Thursday, November 30, 2006

Time To Regulate Black Friday?

Quick Shot

Wisconsin had a busy hunting season this year. 366,000 deer were taken, with three reported injuries, none fatal or firearm related.

Then there's the city of Milwaukee alone reporting 20 injuries among shoppers on the day after Thanksgiving.

This leads me to believe Sara Brady would be better served trying to regulate Wal-Mart rather than the thousands of firearm owners who injure fewer people every year, by far, than are hurt shopping in busy department stores.

But it's NEVER been about saving lifes, now HAS it.

Darwin Smiles

"Delbert Leroy Wells, 40, the would-be robber, lingered for two weeks at Jackson Memorial Hospital before succumbing to his wounds on Thanksgiving Day.

On Nov. 8, Miami police say, Wells was driving a white Dodge when he pulled up to the car of Patrick Laguerre on Northwest 75th Street and North Miami Avenue at about 12:20 a.m. He asked for directions.

As Laguerre was responding, Wells pulled out a nickel-plated lighter made to look like a gun.

Laguerre gave him some loose dollars, ''but [Wells] wanted more,'' according to a police report. Wells searched his pockets, fished through his wallet and got back into his own car.

But the wallet was empty.

Wells ''became irate, aiming the handgun at the victim, stated he was going to shoot,'' the police report said.

Laguerre took cover back in his own car, grabbed his own handgun and squeezed off three to four rounds.

Mortally wounded, Wells tried driving off. He crashed into a fence. While at Jackson Memorial Hospital, he was charged with armed robbery.

But Wells died on the Thanksgiving holiday -- delivering Miami homicide detectives a fresh case. Their investigation of the shooting is now under way.

''It seems the victim was defending himself,'' said Miami homicide Sgt. Jose ''Pepi'' Granado."

And it seems that in Miami, an officer CAN shoot someone who has attacked him with a motor vehicle. Unlike NYC where a car really couldn't harm anyone, now could it?...

"Authorities have also filed charges against a burglary suspect whose alleged cohort was shot to death by a Miami-Dade police officer Friday in Liberty City.

Daniel Coleman, 43, faces charges of second-degree felony murder and burglary to an unoccupied dwelling.

Police say Coleman and Walter Herbert White, 48, nearly ran their van over an officer after stealing snacks from the Shell station at Northwest 79th Street and 22nd Avenue.

Fearing for his life, the unnamed officer fired at the van, hitting White, who was driving. The van careened through six lanes of traffic and a median before plowing into an all-night coin laundry."

Stop The ACLU Blogburst Thursday

I know everyone will be in shock upon hearing the news, but yes, the ACLU is once again making inroads into flat-out stopping Christmas as we know it, and local communities are the ones to blame, and NOT the god-hating commies disguising themselves as an American liberty union. The commies are just being commies. Time was when Americans would put them in their place, and marginalized pinkos had to be content with protest marches and little else.

Now, when the socialists tried taking away our guns we admittedly let them go too far, but enough was soon enough and the bedwetters went back to soiling their own nests. America gets the government it deserves, and if the liberal leavings of Carter and Clinton still sit atop judicial benches from which to aid and abet the ACLU in their attempts to stifle Christmas, then this is merely a case of the people having spoken.

But lets face it; thousands of communities around the country continue to treat Christmas as Christmas, trimmings and all, just as most cities and towns and states repealed commie-inspired gun control laws. If your town gets in bed with the likes of the ACLU, then guess what. It's, duh, your fault, duh.

Bottom line? If WE could get our guns back, then they can get their mangers back. The fence-sitters handed control of Congress to the loons, and if their very own loons believe that Christmas should be abolished to one degree or another, then I guess they weren't such great Christians to begin with, so surprise, surprise.

The last election proved that blogs cannot compete with the Yellowstream Media when it comes to winning the hearts and minds of middle-of-the-road independants. These same independants might very well be staunch Christians, but were quite happy to insert godless politicians in high office. Conservative Republicans cannot do it alone, so it's going to take something along the lines of what the NRA did to dismantle the Assault Weapons Ban.

Appeal to ALL Americans. Sure, the loons will vote AGAINST anything intrinsically American, and while we and the independants outnumber them it's going to take a LOT more than weblogs such as Stop The ACLU to reach the folks who wouldn't know a blog from a chinese frog.

It means a fight starting amongst the grassroots and spreading across America. Problem is, not enough people think that missing Nativity scenes are all that much of a loss, or the politicians backing the liberal courts and the communist ACLU would step in and stop the nonsense post haste.

If you are an independant and want Christ back in Christmas, then petition your elected representatives. If you are a Conservative Republican and were unaware of the problem, however location-specific it might be, then click the headline link and join Stop The ACLU.

Bullets Over Broadway...The Queens Shooting Claptrap Continues

The definition of 'reasonably' may outweigh 50 shots

Michael Daly: After all the witnesses are interviewed and all the evidence is analyzed and all the questions are answered as to how the police came to fire 50 shots at three unarmed men, the case will turn on one subjective word.

Nonsense. The men were not unarmed, but were in fact using a 3000 pound vehicle as a deadly weapon. ANY reasonable person would agree that the police were justified in protecting themselves and doing their job. The thing that has, and always WILL jerk the chain of bleeding hearts is the number of bullets fired, and that's because years of Hollywood fairytales have led the clueless to believe that all one need to is fire one shot and the situation is well in hand.

Nonsense. Police are taught to fire until the threat is over, and there isn't a 9 mm handgun in the world that can guarantee that. Forget the rubbish you hear about shot placement, because in the heat of battle shot placement goes to hell and it's every man for himself. You shoot then shoot some more. You shoot until slidelock then reload if the threat continues, because the chances are you are not going to be landing squarely anytime soon. You can get lucky and drop an assailant with one to the brainpan, but NEVER count on it.

You prepare and train to shoot until the object of your disaffection is without the ability to cause you harm.

The cops in Queens did what they were trained to do. They did the right thing. If you reasonably believe shooting is necessary, you don't stop to admire your handiwork. If they loons are going to continue to browbeat the police they might as well ask them to go about their duties unarmed, because it can take many a bullet to put down the mad dogs they must face.

New Yorkers For Immigration Control

"ADRIENNE Shelly always wanted to be famous.

But not for this.

On a street in Greenwich Village where the indie-film actress and budding filmmaker once worked in obscurity, more than a dozen people came out last night wearing her picture around their necks.

Carrying candles and literature, speaking softly and intensely, they gathered on the street. In the evening's warmth, their numbers swelled.

In their 30s and 60s, they came from uptown and even New Jersey. All shared one thing in common - and it's a viewpoint I doubt they shared with Adrienne.

They were adamant that Adrienne would be making films today if the federal government would enforce the law - and kick out illegal immigrants.

"We don't think people should pass by this spot without acknowledging what happened here," said Joanna Marzullo, 33, the protester-in-chief.

"If our federal government enforced immigration law, Adrienne would be alive today," said Marzullo, president of New Yorkers for Immigration Control and Enforcement.

She issued a "no comment" when I asked her profession, but Marzullo's photographs of lesbian lovemakers (definitely all here legally) can be found in biMagazine on the Web.

As she spoke, a woman who lives in the building where Adrienne worked, Sara Moore, 72, joined the protesters. It's something she's not done before.

"I felt the way she does even before this happened," said Moore. "And it's going to be an even bigger problem down the road."

The man who, authorities say, confessed to murdering Adrienne, here in this building - then lamely trying to cover up the crime by hanging her with a homemade noose in the shower - is Diego Pillco, here illegally from Ecuador.

He lived crammed into a Brooklyn basement with a half-dozen other men who worked construction off the books. Evidently, they did not fear detection - Mayor Bloomberg has ordered that law enforcement may not randomly ask people their immigration status.

This fact galled Gerard Perry, 25, a political consultant, who believes the government should enforce sanctions against employers who hire illegals.

But these days, the voices of the supporters of immigrants have outshouted the others. Last night, on Abingdon Square, the backlash began.

"We're a nation of immigrants, but we're a nation of laws," said Robert Cruz, 42, a tour guide. "I've been fed up pretty much with the illegal-immigrant thing."

I started the evening believing that exploiting Adrienne's death in this way was an outrage. Adrienne would not have approved.

