Monday, July 31, 2006

'Anti-obesity vaccine' developed

US researchers have developed a vaccine which prevents weight gain in rats, offering clues about human treatments.

"The vaccine prompts the body to produce antibodies against ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates hunger and weight gain."

It's still a maybe or could-be, but science defeated polio so I give these folks a fighting chance. Now for the real world:

Would it be a GOOD thing to not see disgustingly obese women flip-flopping their fat asses in everyone's way, at every venue imaginable? Sure it would. One of the reasons Lisa and I moved to Florida was the fact that the folks here are less abhorrent than those in the Midwest where beauty is measured by the ton, but nothing seems to get through to certain minority women so it'd be a Godsend to have a vaccine that'd keep these heifers looking and smelling like something even half-human. We could start a private fund to provide them with the necessary medications, because, after all, THEIR disposable income goes to food, food, more food, and 6" French Nails so they'd never do it for themselves. I don't want tax money going towards de-moose'ing these creatures, but I do believe that enough folks would contribute to the national good and help with this serious problem.

Not to their health. To our sanity. So when we sit down and try to digest the brain-numbing fact that we share a species with them it isn't that hard. Hard, but not AS hard.

And just to show that I'm sensitive to the plight of ALL lardasses regardless of race, color, gender, or creed, here's a pic that I've been trying to upload for the better part of a day now.

Crazy Jay's Traveling HST Show

He finally did it. Loaded some Federal HST's to very hot levels, then chronographed them.

180 grain from a Glock 27, 3.5" barrel: 1116 fps
180 grain from a Glock 23, 4.0: barrel: 1149 fps

Unsurprisingly, and I only say that because Murphy's Law is ever present and nothing is written in stone when it comes to ballistics, the 3.5 inch gun returned bullets expanded to 1.09", while the 4 incher stopped dead in its tracks at .94 when fired into a modified Fackler Box using water baggies.

Jay makes no claims to accuracy, because even with a Ransom he cannot get two shots in the same zip code at 10 feet, so I'll be trying some of these first chance I get.

It should be noted that none of the recovered brass showed signs of distress, and his 2 weapons were fine after cranking out approximately 50 rounds apiece. His comment concerning recoil indicated that side by side firings of standard versus jacked loadings returned something of an extra push, but wasn't objectionable. He is using some sort of slow burning powder that he claims remains within SAMMI specfication for the .40 caliber bullet, but this would of course need be examined by a person or outfit that could actually run the genuine tests.

I've emailed Mike at Double Tap to inquire as to how interested he'd be in making some hi-velocity HST's in both .40 and .357, or even Ranger-T's in .357, and am awaiting his reply.

Bottom line remains what we've believed to be the case all along. IT SEEMS possible to get 5" performance from a 3.5" handgun with the best modern ammunition available, and thats all it's ever been about to begin with. After this it's on to .40 cal carbine work to see just how fast these baby's go when cranked through a 17" barrel.

You Know Football Season Isn't That Far Away When...

"With the heat wave expected to get even more intense in the next couple of days, Mangini insisted that practices won't necessarily get shorter, but precautions will be taken.

"The most important thing for us is player safety," he said. 'We're conscious of that. We've talked extensively about the importance of hydration and we're monitoring that as we go along. We're not going to put anyone at risk.'"

...The all-emcompassing HYDRATION is upon everyone's lips. Some time ago, soccer moms felt that if DE-HYDRATION was bad, then HYDRATION must be good because their multi-purpose, wrinkle-ridder-drinks said so, and professional athletes caught on and began mouthing the words as pean's to the gods of fluidity. While big fat men do tend to perspire a great deal in 90+ temps with high humidity, watching the local "runners" traipse about the campus environs is nothing less than a certified hoot as they gulp down quart after quart of junkjuice to rest assured that their 100 yard gallop won't whittle them down to super-model status.

And if professional football adores a good HYDRATE, then just wait until the kids start cavorting to the clarion call of their version.

Try and convince them that beer doesn't count. I dare you.

Yanks Steal Bobby Abreu From The Phils...

This has been the hot and heavy rumor for weeks now, so what does "Manager" Joe Torre have to say?

"Joe Torre said he doesn't know where he will hit Abreu, who has hit .277 with 65 RBIs this season."

Gee, Joe. Sorry to have awakened you. Against smart teams featuring a southpaw, you might wish to consider batting him behind Giambi because he hits lefties better than righties and opposing managers will know this and not wish Giambi to be onboard. Jason then gets to see pitches over the plate as they worry over Abreu. He can be selective or clobber the horsehide. Bobby makes mincemeant out of lefties so at first they begin to pitch around him only to look up and realize that Alex is on deck, so oops, better power one through his kitchen. The reason the man hits so very many doubles is his reaction time overcomes judgmental errors, and when he's on his game he's a pain to pitch to. Hitting Coach Don Mattingly then gets to work his magic in closing up the holes he's had all season by reminding him not to buckle that front leg against looping lefties, but be aggressive and make them pay for trying to play little-ball.

Great hitter, Gold-Glove fielder, and a guy who likes being a supporting player rather than THE STAR.

Thats all for now, Joe, so why don't you get the rest of that nap.

Meanwhile...Condi Weeps

"Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said she believed the two-day suspension could turn into a full fledged cease-fire by the end ot the week.

She told reporters just before leaving Jerusalem early today she'd call for a UN resolution on a cease-fire and the establishment of an international force stationed in southern Lebanon.

She had planned to fly to Beirut yesterday to meet with Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Saniora, after shuttling to the region Saturday. But after the Israeli airstrike, Lebanese government officials told her not to bother showing up.

"We all recognize this kind of warfare is extremely difficult," Rice said earlier. "It unfortunately has awful consequences sometimes.

"Too many innocent people - Lebanese and Israeli - have suffered. Too many people have lost their lives. Too many families are homeless. And too many children have been killed, injured or are living in fear for their lives.

"We want a cease-fire as soon as possible," she said."

Then Israel is done for. Giving the creatures of islam time to regroup and rearm makes the entire endeavor a futile one. The loss of those children will pale in comparison to the ones destroyed in the months and years ahead as long as moslems are assured that the civilized world will cease and desist every time they toss a kid in the ine of fire.

Told you all she was too weak.


July 31, 2006 -- Facing pressure for a cease-fire in the wake of a punishing airstrike that took the lives of dozens of civilians, Israel today suspended its bombardment of southern Lebanon for 48 hours, a U.S. State Department official said.

At least 54 civilians, 37 of them children, were killed during the Israeli attack yesterday.

Israeli officials agreed to the two-day halt in the bombing campaign so the incident could be investigated.

But State Department spokesman Adam Ereli, at a briefing in Jerusalem, said Israel has reserved the right to hit targets to stop imminent attacks. Officials also left open the possibility the suspension could last less than 48 hours if the military completes its probe early.

Ereli also said Israel will coordinate with the United Nations to allow residents of southern Lebanon to leave the area if they wish during the suspension."

Who DIDN'T know that the Hezzies (make that ALL moslems) find shelter behind the innocent? The Libtards didn't?

Well they do now. Investigate all you want but get back to business, pronto. The most disgusting thing about this affair is the reasonable assurance that these animals caused such a thing to happen in order to stop getting the everloving shit kicked out of them. It's a stark warning to those who would aid, abet, and even VOTE for such monstrosities.

Time to wake up, Pedophiliac-Lovers the world over. Dirty old Mo has been outted and neither we nor the Israeli's will tolerate such barbarism. Because, you see, to SANE people putting children in harms way makes you even LESS desireable to have as planet-mates.

Oldies But Goodies From The Democratic Underground

Thread Entitled: "I Think We're Going To have A Civil War"

"...people basically laughed at me and said theres nothing we can do. BS! If Bush wins, we have to stand up and take our country back. Whatever country Malloy was talking about, where the president there wouldnt leave and the people came out in masses and forced him to leave. There's only one war I support, and it's a new civil war. A battle for our country back. Bring em on!"

