Friday, August 31, 2007

Judge Finds Nifong in Contempt

DURHAM, N.C. (AP) - "Mike Nifong, the disgraced former Durham County district attorney, was held in criminal contempt of court Friday for lying to a judge when pursuing rape charges against three falsely accused Duke University lacrosse players.

Superior Court Judge W. Osmond Smith III sentenced Nifong, who has already been stripped of his law license and has resigned from office, to a single day in jail. He had faced as many as 30 days in jail and a fine as high as $500.

"If what I impose with regard to Mr. Nifong would make things better or different for what's already happened, I don't know what it would be or how I could do it," Smith said.

Reading his contempt decision from the bench minutes after the conclusion of two days of testimony, Smith said Nifong "willfully made false statements" to the court in September when he insisted he had given defense attorneys all results from a critical DNA test.

In fact, Smith found, Nifong had provided the defense with a report on the DNA testing that he knew to be incomplete. The omitted data contained test results showing that DNA of multiple men, none of whom were lacrosse players, was on a woman who said she was attacked at a March 2006 party thrown by Duke's lacrosse team.

Taking the stand in his own defense, Nifong insisted Friday he didn't intentionally lie about whether he had turned over the DNA evidence. But he acknowledged the report he gave defense attorneys was incomplete."

Mr. Star-Struck continues to be disgraced, gets a slap on the wrist as a token gotcha, but the civil suits have yet to be heard from.

If ever there were an instance where our bloated ambulance chasers should let this asshat have it with both barrels, it is this case.

Not Too Early To...

Think about a cool 2008 calendar.

We Get Letters



Any discussion involving the use of deadly force by law abiding civilians
with concealed firearms licenses is founded in the proposition that a
handgun is a defensive weapon.

There are large bore rifles that will easily kill a human being at 1000
yards (more than ½ a mile) when the person shot cannot under any fact
pattern rationally be averred to be a threat to the shooter. There are
shotguns that can literally cut a person in half or impact multiple targets
at greater ranges. There are assault weapons that will empty a 20-cartridge
rifle magazine in 3 seconds and spray an entire room with lethal,
high-velocity rounds. There are machine pistols that will fire 20- to
30-round magazines of 9mm or .45 ammunition in seconds and destroy
everything in sight. These are offensive weapons. The sole "raison d' etre"
is to kill, and their use involves an entirely different philosophical
analysis requiring a totally divergent conglomeration of answers.

Irrespective of the caliber of the cartridge for which the weapon is
chambered, the sole purpose of a handgun is to put an assailant on the
ground and to immediately stop the threat. Such use is generally confined to
short distances, as according to the FBI shooting statistics, something like
85% of the gunfights every year take place at 21 feet or less, and most are
at less. The average number of rounds fired by both sides is something like
3.8, almost never expending all of the cartridges in the cylinder or

Sounds like someone with absolutely no knowledge of firearms doing the best he can to make it seem otherwise.


"Shotguns can cut a man in half..." has lost all vestige of credibility and isn't getting it back anytime soon.

Everything else is pretty much an attempt to dazzle the un-knowledgeable by emphasizing the painfully obvious.

Sen. Larry Craig will announce resignation Saturday

Yes, the toe-tappin' wide striding, gimme some toiletry lovin' Senator is pulling the pin. No big loss for the good guys. A dead man could step in and get enough votes to become his successor in really-really-red Idaho.

Click here for the boring yellowstream media version.

South Koreans Apologize for Being Kidnapped in Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan — Newly freed South Korean church workers apologized Friday for causing trouble by being kidnapped for six weeks by the Taliban. One said she kept a secret diary of her ordeal on the lining of her trousers.

Suh Myung-hwa, 29, showed reporters a pair of white pants she wore during captivity, then apologized to both the pants and the reporters for all the fuss, but said she still remained at odds with the rear pockets and would under no circumstances apologize to them, nor her left shoe that continually poked fun at her predicament during the entire ordeal.

The Only Ones Performing Oral Sex On Passed Out Men Enough

Texas Police Chief Accused of Sexually Assaulting Male Employees

ALTON, Texas — The police chief in this South Texas town has been charged with two counts of sexual assault for allegedly violating male employees who were passed out at his home during parties.

Jose Luis Vela, 42, was being held in the Hidalgo County Jail on $200,000 bond after his Thursday arraignment on the two felony charges. The city has placed him on paid leave pending the outcome of the case.

"This is the first time I've ever heard of a chief of a police arrested for sexually assaulting his employees," said Sheriff Lupe Trevino, whose office started an investigation last week based on a tip from a friend of one of the alleged victims.

As he was led out of the courtroom Thursday, Vela denied the charges and said he did not know who his accusers were.

Investigators have accused Vela of performing oral sex on a male employee after the man passed out drunk at a party about a year ago at Vela's home in Mission, according to court documents.

Question For A Friday Afternoon...

How Many Smarmy Chinese "Fundraisers" Do The Clinton's Have To Be Associated With Before The Jurassic Press Revives Some Semblance Of Journalistic Integrity And Turns On Them Like One Of Michael Vick's Dogs

Dirty Donor Busted

Top fundraiser arrested on grand theft charge

"Norman Hsu, wanted as a fugitive in California, turns himself in to face 15-year-old charge; held on $2M bond."

A Near Miss

Iraqi Terrorists Fire on Plane Carrying U.S. Lawmakers

WASHINGTON — "A military cargo plane carrying three U.S. senators and a member of the House of Representatives had to take evasive maneuvers and dispatch flares Thursday night to avoid ground fire after taking off from Baghdad's airport.

The lawmakers said their plane, a C-130, was under fire from three rocket-propelled grenades over the course of several minutes as they left for Amman, Jordan.

"It was a scary moment," said Republican Sen. Mel Martinez, who said he had just taken off his body armor when he saw a bright flash outside the window. "Our pilots were terrific. ... They banked in one direction and then banked the other direction, and they set off the flares."

Two other Republican senators, Richard Shelby and James Inhofe, and Democratic Rep. Bud Cramer also were on the plane.

"We were jostled around pretty good," said Cramer, who estimated the plane had ascended to about 6,000 feet (1830 meters). "There were a few minutes there where I wondered: `Have we been hit? Are we OK?"'

Let-'Em-In Mel came closer to reality than he desired, I imagine. Only an insensitive man would say that it was too bad the terrorists had such poor aim.

Campus Carry On The Limbaugh Show...

So on Thursday I'm listening to Jason Lewis as he subs for Limbaugh, and a NJ resident calls in to speak about the Virginia Tech massacre. Lewis is postulating upon the ramifications of allowing concealed carry license holders to bear arms on campus, an idea that every last sane man alive should agree with, and the Jersey guy pipes up.

It's a father who lost a daughter to the korean-killer, and I swear the moment I heard the distinctive Joisey whine that passes for an accent I knew the man was going to poo-poo the idea, and I was not disappointed. As is typical of those from the Garden State, he references his familiarity with police officers, and their propensity to dislike the very idea of mere civilians carrying guns...even though most cops "are conservative"...and it hit me like a ton of bricks, just how totally out of touch people who live in communist controlled states really are.

Only police should carry guns. Only police can handle guns in an emergency, only police know what to do when the shit hits the fan.

Lewis was going out of his way in attempting to remain polite to the man, but his frustration was getting the better of him and rightfully so.

Things Lewis should have said:

Cops are not any better than the average joe frickin schmoe when it comes to defending themselves. If anything, the average armed civilian encounter with a bad guy is far less messy. Last I checked, police were batting .550 against armed assailants; out of every 100 chances, an officer wins an armed encounter 55 times, the bad guy comes out ahead 45 times. Many perps are killed or captured by the original officers' backup so it's not like 45 out of 100 goblins get off scot free, but it can be touch and go as to who wins the initial shootoff.

Civilians defend themselves EVERY day against armed gunmen. MORE civilians defend themselves every day against armed gunmen than do police officers. Stands to reason; far fewer cops are targeted for muggings, etc, but the idea that only the police are involved in deadly shootouts is typical of a cloistered Jersey-ite.

