Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Once Again, This Time With Feeling

I truly enjoy how those outside the real-world of firearms happen to refer to anything that hasn't been, for example, shot into ballistic gelatin as being "anecdotal".

Time was, anecdotal meant something told to you by someone who was other than an expert in the field. If, for example, my doc informs me that he'd like me to try some new meds, it'd be genuinely silly to treat this as anecdotal. He didn't test the meds himself. Most likely never even used them personally. But, as an expert, I take for granted that the scoop is for real. I really don't know how many times, sometimes daily, that in the course of shooting or grabassing someone doesn't bring up one of my favorite old warhorses, the .357 magnum. I've said it before, and most likely will be forced to say it again, that the original loads were of the 158 grain varietal, and flat out smoked. One could expect a legitimate 1500 fps from a 5" gun, and even the old Super-Vel type rounds would end the rumpus with one or two well placed hits.

Problem is, wheelguns went the way of the Dodo for law enforcement, as spray & pray came into being with the advent of wondernines. LE has always been the best advertising agent a cartridge manufacturer can rely upon, and soft-recoiling 9 mm's found a home in civilian firearms once they were standard fodder for the local cop shop. After many under-achieving shootouts scared the living begum out of LE, a switch to the .40 took place, except of course in uber-liberal locations such as NYC. The .40 was a fine compromise between light and quick versus heavy and slow, and when the ammo manufacturers put their collective noses to the grindstone the bullet itself became as important as the caliber.

Hollowpoints ruled. Even the most dense among us could tell that a bigger hole was better than a smaller hole, and the .40's popularity grew even more. Then the .40 Magnum came along, referred to of course as the 10 mm because the word "magnum" had become a no-no in LE circles, but the kick was too much to bear and it was quickly dispensed with. Today it's 9 mm, .40, 357 SIG, and even some venerable .45 ACP's along with Gaston's brainchild the GAP. Just try and find a department using what amounts to a .357 magnum in bottomfeeder form but called the 10 mm, and lemme know how that search pans out.

Shame, too. But that brings me full-circle back to the old .357 loads, and for the umpteenth time there is not a better problem solver in sidearm form than a good revolver using a stout .357 cartridge. Not the silly's in all probability a decent enough round but it is NO magnum...and for those who don't mind toting a wheelgun, I could not recommend anything better. Well sure I could but 41 and 44 magnums just aren't going to cut it because they simply aren't available with modern bullets.

So stop paying attention to, let's say, dentists who point to holes in gello as proof positive of a bullet's capability. You don't have to use anything you don't want to use, but you SHOULD believe that a well made revolver loaded with modern .357 magnum rounds will drop a target as quickly as just about any handgun can, and should such a platform suit you, then use it with confidence. I'd swing a cylinder shut on anything Buffalo Bore or Double Tap made, and patiently await the reintroduction of PMC's Starfire line of .357 magnum rounds that resemble Federal HST's so much that rumor has it Federal "borrowed" the design.

Big holes. Made by fast bullets. Get yourself a carbine as a big brother to the sidearm, and it'll do anything an AK round will do only better. No, you can't spray & pray. You'll simply have to learn, gasp, how to shoot.

What a concept.

Woman has 93-pound ovarian cyst removed

(TULSA, Okla.) January - A Kellyville woman has undergone dramatic weight loss, but not by any traditional means.

The woman had a 93-pound ovarian cyst removed through surgery earlier this month at SouthCrest Medical Plaza in Tulsa.

Taquela Hilton's doctor says the procedure was like having a C-section to deliver a 12-year-old.

Three years ago, Hilton weighed 563 pounds and was having difficulty losing weight despite exercise and dieting.

Pictured is what remained of the cyst after surgeons removed it from Ms Hilton's body/

Old Plugs Strikes Again

"I believe I was quoted accurately, but they weren't meant to be shots," Biden said of a story published in The New York Observer Wednesday. In it, he is quoted saying of Obama:

“I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

So Colin Powell and Condolezza Rice are...?

And the thousands upon thousands of other bright, clean, nice-looking Americans of African descent are...?

I have always been of the belief that when Biden went for those plugs they sunk them in WAY too deeply.

Algore Watch

Does Al Gore really believe in catastrophic global warming? Since Al Gore was offered the opportunity (in person) to facilitate serious debate on the underlying science of global climate change, 1 year, 3 weeks, 5 days, 19 hours, 9 minutes, and 50 seconds have elapsed.

Give 'Em That Old Time Religion...

An Indian Shi'ite Muslim boy learns to flagellate himself during an Ashura procession in the month of Moharram in Mumbai, January 30, 2007.

Mattel is missing the boat here. Flagellate Barbie would sell millions.

Times Watch

"READERS who followed The New York Times' coverage of the Duke lacrosse case probably experienced whiplash after reading the Monday Times editorial that hailed "modern DNA testing" for "steadily uncovering a dark history of justice denied."

The editorial mentioned two specific examples. The first came in Dallas, where a prisoner spent 18 years in jail, convicted of rape "based solely on faulty testimony of a witness." A DNA test that Texas prosecutors had fought to block then proved his innocence. The Times also praised North Carolina's innocence commission, which has urged police to vet non-credible witnesses more aggressively.

Powerful recommendations. Yet time and again over the past 10 months, Times reporters and columnists have acted just like the Texas prosecutors the paper's editorialists condemn.

After all, this is the same paper where sportswriters Selena Roberts and Harvey Araton published springtime columns dripping with a presumption of guilt in the Duke case. Their only evidence? The word of an accuser who had offered multiple, mutually contradictory, versions of events - just the type of person that the Times editorial board now demands be vetted more carefully.

This is also the same Times that in August published a 6,000-word front-page piece allegedly reviewing the case file. Reporter Duff Wilson insisted that - despite DNA test results from the state lab showing no match between the accuser and any lacrosse player - "There is also a body of evidence to support [D.A. Mike Nifong's] decision to take the matter to a jury."

That article went out of its way to exclude mention that a March 23 order filed by Nifong's office held, "The DNA evidence requested will immediately rule out any innocent persons." Instead, Wilson parroted the junk-science line that Nifong offered when the tests came back negative: Though "DNA results can often be helpful," the D.A. said he preferred trying "sexual assault cases the good old-fashioned way. Witnesses got on the stand and told what happened to them."

This is also the same New York Times whose editors watched silently last month, as Dr. Brian Meehan admitted that he and Nifong had entered into an agreement to intentionally withhold exculpatory evidence. His lab's tests, Meehan testified in open court, discovered that samples taken from the accuser contained the DNA of between two and four unidentified males - and nothing from any lacrosse player. This finding was never reported to the defense..."

"Dark history" says pretty much all you need to know. The NY Times is all for evidence that may exonerate an underprivileged minority member, but falls silent when the accused happens to be white and of means.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Distaff Armament

"My wife is so recoil sensitive it is impossible to teach her on any gun over a .22 but that's nowhere close enough to sufficient for self defense..."

Whew boy but I'm going to catch flak hell for this.

My wife Lisa is quite sensitive to the noise from a firearm. Having been involved with helping women to fire such loud, smelly, oily, ugly looking weapons...maybe only a thousand, so don't take this as gospel...I figured out a thing or two.

A lot of the time it ain't just the recoil. It's the whole experience rolled into one. We decked her out with both plugs, AND muffs, and lo beholdy, the "kick" from the weapon I selected as her first handgun didn't seem half bad at all.

It was a Glock 27. No nuke rounds, mind you. Stupid yes, insane, no. Beginning from somewhat near the top down, her learning curve was greatly enhanced by, well, learning. Plinking from a mousegun is fine. Moving then to something that can really deliver the ouchies after pop-pop-popping along can be next to impossible. Expectations versus reality. Reality dictates that defensive weapons of the handgun variety should be of a relatively high caliber. I don't make the rules just report them. Forget the balderdash concerning the ineffectiveness of handguns. Such tripe was concocted by those who would have you believe that their miracle training seminars would allow one to maintain an effective level of self defense with EVEN a handgun, because they are so puny you're not going to survive without sage advice from a master.