She was a liberal. The blog of her husband, Andrew Ostroy, promises a "fresh, aggressive answer to the right-wing spin machine." But let's be honest.

We like illegal immigrants for one reason: economics.

Illegals work for lesser wages and fewer benefits. If we sent all illegals home today, chances are restaurants would cease to function, apartments would go uncleaned, babies uncared for. It's selfish to say this. But it's the real world.

Joanna Marzullo said she reached out to Ostroy, but heard back nothing. But members of Adrienne's extended family, she said, approve.

"They're happy somebody is finally doing something about it."

The backlash begins."

See, even "conservative" writers can't help themselves when speaking about the illegal alien problem. It of course should make you sick that a husband who's lost a wife would stick up for one, but he's a liberal, and whining, compromising, and offering handouts is what his kind do.

But whenever someone mentions the silly canard about illegals doing the jobs etc, etc, ask them how come America did quite well after Eisenhower sent millions home during Operation Wetback. Ask why the encomony took a turn for the better when we cracked down on illegals during the 50's. Ask them how they can justify the billions upon billions spent to keep illegals here, and forget the cost in dollars, ask about the cost in lost loved one's. Just don't ask a liberal about a lost loved one, though. Because he or she will make you sick.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Interesting But Stupid...Implicit Association Testing

Select a Test

Sexuality IAT
Sexuality ('Gay - Straight' IAT). This IAT requires the ability to distinguish words and symbols representing gay and straight people. It often reveals an automatic preference for straight relative to gay people.

Weapons IAT
Weapons ('Weapons - Harmless Objects' IAT). This IAT requires the ability to recognize White and Black faces, and images of weapons or harmless objects.

Gender-Science IAT
Gender - Science. This IAT often reveals a relative link between liberal arts and females and between science and males.

Weight IAT
Weight ('Fat - Thin' IAT). This IAT requires the ability to distinguish faces of people who are obese and people who are thin. It often reveals an automatic preference for thin people relative to fat people.

Age ('Young - Old' IAT). This IAT requires the ability to distinguish old from young faces. This test often indicates that Americans have automatic preference for young over old.

Presidents IAT
Presidents ('Presidential Popularity' IAT). This IAT requires the ability to recognize photos of George W. Bush and one or more previous presidents.

Disability IAT
Disability ('Disabled - Abled' IAT). This IAT requires the ability to recognize symbols representing abled and disabled individuals.

Native IAT
Native American ('Native - White American' IAT). This IAT requires the ability to recognize White and Native American faces in either classic or modern dress, and the names of places that are either American or Foreign in origin.

Arab-Muslim IAT
Arab-Muslim ('Arab Muslim - Other People' IAT). This IAT requires the ability to distinguish names that are likely to belong to Arab-Muslims versus people of other nationalities or religions.

Gender-Career IAT
Gender - Career. This IAT often reveals a relative link between family and females and between career and males.

Asian IAT
Asian American ('Asian - European American' IAT). This IAT requires the ability to recognize White and Asian-American faces, and images of places that are either American or Foreign in origin.

Skin-tone IAT
Skin-tone ('Light Skin - Dark Skin' IAT). This IAT requires the ability to recognize light and dark-skinned faces. It often reveals an automatic preference for light-skin relative to dark-skin.

Religion IAT
Religion ('Judaism - Other Religions' IAT). This IAT requires the ability to recognize religious symbols from various world religions, especially Judaism.

Race IAT
Race ('Black - White' IAT). This IAT requires the ability to distinguish faces of European and African origin. It indicates that most Americans have an automatic preference for white over black.
Interesting in that since I am righthanded and was able therefore to hit the "i" key more quickly...strangely enough and Katey bar the door...this somehow displayed a preference in my skin color associations.

Which by the way showed a minor preference for lighter skin.

Taking any of the above tests will set you back a few minutes or so, and bear in mind that internet speed might very well play a role in how you are "graded".

Do it yourself and see how it makes YOU feel.

Ann Coulter Continues Her Look Into The Mind Of An Iman

Prayer from the Hadith: 'And the Jews will hide behind the rock and tree, and the rock and tree will say: 'O Muslim, O servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him!' In fairness, they usually save that one for the high holidays, like the "Festival of the Six Dead Jews" or 'Honor Killing Week.'

Nor this one, also from the Hadith: "The Prophet said: 'The Hour will not take place until the Muslims fight the Jews, and the Muslims kill them. The Muslims will kill the Jews. Rejoice! Rejoice in Allah's victory!'" (Is it just me, or might some fanatic twist those words into an excuse to kill Jews?)"

Yeah, gotta love the Cow-Ran, and other assorted moslem How-To books. They all used to pretty much start and end with: "Find a Jew then kill it!", but have since amended these words of wisdom to include Americans. And the unreal part of it is the fact that there are an awful lot of folks demanding that we open a dialogue with such lowlife scumdogs.

Islam is a death-cult, plain and simple.

Which is why when someone asks how accurate their defensive weapon should be, I recommend at least one-minute-of moslem.

Use Of Deadly Force In Florida

This comes up quite often, so it's time to cut out the politically correct jargon and call that spade a spade.

You may use a gun, or any deadly weapon for that matter, to prevent a "forcible felony" against yourself or another. Florida defines a forcible felony as:

"Treason; murder; manslaughter; sexual battery; carjacking; home-invasion robbery; robbery; burglary; arson; kidnapping; aggravated assault; aggravated battery; aggravated stalking; aircraft piracy; unlawful throwing, placing, or discharging of a destructive device or bomb; and any other felony which involves the use or threat of physical force or violence against any individual."

Yes, refusing to pay income tax is a felony, but you cannot shoot your next-door neighbor should you discover he's been cheating the IRS. There has to be a force on force scenario. The law is quite liberal...remember when "liberal" meant the opposite of what it does today...regarding the use of deadly force to protect one's life and property, or the life and property of another.

If you DO kill someone, and it is declared a good shoot, neither the friends, family, milkman, or cable-TV guy associated with the lowlife scumbag can sue you.

It's quite simple:

Protect yourself, your family and your property. You have no obligation to flee from ANYWHERE. This is not to say that one should be trigger-happy, or abuse the right to bear arms.

And it ain't Texas where you can only shoot a thief if it's dark out. I kid you not.

PS: The difference between robbery and burglary (in most locales): If someone is jacking your gear they are burglarizing. If they whip out a weapon, or in some cases threaten to cause you bodily harm, they are robbing. Some states say it's okay to cap a robber, but NOT a burglar. Florida makes no such caveat. Whats yours is yours and you have the right to keep it.

Stop Her Now

A new website dedicated to the proposition that Hillary RodHam is best left in NY where she can stumble about doing nothing of value because at the end of the day who really cares what those loons believe to be wholesome and decent.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

8 Is Enough

S&W Performance Center 357 Magnum. I'll be shooting one early Thursday morning. As long as the cylinder gap is reasonable, we might get some decent velocity from some experimental handloads.

100 Yards From A Glock 23

"Did You See the Guns & Ammo 2006 Annual where they shot a Glock at 100 yards and did a 10" group? Can a barebones combat gun shoot that good...?"

I saw the article, yes. First off we must agree that most any quality gun is going to be more accurate than 99% of it's owners, then go from there. When I had virtually unlimited distances to shoot at back in the midwest, it was not uncommon to be with someone who could average a 7" group at 100 yards with a G-22 or G-17. Crazy Jay once Ransom'd a G-23 that returned just over 6", so sure. A Glock can easily create 10" groups at 100 yards. If memory serves, the clueless writer of that particular article was using Wolf Ammo, and it wasn't like he was testing combat loads by shooting cheap 180 grain fmj's, so why he didn't employ some high quality ammunition is beyond me. Winchester, Speer, and Federal manufacture munitions more accurate than I, and when using them at long range I've not had difficulties keeping under 8" groups from a stable sitting position.

200 yards is quite hard, and that's where the gun, the ammo, and I, all peter out. If I am doing the best I can, then we're talking emptying a magazine in a 16" square, and no better. That's with target quality ammunition. Self defense rounds such as Remington Golden Saber, Winchester Ranger T, and Federal Hydra-Shok are, generally speaking, less accurate over long distances. Just not what they are designed for.

