extraordinary (you can listen to it here). It was extraordinary, first, for the way Sheehan dealt with host Neal Conan. And it was extraordinary, second, for the revealing interviews Conan later conducted with three other parents of U.S. servicemen killed in Iraq."

First, Sheehan. Conan irritated her early in the interview by asking why her son Casey had joined the army. "He got lied to by his recruiter," Sheehan said.

"Did you try to talk him out of it?" Conan asked.

"We didn't have a chance," Sheehan said, explaining that Casey signed up before telling his parents.
"He made a choice of his own," Conan said.

"Right," Sheehan said. Then, after a long pause, she said, "What does that have to do with him being sent to a war that's illegal and immoral...?"

"No, but he wasn't drafted," Conan said. "He made a choice of free will."

Things went downhill from there, when Conan asked what President Bush had said to Sheehan during their meeting in June 2004. "I've talked about this a lot, do you have any new questions?" Sheehan said. When Conan persisted, Sheehan said, "I have two minutes."
Clearly surprised, Conan asked about a few other topics. Then he said, "A lot of statements have been attributed to you as Camp Casey has grown, as this movement has grown -- "

"I have to go now. Thank you," Sheehan said, and hung up.

"Cindy Sheehan, leaving us, there in Crawford, Texas," Conan told listeners. "We apologize for that. We had arranged with people there to speak with Cindy Sheehan for the remainder of this segment, take some calls as well. Evidently plans changed at the last minute."

A Poll? We Don't Pay Attention To...Whats That...It Makes Sense?

The anklebiters have really come along since they began as Crush-Kerry during the past election, and have become a must click for the gunny.

Ankle Biting Pundits

Moonbat Cindy Changes Few MindsPosted by H-Bomb on Tuesday, 30 August 2005 (16:40:08) EDT

"ABC is reporting a poll that shows Cindy “Blame the Jews” Sheehan has changed few minds about the Iraq war."Public Attitudes About War The Sheehan Effect: More likely to support war 10%- More likely to oppose war 9%- No effect on views 79% Says ABC:

Quote: Sheehan supporters are very disproportionately those who oppose the war. (In an ABC/Post poll earlier this summer, 53 percent said it was not worth fighting.) Nevertheless, Sheehan has not changed the basic equation -- or many minds at all. About eight in 10 Americans say she hasn't changed their overall opinion of the war. Among the rest, as many say they're more likely to support the war because of Sheehan (10 percent) as say they're more likely to oppose it (9 percent).

"Basically, it’s just a big anti-American echo chamber going on down there.The pinkos have invested so much emotional energy into this PR stunt, I have to assume that its failure will finally result in the liberal mass suicide I've been predicting for months."

The only things that mass-suicide in a lefty household are the neglected housepets that starve whilest master and mistress huddle under the bed and vow that NEXT TIME they'll really really move to Canada or kool-aid their sorry asses. The Cindy Show is just one of the rabbits to be pulled from this tired old hat, and their only hope rests with the cumulative effect a constant barrage of negativism can bring.

History has shown that a people CAN be worn down, but that was before us.

More Of The Studies We've Come To Know And Love...

Charles beat me to this, so he get's the link:

lgf: The Stress of Our Regard

The people most stressed out by the July 7 mass murder attacks in Britain? Muslim Londoners.
The stress caused by the terrorist bombings in London on 7 July 2005 was far more keenly felt by Muslim residents compared with other inhabitants, a psychological study reveals.

Sixty-one per cent of Muslim commuters surveyed suffered substantial stress in the days following the first terrorist attacks on the city’s transport system – almost double the proportion of stressed Londoners from other faiths.

“One can speculate it could be fear of reprisals and being upset about the misusing of their religion [to justify] terrorism,” says Neil Greenberg, at the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London, and one of the study team.

Overall, Londoners coped reasonably well, the researchers found, although one-third of commuters still felt substantially stressed 12 days after the attacks.

Damn right they felt more stress, duh. Listening for that knock on the door as they awaited justice must have been unnerving indeed. Memo to moslems who'd wish to be less stressed: DON'T BLOW PEOPLE UP, BEHEAD THEM, OR FINANCE THE ONE'S THAT DO...REGARDLESS OF WHAT DEAD-OL-MO SAID.

Now "Study" That.

We Turn Our Attention Now To The World Leader In...

Bad-Moslem, BAD Boy, Now Put That Severed Head DOWN Young Man, Or It's NO Virgin's For You For A Whole WEEK...

lgf: Palestinian Assets Frozen

WASHINGTON — A Rhode Island lawyer trying to collect a $116 million terrorism judgment against the Palestinian Authority has obtained a court-ordered freeze on all its US-based assets, severely limiting most Palestinian economic and diplomatic activities in the United States at a critical moment for the fledgling government.

The frozen assets include US holdings in a $1.3 billion Palestinian investment fund meant to finance economic development as well as bank accounts used to pay Palestinian representatives in Washington, according to lawyers and court documents filed in Rhode Island, Washington, D.C., and New York. Also frozen are about $30 million in assets from the Palestinian Monetary Authority, the Palestinian equivalent of the US Federal Reserve.

Providence attorney David Strachman, who is representing the orphaned children of a couple killed in Israel by Palestinian militants, has also initiated a court action to seize and sell the Palestinian-owned building in New York that serves as the Palestine Liberation Organization observer mission to the United Nations.

The aggressive collection effort comes as the Palestinian Authority is struggling to create economic opportunity and set up a viable government. Now, Palestinian officials say, the unpaid claim in the Rhode Island court, resulting from a 2004 ruling, threatens to complicate their efforts to become a credible emerging state.

"See this? It’s the world’s tiniest woman in a burqa, ululating just for them."

Just wait till Cindy-The Jooo-Despiser and her new spiritual advisor Reverend "I-Call-Them-Diamond-Merchants" Al get wind of what the Bush administration is allowing to happen. Can a bus trip to Palestine be far behind?

UPDATE On The Budapest-Mayor's-Miniskirt-Proclamation...

As we reported on Friday, Now Call Me If You Need A Second Opinion..., the Mayor of Budapest has procalimed that only women with perfect legs may wear miniskirts in City Hall, and as a public service announcement Messenger hereby provides a picture of a suitably attired young lady. Hmmm...yeah, that'll do.

