Monday, October 31, 2005

A Bit Risque For Fox?


Elisha Cuthbert says Paris Hilton can drink her under the table.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. I imagine Ms Hilton has drank a lot of men and women under the table, over the table, behind the table.


Hannibal Lecter Smiles

Texas Pastor Electrocuted During Baptism Coming to a Senate near you...

Q & A

Q. What does Alito mean in Italian?

A. Calm down, take a deep alito, and everything will be fine.

Quick Take...

Mr. Valerie Plame, aka Joe Wilson, told a fawning Wolf Blitzer that he did not believe that Mrs.Valerie Plame's appearance on the cover of Vanity Fair, as well as other publications, would in any way be detrimental to her future employment as a covert operative.

In this instance I must bow to the wisdom of Mr. Plame, as he most certainly possesses far more knowledge of the reading and media habits of the enemies of America than I.

All Alito All The Time: Case File...Chen versus Ashcroft...

On Originalism, Strict Constructionism And Intellectual Honesty

By: Pejman Yousefzadeh · Section: SCOTUS

"In seeking to understand Judge Alito's jurisprudential philosophy as applied to specific cases, commentators will likely discuss one of the few international law cases in which the judge has had a hand; Chen v. Ashcroft, which is discussed at length here. As discussed in the post, the case involved a Chinese couple that wanted to marry but were denied a marriage license by Chinese authorities since they were not of marriageable age. When Chinese authorities discovered that the fiancée was pregnant, they forced her to have an abortion in the eighth month of pregnancy..."

Read it all if you are so inclined, and appreciate the true difficulty one has in being a strict interpreter of the Constitution. It doesn't matter how we'd LIKE the laws to be, what's important is reaching a decision based upon them and not one's feelings, for personal attitudes may differ from judge to judge, but the law remains as written.

This is the concept that turns many liberals into cross-eyed cartoon characters with their heads spinning in funny circles above their narrow little shoulders.

With that in mind just think how downright silly the likes of Chuck Schumer are when they demand that judges be humble and not seek to write their own laws, when the very "laws" he is most likely talking about aren't laws at all but court decisions rendered to circumvent the legislative process.

There is no law, no constitutional amendment that grants anyone the right to abort a fetus, or help endangered frogs hop across state lines, or provide "rights" of privacy, and nothing in the bill of rights mentions sodomy as grounds to obtain a marriage license. There are judicial decisions galore because the socialists masquerading as Democrats have found like-minded judges to eliminate penalties for people doing what used to be considered immoral or illegal.

If the will of the people is constitutional, then by all means write a law that reflects what they so desire. If it is not, or if the people have not been allowed a say in the matter, then we've lost the right to call ourselves a democracy when judges not only call the balls and strikes, but also make up the rules of the game as they go along.

And Now A Word From Someone With GENUINE Feelings...

Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler » Blog Archive » Well, We’ll Be Damned

Well, We’ll Be Damned
Filed under: Politics, "Law" of the Land

"So Dubya goes ahead and picks Sam Alito for his next nominee to the SCOTUS?
We guess wonders never cease. A candidate with an extensive Constitutional and judicial background with, it seems to us at this early time, a decidedly constructionist view of the Hallowed Document itself. We’re certainly encouraged to see that, and we’re looking forward to joining the rest of the pack in backing this nomination.

Just because we were against the Miers nomination didn’t mean that we liked to be part of the infighting. But sometimes you have to, and it’s one thing that makes us immensely proud to be on the right wing. No lockstep here, no unconditional worship of Great Leader. Instead, we have a bunch of outspoken individualists unafraid to speak up on matters of principle, even when it means beating up on “our own.”"

Whenever you tire of reading one breathless, back-patting-join-the-hive blog after another praising Sammy Alito, tune into the Rot for some from-the-gut analysis not cloaked in lawyer-eze. Always a refreshing break for me.

The Captain's Hook

Okay, although I oft times protest against the hive-mind, cough, LGF/Powerline/Malkin, approach to conservativeism, I'm basically a good little conservative. Well, alright, alright, I think intelligent-design is flat out dumb, but listening to the designers talking like they even known what designer-genes ARE is still better than clicking into Captain's Quarters and waiting for that stupid picture of the stupid boat to load.

But I followed the link from ANKLE BITING PUNDITS, you know, the blog that Malkin is too embarassed to call by name and instead just uses ABP? So I click and wait. Wait some more. The frickin' boat finally loads, and now I can gaze upon the gems spewing from the Captain.

A link to a NY Times article where Senator Graham says a filibuster won't work. Then the Captain agrees with him because Justice Stevens might pull the pin soon, and the Dems might want to hold off on Borkbustering [my wacky name for it, not the Captain's or Graham's] until then, when they might have more Democrats in the Senate.


Now, I COULD spend the next hour or so of my life describing why that's such a lame reason to NOT filibuster, but since I'll never get back the time I wasted waiting for the boat, suffice to say that the whole click was for no good reason.

So that makes me even less of a good little conservative, but sweet mother of pearl...thinking that Democratic Senators MIGHT want to wait because Stevens MIGHT retire and in 2006 they MIGHT have more votes is just so fuc...


Let's Try This Again...

Clicking on the previous picture didn't enlarge it...Booger is either having a bad day or, well, it's Booger so who can tell. Viewing a larger version of the photograph is far better and so we're trying it again.

Success! Only took a half hour or so of trying too, a record for blogging from Booger. Click the pic to see a larger version, and it's uncanny...Bubba's hand seems to be gravitating towards...


The family of Judge Samuel A. Alito, Jr., look on Monday, Oct. 31, 2005, as their father is nominated by President George W. ...

Yep. Good looking family, too. No bratty little boy in shorts running around causing havoc because Dad isn't a strong enough father-figure to...cough...sorry, got carried away there.

From left: daughter Laura, wife, Martha, and son, Phil. White House photo by Paul Morse

Posing the family in front of THAT portrait was an inspiration. Funny as hell, and look where Bubba's hand is creeping towards...

The Peerless Pot Of Pigskin Prognostication...

...went 10-3 yesterday, bringing the yearly total to 56-46, or a winning percentage only slightly higher than twice that of CBS's Shannon Sharpe. Not that Shannon wasn't a good football player for he was, but, and this is just between me an you, okay, but have you ever seen a man who's head was so small for his body?

I mean, okay, we all know that black athletes like wearing those oversized suits with the gigunda shoulder padding and all and they always look hilarious like clowns getting out on a Volkswagen, but sweet mother of pearl, they should NEVER sit the man next to Boomer Esiason who's own head is twice the size of a prize winning pumpkin's.

And I'm certainly not attributing Shannon's total lack of football knowledge to his having a dolls head, no, his lack of understanding is do to the fact that he skated through high school and college because he was an athlete and never had to learn much of anything. Would'a been sort of cool though if somewhere along the line someone had taught him to speak even a smidgen of english, but it's not his fault that neither his family or the school systems felt it necessary to even wave the abc's by him once or, as Shannon would say "twicet". Doesn't help that he's found a job on television either. Not like the suits at CBS care if the man looks and sounds funny...hey, he was a famous athlete so what's with all this book-learnin' nonsense anyways?

Shannon's weekly predictions are so very bad that the rest of the dunderheads laugh at him, and you know it's so not cool when ex-football players think you're dumb, but I wish they'd spend a fraction of a moment longer on precisely what his record has been in picking the weekly winners. They gloss over it so quickly I didn't catch it today, but will try again next week.

And duh, I had me an epiphany. That's why moslems don't play football. It's the frickin' pigskin. Wonder if enough of them got together and protested the fact that using pigskin was an insult to their religion, I wonder if the NFL would cave in and change it.

Hey, you moslems out there, good idea or not?

UPDATE: On Monday Night Football, Pittsburgh squeaked out a win over Baltimore, bringing this weeks predictions to 11-3, and 57-46 for the season.


Will the Dems draw their ace in the hole when pushed to the limits of trying to understand just what it is that Judge Alito is talking about?