Bater. Prepare her, truly prepare her for the shooting experience. None of this, "here baby, crank me out some a' these from my .454." Shooting cap. Eyewear. Plugs and muffs. Maybe even a glove. Surround her with the aura of being PROTECTED. Keep the target close. She can learn your world famous trick shot of hitting a kite string from two football fields away when she's ready. Compliment anything that touches paper. Stance, grip, and attitude.

And patience. Nothing pisses a woman off more than an impatient man. They spend too much time in the facilities, take too long getting dressed, will drive around for half a day looking for just the right parking spot, but that's their schtick. Live with it. The alternative is learning to switch-hit, so taking your time isn't going to be anywhere near as bad as mincing on over to the Adam & Steve side of the field.


It's only going to happen if she is doing it for herself and not just for you. If it's to keep you happy it'll be half hearted, so get that straight between you from the get-go. You can't be around to protect her all the time. She's smart and capable and can do anything she sets HER mind to. They are NOT carbon copies of us with longer hair...Hillary not included...and softer skin. With dynamite legs, and a great..

Poor Bastard Didn't Know That Only Cops Can Shoot You In The Back..

From the 1/30/07 issue of The Boston Globe

Cabdriver charged with shooting alleged robber

Lawyer says client feared for his life

LAWRENCE -- "Bienvenido Rodriguez admits disarming the safety on his gun and firing at the man who allegedly robbed him at knifepoint, but he never meant to shoot anyone, according to a police report.

As a result of his actions, the 42-year-old taxi driver, who friends say is an immigrant success story with an even temper, was transformed from a victim to a perpetrator of a violent crime, authorities said.

Police reports said Rodriguez admitted to detectives that he fired at Herman Irene as the alleged robber ran away from him, but that he insisted he never meant to hit him.

"He only meant to scare him and did not think he hit him, since when he shot the gun off he was aiming high," the report said.

Rodriguez's lawyer said yesterday that her client feared for his life, but Lawrence Police Chief John Romero said Rodriguez went too far.

"When a guy is fleeing, he no longer poses a threat to you," and a person cannot legally use deadly force as their attacker runs away, he said.

Rodriguez, who immigrated from the Dominican Republic 22 years ago and is a naturalized citizen, was working his usual overnight shift early Sunday, driving a minivan for Liberty Car Services of Lawrence, according to court records and interviews.

Rodriguez already had one fare on board and was heading to Haverhill when he stopped to pick up Irene on Springfield Street in Lawrence.

When the van drove into the darkness of a highway overpass on Parker Street in Lawrence, Irene allegedly pulled a knife, forced Rodriguez to pull over, and robbed him of the cash stuck into the car's visor, according to court records and Rodriguez's lawyer. The other passenger witnessed the exchange and called police on his cellphone, records show.

Irene got out of the van and started running, and Rodriguez reached for the licensed .40 caliber Smith and Wesson pistol he carried, released the safety, and fired one shot into Irene's back, authorities alleged.

Rodriguez pleaded not guilty in Lawrence District Court to charges of assault with intent to murder and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and was ordered held on $10,000 cash bail by Judge Kevin J. Gaffney.

Irene, 36, of Lawrence, was recovering yesterday at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, where he was arraigned and charged with armed robbery, according to Essex District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett's office. Bail was set at $10,000 cash. Irene also faces attempted murder charges from a prior domestic violence case, prosecutors said.

Rodriguez's lawyer, Pamela F. Saia, said he should not have been charged. "He was the victim of a crime," she said. "Mr. Rodriguez is scared to death. . . . He was completely afraid he was going to be killed."

Poor Bienvenido is history. Even disarmed the safety. In Massatwoshits. Forget that lots of armed felons will dash for cover as they reposition themselves to do one of two things, flee, or come right back atcha. Forget that law enforcement shoots people, as well they should, in the front, back, side or upside down.

Lowly little nobody like Bienvenido is doing hard time. Him being a citizen and all, and not some coddled illegal alien that could throw himself on the mercy of the court. I'm going to do a search for his lawyer and see if I can't send her some information that might help.

Damn. She's listed as Attorney At Law Real Estate. He's a goner.

Don't Ya Just HATE When That Happens

"The gun, a "small" Derringer that holds two bullets, belongs to Doyle and wound up in Harcar's gym bag after the undersheriff borrowed it a few days earlier to go shooting at a range in Pennsylvania, according to Harcar's attorney, Gerard Hanlon. Harcar never used the weapon and had forgotten it was in the bag when the gun discharged, damaging lockers and startling the undersheriff along with the early-evening locker room crowd, Hanlon said."

Yep. It was in his gym bag and just went off. Hair trigger, I suppose. Gust of wind, and wham. Lucky thing all it held was "bullets" and not fully loaded ammunition.

And guess what the asshat shouted when it just-went-off? Okay, we'll give you a minute.

Time's up.

"My cellphone exploded!!"

Premature Discharge. There's gotta be a cure. We can send a man to the moon but we can't keep our Derringer's from going off when we least expect it.

Perhaps Ms Labia from the previous posting could give him a heaping helping of Sho Enuf.

Soccer Mom Wants To Stop Gun Violence

"Gun crimes are back on the rise in Connecticut, but new momentum -- and newly elected legislators -- offer hope of tackling strengthening gun laws, this suburban mom from Trumbull said as she brought a statewide campaign to Newhallville.

Lisa Labella (pictured as she was overheard saying "It's gotta be THIS big or no way...") was galvanized after the Columbine shootings to try to stop gun violence in schools. But, as she explained to the group ENUF (Empowering Neighborhoods United in Faith) in a Newhallville church Monday night, she soon realized she was worried about the wrong thing.

“I was worried that my kid could go to school and not come home, and while that’s something to worry about, the reality is that six to nine kids die every day from one on one incidents of gun violence, often in their communities.”

So she helped found Connecticut Against Gun Violence, whose mission is “to identify, develop, and promote passage of legislation designed to enhance gun safety.”

I'm going to pause right there for a moment to suggest that since 99.6% of legal gun owners the country over do not partipate in such criminal activity, Ms Labia, pardon, Labella, and her ick might be better off campaigning to rid the streets of the people THAT FRICKING DO.

Back to your regularly scheduled Loongram...

Labella passed out data showing how gun crimes decreased in Connecticut – and around the country – beginning around 1992 or 1993, but began to rise again in 2002. Homicides in the state committed with a firearm increased 76 percent between 2002 and 2006, according to the office of the Connecticut Medical Examiner. A color graph dramatized the racial disparity in gun-related homicides in the state: while nine percent of the population is African American and ten percent is Latino, 61 percent of homicide victims in 2006 were black, and 15 percent were Latino."

The racial disparity in gun-related homicides in the state, Ms Labia, is due in its entirety to the racial disparity of minorities killing the fuck out of one another more even than they do to non-minorities.

Case. Fricking. Closed. Leave our guns alone and go do something productive, okay, babe? Isn't there a whale in need of saving somewhere? Shh..what's that? Good grief it's a dolphin calling for help!

And please now. ENUF? How's about adding Shutup Horny Oldbroads to it, so you can get to the heart of the matter and call the thing Sho' Enuf?

Thanks to David at War On Guns

"Only Ones" Lock Up Rape Victim

TAMPA — "A 21-year-old Florida woman who sought help from police after reporting that she had been raped instead was arrested and spent two days in jail for failing to pay a three-year-old restitution order.

A jail worker later refused to give her a second dose of an emergency contraceptive because of religious convictions, said Vic Moore, the college student's attorney. She was released from jail Monday only after Moore went to the media.

"Shocked. Stunned. Outraged. I don't have words to describe it," Moore said Tuesday of his client's arrest and following treatment. "She is not a victim of any one person. She is a victim of the system. There's just got to be some humanity involved when it's a victim of rape."

