Monday, January 31, 2011

Not Just In Egypt: Obama policies have driven up food prices, triggering riots

Perhaps the most over used but most accurate term used to describe the policies and ideology of the American Left is the "Law of Unintended Consequences."  There is virtually nothing that these people espouse that once put in place has not had detrimental effects on either the people of the United States or the world. 

Today there is a global food shortage and sky-rocketing prices.  This has become the underlying factor in the riots in Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt, where up to 56% of a person's income is dedicated to the acquisition of food.  These riots are now leading to the upheaval of governments and the very real possibility of the ascendancy of the radical elements into control.
If you've a mind to, please click here for the full monte. Oh and by the way; I refuse to believe that certain policies return 'unintended' consequences.

Surrenduring The War On Drugs

" do we repeal the War on Drugs? By 1933, Americans had had enough of alcohol Prohibition and demanded its repeal. But by that time police had a vested interest in maintaining the huge bureaucracies it had built to battle illegal alcohol and in the huge amounts of assets the government was seizing from ordinary people, including the cars of those who had alcohol on board. With the Depression in full swing, it had become a money and employment issue for government, and some people thought Prohibition would never be repealed because of that fact. But it did get repealed, although the freedoms lost during that era were never fully restored.
We are in the same position today, with a steep recession and huge bureaucracies dependent on all those billions they get to fight the War on Drugs. Government wants to keep drugs illegal, and they'll wage a campaign of lies and threats every time voters have a chance to change things. 

And what about all those terrible predictions about how legalized marijuana will unleash hordes of marijuana-addicted criminals among us who will be driving and going to work under its influence? Portugal has been the testing laboratory for this theory since 2001, when it decriminalized (next best thing to legalizing) all drugs, including even heroine and cocaine. In those intervening nine years, Portugal's drug usage rates have not increased, and Portugal has gone from one of the worst drug-abusing nations in the European Union to one of the least abusing, especially when compared to European countries that have increased their crackdown on drug use. According to the Portugal experiment, government crackdowns make drug usage worse, while a government backoff, which takes drug abuse out of the criminal arena and puts it into the medical arena, does not increase usage rates."

Forever follow the money trail. Prohibition turned governments into big-business enterprises and but of course they shifted their sights to other drugs once alcohol became legal again. 

You have a band. You need a band name, a title for your first album and an album cover design.

Here’s how to do it:

1 – Go to Wikipedia and hit random. The first random Wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.
2 – Go to and hit random. The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.
3 – Go to Flickr and click on “explore the last seven days”. Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.
4 – Use Photoshop or similar ( is a free online photo editor) to put it all together.
5 – Post it on your blog along with these instructions, and trackback or link to your post in these comments.

Thanks to Third World County

John Barry Dead At 77

Five-time Oscar-winning composer John Barry, who wrote music for a dozen James Bond films, including "You Only Live Twice" and "Goldfinger" and developed the twanging guitar riff in the suave spy's theme music, has died. He was 77.
Barry died in New York, where he had lived for some time, on Sunday, his family said. The family did not release the cause of death.
Though his work on the Bond films is among his most famous, the English-born composer wrote a long list of scores, including for "Midnight Cowboy," "Dances with Wolves" and "Body Heat." He was proud of writing both for big action blockbusters and smaller films.

Mr. Barry could capture the heart of a theatrical performance and make it seem that the movie was made just for a place the song could hang its hat, instead of the other way around.

James Frost Wants Your Day To End In Misfortune

"Welcome to Cutler Corner and we're here to close out the weekend with a whammy..."

hwam-ee, wam-ee]  
–noun, plural -mies. Informal .
the evil eye; jinx.
bad luck or misfortune.

Uh huh. Last week they began the show describing the 'Tallywhacker', or penis, because they didn't have a clue as to what the word meant. Tonight, the foot-in-mouth stutterer...Todd Boone but of course...expresses his desire to end the weekend shows with a curse.
Proof positive that there's simply no replacement for a good education. 

And just so Mr. James A. doesn't get to thinking that we've forgotten his other transgressions:

Frost Cutlery does not sell Custom knives. A custom knife is one either designed by the CUSTOMER, or a one of a kind specialty product created by a genuine knifemaker. If the number for sale exceeds ONE, then you are not purchasing a CUSTOM knife.