What I have not mentioned is the G-20. From my observations, and others whose word I trust, the 10 mm is not very accurate at ranges over 50 yards. I include the G-20 because it is used for hunting, and perhaps aftermarket barrels can make this round much better, but 10" groups from a stock Glock at 100 yards is probably the best one can hope for.

The one round I'd really be interested in seeing 100 yard test results from would be the 357 SIG. If even one more gunrag writer refers to it as "flat-shooting" it'll mark the billionth who has done so, but to my knowledge nary a one has taken the thing out for long range plinking.

What's the point? In shooting sidearms at football field distances, or better?

It's fun.

And that's without mentioning how accurate a good wheelgun can be.

We Get Wacky Spam

"IGB Austria offers the first ever 16" carbine conversion barrel for Glock handguns. Easy to install or remove, simply slides right into your top end. Patented impulse recoil system adjusts quickly and insures reliable cycling. Shooters will instantly notice an increase in velocity, muzzle control and long range accuracy beyond 100 yards."

Ya think? And for only $250? Got a CCW holster to go with that? I'd kinda prefer an ankle rig...

Pretty Much The Most Grotesque Story You've Seen In A While..The Microwave Momma

DAYTON, Ohio — An infant girl who died of a high body temperature might have been put in a microwave, and her mother has been charged in the death, authorities said Tuesday...

And Just When You Thought The Liberal Courts Couldn't GET Any Dumber...

  • Judge Rules Paper Money
    Unfair to Blind People

    Federal judge gives Treasury Department 10 days to begin finding ways to help the blind tell bills apart, ending lawsuits...

  • That's an easy one. Make each denomination carry a different scent. Wait. The nasal-imparied would be suing. A braile-type bill? Nah. Amputees would have a field day in court. Looks like the Feds are just going to have to keep folks at every bank in the country to tag along with anyone who has difficulty telling a one from a fifty. Like my cousin Sal when he gets loaded and over-tips.

Who'd A Thunk...

Well, anyone over the age of 40 who's been around the block once or twice, that's who...

From Patrick at Born Again Redneck

"A new book, titled "Who Really Cares" by Arthur C. Brooks examines the actual behavior of liberals and conservatives when it comes to donating their own time, money, or blood for the benefit of others. It is remarkable that beliefs on this subject should have become conventional, if not set in concrete, for decades before anyone bothered to check these beliefs against facts.

What are those facts?

People who identify themselves as conservatives donate money to charity more often than people who identify themselves as liberals. They donate more money and a higher percentage of their incomes.

It is not that conservatives have more money. Liberal families average 6 percent higher incomes than conservative families.


Conservatives not only donate more money to charity than liberals do, conservatives volunteer more time as well. More conservatives than liberals also donate blood.

According to Professor Brooks: "If liberals and moderates gave blood at the same rate as conservatives, the blood supply of the United States would jump about 45 percent."

Professor Brooks admits that the facts he uncovered were the opposite of what he expected to find -- so much so that he went back and checked these facts again, to make sure there was no mistake..."

Soccer Mom's are great guns at going door to door to invite "needy" families to come see the latest local Playhouse Production of Rent or some such, but that's ego fulfillment, and not quite the charity they believe it to be. They give good preen, better than anyone, but acts of selflessness aren't their bag, man.

And The Bleat Goes On

John Podhoretz weighs in on the furor created when the NYPD dared to shoot at man who was using his car as a weapon against them...

"...the mayor informed the city yesterday that it was not NYPD policy to allow officers to shoot their guns when a car is being used as a weapon against them. He said this in response to the emerging story of the shooting - according to which an undercover police officer found himself in the path of a Nissan Altima being driven by Sean Bell, the man killed in the shooting.

Supposedly, the Altima twice tried to run the cop down outside a seedy nightclub in South Jamaica.

The NYPD may not have a "policy" permitting an officer to fire in such a situation, but it doesn't need a "policy." As my colleague Bob McManus wrote in reference to the Amadou Diallo case seven years ago, "The statute on the use of deadly force by an on-duty police officer is quite clear: It is lawful if an officer reasonably believes his own life to be in danger."


It's obvious the police felt that their lives were in danger. But, if shooting at a vehicle being used as a weapon is contrary to policy, then they were in violation of that policy. Big whoop. The problem rests with Bloomberg's mealy-mouth manner of expressing what is, or is not policy, and his rush for a juicy photo-op to protest evil guns.

Is it strictly forbidden to shoot at a car trying to run you over? Is it not recommended? Or is it actually not mentioned in formal policy at all, and therefore not part of any protocol to begin with?

As Podhoretz states, it IS policy to use deadly force if your life is in danger, so "try not to shoot at a car" is secondary to survival. Even, "Don't EVER shoot at a car" takes a back seat to saving your own life.

None of this would be a big deal if Bloomberg hadn't raced out to perform a group hug with every American-African on the East Coast at the expense of his constabulary that puts it's life on the line every day. To stand there and tell all of New York that it's fine and dandy to run over a cop because they shouldn't try to defend themselves is...

Fill in the blanks. The man makes me too sick to continue.

Monday, November 27, 2006

We Get Letters

"Is the 45ACP the better choice for home defense over the 9mm?"

Hell yes. All you need do is look at Federal's .45 caliber HST round that is expanding an inch in diameter and compare it to any 9 mm. Or, to make it more simple for the liberals who mistakenly wind up here, a 9 will maybe make a .70 caliber hole with a 124 grain bullet versus a .45's guaranteed 1" hole with a 230 grain bullet.

Much wider, much heavier, much dead bad guys.

Get a decent 1911, or a Glock 21 or 30, feed it with modern hollowpoints, practice till your gums bleed from the lead poisoning, and any round that lands COM (Center Of Mass) is stamping 3-D* on the intended target.

* Definitely Done Dancing.

So Then...All Of This Bad News From Iraq Has Been Coming From...

...A Bogus police official. That's right, the Yellowstream Media has been publishing reports direct from an enemy plant who managed to bamboozle them.

Simply can't make this shit up.

"Curt at Flopping Aces has received confirmation from CENTCOM that “Iraqi police Capt. Jamil Hussein,” cited as a source (often the only source) in a long string of media articles about murders and atrocities in Iraq (including the recent report of 6 people burned alive), is not a police officer, nor is he employed by Iraq’s Interior Ministry: Getting The News From The Enemy (Updated)."

Pity The Poor Russkies

In Russia, the average citizen cannot carry lethal weapons of any kind, so oddball rubber bullet "guns" proliferate. This one is electronically activated and shoots a 60 caliber, hard rubber slug that is painful up to 20'. Don't ask about the velocity as no one seems to know.

When Some "Anti" Babbles On About The 2nd Amendment Referring To A National Guard

And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.

Thomas Jefferson

The 2nd Amendment was created to keep the GOVERNMENT wary of the people. Not the other way around.

Amazing how very few Conservative pundits believe in the true meaning of the 2nd. I was recently informed that Charles Krauthammer and George Will both favor the abolishment of the 2nd with regards to it's effect upon the average citizen. Still searching for confirmation. Wouldn't surprise me.

Hey, I Had To Do SOMETHING To Wash Away The Stench

Was a babe or a gun, and I've been doing a lot of guns of late and few babes.

Such lovely eyes.

So Sorry

The NY Times provided a link to us, and for that I ask your forgiveness. I had nothing to do with it. But it is passing cool that referencing the liberal rush to judgement concerning the police having to expend 50 bullets to stop a car that was running them over, did at least include myself and one other human being. It's good when even the Times includes the oddball (can say that again) Conservative opinion, so I guess I shouldn't be feeling all THAT much shame in being in the same newspaper as Maureen Dowd.

But if liberals start showing up here I'll feel so dirty. Might even have to delete the entire blog and begin anew.

Border Patrol...Keep Them Out At ALL Costs...

Since I haven't a scintilla of policial correctness, I'm passing along a link to the game Border Patrol. I'll keep the identity of the one who brought it to my attention anonymous. He knows who he is, and we'll most likely share a spot of hell together. Laughing our asses off.

It's A Sad Day When I Must Be A Voice OF Reason

The new Presidential dollar coins are available. "In God We Trust" has been moved to the edge. Along with "E Pluribus Unum", and the year. This has some folks upset. Not the fact that One Out Of Many has been edged-out, heavens no.

Clicking here will show you the much to do. Times like this cause me to rethink certain affliliations. I for one do not care if there is, or is not, a mention of a deity on United States currency.

