Saturday, July 31, 2010

Messenger Science In The News: Oldest Reptiles?

Tiny Footprints Are Oldest Evidence of Reptiles

A tiny reptile scampering along an Outback-like environment snagging insects some 318 million years ago left behind footprints that are now the oldest evidence of reptiles to date.

From the size of the tracks, the researchers suggest the animal was about the size of a gecko, nearly 8 inches (20 centimeters) from snout to tail tip. "This is the earliest evidence we've got for reptiles," said Howard
Falcon-Lang of Royal Holloway, University of London. 

"From early reptile, to amphibian, and then on to altogether stranger forms of life,"  Dr. Falcon-Lang continued while urging everyone not to forget his maiden name, "up to what is generally referred to in the modern era as amphibi-morphs, or simply egg-laying rats as the newer colloquialisms go."

Pictured above Left: Tiny tracks left by proto-reptilians some 300 million years ago

Pictured directly Left: Artist rendering of the creatures as further explained by Dr. Falcon-Lang: "These newer somewhat genetic reptilians possess the ability to change their appearance seemingly at will, but are still actually more closely related to the common rat than any other lower form of life today."


NRA Asks: Urge Your Senators to Oppose Elena Kagan's Confirmation to U.S. Supreme Court

The nomination of Elena Kagan to the U.S. Supreme Court will be decided next week, when the Senate casts the final vote on her confirmation.

The NRA has announced our strong opposition to Ms. Kagan, due to her long record of antagonism toward the Second Amendment.  Based on that record, it is very likely that as a Supreme Court Justice, Kagan would join the Court's minority that just last month issued dissenting opinions claiming the Second Amendment does not guarantee a fundamental right to keep and bear arms.

Elena Kagan represents the second time President Obama has nominated a person to the Court who aggressively opposes our right to keep and bear arms. Her confirmation would pose a direct threat to our rights for decades.

Your Senators will cast key votes that will decide if Kagan is confirmed. Please take a few minutes and contact your Senators and respectfully ask them to filibuster and oppose Kagan's confirmation.

Your feelings about the NRA itself notwithstanding, trying to prevent Elena Kagan from having anything to do with the Supreme Court is a worthwhile endeavor.

Please take the time to pass your thoughts along to your Senators.

Looking Presidential...Obama Style

Friday, July 30, 2010

Saggy Pants Just Fine With Bronx Judge

You have the right to remain ridiculous

A Bronx judge has thrown out a summons issued against a Bronx man for wearing saggy pants, finding that "the Constitution still leaves some opportunity for people to be foolish if they so desire."

Judge Ruben Franco said that although Julio Martinez may have offended the fashion police with his low-hanging and underwear-exposing pants, his manner of dress didn't deserve a ticket from a cop.

"While most of us may consider it distasteful, and indeed foolish, to wear one's pants so low as to expose the underwear . . . people can dress as they please, wear anything, so long as they do not offend public order and decency," the judge wrote. 

The more we accept indecency the more indecency there is. Difficult for liberal judges to understand, I know, but true nonetheless. 

As is the case with most of today's hood-fashion-sense, this is something that first became popular in prison systems. In order to speak as close to the bars as possible, baseball caps were turned sideways or to the rear, and little bitchy boys advertised that they were little bitchy boys by prancing about with lowered trousers.

Bragging about being an ex-con is one thing, so as to assume some street-cred, but behaving like a prison pillow biter is something I'll never understand.

And as I said in the previous posting, we really don't have to go looking very hard for illegal aliens...they'll find us by such deviant behaviors. Nothing in the article that overtly pointed to lil Miss Martinez being an illegal skank, but neither the judge nor the writer went on to say how good the kid was doing at his job or turning his life around or going great guns in his first year at Harvard.

Nowadays it's what ISN'T said that provides the most insight.

Meanwhile...Back In Arizona....

The showdown over Arizona's immigration law played out in court and on Phoenix's sun-splashed streets on Thursday, as the state sought to reinstate key parts of the measure and angry protesters chanted that they refused to "live in fear." Dozens were arrested. 

A federal judge's decision a day earlier to block the strict law's most controversial elements didn't dampen the raging immigration debate. 

The judge has been threatened. Protesters rallied in cities from Los Angeles to New York. The sheriff of the state's most populous county vowed to continue targeting illegal immigrants. Lawmakers or candidates in as many as 18 states say they still want to push similar measures.
Along the U.S.-Mexico border, life continued as before, with officials sending back people who were captured while attempting to cross. 

In Phoenix, hundreds of the law's opponents massed at a downtown jail, beating on the metal door and forcing sheriff's deputies to call for backup. Officers in riot gear opened the doors, waded out into the crowd and hauled off those who didn't move. They arrested at least 23 people, and more were detained elsewhere. 

Sheriff's spokesman Brian Lee said deputies were able to start the sweep Thursday afternoon and arrested four people: two had warrants for suspended licenses, one had a suspended license, and one was illegally carrying a firearm. He did not know if any were illegal immigrants. 

And therein lies the roots of their abject stupidity.
The neighborhood I grew up in was full of wiseguys. Always a need for new wiseguys, because the dumb ones were forever getting pinched and they got pinched because they refused to follow the most simple of credo's.

ALWAYS keep your act in gear with regards to the penny-nickle-dime shit. Your drivers license and vehicle registration/inspection must be up to date, lots of insurance on your wheels, and never, ever have anything in the car that can get you pinched. 

But dumb crooks just cannot help being dumb crooks, and savvy cops can always tell just by looking at a car what the driver had inside of it. Same thing with many illegal immigrants. The very fact that they're here illegally makes them criminals, and since that in and of itself is a dumbing down process, they forget to do the little things that would keep them out of trouble. Even the simple act of not using a turn-signal can get you pulled over but to do so would be admitting a lack of machismo.