Will they invoke the dreaded Borkbuster? Can the way-left convince the middle-left to prove to the world once and for all that they are ALL total idiots befit of even a semblance of common sense? Alito was unanimously approved the last time around, but could they now turn on him as one united entity?

Hmm. Tough one to call. You know that Schumer will push for a Borkbuster, and Ted Kennedy will be right behind him alongside Joe Biden, Dick the Turbin and Feinstein, so it seems at this point in time that the nomination gets out of chambers something along the lines of 11-7 or thereabouts, but would the Dems as a party, cackling-half-crazed lunatics and moderates together as one, would they hit the Bork button and filibuster Alito?

The smart money says no way, no way in hell. The old saying would have you believe that any publicity is good publicity, but not when it comes to serial killers, child molesters, or liberal democrats. Sam will dazzle the Judiciary Committee and leave the Borkabusters fuming but without the backing to take this thing nukular. Right, George?

The media will be on their side but there's a new sheriff in town via the internet, and we won't let them topple this man without a helluva fight. Bloggers took down Dan Rather and will make Schumer look like the clueless cliched moron he truly is should this get out of hand.

But wait, just wait for Chuckie the Shoe to employ his most favored metaphor and proclaim that Sam Alito has sent a DAGGER THROUGH THE HEART of something or another.


Time To Begin Taking It Back, So Bring It On...

A great many pundits are kvetching about the various rulings associated with Judge Alito that would have had Solomon himself ready to whip out the old broadsword and cut them in half.

It is true that the women's movement is strongly opposed to spousal-consent in any way shape or form when it comes to, well pretty much anything, but are the first to cry foul when a man, who according to them should have nothing to say about a pregnancy or it's termination, says, well hell, I didn't want the kid, she told me she was on birth control and I ain't gonna give no financial support.

"My body, My total control. But, um, he should pay child support."

This whole notification deal and whether or not it is an "undue burden" is what has a lot of folks up in arms. If a man impregnates a woman without her consent, or is not married to her, or no longer living with her, most feel that said man should not have a voice in determining if the child is brought to term, or even be informed of said pregnancy.

BUT, if the child IS born, then the same man is hunted down if necessary and forced to pay child support. To a non-lawyer...thank you does seem that as long as there is not a fear of retaliation in some form, if a man is held responsible for the pregnancy he should be at least told of the woman's wishes to terminate it.

Too fair? Some things are not fair and shouldn't be? People really AREN'T equal when it comes to certain matters? We should take each case on it's own merit and not throw a legal blanket over everyone because of their gender? Man are too dumb to ever understand?

And what does the Constitution have to say about this? The same thing the Constitution has to say about anything that was not specifically detailed ad nauseum 200 years back.

If enough people want something, they should petition their representatives to have this something made into law.

Nowhere does it say that a judge should decide the value or lack thereof pertaining to each and every new situation that arises as society's moral values deteriorate, strike that, change.

We desperately need judges of all rank to understand this, and the nomination of Alito proves that Bush's people DO. If Schumer or Kennedy or Biden or Pelosi or Feinstein or Turbin or Reid REALLY believe that something is the WILL of the people then why not put it to a vote? What in the sam hill are they afraid of? If they are right and the people believe they are right, then who cares what some lame ass judge thinks? The law is the law and make good laws so judges DON'T have much of a say at all.

Too complicated? You say that laws mean nothing to good people because good people don't need laws, and that laws mean nothing to bad people because they don't obey laws?

Well sure, this is all true. Laws are designed to have a frame of reference from which to punish the people caught breaking them. That's why it is so very important to have the punishment fit the crime, and to assure that the law in question is worthy enough to be called such if it is indeed broken. Back when most abortions were illegal, it was a crime to perform one, a crime to have one, and rather than have it legislated to be considered right or wrong the socialists sought remediation from the courts. The Supreme Court was happy to oblige and at the end of the day abortion was no longer a criminal act.

Nobody voted. Nobody wrote new laws. The judges decided for us.

And it's about time we took our rights back from the bench and into the voting booths where they belong. THAT'S what it's all about. Not that women or men or pygmies in equatorial New Guinea shouldn't do this or that, but that we the people should decide, and not Sandy or Joannie*.

*Joan Ruth Bader Ginsberg, for those unfamiliar with her real name.

PS: Sam Alito is also very 2nd Amendment friendly. What? You thought the Constitution is just about privacy and abortion and interstate commerce? Silly liberal. Sam pretty much wanted to know what the loons were talking about when they referred to any evil fiream as an assault this or that, and when they couldn't answer he saw through the bullshit.

More Revisionism

Because the Mainstream Media Is A.) too dumb to understand the nuances. B.) too liberal too care. C.)Both.

Bench Memos on National Review Online

Alito on Spousal Notice

[Ed Whelan 10/31 08:57 AM]

"As noted here and in The Corner, the media appear already to be engaged in rampant misrepresentation of Judge Alito’s 1991 opinion concurring in part and dissenting in part in the panel majority’s ruling in Planned Parenthood v. Casey, 947 F.2d 682 (3rd Cir. 1991). Let me highlight the following salient features:"

Now have a care; a lot of this stuff is terribly boring and replete with non-sensical lawyerisms, or law-porn, to beat the band. It is important to know precisely WHAT Sam Alito was speaking in reference to, however, and should be read in order to understand what he actually said versus what the MSM boobs are CLAIMING he said.

Booger Is Posting...Finally

And it only took 2 1/2 hours from entering the post to seeing it "published". The boys are on the ball today. Imagine tryting to live-blog a special event from this joint? Fuggehdaboutit.

Moonbat Revisionist History 101

...Or, How WE Were Fooled Too, So Please Don't Blame Us For Voting To Go To War. Please? Don't?

Well, you see now, the ONLY reason we went to war was because Bush told us that Saddam had these weapons of mass destruction, okay? And we, the elected Democratic representatives, we voted for the use of force two, but the ONLY reason we did so is because of the fact that we were, we were, um, we were FOOLED, that's it, yes, we were fooled into believing so. But we weren't the only one's fooled, no siree bob, the whole WORLD was fooled so you can't just blame us okay? Why, the Senate Intelligence Committee was sending everybody documents that said Saddam was cranking out these weapons because you see, they were fooled too, and what were we supposed to do? Right, we had to act but now we see that nobody can find these weapons so it HAD TO BE George Bush behind the whole thing FROM THE VERY BEGINNING.

That's the ticket. George Bush fooled every intelligence agency in the world, and hell, he even somehow, someway, went back in time and fooled the Clinton administration too, because THEY even thought that Saddam had these bad ass weapons. Yep. Back in time we kid you not. This is how insidious this dude is, okay? The French, the Germans, the Israeli's, the Italians, the Spaniards, NATO, the Brits, all of 'em were fooled by George Bush and that's why even THEY are pissed at him now too.

Hell and damnation, the frickin' NY Times even acknowledged that Saddam had lots and lots of chemical and biological weapons and they demanded something be done! The NY Times. Can you imagine that?

So please don't be mad at us because BUSH LIED, PEOPLE DIED. But look, we're not dumb enough to really think that EVERYONE was fooled about Saddam's capabilities, and so there had to be, just HAD to be SOME weapons, somewhere, and as soon as he got the vote to go to war, the Bush secret operatives in Iraq secretly moved alla them mass destruction things on over to Syria because you just know that some day some of them will be found there and then he could say, SEE..TOLD YA!

Well, we're not fooled anymores. We know he overestimated Saddam's power and we KNOW he hid Saddam's weapons in Syria, and we KNOW he sent his mad dogs against anybody that knew even a little bit about all of this, so that's why the Valerie Plame deal went down.

LIBBY LIED, PEOPLE CRIED, and the special prosecutor finally found out alla his lies and he's going to JAIL, to JAIL as soon as possible, and the WHOLE THING started because George Bush fooled everybody about Saddam's weapons.