Victory Over Japan: 60 Year Anniversary - Politics - Bush Commemorates VJ Day

SAN DIEGO — "President Bush on Tuesday commemorated the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II by stressing the importance of winning the War on Terror and drawing similarities between the wars then and now.

Speaking mainly to a military audience in Coronado, Calif., Bush repeated a formula he used last week in two speeches aimed at rebuilding support for the war in Iraq and likened the challenges of today's war to the long-sought victory in the 1940s."

A warm and sincere thank you to all WWII Veterans for a job well done. There are no actions above and beyond the call of duty, for duty is a demanding mistress, yet time after time those brave men came close to the elusive 110% that is so blithely bandied about these days. The old saw says that if you can read these words, then thank a teacher. If you can read these words in English, then thank a Veteran.

And I won't even get into who the President spoke to AFTER he "mainly" talked to the military audience, but here's how the NY TIMES reported upon this significant event:

Bush Commemorates World War II on Anniversary

Sorry, pinkies, but the commemoration was in remembering VJ-Day. VICTORY... a difficult word to associate with the hated US Military, I know... OVER...yes we imposed our political will over someone, how horrid...JAPAN...those poor, poor orientals who deserved better.

Garfunkle Busted For Grass Again

My Way News

WOODSTOCK, N.Y. (AP) - "Singer Art Garfunkel, who pleaded guilty last year to pot possession in upstate New York, was charged again Sunday after a marijuana cigarette was allegedly found in the ashtray of his car, state police said.

The 63-year-old Garfunkel, who lives in Manhattan, was charged after being pulled over for failing to stop his vehicle at a stop sign, The Daily Freeman of Kingston reported Tuesday.
Upon approaching Garfunkel's car, a trooper noticed a strong odor of marijuana and a subsequent search turned up a joint in the ashtray, the newspaper reported. He was issued a ticket and is due back in Woodstock Town Court on Sept. 22."

Oh for chrissake enough. Find a joint on anyone over 21 and give them a slap on the wrist, done deal. Hemp is the best natural rope fiber in the world, so 75 years ago the rope manufacturers, who didn't want the competition, lobbied for marijuana to be made illegal for any purpose, and those antiquated laws serve no one any more, so grow up already.

Yeah, yeah I know, the children, the children. Well the children are smoking it whenever they bloody well want but it's expensive so the neighborhood boys gotta rob an old lady when they want to get high, and the neighborhood girls better be capable of tying a cherry stem with their tongues because THAT competition is fierce. The rich kids can buy all they want, most do, and then lord it over those less fortunate. Damn it all, it's GRASS not frickin HEROIN, and no, I don't use the stuff but enough is enough. Don't de-criminalize it, just make personal adult use akin to a parking ticket with no court appearance necessary.

Think They'd Stop Erecting New Structures On Ancient Sites...

New Structure Found at Ancient Ohio Site

So The Chinese Have Really Hard Ground?

Google Loosing Ground in China

And the other gal, the one who could spell "losing", is apparently dining with the one who could spell constitution.

Well Let's Hope So

More Changes Said Likely to Iraq Charter

The one gal in all the ASSociated Press who could spell Constitution must have been out to lunch when the forever out-to-lunch AP decided to run the above headline. EVERY constitution undergoes change. Constantly. It's just the Iraqi one that's gotta be good to go right from the box, and by the way, how's that European Union Constitution coming along lately? How many YEARS have those detweillers been working on THEIRS and how many more years will it take to make that rag even readable?

Now Don't Wonder Why The Networks Foamed At The Mouth Over Katrina..

Yahoo's Most Popular Stories Of The Day:

Katrina Devastation Called 'Overwhelming'
Hurricane Katrina brings death, floods to U.S. Gulf
Brace for more Katrinas, say experts
Poverty Rate Rises to 12.7 Percent
Looting Begins in New Orleans

They're giving the rubes what they want, that's all.

Studies, Studies, EVERYBODY'S Got Studies...

Study: Few Gay Characters in New TV Season

LOS ANGELES - Sixteen homosexual characters are depicted in network TV series scheduled for the 2005-06 season, a small increase over last year but still inadequate, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation said Monday.

Okay listen...if THIS is the worst they've got to complain about, we've come a long way baby. And hey, I've checked and checked and there's not ONE new show featuring an Italian-American-Marine, or even a Marine of ANY ethnic background and guess what kids...there's lots more of us around and we ain't whinging because some dumb TV show isn't parading us in front of the country. But that's okay; for years it's always been "it's a private matter what consenting adults do" and now it isn't "private" anymore because the exhibitionists want MORE attention. Chrissake, get over it... and let's not go there with "inadequate", okay.

Ah, but more pics like this can be emailed directly to my attention and I'll see what I can do.

Japanese Awaiting New Robot Toy

Japanese Robot Knows Words, Can House-Sit

TOKYO (AP) - A child-shaped humanoid robot that can recognize about 10,000 words and work as a house sitter will go on sale in Japan in September. The "Wakamaru" robot can recognize the faces of up to 10 people and talk to them. When linked to mobile phones, it can also work as a monitor to check...

Yeah, yeah, okay. This thing look "child-shaped" to you? Myself I can't say I've seen many kids built like that, but child-SIZED, yeah, the goofy looking thing IS child-sized. Now, toss a turban on it's head and depending how fast it can zig-zag, something like this'd be great for target practice. Cool if it had a recording that could shout things, like little-lulu-clarkbar, or whatever it is they scream when meeting a .44 slug up close and personal.

Most Ridiculous Item Of The Day. So Far.

Iraq Constitution Said Vague on Some Points

So all of those constitutional lawyers WE have, and the fight for Supreme Court justices who will "interpret" this way or that, and the 200+ year old fight WE'VE been having on hundreds of constitutional issues somehow means that OURS isn't "vague on some points"? Mother of pearl but they'll stretch to report doom and/or gloom, won't they?

The Little Known Story Of The First Time Reverend Al Met Cindy...