There are approximately 4 million law enforcement officers on duty in the US. There are approximately 4 million concealed carry licensees in the US. Of the two groups, which commits fewer crimes, fewer felonies, using a firearm? Which commit fewer crimes overall? Sure, I wouldn't be emphasizing it were the odds against us, so you know that we the people are less likely to run amok than the average officer, and thats sensible considering how more regulated we are, how more careful the government is in letting US have guns as opposed to the average cop who can have multiple offenses on his record before joining a police force. We also are bereft of the ONLY ONES mentality, and are far less likely to resort to unnecessary gunplay.

"Kids" of 18 years of age can't be trusted with guns, said the Jersey father. When Lewis tried responding that no, this is untrue since kids of that age use them every day while in military service, the father dismissed that as BS since "in the military they are monitored" and kept in check by older superiors. This is total nonsense as well, indicating that the father has never been in the military and hasn't a clue as to what happens when the shit hits the fan. It goes something like this; they train you, they give you your own weapon, when the lead flies you shoot back. No one, 18 years or 50 years of age sits around awaiting instructions to shoot when shooting is of the imperative. Yes, combat is and should be a disciplined affair, but once an engagement with the enemy begins all bets are off.

18 year-old kids can and do use guns every day. As many of us have noted, the average age of an infantry platoon in Iraq is younger than the average age of any college campus. Defending yourself is a right, a right that does begin at a relatively young age and lets use 18 as the entry-level mark and stop with the nonsense that only old folks should be trusted to fight back.

Jason Lewis DID have a lot of good things to say but isn't as close to the bottom line as we are, but thats to be expected. He agreed with most of our basic arguments against gun control, but still was a little hung up on a lot of this mandatory training deal. The Constitution says nothing about training, but thats a discussion for another day.

Basically, the Jersey father, a man who lost a daughter to the korean killer, mind you, was totally AGAINST letting students carry weapons on campus,'s the liberal mindset at work once'd be the Wild West all over again.

His child was murdered by a madman. She was herded into a no-gun, no-defense, zone, and butchered.

But the only way to stop that from every happening again, in his mind, is to ban guns.

And the guy actually considered himself a card-carrying Conservative Republican.

This is what we're up against.

The clueless amongst us.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Yellowstream Media And All The News That's Fit To Spin

By Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice President
National Rifle Association

“Thousands Wrongly Listed on Terror Watch List”—Newsday

“U.S. to Block Gun Buyers Tied To Terror”—New York Times

"Those two headlines tell the story of deep media duplicity.

When it comes to well-placed fears over widespread errors, civil liberties abuses and injustices involving tens of thousands of innocent Americans whose names have been indelibly added to huge federal “terror watchlists,” the mainstream media is on the job, on point. Their concern is well-founded.

Yet that concern evaporates when the Washington-based media enthusiastically reports those very same lists will be used to bar suspected “terrorists” from buying guns under legislation introduced by U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ). In their coverage of S. 1237, there is never a hint about deeply flawed, inaccurate lists, about the impossibility of ever getting off those lists or about the abuses by federal bureaucrats who manage the lists.

But in truth, Lautenberg’s bill is not centered on “no fly lists,” or “terror watch lists.” It’s far worse than that. Lautenberg’s S. 1237 isn’t about just “barring gun sales to terrorists.” It is about giving a future attorney general of the United States—think, a Hillary Clinton administration—power to declare anyone to be a “prohibited person” on a par with a convicted felon or fugitive from justice, all done in total secrecy.

The criteria for this edict—making continued gun ownership a federal felony—will be based upon some faceless bureaucrat deciding a person is “appropriately suspected” of some link to terror.

Easily, the worst part of this secret “star chamber” proposal to take away an individual’s Second Amendment rights through a top secret declaration is the language that makes it impossible for anyone to mount a defense.

“… any information which the Attorney General relied on for this determination may be withheld from the applicant if the Attorney General determines that disclosure of the information would likely compromise national security.”

You won’t see that actual language from the legislation quoted in the gun-ban national media. They don’t want the American people to know what this legislation really does.

And what it does is violate the Constitution of the United States—not just the Second Amendment.

The Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution says, in part, “No person shall … be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law … .”

Yet this is exactly what Lautenberg and his gun ban axis would do.

Again, let me repeat what this legislation actually does.

Lautenberg’s S. 1237 gives the U.S. attorney general total discretionary power to make firearm possession or ammunition possession a felony for any individual American by a simple, secret stroke of the pen, with no due process whatsoever."

But seriously now, what DID you expect from a Lautenberg? The people who vote for him do not, among other things, believe in the right to keep and bear arms. If everyone did, then neither he or anyone else would dare to propose such legislation.

To beat the Lautenberg's we must first and foremost educate as many of the people as we can. And yes, I know that's the reason the liberals like their constituency to be chockerblock with under-educated serfs, but not ALL of their enablers are minorities who can be bought for a better seat on the gravy train.

There's hope and a lot of it, hell, even Texas finally passed a Castle Doctrine, but the fight is going to be tedious and lengthy. Even a mighty Redwood dies from the top down, and since we've not the manpower to simply uproot these hoodlums we must learn from nature and erode.

It's worked for THEM, time and time again.

Facing Reality...101

Time for New Orleans to Return or Replace Confiscated Firearms, Says SAF

Reality Check: It is NOT going to happen.

Yes. New Orleans is legally-bound to return or replace personal property stolen by the police.

No. New Orleans will NEVER return or replace any such thing. Democrats run the city, democrats run the state. Case closed. Fighting the good fight is admirable, but so is facing reality.

Virginia Tech Criticized for Actions in Shooting

Many citizens propose allowing students access to arms

Reality Check: It is NOT going to happen.

College campuses are run by liberal academics who fear guns more than death itself and will never, ever, permit the student body the means with which to defend itself. We SHOULD continue to visit this important issue and let our feelings be known, but nothing is going to change. To the contrary, the moment that korean misfit let off the first round, the 2nd Amendment was dead and buried on campus.

The only, and I do mean only way to change any of the above sins against man and nature, is to stop voting for liberals then persuade Conservative politicians to step in and return these purloined rights.

Sob, Sniff...They Made Me IT!!

Colo. School Bans Tag on Its Playground

Subtitled: Wankers Worry-Warting Wussifies Kids

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) - "An elementary school has banned tag on its playground after some children complained they were harassed or chased against their will.

"It causes a lot of conflict on the playground," said Cindy Fesgen, assistant principal of the Discovery Canyon Campus school.

Running games are still allowed as long as students don't chase each other, she said.

Fesgen said two parents complained to her about the ban but most parents and children didn't object.

In 2005, two elementary schools in the nearby Falcon School District did away with tag and similar games in favor of alternatives with less physical contact. School officials said the move encouraged more students to play games and helped reduce playground squabbles."

As Colorado slowly sinks into the sunset, we bid adieu to the new Kalifornia and wish it unwell.

Hillary Among The Villains Thieves And Scoundrels

"What say you now, Hillary? Update: Hillary runs away from Hsu…Franken, other Dems follow"

By Michelle Malkin • August 29, 2007 08:31 AM

Update: Hillary unloads Hsu’s money, but not the stain…

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton will give to charity the $23,000 in donations she has received from a fundraiser who is wanted in California for failing to appear for sentencing on a 1991 grand theft charge.

The decision came Wednesday as other Democrats began distancing themselves from Norman Hsu, whose legal encounters and links to other Democratic donors have drawn public scrutiny in the past two days.

Al Franken, a Senate candidate in Minnesota, Reps. Michael Honda and Doris Matsui of California and Rep. Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania said they would divest their campaigns of Hsu’s donations.

Now, no one expects politicians to know where every penny comes from, but you can bet the farm that Hillary knew full well where all of her china-cash originates. The Clinton's wrote the book on dirty-donations and where are her democrat opponents during all of this?

