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Religion of Peace Has Young Woman Caned For Standing Too Close To Boy...

"Kneeling on the ground, facing the floor as she prepares for her punishment, this woman is the latest victim of Indonesia's strict Islamic rules. The 20-year-old was forced to undergo a public caning today after being caught standing too close to her boyfriend in Banda Aceh province. Under Islamic Sharia law, unmarried couples are forbidden from becoming too intimate."

The New Crypt-Keeper...

Sunday, October 30, 2016

I Am Shocked!!!

In a recording released by The Observer on Wednesday, Hillary Clinton is heard suggesting the 2006 Palestinian Election should have been rigged.

The quote is from a 2006 interview between Clinton and Eli Chmosky of the Jewish Press during her campaign for reelection to the US senate, and was part of a previously un-aired portion.

Friday, October 28, 2016

"Feral. Animalistic. Barbaric. Sadistic. These are the words that best describe the social media-organized lynch mob of hundreds of black youths attacking white college students and police in Philadelphia near Temple University Friday night. [Keep Reading] 

Black lives smattered?

And the hits just keep on comin'...

"An elderly Oklahoma man passing through Sioux Falls (SD) was attacked by a man half his age who must have thought that a man 42 years his senior sitting in a car with the door open would be easy target for a carjacking."
He figured wrong.

Yet another good shooting...

"Last Friday night around 11 p.m., a group of three men in Henrico, VA attempted to rob a delivery driver. One of the men pulled out a handgun and demanded the driver’s money.
The driver, however, had a handgun of his own. He pulled out the gun and fired several rounds at his attackers, striking one of them, who happens to be a minor."

Hmmm...wonder what these would-be stick-up men were...ah nevermind..

 "Upon arrival, officers learned this was related to a robbery attempt. The victim reported being approached by three black males while attempting to make a food delivery. One suspect displayed a handgun and demanded money. The victim then pulled his handgun and fired at the suspects who fled."

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday night, two armed robbers attempted to mug three people in Plantation Park, located in a Ft. Lauderdale suburb. Before pulling a gun on the three people, the two robbers attempted to make conservation with the victims. When one of the robbers pulled a gun on the victims, one member of the group pulled out his own firearm in self-defense. The robber was fatally shot by the concealed carrier. The second robber fled the scene. “I was in the kitchen of my house when I heard four shots total,” said a neighbor who heard the shots ring out. “The first one sounded like a fire cracker, and the last three definitely sounded like gunshots.” “I heard five gunshots, three, then a couple seconds in between and then two more,” said Chet Rockwood, another neighbor. The concealed carrier stayed on scene until police arrived and has been cooperating with law enforcement officials. According to police, the concealed carrier was licensed and permitted to carry a firearm. At this time, the name of the deceased has not been released. Police are waiting until family members are notified. Two saliant points; the first one being the falicy bandied about that a handgun cannot cause relatively instant death, the second puffed by the anti's that guns don't save lives and the third that if you pull out a gun it will just be taken from you. Wait. That's 3. Better yet.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Glock Woos Marine and Army Spec Ops. Is DoD Next?

U.S. Marine special operations forces recently chose the Glock 19 as their official sidearm, but this isn't the first time elite units have invested in the Austrian pistol maker. The U.S. Army's 75th Ranger Regiment decided to pure-fleet its battalions with the Glock 19 in September 2015, according to an Army source familiar with the decision who is not authorized to speak to the media. Four months later, U.S. Army Special Operations Command followed the Ranger Regiment's example and chose Glock 19 for the rest of its forces, including all Special Forces Groups and the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, the source said. Pictured is a Glock made in Austria; hence an out of date one since all Glocks destined for government useage are assembled in Georgia.

The Magnificent Seven

My Links Stink...

I was away for too long and some of my links have passed away. Shame. Some of them were penned by good people with a lot to say. Anyhoot, I'll wait until I can fill the space with deserving folks, then remove Knifeworks and other masqueraders underserving of your time and money.

Trump might be a foul mouth bozo but Bill Clinton is a rapist and Hillary enabled him...