Don't stop at the red before turning right, don't use the directionals, and pow, Mr. Road Tax Officer gets to hang you on at least two violations and even gets to peek inside the vehicle because you know damned well that that sort of un-mentality leads to giving the cop a ration of shit and then all bets are off.

In occupied cities like NY, L.A., Philly, and the like, the illegal immigrant will be let off with a fine and NEVER asked to provide documentation of citizenship. The poor dumb wiseguy gets tossed in the clink until his boss thinks he's been punished enough for being an idiot, then makes bail but is forever on the cops bad boy list.

Sooner or later the anti-illegal-immigrant laws will have some teeth and then the purebred morons will be doing everything they can to get themselves arrested. Like showing up at a protest with no drivers license or insurance or vehicle registration. 

And worse. In occupied territory, they'll need to erect lots more jails, and since it'd be a stimulus for the building trades this is win-win.

Bottom line: Arizona doesn't want to be another California. 

And PS: I like Califexico better than Mexifornia. Sounds more Mary Poppins-like, thusly apt for the nanny state

Truckers Join With THE NRA, Calguns, And Folsom Shooting Club To Fight California's Ban On Interstate Shipment Of Ammunition

Redwood City, CA - The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) has joined with the Calguns Foundation, the National Rifle Association, the Folsom Shooting Club and two individual truckers to challenge California’s soon to be implemented ban on the interstate shipment of handgun ammunition to California.

Last year, Governor Schwarzenegger signed Assembly Bill 962 into law. Starting in February 2011, the law will criminalize the delivery and transfer of handgun ammunition not done in face-to-face transactions. The law requires shipping companies to implement procedures to determine whether the recipient of a package containing handgun ammunition is covered by one of the exceptions in the law before delivering handgun ammunition in California. This places a big burden on the shippers, and will make shipping ammunition to California much more difficult and likely more expensive.

The new lawsuit, filed today in Sacramento’s Eastern District Federal Court, alleges that these provisions of the law violate the Federal Aviation Administration Authorization Act, which prohibits states and local municipalities from interfering with carriers’ rates, routes, or services.

“This isn’t about firearms or ammunition. Congress made an important decision to keep motor carriers free from a patchwork of burdensome regulation as we move America’s goods to market” said Jim Johnston, OOIDA President. “We cannot allow California to subject our members to criminal liability where the state has no right to meddle.”

California depends on the efficient movement of goods by carrier into California. “California legislators have become accustomed to trampling the rights of California’s gun community. However, this time they’ve taken that recklessness into a field that will hurt every Californian. AB-962 will slow down everyone who orders goods online or buys goods at a retail store,” said Gene Hoffman, Chairman of The Calguns Foundation. 

In February 2008, a unanimous United States Supreme Court struck down Maine’s directly analogous law regarding the delivery of cigarettes to Maine in Rowe v. New Hampshire Motor Transport. “It does not matter what the State’s goal is or how honorable they believe their cause is,” stated lead attorney, Jason Davis of Davis & Associates. “Rowe made it clear that a state cannot interfere with a carrier’s rates, routes, or services. AB962 does just that.”

“At Sacramento Valley Shooting Center, we currently provide handgun ammunition sales to the public,” said Jim Bass, President of Folsom Shooting Club. “Should the shipping restrictions in AB-962 take effect, we have no way to prove to shippers that we are a handgun ammunition vendor under the law.” 

This case follows a Second Amendment and Commerce Clause challenge entitled State Ammunition v. Lindley, and a California State Court Challenge to the vagueness and other requirements of AB-962 brought by the NRA-CRPA Foundation Legal Action Project.

The delivery prohibitions of AB-962 take effect in February 2011; Plaintiffs in this case will be moving quickly to obtain an injunction before the shipping portions of the law takes effect.
Shame of it all, well one of them anyway, is Arnold turning coat and siding with the lunatics, crooks, thieves, scoundrels, ne'er do wells, and traitorous scum who've taken over California.

For the longest of times all he preached was how tickled pink he was to be living in the freest country in the whole damned world, then first chance he got he decided to make it less so. 
Nothing quite like a foreigner reaping the benefits of all America has to offer then stabbing it in the back after making his fortune.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Update: Montana Grizzly Attack

COOKE CITY, Montana -- A Canadian woman who was attacked by a bear in the middle of the night at a busy U.S. campground was bitten on her arm and leg before she instinctively played dead so the animal would leave her alone, she said Thursday.
At least one bear rampaged through the campground near Yellowstone National Park in the middle of the night Wednesday, killing one man and injuring Deb Freele of Ontario and another man.
Appearing on the network morning talk shows from a Wyoming hospital, Freele said she woke up just before the bear bit her arm.
"I screamed, he bit harder, I screamed harder, he continued to bite," she said.
Her survival instinct kicked in, and she realized that the screaming wasn't working.

"I told myself, play dead," she said. "I went totally limp. As soon as I went limp, I could feel his jaws get loose and then he let me go."

A frequent camper, Freele said that she was already prepared to go camping again hours after the attack, though she acknowledged that it will take time to recover both physically and emotionally.

She suffered severe lacerations and crushed bones from bites on her arms. The male survivor suffered puncture wounds on his calf. The nature of the dead victim's wounds were not revealed.

Then it was a grizzly. Black bears don't stop chomping if you play dead. The Grizz likes his play almost as much as the eating part, and if the struggle stops he'll often move on to more interesting game.
This idjit gal survives by the skin of her teeth then admits that she's going camping there again, as soon as possible.

Good. Those genes don't need to be passed on.


Here's a picture of Little Miss Bear Lover Even Though They Tried To Eat Me

On second thought, I don't believe there's a chance in hell she'll pass along those genes.