The infamous "German-steel" used in some of the Frost products is 1.4301 stainless, and a bottom of the barrel steel used primarily to manufacture pocket clips, and handle liners, NOT blades. 

We've yet to hear back from the Boy Scouts of America, but at least Frost Cutlery is no longer selling the "Custom Boy Scout Anniversary" blades with the BSA insignia, nor advertising that profits go to the Boy Scouts.

To his credit, Mr. James no longer steals the Kershaw registered trademark and patent for "Speedsafe" while trying to sell his assisted-opening knives.

To his credit Mr. James no longer steals the trademarked Spyderco hole while calling such knives Spidey-folders. Such thefts, and a lot more have come to a screeching halt so I'd like to thank everyone who joined in in notifying the companies Frost Cutlery stole from.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

All Hands: Reporting In

Sorry for the paucity of postings. Being under the weather occurs more often when one passes that magical, momentous benchmark of 60.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Friday With The Frosted Flakes

" here's our wakeup call and you'll receive 10 knives for $22.95 and these are, most of these are, most of these knives are well made. Just look at all of that 420 J2 tool steel..."

Hang with me a sec and hear a tale of two steels and tool steels.

420 J2 steel is used throughout the cutlery industry as handle liners, pocket clip steel, etc. 420 J2 is a soft steel unsuitable for turning into knife blades, that's if you want a product that can take then hold an edge better than the average butter-knife.

And 420 J2 is NOT a tool steel. Why would the good folks over at Frost Cutlery say so if it weren't so? Two possible reasons; one of the problems with the attempt to communicate in any language is having the capability to actually speak that language. Say 420 J2 steel really fast, and with a halfassed phony Frost accent, and it sounds exactly like you're saying 420 J-Tool Steel. The other possible reason is our friends the Frosted Flakes are lying about the properties of the steel they ask the Chinamen to make their crap knives out of.

Now, the 420 line of stainless steel comes in 420, 420 HC (for high carbon), 420 J tool steel and 420 J2 steel. But once again, no 420 J2 tool steel.

Incompetent, non-English speaking folks running Frost? Or flat out liars?

Friday, January 28, 2011

What is a green job?

“I know that there are those who disagree with the overwhelming scientific evidence on climate change, Obama said. “But here’s the thing — even if you doubt the evidence, providing incentives for energy-efficiency and clean energy are the right thing to do for our future — because the nation that leads the clean energy economy will be the nation that leads the global economy. And America must be that nation.”

On Tuesday, Obama continued his environmental pitch by asking Congress to mandate 80 percent of U.S. electricity come from ‘clean energy’ by 2035. Even with the the demise of “cap and trade” on Capitol Hill, it is now evident the administration remains irrevocably committed to interventionist polices that will ultimately translate into higher costs. The Institute for Energy Research (IER) has issued a report that shows electricity prices are almost 40 percent higher in states that have renewable mandates. Americans who live in the more industrialized areas have good cause to be concerned about policies that could unsettle cheap energy sources.

One of the most amazing things about the Obama presidency, is that the people who voted for him KNEW, they actually knew that every last one of his asinine ideas would be extremely costly, but they continue to gripe like they didn't have a clue.

Every liberal politician prefaces his pitch for 'green' energy with the caveat that 'this is going to be costly at first', which of course translates to 'this is going to be costly forever', and anyone over the age of 11 knows this to be true. Show those fat-cats a thing or two about their continuing to make all of that dirty energy that no one is going to purchase anymore. TRUE liberals will gladly pay to save the country, the environment, the world itself.

And now they join the chorus and bitch like it never even happened. Time and again I asked every last liberal who'd listen to me the same question. How are any of his ideas going to work in the real world and are you willing to pay through the nose for them. And every last one of 'em...after admitting that the free-lunch ideas were just too stupid to even argue about...said that, well sure we'll all have to pay for a cleaner, freer, more greener world but its our duty as stewards of the earth to do just that.

What IS it that makes them so dumb? Caught in the spirit of the moment? Simply overwhelmed by the Camelot of it all? Got, then stayed too drunk to know the difference? This isn't rocket surgery people. Jerking off the unicorn is a personal thing. Do what you want but don't drag the rest of us down with you. And for those who truly knew better; shame on you.