Chinese Researcher Warns of Nude Web Chats
SHANGHAI, China (AP) - A Chinese researcher has warned of a new threat to public health and morality - naked Internet chatting. Up to 20,000 Chinese Internet users log on to chatrooms each night in which users in various states of undress talk to each other with the help of Web cams, the Shanghai...

Cabinet-Makers Say They Wuz Robbed...

Carpenter Becomes First 19-game Winner

Another In The Lineup Of Dynamic Duos...

Rev. Jackson Meets With Venezuela's Chavez

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) - The Rev. Jesse Jackson on Monday urged President Bush to strongly condemn a U.S. religious broadcaster's call to assassinate Venezuela's leftist president, saying Washington needs to cool down the rhetoric against this South American nation and major oil producer. The...

Doesn't quite deliver the sharp pain in the know, the one you get from snarfing ice cream...of Al & Cindy, but the Jesse & Hugo show is probably funnier. Two enormously egotistical commies stuffed like sausages in ill-fitting suits. Dunno who I'd put my money on were the two of them to go into full frontal con, but Jesse's bullshit spans many continents while Hugie must be content with being a beaner amongst beaners.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Pierre...Mon Ami But May I Borrow Your Video Camera For A Few Days...

Swazi princess whipped by palace official

EZULWINI VALLEY, Swaziland (Reuters) - The king of Swaziland's daughter was whipped by a palace official at a party of teenage virgins ahead of a festival where over 50,000 maidens will vie to become her father's 13th wife, media said on Sunday.

Thousands of bare-breasted virgins will dance for Africa's last absolute monarch in Monday's Reed Dance ceremony, which King Mswati III has used to choose new brides.

U.N. authorities reported that the entire ceremony will of course be strictly monitored by several hundred representatives from around the world, with many bringing video cameras to assure nothing untowards happens during the festivities. Copies may be obtained directly from the UN website:

Welcome to the UN. It's your world.

AOL/Time Warner Keeping Tabs To See If An American Version Featuring Live Abortion Feasible...

Dutch Reality Show May Feature Live Birth



U.S. abstinence drive hurts AIDS fight-UN official

So then, not exposing yourself to a disease SHOULDN'T be first on the list of how NOT to CATCH it? Or is it, well, our folks are animals who can't be reasoned with when it comes to rutting?

Group Photo...

A while back, readers of my old blog at AOL got together for a group pic. Great looking bunch.

Hey Cindy? Tell Us Your Thoughts About THESE Children, Earth-Mother-To-Us-All...

Jerusalem Post Breaking News from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World

Another boy-bomber caught at Hawara

A 14-year-old Palestinian was arrested after he was caught carrying three pipe bombs through the Hawara checkpoint south of Nablus Monday afternoon.

The teenager set off the alarm of the metal detector positioned at the crossing, alerting soldiers manning the position.

He was found to be carrying in a bag three pipe bombs that were to be activated by a friction type detonator. The bombs were packed with explosives, as well as shrapnel and glass balls.
Border police sappers blew up the bomb and the youth was handed over to the Shin Bet for questioning.

The Hawara checkpoint has become a notorious target over the past few months for terrorists trying to smuggle bombs and arms into Israel.On June 19 of this year a Palestinian youth was apprehended at the checkpoint while attempting to smuggle five pipe bombs.

A month prior to that incident a 14-year-old Palestinian wearing a belt with two pipe bombs strapped to it was arrested, and in another incident at the same place, a 15-year-old Palestinian was arrested after he was discovered carrying two pipe bombs inside a black bag.

Sending children to die in an attempt to kill some Jews. This really isn't even news, not anymore, but since the MSM won't touch such stories with a ten-foot-pole someone's got to keep the attention focused on reality. LGF does it's usual superb job, and we'll pitch in whenever something as ghastly as this comes to our attention, all the while continuing to stress the fact that 6th Century Islam is the culprit here, and if the EUrinals or America isn't "getting-it" then both will soon BE getting it in the worst possible fashion.

And oh yeah, almost forgot, these are the heroic freedom fighters you so love, Cindy, one's of the same stripe that killed your own. If you had an inch of honor or an ounce of sense you'd despise yourself for sticking up for them, perhaps even as much as ALL people of good will do.

The Big Easy Survives The Big Nothing...

Hysterical Sheppy Smith (ALL WHO STAY HERE WILL DIE!) of Fox now admits that New Orleans NEVER gets a direct hit and is pontificating so fast and furiously that he was right anyway but in areas we poor dumb folks cannot fathom.
Bourbon Street is not underwater. People are out and about.

New Orleans is safe. My cyber-perch atop a relatively tall building on Earhart Blvd. Will Katrina Send The Gunny To That Happy Firing Range In The Sky? has not been overrun, and my cyber-spit in the face to the media ghouls has left me unscathed. Piece of cake...ALWAYS bet against them and at the end of the day you'll be way ahead of the game.

Update: The President was just on and speaking about proposed relief services to the stricken areas, when he paused to mention that he was a Governor of a border state and appreciated peoples concerns about...

Poof. They cut him off. Both Fox and MSNBC realized that he was venturing away from the fear they are still trying to generate regarding the storm, and I didn't get to hear if he was talking about illegal imigration. Typical. Interrupt a real story with a fake one that has more potential to keep people glued to their sets.

China Steps Up It's Cyber War On U.S. Military

Yes, that big cuddly nation/marketplace that is all the rage, a lefties delight in that it is a devout foe of America and for the most part running under the radar (the libs loves sneak attacks as it gives them someone to blame for something they started), has launched thousands of cyber-attacks against American military installations throughout the world.

New York Post Online Edition: postopinion

by Ralph Peters

"Last year, the Department of Defense suffered a record 79,000 computer network attacks, including some that actually reduced the military's operational capabilities. In the past, top-flight military units such as the Army's 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions and the 4th Infantry Division have been "hacked."

According to Pentagon sources, most attacks on America's "digital" Achilles' Heel are originating from the People's Republic of China (PRC), making Chinese information warfare (IW) operations an issue we'd better pay close attention to.

China's military has incorporated cyberwarfare tactics into military exercises and created schools that specialize in IW. It's also hiring top computer-science graduates to develop its cyberwarfare capabilities and, literally, create an "army of hackers."