Black Kid Assaults White Guy For Listening To Rap: "White people shouldn't be listening to rap music..."

JULY 28--Declaring that white people "shouldn't be listening to rap music," a 14-year-old Florida boy allegedly assaulted a man Monday night in what police say was a racially-motivated attack. The teenager was arrested after he allegedly struck the 22-year-old victim, who is white, in the face. According to a Palm Bay Police Department report, a copy of which you'll find below, the victim was on a sidewalk listening to rap music when he was confronted by the boy and other teenagers. The suspect told the man to turn off his music, adding that he was "white and he shouldn't be listening to rap music." When the victim replied that he "could listen to whatever he wants," the suspect "repeatedly" punched him in the face. Though "other black juvenile males and females...attempted to get involved in the dispute," the victim fled "before any further battery could occur."

I'll see if I can keep an eye out to determine if the black kid actually gets charged with a "hate crime". He shouldn't. Crime is crime is crime. We Conservatives can't rail against hate-crime laws then say it's okay if used against a black man/child.

Major General Jerry Curry Asks: Is Obama A Moslem?

President Obama says there is nothing more beautiful than the Muslim call to prayer in the evening. He says that the United States was not founded as a Christian nation.
Obama’s father and step-father were Muslims and he spent his childhood living in a Muslim country where his school enrollment records say his religion is Islam. As President of the United States he genuflects to the Muslim King of Saudi Arabia but not the Christian Queen of England. He thumbs his nose at America’s friends and bows to its enemies. In short, Obama quacks like a Muslim, waddles like a Muslim and acts like a Muslim, so is he a Muslim? My mother would say, “Yes! He’s a Muslim through and through.” 

Growing up as a Muslim, Obama must have learned that according to the Qur’an it is acceptable to lie, deceive and live by a double standard provided in so doing one advances Islamic goals. Muslims only pretend to trust and be friends with non-Muslims; in the deepest of their Muslim hearts they have been taught that all non-Muslims are infidels.

Doesn't really matter what he CALLS himself, its how he acts, and yes, Barrack Hussein certainly does act like a moslem. 

He cares little about the people he swore to work for, relying instead on the holy mantra from his more prominent cult religion, the one masquerading as modern liberalism. Lying is okay because the little people really don't know how to act, so they, the liberals, must act for them.

Now, in all honesty we really shouldn't care all that much what religion a man practices. Yet islam, like modern liberalism, is in fact a cult, and cults are downright dangerous.

So yes, Barack Hussein is a dangerous cultist and should be thwarted at every turn.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mosque At Ground Zero?

 by Newt Gingrich

The problem of creeping sharia is most visibly on display in France and in the United Kingdom, where there are Muslim enclaves in which the police have surrendered authority and sharia reigns. However, worrisome cases are starting to emerge in the United States that show sharia is coming here. Andy McCarthy's writings, including his new book The Grand Jihad, have been invaluable in tracking instances in which the American government and major public institutions have been unwilling to assert the protections of American law and American values over sharia's religious code. Some examples include:

In June 2009, a New Jersey state judge rejected an allegation that a Muslim man who punished his wife with pain for hours and then raped her repeatedly was guilty of criminal sexual assault, citing his religious beliefs as proof that he did not believe he was acting in a criminal matter. "This court believes that he was operating under his belief that it is, as the husband, his desire to have sex when and whether he wanted to, was something that was consistent with his practices and it was something that was not prohibited." Thankfully, this ruling was reversed in an appellate court.

In May 2008, a disabled student at a public college being assisted by a dog was threatened by Muslim members of the student body, who were reluctant to touch the animal by the prescription of sharia. The school, St. Cloud State, chose not to engage the Muslim community, but simply gave the student credit without actually fulfilling the class hours so as to avoid conflict.

In a similar instance in November 2009, a high school senior in Owatonna, Minn., was suspended in order to protect him from the threat of violence by radical Islamists when he wrote an essay about the special privileges afforded his Somali Muslim counterparts in the school environment.

In order to accommodate sharia's prohibition of interest payments in financial transactions, the state of Minnesota buys homes from realtors and re-sells them to Muslims at an up-front price. It is simply not the function of government to use tax money to create financial transactions that correspond to a religious code. Moreover, it is a strategy to create a precedent for legal recognition of sharia within U.S. law.

Amazingly, there are strong allegations that the United States now owns the largest provider of sharia financing in the world: AIG.

Last month, police in Dearborn, Mich.*, which has a large Muslim population, arrested Christian missionaries for handing out copies of the Gospel of St. John on charges of "disturbing the peace." They were doing so on a public street outside an Arab festival in a way that is completely permissible by law, but, of course, forbidden by sharia's rules on proselytizing. This is a clear case of freedom of speech and the exercise of religious freedom being sacrificed in deference to sharia's intolerance against the preaching of religions other than Islam.

Shockingly, sharia honor killings-in which Muslim women are murdered by their husbands, brothers or other male family members for dishonoring their family-are also on the rise in America but do not receive national attention because they are considered "domestic disturbances." (A recent article in Marie Claire Magazine highlights recent cases and the efforts to bring national attention to this horrifying trend.)

Cases like this will become all the more common as radical Islamists grow more and more aggressive in the United States.

It is in this context that the controversy over the proposed mosque near Ground Zero must be seen.

*And here is where the real problem lies awaiting only our divergence into abject stupidity.

Policemen will do whatever they are told to do. Following orders. Doesn't matter. Build a mosque near ground-zero, and in no time at all the local moslems will be claiming the entire area surrounding it as their own. Mailmen must grow full length beards, so will sanitation workers, bus drivers, cabbies, and even street vendors. Need a seeing-eye-dog to navigate the byways of the Apple? 