I'll tell you where.

They are frantically searching for the very same names on THEIR lists.

MQ-9 Reaper, Predator B UAV

On its way to kick some serious terrorist butt in sandboxes the world over.

The Healthy, Hale & Hearty "Poor" Folk

August 30, 2007 -- "THE Census Bureau announced Tuesday that 36.5 million Americans are "poor." Presidential candidate John Edwards claims these 36.5 million Americans "do not have enough money for the food, shelter and clothing they need." According to Edwards, poverty is an appalling national "plague" forcing "one in eight of us" to live in "terrible" circumstances.

But, if poverty means (as Edwards claims) a lack of nutritious food, adequate warm housing and clothing, then very few of the 36.5 million people identified as "poor" by Census are, in fact, poor.

Some material hardship does exist in America, but it is quite limited in severity and scope.

According to the government's own data, the typical person defined as "poor" by the Census has cable or satellite TV, air conditioning, a microwave, a DVD player or VCR, and two color TVs. Three quarters of these "poor" own a car and nearly a third have two or more cars.

By his own testimony, the typical "poor" person consistently has enough food to feed his family and enough money to meet all essential expenses such as mortgage, rent, utilities and important medical care. When asked, he reports that his family was able to obtain medical care whenever needed during the past year.

Government data show that 43 percent of all "poor" Americans actually own their own homes - typically, a three-bedroom house with one-and-a-half baths, a garage and a porch or patio.

Only 6 percent of "poor" families are overcrowded. In fact, poor Americans living in houses or apartments, on average, have more living space per person that does the average citizen living in European countries such as England, France and Germany. (Note: this comparison is to the average European, not poor Europeans.)

As a group, America's poor are far from chronically undernourished. The average consumption of protein, vitamins and minerals is virtually the same for poor and middle-class children and, in most cases, is well above recommended norms. Most poor children today are, in fact, super-nourished - growing up to be, on average, one inch taller and 10 pounds heavier that the GIs who stormed the beaches of Normandy in World War II."

Okay then the loons have re-defined what poor is, but why are these unfortunate poor, well, EVEN poor?

"Much of the official poverty that does exist is self-inflicted, a result of poor decisions and self-defeating behaviors. Weak work ethic plays a big role in poverty: In good economic times or bad, the typical poor family with children is supported by only 800 hours of work during a year - 16 hours per week.

If work in each family were raised to 2,000 hours per year - the equivalent of one adult working 40 hours a week throughout the year - nearly 75 percent of poor children would be immediately lifted out of official poverty.

Father absence is another major cause of child poverty. Nearly two-thirds of poor children reside in single-parent homes. Another 1.5 million children are born out of wedlock each year. If poor single mothers married the fathers of their children, almost three-quarters would immediately be lifted out of poverty."

Fatherless families that don't like to work.

Sounding familiar?

Families living on government handouts are doing quite well thank you very much, but of course could be doing better if they decided to...gasp...WORK.

"While work and marriage are reliable ladders out of poverty, the welfare system remains perversely hostile to both. Despite welfare reform, major programs such as food stamps, public housing and Medicaid continue to reward idleness and penalize marriage. If welfare could be turned around to require work and encourage marriage, poverty among children would drop substantially.

Immigration also plays a major role in U.S. poverty. Each year, our nation imports hundreds of thousands of new poor persons. Porous borders encourage some 800,000 illegal aliens a year to enter the nation. And our legal immigration system strongly favors low-skill immigrants over higher-skill immigrants.

As a result, one quarter of all poor persons in the United States are now immigrants or their minor children. An amazing one in 10 of the poor counted by Census is either an illegal alien or the minor child of an illegal."

Good grief but I hadn't a clue that we were so RICH. Seriously. Discounting the blacks and spanish who detest work because liberals have pretty much told them to stay home, crank out the babies, and VOTE for handout upon handout, the country is in marvelous shape.

The key then to helping even our wealthy "poor" out of the doldrums is to get them working, marrying one another, and to swear off begging.

Kind of hard to do when you've been raised listening to liberals telling you how stupid and inadequate you are, and how you DESERVE everything you get for free, so the real way to bring even more prosperity to America is to do away with liberals.

The John Edward types. The mad dog politicians who do their absolute best to keep as many people as possible from succeeding, so as to have SOME political base from which to fleece the country. Black Americans and legal spanish-Americans have the same potential as anyone ever born. There are no inferior races, no genetically second-raters, only those brainwashed to believe that dispensing with dignity is preferable to becoming a productive member of society.

Who've learned this from slimebags who happen to be the worst discriminators the world has ever witnessed. At least Hitler had the decency to put HIS sub-humans out of their misery.

The new master-race breeds theirs like rabbits just to have playthings.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fidel says Hillary & Barack would be 'invincible': Updated With Audio Transcript

WASHINGTON - Viva Hillary! Viva Barack!

"That's apparently the feeling of Cuban leader Fidel Castro, who predicted in a newspaper column yesterday that a one-two punch of that duo, led by the New York senator, would easily land in the White House.

"Today, talk is about the seemingly invincible ticket that might be created with Hillary for President and Obama for vice president," Castro wrote in a piece about U.S. Presidents in the Communist Party paper, Granma.

While Castro seems to think the two would make a powerful combo, he wasn't all love and kisses for the Democratic front-runners, who have demanded greater democratic reforms in Cuba.

"Both of them feel the sacred duty of demanding 'a democratic government in Cuba,'" Castro wrote. "They are not making politics: They are playing a game of cards on a Sunday afternoon."

The dictator's remarks came at the end of a screed basically mocking the efforts of nine U.S. Presidents who failed to topple him. The only President he really seemed to like was Jimmy Carter, although he called Bill Clinton "kind" and "friendly."

Audio Transcript Accompanying Picture:

"Dear Diary,

Even though I have been dead for many months now, I do believe that I still look marvelous enough to turn many a young girls' head. Why, I remember when Raul and I were young and would chase the young women into the caves along the Havana beachfront and laugh and laugh as we buried them there. Our father found out about it and he said to me face to face and looking all serious like, he said, "Fidel, someday you will be a mass murderer and inhuman dictator!" Raul still kids with me about that because at the time I thought father meant dictation-taker, but it was Raul who was even more wrong than I as he believed father felt I would be a sissy boy as in dick-taker. Well, no harm done because alls well that ends well, no? But back to Hillary and Hussein; yes, indeed I feel that so ugly a woman stands a chance because the women of the US will flock to her in sympathy, hey listen, Oprah isn't exactly gorgeous if you take my drift, and Hussein is such a clean negro, is he not? Why, even my old comrade Joe Bend-Over-Biden thinks so too as he was the first one to mention it and this leads me to believe that he has seen Hussein from a kneeling-level-view and knows of what he speaks. Me? I've never liked uncircumcised men and any old queen with a beard will tell you why... "

I've been saying all along that Rodham and Hussein would draw the most loon votes possible, because one must learn to think like the enemy in order to kill it. Proof positive that they ARE the enemy resides in the words of the cubano commie, who also felt warm and cuddly with Mr. Peanut and Blowjob Willy.

Lefties stick together, and real people could learn a lot from that.

Ann Coulter Compares Berto G. To Mr. Janet Reno

"This week, congressional Democrats vowed to investigate Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' firing of himself. Gonzales has said he was not involved in the discussions about his firing and that it was "performance-based," but he couldn't recall the specifics.

Right-wingers like me never trusted Gonzales. But watching Hillary Rodham Clinton literally applaud the announcement of Gonzales' resignation on Monday was more than any human being should have to bear. Liberals' hysteria about Gonzales was surpassed only by their hysteria about his predecessor, John Ashcroft. (Also their hysteria about Bush, Rove, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Libby, Rice, Barney and so on. They're very excitable, these Democrats.)

Liberals want to return the office to the glory years of Attorney General Janet Reno!