Hey, um, wait a sec, don't go. We just found out that BUSH nominated Sammy Alito to replace our beloved Sandy, and he's DOING IT AGAIN! He's trying to confuse and divide the AMERICAN PEOPLE! JUST SAY NO WAY to this terrible man who wants us all to live by what the constitution says and not what our HEART tells us. Say no for the children and the trees and ALL the warm and cuddly animals you love and that Sam Alito WILL SHOOT, KILL, AND EAT if he gets appointed!!!!!

"...May Mean A Bitter Fight In The Senate..."

BUSH NOMINATED Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court, calling him "one of the most accomplished and respected judges in America." His conservative credentials may mean a bitter fight in the Senate.

"May mean"? Aw c'mon now. The conservative paper of record can do better than that. Can't it? I mean, ever since the wussy Miers nomination we've all been itching for a fight with those baby-killin', sodomizin' lefties.

If Harry Reid Doesn't Like Him You KNOW He Must Be Good... - The Morning Brief

"...The 55-year-old jurist was Mr. Bush's favorite choice of the judges in the last set of deliberations but he settled instead on someone outside what he calls the "judicial monastery," the officials said. Mr. Bush believes that Mr. Alito has not only the right experience and conservative ideology for the job, but he also has a temperament suited to building consensus on the court.

Judge Alito, a former prosecutor and soft-spoken conservative who has served on the Third Circuit Court of Appeals since 1990, has enjoyed a boomlet of support among activists and commentators on the right, The Wall Street Journal says. Mr. Alito has been so consistently conservative that he has been dubbed "Scalito" or "Scalia-lite" by some lawyers because his judicial philosophy invites comparisons to Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. But while Mr. Scalia is outspoken and is known to badger lawyers, Mr. Alito is polite, reserved and even-tempered, the AP says. At the same time, he has years of court rulings that liberals could use against him, the Washington Post notes.

And Sen. Minority Leader Harry M. Reid said yesterday that he has already warned the White House that nominating Mr. Alito would "create a lot of problems."

Good deal then. Trust Harry once and shame on him, trust Harry twice and shame on you, George. Let Reid and the gang bring it and we'll at least see who has the cha-cha's to dig in and finally fight these cretins. Let the American people see the hystrionics of Biden and Schumer and Feinstein and drunken old Teddy as they expose their total lack of understanding about what the constitution is all about. Just like when they tried to take on Roberts and skulked away with their collective tails between their legs.

Bring it on.
Nomination Likely to Please G.O.P., but Not Some Democrats

The choice of Samuel A. Alito Jr. likely will mend a rift in the G.O.P. caused by his failed nomination of Harriet E. Miers. A Judge With Deep Ties to New Jersey The Reaction: Bloggers Washington Complete Coverage: Court in Transition

The TIMES weighs in with screeching, caterwauling headlines...just the right amount of hysteria to enflame it's loony-lefty base, and that means all is back to normal. NOT likely to please "some" Democrats? Hows about ALL Democrats?

Harriet who?

More On The Alito Nomination...

The Ankle Biters are ecstatic:

Ankle Biting Pundits

Alito It Is: Bush Hits His Mulligan 300 Yards In The Middle Of The FairwayPosted

by H-Bomb on Monday, 31 October 2005 (06:31:13) EST UPDATE: Reid, Shummer, Kennedy oppose Alito for being a white man. DEVELOPING ...So says the AP.

"I gotta admit. It's a ballsy move."

Over at National Review, the kids are dancing in the aisles...

The Corner on National Review Online

"ALITO POLITICS [Stanley Kurtz]This is a winning political move. Alito is at least as qualified as Roberts, and his Casey opinion will not sustain a convincing filibuster. The Democrats seem trapped here. Reid has warned the president not to nominate Alito. And despite the narrow and non-substantive character of Alito’s dissent in Casey, the Dems will be forced by their groups to make abortion the issue. So if there is no filibuster, this is going to come off as a huge victory for the president."

More to come as we sort out the responses. Not that Booger will post this anytime soon, but we're on the case nonetheless.

Sam Alito Nominated To Replace O'Conner...

Shooting The Messenger

...And The All-seeing, All-knowing, Messenger Crystal Of, um, all-seeing, all-knowing stuff predicted it but I was just too dumb to realize that the "Italian-American" it was referring to was indeed Judge Alito.

"Mike Mc-something is one, and some Italian-American is another..."

Over at Ankle Biting Pundits, the gang wants a fair hearing for Sam, and asks us to assure that our elected critters provide him with one: Ankle Biting Pundits - !!! Take Action on Alito !!!

"Call, write and e-mail the “Gang of 14” Republicans:
John McCain
Lindsey Graham
Olympia Snowe
Susan Collins
Mike DeWine
Lincoln Chaffee
John Warner
Demand a fair and timely confirmation hearing and a fair up-or-down vote by the entire U.S. Senate with no liberal filibusters."

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Baseball Been Bery Bery Good To Us

And a belated word or two about the World Series.

It's good to see such diversity in baseball. Why, there was a time I never thought that the winning manager of the World Series would speak a language other than English, but even though I never understood a word of what Ozzie Guilen said, his team did and that's what counts. Signs. It just goes to show the importance of knowing the signs when your boss doesn't speak English.

And yet another curse was lifted. Last year the Red Sox, this year the White Sox, and it's just a shame the Black Sox remain banned from baseball. How times change. Shoeless Joe Jackson hits .352 during that Series and gets banned for life because he helped "throw" games, and Barry Bonds gains 75 pounds of muscle using illegal anabolic steroids, breaks one home run record after another, and remains the talk of the town.

Two years in a row, and two American League shutouts in a row. Been 3 years now since a National League team has won even ONE game in a World Series, so look for the Commissioners Office to allow a 'roid user or two to escape dedection in the Senior Circuit just to keep that all important parity. Worst television ratings ever, two teams the country could care less about, so hey, it's for damn sure SOMETHING will be done.

And to all of you sissy Frenchmen, and Englishmen, and Spaniards who scoff at the concept of it being a World Series, just remember that ANYONE in the world can come to North America and play baseball, unlike your shorty-pantsy soccer squads that have immigrant quota's to insure the purity of the home team ethnicity. All one needs to play baseball is a level of athleticism coupled with superior hand-eye coordination that is of course unheard of in places such as Europe where all they do is keek the futballs.

Why'd ya think the Germans hadda put handles on their hand grenades fer chrissake. "Throw them? Ach du lieber, how does one "throw"?

How much longer 'till pitchers and catchers?

Electrocution Sparks Riot...

Third night of trouble in Paris suburb following teenage deaths - Yahoo! News

CLICHY-SOUS-BOIS, France, (AFP) - "A Paris suburb suffered a third night of arson and arrests sparked by the electrocution deaths of two teenagers, police said. "

LMFAO...misha was right. The AFP DOES have a warped sense of humor after all. "Sparked by" is just to frickin' funny to describe, but let's get to the cooked meat of the story:

The violence on Saturday night was significantly less than on the two preceding nights, police added, but 13 youths were arrested and 20 cars torched.

Earlier Saturday an atmosphere of quiet rage hung over a peaceful procession of 500 people paying homage to the teenagers whose deaths sparked the rioting in the Paris suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois.

20 cars lit afire, 13 kids arrested but it was better than the other 2 nights. Wow, seems like the Fwench really had their widdle hands full. And YES...SPARKED-BY once again! Go AFP!

Marchers observed several minutes' silence and laid flowers a few metres from the spot where the boys Ziad, aged 17, and Banou, 15, died on Thursday when they scaled a wall of an electrical relay station while running away from police and fell against a transformer.

LMFAO again...they "fell" against a transformer, yeah right. Trouble was, there were no "Don't Chew-The-Wires signs and the poor lads were only doing what barbarians have been doing for thousands of years...foraging.

"The local state prosecutor said that the boys had wrongly thought they were being chased by police."

Yes, for it IS a crime in France to try and ingest power stations, but what's up with this...Ziad and Banou? What kinda French names are Ziad and Banou?