Friday Toon

Thursday, January 27, 2011

States Ready For Bankruptcy....

#41, Florida

Debt 2009: $38.9 billion
Projected 2012 Budget Shortfall: $3.6 billion
GDP 2009: $737.0 billion
Debt/GDP Ratio: 5.28%
Unfunded Pension Liabilities: -$1.8 billion (-1%)
Unfunded Health Care & Other Liabilities: $3.1 billion (100%)

On the chopping block: The judicial system. Staff have been relieved, basic maintenance has been cut, programs for drug offenders have been reduced, and one Tampa courthouse is infested with vermin. All that hasn’t stopped the 1st District Court of Appeal in Tallahassee which is building a $48 million courthouse complete with 60-inch LCD flat screens for each judge.

While $3.6 billion out of a GDP of $737 billion shouldn't be all that hard to find, the counties are screaming bloody murder that they'll have to stop creation of all those wonderful bike lanes and will fight this to our dying breath. There is way too much fat in every city and county the state over and they bloody well know it, so its not like the sky is falling but getting them to think surplus over debt is nearly impossible. Because it ain't their money.

You can click the headline link to see how your neck of the woods is fairing.

Why Lateshia Still Can't Read

Secretary of Education Duncan notes that 75 percent of young Americans would be unable to enlist in the military for reasons physical (usually obesity), moral (criminal records) or academic (no high school diploma). A quarter of all ninth-graders will not graduate in four years. Another study suggests that a modest improvement (from a current average of around 500 to 525) over 20 years in an international student assessment of 15-year-olds in the OECD nations — improvement in reading, math and science literacy — would mean a $115 trillion increase in these nations’ aggregate GDP. Of that, $41 trillion would accrue to America. McKinsey calculated that if U.S. students matched those in Finland, America’s economy would have been 9 percent to 16 percent larger in 2008 — between $1.3 trillion and $2.3 trillion.

Familiar recipes for improvement are dubious. “Many high-performing education systems, especially in Asia,” Duncan says, “have substantially larger classes than the United States.”

In South Korea, secondary-school classes average about 36 students, in Japan 33, in America 25." George Will

 In Asia, strangely enough, classrooms are filled with...Asians. Who all speak...Asian. Who were raised as...Asians. In South Korea, parents want their children to be fluent in English in the FIRST GRADE. 

In the United States, strangely enough, classrooms can be filled with the elephants in the room. Who do not speak English. Who were not raised as Americans. In many parts of the United States, parents want bilingual classes for their non-English speaking children..throughout all of their grade levels. For that reason, and many others, an alarming percentile of American children cannot speak English even upon graduating high school.

Thankfully, there will always be a bottom of the barrel and our liberals have decided that blacks and hispanics should reside there in-perpetuity. I say thankfully because it could be a lot worse. They could want ALL of our children to be kept as dumb and un-hireable and one step away from prison as are black and hispanic children.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kenyan Speaks With Forked Tongue

"Done right, earmarks have given legislators the opportunity to direct federal money to worthy projects that benefit people in their districts, and that's why I've opposed their outright elimination," Barack Obama 2009

"Both parties in Congress should know this: If a bill comes to my desk with earmarks inside, I will veto it." Barack Obama 2011

As we've been saying all along, when one has NO core values one can shift like the wind. Why John Kerry was known as Mr. Flip-Flop, and why Boy Barry might wrest the crown of full frontal flipfloppery away from him.

If ever a man had nothing inside it is our Boy Barry.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2011 And The Knives Are Sharper Than Ever

"2010 was one of our best years ever." SHOT Show analysis

"2011 looks to be a banner year for knifemaking." Overall feeling of the industry.

"Better git 'em while the gettin's good cuz pretty soon they'll be legislated outta existence." Frost Cutlery

While the knife industry in general is praising 2010 and looking for even better things to come in 2011, Frost Cutlery is up to its old tricks again. Assisted opening knives will be banned, mother of pearl and abalone handle materials will be placed on an endangered species list, and on and on goes the list of doom and gloom. 