Fine; just don't go anywhere near the mosque. All of the above has long ago happened in certain Paris neighborhoods, I've seen it with my own eyes. Wherever moslems have located in numbers, going back 1500 years ago to the present, they've confiscated public and private grounds as their own, bringing sharia law to bear and with the heaviest of hands.

And yep, old Newt has hit the bullseye. It isn't terrorism we fight, but islam. 

Ann Coulter On How Craven Certain Republicans Are And How Lying, Cheating, And Stealing Modern Liberals And Their Cohorts In The Yellowstream Media Can Be...

While engaging in astonishing viciousness, vulgarity and violence toward Republicans, liberals accuse cheerful, law-abiding Tea Party activists of being violent racists.

Responding to these vile charges, conservative television pundits think it's a great comeback to say: "There is the fringe on both sides."

Both sides? Really? How about: "That's a despicable lie"? Did that occur to you simpering morons as a possible reply to the slanderous claim that conservatives are fiery racists?

All the accusations of "racism" at anti-Obama rallies so far have turned out to be completely false. The most notorious was the allegation that one black congressman was spat on and another called the N-word 15 times at an anti-ObamaCare rally on Capitol Hill last March.

The particularly sensitive Rep. Emmanuel Cleaver, D-Mo., perhaps walking too closely to a protester chanting "Kill the Bill," was hit with some spittle -- and briefly thought he was a Freedom Rider! When observers contested Cleaver's account -- with massive video evidence -- he walked back his claim of being spat upon.

The slanderous claim that a protester called the civil rights hero John Lewis the N-word 15 times was an outrageous lie -- never made by Lewis himself -- but promoted endlessly by teary-eyed reporters, most of whom cannot count to 15.

The media never retracted it, even after the N-word allegation was proved false with a still-uncollected $100,000 reward for two seconds of video proof taken from a protest crawling with video cameras and reporters hungry for an act of racism.

When St. Louis Tea Party co-founder Dana Loesch did make the point on CNN that no one spat on any black congressmen at the anti-ObamaCare rally, a liberal on the panel, Nancy Giles, told her to "shut your mouth," while alleged "comedian" Stephanie Miller repeatedly called Tea Party activists "tea baggers."

It's like watching Hitler hysterically denounce Poland for being mean to Nazi Germany while Polish TV commentators defend Poland by saying, "There are mistakes on both sides."

Meanwhile, we do have video proof of the New Black Panthers standing outside a polling station in Philadelphia in 2008 with billy clubs threatening white voters who tried to vote. And there is video footage of Sarah Palin, Karl Rove, Condoleezza Rice as well as a slew of conservative college speakers being assaulted by crazed liberals.

We also have evidence of liberals' proclivity for violence in the form of mountains of arrest records. Liberal protesters at the 2008 Republican National Convention were arrested for smashing police cars, slashing tires, breaking store windows, and for possessing Molotov cocktails, napalm bombs and assorted firearms. (If only they could muster up that kind of fighting spirit on foreign battlefields.)

There were no arrests of conservatives at the Democratic National Convention.

Over the past couple of election cycles, Bush and McCain election headquarters around the country have been repeatedly vandalized, ransacked, burglarized and shot at (by staunch gun-control advocates, no doubt); Bush and McCain campaign signs have been torched; and Republican campaign volunteers have been physically attacked.

It was a good day when George Bush was merely burned in effigy, compared to Hitler or, most innocuously, compared to a monkey.

In the fall of 2008, Obama supporters Mace'd elderly volunteers in a McCain campaign office in Galax, Va. In separate attacks, a half-dozen liberals threw Molotov cocktails at McCain signs on families' front yards in and around Portland, Ore. One Obama supporter broke a McCain sign being held by a small middle-aged woman in midtown Manhattan before hitting her in the face with the stick. These are just a few acts of violence from the left too numerous to catalog.

There were arrests in all these cases. There was, however, absolutely no national coverage of the attacks by Obama supporters.

Obama is in danger from the Tea Partiers! The Poles are mobilizing on the border!

Since Obama became president, the only recorded violence at Tea Parties or Town Halls has been committed by liberals. Last fall, a conservative had his finger bitten off by a man from a crowd in Thousand Oaks, Calif. Two Service Employees International Union thugs have been charged with beating up an African-American selling anti-Obama bumper stickers at a St. Louis Tea Party in August 2009.

Respected elder statesmen of the Democratic Party have referred to Obama's "Negro dialect" (Harry Reid), said he would be getting them coffee a few years ago (Bill Clinton), and called him "clean" (Joe Biden). And that's not including the former Ku Klux Klan Democratic senator, the late Bob Byrd.

So I'm thinking that maybe when conservatives are called racists on TV, instead of saying, "There are fringe elements on both sides," conservative commentators might want to think about saying, "That is a complete lie."

Liberals explode in rage when we accuse them of being unpatriotic based on 50 years of treasonous behavior. They have zero examples of conservative racism, but the best our spokesmen can think to say when accused of racism is: "Man is imperfect."

Conservatives who prefer to come across on TV as wonderfully moderate than to speak the truth should find another line of work and stop defaming conservatives with their "both sides" pabulum.

I hear BP is looking for a new spokesman."

This is cyclic. Meaning that every other day, at least, liberals break the law with impunity and the Yellowstream Media blames Conservatives. 

And just think; 10 or 15 years ago no one would know that our once vaunted assemblage of journalists had turned coat and cozied up with the anti-patriots of the country. But now we do. That's why blogs are important. Doesn't matter how small your audience, what matters is you get the truth out there.

Bear Kills 1 Person, Injures 2 Others at Campground Near Yellowstone

HELENA, Mont. -- At least one bear rampaged through a campground near Yellowstone National Park before dawn Wednesday, killing one person and injuring two others before campers sought shelter in their cars, wildlife officials said.
Tents were smashed in the 4 a.m. attack that left a male dead at the Soda Butte campground. A female suffered severe lacerations from bites on her arms, while another male was bitten on his calf and taken to a hospital in Cody, Wyo.
Wildlife officials did not release the identities or ages of the victims. A response team was being sent to piece together what happened.