According to the congressionally mandated U.S.-China Security Review Commission (USCC): "The Chinese realize that they cannot win a traditional war against the U.S [in Asia] and are seeking unorthodox ways to defeat the U.S. in any such conflict . . . while building up their military power to eventually match or exceed U.S. military capabilities in East Asia."

Fear not, Wal-Mart lovers, for although China remains an enormous threat they are lacking in certain key elements necessary to land a knockout punch to America's cyber-capabilities on the battlefield. Sources close to this fray tell me that the vast majority of such attacks from China are recognized as such early on in the game, and allowed to penetrate as a test of China's increasing interest and capability in this area of warfare. But here's where dictatorships always fail in the end; the Chinese hackers responsible for the attacks know that we know they're fumbling in our systems, but are reluctant to tell their masters in Peking from fear of demotion. Demotion from the chin up, that is. So they poke and prod and do as much irrelevant damage as possible, then report successes that never really happened. They keep their heads, we learn how to better safeguard the systems they're interested in, and the warlords are kept happy.

So what capabilities are they lacking? Try Freedom. Try Independent thought. And those are just the beginning of an analysis of THEIR weaknesses.

Well DUH, They DO Play With A Pigskin...

From lgf: outside the haughty hegemonic box of imperial thought, I clicked to this: Daily Times - Site Edition

Saudi clerics declare football un-Islamic

Daily Times MonitorLAHORE: Ulema in Saudia Arabia have issued a fatwa (religious decree) declaring football an un-Islamic sport, and have urged the youth to quit it immediately, BBC radio reported on Saturday.According to the report, the clerics urged the youth to indulge in jihad and other constructive activities that could help the Muslim ummah, the radio reported. The ulema argued that football wastes a lot of time and the participants wear shorts, which they said was an un-Islamic dress, the radio reported.Following the decree, some players of the famous Taif Football Club have quit the game, the report added.

And that's that. Always DID feel that a good old fashioned jihad was more constructive than waiting to see which fat guys could knock down the other fat guys on a regular enough basis to make it to the Super Fat Guys Bowl, and with that in mind I wouldn't care all that much if representatives of the NFL didn't participate in capturing, detaining, and killing militant moslems the word over. That's my idea of jihad, ya see; ridding the world of cult-killers who'd never be capable of playing football anyways so there's no downside to it at all.

The Cindy & Al Show

A Touching Scene...Now Zoom Out...

Public Service Announcement From Messenger's Council On Mental Health..

Your Brain

Cindy Crawford

Your Brain On Moonbat

Cindy AT Crawford
Any Questions?

Sunday, August 28, 2005

What We REALLY Need Is A Good Handgun Pic To Offset The Pinko-Google Ads...

The Most-Viewed Story Of the Day?

No...believe it or not, it isn't Katrina...


Caps and all courtesy of Yahoo and Dear Abby

More Momentous Moments In The News...

Ya Think?...Starving won't make people live longer-researchers

This Just In: 3 Nebraska Farmers Noticing Abnormal Bunion Growth, And...Almanac Warns of Temperature Fluctuations

Tiny Ass Prison Cell?...Suspected computer worm-authors arrested, FBI says

The MSM Still Pushing The Witch Of Crawford...

Pro- and Anti-War Demonstrations Hit Texas

This is brought to your attention so that we might emphasize the media's frantic rush to equate the couple hundred bought and paid for moonbats with the thousands of every day Americans who've shown up in Crawford to support the country. The same country that Windy Cindy and her liberal masters so detest and are willing to spend millions to cast a dark shadow over for all the world to see.

There IS no grassroot groundswell of support for this jew-hating, terror-loving lunatic who is shamelessly using her dead son to promote the media/hollywood/Nazi agenda of hatred for America. Smoke, mirrors, and a willing press can go a long way, just ask the Clintons, but don't for a moment believe that any cast of thousands is flocking to this production.

It worked three decades ago when they wanted us out of Vietnam, but that was long before the advent of the citizen-media, and we simply will not allow them to fool an entire nation again. NEVER again.

Keep 'Em. Lugar's Half A Whack-Job Anymore And Obama's Just Another Do-Nothing Little Lefty Darling

Two U.S. Senators Held at Russian Airport

Sens. Richard Lugar, R-Ind., and Barack Obama, D-Ill., who had been visiting storage sites for weapons of mass destruction, were held at an airport in the Ural Mountain city of Perm for several hours but were allowed to leave after talks between U.S. and Russian officials.
"I am in Ukraine with Sen. Lugar," Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Lugar's spokesman, Andy Fisher, said in a message sent from a personal messaging device Sunday afternoon.

Sorry. Pulled every last string remaining but Obama's coming back, and yeah, Luger too. Hey, an old buddy at the consulate owed me a favor and all we can do is try.

We Call Your Attention To An Extraordinarily Funny Tale...

France Steps Up Role in War on Terror

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) - As the going gets tougher for the U.S. military in Afghanistan and elsewhere in the region, one ally has stepped up despite a recent straining of ties: France. Paris has significantly boosted its military presence in Central Asia and Afghanistan, plus in nearby...

This had to be a press release from the Fwench "military", that or someone practicing an April Fool's joke in late August. The Fwenchies have removed 9/10 of their military presence in Afghanistan, and it was only that "high" to begin with because the Germans discovered that their planes, jeeps, tanks, and people were not up to the harsh environment and either had to be quickly removed or not sent at all. I've been frantically scouring the web for signs, ANY signs that France has stepped anything up besides the amount of pedophiles sent to Africa, and without any luck. And the fact that the AP report mentioned that "Paris has significantly boosted it's military presence..." leads me to believe it was all a drunken bet between one of the AP stringers and some attache; I mean, when the US sends troops anywhere in the world it's just that...US, or American troops, not Washington's, unless Paris really has sent a cab load of gendarmes to assist in the policing of whatever whore houses the Afghans were having the most trouble with.

Sounds Like The Local Jihadists Needed Some Practice..