"I mean, think about all the assualt weapons that are going to flood our street once the AWB is killed by the NRA and republicans. Crazy gun killers are going to br buying uzi's and bazzookas out of every damn trunk on the street. Do we have to stoop to their level and do the same thing?

The thought of having to touch a gun makes my skin crawl to start with."

"You see everywhere that uzis and other assualt weapons are for sale everywhere, CNN just had a special on it. I know for a fact I don't want to live in a country where my 6 year old can buy a gun from the ice cream man.

I read an article in the local newspaper about a guy that robbed a liquor store with a fully automatic revolver, do you want to live in a country like that?"

"Bring it on. This very well armed and proud liberal is sick of the neocon
bastards. If it comes down to shooting, well, I'm ready. I'm no Patrick Henry, but I agree with his words."

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Since This Took On A Life Of It's Own...Colt SAA in .44 Special

But Way Back When...Smith & Wesson.....

...Asked the late, great Bill Jordan to tell them what he'd consider to be the greatest gun ever for a policeman. He told them to take a K-38 and make it in .357 magnum. They did, and called it the Model 19. If you carry in .357 and practice in .38, they'll live forever.

And If S&W's New Uber Tactical Revolver Didn't Prove They'd Gone Stark Raving Mad...

Model 500ES - Emergency Survival Tool Kit contains:
  • Smith & Wesson Model 500, 2 3/4" Barrel with Bright Orange Hogue® recoil reducing grip
  • Waterproof Storm® Case
  • Blast Match™ Firestarter and WetFire tender
  • Saber Cut™ Saw with fabric sheath
  • Jet Scream™ whistle
  • Star Flash™ signal mirror
  • Polaris® compass
  • Two MPI Mylar Space® Emergency Blankets
  • Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops Liner Lock Folding Knife with Black Sheath
  • "Bear Attacks of the Century - True Stories of Courage and Survival" book by Larry Mueller and Marguerite Reiss
Click Here for FREE Desantis Camo Holster Offer!

Model 500ES

Then There's The Long Of It All..Magnum Research .45-70

For The Man Who Has Everything...AK Pistol Or 50 BMG...

Messenger Health Alert

After receiving several queries as to the potential hazards of lead inhalation when shooting, I came across an old MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) extolling the dangers of one of the most dreaded substances known to man. It is all around us yet few know of the dangers.

Dihydrogen Monoxide: Deadly As Deadly Can Be. Here are some of the symptoms of over-exposure:

  • Excessive sweating
  • Excessive urination
  • Bloated feeling
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Electrolyte imbalance
  • Hyponatremia (serum hypotonicity)
  • Dangerously imbalanced levels of ECF and ICF in the blood
  • Degeneration of sodium homeostasis
DHMO has been used:

  • as an industrial solvent and coolant,
  • in nuclear power plants,
  • by the U.S. Navy in the propulsion systems of some older vessels,
  • by elite athletes to improve performance,
  • in the production of Styrofoam,
  • in biological and chemical weapons manufacture,
  • as a spray-on fire suppressant and retardant,
  • in abortion clinics,
  • as a major ingredient in many home-brewed bombs,
  • as a byproduct of hydrocarbon combustion in furnaces and air conditioning compressor operation,
  • in cult rituals,
  • by the Church of Scientology on their members and their members' families (although surprisingly, many members recently have contacted to vehemently deny such use),
  • by both the KKK and the NAACP during rallies and marches,
  • by pedophiles and pornographers (for uses we'd rather not say here),
  • by the clientele at a number of homosexual bath houses in New York City and San Francisco,
  • historically, in Hitler's death camps in Nazi Germany, and in prisons in Turkey, Serbia, Croatia, Libya, Iraq and Iran,
  • in World War II prison camps in Japan, and in prisons in China, for various forms of torture,
  • by the Serbian military as authorized by Slobodan Milosevic in their ethnic cleansing campaign,
  • by many terrorist organizations,
  • in swimming pools to maintain chemical balance,
  • in animal research laboratories, and
  • in pesticide production and distribution.
And continues to be employed:
  • as an additive to food products, including jarred baby food and baby formula, and even in many soups, carbonated beverages and supposedly "all-natural" fruit juices
  • in cough medicines and other liquid pharmaceuticals,
  • in spray-on oven cleaners,
  • in shampoos, shaving creams, deodorants and numerous other bathroom products,
  • in bathtub bubble products marketed to children,
  • as a preservative in grocery store fresh produce sections,
  • in the production of beer by all the major beer distributors,
  • in the coffee available at major coffee houses in the US and abroad,
  • in Formula One race cars, although its use is regulated by the Formula One Racing Commission, and
  • as a target of ongoing NASA planetary and stellar research.
Curiously enough, and to be honest this always got a laugh out of us, the Emergency First Aid procedure reads as follows:

Do Not Get Dihydrogen Monoxide In Eyes
If Accidentally Introduced Into The Eye, Flush With Dihydrogen Monoxide

Hunting Video

What do do when you've accidentally shot your buddy...

Girls With Guns

That'll do it for the time being. Come back again for another episode when we'll feature even more Darwin Award Winners in training.

Dolts With Bolts

Girls With Guns

Allow me to preface. Most gun aficionados know of the 4 basic rules for firearms safety, and the newest is the no-finger-on-the-trigger commandment that was preached by, among others, Jeff Cooper. When I entered military service there was no such caveat, and we happily went about our way with index in trigger guard, and yes, it WAS considered to be safer NOT to do so, but to harp on such matters was, well, rather effeminate and if some arse blew off a toe then who cares.

Not so nowadays, me hearty's. Maybe it's more women using guns, maybe it's more idiots using guns, maybe both, but grown men scream like little green girls whenever they see a booger hook on a bang switch. Lisa was instructed not to touch a trigger until she was prepared to fire, as I thought this to be a prudent thing since she was relatively new to firearms as a whole, and handguns in particular. To her credit, she has not fingered any triggers in my presence, but were she to do so I'd calmly remind her and I am sure she'd return the favor.

So then. What someone ELSE does in the privacy of their own dirty place is not a bit of my damned business, but it IS rather gauche to not only act so retarded, but to preserve such inane goings on for posterity.

Dolts With Bolts could be the title for fumble-fingered rifles, but Girls With Guns is my salute to those clueless wannabes who shoot themselves making believe they're shooting themselves.

What The States Have To Say

State Constitutions And The Second Amendment


Vermont - 1791


That the people have a right to bear arms for the defence of themselves and the State - and as standing armies in time of peace are dangerous to liberty, they ought not to be kept up; and that the military should be kept under strict subordination to and governed by the civil power.

New Jersey - 1787


Iowa - 1846


Texas - 1845


Every citizen shall have the right to keep and bear arms in the lawful defense of himself or the State; but the Legislature shall have power, by law, to regulate the wearing of arms, with a view to prevent crime.

*The language is in the process of being changed, to include Wal-Marts right to remove State and Federal guarantees of Liberty just because it wants to.

90 Years Ago Today...

The first terrorist attack occured on US soil:

"The sound of the blast was unearthly, and the tremor was felt 100 miles away in Philadelphia. The night sky over New York Harbor turned orange. From Bayonne to Brooklyn and beyond, people were jolted from bed as windows shattered within a radius of 25 miles.

The Statue of Liberty, holding high its torch less than a mile from the epicenter, was damaged by a rain of red-hot shards of steel. On nearby Ellis Island, frightened immigrants were hastily evacuated to Manhattan.

Ground zero itself - a small island called Black Tom - all but disappeared, "as if an atomic bomb fell on it," says historian John Gomez.

It was 2:08 a.m. on Sunday, July 30, 1916, when what was then the largest explosion ever in the United States erupted. It destroyed an estimated 2,000 tons of munitions parked in freight cars and pierside barges, awaiting transfer to ships destined for Britain and ultimately, the World War I battlefields of France."