I have never, not for even one moment of my adult life, understood why grownups go to play around bears.


Back when the gang I hung with went camping in Pennsylvania every chance we got, not a one was without at least a large bore handgun, as the blackies can get near on 700 pounds or more, so that meant .44 magnum minimum as the side arm, and a slug-fed 12 gauge or .30-ought-six for the long arm.  Even the Hogtown Irregulars, woodcrafty as all get out, wouldn't dream of intruding on bruins without the proper bang stick.

Somewhere, Charles Darwin is nodding.

RIP Straightarrow

The last time I wrote about someone "passing away", old Straight called me mamby pamby. Dead is dead, not passing anything, he said.

Charles H. Sawders, aka Straightarrow, died on July 19.

A frequent commenter here, there, and everywhere that free men strive mightily to remain so, he rang my bell once or twice before coming to the understanding that a lot of times we here at Shooting talk with tongue in cheek.

I often thought him to be an inactive Marine, such was his passion for Liberty, some times forgetting that Marines don't have the patent on bravery. He sure would have made a good one, though. I was wondering about his being AWOL as of late, but folks come and go and it was after all summer vacation time so maybe he was just touring his beloved country like all us old fella's like to do.

I miss him a lot already.

When a Patriot dies it diminishes us all and that just means it is time to work harder as we close ranks to try and plug an unfulfillable gap in the line.

Like to thank The War on Guns for alerting the net to his death, and if you'd wish to learn more or get the link to Straight's obituary and even where to leave a bereavement message, then please click here.

PS: If you do happen to click into the Funeral Parlor's site and successfully leave a message drop me a line and tell my how you managed to do so. Doesn't work for me but I'm web illiterate.

Mexican Officials to Patrol Staten Island Following Latest Bias Attack

Police are investigating another assault on a Hispanic man in Staten Island as a possible hate crime -- and the Mexican government is now getting involved as well.

Five men attacked the 40-year-old Mexican man Friday night as he was walking home after a soccer game at Faber Park, cop said. The attackers allegedly pummeled him while yelling anti-Mexican epithets. The man suffered head trauma, a fractured jaw and needed ten stitches above his eye, officials said.

The group of men made off with his backpack.

This is at least the sixth violent, ethnically-charged incident that has taken place in the neighborhood since April, and community leaders are urging residents to remain alert.

We will act decisively in order to protect our citizens and will actively promote that those guilty of these vicious attacks are brought to justice expeditiously. We are working hand-in-hand with local authorities on all levels, said Consul General of Mexico in New York, Ruben Beltran in an email to the Staten Island Advance.

Now hold on thar...
Arizona cannot investigate illegal, criminal Mexicans, BUT...

Mexican authorities can enter NYC and HELP illegal criminal Mexicans?

The gentleman in question IS an illegal Mexican immigrant, but that is of no import in this context. He should not have been savagely beaten then robbed of his property. America is a due-process land, and he instead should have been apprehended then repatriated to his legal homeland.

Allowing Mexicans in to protect illegal Mexicans... but wishing to ban a STATE from protecting legal AMERICANS is more mind boggling than can be easily described.

Tehama sheriff leads gun rights suit

Tehama County Sheriff Clay Parker is passionate about citizens’ rights to bear arms.

So much so, he is the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit recently filed in Sacramento by the National Rifle Association/California Rifle and Pistol Association Foundation Legal Action Project challenging state Assembly Bill 962.

When the bill was signed into law by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger last year, the governor said it “requires vendors of handgun ammunition to keep a log of information on handgun ammunition sales, store ammunition in a safe and secure manner, and require the face-to-face transfer of ammunition sales.”

“The bill is too broad,” Parker said. “What is handgun ammunition? If you ask, no one could tell you. Some people may say a .357 shell is handgun ammunition, but I have a .357 rifle. This bill has to be defined better.”
This isn’t the first time Parker has taken action on the issue of firearms legislation. He took an active part in the lawsuit against Chicago’s long-standing ban on handguns, a case that went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. The court struck down the ban in June.

“I will continue to fight laws infringing a citizen’s right to bear arms,” Parker stated. “If a law could really do some good, okay. But when they pass laws affecting law abiding citizen’s not the criminals, that is not okay.”

For as much as I rag on law enforcement it's only fitting to applaud the ones that get-it. 
Thanks for being a Patriot, Sheriff Parker.

And thanks to Of Arms and the Law for the link.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Man caught having sex with dog at english castle

A CROSS-dressing man was caught having sex with a dog in the moat of a picturesque English Castle, it has emerged. 

The 33-year-old transvestite mounted the canine after it ran off from its owner at Pendennis Castle - a historical fortress in southern England built by King Henry VIII - on the morning of July 10, the UK's Telegraph website reported.

The pet's owner had been touring the castle with a friend when the dog chased after the cross-dresser. By the time the woman caught up with her pet, the man was already having sex with it.

Castle staff detained the man as police were called to the scene, a spokesman for English Heritage, which manages the attraction, said..

"This really was a very rare and unusual incident," the spokesman said.

The man was later said to have made a "full and frank confession" to the incident, which remains under police investigation.

Tuesday's Anti-Obo Cartoonish Goings On

Seriously now...does this idiot REALLY believe that burdening the country with MORE taxation will stimulate it?