Pictured is a new arrival at Fort Fits; the Kershaw Tanto Groove. I ordered it first of all because I liked its looks, and B) to go head to head with a Frost product that once again hasn't been delivered as the order seems to be 'lost'. Since I know that certain Frosted Flakes read this blog its no wonder they don't want me to compare a real knife to anything Frost imports from China, and part of the shame of it all is the fact that Frost could be acquiring genuinely decent knives from Asia but continues to seek the lowest denominator in order to glean the most profit. Nary a damn thing wrong with making money but not when you have to outright lie about quality. To honest folks, that is generally referred to as stealing.

The Groove is an interesting little knife that I'll be sharpening to a real edge and be back to you on its performance characteristics. I did not order it from the above link because Knifeworks was out of stock and to be honest I got a much better deal elsewhere anyway. The green you see on the pic below is from my stropping the thing with chromium oxide. Embigination will bring it to a better light.

The black coating is what the industry refers to as DLC...Diamond Like Carbon...and in the case of the Groove, fortified with Tungsten which, next to depleted uranium, is the heaviest metal there is (1.67 times as dense as lead). There of course can be no Rockwell number associated with this process (even though certain manufacturers try to), as the Rockwell cone penetrates far deeper than any such coating as applied by modern man. Floridians who like knives soon discover that once out of the safe they turn into rusted relics, hence my taking a shine to blades designed for actual use. Amazing concept.

I could of course just get something in H1 steel, an alloy impervious to corrosion, but I don't like  some of the other characteristics associated with this particular process. My knives eventually get a 30 degree inclusive edge and only certain steels can take and hold such a grind. For references purposes, a surgeons scalpel is ground to an 18 degree inclusive edge, but they're nothing more than disposable razor blades with a different shape. A thin edge is not necessarily indicative of a good cutter, though, as cheap steels, like a surgeon's scalpel, will soon begin to micro-fracture and then become  jagged remnants of their former selves.


Why Cops Aren't Whistleblowing These Days

It may be true that abusive cops are few and far between, as police organizations typically claim. The problem is that other cops rarely hold them accountable. Perhaps that’s because they know they will be treated the way Max Seifert was. For all the concern about the “Stop Snitchin’ ” message within the hip-hop community, police have engaged in a far more impactful and pernicious Stop Snitchin’ campaign of their own. It’s called the Blue Wall of Silence.

Consider New York City police officer Adrian Schoolcraft. Schoolcraft was concerned about quotas for stops and arrests imposed by his commanding officers. Worse, some officers had been instructed to downgrade offenses, or even talk victims out of pressing charges, to make the city’s crime statistics look better. NYPD officials publicly denied there was any quota system or data fudging, but that didn’t jibe with what Schoolcraft was hearing in the station house. So he surreptitiously recorded commanding officers giving the instructions. According to The Village Voice, he brought his complaints to “a duty captain, a district surgeon, an NYPD psychologist, three Internal Affairs officers, and five department crime statistics auditors.” None of them took action against the officers imposing the quotas.

But the department did take action against Schoolcraft. Last October a SWAT team appeared at Schoolcraft’s Queens apartment, threw him to the floor, handcuffed him, and had him forcibly admitted to the psychiatric ward at Jamaica Hospital. NYPD officials lied to hospital staff about Schoolcraft’s condition, causing him to be held for six days against his will. Officially, the visit to Schoolcraft’s apartment was prompted by an unapproved sick day. But that does not explain the show of force or the removal of documents related to the quotas from Schoolcraft’s home.

In October The Village Voice reported another troubling incident, in which 10 rookie New York cops viciously beat a cabbie outside an Upper East Side bar in 2008. None of the cops were charged, although a few faced administrative discipline. Their captain was promoted. The only cop to suffer any serious repercussions was Sgt. Anthony Acosta—the one who tried to stop the beating. He was stripped of his gun and badge and assigned to desk duty.

There are more stories like these. Last year a former Albuquerque cop named Sam Costales was awarded $662,000 in a lawsuit against his own department. In 2006 Costales testified against fellow officers after an incident that resulted in the arrest of the retired race car driver Al Unser. Costales said Unser did not assault or threaten officers from the Bernalillo Sheriff’s Department, as claimed in police reports, and his testimony helped Unser win an acquittal.