All of the evidence pointed to German saboteurs. Such destruction was never forgotten and indeed was used as one of the reasons to inter Japanese-Americans when the next World War came along. When I was a kid they were STILL finding tunnels dug by German spies during WWI, let alone II, and we'll never know how many naturalized Germans fought us from the cozy confines of our very own borders. Today of course it's quite different. Our enemies from within call themselves the Mainstream Media, and The Democratic Underground, so there's no claiming ignorance this time around.

Read all about it.

Migrants die on voyage to Italy

Malnourished survivors from a boat of illegal immigrants rescued by the Italian navy, told rescuers that 13 people died in the crossing from Libya.

"A total of 14 people were picked up in the boat as it drifted off the island of Lampedusa, near Sicily.

At least seven were taken to hospital in Palermo, Sicily's capital. Two were reported to be in a serious condition.

Thousands of illegal migrants try to enter Italy each year via Lampedusa, many in rickety boats.

The tiny island is closer to North Africa than to mainland Italy."

Lampedusa is the Mediterranean version of Texas. Part of Italy but long sought after by Arabian pirates and Africans, crossing the relatively calm 300' deep waters is usually relatively easy and thousands of illegals flock there each and every year in the attempt to alight where the streets are paved with pasta. Going back to the glory that was Rome, Italian navies patrol these islands to gather as many "refugees" as possible so that they may be deported back to their homelands.

More on Lampedusa e Linosa after I return from checking out a new gun

Sri Lanka pair break world record

Thousand pardons. Click the headline for the Cricket story but please disregard the picture as it is of the wrong pair.

Neighbor-Hoods Watch:

Harlem, NYC

"Her face bruised and bloodied, a 38-year-old Harlem woman is accusing a city cop of handcuffing her arms behind her back and dragging her along a sidewalk, peeling the skin from her left cheek.

Janeth Delgado says her 11-year-old son, who was playing in a schoolyard across the street, witnessed the alleged assault at 9:30 p.m., July 4, on E. 104th St.

"That's the part that really kills me," said the single mom, a recreation supervisor with the city Parks Department. "My son had to watch me get beaten up and then dragged away in a police car."

The Civilian Complaint Review Board, which investigates allegations of police abuse, has been examining Delgado's claims. The NYPD's Internal Affairs Bureau also conducted a review, but declined to investigate further, a police source said.

Police say Delgado was intoxicated and attacked the unidentified officer.

The cops were on the block to investigate reports of residents shooting off illegal fireworks. The uniformed cop who questioned Delgado made that immediately clear.

"Where are the fireworks?" he asked, according to Delgado, who admits drinking two beers in her apartment shortly before she was confronted by the cop.

Delgado says she told the officer she didn't know anything about the fireworks and attempted to walk away. But she says the cop pushed her and as she stumbled she grabbed his shirt, causing him to crash down on top of her.

Angry, the cop jumped to his feet, flipped over Delgado and cuffed her before dragging her to a police car, she said.

Authorities charged Delgado with assaulting an officer, obstruction, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

If she's convicted of the assault charge, Delgado, who has no previous arrest history, could lose her job at the Parks Department, where she has worked since 1998."

One of the MANY things this tale of woe omits is the fact that Ms Delgado doesn't just work for the Parks Department as something of a supervisor, but is in fact a Deputy Center Manager. NYC has more affirmative action hires than any STATE in the union, and the neighborhood buzz has long pronounced this woman to be a loud and obnoxious drunkard who isn't averse to throwing her weight around. Police sources advise that she's a "clinger", someone who immediately grabs for a policeman's uniform in order to instigate a tussle, and that the cop in question should have recognized her but did not. It's doubtful she'll lose her job simply because she wrestled a policeman to the ground, but she very well might be demoted for a time simply to soothe the angry cops.

Factoid: Many of the beat cops will tell you that the women, replete with 3" nails, can be the most dangerous to subdue when drunk. Police cannot use the necessary level of force on force and 250-pounders with an attitude are trouble waiting to happen.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Big Bore...No, Not Kim du Toit...

Crazy Jay reminds me that I disregard a totally efficient handgun caliber, and since this is true I submit the Ruger .480.

410 grains zipping along at 1200 fps is nothing to sneeze at, and for blackbear or similar sized predators the Alaskan is a fine backup weapon to have handy. Discharges a heavier bullet than the .44 magnum, and has none of the wrist punishing recoil of the .454 Casull. Lighter rounds cranked to high velocity will shed their penetrating power far more readily than well constructed heavier ones, or to put it bluntly, a 200 grain will gets lots slower on impact but a 400 grain ain't getting any smaller. I've fired the shorty's in .480 and was pleasantly surprised at the reasonable kick.

Now if Federal would only make an HST version...

More: The gun pictured is the Ruger Alaskan. The Hogue Grips are terrific in taming recoil but I'd recommend a SERIOUS deburring of the trigger guard and ALL areas your fingers come in contact with. They're tanks, yes, but can evince the occasional burr now and again and will draw blood if not dehorned. Crazy Jay is working on a replacement hammer (different springs as well) that will allow the gun to be fanned. For reasons only he and the good Lord are aware of.

Doctor Charged in Drive-By Shooting

DICKINSON, Texas (AP) — "A doctor has been charged in the drive-by shooting of a bicyclist, who was hit in the chest and shoulder and is now recovering at the same hospital where the physician works.

Dr. Wameeth Fadhli, a doctor at the University of Texas Medical Branch hospital in Galveston, was jailed Thursday on $60,000 bond after being accused of firing numerous shots at the 22-year-old man on Tuesday.

According to witnesses, the victim was riding his bicycle when a sport utility vehicle pulled alongside and began firing what they described as a pistol. The witnesses told police the shooter was alone and wearing what appeared to be surgical scrubs, said Galveston County Sheriff's Maj. Ray Tuttoilmondo.

The bicyclist, whose name was not released, was in guarded condition after surgery for bullet wounds in his chest and left shoulder, officials said."

I had been sent the above story and was awaiting conformation on the REAL facts but since scaremongers have taken it and run like the scared little green girls they are, it's time to tell what I know.

The Doc is moslem. A frequent reader tells me that he spotted a "disadvantaged yute" who had previously terrorized him and his family, and went after the guy with a vengence. Now, it's bad enough that I often poke hellacious fun at Texans without they who see TERRORIST ATTACKS on every street corner getting the story all wrong just to further an agenda. Cannot condone such violence but if my aquaintance was correct then the man did what Texans are forever bragging they'd do in the same situation.

Unless it's a moslem doing the shooting, then it's turned into WWIII. But we all know how certain little green men are frightened clean out of their (half) wits by the mere mention of firearms, so put gun and arab in the same sentance and it's a guaranteed tale of woe so there's no surprise here.

I don't merely dislike most moslems, I despise them. But if this man was indeed protecting kith and kin then bravo.

And that, my friends, is why this blog will never make it big. We shoot the messenger no matter who the fuck he or she might be, and that pisses the hive-mind off to no end.

More Religious Stuff

A Washington Post poll found that 80% of Katrina’s survivors said that the event strengthened their faith in God.

In the recent Gallup Millennium Survey of religious attitudes, 49% of Danes, 52% of Norwegians, and 55% of Swedes said God did not matter to them. 64% of Czechs regarded God as not mattering at all. While 82% of Americans say God is very important to them, less than 20% of Europeans make such statements. Source: Utne Reader, Sept-Oct 2004

A 2004 ICM poll found that 98% of Nigerians claimed always to have believed in God, while 90% of Indonesians said they would die for their God or religious beliefs.

A govt. study in Ireland found that 87% of the population believe in God. 19% said tragedies such as the Asian tsunami, which killed 300,000 people, bolstered their belief.

In Kuwait, doubting the existence of God or Islam is punishable by law.

Americans believe 58% to 40% that it is necessary to believe in God to be moral. By contrast, only 13% of Europeans agree.

87 percent of all white evangelical Christians in the U.S. supported President Bush's decision to go to war. Recent polls indicate that 68 percent of white evangelicals continue to support the war.