Demo rats* Lied...The Economy Died

 The REAL Scoop On The Bush Tax Cuts

The 2001 Economic Growth and Recovery Tax Act was George Bush’s version of Barack Obama’s stimulus plan. However, instead of creating a bunch of temporary government jobs and subsidizing the expansion of government, it cut tax rates, increased the child tax credit, increased the standard deduction for married couples, and increasing contribution caps for a variety of savings programs. The result? The recession ended in November of 2001. (Source)

But, September 11, 2001, happened as the economy was recovering and throughout 2002, the economy grew at an anemic rate. The Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003 revved up the 2001 tax cut package and cut taxes again on dividends and capital gains.
The result?
Under George W. Bush’s “tax cuts for the rich” the rich paid more in taxes in 2005 than any time in the prior 20 years. In fact, as the Wall Street Journal noted, thanks to George W. Bush’s tax cuts for the rich, the richest one percent went from paying 25% of all income taxes in 1990 to 39% in 2005. The richest 5% went from paying 44% of all income taxes in 1990 to paying 60% of all income taxes in 2005.
In 1980, when the top income tax rate was 70%, the richest 1% paid only 19% of all income taxes; now, with a top rate of 35%, they pay more than double that share.
More crucially, after the 2001 initial tax cuts, the annual growth rate went from 0.3% in 2001 to 2.5% in 2002. By 2004, GDP growth was the highest in 20 years. (Source)

Likewise, after the 2003 tax cuts, the unemployment rate fell to the lowest level since World War II. Let me repeat that: the Bush economic program created the lowest unemployment level ever. In fact, economists liken it to full employment given the demographic composition of those who were left on the unemployment line.

(The downturn in the economy) has nothing to do with the Bush tax cuts. The Bush tax cuts, objectively, helped the economy both recovery from the 2000-2001 recession and spur some of the greatest economic activity the nation has ever seen.

In their efforts to end the Bush tax cuts during a prolonged recession, the Democrats risk making the economy worse and introducing greater uncertainty into the market.

To learn more about how the Bush tax cuts STIMULATED a stagnating economy, please click here.

* Beg pardon. The "c" key on my computer sometimes sticks.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Rise And Soon Fall Of The Un-Presidential President...

"...An ass-thumping president frantically fighting for the little guy—it’s hard to imagine George Washington or Abraham Lincoln choosing to project an image of this kind. Barack Obama has managed a rare feat in American history: The longer he is president, the less presidential he has become. Obama has reversed the usual process of growth and maturation, appearing today far more like a candidate for the presidency—and a very ordinary one at that—than he did during the latter stages of his campaign. 

He has also become practitioner-in-chief of what Alexander Hamilton referred to in Federalist 68 as the “little arts of popularity.” These arts, Hamilton well knew, would become an inevitable feature of democratic politics. But their spread from the province of political campaigns into the “normal” conduct of the presidency represents a dramatic reversal of the Founders’ design. The Constitution was crafted to prevent a campaign-style presidency; Obama is in the midst of creating one.  
In January 2010, the Obama-friendly Huffington Post ran a headline: “President Takes Populist Message on the Road.” Even some of his staunchest and most serious supporters, among them Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne, have commended Obama for “turning toward populism.” 

By “populism” these observers were referring to divisive “us against them” appeals meant to rile up and energize a base. 

What the president’s supporters add by way of explanation, if excuses for employing the “little arts of popularity” are still necessary, is that Obama is only responding to an unprecedented series of attacks from his detractors. 

But this explanation misses the main point, which is not the alleged behavior of gatherings of citizens, but the norms and standards of the presidency. Many past presidents endured harsh criticisms from the press and from popular movements of their day, but considered it unpresidential to respond in kind. Not Barack Obama, who has found his comfort zone in magnifying and then assaulting any kind of opposition. This excuse for Obama’s style also overlooks that he does not want for other means to get his message across. Obama has at his beck and call a staff of professional spokespersons, not to mention the editorial page of the New York Times.

Barry the Bland has all he needs to do what his handlers require of him. He reads well, postures grandly, and is more at home hanging curtains than clearing out that skanky ass brush from the back 40.

Precisely the president his followers desperately needed. As lame as they in most instances, but placed in a position demanding respect.

A geeks nirvana.

Homeowner Shoots At Fake FBI Agents

Three men posing as FBI agents took off when the owner of a Cooper City home they were trying to rob shot at them, the Broward Sheriff's Office said.

Three men wearing baseball hats and T-shirts with the letters FBI on the back pulled a sport utility vehicle into the driveway of the home shortly after 4 a.m. Monday, Miami TV station WPLG reported. Two of the men got out of the SUV, while the third acted as a lookout, police said. The two men tried to open the home's front door with a crowbar, but that didn't work, so they tried to get in through a front window, the Sheriff's Office said.

Homeowner Malcolm Pena, 35, saw what was happening and fired his .40-caliber pistol through a window at the men, police said. The two robbers jumped into the SUV and drove away, police said.

Since this happened in Florida, all the police are likely to do to the homeowner is rag on him for failing to hit the fake feds. 

That, my friends, is gun control Sunshine State style. Other drivers are more courteous... not penpals don't get me wrong, but the thought of someone popping out of his ride at you with a GLOCK after you've just road-raged his ass is something to at least ponder...far fewer instances of bump and snatch or whatever it is they call intentionally slamming into someone else's car then stealing it from them is referred to in your neck of the woods...

...And home invaders must resort to all sorts of chicanery to stand a chance at surviving, let alone gleaning any gotten gains from their ill advised occupations.

An armed society IS a more polite...and SAFE society.

And please click the headline link, or here if you're that lazy, to see a video of these idjits at work.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Yale Graduate Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee...At Long Last...Explained

"Sheila Jackson Lee...thinks there are still two Vietnams and the same Sheila Jackson Lee who once asked a NASA official if a Martian probe would be able to see where the Neil Armstrong landed."

Click into I Hate The Media to see the startling results!Well. I don't suppose she'd release HER college transcripts either. Face Painting To Look Really Really Scary 101 probably isn't something to crow about.