The woman is not being identified because police are investigating a sexual assault.

Tampa police said Tuesday they were changing their policy to give officers more discretion on when to arrest a crime victim who has outstanding warrants.

"Obviously, any policy that allows a sexual battery victim to spend a night in jail is a flawed policy," police spokeswoman Laura McElroy said. "So our city attorney is writing a new policy right now."

The family of the woman is outraged.

"We're incensed. Everyone is just beside themselves," her mother, 47, told the Tampa Tribune Monday, right before escorting her daughter from prison.

"You've got to make sure you throw somebody in jail on a four-year-old felony warrant after they've been brutally raped?" the mother said.

The pre-med student was in Tampa for Gasparilla, a pirate-themed parade that draws thousands of partygoers to the city's waterfront each year. She said she was walking alone to her car when a man pulled her behind a building and raped her, police said.

The woman also did not have the opportunity to call a hotline for rape victims, her mother and attorney said. As a prisoner, she was only allowed to make collect calls, the Tribune reported.

"She did not have any crisis intervention. Zero. None," her mother said.

The woman's mother said she received a call the night of the arrest from a female officer who said the 21-year-old "was raped today at 2, but her name came up on a bulletin and I have to take her to jail."

The mother said, "The rape investigation has come to a screeching halt."

The arrest warrant was based on an unpaid sum from a 2003 auto theft and burglary case, which the woman reportedly thought had been resolved.

McElroy said the arresting officer checked with a sergeant before taking the student into custody.

"It appears at face value that they didn't violate policy," she said. "It's just we had a flawed policy."

Sounds like something the Gestapo would have used as a defense during the Nuremberg trials, doesn't it? Put Sergeant Schultz in a police uniform and you've got the idea. A woman is raped, and the jackbooted thugs can't cut her any slack because they are sub-human cretins, incapable of making a decision on their own to begin with, and hollow human beings undeserving of a badge.

Once More Into The Cup

PEQUANNOCK, N.J. — Teens who drink alcohol could be caught three days later under a high school's new testing policy for students.

The test, which will be given randomly to students at Pequannock Township High School, can detect whether alcohol was consumed up to 80 hours earlier. The legal drinking age in the United States is 21.

Other districts already use the test. Middletown began using it last spring for students suspected of using drugs and alcohol. This month, the district expanded it to include a random pool of about 1,800 students.

Pequannock Superintendent Larrie Reynolds said the policy approved last week should be a deterrent to students who feel peer pressure to drink.

Under the program, students who test positive will not be kicked off teams or barred from extracurricular activities, Reynolds said. Instead, they will receive counseling — and their parents will be notified..."

Counseling? MY tax dollars are being used so that the government may COUNCIL a kid who had a beer? Schools are for teaching. Not for "counseling" any bloody thing.

And what about families in which the consumption of small amounts of alcohol is part of their heritage? I was sipping watered-down wine at the age of 12...never even close to intoxication...and what a youngster does AT FRICKING HOME should be no one elses business, and certainly NOT the governments.

Talk about an invasion of privacy. Don't dare have a peek at which how-to-blow-up-an-airliner book some raghead is borrowing from his local library, but CAN demand that children line up for urine analysis.

Lord but I despise these people.

Hillary Rodham Kvetch

"Hillary Clinton said over the weekend that "I really resent" the fact American troops may be tied up in Iraq in January 2009 - when she hopes to be president of the United States.

"I am going to level with you," she said. "The president has said this is going to be left to his successor. I think it is the height of irresponsibility, and I really resent it."

That's actually an interesting, even thought-provoking, formulation. It's rare to hear questions about difficult policies discussed in terms of personal resentments, but perhaps this is one of the areas where Hillary Clinton will blaze a new presidential trail.

Imagine, for example, that President Bush had given a speech a few days after 9/11 declaring he really resented the fact that Bill Clinton didn't kill Osama bin Laden before Bush became president.

Or that President Bill Clinton, in the wake of the slaughter of 18 American servicemen in Somalia in 1993, informed Americans about his real resentment of George Bush the Elder, who sent those servicemen into Somalia at the tail end of his administration.

Really Resenting doesn't have to begin and end with foreign policy and military matters. President George Bush the Elder could have made public his profound resentment at the consequences of the Reagan tax-reform bill on the real-estate market, whose crumbling value in the late 1980s led to the recession that helped do Bush the Elder in.

For that matter, Ronald Reagan could have spent 1982 expressing resentment at the recession caused by the necessity of choking off the stagflation of the Carter years. And on it goes..."

Many of us really resent this hagwife's bitching and moaning about how hard it is running the free world, and really now, doesn't this go the heart of the matter?

ALL they do is complain. It's too hot, too cold, too dangerous, too-too. Can't they just get elected and pay attention to all those poor people who need dental work?

Brace yourself, because the feminization of America continues. Unabated. Unabashed.War? Please. We can sit down over a nice latte and hash things out. Then get on with the real business of punishing those who do not believe in affirmative action.


27 degrees at 6: 35 AM, with a projected high of 56. Average temps for this date are 43 to 67, and we all cannot wait for that there global warming to finally kick in.

Come on, Al.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Breaking News Of Epic Proportions...

Miss Oklahoma Lauren Nelson Wins Miss America 2007 Pageant

Blood Running In The Streets!

By now you may have heard of the nonsensical meanderings of the deranged minds referring to themselves as journalists.

They are loudly proclaiming that an infintesimal amount of Florda concealed weapon permit holders have been wanted for, or accused of crimes. But lets stop for a moment so that I may present the following:

No justification for a license is required; "self-defense" is sufficient.*

Then there's this from Codrea's War on Guns:
Hundreds of criminals were able to obtain concealed weapons permits in Florida because of loopholes, errors and miscommunication, a newspaper reported Sunday.
The "loophole"?

You have to go to the original hysterical article this one is based on to find it.

None of the people the media is shrieking about are convicted felons.

It doesn't matter if they were accused.

It doesn't matter if they were arrested, or how many times.

It doesn't matter if they were charged.

If they have not been convicted, even if a judge elected to "withhold" conviction based on a plea arrangement, you cannot then turn around and withhold their rights. These "authorized journalists" are bewailing nothing less than our inability to punish people who have not been legally proven guilty of felonies. And until that happens, regardless of circumstances, regardless of pleas, our system affords them a presumption of innocence, and places the burden on the state to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

If the government is not doing it's job, that's the part of the system you need to fix.

So the ABC headline "Fla. Gives Gun Permits to Felons" is a lie. That's right, a lie. Pleading guilty to a felony does not make you a felon. Being convicted of one does.

Even the original report admits, albeit it is buried deep in the story:
Convicted felons cannot get gun licenses under state and federal law.
No duh. Anybody starting to feel a bit...manipulated here?

And you'll notice in all the wailing and teeth-gnashing there are no claims of any resulting increase in homicides."

Yep. First off, no one really knows how many CWP's are active in Florida. Of the million and a half licenses issued, some holders have died, some moved away, some that moved away came back and were re-issued licenses after submitting a change of address to reflect their new location, etc, etc.

But to brass tacks. Of those million and a half, HUNDREDS of CWP holders may or may not have committed crimes. Think about that for a moment. What are the chances of profiling one and a half million people, checking back on them TWO decades later, and finding that only a mere "hundreds" had been charged with a crime? Sort of makes a damned fine case for the vast majority of licensees, doesn't it?

1996 was a banner year, though. 5 of the over 300,000 permit holders WERE convicted of a high misdemeanor, or felony.

But lets not continue to dwell on how upstanding these people have been. No, we should focus instead upon the lying journalists who believe that they've found a chink in our armor.

And let me be the first to tell you, it isn't pretty down here. Talk radio is overflowing with angry retorts to the article in question, and the single biggest thing that may come out of this free-for-all is the fact that by the time it's blown over, a great many of us will have been drawn closer together as we circle the wagons.