Most if not all atheists believe that religion aids and abets superstitious behavior, but, knock on wood, I see no evidence of that. The bible itelf is crammed with factual errors because the ancients understanding of the natural world was sorely lacking, so of course there could not have been a diety present who provided such bad scoop. True believers counter with man most mortal simply screwing up what God said, but God should have taken the time I suppose to clear up some of the really horrendous whoppers. Guess he got disgusted after seeing Mohammed rape his umpteenth victim and took a hike to maybe Alpha Centauri for some better modelling clay.

Would explain a lot.

To Somewhat Atone For Posting So Ugly A Creature...

This should help in getting the old hormones back online.

Water pistol game 'irresponsible'

"Street Wars is a three-week contest in which players are given the name, address and a picture of a target.

Their aim is to hunt them down and squirt them with water.

They say it is just a bit of fun but police said players were irresponsible as some water guns look real and could lead to armed police being deployed.

British Transport Police said: "The sight of people carrying what appears to be a firearm on the London Underground system one year after the tragic events of July 2005 will cause passengers and staff genuine fear.

"Calls to the police may lead to disruption to services and the deployment of armed officers. Any offences committed will be treated seriously."

Supt Bob Pacey advised contestants to stay away from the London Underground and rail system.

Scotland Yard added that a seemingly innocent bit of fun could result in a waste of police time and divert essential resources away from real life.

So far there has been no response from the game organisers about the police's comments.
But one contestant, a research assistant who would only call herself agent X, said: "Something like this is just a bit of fun. We are not trying to terrorise other people."

Yes. The Brits are afraid of supersoakers. How in the name of all thats holy could these be related to the same people who braved the blitz.

Betcha if their moslems wanted to hold such an affair it'd be deemed okay. Innocent fun for the disadvantaged lads.

Say it aloud; Great Britain is fearful of water pistols.

Boggles. Simply boggles.


Low Class Idiots Looking For Some Attention...

...In other words, journalists.

Self-Defense Act promotes violence

"Quick — think fast. What do you do when your life is in danger? If someone else is threatening your life, do you have the right to end theirs? You do now."

Yes. And you ALWAYS did. Everywhere on planet earth. But, admittedly, not in Neverland.

"The package of bills protects the rights of people using deadly force against an aggressor. In other words, if you kill someone in the act of self defense, you are legally protected."

Yes. And since the dawning of time, responding to deadly force WITH deadly force has been acceptable behavior, and far from criminal. That was until the Loons began hacking away at both common sense and the Constitution, and all the "new" laws have done is return some semblance of sanity. Read the entire sad story of how liberals are so very fearful that their pet criminals will be killed rather than permitted to abscond with our properties and even lives, as that's forever been the REAL reason they despise self-defense.

We Get Letters

"Don't you think an after-markets safety would be a good thing for a GLOCK...?"

Weapons are mechanical devices created with the intent to cause severe damage. There is no such device that can be rendered truly safe, unless it has been unloaded then disassembled to be sure. To create additional "safeties" for something designed to be unsafe to anything on the wrong end of the hole maker is absurd.

Seriously Now...

Not that I am unappreciative, but such pictures will eventually get me into some serious hot water. Yes, the one with the banana did prove that a gag reflex IS something that can be unlearned, but I'll have to take your word for the other amazing feats.


Lemuel Calls For An Intervention...

For Jew-haters the world over.

Barbara Streisand

I cannot make myself post her likeness here. There are limits, rules, and laws of nature prohibiting unclean acts, and THIS PICTURE falls well within such definitions and then some.

Readying herself for the beginning of her concert dates...October 4th kicks off the Babs is Back tour...must have been hell, but we're glad to see Ms Streisand looking as well as can be expected given the fact that she is a hell-spawned lunatic.

Be warned. Clicking might prove hazardous to your sanity.


AOL removed the pic!!!


I'll post it here when I get the chance.


Here's the shot of Babs in all her gory. Can't believe that AOL swooped in and simply took her shot from the blog I set up for such goings on, but thats kind of the reason I left that shithole to begin with.

Zimbabwe 'fuelling HIV spread'

Common Sense Reply? Stay away from Zimbabwe.

It Comes On Cycles Part Doo*

"Dick Pound, chairman of the World Anti-Doping Agency, was dubious about Landis' claim of his naturally high levels of testosterone - which is measured based on the body's ratio between testosterone and epitestosterone. Most people have a 1:1 ratio; to test positive, the ratio must be 4:1. Said Pound, "The natural variations would be minute, compared to what it would be to get you over a 4:1 ratio."

Few years back my GP walked into the examining room with the results of some tests.

Good news is your bloodwork came back terrific.

Bad news is, you can't enter the Olympics.

Lots of healthy males show a 4:1 ratio, and this is the reason the standards are being changed to 6:1, but since the current ratio still stands Landis will likely be stripped of his victory and banned from cycling.

The only way around this is to live in Europe for a time, eat their food, read their newspapers, consort with their women, and maybe, just maybe an American would be weakened enough to pass such drug tests.

*French for the number 2.

"The Holy Ghost was working through me on this film..."

Then say he was driving. Hey, the ghost-gig worked before...

"...Mel Gibson - who recently claimed to have kicked the booze habit - is facing up to a year in jail after an incident that began when he was caught racing his 2006 Lexus eastbound at about 2:30 a.m. on the Pacific Coast Highway, cops said.

Officers found him going 80 mph in the 45 mph zone, said Steve Whitmore, spokesman for the L.A. County Sheriff's Department.

Gibson was given a field sobriety test, which include a Breathalyzer that allegedly measured a blood-alcohol percentage of .12 percent. California's legal limit is .08 percent."

Might want to try this thing they call a RADAR DETECTOR, Mel. Doesn't even have to be blessed by the Pope, either.

UPDATE: The Daily Snooze Has THIS Version....

"...Gibson failed both alcohol breath and field sobriety tests, deputies said. His blood-alcohol level was .12, Deputy Anthony Moore said. The legal limit is .08 in California.

According to the incident report obtained by, the Road Warrior embarked on a belligerent, anti-Semitic outburst when he realized he had been busted.

"F-----g Jews. The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world," Mee's report quotes him as saying.

"Are you a Jew?" Gibson asked the deputy, according to the report.

The actor also berated the deputy, threatening, "You motherf----r. I'm going to f--- you," according to Mee's report.

The actor also told the cop he "owns Malibu" and would spend all his money "to get even with me," Mee said in his report.

TMZ quoted a law enforcement source as saying Gibson noticed a female sergeant on the scene and yelled at her, "What do you think you're looking at, sugar t--s?"

Deputy Mee then wrote an eight-page report detailing of the incident, but higher-ups in the sheriff's department felt it was too "inflammatory" to release and would merely serve to incite "Jewish hatred," TMZ said."

Now, be advised that the News, and TMZ are liberal bastions of dimmitude that would sink to any level in order to villify Mel, and while I've no particular like for the man I find it hard to believe that he'd let loose such a tirade. Then again, the dude WAS drunk on his ass.

Overthinking, Ya Think

by John Podhoretz

July 28, 2006
-- "MY column on Tuesday posed a series of questions about whether America and Israel have achieved such a high level of civilization that we cannot do what is necessary to win wars against stateless terrorist foes. Some other questions - harsher ones - also deserve to be asked:

Is the impulse to fault America and Israel for failing to achieve a pristine standard of civilized conduct in war always rooted in deep humanitarian concerns? Or are many of those who do so actually seeking to blame America and Israel for choosing to use military means to defend themselves and defeat a conscienceless and evil enemy?"

No, no, no. Shame when we have to take the time to edumacate such lofty ass-ertions, but here goes. The leftwing media condemns ANY effort to destroy America's enemies. This frightens and befuddles enough of the electorate so that conservative leaders don't stand a chance unless they temper reality with treehuggishness. There are PLENTY of highly civilized folks who understand that killing a rabid animal is not only prudent, but humane. The problem arises when the confused scardycats dicker with their chads and are incapable of making the right decision. It is not civilization that is to blame, John, but the lack thereof.

Big difference. VERY big difference.