There is reason to believe Reno is precisely the sort of attorney general that Hillary would nominate, since Reno was widely assumed to be Hillary's pick at the time. As ABC News' Chris Bury reported the day Reno was confirmed: "The search for an attorney general exemplifies Hillary Clinton's circle of influence and its clout. ... The attorney general-designate, Janet Reno, came to the president's attention through Hillary Clinton's brother, Hugh Rodham."

Let's compare attorneys general:

-- Civilians killed by Ashcroft: 0
-- Civilians killed by Gonzales: 0
-- Civilians killed by Reno: 80

Reno's military attack on a religious sect in Waco, Texas, led to the greatest number of citizens ever killed by the government in the history of the United States. More Americans were killed at Waco than were killed at any of the various markers on the left's via dolorosa -- more than Kent State (4 killed), more than the Haymarket Square rebellion (4 killed), more than Three Mile Island (0 killed).

-- Innocent people put in prison by Ashcroft: 0
-- Innocent people put in prison by Gonzales: 0
-- Innocent people put in prison by Reno: at least 1 that I know of

As Dade County (Fla.) state attorney, Janet Reno made a name for herself as one of the leading witch-hunters in the notorious "child molestation" cases from the '80s, when convictions of innocent Americans were won on the basis of heavily coached testimony from small children.

Charged by Reno's office in 1984 with child molestation, Grant Snowden was convicted on the manufactured testimony of one such child, who was 4 years old when the abuse allegedly occurred.

Snowden, the most decorated police officer in the history of the South Miami Police Department, was sentenced to five life terms -- and was imprisoned with people he had put there. Snowden served 11 years before his conviction was finally overturned by a federal court in an opinion that ridiculed the evidence against him and called his trial "fundamentally unfair."

In a massive criminal justice system, mistakes will be made from time to time. But Janet Reno put people like Snowden in prison not only for crimes that they didn't commit -- but also for crimes that never happened. Such was the soccer-mom-induced hysteria of the '80s, when innocent people were prosecuted for fantastical crimes concocted in therapists' offices.

-- Number of obvious civil rights violations ignored by Ashcroft: 0
-- Number of obvious civil rights violations ignored by Gonzales: 0
-- Number of obvious civil rights violations ignored by Reno: at least 1

On Aug. 19, 1991, rabbinical student Yankel Rosenbaum was stabbed to death in Crown Heights by a black racist mob shouting "Kill the Jew!" as retaliation for another Hasidic man killing a black child in a car accident hours earlier.

In a far clearer case of jury nullification than the first Rodney King verdict, a jury composed of nine blacks and three Puerto Ricans acquitted Lemrick Nelson Jr. of the murder -- despite the fact that the police found the bloody murder weapon in his pocket and Rosenbaum's blood on his clothes, and that Rosenbaum, as he lay dying, had identified Nelson as his assailant.

The Hasidic community immediately appealed to the attorney general for a federal civil rights prosecution of Nelson. Reno responded with utter mystification at the idea that anyone's civil rights had been violated.

Civil rights? Where do you get that?

Because they were chanting "Kill the Jew," Rosenbaum is a Jew, and they killed him.

Huh. That's a weird interpretation of "civil rights." It sounds a little harebrained to me, but I guess I could have someone look into it.

It took two years from Nelson's acquittal to get Reno to bring a civil rights case against him.

-- Number of innocent civilians accused of committing heinous crimes by Ashcroft: 0
-- Number of innocent civilians accused of committing heinous crimes by Gonzales: 0
-- Number of innocent civilians accused of committing heinous crimes by Reno: at least 1

Janet Reno presided over the leak of Richard Jewell's name to the media, implicating him in the Atlanta Olympic park bombing in 1996, for which she later apologized. I believe Reno also falsely accused the Miami relatives of Elian Gonzalez of violating the law, which I am not including in her record of false accusations, but reminds me of another comparison.

Number of 6-year-old boys deported to totalitarian dictatorships by Ashcroft: 0
Number of 6-year-old boys deported to totalitarian dictatorships by Gonzales: 0
Number of 6-year-old boys deported to totalitarian dictatorships by Reno: 1

Not until Bush became president was the media interested in discussing the shortcomings of the attorney general. Whatever flaws Alberto Gonzales has (John Ashcroft has none), we don't have to go back to the Harding administration to find a worse attorney general.

From the phony child abuse cases of the '80s to the military assault on Americans at Waco, Janet Reno presided over the most egregious attacks on Americans' basic liberties since the Salem witch trials. These outrageous deprivations of life and liberty were not the work of fanatical right-wing prosecutors, but liberals like Janet Reno.

Reno is the sort of wild-eyed zealot trampling on real civil rights that Hillary views as an ideal attorney general, unlike that brute Alberto Gonzales. At least Reno didn't fire any U.S. attorneys!

Oh wait --

Number of U.S. attorneys fired by Ashcroft: 0
Number of U.S. attorneys fired by Gonzales: 8
Number of U.S. attorneys fired by Reno: 93

In a previous post I happened to mention the late Richard Jewell being railroaded by Mr. Janet Reno before reading Ann's column this week, and am pleased to see that she remembered THAT travesty as well as the other Reno horror shows.

And...lets not forget that Mr. Janet Reno murdered more people than the korean-killer at Virginia Tech. Which does make a strong case for gun control.

For incompetent Feds, that is.

Bush Tours Gulf Coast Cities, Offers Encouraging Words

Happy Second Anniversary, New Orleans

"Two years to the day after Hurricane Katrina landed its deadly blow on the Gulf Coast, President Bush toured the region Wednesday pointing to successes and offering encouraging words in New Orleans and Bay St. Louis, Miss."

And still afloat. Damn. I've been hoping all along that this disease ridden excuse for a city and the lice disguised as its citizens would just sink and be done with it. A democrat mayor sharing the spoils with a democrat governor, and but of course the loons blame the federal government for not giving even MORE of OUR money to these lowlifes.

The Only Ones Having Sex On The Job Enough...

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — "Five police officers and another police employee could lose their jobs after being accused of having sex with a female dispatcher at police headquarters, The Grand Rapids Press reported Tuesday, citing an unnamed person close to the investigation.

City Manager Kurt Kimball on Tuesday confirmed to The Associated Press he had suspended some workers without pay and ordered a discharge hearing for them at the recommendation of outgoing police Chief Harry Dolan. The workers last week had been suspended with pay.

Kimball would not say why the employees were being disciplined, only that there was an investigation.

No date was set for the discharge hearing but it typically takes about two weeks to arrange for one, Kimball said.

He declined to confirm the number of affected employees. The city's labor relations manager, George Childers, earlier said four to six employees from the police department had been placed on leave.

David Leonard, president of the Grand Rapids Police Officers Association, said the five police officers being disciplined will fight Dolan's plan to fire them. The union does not represent the sixth suspended employee.

"I do think the action they've taken is too severe," Leonard told the newspaper Tuesday. "I don't believe this is minor; there should be discipline. But this is a rule violation that does not rise to the level of termination."

Nah, let 'em slide, eh Davey? Anywhere else you get caught having sex at work, and poof, you're history, but these are, after all, ONLY ONES we're talking about, so THEY should get SPECIAL treatment.

I'd really and truly like to know the exact moment in time when law enforcement came to the conclusion it was above the law, and better than you and me. Because I think it must have been something akin to an epiphany, some bolt out of the blue or message from above that turned law abiding cops into little Hitler scumbags. Maybe even some Andromeda-Strain virus heretofore unknown that infects such men and removes all shreds of common decency. Might even be the same one that liberals catch because there's sure a lot of it going around.

Do You Know This Boy...

Oklahoma Cops Try to ID Boy Abandoned at Wal-Mart by Fleeing Shoplifter

OKLAHOMA CITY — "Authorities are trying to identify a young boy left inside a store by a suspected shoplifter who fled the store when confronted by a store security officer, police said Wednesday.

The boy, who is about 2 or 3 years old, is apparently unable to identify himself, and no one has reported him missing, Sgt. Gary Knight said.