NASA's Deep Space Camera Locates Host of 'Earths'

Scientists celebrated Sunday after finding more than 700 suspected new planets -- including up to 140 similar in size to Earth -- in just six weeks of using a powerful new space observatory.
Early results from NASA’s Kepler Mission, a small satellite observing deep space, suggested planets like Earth were far more common than previously thought.

“The figures suggest our galaxy, the Milky Way [which has more than 100 billion stars] will contain 100 million habitable planets, and soon we will be identifying the first of them,” said Dimitar Sasselov, professor of astronomy at Harvard University and a scientist on the Kepler Mission. "There is a lot more work we need to do with this, but the statistical result is loud and clear, and it is that planets like our own Earth are out there."

We're in the outer, lefthanded corner of the Milky Way. Looking in from Andromeda, that is. Sol is genuinely distant from the Galactic core that our newer space telescopes have begun to illuminate, and while these results are interesting, they beg the question; where are they?

Our galactic neighbors? The ones, some of them leastwise, with 8 billions or so years of head start? The ones we can now, however faintly, see, that must have most assuredly saw us in kind, many, many centuries ago. A galaxy that contains 200 to 400 billion stars, perhaps a hundredth of them the right temperature, perhaps a hundredth of them possessing satellites similar to earth, and maybe a hundredth of them the center of a solar system with planets fortunate enough to have the right sized moons and a thick enough atmosphere to withstand the bombardment of planet-killing asteroids, long enough for intelligent life to first gain a foothold, and then thrive.

The hundredths divided by the hundredths still equals an awful lot of potential earths. Maybe. Birds and ants and crocodiles perhaps but not one of these, still imaginary many, with anything remotely resembling a technology. 

The eggheads continue to argue over the size of the Milky Way, closest of all galaxies to giant Andromeda,  that itself holds captive over a trillion stars, but Andromeda poses an even more perplexing picture. Three to four times as star-strewn as our own, so where are its earths? More importantly, where are its low, mid, high, or super technologies?

Eliminating the impossible leads to the truth, so we know these potential space brothers aren't invisible, or species claws its way to the top of the evolutionary heap to then exist as a wallflower...or disinterested, or, X-Files aside, already among us.

Whats left?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Jig Is Up....

Woody's reawakening of an older posting of his cranked up the urge in me to discover just who Barack Hussein Obama really is, but the trail is not just cold, it is downright icy.

There's a pic of Barry's Mom and Dad, neither of whom look anything like him.

But upon further searching, I think I've hit upon just WHO the Father really was.
Would explain a lot. Not that Barry's been to church services since moving into the White House, but I bet he and the Rev chitchat now and then.

Just sayin. The search continues.

And The Tee-Shirt Of The Month Award Goes To...

Racist! Racist! Racist! Racist! Racist! Racist! (An exclusive IHTM preview of the 2010 Democrat platform)

Racist! Racist! Racist! Racist! Racist! Racist! (An exclusive IHTM preview of the 2010 Democrat platform)

The angry left is soooooooo predictable it is pathetic. Then again you knew all that.

Us, The FLAG, and Them

Should the American Flag be Banned -- in America?

Okay, the above is just a template from a poll currently running on Fox News.

As of this positing, the Patriots are winning, 65% to 27%, and with 2,191,000 some-odd people voting, the fight is on between real Americans and the MoveBowels.Ogres who'd destroy all that we hold dear.

To vote, click the headline link, or here.

Friday, July 23, 2010

What Kind of Conservative Are You?


My Conservative Identity:

You are an Anti-government Gunslinger, also known as a libertarian conservative or Tea Partier. You believe in smaller government, states’ rights, gun rights, and that, as Reagan once said, "The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’"
Take the quiz at Political Humor

Thanks to Badanov at Free Fire Zone for the link.

God-Given Right To Keep And Bear Arms?

Not In Wisconsin It Seems...

The Waukesha County District Attorney has decided not to charge Krista Sutterfield for not unloading her gun after attending church services July 4th at Unitarian Universalist West Church. Ms. Sutterfield had attended church services while lawfully openly carrying her gun as required by the state open carry law Wis. Stat. § 941.23.

The church has a new policy and signs prohibiting weapons now. Only unarmed sinners are welcome to attend services.
There is simply so much wrong with this that it renders me speechless.

Arizona Illegal-Immigrant Law Has First Challenger...

Phoenix police Officer David Salgado has often said he is fighting Senate Bill 1070 in court on moral grounds.

"I knew right then and there that I did the right thing," Salgado said when he watched his attorney bring the first legal challenge to Arizona's new immigration law.But Salgado, the point man for the suit, has a moment in his past that raises questions about his morality.

"It’s a name I will never forget till I die, and I thought, 'Wow, I can’t believe that guy is in the news,'" said W. Steven Martin, founder of the W. Steven Martin Police Toy Drive, a charity in the Valley in which officers bring toys to families that have very little of their own.

In 1997, David Salgado and his brother, Rick, who is also a police officer, were accused of taking toys intended for needy children and giving them to their own extended families."It was unbelievable that somebody would put personal greed over a family they could make a difference with for a lifetime," Martin said.

Rick Salgado lost his job over the incident, but according to CBS 5 News archives, the police review board recommended David Salgado be suspended for 240 hours.

CBS 5 News called David Salgado to ask him about the incident.

"I was not suspended for 240 hours. That’s a lie. Put it this way: If you do your research, you’ll find out," Salgado said.CBS 5 News spoke with people familiar with the case who said Salgado not only took toys, but he wrote down the name of a family known to be in dire need of help, and instead kept the toys for himself.

His personnel file shows no record of his discipline, but according to department policy, after 10 years an officer is allowed to ask that his record be scrubbed clean.