*So what about their hilarious statement that "self-defense is no justification for obtaining a permit."?

Seems like a damned fine justification, doesn't it????

War on Guns is a blog you should be checking in with every day.

Kentucky Derby Winner Barbaro Euthanized

Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro was euthanized Monday in Kennett Square, Pa., after an eight-month battle to regain his health captured the hearts of America in a way that hasn't been seen in the racing world since Seabiscuit and Secretariat.

"His memory will live forever," Alex Waldrop, CEO of the National Thoroughbred Racing Association, said in a statement to "America’s compassion and love for Barbaro speak to the incredible bond that people share with thoroughbreds and our sport."

Oh good grief. They breed these creatures to be stick-legged, short-lived playthings to amuse the masses, then act like they had nothing to do with the animals injury.

Hey. Yeah you, Alex and all the Alex-idiots within earshot. Don't race the damn things if you don't like seeing them suffer to the point they need to be destroyed. I doubt the horse showed up one day with a brokendown suitcase and a heartbreaking story of how he'd like to be a Kentucky Derby winner.

Damn Your Eyes, AlGore

This global warming is getting on my nerves. It's 32 degrees at 7 AM here, and that's not too far off the 26 that NYC is awakening to. Even Frostproof Florida is scraping off the ice and just try finding rock salt in the Sunshine State. Last time it was this cold was back in 1940, but they were too stupid to realize that we were hurtling towards our doom so everyone bundled up and worried about some new ice age because Al wasn't even born yet and couldn't warn them. The warmest January 29th was in 1950. 85 degrees. But again, no loons to sound the alarm so folks broke out the suntan oil and headed for the beaches.

Worst part about it?

It's too damned cold to go shooting. The locals are shivering and won't even hear of breaking out the machine parts that punch holes in cellulose.

Sorry. Hadda mail some stuff and am still in fool-the-post-office mode.

Middle East Woes...

"Thanks to abysmal policy errors (many pre-dating the current administration), we've caught ourselves between two irreconcilable sides - Sunni and Shia Muslims - whose enmity dates back 13 centuries. And we're now taking fire from every direction.

Dreaming that all Iraqis could get along, we alienated potential friends and empowered deadly enemies. Short of Mongol-quality savagery, the traditional way to win in the Middle East has been to select an ally and stick with him - while avoiding the folly of trying to play honest broker."

Yes, the real world has been agonizing over what to do with old Mo's kids for the past 1300 years, but the real problem today lies in the irrefutable fact that, unlike our crusading forebears, our present day friends and neighbors refuse to believe that we are at war with a bloodthirsty cult that wants nothing less than our death or enslavement.

In many ways, they've got us right where they want us. Fat, prosperous and clueless. If you've any doubt of that, just listen to what the new democrat Congress has been spewing. We've the strength to end it all anytime we please, but our swords have beaten into timeshares.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Equal Except When Not

Markie Mark on set. He's a convicted felon. The rifle is genuine.

Tune in to Codrea's War on Guns for the skinny, as it has to do with the Wayne Fincher story.

And by the way:

"I believe Charlton Heston is America's best villain because he loves guns so much. Maybe he should get the award for being president of the National Rifle Association."--Mark Wahlberg, MTV Movie Awards

DitchThe Belts But Keep The Gat

"Is it in your opinion paranoid to feel like somethings is missing when your not carrying a gun with you?"

This would be an interesting discussion were a medical professional to be part of it, but here's my take, sans the headshrinker.

Most of the men I know who carry, drive without using seat belts. Some of them, don't awaken in the middle of the night to pad into the bathroom without first arming themselves, and this is far from an exaggeration.

So then, it certainly isn't the fear of accidental death or injury that creates the naked-and-alone tremors experienced by those who find the need to be armed around the clock. Granted, being surrounded by tons of metal can and obviously does lend an air of invincibility, particularly to those who have not yet reached their majority, but walking down a darkened alley minus the heat can be daunting.

The longwinded response, is yes. I do believe some become clinically paranoid when disarmed. Upon returning from my first tour in SE Asia I was shaken to the point of extreme discomfiture (scared shitless) just by walking out the front door without a gun. Since I know what it feels like firsthand, I can see it in others and it ain't pretty.

Caution is a virtue. But like anything under heaven can be taken to the extreme.

Time To Play: Whats Wrong With This Picture

Glock 17L.

Wild Survival

Would you survive in the wild?
Your Result: Yesiree!....

You could live in the wild if you wanted to! You know what to eat, do, and stay away from! You could get shelter, food, water fast and easy-and the right treatments to injuries, snake bites etc...You know the outdoors like the back of your hand!!

Not to sure...


Most likely you'll survive....

Wouldn't last 2 minutes!.....

Would you survive in the wild?
Quizzes for MySpace

The red-line doesn't show up when you copy the code and paste, but mine was missing the last smidgeon of the bar so I guess I answered something wrong. OR, my age is inconsistent with survival. I do feel that my chances for making it through would be greatly enhanced were I to be stranded with at least one other person. Preferably, one with some meat on his bones.

Thankee sai to Pat from Born again Redneck, or whatever it is he's calling his blog this hour.

Packing Heat In The Sub-Tropics

The population of Florida is an estimated 18,000,000 as of January 1st. The concealed carry goal is for 1 out of every 20 ADULT residents, so bear that in mind as you look at the chart which features all people, be they minors or enfeebled seniors. The total number of Concealed Weapon Permits is almost impossible to determine, as Florida has different subsections that are not included in the regular CWP figures. Private Investigators have their own version of the CWP, southern Florida in particular is bursting at the seams with them, and they would not show up on any such chart. It has been estimated that approximately 3.8% of the total population is packing one way or the other.

3 million seniors over the age of 65
4 million children under 18
Permanently disenfranchised felons: 850,000
Adults and minors categorized as requiring assisted living: 82,000
Estimate illegal aliens, or aliens otherwise unqualified to obtain a CWP: 76,000

Therefore, 8 million Floridians are incapable of, or not likely to possess a CWP. The 684,000 permits is about 6.8% of the hardcore adult population, and I won't even get into the female side of the equation, that by all accounts carries along the lines of less than 1/10 of the male population. Suffice to say that close to 14% of qualified adult males are packing.

Now that I've bored you all to tears with the numbers, I'll end on the note that we'd like it to be 20%, or for you liberals who've mistakenly stumbled in and are too horrified to do the math, 1 out of every 5 men. Since 2 out of 5 are registered democrats we'll never pitch a shutout, and the remaining 1 out of every 5 are minorities who by all nationwide statistics have or will soon have domestic violence cases pending, we'll have to settle for 20% now won't we.

Just kidding about the domestic violence. Women do it too, ya know.

The Simpsons Movie

Click the link before Fox declares war and demands that the images be removed.

I once liked The Simpsons; before it was dumbed down to todays drivel. Here's hoping the movie will resurrect some of the old panache.

UK Watch: Countdown To Eurabia

Bolton bans Holocaust Day
IN A move widely seen to be bowing to Muslim pressure, Bolton Council has scrapped its Holocaust Memorial Day event.

The council is to replace it with a Genocide Memorial Day in June. This is in line with the policy of the Muslim Council of Britain, which continues to boycott HMD and is asking for a Genocide Day, which will also mark "the ongoing genocide and human rights abuses of Palestinians" by Israelis.

The council decision was made in consultation with the town's Interfaith Council.

But Rabbi Joseph Lever of United Synagogue who has participated in the Bolton event for around three years was not consulted on the decision. He said: "I mourn the fact that the Holocaust Memorial Day event will not take place in Bolton this year."

Louis Rapaport, president of the Jewish Representative Council of Greater Manchester, was equally disappointed that the Jewish community was not consulted.

He said: "Bolton, alone of all the local authorities in our area, is not having an HMD event which is a government recommendation." He added: "There may not be many Jews in Bolton but the day is supposed to have an educational message to the whole community.

"I can't help feeling the decision was influenced by Bolton's large Muslim community."