The boy has been in Department of Human Services custody since Friday, when he was left inside the Wal-Mart store on west Reno.

A man was pushing a shopping cart with the boy in it when security personnel spotted the man shoplifting and confronted him, Knight said. The man then fled the store, leaving the boy behind."

I hope they don't find the kids parents but set him up with a loving foster home instead.

Every man should grow up with his own blood, but in this case the kid is better off ANYWHERE else.

Richard Jewell, Wrongly Accused in Atlanta Olympics Bombing, Dead at 44

ATLANTA — "Richard Jewell, the former security guard who was erroneously linked to the 1996 Olympic bombing, died Wednesday, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said.

Jewell, 44, was found dead in his west Georgia home, GBI spokesman John Bankhead said.

Jewell was initially hailed as a hero for spotting a suspicious backpack in a park and moving people out of harm's way just before a bomb exploded during a concert at the Atlanta Summer Olympics.

The blast killed one and injured 111 others.

Three days after the bombing, an unattributed report in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution described him as "the focus" of the investigation.

Other media, to varying degrees, also linked Jewell to the investigation. He was never arrested or charged, although he was questioned and was a subject of search warrants.

The media circus that followed the FBI investigation obscured the fact that Jewell saved the lives of many members of the technical staff working on live TV coverage of the Olympics.

“Richard ran all the way up and down the four stories of the tower and evacuated everybody, it must have been between 40 and 50 people. Seconds later the thing exploded,” said Bruce Rodgers, president of Tribe Inc and designer of the AT&T Global Village, where the explosion happened."

For those too young or disinclined to remember, Richard Jewell was on Mr. Janet Reno's hit list, and anything she says to the contrary is absolute bull. She figured they'd landed themselves a "gun-nut" who wanted to give the government black eye while acting the hero, and leak after leak pointed to him as a suspect, the ONLY suspect.

Fact of the matter is, Richard saved dozens of lives that day, but the Feds believed he fit snugly into one of their bogus profiles and the Clinton-loving media lit into him like white on rice.

You done good, Richard. A grateful nation thanks you for your dedication and heroism.

France's Sarkozy raises prospect of Iran airstrikes

French President Nicolas Sarkozy said on Monday a diplomatic push by the world's powers to rein in Tehran's nuclear program was the only alternative to "an Iranian bomb or the bombing of Iran."

Sarkozy said a nuclear-armed Iran would be unacceptable and that major powers should continue their policy of incrementally increasing sanctions against Tehran while being open to talks if Iran suspended nuclear activities.

"This initiative is the only one that can enable us to escape an alternative that I say is catastrophic: the Iranian bomb or the bombing of Iran," he said, adding that it was the worst crisis currently facing the world.

"Not all of this is doom and gloom," Sarkozy went on to add, "Everyone is painfully aware of the shortage of parking spaces throughout the entire middle east, and we could kill two birds with one stone by employing precision air strikes..."

Pictured: Artist's conception of what most of Iran would resemble should military actions become necessary to thwart Iranian nuclear weapon production.

And The First Loon To Cast Stones Is...

Mike Lupica

Another sorry display of vice for the party of virtue.

Sports columinst, Lil Mikey Lupica. One of the first ones to defend William Jefferson Clinton, and a leader in the don't-ask-don't-tell line of reasoning when discussing Democrat foibles, Mikey is nonetheless proud as punch to jump to conclusions when a Republican gets in a scrape.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

South Dallas rallies to stress gun control

DALLAS — "Carrying pictures of shooting victims and chanting, "We must stop the violence," about 60 people marched through the streets of South Dallas on Tuesday, calling for stricter gun control laws and a crackdown on illegal weapons sales.

Lamont Levels, 30, was among the marchers, wearing a patch after a shooting blinded him in one eye. He marched with his wife right past the location where he was shot six years ago.

“We have to be activists today,” he said. “To get attention so we can reach the kids and stop the violence.”

The Dallas rally was one of 22 nationwide organized jointly by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition. Jesse Jackson, leader of the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, came up with the idea after a spate of violence in Chicago this year.

“Texas is a pretty big gun state,” said Francis Cook, a Texas-based spokesman for Rainbow/PUSH. “I’m a hunter. I know a lot of hunters. Nobody hunts with an assault rifle.”

I really should let Texans fisk this one. Seriously. I'm biting my tongue but fair is fair. So I won't say that "assault rifles" are NOT used in criminal activity and by the way, how many members of law enforcement were marching or supporting the anti's and stuff like that...

PS: Man, here I thought the dudes eye injury happened months (nearly 8) ago and he's STILL wearing bandages?

'Spider-man' suit secret revealed

A "Spider-man" suit that enables its wearer to scale vertical walls like the comic and movie superhero could one day be a reality, according to a study.

Natural technology used by spiders and geckos could help a human climb the side of a building or hang upside down from a roof, the analysis suggests.

Professor Pugno also outlined three properties which a real Spiderman suit must demonstrate.

Firstly, and most obviously, it must be able to demonstrate strong adhesive properties. Secondly, the suit must be able to detach easily from a surface after it has stuck. Thirdly, the suit must, to some degree, be able to clean itself.

The latter requirement is considered important because dirt particles could get in the way, interfering with the adhesive properties of the suit.

One way to do it is to make the suit "superhydrophobic", so that it strongly repels water. As water droplets are forced away from the contact areas of the outfit, they should wash away particles of dirt.

This property could be achieved simply by altering the geometrical properties, or topology, of the surface.

"To have all these mechanisms working together is difficult, because they are in competition with one another," Professor Pugno told the BBC News website.

"But geckos and spiders provide a natural demonstration that this can be done."

He added that there were many interesting applications for adhesive suits, in areas ranging from space exploration to defence. The work could also aid the design of gloves and shoes for window cleaners working on tall skyscrapers.

But human muscles are very different to those of geckos, so people would probably suffer from muscle fatigue if they tried to stick to a wall for many hours."

Oh drat it all. So this means the whole story was nothing but the typical Brit...If things were different then things could be different...propensity to misunderstand the separation between science fiction and science fantasy.

No. I'm not explaining it to them. They'd feel terribly stupid for not picking up on it for themselves, and besides...

If they came to grips with reality we'd have no one to laugh at.

US troops 'won't attend inquests'

"The US will continue to refuse requests for its personnel to appear at inquests into the "friendly fire" deaths of British troops, a report says.

The MoD has sent written guidance to coroners across England and Wales over the holding of military inquests.

According to the Times, its letter says the US "confirms categorically" it will not provide witnesses for inquests.

It comes six days after three British soldiers were killed by US "friendly fire" in southern Afghanistan.

The Times reports that the letter to coroners states: "The US have confirmed categorically that they will not provide witnesses to attend UK inquests.

"While coroners may continue to ask for US witnesses to attend... they should be aware that there will in all cases be a refusal."

Fighter planes

The three soldiers who died on Thursday were Privates Aaron McClure and Robert Foster, both 19, and John Thrumble, 21, of the 1st Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment.

They had been on patrol in Helmand province when US fighter planes dropped a 500lb bomb, killing them and injuring two other soldiers. The US State Department is investigating the deaths.

In March, Oxfordshire assistant deputy coroner Andrew Walker was critical of the failure of the US authorities to co-operate at the inquest of Lance Corporal of Horse Matty Hull.

L/Cpl Hull, 25, died when a US pilot fired on his convoy in Iraq in 2003. No American witnesses gave evidence at the inquest.

The coroner said at the time: "I find the decision of the US authorities not to allow the relevant persons to attend to give evidence, or to themselves provide full transcripts of questions those people were asked during the Friendly Fire Investigation Board, hard to understand."

Nah, not at all hard to understand, Lord Coroner, not at all. The men in question were killed by military ordnance. Regrettably. For one, you wouldn't understand one blithering bit of what they were talking about, and for another this is the type of information that is quite sensitive and needn't fall into the wrong hands, as operational stratagems and performance capabilities of various weapons systems are not something one parades about whenever an amateur thinks he's a need to know.