Wax Head of Mozart Is Stolen From Museum

VIENNA, Austria (AP) - Thieves snatched the head of a life-size Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wax figure from a Salzburg museum, police said Saturday. The figure of the composer was on display at "Next to Mozart," a multimedia museum that opened last year. The wax head has an estimated value of $18,427,...

Will Katrina Send The Gunny To That Happy Firing Range In The Sky?

With the media hoping and praying that death and destruction is just around the corner, all of today's "news" is focused upon Hurricane Katrina, and here's my take:

I'd stay. An east-coast boy from way back, I'd start my own Hurricane party and sit it out, if for nothing but to piss off the media that's out to make tons of cash from whatever diaster occurs. Ghouls. Kick back, break my no-booze dictate for a day or so and wait for nature to come and get me if she could.

With landfall tomorrow, tune in to see if it would've taken me out or not. Tune in to MESSENGER, not the asswipes screaming that the ocean is falling.

By the way, I've got out the old maps and picked where I'd stay: Top right hand corner of the map, just off Earhart Blvd that borders the French Quarter. I'm cyber-holding-up there so let's see what happens.


I'd ask you to click the ads at the bottom of the page, but Google has been tripping me out with some anti-Bush shit and I just wanted all to know that it certainly isn't any of my doing. Then again, it's a free country and if you get a chuckle from something like "The Bush-Countdown Keychain" then knock yourself out. Before I do.

Springtime For Cindy And Germany...

lgf: Nazis Love Mother Sheehan

The Nazis at National Vanguard have adopted Cindy Sheehan as their shining symbol of Jew-hatred: James and Cindy; Progress and Hope. (Hat tip: Richard F. Miller.)

One of the most important steps that Whites are taking these days (and, we all must admit, that millions of non-Whites have already taken) is a recognition that Jewish power is toxic to any society that allows it to exist. (And allowing it free rein is tantamount to suicide.) Jewish power is behind the drive for racial mixing, open borders, raceless globalism, and international capitalism, just as it was behind racially-destructive international Communism. But what is really waking people up is the Jewish power behind the current war in the Middle East, and the outrageous hypocrisy of Israel as Jews maintain an aggressive racial state (armed to the teeth, by the way, with Weapons of Mass Destruction) while doing everything in their power to open the borders of and multiracialize and multiculturalize other peoples’ countries.
I’m sure that all of you are by now familiar with Cindy Sheehan, the mother of Casey, her son who was killed in Iraq last year, and her vigil outside the Bush ranch in Crawford, Texas. Her story has moved the hearts of millions just as it has angered the neocon spinmeisters who pushed for this war. Though she has hesitated and backpedaled more than once, she has brought out into public view the one flaming truth that the Jewish-controlled left and Jewish-controlled right are desperate to conceal: that her son, and all the other Americans being brought back home in body bags, died for Israel, not America.
Whatever mistakes Cindy Sheehan has made or will make, and whatever defects in her understanding, her story is a moving testament to the horrible injustice and irreparable harm done to our people by the Jewish supremacists. And it is also a story of pluck and courage and the great good that one person can do.

Hey, I'm sure Cindy doesn't mind, after all, a follower is a follower and as long as they kick in with the cash, who's to say what they CAN and CANNOT call themselves? Her financial supporters kill babies, and sodomize one another to beat the band so what's a little goose-stepping between friends? Right mine Fuerher, um, Fraulein?

Another Meat-Bomb-For Allah...

Palestinian suicide bomber strikes in Israel

There those minority moslems go again. Did it all by his lonesome without help from anyone because most moslems are peaceful folks who don't believe that just because their holy book says to kill infidels they should really do it. Yes.

Just What They DIDN'T Need To Know...Another Way To Sneak In..

Human Cannonball Soars Across U.S. Border - Yahoo! News

TIJUANA, Mexico - David Smith Sr., who already holds a world record for the longest distance traveled by a human fired from a cannon, added to his list of cannonball coups Saturday by shooting across the U.S-Mexico border.

In the picture, Volunteer Minutemen are seen practicing their "Send them back the way they got here" method of returning unwanted human cannonballs back to beanerville.

Moonbats In The Brickpile...

Zero effort is shameful

Denis Hamill: It has been four years since Sept. 11, and all we have in the place where 3,000 died is a hole in the ground. For shame. It is simply staggering, a failure of monumental proportions, that we have not put one brick on top of another at Ground Zero.

Something From Nothing: How Intelligent Design Searches For The Free Lunch

Enough flummery for today, here's the bottom line:

Intelligent design is the direct OPPOSITE of what Christianity, and before that Judaism, has been teaching for thousands of years. There is nothing intelligent about a being who creates everything out of nothing...for how can nothing be an indicator of intelligence? Nothingness is from whence the magician pulls the rabbit, and not how a God with a modicum of smarts would even begin to search for a manner to create something. And in fact how can there be nothing, for we all know how nature abhors that vacuum. People discover God not from a careful scientific study of nature...the sky above, the mud below and the twinkling cosmos of beyond...but rather from revelations derived from the experiences of private encounters with God. This most often happens in dreams or dreamlike states of being, and always harkens back to ancient ideas depicting a primitive anthropomorphic projection of humanity upon the universe.

Because these revelations are quite special, quite unobserved and quite non-repeatable, there can be no science involved in ID or the "study" of creationism, which is in fact the field of non-study and totally lacking in intellectual effort.

"Nothing from nothing leaves nothing," the song goes, "and you gotta have something if you wanna be with me." Let intelligent design into the schools and you must then let in Abominable Snowmen, Lock Ness Monsters, aliens and their UFO's, acupuncturing scam artists, mind readers, clairvoyants, tea leave readers, astrologers, witches that crinkle their cute little noses to make things appear and disappear...from nothing, by the way, and the chiropractioners who administer a rousing massage and call it science.

And yes, universities have been fighting the pin-pushers, the spine crackers, the chanellers and the star readers for as long as there have been universities, so alternative explanations have always been subjected to the scientific method, and if found wanting, discarded as nothing more than con jobs to entice the sick, lame, and lazy. The something new in all of this is the attack on the lower levels of education by the antithesis of education itself, namely ID.