Let The Weepings Begin

The liberal media is having a field day with the latest minority-threatens-cop-then-gets-shot drama, that unfolds every time a juicy enough tale of woe can accompany the facts. Or distort them. Men in a car rammed their vehicle into a police van, knocked down a cop, and after repeated attempts to get them to cease and desist, were fired upon. It's the damned if you do and damned if you don't scenario that accompany's using 9 mm pop-guns. Shoot once to get the assailants attention, then shoot a lot more to put him down. The frenzied beat-writers then crucify the police, are joined in by one minority bigot after another, until the public is confused to the nines and believes that some poor and innocent black boy was murdered just for being a poor and innocent black boy.

They don't come any more weepy and blissninni-ful than Michael Daly of the NY Daily News. Like most liberals, to him a gun is a living thing, a predatious entity to be be shunned, but above all feared.

A fear of guns triggers death

Both partygoers & police panicked by bullet threat

Sean Bell with fiance Nicole and their baby. Bell was killed by police early Saturday morning.

Everything from the number of shell casings around the car to the absence of a gun inside it to the witness accounts suggests the police officers who shot three unarmed young men early Saturday morning did so in the mistaken and panicked belief they were in mortal danger.

The same facts and statements suggest the three young men in the car who repeatedly tried to crash past an unmarked police van did so in their own mistaken and panicked belief they were in mortal danger. One was climbing into the back of the car when he saw a tall figure in street attire approach in the early morning darkness.

"Yo, my man, come here, my man, let me holler at you," the figure was heard to call out.

The tall figure was holding something black by his side.

"He's got a gat! He's got a gat! Be out! Be out!" the young man climbing into the car shouted.

The figure was an undercover cop, but by one witness account neither he nor his comrades announced themselves as police officers until after Sean Bell tried in vain to drive away and six to 10 shots were fired.

"That's when somebody started shouting, 'Police! Police! Put your hands out! Put your hands out!'" recalls witness China Flores.

The shooting only intensified.

"That's when all hell broke loose," Flores says.

One cop fired 31 times, but regardless of how he is ultimately judged by the law, a harsher public judgment should be reserved for the senior commander at the scene. This lieutenant is said to have been so certain he was being fired upon he ducked under the dashboard of his undercover vehicle while the cops he was supposed to supervise fired a total of 50 rounds.

Flores says a fourth young man who was about to join the three in the Altima dashed off, making a cell phone call on the next block. Flores also says that one of the three in the car, Trent Benefield, staggered out holding his right upper leg.

"He's shouting, 'Stop shooting at me! Stop shooting at me!'" Flores reports.

Flores says a shorter plainclothes cop kept firing at Benefield after he hit the pavement.

"[The cop] is telling him, 'Lay down! Lay down!'" Flores recalls. "The guy's already on the floor. He's shot."

Only after the last shot was fired did Flores see the tall figure produce a badge and affix it to his jacket. Thus ended a chain of events Flores had seen begin around the corner in the Kalua Cabaret a short time before, when Bell, Benefield and Joey Guzman got into a verbal argument with two Guyanese men.

Flores says a would-be gangster known as J-Rock sought to get involved even though he did not know either party. J-Rock supposedly intimated he had a gun, threatening to "pop off." The situation was clearly not what Bell had in mind for his bachelor party.

"He said, 'Let's be out. I'm getting married. I don't need this,'" Flores recalls.

As Bell and his friends departed, the Guyanese men followed and more words were exchanged in the foyer. The bouncer rose from his stool and broke it up, ordering them into the street.

By then, Flores was outside having a cigarette as they exited. He says Guzman raised a hand toward one of the Guyanese men with the thumb upraised, the index finger extended in either the suggestion of a gun or just a hip-hop gesture that often accompanies outsized threats.

"I'm going to f--k him up!" Guzman supposedly said.

Benefield echoed Bell's sentiment that the time had come to "be out" and the friends headed down to Liverpool St. Flores noticed they were tailed by a tall figure in a quilted jacket, jeans and tan Timberland boots who likely witnessed Guzman's gesture. Flores followed, watching the tall figure get on a cell phone, then climb into a Toyota Camry that rolled up 94th Ave.

The Camry turned onto Liverpool St. Flores did so in time to see the tall figure approach Bell and the others as they climbed into a parked Altima.

Then Flores heard Benefield shout, "He's got a gat!" A boast in a club, or a hand gesture, apparently made the cops fear the same as the Altima tried to flee.

"They must have got scared," Flores says. "They thought the guys in the car had a gun."

And the safest big city in America proved still so fearful of guns that cops who set out that night to keep us safe ended up killing an unarmed young man on his wedding day."

To liberals wanting to make a tearful point, a ton and a half vehicle is not considered a weapon, and the poor lad was unarmed. They are strange creatures, at best.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Worlds Fastest 357 Magnum Ammo

...Or so they say. Well, they don't come out and say so, but check this out from Cheaper Than Dirt:

.357 Mag 158-Gr SJHP, 1607 fps, 50 Rds.
Item #: 37237
Our Low Price: $15.61

I've an email in to them to determine if they are actually manufacturing a 158 grainer @ 1607 fps. And if so, from what barrel length.

Carbine Conversion Units...

You can have your large or medium frame Glock converted to a Carbine. They are fun, but most of all, drive the Anti's bugfuck.

500 Linebaugh

Not quite the plaything the S&W 500 Magnum has become. Might not be practical do go beyond a 700 grain bullet at 1300 feet per second as the Smith 500 will do, but the Linebaugh is one nice looking piece of iron and who cares if it's 400 grainer at 1600 fps is a tad limp.

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising: 1943

"On January 18, 1943, the first instance of armed insurgency occurred when the Germans started the second expulsion of the Jews. The expulsion stopped after four days and the ŻOB and ŻZW insurgent organizations took control of the Ghetto, building dozens of fighting posts and killing Jews they considered to be Nazi collaborators, including Jewish police officers and Gestapo agents.[2]

[edit] Opposing forces

As the frustrated Germans diverted additional resources to end the standoff, during the next three months all inhabitants of the Ghetto prepared for what they realized would be their final fight. Hundreds of camouflaged bunker shelters were dug under the houses (including 618 air raid shelters), most connected through the sewage system and linked up with the central water supply and electricity. The Ghetto fighters were armed with pistols and revolvers, few rifles and one machine gun (three heavy machine guns according to some sources). They had little ammunition, and relied heavily on improvised explosive devices and incendiary bottles; some more weapons were supplied through the uprising, or captured from the Germans. The Ghetto territory was divided into two military districts; each organization was responsible for its district.

Support from outside the Ghetto was limited, but Polish Resistance units from Armia Krajowa (AK)[3] and Communist Gwardia Ludowa[4] attacked German sentry units near the ghetto walls and attempted to smuggle weapons and ammunition inside. AK engaged the Germans between April 19 and April 23 at different locations outside the walls attempting to breach the ghetto.[3] One Polish unit from AK, namely Państwowy Korpus Bezpieczeństwa under the command of Henryk Iwański, even fought inside the Ghetto together with ŻZW and then retreated together to the so-called "Aryan side". AK disseminated information and appeals to help the Jews in the ghetto, both in Poland and via radio transmissions informing the Allies.[3] Several partisans of ŻOB and part of the command structure with help from the Poles managed escape via canals.[3] Though Iwański's action was the most famous, it was just one of many actions by the Polish resistance to help the Jews.[5]

However, in the end the combined efforts of the Polish and Jewish resistance fighters proved to be not enough against the full force of the Nazi war machine. The Germans eventually committed an averaged daily force of 2,054 soldiers and 36 officers, including 821 Waffen SS Panzergrenadier troops {consisting of five SS Reserve and Training Battalions and one SS Cavalry Reserve and Training Battalion} and 363 Polish Navy-Blue Policemen who had been ordered by Germans to cordon the walls of the Ghetto.[6] The other forces were drawn from SS Ordnungspolizei (Orpo) police regiments {battalions from 22th and 23th}, SS Sicherheitsdienst (SD) security service, one Battalion apeice from two Wehrmacht railroad combat engineers regiments, a battery of Wehrmacht light artillery, a battalion of Ukrainian Trawniki-Männer from the SS Final Solution training camp Trawniki, Lithuanian and Latvian auxiliary policemen (Askaris), and technical emergency corps as well as Polish fire brigade personnel. Their support weapons included armoured fighting vehicles, combat gasses, flamethrowers, aircraft, tanks and artillery."