The NY Goobernatorial debate, and ample proof why beaners flock to such venues:

"...The candidates were asked whether they would enforce the federal law that went into effect July 1, mandating that states require proof of citizenship from Medicaid applicants.

Spitzer responded: "I would not enforce that provision . . . I do not believe that it is the role of the state to be transformed into one big I.N.S. agent."

Spitzer added that he'd be prepared to issue an executive order similar to one in New York City, where municipal employees are forbidden to ask about an individual's immigration status.

Suozzi has been boasting about his "reform" credentials - particularly on Medicaid - and how his experience in an executive position makes him different than Spitzer. But this was his answer:

"I've always been a very strong supporter of immigrant rights and continue to be so . . . [We should] not try and take over the role of the federal government to enforce their laws. It's inappropriate, I believe, for local officials, whether it's police officers or Medicaid applicant recipients or anyone else in the state government, to take over the job of federal officials."

Let's translate this into plain English, if you will.

Both men said it would be their policy to ignore the law of the land. That's a staggering admission, especially coming from Spitzer - who is at present New York's chief law-enforcement officer and who, barring a cataclysmic event, will be New York's next governor.

What other federal laws does he intend to ignore?

Congress, after all, has every right to set eligibility criteria for entitlements; it determined that only legal immigrants have a right to Medicaid access.

Given that Washington ponies up a major chunk of the $44.5 billion New York will spend on Medicaid this year, its claim on setting eligibility requirements seems solid on the merits.

And we don't doubt that if Washington chooses to make an issue of it, Washington will win.

But the real issue, again, is the contempt for law demonstrated by men seeking New York's highest elective office."

Few illegals could subsist were it not for those who break the law in order to shelter them. And here's the next Governor of New York saying that all are welcome. Such traitorous scum are obviously awaiting the ascension of a leftwing President who'd back their play, so let's stay on our toes and surprise them come '08.

After all, we cannot simply throw off the yoke of such criminal dictatorships that ignore the will of the people, and hang their supporters. That'd be SO 1776.

A Spitter Or A Swallower?

July 29, 2006 -- "A Manhattan man was arrested yesterday after he killed his pet rooster by biting its head off because he was angry at the bird, authorities said.

Humberto Rodriguez, 52, was charged with animal cruelty after agents from the ASPCA found his pet's headless body on the fire escape of his apartment at 506 W. 213th St. in Inwood.

When the agents got there, they noticed a large crowd around the fire escape - pointing up to the headless bird, authorities said.

Rodriguez confessed to having champed down on the 6-pound rooster because it had attacked one of his pet baby pigeons.

He said he became enraged and sought to discipline the foul bird.

Responders found the body of the rooster on his fire escape, ASPCA spokesman Joe Pentangelo said.

The rooster's head has not been located.

An examination also found that the rooster, which Rodriguez owned for six months, suffered from two broken wings, Pentangelo said.

Rodriguez is expected to be arraigned today in Manhattan Criminal Court after spending yesterday afternoon at the 34th Precinct station house.

If found guilty, he could face up to a year behind bars for the fiendish act."

Just imagine how much jail time Patrick faces should the ASPCA be notified of his many cock killings.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Educational Stuff #10 - AK Vs. AR - Some Observations

Since I'm quick to point out when the Box O' Truth is Piece O' Shite, credit where credit is due seems only fair.

His evaluations of the AK and AR are reasonably well done, and yes, the AR is more ergonomic. However, pay little attention to how he holds the weapons, or any comments on keeping a firearm upon the threat whilest doing some ridiculous ballet of the absurd in order to change magazines. This comes from his forays to Blunder Ranch where the ludicrous is imparted to the clueless. ALWAYS keep it as simple as humanly possible. I could go on for quite some time, but this was supposed to be an attempt at tossing kudos to the Fat Old Retired Guy, so I'll leave it at that because it's unlikely that this particular piece of advice will get you killed.

If it does, then I am sorry for letting one slip past me.

Condi Gets The Finger....

European Union's foreign policy chief, Javier Solana, center, confers with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice before the start of the 13th ASEAN Regional Forum at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (KLCC) in Kuala Lumpur, Friday, July 28, 2006

So much for European "sophistication". While I am becoming less and less of a Condi fan, I remain a woman fan, and were I to have been standing next to this "man" I'd had broken off the offending digit and asked Dr. Rice if she'd like to keep it as a souvener.

She does NOT look pleased.

The Religion Of Shame

Swimsuits Banned in Miss Cambodia Contest
PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (AP) - The winner of a planned Miss Cambodia beauty pageant may have to take a crash course in swimsuit posing if she competes abroad. The government has ruled out skimpy attire in contests at home, organizers said Friday. The country will hold its first Miss Cambodia...

Clerics Nix Botox for Malaysia Muslims
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) - Islamic clerics have banned Malaysian Muslims from undergoing Botox treatment for cosmetic purposes because the compound contains prohibited and harmful substances, a news report said Friday. The National Fatwa Council, which advises the government on Islamic...

It's hilarious that the country with one of the highest per-capita level of prostitutes would ban swimsuit competitions, but it IS often the case that the folks who outwardly evince the most prudishness are inwardly the most randy.

And anyone who's ever spent any time in Malaysia can confirm that Kuala Lumpur in particular and Malaysia in general are giving Thailand, Cambodia, and Insonesia a run for their money in whores per square inch, so its no wonder that aging trollops would seek to get their hands on the stuff. Remind me to tell you about how desperate these gals are to get their hands on Viagra.

Now They Come On Cycles?

"Elevated" levels of testosteone, that is. Except is really isn't the actual testosterone count that matters, but the relationship between T and other values. A few months back, the drug enforcement agencies that monitor such things said that the levels triggering doping alarms were too low, meaning that men who have not taken anabolic steroids or pure testosterone itself had levels as high or higher than the cutoff point, and could be unfairly accused of cheating.

Too bad for Floyd Landis and his Tour de France victory. The accusatory concentration remains the same, for the time being, and while I'm not saying that he was clean, there's enough medical evidence to suggest that testing parameters are so far out of whack as to create a reasonable doubt. Good athletes can have natural concentrations that are unacceptable under the current standards, but so very many (nearly all) of the intitial tests were conducted on European men and it's no wonder the standards are so relatively low. They should return to a nanograms per deciliter detection system, and this time around use full-functioning males of the species as reference standards.


A saddleback tortoise on Pinzón Island stretching for a cactus pad. As the tortoise evolved different shaped shells to reach higher, the cacti grew taller.

A Cindy Sheehan making love to a microphone. As more and more of the media began photographing this creature, greater attention was paid to the animals countenance in order to appear more attractive to the camera.

While these flora and fauna have adapted to their environment, it should be noted that all remain quite ugly.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Caliber : 10mm

Bullet : 165gr Golden Saber Hollow Point

Ballistics : 1425fps/ 744ft./lbs. - Glock 20

The above numbers can be found at Double Tap. Crazy Jay is looking at these rounds to determine accuracy, muzzle flash, etc, and we'll be back to you whenever he decides to stop bugging me about how bad the Box O' Truth guy is and actually get some work done.

165 grains @ 1425 fps from a 4.6 inch barrel is nothing to sneeze at, and the Golden Saber is probably the 3rd or 4th best hollowpoint out there. I've been getting slightly better numbers from some .357 magnum loads, but 15 round magazines full of such beasties is admittedly tempting.


"One thing the Lebanon conflict has done is to clarify the matter of the Iranian bomb. The reasonable belief that Iran could somehow be made to abandon its nuclear program through economic penalties and/or incentives is gone now. Iran may have provoked this conflict to block attempts at a settlement. In any case, at this point, Iran has got to see itself in a kind of extended cold/hot war with the United States, Israel, and even some of its Sunni neighbors. On the one hand, Iran is cooking up dreams of regional domination, which a bomb would be necessary to secure. On the other hand, with so many enemies alerted and pressing, Iran's regime has got to fear for its survival. A bomb is also a solution to that problem (from Iran's point of view). Given the stakes, no strictly economic carrots or sticks will work. (Well, a total oil/economic boycott might work, but that will never be imposed.) So either we destroy Iran's nuclear program by force, or Iran is going to get the bomb, likely provoking nuclear proliferation throughout the region." Stanley Kurtz, NRO's The Corner.