All of this proves the irrefutable fact that a "different way of looking at things" doesn't make it a scientific way, and teaching is all about what's real, not what's imagined. Andplease, no protestations that what once was thought to be real has been proven false time after time, for you fall into the intellectual trap that science always leaves for the unwary. Old castoff ideas HAVE BEEN supplanted. By scientists striving to get it right, not by feelings gleaned from an epiphany. It was the scientific method that developed the process of administering medication to cure polio, not pulling a vaccine out of a hat. Science created airplanes, automobiles, computers, plastics, virtually EVERYTHING you see in the world around you today, and it didn't come from nothing.

Repeat after me and you'll begin to feel lots better...snapping one's fingers and proclaiming "let there be light" is nothing from nothing and NOT science. It can be believed if it makes you feel warm and cozy, but happiness is a personal state of mind and not something up for debate. And by the way, since God had not yet created the sun, where was all this light coming from?

Okay, okay, I know. Nothing. But do you really want "Bewitched" taught in schools because, it's another way of looking at things? I Dream of Jeannie? My Favorite Martian?

If Anyone Was "Intelligently-Designed" It Was Perhaps George Will...

Proof that conservative thinking is not specific to dreamers who foist their epiphany's as examples of intelligence.

New York Post Online Edition: postopinion

August 28, 2005 -- THIS summer's movie stars are not the usual bipeds, but other animals — em peror penguins and grizzly bears. Their performances are pertinent to some ongoing arguments.

"March of the Penguins" raises this question: If an Intelligent Designer designed nature, why did it decide to make breeding so tedious for those penguins? The movie documents the 70-mile march of thousands of Antarctic penguins from the sea to an icy breeding place barren of nutrition. These perhaps intelligently but certainly oddly designed birds march because they cannot fly. They cannot even march well, being most at home in the sea.

In temperatures of 80 below and lashed by 100 miles per hour winds, the females take months to produce an egg while the males trek back to the sea to fatten up. Returning, the males are entrusted with keeping the eggs warm during foodless months while the females march back to the sea to fill their stomachs with nutriments they will share with the hatched chicks.
The penguins' hardiness is remarkable, as is the intricate choreography of the march, the breeding and the nurturing. But the movie, vigorously anthropomorphizing the birds, invites us to find all this inexplicably amazing, even heroic. But the penguins are made for that behavior in that place. What made them?

Adaptive evolution. They have been "designed" for all that rigor — meaning they have been shaped by adapting to many millennia of nature's harshness.

Speaking of harshness, Timothy Treadwell, college dropout, drug abuser and failed actor, became a Southern California beach bum, had a heroin overdose and then an epiphany: He must spend summers in Alaska "protecting" the grizzlies. The idea that these huge, robust carnivores need protection provided by this mentally wobbly narcissist — a developmentally-arrested adolescent in his 40s — would be funny, had not Alaska officials "hauled four garbage bags of people out of the bear" that devoured Treadwell and his girlfriend at the end of his fifth summer filming grizzlies bears to which he gave cute names like Mr. Chocolate and Sgt. Brown.

About half of "Grizzly Man," a documentary about Treadwell, is his film. The rest consists of interviews with, among others, a dry-eyed Alaskan who says "he got what he was asking for." Although Treadwell has been described as an "animal lover," the grandiosity of his self-praise as he preens and waxes metaphysical in front of his camera reveals that his great love was himself. His cooing of "I love you" at magnificently indifferent bears and his swooning over the warmth of bear feces ("This was just inside of her!") is as repulsive as his weeping over evidence that nature really is red in tooth and claw.

Evidence such as bear cubs killed by mature male bears so the mother will stop lactating and be sexually available. Call that the Summer of Love, Alaska-style.

Treadwell was not far from mental illness, or from a social stance — nature is sweet, civilization is nasty — not easily distinguished from mental illness. Call it '60s Envy. So, see "Grizzly Man," then read T.C. Boyle's 2003 novel "Drop City."

It is about a bunch of Treadwells who, having dropped out and dropped acid, are addled but able to see that their California commune, based on "voluntary primitivism," has become overrun with inane philosophy and the communards' sewage. Also, the county sheriff is angry. So a few of them decide to found Drop City North in Alaska. As one of these pioneers explains, in Alaska there are "no rules" but there are food stamps.

There they plan "to live the vegetarian ideal" but where will the cheese come from, now that a wolverine has eaten the communal goats? When an Alaskan explains that "we eat bear and anything else we can get our hands on," a nature worshipper is horrified:

" 'But to kill another creature, another living soul, a soul progressing through all the karmic stages to nirvana' — she paused to slap a mosquito on the back of her wrist with a neat slash of her hand — 'that's something I just couldn't do.'

"You just did.'
" 'What? Oh, that. All right . . . I shouldn't have . . . but a bug is one thing . . . and like a bear is something else. They're almost human, aren't they?' "

The movies and novel prompt a thought: Reality's swirling complexity is sometimes lovely, sometime brutal; its laws propel the comings and goings of life forms in processes as impersonal as Antarctica is to the penguins or the bears were to Treadwell or Alaska was to Drop City North. It is so grand that nothing is gained by draggingan Intelligent Designer into the picture for praise. Or blame.

Thanks, George, all people of good will needed that. We've previously commented upon the dreadful documentary that was so loved by the NY Times movie critic in Grizzly Man: The Story Of A Devout Moron And The Bear That Ate Him, and will pick up on the intelligent design in the next post. Hate it when these entries get so long I notice Lisa nodding off...

Those Handlul Of Rotten Apples Certainly Do Get Around

Al-Qaeda targeting US, Australia "this year": South Korean intelligence

SEOUL (AFP) - Al-Qaeda has listed the United States and Australia as prime targets for attacks this year along with Britain, South Korea's spy agency has reported, according to a lawmaker.

Was looking at the above along with another story...

"Police were looking for 500 or more Islamists believed to have been involved in the Aug. 17 bombing campaign in which hundreds of nearly simultaneous blasts rocked the country." (Bangladesh Police detaining bombing suspects - AP)

...And I stopped to think how, as the MSM constantly informs us, the insignificant, minuscule, barely perceptible, infinitesimal fraction of bad moslems manage to raise millions upon millions of dollars the world over, pull off "hundreds of simultaneous blasts" in Bangladesh, continue to operate throughout Europe, are raising hell in Iraq and Afghanistan, and now are thinking of taking on Australia, as well as another foray into the US. Just a few of them, they keep telling us, so how are they doing it?