When the American stormtroopers came to disarm the citizens of New Orleans, some fought back, but were pummeled, arrested, then taken to hospitals.

Would you fight for your right as strongly as the grandmothers who were beaten into submission?

Hobbits Need Machineguns Too...

The Tipton .17 machinegun. Available in .22 long rifle as well.

Gun Control As Espoused By Your Friendly Neighborhood Liberal

"As a civil rights worker in a Southern State during the early 1960's, I found that the possession of firearms for self-defense was almost universally endorsed by the black community, for it could not depend on police protection from the KKK. The leading civil rights lawyer in the state (then and now a nationally prominent figure) went nowhere without a revolver on his person or in his briefcase. The black lawyer for whom I worked principally did not carry a gun all the time, but he attributed the relative quiescence of the Klan to the fact that the black community was so heavily armed. Everyone remembered an incident several years before, in which the state's Klansmen attempted to break up a civil rights meeting and were routed by return gunfire. When one of our clients (a school-teacher who had been fired for her leadership in the Movement) was threatened by the Klan, I joined the group that stood armed vigil outside her house nightly. No attack ever came--though the Klan certainly knew that the police would have done nothing to hinder or punish them."*

And therein lies the rub. What to do about uppity niggers arming themselves. epiphany!

Disarm them. No, this isn't as simple as all that, but the facts remain that niggers are poor and purchase cheaply made guns. If we take up a cause against such guns, calling them, Saturday Night Specials, for example, we can profess to the general public that it is for their own good.

These leaves them with no other choice but to turn over their Lorcins and Brycos, their old Derringers and the like, and go unarmed. We'll pass a Gun Control Act, something that expressly forbids purchase through the mail, and since we know full well that no God fearing White store owner will take pity and sell them a good gun, we've got them, and the other poor, back where they belong.

*Click the headline link and scroll to the very bottom.

Darwin Spent The Evening In Queens...

November 26, 2006 -- "A Queens bachelor party turned into a bloodbath early yesterday when five cops opened fire on a car with 50 shots - killing the groom-to-be, wounding his two friends and leaving furious relatives demanding answers from the NYPD.

The 4 a.m. shooting in Jamaica happened just after the trio had left a strip club called the Kalua Restaurant and Lounge, where Sean Bell, 23, celebrated his last night as a single man, police said.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said an undercover officer, part of a seven-cop unit conducting surveillance on the troubled nightspot, followed the men from Kalua after overhearing a fight in which Bell had said, "Let's f- him up."

Kelly said the undercover cop then heard Bell's pal Joseph Guzman shout, "Yo, go get my gun!"

Moments later, a second undercover cop confronted the three men as they got into their Nissan Altima on Liverpool Street. The Altima pulled forward and hit the cop, then continued and crashed into an unmarked police minivan that had just turned the corner from 94th Avenue.

The Altima then backed up, jumped the curb, hit the rolled-down gate of a building, went forward and clipped the minivan a second time."

Thank the heavens this creature was prevented from procreating yet again. 9 mm rounds through glass means many, many of them can be needed to stop an intended target. Yes, one well-placed bullet will kill, but a quick stop is another matter. And please now, who wouldn't have wanted at least a 40-cal?

Yes. In The '50's, Ignorance Was Bliss, And WE Were The Most Blissfull

by George Will

"WHAT Thanksgiving is to gluttony, the three days after it are to consumerism - the main event. So, with Americans launching the Christmas season by storming the stores, let us recall when consumption had an exuberance remembered now only by those who experienced the 1950s.

Bill Bryson remembers. The author of 13 books (e.g., "A Walk in the Woods" and "A Short History of Nearly Everything"), Bryson's latest is "The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid," a memoir of growing up in Des Moines in the '50s, when downtown department stores - with white-gloved operators in the elevators and pneumatic tubes carrying money and receipts to and from cashiers - served the pent-up demands of a nation making up for consumption missed during the Depression and World War II.

In 1951, when the average American ate 50 percent more than the average European, Americans, Bryson says, controlled two-thirds of the world's productive capacity, owned 80 percent of the world's electrical goods, produced more than 40 percent of its electricity, 60 percent of its oil and 66 percent of its steel. America's 5 percent of the world's population had more wealth than the other 95 percent, and Americans made almost all of what they consumed: 99.93 percent of new cars sold in 1954 were U.S. brands.

By the end of the '50s, GM was a bigger economic entity than Belgium, and L.A. had more cars than did Asia - cars for a gadget-smitten people, cars with Strato-Streak engines, Strato-Flight Hydra-Matic transmissions and Torsion-Aire suspensions. The 1958 Lincoln Continental was 19 feet long. And before television arrived (in 1950, 40 percent of Americans had never seen a TV program; by May 1953 Boston had more TVs than bathtubs), America made almost a million comic books a month.

Consider what was new or not invented then: ballpoint pens, contact lenses, credit cards, power steering, long-playing records, dishwashers, garbage disposals. And remember words now no longer heard: icebox, dime store, bobby socks, panty raid, canasta.

Fifties food was, Bryson reminds us, not exotic: In Iowa, at least, folks did not eat foreign food "except French toast," or bread that was not "white and at least 65 percent air," or "spices other than salt, pepper and maple syrup," or "any cheese that was not a vivid bright yellow and shiny enough to see your reflection in."

Unlike today, when everything edible, from milk to spinach, has its moment as a menace to health, in the '50s everything was good for you. Cigarettes? Healthful. Ads ,often featuring doctors, said smoking soothed jangled nerves and sharpened minds. "X-rays," Bryson recalls, "were so benign that shoe stores installed special machines that used them to measure foot sizes."

In Las Vegas, downwind from some atomic tests, government technicians used Geiger counters to measure fallout: "People lined up to see how radioactive they were. It was all part of the fun. What a joy it was to be indestructible." But, Bryson dryly notes, people knew without a warning label "that bleach was not a refreshing drink."

White House security precautions were so lax that on April 3, 1956, a somewhat disoriented Michigan woman detached herself from a White House tour and wandered through the building for four hours, setting small fires. When found, she was taken to the kitchen and given a cup of by tea. No charges were filed.

The '50s did have worries. When a contestant on a TV game show said his wife's astrological sign was Cancer, the cigarette company sponsoring the show had the segment refilmed and her sign changed to Aries. You could get 14 years in an Indiana prison for instigating anyone under age 21 to "commit masturbation." And to get a New York fishing license, you had to swear a loyalty oath.

Nothing has changed more for the worse since the '50s than childhood. The lives of children were, Bryson remembers, "unsupervised, unregulated and robustly" physical. "Kids were always outdoors - I knew kids who were pushed out the door at eight in the morning and not allowed back in until five unless they were on fire or actively bleeding."

But as the twig is bent, so grows the tree: These children, formed by the '50s, grew up to be Olympic-class shoppers. They are indoors this Sunday, at malls."

Not everyone lived in Iowa during the 1950's. I most vividly remember New Year's Eve, 1959, as we sat on the fire escape and banged pots and pans until exhaustion bade us return to the revelry inside. Our forebears were of two minds. They enjoyed the largess but looked upon it with a careful eye. Who knew when history might reverse itself. Today we refer to it as the "Depression Era Mentality", but it's somewhat heartwarming to see that Iowans, at least, BELIEVED that smoking was good for you. Some might call this sophistication, or lack thereof. Others write books that would have you believe it was not location specific. Now if you'd excuse me, I need to check on my jello in the icebox.

PS: We exported ALL of this to Europe, but the bloody ungrateful buggers would rather remember THEIR salad-days when they were roasting Jews, then begging us for handouts when it got out of control.

PS Part Two: Some children do remain out of doors the livelong day. If a head count fails to turn up the same number who left home that morning, it isn't all that big a deal since making more is easy and enjoyable. Think of such neighborhoods as the 50's PLUS affirmative action.

PS Part Ad Nauseum: For those who do not remember, the country DID produce and consume it's own offerings until the mid 60's ushered in Made In Japan with a vengeance. Then we were told it was good for the ecomomy to trade with folks we'd just beaten to a pulp because they didn't have to make guns when cars and junk products were selling so very well. Today they don't even need to lie to us anymore.