There they go again.  People are horrified about the accusations women are making against Donald Trump.  Yet, looking at what Hillary Clinton has said and done professionally and personally over the years, she is an enabler, an accomplice, and a bully.
What Mr. Trump should do is pivot away, talk about issues of concern, and allow others to talk about the issue of women.   But it is understandable how he can be frustrated with those who claim they will not vote for him because they are taking the moral high ground.  American Thinker interviewed Juanita Broaddrick and Kathy Shelton's spokesperson, Candice Jackson, regarding their opinions about the Clintons' disregard for women. See the Full essay here

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Midget Tries To Outdo Full-Sized Terrorists


 A Bay Area man suspected of leaving a backpack bomb outside a police station in a small Colorado mountain town tried several times to remotely detonate the homemade device using a cellphone but failed, according to court documents released Monday.
David Michael Ansberry, 64, of San Rafael was arrested this weekend in Chicago after surveillance video captured him at the stores where he bought the cellphones that he expected to trigger the explosive in the town of Nederland, investigators said.
He was easily recognizable because he is 3 feet 6 inches tall and 100 pounds and wore a ponytail, a ball cap and using crutches. The Nederland police chief told investigators he spotted a man matching Ansberry’s description leaving a hotel as it was being evacuated during the Oct. 11 bomb scare.


Gun Store Offers 'Pre-Hillary Sale,' Warns of Skyrocketing Prices

A Las Vegas gun store is offering a "pre-Hillary sale," saying that gun prices will rise under a Hillary Clinton administration.
In an advertisement over the weekend in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Westside Armory said it was holding the sale on tactical rifles.
“Don’t wait!” the advertisement reads. “Prices will skyrocket after Crooked Hillary gets in.”

And they certainly WILL skyrocket.  Happens every time a loon makes it to the Oval Orifice.

“Nazi Republicans” Headquarters Firebombed In Ultra-Liberal Orange County, NC

Gov. Pat McCrory Sunday called the weekend firebombing of a North Carolina Republican headquarters “an attack on our democracy,” while one GOP official called it an act of “political terrorism.”
In a tweet, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump blamed “Animals representing Hillary Clinton and Dems in North Carolina.”

And the hits just keep on comin'...

And Yet Another Loon Charged With Living While Liberal...

A 59-year-old Overland Park Kansas man was charged Thursday with shooting another man in the leg after taking a gun away from the victim.

Ricky Paul Smith was charged in Johnson County District Court with aggravated battery. He also was charged with aggravated assault after allegedly pointing the gun at another man.

Yes. The Loons are crawling out of the woodwork.

Man Who Tried To Murder George Zimmerman Gets 20 Years...

Matthew Apperson, the man who had stalked and apparently tried to murder George Zimmerman in a car-to-car shooting, was convicted on three charges last month. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

 The Seminole County man convicted of shooting at George Zimmerman as the two drove down Lake Mary Boulevard in separate vehicles was sentenced today to 20 years in prison.
A Seminole County jury found 38-year-old Matthew Apperson guilty last month of attempted second-degree murder, armed aggravated assault and shooting into a vehicle.
This morning Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson handed down the state-mandated minimum: 20 years for shooting at another person with a gun.
 Apperson is another case of liberal-loon-gone-wild, and I'm glad it happened in Florida; still conservative enough to occasionally do the right thing.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Sunday, October 16, 2016

If Black Lives Matter...

...then why are they killing one another at a record pace?

Victories Of The Hildebeast...

"Creating an ambassador at large for women’s issues. Mrs. Clinton remembers this well, even inviting her husband to vet the candidates for the position. Unfortunately, she has no memory of discussing women’s issues with major foundation donors from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates, where women have only slightly more rights than cocker spaniels."

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Hundreds of Seattle teachers to wear 'Black Lives Matter' shirts in class

More than 700 shirts have been ordered for the “Black Lives Matter to Educators” event on Oct. 19, according to a news release sent by a group of Seattle educators. The event isn’t sponsored by Seattle Public Schools, but coincides with the district’s “day of unity” to bring focus to racial equity as part of a larger campaign to eliminate opportunity gaps.
In addition to wearing shirts, teachers and staff members will hold rallies before school and teach lessons on black history and institutionalized racism, according to the group, called Social Equality Educators.
The shirts say “Black Lives Matter” and “We Stand Together” and are similar to the ones teachers planned to wear at John Muir Elementary in September during a celebration called “Black Men Uniting to Change the Narrative.” More than 100 black men planned to gather outside and greet students as they walked into the building, with the goal of dispelling negative stereotypes about black men.