I mean, the media wouldn't lie to cover political agendas or from fear of losing their own heads. Would they

"Shhh...All Of You QUIET! I'm Talking To The Press Again And They're Believing Me, So NO Laughing.."

Iran promises 'breakthrough' in nuclear talks

More From Peaceful Palestine...

Bombmaker Calls for Eradication of Israel photo

JERUSALEM (AP) - Hamas militants released a videotape Saturday purportedly showing a bombmaker believed to top Israel's most-wanted list celebrating the Gaza Strip pullout as a victory for armed resistance. Senior Hamas commander Mohammed Deif, who masterminded the deaths of dozens of Israelis.

In the video footage, Deif rejected calls for his group to disarm, and vowed to continue attacks on Israel until the Jewish state is erased from the map.

Let's see now; what was the FIRST item on the roadmap again? ALL TERRORIST ATTACKS FROM PALESTINE MUST STOP. Shame the world doesn't have the cajones to collectively make a call to Israel...something like maybe a united nations would do...and tell the Jews, hey you were right we were wrong, and these asswipes are never going to give up. So look, we're sorry about all the hassles you incurred evicting those people from their homes, but move back into Gaza with our blessing and kick any of the cult-killing-camel-friggers who don't follow our NEXT mandate into the sea if you want. We realize now that civilized people cannot coexist with 6th Century barbarians, and to make up for all the bad mistakes we've made we're sending buses, lots and lots of buses to Palestine. We're cutting off the welfare we've been referring to as "aid" to these apes, and all of them who wish will be driven to whatever Arab state their little hearts desire. Can't be done in a day, a week, or even a month, but bear with us as we help you rid your land of these vermin. And, whichever ones the Arabs don't want we'll drop off in France, or Germany, or some other dirty place where they'll feel right at home.

Again, sorry for the screw-up.

Yours truly, The Civilized World.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Wait Just A Durl-Garned Minute There, Hoss...

Isn't Abbas The Prime Minister?

Qurie says settlement building could renew violence

RAMALLAH, West Bank (Reuters) - Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qurie said on Saturday Israel's expansion of Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank could bar the establishment of a viable Palestinian state and renew bloodshed.

Anything to "renew" the violence that never stopped, eh, camelboy? And really now, the Pale-Swines gotta get their act together on who gets to play Prime's getting confusing, fella's.

Profiles In Courage From The Crawford-Front...

Thank you, Corporal Williams. From one Marine to another, as long as a single Marine remains alive, your tale will be honored throughout eternity. Ooh-Rah.

Cindy STFU 2005 Tour (

"My wife and I went out to the National Cemetery to pay our respects to CPL Williams that’s why I have a picture of his grave. One of the reasons CPL Williams brother was so adamant about making sure he confronted the left-tard fuckwidget liberal America hater is that the MSM that covered this event stood around with their collective heads up their ass until the first antiwar protestor arrived. There were probably 300 to 400 people there to support the troops but as soon as the first antiwar protestor arrived the press descended upon them like flies on a shit sammich democrats to a welfare handout. God help you if you got between the anti-America protestors and the press. It was uglier than getting between a mamma bear and her cubs Michael Morreon and a Big Mac. CPL Williams brother wanted to make sure that he got his points across to the MSM and the protestor. When he was done tearing through this guy there was a distinct smell of burning bullshit dazed and confused look on the protestors face as he had been confronted with facts about the Iraq war not leftist talking points."

The Annotated Sheehan...

Or...Cindy Is...strike that...IN A Nutshell

I know I'm missing a lot of what this insane woman has and continues to preach, but here's something of a synopsis:

The government aided and abetted the attacks of 9/11.

Believes that Israel should "get out" of "Palestine" and that American sons and daughters shouldn't be dying for the Jews.

The militant-insurgents from Iran and Syria are really Iraqi freedom fighters.

Somehow even though her taxes were withheld from her government paycheck...before she was fired and went on the lefty payroll...she's "refusing" to pay them which really means she's refusing whatever refund is due her.

Believes the Mainstream Media...Washington Post, NY Times, etc, to be a tool of the right wing, and were it not for liberal blogs such as The Daily Kos the country would be a fascist state.
Has called for the President's impeachment for war crimes, saying that the country is not worth dying for, and that the same system that allows her to spew such filth is a "repugnant" one.

Channels her deceased son.

Believes that having children means ownership of human beings who are just littler and easily controlled by running them over with an automobile or cracking upside the head with a rolling pin.

And even though her son joined the military, as did all of the casualties we hold in high honor and great esteem, she feels that the President's daughters should be sent to Iraq against their will.

Again, I know I've left out a great deal of Ms Swinehearts regurgitated liberal pap, but I'll add as they come along and perhaps make this post what the fairies refer to as a "sticky".

Terrorists Frantically Beseech Cindy To Ask The Angels For More "Freedom Fighters"...

...After The Marines Waste 50...

August 27, 2005 -- BAGHDAD — U.S. warplanes launched multiple airstrikes yesterday against a suspected terrorist safe house in the western Anbar province, destroying the building where up to 50 killers were believed to be hiding, the U.S. military said.

Coalition ground forces were alerted by local residents that members of of the terror group al Qaeda in Iraq had gathered in an abandoned building northeast of Husaybah, near the Syrian border about 200 miles west of Baghdad.

The group is led by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the second most-wanted terrorist on the U.S. list after al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

"Iraqi citizens reported that approximately 50 terrorists were in the building at the time of the airstrike," which occurred at 4:40 p.m., the statement said.

The "known terrorist safe house" was destroyed by Marine F-18D Hornets using a combination of precision-guided bombs and rockets.

F-18D Hornet Night Attack: $35 million
Air To Ground Rocket, Precision Guided Bombs: $ .2 million
Listening to tic-infested baby killers scream in agony: Priceless

Yes, Cindy Can Channel. The Cartoon Network.