"Representatives of the Muslim community at the procession appealed for calm and dignity."

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Moslems. The words calm and dignity in the same sentence as moslems. Shiver. So the whole frickin' thing was another case of moslems whinnying over one thing or another, and why didn't I simply assume it was meatbombs for the pedophile behind this all along? There are over 2000, count 'em, 2000 islamic enclaves in France that don't even allow mailmen dressed as mailmen to enter their "zones" of faith, and sorry Francophiles, but Paris is toast. One way or another, and not too far down the road, you'll see full-scale uprisings as the religion-of-pees, strike that, peace, drags the entire planet into WWIII.

Fricking too funny...two dimwits fucking with the wires...and they fried their scabby flea-ridden retard asses but good. Gotta be some higher power SOMEWHERE scratching off two more names from a list and nodding, "Yep, little chlorine in this gene pool was a good idea...".

The True Scourge Of Mankind Continues Unabated... - Views - Junk Science - DDT Is Only Real Weapon to Combat Malaria

"During the few minutes you spend reading this column, malaria will kill six Africans and sicken about 3,000 more, mostly children and pregnant women -- a rate of more than one million deaths and 500 million illnesses annually among the 2.2 billion people who live in malarial regions like Africa.

There’s legislation moving through the Senate right now intended to reduce this tragic toll.

U.S. taxpayers spend about $200 million annually on malaria control efforts. Ironically, almost none of this money is spent to kill or repel the mosquitoes that spread disease. The money is instead spent on anti-malarial drugs and insecticide-treated bed nets that aren’t very effective."

That's right. Malaria kills more people per year than AIDS, there are methods to lower the number of deaths to mere percentages of their obscene numbers, but the same people who fought to keep New Orleans "Wet & Wild" are the ones fighting against the only thing that will work.

Three pigeons die in an open-air market in some remote Chinese village, and the MSM is running headlines to frighten us into believing that the real culprit isn't the disease, or the appalling conditions that breed such disease, but the fact that pharmaceutical company's don't have enough vaccines, and this is then of course George Bush's fault.

Then, these same liberal-thinkers scream about "the children, the children" whenever DDT is brought up in polite conversation, forgetting or disremembering, or just plain lying about the fact that their policies have resulted in the deaths of over 20 million babies since abortion became as easy as pulling a bad tooth.

We'll never truly beat them, no one can ever be the victor over insanity, but we can hold them at bay by keeping them out of public office, and standing up to a chief executive that would promote his secretary to the highest court in the land. - 'Give Up the Stealth Strategy'

For more than 40 years, it has been a primary goal of the conservative movement to restore the courts to their proper constitutional role. The strategy has been to elect presidents who will nominate judges who can be counted on to observe the constitutional limits of their own authority. Like previous Republican presidents, President Bush pledged to appoint "judges who will interpret the law, not make it."

So far, the strategy has failed. By a better than two-to-one margin, Supreme Court appointees of Republican presidents from Nixon to George H.W. Bush, like their Democratic counterparts, have freely departed from or ignored the text, logic and historical understanding of the Constitution whenever it suited their purposes.

Republican presidents are, therefore, forced to nominate "stealth candidates" whose views on basic principles of constitutional interpretation are unknown and may even be indeterminate. More often than not, these nominees, once confirmed, turn out to be highly responsive to elite or establishment opinion and unconstrained by any sense of the constitutional limits of their own authority.

Here is my proposal. To fill the seat being vacated by Sandra Day O'Connor, President Bush should nominate an intellectually distinguished and articulate jurist willing to set forth and defend a sound understanding of the constitutional limits of judicial power in the confirmation hearings. Give up the stealth strategy. Nominate someone whose record makes clear that he or she rejects the idea that judges are entitled to invent rights and manufacture constitutional doctrines to advance ideological goals. Let the nominee make the case for true constitutional government to the American people. Let us have a national debate over the role of the courts and the scope and limits of judicial power.

Judge Bork was indeed a distinguished, articulate and forceful defender of disciplined constitutional interpretation and limited judicial power. His rejection by the Senate was an injustice to him and a tragedy for the nation. It is important, however, not to read too much into his defeat or to draw from it false lessons. His arguments about the Constitution and the role of the courts were lost sight of in the massive campaign of disinformation and character-assassination waged against him, beginning with Teddy Kennedy's shameful speech claiming that "in Robert Bork's America blacks would be forced to sit at segregated lunch counters."
Judge Bork's efforts to get the debate back onto the plane of constitutional principle were largely unsupported. The Democrats controlled the Senate.

The Reagan administration, caught off guard by the representations of Sen. Joe Biden and others that a jurist of Judge Bork's stature would be treated with respect, lacked a plan for defending its nominee. Conservative legal scholars equipped to make the case for a true constitutionalist judge were scarce. The mainstream media -- fiercely hostile to Judge Bork -- had a near-monopoly on the means of disseminating information and shaping public opinion in a real-time political debate.

All of this has changed. Republicans hold the majority in the Senate (though admittedly three or four might as well be Democrats). The Bush administration knows that its nominee will face brutal attacks from people who will say anything and stop at virtually nothing to prevent his or her confirmation."

There's more and read it all if you would, but this will never happen. For all of his "Mission Accomplished" posturing...and I'm a Bush supporter but remain a realist...for all of his posturing, George Bush is not someone who wants a fight he is not certain of winning. This reflects the current American approach to anything unsure, unguaranteed, or potentially undoable.

We either win fast and clean or we don't play.

Full Frontal Obstruction Of...Um... - Obstruction for What?"

A charge of lying about a crime that wasn't committed.

"Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation took nearly two years, sent a reporter to jail, cost millions of dollars and preoccupied some of the White House's senior officials. The fruit it has now borne is the five-count indictment of I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, the vice president's Chief of Staff -- not for leaking the name of Valerie Plame to Robert Novak, which started this entire "scandal," but for contradictions between his testimony and the testimony of two or three reporters about what he told them, when he told them, and what words he used.

Let us stipulate that impeding a criminal investigation is indeed a serious matter; no one should feel he can lie to a grand jury or to federal investigators. But there is a question to be asked about the end to which the accused allegedly lied. The indictment itself contains no motive. And Mr. Libby is not alleged to have been the source for Robert Novak's July 14, 2003 column, in which Valerie Plame's employment with the CIA was revealed.

Rather, according to the indictment, Mr. Libby did a little digging, found out who Joe Wilson's wife was, and apparently told Judith Miller of the New York Times, who never wrote it up, and Matthew Cooper of Time magazine, who put it into print after Mr. Novak's column had run. What's more, he allegedly did not talk to Tim Russert of NBC about it, although he claimed that he had. Mr. Libby then didn't tell a grand jury and the FBI the truth about what he told those reporters, the indictment claims."

Precisely. The prosecution will have a hard time convincing a jury that not remembering is lying, particularly when there is no apparent motive for the so-called lies. It is said that a grand jury can indict a dead man for crimes commited after his demise, so it was no great wonder that charges were filed, but the actual criminal case itself will be quite the different story.

They DID embarass the Vice President and the President, add fuel to the wacky left's bonfire of the vanities, and when Libby is found not guilty all the liberal side of the aisle will remember was that BUSH LIED, PEOPLE DIED.
Dutch Witches Get Tax Break for Studies

And why not? Witchcraft is just another way to describe the world around us. Right? Broomstick-Design should be given just as much credibility as any other unscientific-design.

Keeping Harriet In Our Thoughts...

Because she's probably a very nice lady, and because she'll be assisting the President on selecting the next nominee. So here's to you, Harriet, and we do hope that whomever the new person might be, they'll understand that answers like this make one sound really really dumb:

1990 Testimony:

Q: Ms. Miers, are you a member of any predominantly minority organizations, such as the NAACP, Black Chamber of Commerce, Urban League or any other predominantly minority organizations?