"I believe in morals. Also, I believe that we’re human beings and we all make mistakes," Salgado said Friday.

"What happened 10, 15 years ago doesn’t mean you can’t change, but it also means you should keep an eye on that person and always question, 'Why would they do that then?' and 'What are they looking for now?'" Martin said.

In the 25 years of the W. Steven Martin Police Toy Drive, the Salgado brothers are the only officers accused of taking toys.

Sort of makes me proud that THIS is the sort of scumbag we are fighting against. A man is known more for his enemies than his friends, so we all are doing just fine thank you very much.

Federal law prevents Arkansas State Police from influencing gun rights legislation

According to unnamed sources, the Arkansas State Police is opposed to legislation repealing an open carry ban in this state. The extent of their opposition is currently unknown, but if we base our expectations on what we saw in Oklahoma during their most recent legislative session, we can assume the ASP will be a principal opponent to Arkansans having their rights returned to them.
However, it is possible the Arkansas State Police will be violating federal law if they attempt to influence future gun legislation. If the Second Amendment actually does apply to the states, cities and counties of America as the Supreme Court ruled it did in June, then any police organization actively campaigning against firearms legislation would be breaking U.S. law. The Law Enforcement Misconduct Statute in U.S. Code states:
According to the Law Enforcement Misconduct Statute, it is no longer constitutionally legal for law enforcement agencies or their agents (police associations, sheriff associations, etc.) in this state to use their public pedestals to influence legislation. Doing so would be tantamount to the way law enforcement used their power such as they did in the South during the 1950’s and 1960’s to further the segregationist way of life. 
The Second Amendment is now a fundamental right in the state of Arkansas (thanks to McDonald). State agencies attempting to influence gun rights legislation will now be held accountable to the same federal regulations that prevent practices which are racist, impede free speech and otherwise promote civil rights violations."
Arkansas cops don't want Arkansas citizens to bear arms.  This isn't exactly news, as the vast majority of the constabulary does not want those they've sworn to serve and protect to have the means to exercise a certain civil right. 

Ordinarily, I couldn't care less what the servants want, but since these particular steps-and-fetch-its are armed and don't want us armed, believe me, they'll find a way to try and intimidate as many good folks as they can, and here's how.

At rallying points and meetings, all of a sudden large groups of burly, shaven-headed men arrive, dressed in regular street attire and vocally AGAINST the right to keep and bear arms. For anyone besides them, that is. They make themselves as intrusive as possible, blocking pathways, "accidentally" body slamming whichever man or woman or granny...see New Orleans, during Katrina...happens to get in their way.

"Just exercising our rights," is what they'll say, "please excuse our elbows but believe me we didn't mean to hurt anyone but crowds can get boisterous," they'll say, and towns, cities, and states run by gun-grabbers will send these goons to wherever they believe the gentry will be cowed by them. "They" have rights, too," the politicians and lawyers will say, "we can't stop them from peacefully attending meetings off duty and in civilian clothes," they'll say.

But one or two or more men and or women with the bucks to spare will take umbrage at such jackboot tactics, and retain legal council in order to bring suit against these cops-without portfolio, knowing full well that everyone in the crowd was aware that these thugs were policemen, and some might have even been scared stiff at such overt intimidation. Civil suits will be hurled back and forth, to and fro, but the damage will have been done, and really now, who wants the cops pissed off at them and weren't they jotting down people's license plate numbers and what did THAT mean?

No, they probably won't be allowed to bring their attack-dogs this time around, but they've learned their lessons from the past and will still manage to influence every last Fudd in town.

As we've all plainly seen from the likes of Chicago and other dirty places; when the powers that be don't want the little people doing something, the law does not matter.
All part of the process. Black people weren't allowed to be real people at first, but they fought long and hard and eventually they won. We will too.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ann Arbor City Budget Favors Art Over Fire Fighting

The debate in Ann Arbor, where firefighters are being laid off due to a multimillion dollar budget deficit, is over an $850,000 piece of art.

That's how much the city has agreed to pay German artist Herbert Dreiseitl for a three-piece water sculpture that would go in front of the new police and courts building right by the City Hall.

The city has the money to do it because in 2007, it agreed to set aside for public art 1 percent of money that went into capital improvement projects that were $100,000 or larger. Most capital projects involve streets, sewers and water.

Ann Arbor City Council member Stephen Kunselman, a Democrat, opposed the art deal.

"I think it is incredibly insensitive," Kunselman said. "It is insensitive to the staff and their morale. It is insensitive to the community. There are people out there struggling financially, and here we are spending a large amount of money on a piece of art."

Kunselman said the city is also eliminating the solid waste coordinator from the budget, which oversees trash pickup, and hiring an art coordinator."

Ann Arbor is a University town. That in and of itself should tell you all you need to know.  Ann Arbor has been severely leftwing since the early 60's...when the definition of liberal began to change from patriots who perhaps favored a more compassionate rendering of the outright lunatics who definitely favor sending armed men to shoot you if you do not believe that ALL government has, in essence, the dictatorial powers of a monarchy.

So of course Ann Arbor thinks that artwork should be funded over firemen. Here in Gainesville, also a University town, one cannot walk, crawl, drive or even fly 50 feet without encountering a "bike-lane", and bike-lanes are fine but costly to create and maintain and ultimately take more room from the shoulder of the road, and, you guessed it, vehicular/pedestrian accidents increased exponentially when the town was at long last free of all that driving space. And I really don't want to even think of getting into formerly wooded-pedestrian paths carved out of what once was arboreal but now asphaltic.

University towns do things like layoff firemen and policemen and replace them with statues of one commie or another. Or twisted steel beams that remind them of one commie or another so's they can hide their predilection towards all things socialistic.And FOUNTAINS! OMG, lotsa fountains.