Ralph Peters Says "No-Way" to Eurabia

Ralph knows his history. And like many chairborne commandos, he delights in fighting the last war. He disremembers the fact that there is this little fly in the ointment that makes the world beholding to moslems. Two of them, in fact.

The world needs oil. Losts and lots of oil. There is NO other reason to be friendly to sand dwellers, but friendly to them we ALL must be. It's true that prior to the invention of Modern Society, it was easy to expell moslems at will because their parent-states held no leverage whatsoever upon us. Today, they hold the entire world hostage with oil, and let's not forget the fact that during the Dark Ages, and up to the time Hitler was showing off his European roots, the Atomic Bomb had not been invented.

Piss the moslems off TOO much these days, and they threaten 2 things: No more oil, and/or we're a step away from backpack-nuking you to kingdom come.

But the following is a charming history lesson. Especially for those unfamiliar with modern times. Europe HAS always been the right place to go when looking for ethnic cleansing or mass-murderings of those not quite European enough, but they've grown far too fat from 60 years of living under Uncle Sam's protection. And while feeling they owe us NOTHING, the politicians at least know full well that we'd NEVER stand by and watch them instigate wholesale murder. Besides, they'd have nothing to lord over us if they took a step back from Utopian Thinking, and would have to beg the monies necessary to send islam back from whence it came. Millions of prayer rugs won't come cheap.

Were we about to enter the 20th Century, Ralph would be spot-on. Someone send the lad a calendar, as none of us could afford such an expensive clue. This is the Europe that wanted to coddle Saddam, and cannot negotiate with an insane madman from Iran.

And remember; Europe is not ONLY famous for killing the WOGS. They do so enjoy their giveaways to make things better. Look up "Chamberlain".

November 26, 2006 -- "A RASH of pop prophets tell us that Muslims in Europe are reproducing so fast and European societies are so weak and listless that, before you know it, the continent will become "Eurabia," with all those topless gals on the Riviera wearing veils.

Well, maybe not.

The notion that continental Europeans, who are world-champion haters, will let the impoverished Muslim immigrants they confine to ghettos take over their societies and extend the caliphate from the Amalfi Coast to Amsterdam has it exactly wrong.

The endangered species isn't the "peace loving" European lolling in his or her welfare state, but the continent's Muslims immigrants - and their multi-generation descendents - who were foolish enough to imagine that Europeans would share their toys.

In fact, Muslims are hardly welcome to pick up the trash on Europe's playgrounds.

Don't let Europe's current round of playing pacifist dress-up fool you: This is the continent that perfected genocide and ethnic cleansing, the happy-go-lucky slice of humanity that brought us such recent hits as the Holocaust and Srebrenica.

THE historical patterns are clear: When Europeans feel sufficiently threatened - even when the threat's concocted nonsense - they don't just react, they over-react with stunning ferocity. One of their more-humane (and frequently employed) techniques has been ethnic cleansing.

The year 1492 wasn't just big for Columbus. It's also when Spain expelled its culturally magnificent Jewish community en masse - to be followed shortly by the Moors, Muslims who had been on the Iberian Peninsula for more than 800 years.

Jews got the boot elsewhere in Europe, too - if they weren't just killed on the spot. When Shakespeare wrote "The Merchant of Venice," it's a safe bet he'd never met a Jew. The Chosen People were long-gone from Jolly Olde England.

From the French expulsion of the Huguenots right down to the last century's massive ethnic cleansings, Europeans have never been shy about showing "foreigners and subversives" the door.

And Europe's Muslims don't even have roots, by historical standards. For the Europeans, they're just the detritus of colonial history. When Europeans feel sufficiently provoked and threatened - a few serious terrorist attacks could do it - Europe's Muslims will be lucky just to be deported.

Sound impossible? Have the Europeans become too soft for that sort of thing? Has narcotic socialism destroyed their ability to hate? Is their atheism a prelude to total surrender to faith-intoxicated Muslim jihadis?

The answer to all of the above questions is a booming "No!" The Europeans have enjoyed a comfy ride for the last 60 years - but the very fact that they don't want it to stop increases their rage and sense of being besieged by Muslim minorities they've long refused to assimilate (and which no longer want to assimilate).

WE don't need to gloss over the many Muslim acts of barbarism down the centuries to recognize that the Europeans are just better at the extermination process. From the massacre of all Muslims and Jews (and quite a few Eastern Christians) when the Crusaders reached Jerusalem in 1099 to the massacre of all the Jews in Buda (not yet attached to Pest across the Danube) when the "liberating" Habsburg armies retook the citadel at the end of the 17th century, Europeans have just been better organized for genocide.

It's the difference between the messy Turkish execution of the Armenian genocide and the industrial efficiency of the Holocaust. Hey, when you love your work, you get good at it.

Far from enjoying the prospect of taking over Europe by having babies, Europe's Muslims are living on borrowed time. When a third of French voters have demonstrated their willingness to vote for Jean-Marie Le Pen's National Front - a party that makes the Ku Klux Klan seem like Human Rights Watch - all predictions of Europe going gently into that good night are surreal..."

Saturday, November 25, 2006

But Nothing Beats A Revolver...

For downright sexy picturing. Charles Daly Model 1873 can be had in 45 Colt or 357 Magnum.

We Get Letters

""...You don't talk not nearly enough about how good Walther P99's can be..."

Okay. How good Walther P99's can be. But seriously, were the bore axis to be even a teensy bit higher it'd be in a different zip code than the trigger finger. Have I mentioned the slow trigger reset lately?

But since this is a feel good post about the Walther, let me say that it photographs very well.

Time To Come Clean On Why I Voted For Bush

So sue me. Yeah, he mad a muck of pretty much everything, but those twins...

Willie Pep

November 25, 2006 -- HARTFORD, Conn. - "Former featherweight champion Willie Pep, whose simple fight philosophy was, "Hit the other guy as often as you can but don't let him hurt you," died Thursday, his grandson said. He was 84.

Pep, who became a champion at age 20, died in a convalescent home in Rocky Hill, eight miles south of Hartford, grandson William P. Papaleo said. Pep had been confined to an Alzheimer unit since 2001.

The wiry, right-handed, two-time world featherweight champion held the title from 1942-48 and from 1949-50. He turned pro in 1940 and amassed a record of 230-11-1 with 65 KOs when he retired in 1966 at age 43.

In 1999, Pep was listed fifth among the best fighters of the 20th century as chosen by a five-member panel for The Associated Press.

"He was a very special fighter in a great era of boxing," said Glenn Feldman, president of the Connecticut Boxing Hall of Fame, which had made Pep its first inductee. "You just don't see fighters today with a 26-year career."

Born Guglielmo Papoleo on Sept. 19, 1922, in Middletown, Conn., Pep became one of boxing's all-time greats. Nicknamed "Will o' the Wisp" for his elusiveness, the 5-foot-6-inch Pep held the featherweight title for six years.

Ring historians recall Pep's alley-fighting style. He wasn't a fancy boxer, but could punch equally hard with both hands. And he was most dangerous when he was hurt.

He is best remembered for his physical, four-fight series against fellow Hall-of-Famer Sandy Saddler.

Pep won the first 63 fights of his career. He was barely 20 when he beat Chalky Wright in a decision in 1942 to win the featherweight title, becoming the youngest champion in 40 years.

The following year brought 63 undefeated bouts for Pep before he lost a non-title fight to Sammy Angott. Undeterred, Pep went on to win another 73 successive fights.

He lost the title in October 1948 to Saddler on a fourth-round knockout, setting up a rivalry for the ages.

Four months later Pep and Saddler squared off in Madison Square Garden. Intent on revenge, Pep relied on his quickness to outrun Saddler for 15 rounds. Bloodied, but not beaten, Pep scored a unanimous decision to became the first boxer in the history of the 126-pound class to regain a lost championship.

Saddler regained the title in 1950 with an eighth-round knockout. They met once more in 1951 and Saddler won again, this time with a knockout in the ninth round.

Pep retired in 1959, although he was back in the ring six years later. His nine-fight winning streak was interrupted by a knockout by Calvin Woodward in 1966, and Pep hung up his gloves for good."

In 1945, Willie clued some Sportswriter friends into a trick he was going to pull on unsuspecting opponent Jackie Graves. Pep said he'd not throw a punch in the 3rd Round, but would still win the round.