A. Women minorities?

Sunday's Pro-Picks From-The-Pot*

Carolina over Minnesota
Cinncinati over Green Bay
Dallas over Arizona
Denver over Philadelphia
Chicago over Detroit
Houston over Cleveland
New England over Buffalo
Miami over New Orleans
Giants over Washington
Kansas City over San Diego
Tampa Bay over San Francisco
Jacksonville over St. Louis
Oakland over Tennessee
Pittsburgh over Baltimore...Monday Night Football

*Weekly we toss the names of each team into an old pot and let it decide the winner via random picks.

Pot Prediction Percentage: 46-43 to date.

UPDATE: The Peerless Pot Went 11-3 this week, bringing the season total to 57-46.

Read it and weep. Weep for sanity lost.

New York Post Online Edition: postopinion

October 30, 2005 -- "Lawyers for the Port Authority were quick to blast Thursday's jury verdict — which held the PA 68 percent liable for the first World Trade Center attack in 1993 — as "obviously irrational."
Of course, that's what lawyers usually say when they lose a case.
In this instance, however, they're entirely right.
Actually, the notion that the terrorist band that exploded a truck bomb beneath the Twin Towers back in 1993 — killing six and injuring hundreds more — was only 32 percent responsible for the attack, as the jury decided, is positively mind-boggling.

After all, they rented the truck, built the bomb, drove it into the garage — and then exploded it."

Always remember that 9/11 was the SECOND attempt to take the towers down, and that after the first, William Jefferson Clinton did next to nothing to stop these murdering savages. And these same monsters are measuring Europe's response to the Madrid and London bombings the same way.


"The Prince of Wales will try to persuade George W Bush and Americans of the merits of Islam this week because he thinks the United States has been too intolerant of the religion since September 11.
The Prince, who leaves on Tuesday for an eight-day tour of the US, has voiced private concerns over America's "confrontational" approach to Muslim countries and its failure to appreciate Islam's strengths."

"Islam's strengths"? Killing the innocent is a strength? Relegating women to the status as of a somewhat-prized camel...this too is a strength? Teaching children the mad ravings of a murderous pedophile is a strength?

This of course is all a part of the Brit scheme to save the country from the likes of any more homicide bombings, etc, as we've seen the Get-Tough approach slowly diminish into the what can we do to appease them plan. For all intents and purposes, Europe has surrendered to islam and anyone unfamiliar with that concept really needs to pay more attention. They'll awaken...once the meatbombers have had more time to infiltrate the very core of European society and begin a ruthless frontal attack that'll make the London subway bombings look tame in comparison.

Prince Charles is a pampered, sheltered, putz, who unfortunately represents what most of Europe has become. Ten years, 15 tops, and Europe is in for a civil war the likes of which has never been seen nor dreamt of. Iran continues it's venture into nuclear weapons technology, and from that corner of the world alone comes the means to construct low-yield nukes, and that spells doom for the placating Europeans if they don't understand that the war has already begun and it's time to fight back for real.

Here's what Ankle Biting Pundits has to say on the matter:

Hey Prince Charles: We Don't Need Your Ignorant Lectures On How We Treat Muslims

Posted by bulldogpundit on Sunday, 30 October 2005 (01:40:48) EST

"As an American it is difficult for me to imaging the concept of a monarchy, and why people would accept such an institution, even the non-political type that (now) exists in Great Britain. However, I can respect the tradition and through some British friends have come to appreciate the reverence they have for the institution, regardless of the personal frailties of some its members. And really, the Windsor clan has no bearing on my life I really could care less what they do with all that idle time.However, when members of that royal family start spouting off about issues in my country that they know nothing I get a bit offended, and unlike their subjects of old, I have no problem giving them a piece of my mind. Yes, I'm talking to you Prince Charles. Just because you’ve got a membership in the "lucky sperm" club doesn’t mean you have any special knowledge or understanding, especially when the subject is one about which you are obviously utterly ignorant."

Libby Makes It Into The "Sports" Section, Too...

New York Daily News - Sports - Mike Lupica's Shooting From the Lip: Bright Blue future for Coughlin

That's if you can credit anything written by Mike Lupica to contain anything about SPORTS, and after reading this little tidbit you'll know why he keeps talking about things other than SPORTS, and that's because he knows even LESS about SPORTS. Lil Mikey's Pwesident was impeached, helped Lewinsky write lies about another woman so she could get them straight as she testified for him...the same woman that claimed he raped her by the way...and because Libby is indicted for forgetfulness we get to hear that Bush is another Nixon. And it was all about hiding the "fact" that they knew Saddam didn't have some serious weapons. SADDAM HIMSELF thought he had them, because every intelligence agency in the world was saying he did. And yes, of course he did. Where they are is anyone's guess, but most folks are betting on that paragon of democracy, Syria. Not that Lil Mikey let's facts get in the way of preaching these lies, half truths, and silly innuendoes, because generating facts means you've at least LISTENED to the whole story rather than believed alla those emails from

"Being a glass-half-full guy, I just see this as a tremendous opportunity for Scooter Libby to play shortstop on the prison softball team.
These guys in the Bush White House were going to take down anybody who didn't go along on weapons of mass destruction, and rushing us into war.
And Joe Wilson didn't go along, so they started telling people that his wife, Valerie Plame, worked for the CIA.
Now here we are.
Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald wouldn't say it the other day, because it wasn't his job, but this indictment of Libby was an indictment of all that, and even the yahoos on the right know that by now.
The way they know that in the eyes of the public, the Vice President of the United States and Karl Rove are unindicted coconspirators here.
There hasn't been a group this lousy, and this clumsy, since Nixon."

Joe Wison WAS and REMAINS a virtual nobody whose 15 seconds has long elapsed, and the whole deal was to try andfigure out how this nobody got to go to Iraq in the first place and hobnob with UN-types that were also playing diplomat. His wife sent him...that's after he lied and said that the Vice President sent him...and of course the White House was angered that this little traitorous pissant would live high off the hog then stab them in the back once they cut off his free-ticket-to-everywhere privledges. It's worth reiterating that anyone who didn't believe that Saddam Hussein was amassing weapons of mass destruction also doesn't believe that the oil for food program had any glitches. BILLIONS of dollars are unaccounted for and what do you think a dictator would do with that kind of easy catch BESIDES fortifying his weapons cache?

They'll discover where they went, sooner or later the news will begin to leak as to how he or his cronies ordered the things into Syria, and along the way we'll even discover just how much of those billions Saddam paid the Syrians to stash the things for him. The billions he and the French and the Germans and the UN, and hundreds of OTHER countries made when the money was supposed to go into feeding starving Iraqi's, and Lil Mikey Lupica can howl about an indictment but can't find it in his little lefty heart to make the same noise about the biggest con game the world has ever seen?

Pathetic, craven little pussy. And by the way, lil pussy, what's the word from the Wilson household about all of this? "We're private people and want to remain private people".

Ha. That means they dodged the bullet, got the press to spin his adventures into a White House blunder and nothing more, and don't want the one or two honest reporters out there looking any deeper into this.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Alastair G. W. Cameron, 80, Theorist on Creation of Moon, Dies - New York Times

Alastair G. W. Cameron, a Harvard astrophysicist who helped develop a revolutionary theory to explain how the Moon was formed, died Oct. 3 at his home in Tucson. He was 80.

Dr. Cameron's famous work, known as the giant impact theory, holds that a planet roughly the size of Mars struck Earth, sending fragments of Earth's mantle spinning into the atmosphere. The ring of space debris that resulted may have ultimately come together to form the Moon.
The theory accounts, in part, for the Moon's lack of water and its few volatile elements, which would have been burned away in the planetary collision.

Michael J. Drake, a planetary scientist who is director of the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory at the University of Arizona, said Dr. Cameron made "clever calculations using advances in computing power and realized that such debris could possibly coalesce."

Dr. Drake observed, "The giant impact theory, which since the 80's has become largely accepted in the scientific mainstream, became a brilliant synthesis of earlier, flawed hypotheses about the origin of the Moon."