The goal of dispelling stereotypes eh? Which ones? And as far as Black Lives goes, it's nothing more than a money making scam, like all money making scams that rely upon race as the focus.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Clinton Felons Answer With Similar Lies...Depending upon what *Is* is Of Course

WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton said under oath in a court filing Thursday that she can’t recall key details about her use of a private email server or she refused to answer questions about it posed by a conservative legal group.
Clinton lawyer David Kendall provided the Democratic presidential nominee’s sworn responses to 25 written questions submitted by Judicial Watch. The group has filed multiple lawsuits seeking copies of government documents from Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state.
Clinton’s answers provided no new information beyond what she told FBI agents during the recently closed investigation into whether she and her staff mishandled classified information.
In her responses, Clinton used some variation of “does not recall” at least 21 times.
For example, Clinton was asked when she decided to use her private email account to conduct government business and whom she consulted in making that decision.
Clinton said she recalled making the decision in early 2009, but she “does not recall any specific consultations regarding the decision.”
Asked whether she was warned that using a private email account conflicted with federal record-keeping rules, Clinton responded that “she does not recall being advised, cautioned, or warned, she does not recall that it was ever suggested to her, and she does not recall participating in any communication, conversation, or meeting in which it was discussed.”
Judicial Watch had sought to depose Clinton in person about the creation of the private server located in the basement of her New York home. In August U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan instead ordered the Democratic presidential nominee to respond to the group’s questions in writing.
In addition to her inability to recall the requested information, Clinton entered various legal objections to the formation or wording of 18 of the 25 questions. She also filed eight separate general objections to the process under which the questions were being asked.
Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said the group’s lawyers will closely review Clinton’s responses.
“Mrs. Clinton’s refusal to answer many of the questions in a clear and straightforward manner further reflects disdain for the rule of law,” Fitton said.

Seriously now; how can an old cow...who faints and loses memory at the drop of a hat...be expected to be the holder of the LAUNCH CODES...

Exclusive Photos Of The Recently Found 30-Ton Argentine Meteorite by Nancy Atkinson

A gigantic piece of the famous Campo del Cielo meteorite fall that was found on September 10, 2016 has been un-earthed, and is now on display in Gancedo, Chaco, Argentina. Photographer Pelin Rodriguez shared some images with Universe Today that he took of the newly found behemoth during a recent “Celebration of the Meteorite.”
And in a surprise finding during a weigh-in of both the new Gancedo meteorite and another meteorite named el Chaco that what was thought to be the biggest meteorite from the Campo del Cielo site, the Gancedo meteorite may actually be bigger. El Chaco was originally billed as 37 tons, but a recent tip of the scales put el Chaco at only 28 tons. Rodriguez said both meteorites will be weighed again in order to verify the tonnage. If confirmed, that would make the Gancedo meteorite the second largest meteorite chunk in the world after the 66-ton Hoba meteorite discovered in Namibia, Africa. 
  Out in the open? Not inside some cosy and costly museum?
The el Chaco meteorite on display. Credit and copyright: Pelin Rodriguez.
How Hillary's Russian reset now has us on the brink of Armageddon in Syria
Hillary Clinton in the second presidential debate called for a no-fly zone in Syria, even as the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff has warned that would mean war with Syria and Russia and the Kremlin has warned it will shoot down U.S. war planes. Does Clinton want to go war with Russia that badly?

Of course she does not. She's just old and stupid.