Holocaust educator David Arnold said: "It is more than unfortunate that Bolton has seen fit to trivialise the remembrance of the Shoah."

Mr Arnold regretted the intrusion of "politics" into the issue.

He said: "It is entirely inappropriate and stems from a failure to understand the issues."

We Get Letters

"...No politics here, just a Marine
with a bird's eye view's opinions:"

1) The M-16 rifle : Thumbs down. Chronic jamming problems with the talcum
powder like sand over there. The sand is everywhere. Jordan says you feel
filthy 2 minutes after coming out of the shower. The M-4 carbine version is
more popular because it's lighter and shorter, but it has jamming problems
also. They like the ability to mount the various optical gunsights and
weapons lights on the picattiny rails, but the weapon itself is not great in
a desert environment. They all hate the 5.56mm (.223) round. Poor
penetration on the cinderblock structure common over there and even torso
hits cant be reliably counted on to put the enemy down. Fun fact: Random
autopsies on dead insurgents shows a high level of opiate use.

2) The M243 SAW (squad assault weapon): .223 cal. Drum fed light machine
gun. Big thumbs down. Universally considered a piece of shit. Chronic
jamming problems, most of which require partial disassembly. (that's fun in
the middle of a firefight).

3) The M9 Beretta 9mm: Mixed bag. Good gun, performs well in desert
environment; but they all hate the 9mm cartridge. The use of handguns for
self-defense is actually fairly common. Same old story on the 9mm: Bad guys
hit multiple times and still in the fight.

4) Mossberg 12ga. Military shotgun: Works well, used frequently for clearing
houses to good effect.

5) The M240 Machine Gun: 7.62 Nato (.308) cal. belt fed machine gun,
developed to replace the old M-60 (what a beautiful weapon that was!!).
Thumbs up. Accurate, reliable, and the 7.62 round puts 'em down. Originally
developed as a vehicle mounted weapon, more and more are being dismounted
and taken into the field by infantry. The 7.62 round chews up the structure
over there.

6) The M2 .50 cal heavy machine gun: Thumbs way, way up. "Ma deuce" is still
worth her considerable weight in gold. The ultimate fight stopper, puts
their dicks in the dirt every time. The most coveted weapon in-theater.

7) The .45 pistol: Thumbs up. Still the best pistol round out there.
Everybody authorized to carry a sidearm is trying to get their hands on one.
With few exceptions, can reliably be expected to put 'em down with a torso
hit. The special ops guys (who are doing most of the pistol work) use the HK
military model and supposedly love it. The old government model 45's are
being re-issued en masse.

8) The M-14: Thumbs up. They are being re-issued in bulk, mostly in a
modified version to special ops guys. Modifications include lightweight
Kevlar stocks and low power red dot or ACOG sights. Very reliable in the
sandy environment, and they love the 7.62 round.

Clicking the headline link will bring you to the rest.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

More Of The High & Mighty As They Herd The Eloi...

Westchester wants police to license guns

Westchester's state representatives say they'll push for a special law that would put county police in charge of pistol license applications and require handgun owners to renew their license every five years.

The move, which would eliminate the county clerk and courts from the process, is part of County Executive Andrew Spano's 2007 state legislation wish list. The complete legislative package is being reviewed by the county Board of Legislators and will most likely be forwarded to Albany next month.

Under the proposal, county police would be responsible for all steps of the pistol licensing process, including record keeping, background checks, applicant interviews and ultimately deciding on whether to grant the license. Currently, applications are made to the county clerk, who sends it to county police. Police conduct background checks and interviews and forward a report and recommendation to a county judge for final action.

Westchester's proposal is similar to what is already in place in New York City and Suffolk and Nassau counties. Although handgun owners in Westchester must recertify their permit every five years, license-holders in Nassau and Suffolk are required to renew their licenses by reapplying every five years. New York City license holders must renew every three years.

Assemblyman Richard Brodsky said last month that he would support Spano's proposal and introduce the legislation in the assembly.

State Sen. Suzi Oppenheimer said that she would "carry the bill in the Senate."

"I think it's always beneficial when we can consolidate government processes," she said. "Right now it's pretty convoluted for gun licenses, with clerks, police and judges all involved. It's a pretty inefficient way to run government."

Also against the county proposal is state Supreme Court Justice J. Emmett Murphy, who described it as an "answer in search of a problem."

"You have the frustrating problem of illegal guns and gun violence, and then you have legal permit holders - homeowners, business owners, responsible people. Virtually none of them commit crimes," he said, "but this administration wants to subject them to silly hurdles and make life difficult for them. I have a problem with that.''

The Gestapo Is Alive And Well

And living in Watertown, NY.

"I had my interview with a detective yesterday for my pistol permit. This is coming after 6 months of waiting. I think they wait exactly 6 months because thats the limit the law in NYS states they have lol. Well going through this interview has helped me make a very important life decision. As soon as the little lady is done with nursing school, I'm marrying her up and getting the hell out of this state! I cannot stand being treated like a criminal because I want to own a handgun! This detective grilled me for 45 minutes about why I wanted a pistol, and why I thought my neighborhood was bad enough to need personal protection. He asked me if I was planning on invading the nearby Army base, because I happen to collect military firearms. He asked me if I planned on taking my pistol on an ambulance run and assisting in a suicide, because I am a volunteer firefighter and emt. These things sickened me!

Now I can understand that he was trying to get under my skin and see if he could goad a bad reaction to me, but I knew it was going to be bad when the first thing he said to me when I sat down was, "My job here is to deny your permit application, son." "If I feel that you're not old enough for a pistol than I'll deny it, period."

He asked me if I planned on carrying my pistol. I told him that I had thought about it, and might on occasion. He told me that even though the law says its legal, that it might not be a good idea. He said if himself or another cop saw me walking through a mall with a pistol on my hip, that he would bust me on the spot, permit or no permit.

What bugged me the most was the little speech he left me with. He said, and I quote, "I know the 2nd Amendment says you have the right to keep and bear arms, but thats just not the way we do things around here."

At this point, it would be advisable to contact an attorney, but in NY State that can be expensive, and result in a litany of harassment. The police DO NOT have to follow the law. They CAN, and WILL stop, detain, and harass you for no legal reason. Judges in these locales will toss out cases that have to do with law enforcement badgering gun owners, and all one need do is remember what happened in New Orleans. The local law and order system had nothing to say about those who had their Constitutional rights taken from them, and indeed even aided and abetted the criminals masquerading as police.

I've lived in towns like this, all across America. Call the local district attorney and they'll respond that, well, we do give the cops a lot of leeway, but it's for the good of everyone. Scrape together 10 or 15 thousand dollars then try to find a lawyer to help in the matter. That, and a lot of luck just MIGHT make a difference but don't count on winning anything anytime soon. What eventually happens, is that all of the cecent, hardworking people begin moving from these socialist outposts, until all that's left are those perfectly content with living off the dole and doing AS THEY ARE TOLD.

New York began as a cradle of Democracy. It, along with most of our other large city's, have for all intents and purpose left America to form their own socialist paradise.

The new revolution is just around the corner.

Bloody Booger

I really don't know how many times I have to change this before Booger gets it right.

My email address is: usmcgunny68 at

The Fits address remains operative, but because of the hassle in connecting to AOL I rarely look at that old thing. To all who've sent mail to the Fits addy, accept my apologies.

Transforming Hillary

The vaulting ambition of America's Lady Macbeth

Hillary Clinton’s shameless political reconstructive surgery

"Fifteen years ago there was once a principled, if somewhat rebarbative and unelectable politician called Hillary Rodham Clinton. A woman who aggressively preached abortion on demand and the right of children to sue their own parents, a committed believer in the power of government who tried to create a healthcare system of such bureaucratic complexity it would have made the Soviets blush; a militant feminist who scorned mothers who take time out from work to rear their children as “women who stay home and bake cookies”.