This is what science does, and I remember the howl that at first went up from the naysayers as they tried to digest such a bold hypothesis. When better information or testing methods, or simply smarter folk come along, science corrects science.

RIP Dr. Cameron. Brilliant work.

Let's Try And Remove Those Images From The Mind

And who better to look towards but John Kerry, who STILL hasn't learned that taking BOTH sides of the same story makes him sound like a bigger jerk than he is.

"When they [the Bush administration] could have listened to General Shinseki and put in enough troops to maintain order, they chose not to. They were wrong."

"General George Casey, our top military commander in Iraq, recently told Congress that our large military presence 'feeds the notion of occupation' and 'extends the amount of time that it will take for Iraqi security forces to become self-reliant.' . . . It is essential to acknowledge that the insurgency will not be defeated unless our troop levels are drawn down."

Yes. He was for more troops before he was against more troops. And catch the title of the link below. From the heart and conscience. The SAME heart and conscience that refuses to release the military records which show he was given a less than honorable discharge? - Kerry speaks from his heart and conscience on Iraq

John. You lost John. You may never get the chance again, John, ever. Your party has moved on. The princess from New York is trying to steal your birthright, John. She's raising money and snuggling with all the right people. She's going to offer her constituency...your constituency too, John...she's going to offer them Bill back in the White House as the linchpin that seals the deal. And they want Bill back, John, they really really do, and they'll vote for her by the millions just to see Bill roaming the halls of the west wing again.

So you've got stop her. You've got to take back your people, the people she is stealing day by day by day. You've got to dig deep for those records that show how rotten a lawyer she really was, how she took money not her own and billed for time she never spent doing anything, and all of the horrible things about her that you KNOW to be true, John.

Don't let her beat you. Take her on and take her on NOW before it's too late. To hell with the dishonorable discharge, this is your chance to make it right, to erase those terrible years of praying that Jimmy Carter would make things right and absolve the hundreds of you from the deeds a young man does when he's immature and confused, and he DID, he did John, but this is your chance to take back your honor and your pride and hit that bitch where it hurts her the most. Right in her ego.

Gonna let a girl beat you? Mr. Purple Heart? Mr. Bronze Star?

More On The Murdered Schoolgirls...


In Central Sulawasi, Indonesia, Christian girls were walking back from school. They were attacked by a gang of hooded killers and beheaded. Just for being Christians, and the following image from Reuters Alertnet shows how monstrous these barbaric moslems are.

Three of the girls were killed, but thankfully one escaped. This is far from an oddity, as Christians in most moslem lands are persecuted, and over the last few years Indonesia has been a haven for those who'd harm the innocent for being infidels.

These are the people the mainstream media will have you believe are in the scant minority. These are the stories barely told, and the pictures never shown for fear the civilized world would rise in anger against murdering islam.

These are the people the liberals believe can be can negotiated with. Ask Israel how THAT's been going over the past dozen centuries or so, and while you're at it, learn about what the Crusades were all about.

Limp Wrists Need Not Apply...

S&W .41 magnum. Hefty recoil, but perhaps the ultimate in concealed a carry revolver. Hey, who knows? Never can tell when some escaping zoo elephants may need to be put down...

The grips are for making pretty, but I'd recommend rubber Hogues for serious shooting.

One Of The Best Concealed Carry Choices...

Feed it with Gold Dots or Starfire, and 5 every time is easy to carry and hard to beat.


Microsoft: Windows May Be Pulled in Korea
Wow, so that's what they're calling it now...

Stallone in 'Rambo IV' After Next 'Rocky'
Everything Sly is new again...

Actress That Portrayed Gang Member Slain in Gang-Related Shooting
Art imitating life imitating art...

Pope John Paul's Old Ford Up for Auction
Hey...Harry Potter needs some new wheels...

N.D. City Council Cancels Male Dance Show
Thunder-Down-Under Versus Fargo Fogies...

Conn. Wants to Ban Beer With Elf Label
Believing that 1st graders would take to sipping such cartoony suds...

Bush to Tap Judge for High Court
After Promising Ann Coulter He Would Not Drink Elf-Beer, A Confused ...

Toying With The Idea...

Of doing a daily spoof on popular right-wing blogs. You know, one day post as Michelle Malkin...breathless, wide-eyed but otherwise uncomunicative; another day doing a Little Green Footballs's the story and don't bug me I'm setting up the open post so all you lonely folks can chat about nothing so keep your pants on; The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler is a cinch because he rants at length until one has forgotten what the original premise was and I do that all the time...

Stuff like that. I'd do Drudge for a day as well, but where in heavens name do I find people with inside scoop that always turns out to be wrong. The military blogs are boring to most folks, so that's out. Kin du Toit is back as The Gun Guy, so there isn't a need to focus upon bad information regarding firearms, and while it'd be a hoot to spoof him, passing along dangerous ideas can get someone killed, so that's out too. NOBODY could be as unsophisticated and clueless as the fella's at Powerline, so it's too much of a step down the evolutionary ladder for me to even give it a try. Instapundit means presenting a sentence and a link and nothing else, boring as hell, and while I DO post a lot, Booger is so fricking slow and cranky and outright incompetent that staccato-blogging for the day would be tough and they'd probably ban me as a spammer for too many posts. Captain Ed over at Captain's Quarters can be something of a decent writer but where do I get a huge picture of a ship that takes 20 minutes to download everytime you open the page, and being one small step up the chain of google-eyed from Powerline is better but still scary. Samey same with Roger Simon regarding pages that take most of the day to come up. I don't have the fedora either and while Rog is a good dude he isn't exactly hip. Can't print lies just for the sake of hits, so Wonkette is out. Besides, I really don't know enough vagina-humor to accurately spoof her, and she's a loony lib anyway so who would really care besides the kids paid to click so her hit total stays high. LMAO is another click the link and wait an hour while it loads just to watch Frank fawn over his little girlfriend, the short chick with the thunder thighs and no breasts, you know who I mean. And besides, Frank's another wow lookee here I just bought a pistol so now I know everything about self-defense so worship me for saving your life. None of these guys even know what ammo to recommend and since that's the single most important thing TO know about a firearm...nuff said. I COULD spoof blog row over at National Review Online but then I'd have to get a new picture of myself with longer hair, glasses, and change my name to Byron Fotheringay III, so too much hassle. Jeff Jarvis at Buzzmachine just shouts down anyone silly enough to want to censor the media and while he makes a good point now and again is really a lefty posing as a fence-sitter and only gets hits from TV-Guide editor wannabes.

Something to think about.

Higher Laws...

"Does legislation aimed at protecting natural resources contravene a Higher Law that says these resources were put here for humans to consume."

Something Mr. Park over at feels is appropriate to ask someone nominated for a seat on the Supreme Court.

It's intellectually frivolous, but Mr. Park revels in frivolity and that is a good thing. I dislike the prospect of one intelligent design or another being taught in school, but there are those such as Bob who quite frankly flip out.

And why does Bob along with other scientists and educators protest so vociferously when science is assailed by such UFO's [Ubiquitous Faithbased Objects]?

Number one, because science is our only tether to reality. Number 2 because there simply is no accountability laid at the feet of an almighty, omnipotent deity, or in the minds of the followers of said deity. Tsunamis and jihadis...both instruments of a god or gods and if one believes too much, or extends the foundations for legitimate debate a shade too far, all sorts of mayhem can and does pass through.

Granted, the actions of 7th Century barbarians should not be used to paint an unflattering portrait of all religions. Spiritual beliefs are a genuine comfort to many people of good will, and as long as they are kept within the realm of a private communication of sorts between the believer and the deity, no harm can come of it. But that's not what's happening, not by a long shot. Intelligent Designers want public schools to untether the anchor of science and let in the far flung imaginations of one god or another under the guise of "it's just another bit of information and what can it hurt?"