One of the reasons I don't peek into The Corner as much as I once did, is outside of filling us all in on Supreme Court Justice nominees, the "writers" there have agenda's and generate absolute nonsense disguised as words of wisdom.

Iran, as well as many other Arabs (yes, genetically that's what they are so stop the Persian nonsense) needed to see what military capabilities Israel has, and how it plans to use them. The few Iranian Generals with common sense are fully aware that their old Russian gear doesn't have a chance of standing up to Israel, and for one very good reason. In 10 years of war all they could do was fight Iran to a stalemate, and we went through Saddam's best like a hot knife through warm butter. The Israeli tanks aren't as good as our Abrahms, but close enough, and it does appear that the Jews are being smart in not showing what they're holding until it's time to call the mullah's bluff.

Iran has ALWAYS wanted total domination of the region, so this is not news. But, since the late 40's the Jews have gotten in the way, and it's interesting to note that many of the Arab states aren't condeming Israel as vociferously as they once would have. The Iranians can't attack Iraq anymore, so making like they want the "bomb" is enough to drive everyone stark raving mad, EXCEPT for those who remain calm with the knowledge that neither the Jews nor the US will allow such a thing to happen. Taking careful stock of what Israel can and cannot do is a smart move. But Israel has countered with conducting a limited war, and since attrition is on their side it's now Iran's turn to take something of a next step.

But they cannot. Not overtly, and overtly is what would be needed to protect the Hezzies, so they are stuck on stupid and will most likely remain that way as they await intervention from the UN to save as many Hezzies as possible by demanding an Israeli ceasefire. Israel went in, and the Kofi-Klatsch was helpless to drive them out, so they look towards their longstanding allies...the liberals of the keep up the pressure for an Israeli withdrawal.

This isn't looking so good, either. The smart move, would be for the Iranians to join the rest of the world's idiots in demanding a fair and just withdrawal, conceeding that Hezz was out of line, maybe a little, and offering to help in containing them. To come out of this looking like the bad guys, PLUS learning little or nothing new about what the Jews can do, would be about the dumbest thing Iran could do.

Yes, fella's your worst fears are probably true. Israel's OWN delivery capabilities might make aircraft obsolete in this case, and goodbye nuke plant. You pushed Hezzbolah into attacking the Jews, and still want to create your own nuclear facilities, but if you don't show something of an olive branch even the Euro's will soon get wise.

Indecency law threatens PBS

PASADENA, Calif. - "The culture war over indecency that boiled over after Janet Jackson's Super Bowl peep show more than two years ago is poised to claim its first casualty: staid, sober PBS.

"This is not just about Janet Jackson," said Paula Kerger, president of PBS. "This is a tremendously important issue. It is an issue of free speech. It is an issue because our filmmakers deserve to be able to tell their stories and tell them well."

And one of PBS' most prolific producers, Ken Burns, the auteur of groundbreaking series including "Jazz," "Baseball" and "The Civil War," is concerned that his upcoming documentary about World War II could be a target.

"I know that there are people that are sensitive about language," said Kerger. "And they should have the opportunity not to watch something if it's going to be troubling. But for others to be able to see a documentary and to be able to let a person tell their own story and not censor the words that are coming out of their mouth is tremendously important."

Oh for the love of Pete. Must we solve all of the Loon problems? Make your bad little film, then bleep out the words some folks might find offensive. In the markets that would ask for such. You regularly tailor different presentations for different audiences so what's the big deal? And uhhuh, you should shave with a moistened face using short strokes, and never slap a grown man in the mouth when he's chewing tobacco.



"Sharon Stone may think Hillary Clinton has too much "sexual power" to be a viable candidate for President. But her womanly charms have earned her a place in New York's Museum of Sex.

In March, Stone declared that it was "too soon" for New York's junior senator to enter the White House race because "a woman should be past her sexuality when she runs. Hillary still has sexual power, and I don't think people will accept that. It's too threatening."

Anyone with eyesight would agree that RodHams sexuality IS threatening. But that's what antacids are for. And barfbags.

Al-Qaida calls for holy war against Israel...

CAIRO, Egypt - Al-Qaida's No. 2 leader issued a worldwide call in a new videotape released Thursday for Muslims to rise up in a holy war against Israel and join the fighting in Lebanon and Gaza until Islam reigns from "Spain to Iraq."

Good. This way there's no more "they're not wearing uniforms" bullswaddle. Take over sovereign nations and we send in the Air Force, followed by the Marines and the Seebees to clear out what's left and begin paving. There's ALWAYS a need for more parking space.

Stop The ACLU Blogburst

Primer: The ACLU is populated by lawyers. There, I managed to spit that horrid word out without throwing up in my mouth. These lawyers oppose H.R. 2679, the Public Expression of Religion Act of 2005, because "it would eliminate the ability for judges to award attorney’s fees compensation to groups like the ACLU in Establishment Clause cases only. These fees where originally authorized by CONGRESS so that good attorneys wouldn’t be dissuaded from accepting civil rights cases pro bono." In other words, the money-factory would be shutdown, and anything that cuts off even a trickle of funds to these sharks is something they'll fight tooth and nail to prevent. And of course they site the 1st Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;

I'm not going to get into semantics, but no, there is no actual "seperation of church and state". Just as there is nowhere to be found in the bible "God works in mysterious ways." The "Seperation" gig used to refer to the Founders belief that a government should not force any particular religion upon it's people, but has been bastardized to mean whatever the Loons want it to mean.

I myself get queasy whenever government monies are allocated for ANY religious activity because it does begin to blur the lines between public and private beliefs and I don't like it when someone tries to waves their privates at me. The lefties take this to the extreme because they are, above all, exhibitionists, and want THEIR beliefs held on high and no one elses. But that's the risk you take whenever religion enters the picture, so why can't we keep it in our hearts and show the world that we're not so very afraid that if we don't advertise our deities they'll slink away in a snit. That's what bumper stickers are for. Not government buildings.

Click into the headline for Stop's entire Blogburst.

Sitrep From 1st Sergeant Grainger:

"I think that the following information needs to get out to all hands to beware of the following correspondent with the Stars and Stripes. He has left the Fallujah area and is headed towards Ramadi. We weren’t aware until damage was done as to what some of his stories were up to. They started posting after he left. It’s not that he lied, it’s what he left out or took from one scenario and added to make it look like it was part of another story that brought the powers of above to put pain on my Marines. Until they got the whole story up to higher that is. Of course by then the damage is done to the younger Marines with all of the accusations and such. He did have some good stories but don’t assume because he works for the Stars and Stripes that his news stories are to motivate the Marines and soldiers in the AO as we did. In order to sensationalize headlines things were left out or made to seem as if they were something else. This gent use to work for the LA Times, not sure if that has a bearing or not as I don’t want to falsely accuse anyone of anything, I just want to warn you. I am not saying you should not have him over or talk to him or the stars and stripes but basically watch your ass or you will read about it. Monte Morin is the reporter."

1st Sergeant Grainger is not one to exaggerate, and if anyone sees this reporters name on a byline please notify me.
Once again it's MONTE MORIN. Soon to be wishing he'd chosen another line of work.
Thank you.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


All-jizz-bags via Stop The ACLU

"Sen. Rick Santorum (R., Pa.) remarks at the National Press Club on Wednesday July 19th 2006 calling for regime change in Iran and described "Islamic fascism" as the "great test" of this generation, as threatening to the United States as last century's German Nazism and Soviet communism was inappropriate. These prejudicial remarks were derogatory, and highly unbecoming for a member of US senate. The Senator rhetoric in a public forum demeans both himself and the party he represents, particularly at a time when entire Middle East is in turmoil. Muslim of Lehigh Valley strongly condemned Senator remarks outrageous, inflammatory and un-American.