None of the Bernalillo deputies were disciplined. But by now you probably can guess who was: Sam Costales. His own chief opened an internal affairs investigation of Costales for wearing his police uniform when he testified in Unser’s case. Albuquerque cops apparently are permitted to wear the uniform when they’re testifying for the prosecution, but not when they’re testifying for the defense.
As is often the case when an officer is investigated, the police union got involved—but not to protect Costales. James Badway, secretary of the Albuquerque Police Officers Association, sent an email message to the Bernalillo sheriff stating that the union was “embarrassed” and “ashamed” that Costales would testify against fellow officers.

In his 2005 book Breaking Rank: A Top Cop’s Exposé of the Dark Side of American Policing, former Seattle Police Chief Norm Stamper explains the implicit threats that make the Blue Wall so successful: “You have to rely on your fellow officers to back you. A cop with a reputation as a snitch is one vulnerable police officer, likely to find his peers slow to respond to requests for backup—if they show up at all. A snitch is subject to social snubbing. Or malicious mischief, or sabotage.…The peer pressure is childish and churlish, but it’s real. Few cops can stand up to it.”

That makes it all the more important that police administrators and political leaders support and protect the cops who do. The most disturbing aspect of these stories is not that there are bad cops in Kansas City, New York, and Albuquerque. It’s not even that other cops covered for them, or that unions have institutionalized the protection of bad apples. It’s that the cover-up and retaliation extend all the way to the top of the chain of command—and that there has been no action, or even condemnation, from the elected officials who are supposed to hold police leaders accountable."

Many savvy businesses work this way. And sure, cop-shops are businesses because they sure ain't the oath-swearing heroes of yesteryear.

Back when I was making part-time money whenever home, I'd head on over to my Uncle Ricky's automobile dealership. Uncle Ricky had a gigantic square mile or so of different name brand automobiles, but he'd usually stuck me with either Toyota or Honda sales, mostly Honda. The Japanese government you see subsidizes its automakers so there's always more profit to be had in the long run. Whenever a customer would call or bring in a vehicle that was under warranty, it was the salesman who sold him the car, along with the mechanics who would repair what was wrong, who'd talk the owner out of making a formal complaint. We'd always toss in some freebie to keep this between friends, and Honda and Toyota customer appreciation numbers soared and the report of defects diminished. To this day, both Toyota and Honda continue to lead the automotive pack with regards to customer appreciation and high quality when in truth they turn out as many clunkers as anybody. Just ask an honest mechanic or salesman.

Everyone stood together to hide whatever was wrong with the product, and oh sure it got fixed but it was rarely ever entered as an official malfunction. They referred to it as the Yellow Wall of Silence. We did it with tire upgrade, or a free year of oil changes, the cops do it by beating the complainers half to death on some filthy sidewalk then swearing it was his fault.

On the other hand, my real job of being a Marine meant weeding out what was unfit to be Marine'ish. Yes, we stood up for a fellow Marine but if he did something un-Marine-like then he had to face the music because those entrusted with the public's defense must be held to a higher level of accountability. Not so with the modern constabulary. The public is nothing more than the nuisance that can get in the way of a pleasant day at work. Cops speed when they want, on duty and off, disregard traffic signals and have been known to kill anyone getting in their way, even if that way is simply going to the dry cleaners.

And most of the time they get away with it. Or lets say they used to get away with it. Not that the old media reports upon it with any degree of regularity but the new one sure does and most of the reporting isn't of the cheerleader kind.

The 'Science' Of Libertarian Morality

"Empathizers identify with another person’s emotions, whereas systemizers are driven to understand the underlying rules that govern behavior in nature and society. Libertarians, unlike both liberals and conservatives, scored very high on systemizing. The authors note, “We might say that liberals have the most ‘feminine’ cognitive style, and libertarians the most ‘masculine.’ ”

Interesting stuff. The full magilla can be found here. While I disagree that there's much of a science to any of this...we basically assume the morality of our forebears until modern media presentations attempt to either persuade us otherwise or reaffirm the my mind its good to know that liberals are douchebag sissies who should all be wearing skirts.

The Price of L.A.'s Illegals

An estimate by a Los Angeles County supervisor finds that his county spent more than $600 million in 2010 on welfare for the children of illegal aliens. That's up more than $30 million over the previous year.