You do not. We don't send our military people to international inquests, but suffice to say our people are working feverishly with your people to see that this does not happen very often. Can't say it won't happen ever again, because in war these horrible circumstances rear their ugly heads at the behest of Mr. Murphy, and he sir, is not someone that ANYONE can reason with.

More Guns, Not Less, Would Prevent Shooting Massacres: Says John Lott

Now I know this is long and you don't like long but give it a chance...

"Few tragedies make their victims feel more helpless than multiple-victim shootings.

Imagine the terror: Unable to escape, simply waiting for the killer.

With school starting, the April 16 attack at Virginia Tech that left 32 dead is still on many people’s minds. Some are looking for guarantees that such an attack won’t happen again.

But Virginia Tech’s just released report on how to stop future tragedies was pretty disappointing, and this coming week’s Virginia Governor’s task force report isn’t likely to be any better. The university proposes more counseling for mentally troubled students, internet based billboards to alert students of emergencies, putting both the police and fire departments into the same building to allow better coordination, more surveillance cameras, and locks that make it easier for students to get out of buildings.

Well, more cameras might help get campus police to the scene faster, but let’s hope that the next attacker doesn’t commit the attack where there are no cameras or that he doesn’t disable them first. Assuming that the doors to buildings are merely locked as they normally would be--and that the assailant has not blocked them or tied them shut with a chain-- easy to open locks could help.

If a current student is planning the next attack, gets identified as having mental problems and has treatment, and that the treatment is successful, more mental health resources could be helpful.

But one glaring omission remains: The report failed to ask whether there were any common features or similarities among the different multiple-victim public shooting tragedies. And what happens if these policies fail? Should there be some ultimate protection upon which the university can rely?

Of course, these horrors are hardly unique to the United States. In 1996, Martin Bryant killed 35 people at Port Arthur in Tasmania, Australia. In the last half-dozen years, European countries-- including France, Germany and Switzerland-- have experienced multiple-victim shootings.

The worst, in Germany, resulted in 17 deaths; in Switzerland, one attack claimed the lives of 14 regional legislators. Of course, since 1997 there have been multiple attacks in the U.S., with the 13 dead at Columbine.

Prior to Virginia Tech, the two previous most deadly shootings in the U.S. were the 1991 Luby's Cafeteria massacre in Texas, which left 23 people dead, and the shooting at a California McDonald's in 1984, in which 21 people were killed.

All these attacks shared something in common: citizens were already banned from having guns in those areas. Indeed, every multiple-victim public shooting of any significant size in the United States has occurred in one of these gun-free zones.

The problem with gun-control laws is not that there isn't enough regulation, rather that it is primarily the law-abiding, not the criminals, who obey these laws.

Virginia Tech has rigorously enforced its gun-free zone policy and suspended students with concealed handgun permits who have tried to bring handguns onto school property, and it will continue to do so. Imagine what this means for a faculty member fired for bringing even a permitted concealed handgun on campus. It would be impossible for them to get another academic job at any other university. Similarly, a student who gets expelled for a firearms violation will find it virtually impossible to get admitted to another school.

But whether it is the suspensions and expulsions at universities, or even the three-year prison terms that can await those who take guns onto property of K-12 schools in most states, these penalties are completely meaningless for someone intent on killing and facing multiple life sentences or death penalties.

But citizens and police who pack heat do help, because they can stop a shooting while it is happening. Amazingly, opposition to guns on campuses is so extreme that some even oppose police being able to carry guns."

Not so amazing at all, John. Not to those who despise and are fearful of inanimate objects, and therefore wouldn't be allowed to own guns because they are clearly mentally unbalanced, so perhaps thats why they hate them to begin with.

Caliber envy. Since THEY can't have any neither should we.

Love Triangle Astronaut Lisa Nowak to Pursue Insanity Defense

"Documents made public Tuesday show that former astronaut Lisa Nowak is pursuing an insanity defense on charges that she assaulted and tried to kidnap a romantic rival.

Attorneys for Lisa Marie Nowak have filed a notice with the court that Nowak intends to use an insanity defense at trial. This notice does not challenge competence to stand trial, but only raises insanity at the time of the offense.

The circuit court judge in the case unsealed Nowak's notice of intent to rely on a mental health defense Tuesday. Florida law requires such a notice before trial to let prosecutors prepare.

Nowak, a 44-year-old mother of three who has been dismissed by NASA, has pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted kidnapping, battery and burglary with assault in a February confrontation with fellow astronaut Colleen Shipman in an Orlando International Airport parking lot."

It seems obvious that the woman is as crazy as your garden variety loon, so I fully expect a reasonable amount of clemency. Not because she "attempted kidnapping, battery and burglary with assault in a February confrontation with fellow astronaut Colleen Shipman in an Orlando International Airport parking lot", but because she worked for an outfit that made a space vehicle whose only purpose was to dock with a space station whose only purpose was to be docked to that space vehicle.

If spending hundreds of billions of dollars to do nothing we can't do on earth, or lots cheaper, isn't crazy than nothing is.

On Second Thought, File THIS ONE First...

Pennsylvania Man Charged With Abusing Corpse in Coffin

"A Pennsylvania man was charged with abuse of a corpse and burglary after a funeral parlor director discovered him tampering with a female body being prepared for burial, WTAE-TV in Pittsburgh reported Monday.

The man, Roderick Jones, allegedly broke into Draper Funeral Home in Monessen, Pa., on July 13 while the owner, Johnny Draper, was across the street speaking with friends. When Draper noticed a light on in the basement of the funeral home, he returned to find Roderick in the basement lying next to the casket, attempting to hide, WTAE reported.

Roderick reportedly had removed the dead woman's stockings, ripped open the plastc (sic) covering the body, and was holding one of the corpse's legs in the air."

He was lying next to the casket, hiding, yet holding one of the corpse's legs in the air? Did he chop off the leg? Do the "journalists" writing these stories ask themselves, at all, if what they are saying makes a lick of sense? Ya think?

File This Under Something You Don't See Every Day,...

Suspected Drunken Driver Leaves Accident Scene With Dead Body in Window

PERRIS, Calif. — "A suspected drunken driver crashed with a motorcycle and then left the scene, unknowingly driving away with the motorcyclist's dead body lodged in the rear window of his car, investigators said.

Tony Martinez, 54, pulled out of a parking lot Saturday night and cut off motorcyclist Nicholas Justin Campbell, who was traveling about 80 mph, California Highway Patrol spokesman Ron Thatcher said.

The motorcyle crashed into the car and Campbell was thrown through the rear window, Thatcher said. Martinez then drove away and realized when he got home that the motorcyclist was in his car, Thatcher said.

Martinez then drove to a Riverside County fire station where 20-year-old Campbell was declared dead, according to the coroner's office.

Martinez was arrested and booked for investigation of gross vehicular manslaughter, hit-and-run and driving under the influence. Bail was set at $75,000."

The motorcyclist was doing 80? Outside of "a parking lot"? Where WAS this parking lot, anyway? The Indy 500?

George Lets Loose With Both Barrels...

RENO, Nev. — "President Bush warned on Tuesday that Iran is plotting to extend its "murderous" influence over Iraq and is threatening to destabilize the Middle East under a "shadow of a nuclear holocaust."

Iran, Bush said, "is the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism. Iran backs Hezbollah, who are trying to undermine the democratic government of Lebanon. Iran funds terrorist groups like Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, which murder the innocent and target Israel and destabilize the Palestinian territories."

Under normal circumstances this would be worthy of a no-shit-Sherlock, but since it's coming from the leader of the free world perhaps some fence-sitting, do-nothing, can't-be-bothered detweillers will sit up and take notice.

I'm beginning to believe that George is preparing a farewell party for himself that includes an adios to Iran.

One can only hope.