On March 4, 2015, Congress issued a subpoena for Hillary Clinton’s private email server that illegally contained classified information.
The same day, thanks to Wikileaks, we know State Department officials were still discussing which emails to delete — apparently to avert the subpoena.
By March 10, 2015, Clinton had announced at a press conference she had deleted nearly 32,000 emails from a private server which could have been used for a congressional investigation. She claimed they had been deleted months earlier. But is that completely true?
While Clinton maintains that it was a simple mistake, the truth is it was a deliberate attempt to prevent imprisonment. Clinton destroyed evidence to prevent herself from looking bad, and it is the tip of the iceberg in a long list of deceitful and criminal activity on the part of the Clintons.

Nobody reads blogs and the Yellowstream media doesn't touch this stuff,

Yeah; it WAS a .22

The 20-year-old Turkish Muslim immigrant who murdered five random people in a Macy’s in a Burlington (WA) mall north of Seattle did so with a very common .22 rifle had attempted to buy a handgun just hours before the shooting.

One look at the rifle in question led me to believe that it was a .22, but of course the cops and  media described it as a "hunting-looking rifle" . Not that one cannot hunt with such a caliber. Squirrels. And small people if you keep pumping.

Chicago Man Charged With Murder Even Though He Didn’t Pull The Trigger

Around 3 p.m. on Monday, 20-year-old Jerry Greer and 23-year-old Cortez Lloyd attempted to rob a man in the Chicago suburb of Maywood.
The victim fended off the two robbers with a gun, shooting Lloyd multiple times in the chest.
Lloyd was taken to Loyola University Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead at 3:38 p.m.
On Tuesday, Lloyd’s accomplice, Jerry Greer, was arrested. On Thursday, he was charged with Lloyd’s murder.

And well done...

The Universe’s Galaxy Population Just Grew Tenfold

by Matt Williams
Ever since human beings learned that the Milky Way was not unique or alone in the night sky, astronomers and cosmologists have sought to find out just how many galaxies there are in the Universe. And until recently, our greatest scientific minds believed they had a pretty good idea  - between 100 and 200 billion.
However, a new study produced by researchers from the UK has revealed something startling about the Universe. Using Hubble's Deep Field Images and data from other telescopes, they have concluded that these previous estimates were off by a factor of about 10. The Universe, as it turns out, may have had up to 2 trillion galaxies in it during the course of its history.
 Anything done by UK *Researchers* must be taken with a grain of salt, so eager are they to get back into discover modes without a pot to piss in.

Walmart: 'All Lives Matter' Bumper Sticker is Offensive

For the past nine months Domagron, a family-owned business, has been selling “All Lives Matter” bumper stickers on Walmart’s online marketplace.
But on Oct. 11 the company received a notice from the nation’s largest retailer that the bumper sticker had been removed from its marketplace.
The notice implied that the bumper sticker had violated the company’s “prohibited products” policy.
Owner Dominick Agron was stunned – so he fired off an email to Walmart demanding to know why the “All Lives Matter” bumper sticker was prohibited.

Some lower level employee made the call. And I betecha I can guess her nationality...

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Far Side...

The U.S. Army converged on Washington D.C. for the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Annual Meeting at the Washington Convention Center that kicked off Monday.

"General Dynamics unveiled its new concept for a new army light tank that weighs in at about 28 tons. The demonstrator dominated in that tank sort of way and was one of the big reveals.
Dubbed the Griffin, the medium-weight tracked vehicle demonstrator combines elements of the M1A1/M1A2 Abrams with the company’s Ajax Scout Specialist Vehicle. Elements from the Abrams include the main battle tank turret and 120 mm cannon – although this version of the turret is designed to be lighter. From the Ajax, the Griffin incorporates the AJAX chassis and power pack.

 It was shown kitted out with the 120 mm XM360 gun. If the program progresses, other features like explosive reactive armor could be incorporated.
This new light tank has potential to provide a solution for rapid deployment and mobility with significant firepower and protection."

Gonna go look for a pic of this mini-me tank But to no avail. Seems that *Griffin Tank* describes a well-known vape and that's it.

Monday, October 10, 2016

The Debate

Sweet geez but didn't Mrs. C. look like she was decked out to play Little Sister Hilly of the holy order of  thieves; a dead rap for the outfit Mother Teresa was buried in, but none of the piety.

Typical Democrat promises of a  chicken in every pot but nary a genuine recipe.

New pc dontcha know