The cost estimate accounts only for food stamps and welfare benefits through the CalWORKS program. The figure does not reflect any direct costs from illegal alien parents themselves, nor from their children's education, health care, or public safety.

Since the whole of California is an avowed haven for illegal immigrants, and since the citizens of California continue to elect the politicians who spend billions of taxpayer money on these illegal immigrants, all I can say is good riddance to bad actors. The new Congress isn't going to bail out dirty places like California, so once these irrational beggars have to look up just to see rock-bottom, well...will the last one out of the land of fruits and nuts please turn off the lights. 

Once the place is nothing but tumbleweeds and Gila monsters there'll be plenty of halfway decent acreage for the new push westwards and maybe this time they'll get it right. Not left. Left never works.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Court Gives Emanuel The Boot

An appeals court in Chicago ruled Monday that Rahm Emanuel doesn't meet the residency requirements to run for mayor of Chicago and ordered his name be pulled off the ballot. The three judge panel voted 2-1 against Emanuel.
In a major blow to Emanuel's campaign, Monday's ruling overturned a Cook County Circuit Court ruling that upheld a Chicago Board of Elections decision to let Emanuel run in the February 22nd election.

I am of the opinion that since this is Chicago, and Emanuel is a connected dirt bag, somehow, some way, his name will be on that ballot come election day.

Liberal Media Bias Just Lost Another Foot Soldier

If the Keith Olbermann firing has you in some sort of tizzy then hie thyself to I Hate The Media for the real skinny. No. I wouldn't give the sumbitch the time of day let alone actually speak for or against his lunatic ass.

Dumbass Quote Of The Month

"It’s generally agreed that a tactical folder is a folding knife with features that make it, in today’s usage, tactical."  Tactical Knife Corner, Tactical 

It's generally agreed that using a word to describe itself, in today's, or any day's usage, is stupid.

More on the open, transparent, full disclosure reign of Caliph Barry...

" is worth noting that the President who campaigned for a more "open government" and "full disclosure" will not unseal his medical records, his school records, his birth records or his passport records. He will not release his Harvard records, his Columbia College records, or his Occidental College records. He will not even release his Columbia College thesis. All his legislative records from the Illinois State Senate are missing and he claims his scheduling records during those State Senate years are lost as well. In addition, no one can find his school records for the elite K-12 college prep school, Punahou School, he attended in Hawaii. Many of these records would either contain a birth certificate or registration as a foreign born person."

There's either going to be a "GOTCHA" moment, planned, let's say to coincide with the weeks leading up to the 2012 presidential election, whereby Barry can display, with a flourish, his irrefutable proof that he is indeed an American citizen...OR...

They'll continue to obfuscate as much as possible to continue getting away with hijacking the presidency. 

Lefties don't care WHAT the Constitution says. Its all about feelings, and tingles, and warm cuddly blankies. You'd think that by now, even the most staunchly liberal among them would be saying, okay, fer chrissake show the damned birth certificate, Barry.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cutlery Cornered

"...And Mr. Jim Frost would like to say a few words, hi there Jim and happy holidays to ya."

"Ah, thank ya Todd, and I'd lack (like) to thank everyone for sendin' in alla them recommendations for how we can im-prove Cutlery Corner, and thanks for all the hep (help). Ah, um, ah, Todd what holidays, ah, uh...?"

"Ya know I been sayin' happy holidays for so long it just comes out natural like anymore..."

"I hear that, Todd. Comes the tahm (time) you stop sayin' it its just about the tahm (time) to start sayin it all over agin (again)."

How absolutely dreadful for these poor men. Never knowing when the holidays begin, or end; trapped in the quagmire of ignorance concerning how the world surrounding them works. Guess its time for me to send in yet another suggestion. There are these things they call "calendars". These "calendar" devices keep track of time and it could be as simple as Todd and Big Jee-Im never having heard tell of such a thing.