The Buy Ammo Day was difficult for me because I buy ammo so often it wouldn't be any big deal. So I scored some Federal HST and waited until today to pick it up. And yeah, it's a sucky blurry picture but it's the thought that counts today, particularly when I haven't the time to fuss with a balky camera.

I also picked up some various 12 gauge shotshells and slugs but was going to do that anyway, and took home some nuke-loaded .357 cartridges that a buddy made special.

PS: None of the local Fudd-Shops thought it wise to participate because, after all, it's not like the NRA sanctioned such a day, ya know.

This means that from now on I purchase ALL of my guns & ammo via the mail, or from private sellers, unless I happen to stumble upon someone who gave a rats pitute.


Buy some. Buy lots of some.

Eyes Wide Stupid Tuesday: Weeping For Gonzo


by Rich Lowry

"ALBERTO Gonzales's tenure as attorney general, and now his departure, represent a triumph for what departing White House adviser Karl Rove calls "the mob" - the howling mass of Democratic members of Congress, bloggers and media commentators who despise all things Bush.

The mob doesn't win only when it chases a target from office. It also scores a subtle victory when it forces the administration to keep in office an ineffectual or politically wounded official to demonstrate that it won't get pushed around by its frenzied detractors. Thus, Gonzales remained attorney general long after everyone but President Bush had decided that he was ill-suited for the job. The administration suffered months of unnecessary embarrassment as it stuck by Gonzales on the theory that giving in to the mob would be worse - only to see Gonzales resign anyway."

Part and parcel of succeeding in politics is...drumroll please...being a politician.

Duh. X Infinity.

Alberto was not a good speaker. Matter of fact, Alberto was a halting, skittish, clumsy speaker. Safe to say that Alberto came across as the worst Attorney General in recent memory, due in large part to his total inability to communicate even the simplest of things without coming across like a whingy little hall monitor trying to explain to the principal how it was he let the jocks give him an atomic wedgie for the umpteenth time.

Politics is a down and dirty game played by down and dirty street fighters, so for Rich Lowry to suddenly discover this fact of life is more the story than an incompetent lawyer coming to the conclusion that he's better at ambulance chasing than stammering to Congress so its high time to scoot back home and rake in the big bucks what with that boffo new resume and all.

The sooner Republicans learn how to fight back the sooner kids like Lowry will understand what life in the big city is all about and get down to the brass tacks of booting the loons out. Yes, the enemy is ruthless. No, you don't beat him by whining about it.

Miss. Ranked Fattest State in Nation

Experts say Mississippians need to skip the gravy, say no to the fried pickles and start taking brisk walks to fight an epidemic of obesity.

According to a new study, this Deep South state is the fattest in the nation. The Trust for America's Health, a research group that focuses on disease prevention, says Mississippi is the first state where more than 30 percent of adults are considered obese.

Aside from making Mississippi the butt of late-night talk show jokes, the obesity epidemic has serious implications for public policy.

"We've got a long way to go. We love fried chicken and fried anything and all the grease and fatback we can get in Mississippi," said Democratic state Rep. Steve Holland, chairman of the Public Health Committee.

Poverty and obesity often go hand in hand, doctors say, because poor families stretch their budgets by buying cheaper, processed foods that have higher fat content and lower nutritional value..."

Absolute, abject, beyond a shadow of a doubt bullswaddle.

For those of you too young to remember when Mississippi or Arkansas or Sioux City Iowa for that matter was home to thin as rail, poor as dirt folks, then have a look at any picture or film taken before the 1960's. Fact of the matter is KFC and triple-pepperoni pizza and their like are relatively expensive foods and not what poor people could afford before the liberal food-for-free and you don't ever have to work for anything government programs began creating waddlers by the thousands, and sorry to be offensive to those who detest reality, but black and spanish women lead the way and not by a nose but a considerable butt cheek.

Beer bellied tailgater's? Wasn't any such a thing until the ESPN's of the world began featuring video of over-indulgers before, during, and after games...double-fisted beer swillers screaming obscenities at the field while splashing brewskie on someone else's kids, so sure, there certainly ARE fat ass white men typically referred to as white trash but way back when they'd hide all that lard at home and not advertise how special it was to be on the TV braying like a jackass.

Obesity is a modern, affluent affliction. Truly poor people are not fat. Check out the homeless and get back to me on how many lardasses are living under bridges in your town. Poor taste and free food is what makes people fat. Exercise? Count how many black or spanish you see jogging along the highways and byways, but thats another story that the liberals haven't quite yet figured out how to blame on all the poverty afflicting the nation.

One of the interesting quirks in moving to a state like Florida, is the relative absence of chubs, and thats simply because folks wear a lot less clothing in these parts and take a lot more pride in how they look. And by "folks" I do mean but of course white anglo-saxon'ish types because yep, the minorities are as obese here as everywhere else in the country, and could not care less about their appearance. Reality sucks but its all we've got, so spare us all the cries of racism and why not expend the energy trying to get the porkers interested in a self-esteem that goes beyond 6" brightly colored nails at $200 a pop and bi-weekly trips to the "beauty" parlors to keep that hair looking like a UFO landed above the ear-line for about the same bucks, that, by the way, we're paying for as well.

The Ill-Annoy Bill Of "Rights"

Subject only to the police power,the
right of the individual citizen to
keep and bear arms
shall not be


(Source: Illinois Constitution.)

Now, I'm a simple man, so someone please tell me how a RIGHT
can be subject to something so nebulously defined as police-power...

Thanks, TJH.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Report: Alleged Iowa City Groper Strikes for 27th Time

An assailant who sneaks up behind women and gropes them before fleeing may be on the loose in Iowa City, Iowa, where a sexual assault against a woman early Friday marked the 27th such attack in the city in the past 12 months, the Daily Iowan reported Monday.

Iowa City Police Sgt. Troy Kelsay acknowledged similarities in the assaults, during which the alleged attacker approaches the victim from behind, pushes her down and gropes her, the Iowan reported. According to the report, the attacks have all occurred in the same parts of the city in the early morning hours, and authorities confirmed that there could be a connection between the assaults.

Pictured: Artist sketch of Iowa City Groper as taken from detailed eye-witness accounts.

U.S. sponsors Islamic convention

The Justice Department is co-sponsoring a convention held by the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) — an unindicted co-conspirator in an ongoing federal terrorist funding case — a move that is raising concerns among the Justice's rank and file.

Justice lawyers have objected to the affiliation with ISNA, fearing it will undermine the case against the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development in Dallas.

However, the Justice Department responded by saying that the co-sponsorship was necessary in this day and age of multi-culture enlightenment, and that for the fun-and-games section of the convention, Beheading Booths instead of Dunking Tanks would be optional.

Korean Killer The Weak, Silent, Type...

Blacksburg, Va. — "The Virginia Tech student who killed 32 people and himself on campus in April had been treated in high school for a mental disorder that left him unable to speak in public, but the university was never told about the condition, according to newspaper reports.

A Fairfax County school had developed a detailed special education plan that excused Seung-Hui Cho from class participation to ease his fears so he might begin to talk more openly, The Washington Post reported on Monday, citing an anonymous source.

The disorder, called selective mutism, could explain why Cho was a loner during his four years at Tech, remaining a mystery even to his roommates. Professors have said he would not answer when called on in class."

For the love of Pete everything is a "disorder" nowadays. Back when, some kid would clam up when it was his turn to speak in front of a class he was simply called shy...or if in Catholic School severely beaten until finding that recalcitrant voice...but today it's its very own disease with a fancy name.

They should label all of these make-believe disorders "selective big-buck's'ism" and be done with it and honest all at once.

Federal HST in .45 ACP

Federal's HST in +P is kicking out at 950 fps from a 5" barrel, and folks who know this stuff tell me that Glock 21's are spanking these bad boys to the tune of close to 1000, and this excites me to the point I almost want to switch carry platforms and loads.

Yes I am easily excitable when it comes to firearms. Especially self defense guns that are a matter of life and death as opposed to taking down that trophy Buck.