The Senator should know that extremists come in all faiths..."

Okay I'll stop this insanity before either my blood pressure elevates to the point where I'm leaking red stuff through the ears, or I go find this human turd and play bocce-ball with his testicles. Nah, I'd need to be a micro surgeon to even find them, but HELLO moslem boy...

Sure extremists come in all faiths you pond-scum, but guess WHICH FAITH has been killing Americans for the past 30 years?

And it ain't the Rastafarians.

Ann Coulter On The Dems Obsession (some call it love) With Osama

"...After making the capture of Osama bin Laden their sole objective in the war on terrorism, now Democrats expect us to believe they would have been fighting every other Muslim jihadist on the planet like mad — just not one of the main sponsors of Islamic terrorism, Saddam Hussein. But they'd be merciless with every other mass-murdering, Islamic terror-sponsoring lunatic.

Israel's recent tussle with Hezbollah reminds us how absurd the Democrats' fixation on Osama is. America has been under attack from Muslim extremists for nearly 30 years. Not just al-Qaida and certainly not just Osama bin Laden.

Here's the highlights reel for anyone still voting for the Democrats:

— November 1979: Muslim extremists (Iranian variety) seized the U.S. embassy in Iran and held 52 American hostages for 444 days, following Democrat Jimmy Carter's masterful foreign policy granting Islamic fanaticism its first real foothold in the Middle East.

— 1982: Muslim extremists (mostly Hezbollah) began a nearly decade-long habit of taking Americans and Europeans hostage in Lebanon, killing William Buckley and holding Terry Anderson for 6 1/2 years.

— April 1983: Muslim extremists (Islamic Jihad or possibly Hezbollah) bombed the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, killing 16 Americans.

— October 1983: Muslim extremists (Hezbollah) blew up the U.S. Marine barracks at the Beirut airport, killing 241 Marines.

— December 1983: Muslim extremists (al-Dawa) blew up the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait, killing five and injuring 80.

— September 1984: Muslim extremists (Hezbollah) exploded a truck bomb at the U.S. Embassy annex in Beirut, killing 24 people, including two U.S. servicemen.

— December 1984: Muslim extremists (probably Hezbollah) hijacked a Kuwait Airways airplane, landed in Iran and demanded the release of the 17 members of al-Dawa who had been arrested for the bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait, killing two Americans before the siege was over.

— June 14, 1985: Muslim extremists (Hezbollah) hijacked TWA Flight 847 out of Athens, diverting it to Beirut, taking the passengers hostage in return for the release of the Kuwait 17 as well as another 700 prisoners held by Israel. When their demands were not met, the Muslims shot U.S. Navy diver Robert Dean Stethem and dumped his body on the tarmac.

— October 1985: Muslim extremists (Palestine Liberation Front backed by Libya) seized an Italian cruise ship, the Achille Lauro, killing 69-year-old American Leon Klinghoffer by shooting him and then tossing his body overboard.

— December 1985: Muslim extremists (backed by Libya) bombed airports in Rome and Vienna, killing 20 people, including five Americans.

— April 1986: Muslim extremists (backed by Libya) bombed a discotheque frequented by U.S. servicemen in West Berlin, injuring hundreds and killing two, including a U.S. soldier.

— December 1988: Muslim extremists (backed by Libya) bombed Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing all 259 on board and 11 on the ground.

(Then came an amazing, historic pause in Muslim extremists' relentless war on America after Ronald Reagan won the Cold War by doing the opposite of everything recommended by Democrats, depriving Islamic terrorists of their Soviet sponsors. This confuses liberals because they don't understand the concept of terror sponsors, whether it's the Soviet Union or Iraq.)

— February 1993: Muslim extremists (al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya, possibly with involvement of friendly rival al-Qaida) set off a bomb in the basement of the World Trade Center, killing six and wounding more than 1,000.

— Spring 1993: Muslim extremists (al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya, the Sudanese Islamic Front and at least one member of Hamas) plot to blow up the Lincoln and Holland tunnels, the U.N. complex, and the FBI's lower Manhattan headquarters.

— November 1995: Muslim extremists (possibly Iranian "Party of God") explode a car bomb at U.S. military headquarters in Saudi Arabia, killing five U.S. military servicemen.

— June 1996: Muslim extremists (13 Saudis and a Lebanese member of Hezbollah, probably with involvement of al-Qaida) explode a truck bomb outside the Khobar Towers military complex, killing 19 American servicemen and injuring hundreds.

— August 1998: Muslim extremists (al-Qaida) explode truck bombs at U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, killing 224 and injuring thousands.

— October 2000: Muslim extremists (al-Qaida) blow up the U.S. Navy destroyer USS Cole, killing 17 U.S. sailors.

— Sept. 11, 2001: Muslim extremists (al-Qaida) hijack commercial aircraft and fly planes into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania, killing nearly 3,000 Americans.

America's war with Islamic fanaticism didn't start on 9/11, but it's going to end with 9/11 — as long as Americans aren't foolish enough ever to put a Democrat in the White House."

Americans ARE foolish, though, Ann. How else can Bill Clinton be explained. And it wasn't a mere abberation because his Vice-Putz came within a hanging chad or so of following in Rapist Willy's shoes. Americans have long been split into a third believing in the Yellowstream Media's account of Neverland in place of reality, a third who don't make ANY decisions until election day when they flip a coin, and the other This is slowly, EVER so slowly changing as the internet brings planet earth into focus at the expense of slimeballs like Clinton and Kerry and Kennedy, but the guy with the best hair wins, and Kerry would have as well if those pics of Bush in his flight suit weren't published.

NRA News: House Passes NRA-Backed "Disaster Recovery Personal Protection Act"

Fairfax, VA-The National Rifle Association (NRA) and law-abiding gun owners won another major victory today when the U.S. House of Representatives voted to pass HR 5013, the NRA-backed "Disaster Recovery Personal Protection Act". HR 5013 passed with a broad bi-partisan margin of 322-99.

"Law-abiding gun owners scored a significant victory in the House of Representatives today," said Chris W. Cox, NRA's chief lobbyist. "The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina confirmed a fear long-held by American gun owners: the day government bureaucrats declare our Second Amendment null and void, leaving law-abiding citizens defenseless in the midst of chaos and lawlessness."

This is the second NRA win on this issue in less than two weeks. On July 13, 2006, Senator David Vitter's (R-LA) amendment to prohibit the use of funds appropriated under the Homeland Security appropriations bill (H.R. 5441) for the confiscation of lawfully possessed firearms during an emergency or major disaster passed the United States Senate with a final vote margin of 84-16.

H.R. 5013 amends federal emergency statute laws to prohibit federal, state and local authorities from confiscating lawfully owned firearms during times of national emergencies, as witnessed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina last year when police and military confiscated firearms from law-abiding citizens.

"No matter what the circumstances, lawful gun owners have the right to possess their firearms in their homes," continued Cox. "And if forced to evacuate, they have the right to transport their firearms to a safe place. Nobody has the right to disarm them. That's what this legislation ensures."

After witnessing the draconian confiscation of firearms from law-abiding residents in New Orleans, Alaska, Idaho, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Virginia and Louisiana passed measures that echo the spirit of HR 5013 .

"On behalf of our four million NRA members nationwide, I want to thank Rep. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) for introducing this legislation and the House Republican leadership for seeing that the 'Disaster Recovery Personal Protection Act' got a vote on the floor of the House of Representatives," concluded Cox."

Hmmm...shame we don't see TEXAS on that list. That's cool because we're good to go anyway in spite of the gals from the Lone Scared State. If they'd for a minute stop Cowboy-Action-Shooting and bragging about how gun-savvy they are, they just might regain some of their rights as men.

Slow On The Draw, Quick On The Trigger, And Aim Only A Blindman Could Love...

"Cops have fired more than 50 bullets in the last 10 days - wounding at least three people and killing two dogs in a spate of separate incidents.