He danced. He spun, he backpedalled, he switched to southpaw, he blocked punches...he made Top-10 rated Graves look like an arthritic senior citizen. He went on to knock Graves down 9 times, with the ref mercifully ending the fight via TKO in the 8th Round.

The Sportswriters rushed to the judges table to look at the scorecards. Pep had won, but what about Round 3?

It was unanimous. All gave the round to Pep. Without landing ONE punch, the Will O' The Wisp convinced 3 boxing judges that he was the better fighter.

It isn't fashionable to make movies about Featherweight boxers. And hells bells but where would they find an actor lean enough to portray a lightweight, and athletic enough to, even with the magic of Hollywood, be considered a Willie Pep. But were another version of Jimmy Cagney to somehow make it to the big show, they'd be crazy to not toss him into trunks and make the Willie Pep Story.

Forget that the average American earns more and pays less taxes than his or her European counterpart. Forget the fact that Europe lives under the American umbrella of protection and doesn't need real armies or navies. And while you're at it, think of the countless billions of dollars they save by not having to protect themselves, and still cannot keep their people employed or taxes in line. Forget the fact that European productivity is approximately half of what the American worker generates on a daily basis. Forget the fact that the brightest minds move to America to assume research and development jobs because the European economy cannot support them anywhere near as well. Forget the fact that islam is slowly taking over most of Europe and within 20-30 years will demand a total surrender.

If you forget all of the above and more, you might then regard the following with a modicum of approval.

"To a growing number of Europeans, however, it is America that is in trouble and the "American way of life" that cannot be sustained. The American pursuit of wealth, size, and abundance —as material surrogates for happiness —is aesthetically unpleasing and ecologically catastrophic. The American economy is built on sand (or, more precisely, other people's money). For many Americans the promise of a better future is a fading hope. Contemporary mass culture in the US is squalid and meretricious. No wonder so many Americans turn to the church for solace."

The Europeans have been daydreaming about this Super-Economy of theirs for decades, and are today relatively worse off than when they began this pie-in-the-sky approach to becoming a world power. And no one of any degree of intelligence really wonders why. Socialistic nannyism has won, and democracy has taken a back seat to the coming Utopia.

Not all is doom and gloom for our European cousins, though. There's millions to be made by investing in Burqa factories.

They think us to be vulgar, yet embrace an ethnicity that treats women as cattle, murders the innocent on a regular basis, and has vowed to kill all who refuse to convert?

The word boggle comes to mind.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Chuck Taylor On Handgun Stopping Power

As an anecdotal read this is worth a look. Forget for a moment that Chuck, like most old guys, lumps all modern ammunition into the same category, full metal jacket or hollow-point, believes ballistic gelatin to be worthy of nothing but a good choice for dessert if enhanced with the proper flavoring, and as a very good shot forgets that bullet placement is NOT the single most important aspect of self defense since most folks under duress will not hit the broadside of a barn. From inside.

Of late we have seen a rash of "new revelations" on the old subject of bullet performance, specifically the issue of stopping power and whether or not hollow point bullets are all they're cracked up to be. These "revelations", based upon results obtained in irrelevant target mediums like gelatin, clay, wet Los Angeles telephone books, limited personal experience or, worse, pure assumption based on nothing at all, are beginning to inundate the pages of the gun press and completely muddle an already abstract and sensitive issue.

Perhaps none of this makes much difference to many readers, but it does indeed matter to a significant percentage of people -- those who either carry a gun for a living or train those who do. In other words, some of us read the trade journals for reasons other than simply to be entertained.

I've said many times that life and death are serious business -- too serious to be left to amateurs. A harsh statement? Perhaps. But to me the problem is that these days it seems like everybody wants us to believe that they have all the answers. And maybe they do, but, at times, I can't help but wonder...

"You Shot Me!"

Recliner Saves Man From Angry Wife's Bullet

(AP) WALNUT CREEK, Calif. "Now comes another reason to stay put in the La-Z-Boy: A man sitting in his easy chair was shot in the head by his wife, but the sturdy recliner absorbed most of the bullet's force and left him virtually unscathed.

The couple had been arguing at home on Sunday evening, said Contra Costa County sheriff's Lt. Charles Skuce. Then Jan Kamp stood behind her seated husband and fired a gun at the back of his head, Skuce said.

Because she fired through the recliner, the bullet only slightly wounded Norman Kamp, 57, Skuce said.

Norman stood up from his chair, followed his wife into the kitchen and declared, "You shot me," according to authorities.

Jan Kamp fired a second shot at her husband, but missed, Skuce said. He retreated to a neighbor's house in the unincorporated Pacheco area of the county, where he called 911.

After talking to deputies, Norman Kamp was treated at a hospital and released.

Jan Kamp, 58, was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and booked at County Jail in Martinez."

That's the first take...and then old Norm had a change of heart...

"Jan Kamp, 58, was arrested Sunday after she shot her husband, Norman Kamp, as he sat in a chair, according to Contra Costa Sheriff's Office.

Initially arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, prosecutors on Tuesday amended the compliant against Jan Kamp to assault with a deadly weapon.

Norman Kamp said Tuesday that he was watching football in a leather recliner when his wife began fiddling with a gun in their dining room, some 20 feet away from where he was sitting.

The bullet traveled through the chair and struck him in the back of the head, inflicting a superficial wound.

"The whole thing was an accident," Norman Kamp, 67, said. "She was in another room looking at the gun when it went off. She couldn't believe that she shot me."

Norman Kamp said his wife was on pain medication for severe arthritis and had been drinking alcohol.

He said after the bullet hit him, he approached his wife, who appeared to be in shock. He said that's when she accidentally fired the gun a second time, hitting the ceiling. He noted the gun, .357 Magnum, has no safety device.

"She was white as a sheet, she couldn't even speak," Norman Kamp said.

While he was at the hospital receiving stitches for his wound, his wife was being jailed.

"We are the tightest couple. Neither of us have a record of domestic violence. I just can't believe police are holding her for this," Norman Kamp said.

Sheriff's spokesman Jimmy Lee said regardless of Norman Kamp's account, his wife is negligent for firing the gun.

"It happened. It was a crime, and we have to take action," Lee said.

The couple's daughter, Jennifer Hewitt, said her mother's arrest has caused a great deal of stress for the family."

Gee, Jen, ya think?

As you read this, I can guarantee there are lawyers clamoring to sue the revolver manufacturer for the lack of a safety, as well as attorney's for the National Organization for Women putting their heads together to determine if the chair maker can be taken to court for preventing a battered wife from defending herself.

While...Terminal Ballistics "experts" agonize over the decision to switch from Ballistic Gelatin to Popular Recliner.

While...Federal Ammunition jumps at the opportunity to declare that it's new HST in .357 Magnum will definitely penetrate one and a half La-Z-Boy's...BUT...has designated the round "Law Enforcement Only" to keep such Husband-Killer-Bullets out of the hands of irate wives.

While...The owner/operator of the blog Shooting The Messenger continues to ask the forever unanswered question as to how in all hell's a gun can "go-off" just by looking at it.

A Rose By Any Other Name...

Wouldn't smell half as sweet to some people.

The first time I heard Jimmy Burke use the word "Dago", I was puzzed then frightened. Jimmy was the real "Gentleman Jim" of Goodfellas fame, and the only reason Scorsesi changed the name was because Jimmy's daughter wanted a chunk of cash if the Burke name was used, so they said no thanks and went with Conway.

Italians don't like Wop and Dago, and the more sensitive ones will kill you dead on the spot upon such utterance, but Jimmy was a legend in his own time and could get away with most anything. The Jews don't like Heebs, or Yids, or Mocky's, or Bagel-Benders, with the Irish it's Dumb-Mick along with a host of others, and the Germans cringe at Kraut.

The blacks are different but of course. They refer to one another as nigger, up to and beyond the point where some clueless schlep believes it to be something HE might toss out in mixed company, but even liberal Hollywood actors shouldn't dare do so, and Michael Richards is proof. Black "leaders" are playing this to the hilt, knowing full well that they can wring every last scintilla of guilt from the Lefty's, and since Lefty's are alive ONLY to experience guilt this will be fun to watch.