It hurts the same way all bad laws hurt when they whittle away at our freedoms an inch at a time until there's nothing left. Opening the door to an invisible being or beings opens the door to abominable snowmen, UFO's, spiritual mediums, mind readers, chiropractioners, acupuncturists, and a veritable host of con men and women out to cloud reality with their own brand of pay as you go wonders. And begins to close the door seperating fact from fiction, personal beliefs from reality.

Keep it private. Teach your children whatever religion you wish, but don't for a moment believe that it is a substitute for real science, and should be taught as such.

That's PART of the argument.

The Unnecessary Trouble

New York Post Online Edition: postopinion


by John Podhoretz

October 28, 2005 -- A FEW weeks ago, some idiot wrote these words: "Bush will pull out of Iraq sooner than he'll withdraw the Miers nomination."

That same idiot later wrote, "Unless unexpected news emerges in the next three weeks, there's absolutely no reason to think that Harriet Miers will withdraw her own name or that President Bush will withdraw it. If conservative writer David Frum's 'withdraw Miers' petition ends up with 50,000 names on it, that won't change things a whit. So what's needed to be said about her nomination has been said, and now we will all have to wait to listen to Miers herself."

I was that idiot.

Having spent years counseling people not to "misunderestimate" George W. Bush, I've been guilty of doing just that. When the time came for the president to face political reality and make a bold decision on his failing Supreme Court nomination, he did what was necessary."

Hmm, I must have missed that particular story of yours, John. You DO tend to kneejerk quite well, but it is difficult to understand how anyone truly believed Harriet was in it for the long haul. Then again, "a few weeks ago" we were all so confused about this that people were saying things out of frustration and anger and a sense of betrayal, so don't be too hard on yourself.

A lot of folks have commented that Bush eventually gets the big things right, and he did it again so in the long run it's no harm no foul, and I do believe that both he and we learned some lessons here. One never grows from doing everything right all the time, and this misstep may have helped him in ways as yet to be determined.

Ann Coulter had it spot-on when she commented that he'll never underestimate his base again, and we SHOULD see one dynamite nomination in the days to come.

"The president made unnecessary trouble for himself by offering a cavalier nomination of someone unqualified for the Supreme Court and unprepared for the rigors of the confirmation process. The most welcome news, for those who support his agenda, is that he is still capable of taking bold and unexpected steps and proving that even friendly pundits like me are capable of making idiots of themselves trying to guess what he's going to do.
So don't ask me who the next pick will be."

I really do not believe that he thought it to be a cavalier nomination, John, and you should speak for yourself but not imagine that you are, or were, aware of his thought processes on the matter. He slipped. He wasn't ready for and did not want a knockdown drag-out fight, and believed her a shoe-in with regards to Democratic opposition.

It IS a shame that he made a lot of "unecessary" trouble for himself...he should of course have focused upon making necessary trouble instead, but to err is human.

Also, I do not think Harriet was unprepared for the rigors of the confirmation process...she is what she is, he knew it, she knew it, and they thought 'screw what the Dems want, this is flying through on the wings of the Republican majority, and damn what the likes of Biden and Kennedy and Schumer do or say.'

You should really stop now, John, before you say something else stupid. Too late? Yeah.

They Sell For Less Satisfaction...Guaranteed

Wal-Mart Memo Suggests Ways to Cut Employee Benefit Costs - New York Times

By hiring "healthier" employees and terminating senior employees who earn more and are not all that much more productive.

One of the things that amazes me is the fact that all of these Women's-Rights organizations have zilch to say about Wal-Marts hiring and firing practices, which leads me to believe that they MUST be financially supported by Wally World in some way shape, or form.

This "healthier" workers bullswaddle of course means women in particular, women have babies, women aren't as physically strong and become injured more easily, etc. Women are expensive, end of story.

Eventually, they'll have so very many rules about hiring that they'll not be able to find enough people who fit their perfect-hire category. They want young and healthy...but not TOO young because then the child labor laws come into effect and WalMart breaks those laws so often that in most stores they refuse to hire anyone under 18. They want responsible individuals, but not TOO responsible because that means older and older means more prone to illness and/or accident. They want more vigorous employees but that excludes a lot of smaller females and would make the company even MORE top-heavy with males regarding jobs other than cashier work.

They want and they want and what do they have to offer?

And if Wally's place can be moaning about health care costs isn't it about time someone figured out a way to begin lowering these costs? Physicians assistants instead of doctors when applicable, more nurses, more clinics as opposed to hospitals...THAT'S the wave of the future. It's not as if the average person or company can shop around much, as health care is health care and damned expensive.

Why is it so bloody expensive? Medical professionals will tell you that the high cost of insurance is such a burden they MUST constantly raise the rates for their services. Insurance companies will tell you that people sue health care professionals so often that THEY must raise their rates relatively often.

Yep. Lawyers. And laws that allow frivolous lawsuits.

Always does seem to get down to lawyers and politicians, doesn't it?

Friday, October 28, 2005

Still trying to summon an image of the next Supreme Court nominee, and am having scant success. There seems to be an image, something WANTS to come across...

At times I almost feel like I'm seeing three distinct people within the crystal...

Mike Mc-something is one, and some Italian-American is another, but the third eludes my grasp.

Friday Movie Reviews: "The Legend Of Zorro" Or..."The Swishbucker Returns"

"You must cast aside all rules of our space-time continuum to appreciate a fantasy like this one, though even then you might consider 130 minutes to be too much of a good thing."-- Lawrence Toppman, CHARLOTTE OBSERVER

"If the question is whether passion, excitement and intrigue can be written into the narrative of marriage, the answer in The Legend of Zorro is an emphatic no."-- Gary Thompson, PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS

"This overproduced, sporadically entertaining sequel to The Mask of Zorro strives so hard to relate to contemporary audiences that it loses all sense of itself as a period piece."-- Bob Strauss, LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS

"More of a rainy day diversion than a sunny morning matinee thrill ride."-- Brent Simon, NOW PLAYING MAGAZINE

"Original-haters with phenomenally low expectations will find a decent family action movie that, while still obnoxiously long, features more of the right kind of silly thrills."-- Nick Rogers, STATE JOURNAL-REGISTER (SPRINGFIELD, IL)

"Here, even Banderas sounds like he's having a hard time sounding authentic."-- Peter Rainer, CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR

"In what should've been Antonio Banderas's finest hour as the Mexican superhero, he is instead swallowed up by a second film that doesn't know what to do with him."-- Brian Orndorf, EFILMCRITIC.COM

"The Legend of Zorro kicks off with a ridiculously over-the-top action sequence that feels as though it'd be more at home in The Three Amigos..."-- David Nusair, REEL FILM REVIEWS

"often seems as flat as a tortilla. Die-hard fans of the first film might be more forgiving... Even the most patient viewers, however, may get a trifle antsy..."-- James Sanford, KALAMAZOO GAZETTE

"Demand a director's cut -- at least 30-40 minutes shorter -- before you see ... this long and tedious stunt extravaganza."-- Steve Rhodes, INTERNET REVIEWS

"The passionless string of the hoariest clichιs is burnished with the phony luster of an I Can't Believe It's Not Butter commercial, and its plot seems to have been amalgamated by a computer program."-- Mark Rahner, SEATTLE TIMES

"In this busy sequel to 1998's The Mask of Zorro, Antonio Banderas looks a little older, Catherine Zeta-Jones snares a bigger role, and the powerful charms of both are weighed down by an absurdly plot-heavy script."-- Connie Ogle, MIAMI HERALD

Hey, it's Banderas the Mambo who never could act and made one, and only one movie where it seemed someone actually asked him to try. "The 13th Warrior", or "Eaters of the Dead", or whatever name you prefer to give the sloppy Michael Crichton book turned into a reasonably well done action-adventure movie.

Now he's a Swishbuckler and it's so bad it'll be thought of as good in the years to come.

Sob...Iraq Citizens Helping Marines Is SUCH An Imposition...