Most of the cops involved in the seven shootings dating back to July 16 have less than two years on the force - including the Brooklyn cop who wounded Robert Ramirez, 28, after he allegedly bashed the cop with a child's scooter late Monday.

"That's not unusual," Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said yesterday, referring to the proportion of rookies involved in shootings. "Those are the cops who are out on the streets."

Kelly said the NYPD has hired 13,000 cops since 2002 and has assigned many of them to patrol bureaus. They often work at night in high-crime areas.

But some veteran cops said they are uncomfortable with the rookies' assignments, arguing their inexperience could be dangerous in tough neighborhoods.

"The problem is that we have all these raw kids out on the streets," said a city cop with 22 years on job. "Experienced officers know how to handle situations so they don't have to fire [their guns]."

The number of shots fired by cops is down 22% so far this year. The number of officers involved in shootings also is down 16%. In 2005, cops fired 616 shots - a startling 75% increase from 352 shots fired in the previous year.

But NYPD officials called the number of shots fired in 2005 - the highest since 1999 - a statistical blip, fueled in part by a Sept. 28 shooting in Harlem where six cops fired 77 bullets at a gunman, hitting him three times.

Maki Haberfeld, who heads the department of law and police science at John Jay College, agreed, saying: "This is statistically insignificant. There are 37,000 cops here."

Bullshit to most of the above. The police need to fire MORE shots, with most of them coming at the range. This is what happens when you fill a policemans day with paperwork and class after class concerning political correctness. There hasn't been a bad-shoot by a uniformed cop in quite a while, just god-awful aim. And 37,000 IS an awful lot of boys in blue but clerical work and the absolutely useless affirmative-action hires make it more and more difficult for the REAL cop to do his job.

Enduring Peace

WASHINGTON - "Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is floating a two-step plan for "enduring peace" on the Israel-Lebanon border as she meets with world leaders in Rome today, officials say.

The huddle is aimed at ending the warfare triggered two weeks ago when Lebanon-based Hezbollah terrorists crossed the border to kidnap two Israeli soldiers.

The first step in Rice's plan could be an interim international force of 10,000 troops - perhaps from Muslim nations such as Egypt and Turkey - to stay for 90 days or so once there's a cease-fire."

Yeah that'll work. Asking foxes to protect the henhouse from foxes. Glad to see that Condi hasn't faltered in her ongoing effort to out-jingo the Clinton administration in tossing one cliche after another until something sticks.

Enduring peace. With Arabs. With Israel in the mix.


Then an international force of three times that many to create a buffer zone. "International" means U.N., and since there's nothing to steal in Lebanon how long before they become the spearhead for yet another attack on Israel.

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Crazy Jay Asked That I Post The Following

"At the request of my friend Matthew_Q, I brought my Shiloh Sharps .45-70, Long Range Express.

The load is a 515 grain round nose, gas checked, hard cast bullet over 41.0 grains AA 2495 for about 1500 fps.
Miscellaneous Rounds Meet the Box O' Truth

Here I am getting ready to unleash the beast.

Miscellaneous Rounds Meet the Box O' Truth

It went through 12 boards of sheetrock, busted the water jug really nicely, busted the brick to pieces, and exited the back board...

Miscellaneous Rounds Meet the Box O' Truth

...carrying a brick and half of the back pine board with it, and was last seen headed down range, mad as the dickens.

Moral of this lesson:
Don't get in any gun fights with buffalo hunters. There ain't no such thing as cover.
Just another Box O' Truth deal. He's asking why the FOG (fat old guy) is using something like a Sharps 45-70, when he, Jay that is, has better loads than that for his 8.5" S& W .500 Magnum, and why doesn't FOG ever use high-powered rifles or handguns to test anything.

Because, he's a low-powered guy, Jay. A kick-ass handgun such as your .500 would make all of his statements about "rifles are rifles and handguns are handguns" seem even dumber than they already are. And you know damned well that if he ever did test a gun with some real grunt to it he'd use pansy-ass plinking rounds so what would be the point. So come on, did you really think he'd own a .45-100 or bigger? You've seen what he did with the .44 mag. Used the weakest round he could find to make a stupid point, like all of the other cherry-picking he and his ilk do to make their stupid points.

Now can you please go back to mixing that gelatin with the rib bones we talked about and get on with those 10 mm shoots?

PS: Yes, Jay. I do take notice that he holds his rifle like a girl. Most graduates of Blunder Ranch do.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

United Nations Press Release

Charles at LGF is featuring this but I saw it too:

"Yesterday, a UN engineering construction unit from China managed to do some repairs on a key road betwen Tyre and Naqoura, and the road is now usable for traffic."

WTF? Israel is destroying the roads and the UN is FIXING THEM? Sweet mother of pearl but this is MORE than amazing. Tell you what, if I'm in charge of the Israeli arty and some asswipe construction outfit is fixing the road I just blew to hell, then guess where the next salvo is heading for?

There is nothing, NOTHING a sane human being can say as a retort to this lunacy, that would do it justice. And, by the by, is the UN in Israel helping to rebuild what the Hezzball boys destroyed? Do me a favor; anyone spotting the UN aiding Israeli's who've been wounded and/or had their property destroyed by the camel-fuckers masquerading as men then please clue me in.

Better Yet...

The heck with the bottomfeeder. We'll let an old snake handle it.

Your call.

Calling All Loons

We need a ceasefire. And if you're a liberal fucktard, then this means you. One day is all we ask. Give us ONE DAY of not sticking up for America's enemies, or convicted murderers, or burning the flag, you know, jackass lefwing shit.

One day off, and you call the day.

Or we shoot this kitten.

Chavez Expected To Buy Russia's Old Military Junk

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is visiting Russia, where he is expected to sign deals to buy new fighter jets and helicopters.

He will visit Volgograd - formerly Stalingrad - on Tuesday, and later the Urals town of Izhevsk, where Kalashnikov assault rifles are made.

"New" as in new to him. Not new as in modern, new. SU-30's, and AK-103's. A billion bucks worth. Damn, but the Russkies sure swindled this poor frig.

Crusty the Gator Wins Reprieve in Florida

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) - Crusty the alligator is getting a second chance.

An anonymous donor has put up $1,150 to catch the elusive reptile, which had become so accustomed to people feeding him that wildlife managers believed he was potentially dangerous, said Todd Hardwick, a Miami-Dade County alligator trapper who helped arrange for Crusty's new home.

Officials thought they would have to take him from a canal along Florida's Alligator Alley in the Everglades and euthanize him.

Instead, Crusty will be sent to an animal exhibit in the Seminole Reservation in Hollywood, along with three other alligators officials have named Speedy, Boomer and Freddy, Hardwick said. Crusty is the only one of the four that remains on the lam.

Officers with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission launched a three-day undercover sting operation earlier this month aimed at catching alligator feeders, which drew attention to Crusty. The publicity brought phone calls to wildlife officials and ultimately the pledge of funds to spare the animal.

In 2004, more than 7,000 alligators had to be killed after becoming too accustomed to people and too dangerous to leave in the wild, according to the commission. Authorities issued more than half a dozen citations on the operation's first day.

Feeding an alligator is a second-degree misdemeanor punishable by a fine and up to 60 days in jail.

Three women were killed by alligators in a single week in May, an unprecedented string of attacks. Florida has recorded only 17 other fatal alligator attacks since 1948."

It's a shame that animals must suffer because of incredibly stupid people. Now, I could give a flying fig about Crusty or any other alligator because they're plenty dangerous without idiots Treadwelling (the idiot who was eaten by a Grizzly) them, and should be shot on sight whenever possible. But the brain dead morons exacerbate the problem by teaching animals that humans are nothing to be afraid of, the animal gets frisky, then goodbye animal. In Florida, the loons kick up such a fuss when you defend yourself against a gater that instead of just off'ing an offending reptile, people secretly whack as many of them as they can just to get even with the dolts who favor animal life over a humans. I'm beginning to believe that liberals are as bad as moslems when it comes to the true meaning of the sanctity of life, and with any kind of luck there will someday be a law against feeding THEM too.