Today we have a different Hillary Rodham Clinton, all soft focus and expensively coiffed, exuding moderation and tolerance.

To grasp the scale of the transfiguration, it is necessary only to consider the very moment it began. The turning point in her political fortunes was the day her husband soiled his office and a certain blue dress. In that Monica Lewinsky moment, all the public outrage and contempt for the sheer tawdriness of it all was brilliantly rerouted and channelled to the direct benefit of Mrs Clinton, who immediately began a campaign for the Senate.

And so you had this irony, a woman who had carved out for herself a role as an icon of the feminist movement, launching her own political career, riding a wave of public sympathy over the fact that she had been treated horridly by her husband.

After that unsurpassed exercise in cynicism, nothing could be too expedient. Her first Senate campaign was one long exercise in political reconstructive surgery. It went from the cosmetic — the sudden discovery of her Jewish ancestry, useful in New York, especially when you’ve established a reputation as a friend of Palestinians— to the radical: her sudden message of tolerance for people who opposed abortion, gay marriage, gun control and everything else she had stood for.

Once in the Senate she published an absurd autobiography in which every single paragraph had been scrubbed clean of honest reflection to fit the campaign template. As a lawmaker she is remembered mostly, when confronted with a President who enjoyed 75 per cent approval ratings, for her infamous decision to support the Iraq war in October 2002. This one-time anti-war protester recast herself as a latter-day Boadicea, even castigating President Bush for not taking a tough enough line with the Iranians over their nuclear programme.

Now, you might say, hold on. Aren’t all politicians veined with an opportunistic streak? Why is she any different? The difference is that Mrs Clinton has raised that opportunism to an animating philosophy, a P. T. Barnum approach to the political marketplace.

All politicians, sadly, lie. We can often forgive the lies as the necessary price paid to win popularity for a noble cause. But the Clinton candidacy is a Grand Deceit, an entirely artificial construct built around a person who, stripped bare of the cynicism, manipulation and calculation, is nothing more than an enormous, overpowering and rather terrifying ego."

Three words; She's a lawyer.


"Letter To A Christian Nation"

a book review by Kenneth W. Krause

"Reason is to morality what design is to construction, and monotheism is a collective intellectual disaster that necessarily implies an international moral emergency. So says Sam Harris in his predictably candid, derisive and hyper-focused Letter to a Christian Nation, as he lectures an audience of agitated religionists who protested similar and, in some instances, identical scolds dispensed through his first book, The End of Faith.

Faith, by some accounts, is conviction to a belief despite facts and reason. When overwhelming majorities accept lesser standards of intellectual integrity, faith becomes institutionalized and potentially dangerous. Faith in omnipotence only exacerbates the problem. Christianity and Islam, especially, because they define in- and out-groups in terms of perpetual rewards and punishments, are inherently dangerous. Monotheists define morality according to no objective standard outside the Bible. Instead, religious affiliation necessarily depends upon the foundational texts that attempt in vain to identify both ethical and non-ethical behavior. Hence, for the faithful, any conceivable act may be defined as moral so long as the relevant god’s text can be interpreted to support it. Humans may piously slaughter other humans in any number, in any imaginable way, simply because their faith allows them to trust in an omnipotent and omni-benevolent creator who desires or all too regularly demands that they do so.

The Christian faithful, Harris contends, have inherited some of the most unethical standards imaginable. Consistent with Proverbs, Leviticus, Deuteronomy, Exodus, Mark and Matthew, pious parents are obliged to thrash or kill their disobedient children. The Abrahamic texts insist that followers stone not only the adulterer, but also those who labor on the Sabbath. Although some Christians will argue that New Testament morals have superseded those of the Old, Harris counters that, according to the former, Jesus instructed his followers to remain true to the ancient laws. The Church incinerated heretics for more than 500 years as it cited allegedly validating chapter and verse. Augustine supposed that dissenters should be tortured; Aquinas directed that they be murdered. Both Luther and Calvin encouraged the slaughter of innocent apostates and Jews. In no Christian text was Jesus said to have objected to slavery; in many was the practice condoned.

The first four of the Ten Commandments, Harris observes, had nothing to do with morality. The rest clearly did, but were hardly original. Virtually every culture edified similar principles in its annals, laws, and myths. Regardless, morality predates recorded history and, perhaps, humanity itself. Our closest primate relatives demonstrate some degree of kin altruism and broader social concern. The point, of course, is that religious ethics represent only one phase of our moral evolution, a phase that humanity can and must transcend.

Hopelessly antiquated religions have grown increasingly counterproductive as sources of moral guidance. Christians delight in imagining themselves supremely ethical in their opposition to embryonic stem cell research and abortion. But neither stem cell use nor legal abortions harm anything capable of either experiencing loss or inspiring a reasonable sense of loss in others. Insisting that human “souls” can inhabit the microscopic recesses of a Petri dish is not a moral argument. Rather, it is the imposition of both intellectual and moral primitivism.

Indeed, religious ethics often seem impervious to empathy. Many Christian conservatives oppose vaccination for the human papillomavirus, now the most common sexually transmitted disease in America, largely because they consider HPV an obstacle to premarital sex. The Vatican contests condom use even to thwart the spread of HIV. Christopher Hitchens summarized the crisis well when he pointed out that Mother Teresa “was not a friend of the poor. She was a friend of poverty. She said that suffering was a gift from God.” Teresa might have performed admirable deeds for humanity as an individual, but it should be clear that she brought such goodness despite, rather than because of, her religion. That so much suffering can be directly attributed to religion, Harris concludes, should inform us that honest and thorough criticism of religious faith is both our intellectual and our moral responsibility.

To religious moderates, Harris offers neither sanctuary nor convenient alliance. Temperance and tolerance are not solutions to this deadly predicament. To the contrary, religious liberalism’s demand for respect only lends ostensible though certainly not actual credibility to religious dogma and fanaticism. Moderates simply cannot continue to have it both ways, the author demands. Either human beings created the Bible, or they did not. Either Christ was a man, or he was not. If so, the fundamental and necessary tenets of Christianity are and have always been false. At some point, Harris persists, one side will win and the other will lose.

Speaking truth to both religious and secular power, however redundantly, has become Sam Harris’s claim to fame, perhaps even his raison d’ĂȘtre. Although the underlying problem is a bit more complex than the author appears to recognize, his assessment of faith’s threat to human survival is sound. Arguably, much of the developed world seems well on its way to begetting the end of faith, or, more precisely, faith of the licensed, monotheistic variety. In America, of course, the crisis is more severe; a mere letter to a Christian nation will never suffice. But if such letters are read and rejoined by the right Christians, perhaps history might prove them to have been a very good start indeed."

Yes. The ancients were a bloodthirsty lot. Modern civilization has exorcised such cravings, and don't point to islam because it is neither modern, nor a civilization. We've managed to hoist ourselves up quite nicely, but the remembrance of atrocities committed in the name of religion is important to the understanding of the current religious wars that have gripped the world. The problem that modern liberals have, is that they cannot condemn islam alone because that would appear too judgemental to single out one of the world's many religions, so to make what IS a good point they lump all worshippers together.

Christianity still condones some horrible things. Condoms should be on the hit-parade rather than the hit-list, and those who do favor the old testament are either liars or cherry-picking dolts not to understand that the Jewish deity, as portrayed by numerous references to among other things, mass murder and slavery, was and/or is a monster of legendary proportions. But we also inherited the remnants of a prehensile tail, but that does not mean we remain stuck in the treetops.

Times were tough, and people had to be even tougher to cobble forth a society that provided some semblance of security and prosperity. Hindsight is valuable but doesn't begin to take into account the fact that many men of good will did many bad things for reasons we cannot this day fathom, but should not dismiss out of hand because we are so very sheltered and distanced from the jungle.

Instead of complimenting modern Judaism and Christianity for shedding the image of the beast, Sam Harris...and his reviewer Kenneth Krause...sing the tired song of woe that continues to search for its lyrics in the distant past. Most of us are damned fine creatures who've proved worthy of a modicum of appreciation, and if not praise then gratitude.