Once "Dago" was explained to me, I was frightened to think that Jimmy Burke was using words that were going to ignite a shitstorm of trouble, but Jimmy had that way about him, the way of saying the un-sayable without fear of reprisal. Michael Richards thought he bore a similar get out of jail free card, but not when there's political hay to be made. Today, I could care less what anyone says, because the wisdom of Sticks-And-Stones sunk in sometime around the age of puberty. Not that someone would get away with disrespecting the Flag, or the Country, or the Corps in my presence, but that's different. It's personal, but not individual specific. Someone shouts "nigger", and one would imagine the response to be, "Hell, what's wrong with HIM?", and not the beginning of the end of the world as we know it.

Not so. I've had someone, a large someone to be precise, use the word Wop and the thought of responding with nigger never entered my mind. It's just one nasty ass word. Saying it labels you as unfit for polite society and should be it's own punishment. But at the end of the day, kids, it's a WORD. Some folks evolve past the point of being wounded so cheaply. Some folks like to weep with the professional weepers and remain as jumpy as a raw, exposed nerve. It's up to the individual to decide which rung he or she likes standing upon atop the socio-evolutionary ladder.

A dumb comic said a dumb thing. Now Al and Jesse can extort more bennies from Hollywood. One might almost think they put him up to it.

When Even Dick Morris Knows The score...

...It sure ain't rocket surgery

Yes, the Republican Party has become a haven for the sick, lame, and lazy politicos who would be king, but the Loons ran "conservative" democrats in order to gain the majority, and there isn't much of anything they and Nancy Pus-Lousy will agree upon.

"For all of the dire warnings and pre-election commotion about the impact of a Democratic majority in Congress, the fact is that – now that it is upon us – it can do little or nothing but harass the administration.

There is no real danger of any legislative action emerging from this Congress. Yes, the president has a veto the Democrats cannot override, but nothing will ever make it as far as the desk at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., are just spinning their wheels.

In the Senate, there is no such thing as a majority. Ever since the elder Bush's administration, the filibuster has become routine. No longer reserved for civil-rights issues or for egregious legislation, it now is used to counter even motions for recess and adjournment. Members of the Senate are no longer subjected to the indignity of standing on their feet and reading a telephone book. Rather, the gentlemen’s filibuster applies.

The majority leader phones the minority leader and asks if a filibuster is in effect. With his feet up on his desk, the Republican replies that it is and the Democrat, despite his majority, does not even think about bringing up his bill for consideration unless he has a good shot at the 60 votes required to shut off debate. In the Senate, 51 votes determine who gets the corner office, but to pass legislation, one needs 60.

n the House of Representatives, with its 435 members, the Republican Party needed a simple majority – 218 – to rule. The Democrats need considerably more. The normal rules of a mathematical majority do not take into account the fractious nature of the Democratic Party.

Where the Republican majority best resembled the Prussian Army – disciplined, unified and determined – the Democratic majority in the upcoming Congress is disunited, dispersed and divided into myriad caucuses and special interest groups. One could purchase the Republican majority wholesale by making a deal with the speaker and the majority leader. But to get the Democratic majority in line, one has buy it retail — caucus by caucus.

First, one has to go to check with the Black Caucus — hat in hand — to see if one’s bill has enough liberal giveaways to round up its forty or so votes. Thence to the Hispanic Caucus for a similar screening. Then, with one’s legislation weighted down with liberal provisions added by these two groups, one has to sell it to the Democratic Leadership Council moderates and, even worse, to the Blue Dog Democrats — the out and out conservatives.

If you are fortunate enough to pass these contradictory litmus tests, you then have to go to the environmentalists, the labor people, and even the gays to see that your bill passes muster. Only then can you begin to hope for House passage.

The result of this labyrinth is that the relatively moderate bill you first sought to pass ends up like a Christmas tree, laden with ornaments added to appease each of the caucuses. Unrecognizable in its final form, it heads to House passage.

This road map will be familiar to all veterans of the Clinton White House of 1993 and 1994. The most recent administration that had to deal with a Democratic House, the shopping from caucus to caucus and the festooning of moderate legislation with all manner of amendments will seem déjà vu to all of the early Clintonites. When Clinton proposed an anti-crime bill with a federal death penalty, he needed to add pork projects in the inner city like midnight basketball to get it past the Democrats in the House.

Nancy Pelosi will face the same obstacle. By the time her legislation emerges from the lower chamber, it will bear little resemblance to what she had in mind, liberal as that might have been. As Clinton said, after he watched the mangling of his legislative program by the various caucuses in the House, “I didn’t even recognize myself.”

Once the highly amended liberal legislation emerges from the House, it will make easy fodder for a Senate filibuster. So left leaning that it stands no chance of attracting 60 votes, it will be dead-on-arrival..."

With Fiends Like This...

Who needs enemas...

"Russia has begun delivery of Tor-M1 air defense missile systems to Iran, a Defense Ministry official said Friday, confirming that Moscow would proceed with arms deals with Tehran in spite of Western criticism.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the issue, declined to specify when the deliveries had been made and how many systems had been delivered.

Ministry officials have previously said Moscow would supply 29 of the sophisticated missile systems to Iran under a US$700 million (€565 million) contract signed in December, according to Russian media reports.

The United States called on all countries last spring to stop all arms exports to Iran, as well as ending all nuclear cooperation with it to put pressure on Tehran to halt uranium enrichment activities. Israel, too, has severely criticized arms deals with Iran.

Tehran insists its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes, but the United States and its allies suspect Iran is trying to develop weapons.

The UN Security Council, where Russia is a veto-wielding permanent member, is currently stalemated on the severity of sanctions on Iran for defying its demand to cease uranium enrichment.

The Tor-M1 deal, involving conventional weapons, does not violate any international agreements.

Russian officials say that the missiles are purely defensive weapons with a limited range.

According to the Interfax news agency, the Tor-M1 system can identify up to 48 targets and fire at two targets simultaneously at a height of up to 6,000 meters (20,000 feet).

Russian media have reported previously that Moscow had conducted talks on selling even more powerful long-range S-300 air defense missiles, but Russian officials have denied that."

Russia has turned into the world's premier whore-state, as it takes on all comers to fill it's coffers with monies from anyone who has enough of it to draw their attention. Not that the Tor-M1 isn't easily defeated by modern technology, but they've convinced the they did with Saddam...that this system is the best thing since sliced bread. On one hand, we should be thankful that they pawn off such garbage, and yet pissed that they'd give ANY assistance to the madmen of Tehran.

John Podhoretz On Why We Lost

Trying to make sense of a Podhoretz article can be quite impossible. Yes, Rove miscalculated the size, power, and temperment of independant voters, but "winning" in Iraq didn't drive them to the left. The constant media bombardment that we were losing and losing badly is what made the wish-washy clan decide to cut and run.

We've been in Germany for 60 years. Same with Japan. Where was "The Plan" back then? Why, after only several years, is Iraq suddenly a huge loss?

Because the talking heads say so, that's why. This is the instant-gratification America that wants to know, and know NOW, where we are heading. The Bush Administration burrowed deeply under an all encompassing blanket of secrecy, and secrecy is important when it comes to confounding the enemy, but the Home Front needs assurances.

The fence-striders didn't get theirs. And voted for the Democrats. Instead of taking his case to the people, as Reagan often did, Bush felt that enough of them would understand, all by their lonesome.

"For decades, Americans whose lives did not revolve around politics believed that Democrats were trying to use politics to revise the rules of society - to force America to "evolve" in a Left-liberal direction.

They didn't like the bossiness implied by this attitude and they were appalled by the unintended consequences of the changes instituted by left-liberals, mainly when it came to confiscatory tax policy and the refusal to maintain social order and safe streets. These consequences were marks of profound incompetence in the management of the country, and the Democrats were punished for it.

But over in the past few years, Americans began to get the sense that Republicans had become the party of social revision - that it had allowed its own ideological predilections to run riot and that a new form of political correctness had overtaken the party that had seemed more sensible and more in line with their way of thinking.

And, of course, there was and is Iraq. On all sides, partisans are trying to make the case that the election didn't revolve around Iraq. But it did, at least in this sense: Can anyone doubt that if we had won in Iraq in 2005, Republicans would have strengthened their hold on Congress in 2006 rather than losing both Houses? That voters would have rewarded the party of George W. Bush rather than delivering the "thumpin'" of a lifetime?"