Mama Sheehan collapses after a particularly difficult channeling session, while other members of the Traveling Menstrual show comfort her as they call for the Easter Bunny to tell Santa that Cindy needs help so bring lots of ice...

WorldNetDaily: Casey in heaven 'calls Bush idiot'

"Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan is now purportedly "channeling" her slain son, Casey, from heaven, suggesting he's calling President Bush "an idiot," and she claims to have "tens of thousands of angels" supporting her cause to bring home immediately American troops serving in Iraq."

Even For USA Today This Is Quite Dumb...

Ethanol a real option to high gas prices

Okay, stop spinning in your grave Albert, they just don't know any better. Let's break this down then, shall we; takes a gallon and a half of fossil fuel to make one gallon of ethanol; ethanol has a lower BTU value than gasoline, so adding it to gasoline lowers fuel economy. Use more energy to make the stuff than you get from it, and the existing supplies dwindle away even faster and become more expensive, then reduce the miles driven when using it. Brilliant. Can someone direct the attention of these dolts to the Second Law Of Thermodynamics or doesn't wickepedia have it posted yet?

I know that pork barrel Iowans push this junk to beat the band, but who really writes these stories for the clueless media? What's that you say? You don't know the guy, but he wore a turban and left puddles of sand wherever he stood? Gotcha.

And Now For The Most Disgusting Thing Imaginable...

Now, we all know the moslems don't have art, so who ELSE could be responsible for such an atrocity?

Pickled foetus head fuels Swiss art furore

ZURICH (Reuters) - A sculpture made with the pickled head of a dead foetus attached to a seagull's body has fuelled a furore in Switzerland about the boundaries of art.
Berne's Museum of Fine Arts removed the piece from a Chinese art exhibition earlier this month after a complaint that it was disrespectful to the dead, and following concerns its grisly appearance might traumatise visiting schoolchildren.

The piece, named "Ruan", stole headlines in Swiss newspapers when artist Xiao Yu confirmed that the foetus head was real.

Pardon me, Mr, Yu? Yeah Yu. Moment of your time please? Splendid, well let's get down to brass tacks then, I'm working on my own sculpture...yes, small world isn't it...anyway, it's to be a better-dead-than-soil-the-earth-with-their-stinking-breath motif, and I've got a few arabs already lined up and was wondering if you'd...

Wal-Mart Outraged...

...Vows To Search For "Homeless Urchins Across The Globe" To Take Up The Slack...

U.S., China to Hold More Textile Talks
WASHINGTON - The United States and China will hold a second round of talks next week in Beijing aimed at reaching a comprehensive agreement to limit Chinese clothing and textile exports to the United States

All Your Missing Migrants Are Now Belong Us...

Castro Blames U.S. for Missing Migrants

HAVANA - Cuban leader Fidel Castro claimed Friday that U.S. policies were responsible for the latest tragedy to befall Cubans trying to reach American shores — 31 people believed killed in the Florida Straits.

"Ju hear what Presidente Chabez says, no?" The Cuban dictator said to an audience of international new media representatives, "Thee JU-S hab jobs and monies and the everybodies wishes to go theres or else the Bushes kill them! Ju dun belee me? Asked the woamins in Tehas, the Craw-fords who hate him bery bery much too's!"

That's Right Mang, If A Bolt Of Lightning Heets Me On The Way To Worg...

Chavez to Hold Bush Liable if He's Harmed

CARACAS, Venezuela - President Hugo Chavez declared Friday that if anything happens to him it will be President Bush's fault.

Friday, August 26, 2005

"With Apologies"...From His Majesty

I'm a regular reader of The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiller, and jumped just as hard as he did upon hearing of a suppossed Condi Rice diss on Israel. Problem is, she never said what the NY Times quoted her as saying, and it turned out to be yet another instance of the MSM tweaking the news to suit a political agenda.

So I fell for it as well, but to be honest, flat out didn't have the time to vett the story so it went out of my mind. And as I've commented on the Rot's blog, that's one of the reasons we need one another. I know that I certainly have not the staff to keep abreast of everything, and what one of us misses the others catch. I just today began hearing of the bastich TIMES and their unbelievable "Misquotes" and had commented upon it here, clicked over to see what nice dogie had up for today, and as they say in Kentucky, Vi-oh-la, he'd caught on to the act too and was addressing it. Here's a link. And yeah, he gives good apology. Laughing my ass off because I was too busy to jump like he did.

The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler

What DID Condi Mean By "Not Only Gaza"?

The battle has been joined, it's he-said, she-said to beat the band, and easy to see how the NY TImes could have taken a quote out of context to make it appear that Ms Rice was inferring that much more than Gaza had to be evacuated in order to please the Palestinians as well as the rest of the free world. Well, free as long as you're not a Brazilian electrician in London, but here are the links that allow you to follow the tale and judge for yourself:

lgf: the dogs bark, but the caravan moves on

Jewish Current Issues: Condoleezza Rice and The New York Times

The quote in question?

"The other thing is, just to close off this question, the question has been put repeatedly to the Israelis and to us that it cannot be Gaza only and everybody says no, it cannot be Gaza only. There is, after all, even a link to the West Bank and the four settlements that are going to be dismantled in the West Bank."

Nothing new here, Condi is saying what everyone agrees upon, namely the fact that four other settlements are being dismantled and must go, and I agree that the FOCUS of her talk was to emphasize that FIRST the Palestinians must renounce terror, as she said this no less than 4 times, BUT the SWINES, strike that, TIMES, chose to stress something that WAS far, far, out of context. Sort of like, Well yes of course Gaza cannot be the end of negotiations towards a lasting piece, there must be more.

Hey, it's the TIMES, okay. Royal scumbags who make their living distorting facts to please a ragged constituency of rapists, murderers, and madmen, and no, I'm not just referring to Ted Kennedy, so this doesn't surprise me in the least.

Cindy Sheehan Says "Bush To Blame..."

Earth's Core Spinning Faster Than Crust

Thugs Arrested In Holloway Disappearance...

Aruba Detains Brothers in Holloway Case

Messenger is still awaiting return calls, but the rumor that the two Martian rovers, Spirit, and Opportunity, were being recalled from the red planet to search for Natalee appear to be unfounded. Stay tuned.