Islam IS scary as all hell. Focusing upon the true enemy might be a wise move. And by the way, killing something isn't respectable simply because the victim may or may not feel any pain. It's a hoot when liberals bemoan the loss of human life while at the same time worshipping at the altar of abortion as birth control.

Click here for the short list of bible goings-on that bother those who do worry about such things. And for the umpteenth time I remind them that the people of the time were doing the best they could with the information they had. Yes, modern science welcomes change but it wasn't always so.

Off To Simulate The 2-Way-Range

I've been hearing about certain munitions that deserve a look. The first is a 357 SIG, 60 grainer that is advertised to crank 2400 fps from a 4" barrel, the second an 80 grain 45 ACP that does better than 2300 from a 5". Both are hollowpoints by the way. This means no weeping or whining that they can be referred to as COP KILLER BULLETS, as if cops have a better reason to exist than the rest of us. HP's are designed to flatten not punch through, and the 45 intrigues me the most. The potential problem with so light a weight for the calibers in question, particularly the 45, is the possibility of deflecting off of bone or even a strategically placed Zippo. The other problem is the fact that MOST military types will not bother to toss even a wayward glance at reports of bullets hitting paper targets. There is a certain online dentist who drives the "warriors" stark raving mad with his blatent nonsense concerning terminal ballistics, but I'm a little forgiving mainly because I must be.

I no longer have living targets to report upon. Any information I receive or pass along FROM those who have practiced long and hard in the present day 2-way-ranges around the world must be considered anecdotal, even though the information is derived from experts in the field.

Your MD provides a diagnosis, and this is not anecdotal. A long range sniper says what works and what doesn't and this is not anecdotal. Coming from me, secondhand, it is. Regardless of the vagaries of the internet, we ALL decide to whom our trust is given. I do not sell ammunitions, not consort with those that do. My single devotion is to generate meaningful data from sources considered to be genuine. I believe my own eyes, and the work of those I value as friends.

Regardless. I'm out to defile paper and plastic. What called these cartridges to my attention was reports of their efficiency in close quarter combat and I do wish to get a feel for them before passing certain information along. If I consider them to be worthless for "civilian" use I'll simply forget it and move on. No, I will not have killed with them, and any chatterboxing is suspect and worth what you paid to see it.

Oh, and perhaps if we all promise not to do backyard root-canals, that dentist will stop telling us all about the munitions necessary to dispatch a foe.

Friday, January 26, 2007

We Get Letters


Claims processing manager Ref. Number: T9Q/102/131/0035
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You can stake your claim by the following informations: (which I did
and sent back the following)

Name: Fits
Age: Quaternary
Sex: Often as I damned well please
Address: Sir, Gunny, Harder, big boy
Telephone Number: 1-800-FUCK-OFF

Please note in order to avoid unnecessary delays and Complications
please remember to quote your reference number and batch numbers in all
Mr.Wilma Bekkamp,
Claims processing manager
Tel: +31-641-22-4400
Fax: +31-847-228-185.


When You Just GOTTA Have A Heavyweight

From a Glock 22 expect a tad over 1100 fps, and if that's your baddest bottomfeeder, then this might be just the ticket for persuading woodland creatures to feast elsewhere.

Double-Tap makes them, and even in a G-27 they scamper close to 1000 fps.

By the way, 10 mm loads from Remington and Winchester are slower than the Double-Tap .40's. Bear that in mind if you are contemplating a G-20 or the like. It's load your own, or use a boutique manufacturer to get the most out of the 10.

Moving on over to wheel guns...

In the lower 48, I've heard that a 4" GP-100 with 200's clocking 1300 fps is fine and dandy, but venturing into BIG DAMNED BEAR country means a rifle. A max-loaded 44 mag, 454 Casull, or the grandaddy of them all, the 500 magnum, is a decent enough sidearm when the long one is not handy.

Time To Play Name-That-Carbine

Reactions To The State Of The Union...

And even terrorists have their say.

By MELISSA EDDY, Associated Press Writer Wed Jan 24, 3:23 PM

"...The comments also hit a nerve in Lebanon, where lawmaker Nawar Saheli told AP Television News that Bush should listen to the Lebanese people. "They do not want the U.S. government to interfere in the Lebanese internal affairs," he said."

Sorry, Melissa. But Nawar Saheli is NOT a Lebanese lawmaker. He works for hezzbollah, and hezzbollah has resigned from the Lebanese government. Perhaps you didn't get the same memo as everyone else in the known fucking world did, or you may have been referring to his previous job which was in landscaping, and might have confused LAWNMAKER with LAWMAKER.

Not that ANY rational human being of good will would pay heed to ANY story coming from the ASSociated Press, but this one is even lamer than usual.

Coals To Newcastle...

Or dead dino droppings, for that matter...

"...The fact is that the country is over 70% self-sufficient when we consider total energy (coal, nuclear, hydro, renewables, gas, etc). Although much of that dependence relates to oil, the U.S. does not import nearly as much from the Middle East as some suggest. As energy expert Daniel Yergin recently pointed out in the Wall Street Journal, “[s]ome 81% of oil imports do not come from that region. Thus, only 19% of imports -- and 12% of total petroleum consumption -- originates in the Middle East.” It may surprise many readers that the U.S. imports most of its oil not from Arab Sheiks but from our friends in Canada."

Which is why OPEC, despite dearly wishing to strangle us via low production quotas, understands the most basic rule of remaining in business. If a competitor is selling something cheaper, or makes his product more readily available, HE gets the business. And the sheiks are greedy little buggers, billionaires who want to be multi-billionaires. But all of this would be moot were the democrats anything remotely resembling patriotic Americans. We've plenty of energy resources, but the loons WANT us barefoot-and-pregnant because that's how they amass a contituency. Read all of what Senator Inhofe has to say.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Take That, Copper...

"Whose looked at the all-copper bullets like Corbon has..."

Lots of people love them. Many of the one's that love them, are selling them. The rest are the one's who believe the one's that are selling them.

But seriously, you'd be hard pressed to find any of the aficionado's bragging about expansion, because there's to date not much to brag about. Magtech has been making copper bullets for a time, and when fired from a G-23, in .40 caliber but of course, mushroom to the tune of .66". PMC Starfire and/or Federal HST's will do .8" when impacting the same medium. Or extra-large, for that matter. They all remain pricey and its only going to get worse as the ammo makers lie, strike that, report upon the rising cost of metals.

The Cor-Bon hook has been about penetration, penetration, then more penetration. This would seem to imply that if penetration is your goal you should look into them.

Suck It In

I don't know why but I inhale. Cigars, pipes, a vase of flowers, it's all the same. I suck them in. I'd be planted in my vibrating recliner and my father would stop by to eat because he never once made a meal and in fact had a hard time pouring milk into a glass all by himself. I knew why he was there, he knew why he was there, he knew I knew and I knew he knew I knew.

But when I slounge back with a cigar that has hit the glee button I don't like moving for a while. I don't say, "good cigar", because I haven't a clue as to what good is. I've belonged to cigar clubs,
smoked Havanas until I had to stop or puke, and really do like some of the Dominican variations but I've tried GOOD ones that sucked and POOR ones that I couldn't get enough of.

So the OLD MAN would wait, not patiently, he didn't give good patient, until I was done frenching a stogey, and it was always just a matter of time before he'd make mention.

"You inhale. Why do you inhale a cigar?"

I'd ALWAYS answer the same way because he knew I inhaled and I knew, but let's not get into that again.


No question mark at the end. No raised or lowered eyebrows to lend emphasis to my misunderstanding of a simple interrogatory. I inhaled. I inhale everything. Since my first shot at those bubble-gum cigars I even inhaled them before chewing. But he knew that if I suddenly clicked out of ENJOYMENT MODE, the chances were good that I'd heat some pots and pans without ado most further.