Iraqis Forced to Take in Uninvited Troops AP

HADITHA, Iraq - "The Marines call it a necessary evil — taking over houses and buildings for military use. For the Iraqis who become unwilling hosts, it can be anything from a mild inconvenience to a disruption that tears apart lives."

Oh the horror. Farmers being asked to leave the remnants of Royal Palaces and disbelieved when they claim that the mansions have been in their families for generations. Seriously, let's look at the impositions:

"In a recent offensive in Haditha, the headmaster of one school where Marines were based pressed them for a departure date so he could resume classes. At another school, Marines fortified the building with blast walls and sandbags for long-term use.

A trembling woman wept when Marines tried to requisition her home to set up an observation post with a view of a nearby road where a bomb had been planted. The Marines quickly left, using her neighbor's rooftop instead."

Oh my heavens, the horror, the horror. A headmaster had to ask when they'd be done fighting and dying for his country so he'd know when to start classes.

A woman wept when Marines asked to use her home, but we aren't told what she said or did when they graciously left to find another place from which to kill the enemy of her people; the enemy who had enslaved them for years and was trying to do so again.

The horror. The horror of the ASSociated Press as it strives so very hard to find something, anything to show how difficult it is for these poor people to pitch in and help the men dying for them. Fuckers. They sit around in the green zone ordering the locals around like slaves and write tales like this when there's simply nothing else "bad" to talk about.

Iraq simply MUST get on the net and in large numbers so they can read shit like this and tell us the real story. Left to the MSM, in a few years they'll be as bad as France in hating the country that kicked out the invaders, handed there nation back to them on a silver platter, and for 60 ears has been protecting it from harm.
Syria Boosts Security Along Iraq Border

AL-HERI, Syria - Syria has increased military posts and patrols along its border with Iraq and stopped thousands of infiltrators from entering into the war-torn country, a top military officer said Friday.

The officer also reiterated the fact that Syria considers the US to be a friend and valued ally, and that they had also interdicted thousands of vampires, space aliens, abominable snowmen, a strange fat man in a red suit riding a sled driven by reindeer, and a Loch Ness monster or two along with the other infiltrators trying to enter Iraq.


Was Buried But We Finally Found It...

Israel Wants Iran Expelled From U.N.

JERUSALEM - Israel's vice prime minister said Iran should be expelled from the United Nations after its new president said Israel should be "wiped off the map," and Britain summoned an Iranian diplomat Thursday to protest the remarks.

"Summoning" The Brits are good at summoning, for always remember that their people aren't citizens, but subjects, so look for one helluva severe tongue-lashing directed towards whatever murderer in diplomats clothing Iran sends to answer the Royal come-hither.

Still waiting for the response from France and Germany, but the French are having more trouble than they can handle right now...what with having to deal with that Amarican feline mistakenly sent to France...and the new German gal is still having fits with her tailor in getting that just-right presidential look about her.

Any bets on the EUrinals or the Unqualified Nincompoops that spend the day swilling champaigne down in Turtle Bay doing anything of substance?

Yeah, right.
Exxon-Mobil Employees Given Fake Flu Shots

BAYTOWN, Texas - Fake flu shots were given out last week at a health fair at Exxon Mobil Corp.'s Baytown complex and an investigation was under way, authorities said.

It doesn't appear that the fake shots were harmful, but steps were being taken to ensure workers' safety, U.S. Attorney Chuck Rosenberg said in a statement Thursday.

Exxon Mobil offered blood tests and counseling to the up to 1,000 employees who took part in the health fair at the oil company's vast complex of refineries and chemical plants just east of Houston.

Counseling? So lemme get this straight, some scam artist swindles Exxon into paying for 1000 phony flu shots, and people will need counseling over this? What sort of counseling are we taking about here...making them watch repeated episodes of the old 1950's show Racket-Squad so that they may better determine bunko schemes?

And how'd they find out these shots were bogus to begin with? What, did someone have the injection then come down with the flu that very day, and everybody went, "uh-oh"?

Is telling a full story THAT hard to do? Or were all of the first-stringers camping out awaiting the results of the special prosecutor, so they hadda call in the interns?

And, just where WERE Rove and Libby when these phony vaccines were being administered?

Tuning into the MSM...Until we're forced to stop or regurgitate lunch...

Cheney Adviser Resigns After Indictment
WASHINGTON - The vice president's chief of staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby Jr., was indicted Friday on charges of obstruction of justice, perjury and making false statements in the CIA leak investigation, a politically charged case that could cast a harsh light on President Bush's push to war.

Also, speculators have raised grave doubts as to whether or not Laura Bush will continue to use the same hair dresser, or if VP Cheney will, as planned, play miniature golf with his grandchildren this upcoming weekend.

Tell me how an indictment, not a conviction, but a chickenshit indictment, can have anything to do with the President's "push to war"?

Seriously now, what does a problem over what the VP's Chief of Staff remembered or didn't remember have to do with waging the war against terror?

Talk about a stretch.
Iran Leader Reiterates Anti-Israel Stance photo

Not content with letting sleeping terrorists lie, Iran's whack-a-doodle excuse for a president continued his verbal assault against Israel, once again calling for it's destruction, this time joining "a million" demonstrators in the streets of Tehran. Okay, so figure it was thousands of pig-fellators he'd given the day off, but how this guy thinks he can get away with such nonsense is beyond me.

Wait. When in doubt, always look to the French. France has already said that it's too early to be bringing charges against Syria to the UN, so dollars to doughnuts they've given the secret Froggy handshake to the terror mongers in Iran as well.

I'm frantically looking for retorts from Israel, and if they DON'T ask for Iran to be summarily kicked out of the UN I'll be terribly surprised.

If It Says Libby Libby Libby On The Label Label Label...

...It means that this one helluva chickenshit indictment, but most indictments have nothing to do with evidence and everything to do with making a name for oneself or feeding the media.

One reporter summed it up quite nicely: "so then, if no crime was involved BEFORE the grand jury was seated, and if all of these statements attributed to Mr. Libby weren't lies at all but just someone trying to remember dates from years ago, then that's just a mistake, right?"

Special Prosecutor FitzfuckthewhiteHouse's response: "Of course it could turn out that way in a court of law, but his statements didn't match statements from others regarding dates and times..."

Bottom Line: They should have charged Libby with not having a photographic memory for forgetting one or two of the hundreds of people he speaks with on a daily basis and left it at that. 3 months probation and a free copy of the latest book on "How To Improve Your Memory".

What an incredible farce. No crime was committed but Libby forgot things, so it's off to trial.
Bon Voyage: Wisconsin Cat Sails to France

APPLETON, Wis. (AP) - When Emily the cat went missing a month ago, her owners looked for their wandering pet where she had ended up before - the local animal shelter. This week they learned Emily sailed to France. Lesley McElhiney now figures her cat went prowling around a paper warehouse near...

We interrupt this story for breaking news from Europe...

French military leaders have just announced that they are prepared to surrender should the cat prove hostile...

Messenger will continue to monitor this tense stand-off and report back with updates as they arrive...

Libby Resigns


A given. Now the liberal press gets to attack the mans character, and if and when he is cleared of all charges they'll publish THAT news on Page 18.

Convicted criminals should go directly to jail. People under indictment still have the presumption if innocence until convicted, unless they're republicans.

Libby Indicted

For making false statements and perjury. More to come as it comes.

All of the "crimes", by the way occurred AFTER, not BEFORE the "investigation". Most certainly he'll be cleared since it's a he-said, she-said affair, that were it coming from a Clinton White House would have been yawned-over by the press unless they were screaming WITCH-HUNT.


There were three CHARGES brought against Libby, not two. It is now up to a court to decide if he should tried on these charges. So regardless of what the mainstream media is intimating, there was no conviction of anyone for doing anything.

It is interesting to note that Blogger most often will not post an entry during this time of the day, noon to 3:00 PM'ish, sometimes waiting several hours before allowing the posting to be published. A cynical mind would think that Google News gets first dibs on breaking stories.

Not me. I KNOW Google gets first dibs.