It's just that I've invested so much effort in the .40 S&W it'd be a pain to change, and I still like that caliber quite a lot.

Really hard to see where one could go wrong with either.

Idiots With Guns...Part 4,564,387

Gunman Almost Takes Out Cameraman - Watch more free videos

Thanks to

Eyes Wide Stupid

Ahab has the goods on anti-gunner Laura Washington's latest insane rant.

Berto We Hardly Knew Ye

Alberto Gonzales Resigns

Everyone is featuring something about old Bert pulling the pin, and suffice to say that he was a good and decent man doing work several paygrades above his capabilities. George handsomely rewarded his old friends and I admire that in a man, but sweet moses on a pogo Gonzales was one hemming, hawing, stuttering detweiller who never should have been made Attorney General to begin with. If the President plays his cards right he doesn't even have to put someone else through a confirmation hearing but can appoint someone to the position on a temporary basis, then go looking for a full time Attorney General and drag the process out for pretty much as long as he wants over the next 16 months or thereabouts.

Tell you this much, I'd want no friend of mine going through what the democraps would throw at him, and if George is smart he won't subject yet another patriotic American to the vitriol from the mudslinging apes in Congress.

And by the way, George, it wouldn't hurt to find someone in the interim who is 2nd Amendment FRIENDLY. Gonzales screwed the pooch so often I honestly don't know WHAT his position was but it sure sounded snarky.

Yeah. I wasn't as down on the little guy as most, but I figure anyone the democrats hate must have SOME good in him.


by Ralph Peters

FALLUJAH, Iraq - "Fallujah and the Marines have some history. In 2004, one savage battle ended when the Marines were pulled out for political reasons. Later that year, they had to finish the job.

And they did. They took down the terrorists' stronghold in a week of fury.

With a fundamentalist tradition, Fallujah seemed to fit al Qaeda perfectly. Robbed of their Saddam-era privileges and out for revenge, even secular locals had aligned with the terrorists. Despite the Marine victory, violence simmered on.

The extremists and insurgents believed they could wear America down. But between 2004 and 2007, two things happened: We wore them down - and al Qaeda wore them out.

With foreign fanatics butchering the innocent and enforcing prison-yard "Islamic laws" that far exceeded the Koran's demands, it belatedly dawned on the insurgents that, while we intended to leave eventually - on our own terms - al Qaeda meant to stay.

A wave of suicide bombings earlier this year, culminating in a massive attack on a funeral procession, made the population snap. The people of Fallujah may never love us, but they hate al Qaeda with the rage of a betrayed lover.

Since May, the change has been stunning. When the 2nd Battalion, 6th Marines were last in Fallujah, in 2006, they took casualties from snipers and roadside bombs. The city was violent, bankrupt and partly in ruins.

Now the battalion's back. And welcome. Marines banter with the locals where, six months ago, it was risky to ride in an armored vehicle.

...And the locals are out in front of us in the fight against al Qaeda. Which is a big thing.

I was in the city during one of the last phases of Operation Alljah, which has been bringing the rule of law back to the city's precincts, one by one. In the hours of darkness, Marine engineers swept in and blocked the roads in and out of one of the last un-purged districts with Jersey barriers. The police moved in to bust suspected terrorists and kick out hoodlums who don't have local roots.

In a "swarm," identification cards are provided to all, beginning with the local movers and shakers. Volunteers are vetted to join the police or armed neighborhood-watch groups. And revitalization programs go into gear.

Capt. Mason Harlow, the Fox Company commander, was wounded by shrapnel two years ago. In Fallujah. Now he's back, overseeing the Hadari District and two others. His Marines haven't been attacked for months. And his former enemies are doing his work for him.

Capt. Harlow didn't think he'd live to see the day."

All that needed to be done was to give our guys the okay to do what they do best. It took a lot of political courage to expose US fighting men to the potential slings and arrows from the likes of a Murtha, and he did his best to portray Marines as bloodthirsty killers.

But the worm has at long last turned. Its good to see Ralph in the sandbox, and I'm wondering when Murtha, Pelosi, RodHam, et al will be taking a trip of their own to report upon what's really happening.

Yeah, I'm joking.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

We Get Letters

"Have you had any successes from trying Corbon's DPX cartridges, the ones made of all copper...?"

It WAS on my list of rounds to give a look-see until I did some checking, including an email to Corbon.

I wanted a DPX in .357 magnum, noticed that their 125 grainer was only kicking up 1300 fps full of giddyup and asked to know why.

Background first; for years I've used hand loads and Double Tap .357's that took a 125 grain bullet to 1600 fps or thereabouts and lets face it, if I want a slow moving .357 why the hell not just go down another small notch to a +P .38 in Winchester Ranger T and be done with it. The single feature that makes the 357 the manstopper it is, happens to be the velocity so cranking back didn't make much sense.

Corbon pretty much said that anything over the 1300 fps mark for THAT bullet was overkill and could result in unintentional fragmentation of the round, so for me, adios to DPX. Personally, I believe that renowned for hot ammo...simply felt that the recoil from a hotter round would be a product-killer and went with the me-too, gotta-have-it copper bullet that's all the rage but kept it manageable for the occasional shooter.

Let them load it to 1500 fps and I'll take the stuff out deep into the swamp and come back with a good feel for what DPX type rounds can do in the real world, but there's no way I'm packing 357 heat with a slow cartridge as my go-to sidearm.

Corbon .357 Magnum DPX. Approximately $25 per 20 rounds. Pictured: Corbon DPX in .40 S&W because I don't have a shot of their .357's.

Anti-Gunner Jodie Foster Loads Up In New Flick

So okay we purchased the DVD of "300" the other day, and one of the previews featured the new Jodie Foster movie due out September 15, in which she portrays a female Charles Bronson in a distaff oriented Death Wish. Entitled "The Brave One", Jodie is on a rampage after her fiance...the dude who plays the Iraqi in "Lost" killed during a mugging.

The preview looked awful, laden with gun cliche heaped upon gun cliche, and here's an old quote from Jodie herself on the matter of firearms in civilian hands, and the reason I shan't be spending any of my money to see this anti "act" in anything.

“Isn’t it possible that we all have that bit of insanity in us? That’s why I’m for gun control. Absolutely. I don’t believe that people should have access to life-or-death situations at any emotional time in their life. I don’t really believe that a human being who feels should have the option at their fingertips.”

Alls Not Well In Ill-Annoy

Residents Fear Their Guns May Be Taken Away

(URBANA)---"Some people in Champaign County are afraid their guns will be taken away. That's why pro-gun advocates are trying to get a resolution passed that would promise the 2nd amendment would be protected. People say they feel Chicago and Cook County is trying to run the rest of the state of Illinois. That's because Cook County put a gun ban into effect this past February on long guns, like rifles and shotguns. The ban says people can't even have the guns in their own home. Some people in Champaign County feel that's unconstitutional, and they went to the county board meeting Thursday night to speak up before the ban moves south.

"I don't understand how one county can do that to their citizens." Says Guns Rights Advocate Valinda Rowe "Then turn around and try to do it to the rest of the state. We've got to take a stand."

They did try and take that stand as around a dozen people spoke at the meeting, urging county board members to pass a resolution, saying Cook County's ban is unconstitutional. They'll have to wait though, because the board tabled the issue.

29 counties in the state have already passed an anti-gun ban resolution, people at the meeting hope Champaign County becomes the 30th to do so."

Dream on. Fact is Cook County accounts for nearly half of the entire state of Ill-Annoy's population, and guess what.

What Cook County wants, all of Ill-Annoy eventually gets. And where the hell were you folks back when Cook was just beginning to jackboot their own citizens? Oh, it was okay for Cook residents as long as it didn't spread, eh?

And what does "the board tabled the issue" tell you? Or the fact that the yellowstream media is referring to you as pro-gun advocates and not once takes on Cook County as being anti-2nd Amendment.

Yeah I'm pissed it took you so long and maybe there is a chance of saving the rest of Ill.