"What do you mean ,what? You inhale."

"I inhale."

"You're not suppossed to inhale cigars. How can you enjoy a cigar with all that smoke in your lungs?"

"Look at it this way, it filters the smoke from the room so you don't have to breathe it too."

"That's dumber than inhaling..."

And so it would go. Now I'm sitting here enjoying (inhaling) a Joya Del Rey Robusto that I got so dirt cheap I'm ashamed of myself. Roman Catholic guilt never diminishes even a tad of a scintilla, and I know that there are starving cigar smokers in China I should be sending these to but I won't.

So with that in mind, here's this weeks CIGAR RECOMMENDATION.

Joya Del Rey Robusto (4 3/4 X 50). Some fool of a friend ordered them and was disappointed because he thought he had purchased a much longer cigar, and didn't even think to light one up. Cool ass glass tubes, too. Great for saving dimes. If your local tobacconist doesn't stock them he can order them. Failing that, Google is your friend.

Try some and don't be afraid to inhale. They don't do so in the movies because it's Scene 3, Take 497, and nobody can go through that and still inhale.

But of course a Churchill variant is fine, too.

The Bloomberg Gun Give-Away

MIDLOTHIAN, Va. - "Riled-up rednecks are snapping up tickets to a gun raffle named after Mayor Bloomberg, already trip.ling business at one dealer here.

"He's an idiot," said Richard Hill, manager of Bob Moates Sport Shop, where a hand-scrawled sign on the counter tells customers to "Ask about the Bloomberg Gun GiveAway."

A pro-gun group is sponsoring the contest at three stores in Virginia as payback for the mayor's federal lawsuits against four dealers in the state that Bloomberg says are illegally peddling weapons that end up in the hands of New York criminals.

Bloomberg has sued 23 other out-of-state dealers.

"Mr. Bloomberg seems to think we as the dealer have control over that gun after it's bought and leaves the premises," Hill said. "Sorry - criminals cause the problem. Get the criminals. Put 'em in jail and keep them there. They don't do it again. Law enforcement ain't our job."

Hill said the raffle has tripled business since it began 10 days ago. For every $100 spent on anything in the store, customers receive a red raffle ticket.

A drawing will be held this spring, and the winner will receive a Para-Ordnance .45-caliber automatic, a military-style weapon worth about $750.

Dave Hancock, a longtime employee of the store, called the lawsuit an "absolute joke."

"We go above and beyond. It's not about making the sales, it's about making them the right way," he said. "Let's face it, you take a $500 gun that we make about $45 on. Why would we risk anything for that? It's not worth it."

On Tuesday, Bloomberg called organizers of the raffle "sick people."

The store, located on a busy strip next to a bank and across the street from a hotel, has been open for about 45 years, selling hunting, fishing and camping gear. "The lawsuit is stupid," said Glenn Anderson, 46, a contractor from Long Island who was visiting his sister in the area. "Bloom.berg being a Republican is a joke. He never was. He never will be."

When asked if he keeps a gun in his home, Anderson replied, "I have a gun in the car."

"We're basically driving money and customers to the very stores that he's trying to destroy," said Philip Van Cleave, president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, which is sponsoring the contest.

Bloomberg "might hold the gospel in New York. He don't make too much waves down this way," Hill said. "He's just the mayor of New York, after all."

It's good to see that someone is profiting from Bloomberg's plea to make the country safe for muggers, murderer's and rapists, and let's never forget that pesky old document that he obviously has never read that contains something called the 2nd Amendment. In NYC, the 1st Amendment is Pay Those High Taxes To Keep The Welfare Checks A' Comin', and the 2nd is Don't Send My Poor Baby To Jail, Ban Those Awful Guns.

Funny thing. I'd no idea that rednecks were the sole customers of gun shops. See. Learn something new every day.


This link will take you to the information necessary to contact Mr. Moates. Don't bother to click the link provided there, as it will open a clumsy page where I do suppose you could find his business listed SOMEWHERE, if you had, say, all the time in the world. Phone numbers and addresses, yes. Pity old Bob isn't internet literate because I'd have ordered a gun through him in a heartbeat if the job of doing so were made easier.

Still might. I'll try and call in the morning to see what he's got.

Now, I Doesn't Knows How...But...

WASHINGTON - "Every American should have health care coverage within six years, Democratic Sen. Barack Obama (news, bio, voting record) said Thursday as he set an ambitious goal soon after jumping into the 2008 presidential race.

"I am absolutely determined that by the end of the first term of the next president, we should have universal health care in this country," Obama told a conference of Families USA, a health care advocacy group.

The Illinois senator did not provide specifics on his plan for coverage."

Hahahahaha, cough, whew, beg pardon. But of COURSE Hussein didn't provide specifics. Because he HAS none. Never will. Unless taxing the ever-loving hell out of honest working people to pay for the welfare cases, can actually be considered a plan.

And a thousand pardons for the callous headline. Those Fort Worth college kids and their party goings-on still has me laughing. It IS beneath me. Sho' nuff.

Michael Yon Is Back In Iraq

"After spending most of 2005 in Iraq, five months of which were in Mosul, I am back to report on the progress and obstacles. There remain only a handful of US soldiers in Mosul, and they continue to fight every day. The Iraqi Security Forces here are vastly improved from 2005. Mosul is a key and critical city in this war. The terrorists want it badly. Practically the only thing standing between Mosul and the terrorists are the Iraqis who are tired of the violence, and the small group of American soldiers who are vastly outnumbered.

I am again with an American infantry unit, this time it is the 2/7 Cavalry, based in Texas. During the first week of my embed, the battalion lost 6 soldiers killed in action, and 1 interpreter. Others were severely wounded. They also were fighting back and inflicting worse damage on the enemy. "Desolate Roads Part 1 of 2," the dispatch now posted on the site, chronicles singular moments from the past two weeks in Mosul.

My request to extend the embed with the 2/7 Cavalry has been approved and I am looking forward to being able to observe and report on the dynamic situation on the ground here. Already, two of my camera lenses, my ballistic goggles and other expensive gear have been damaged beyond repair. The support of readers will determine how much longer I will be able to continue this work."

Very Respectfully,

Michael Yon
P O Box 416
Westport Pt MA 02791

Ann Coulter And The Name-Recognition Contests Passing For "Polls"


"It's nice to have a president who is not so sleazy that not a single Supreme Court justice shows up for his State of the Union address (Bill Clinton, January 1999, when eight justices stayed away to protest Clinton's disregard for the law and David Souter skipped the speech to watch "Sex and the City").

Speaking of which, the horny hick's wife finally ended the breathless anticipation by announcing that she is running for president. I studied tapes of Hillary feigning surprise at hearing about Monica to help me look surprised upon learning that she's running.

As long as we have revived the practice of celebrating multicultural milestones (briefly suspended when Condoleezza Rice became the first black female to be secretary of state), let us pause to note that Mrs. Clinton, if elected, would be the first woman to become president after her husband had sex with an intern in the Oval Office.

According to the famed "polls" -- or, as I call them, "surveys of uninformed people who think it's possible to get the answer wrong" -- Hillary is the current front-runner for the Democrats. Other than the massive case of narcolepsy her name inspires, this would cause me not the slightest distress -- except for the fact that the Republicans' current front-runners are John McCain and Rudy Giuliani.

Fortunately, polls at this stage are nothing but name recognition contests, so please stop asking me to comment on them. "Arsenic" and "proctologist" have sky-high name recognition going for them, too.

In January, two years before the 2000 presidential election, the leading Republican candidate in New Hampshire was ... Liddy Dole (WMUR-TV/CNN poll, Jan. 12, 1999). In the end, Liddy Dole's most successful run turned out to be a mad dash from her husband Bob after he accidentally popped two Viagras.

At this stage before the 1992 presidential election, the three leading Democratic candidates were, in order: Mario Cuomo, Jesse Jackson and Lloyd Bentsen (Public Opinion Online, Feb. 21, 1991)..."