Hawaii law bars release of Obama birth info

HONOLULU – A privacy law that shields birth certificates has prompted Democratic Gov. Neil Abercrombie to abandon efforts to dispel claims that President Barack Obama was born outside Hawaii, his office says.
State Attorney General David Louie told the governor that privacy laws bar him from disclosing an individual's birth documentation without the person's consent, Abercrombie spokeswoman Donalyn Dela Cruz said Friday.
"There is nothing more that Gov. Abercrombie can do within the law to produce a document," said Dela Cruz. "Unfortunately, there are conspirators who will continue to question the citizenship of our president."
Abercrombie, who was a friend of Obama's parents and knew him as a child, launched an investigation last month into whether he can release more information about the president's Aug. 4, 1961 birth. The governor said at the time he was bothered by people who questioned Obama's birthplace for political reasons.
But Abercrombie's attempt reached a dead end when Louie told him the law restricted his options.

So lemme see if I grok this...

All Barry has to do is to give his permission, and the truth will set him free. When then might we expect him to do precisely that?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Escaping From The Drunk Tank...We Give You (So Please Take Him)...The Great Todd Boone

Tap-tap. Tap...

"...every 15 minutes give or take a minute or two, your name will be entered, sorta like thrown in a hat, to win, to maybe to win this beautiful 3 blade abalone on a toothpick frame...and we've got us a winner...Jon.....come on Jodie announce the name of the winner..."

And I'm sure Jon Drake is thanking Jodie for pronouncing his name so emint, so elegrant, so elegantly..."

Yep only Todd Boone could mispronounce a word in an attempt to poke fun of his drab, monotone producer's mispronunciation of words. And the reason Todd rarely ever actually names an item for sale...he simply identifies what type of knife it because of his legendary ability to mispronounce even the most simple of words. He lashes out because, as is the case with most insecure dolts, his attacks are predicated upon his own weaknesses.

But its good to have him back, especially after listening to Sheila-Man-Hands-Travis trying to take his place.

And stupid old me, I've tried ordering from Cutlery Corner. Again. Just placed an order for CCN-21618. Haven't received any confirmation via email. Checking my account status there is no mention of any order.  But we'll see. The intent was to order some cheap knives from Frost Cutlery then  do a review of the materials, etc. 

The 2 knaaaahvs were $12, and the shipping, I think, was $13.10. UPS Ground. I think. On eBay, every hour of the day every day of the week you can order junk steel fashioned to somewhat resemble a knife for $6 and $3 or $4 shipping. You aren't getting the entertainment value, however, but what you are getting is an immediate response from eBay and PayPal that the order went through and was paid for.

But like I've said, there is no indication that the order was taken, so who knows. If it did, then I'll feature a head-to-head competition between Frost and a Kershaw. 

Oh and even if the order did, by some miracle go through, there's no chance of my winning the free knaaahf. The show is taped approximately 6 hours before airing here, and very few folks have the capabilities of going back in time, regardless of what the hosts say. Or maybe they think they can go forward in time. To my present and their future. Shit. This is going to cause them all sorts of problems when they read this and try to understand what I'm saying.


12:20 PM, Saturday: Nope. Still no indication of my placing an order over at Frost Cutlery. Makes their "giveaway" bullshit even more hideous; trying to hoodwink the hoodwinkable into believing that they're paying any attention to late night and weekend orders. I have done internet business with Amazon, eBay, a host of knife shops and too many firearm parts places to remember, and have yet to experience this level of incompetency. 

If even a third of the horror stories about Frost are true, these folks are arch criminals so I'll wait until Monday afternoon then try to cancel what they've yet to acknowledge. With such vaunted ineptitude it wouldn't surprise me to have them A) send an incorrect product, B) double or triple bill me, 3) find the order come next Christmas then add on a price increase before sending.

Friday, January 21, 2011


It’s said malaria is a disease of poverty, and poor countries don’t have enough funds, doctors or medicines to treat the disease — or prevent it in the first place. True enough. But malaria is also, and much more so, a disease of callous, intransigent environmental extremism and wanton disregard for human life. A disease whose prevention is hampered, and actively thwarted, by pervasive opposition to mosquito-killing insecticides, and mosquito-repelling DDT.

Anti-pesticide activists say they support other interventions: education, “capacity building,” modern drugs and bednets. Indeed, international funding for malaria prevention and treatment has risen from perhaps $40 million in 1998 to almost $2 billion in 2010. Millions of women and children now sleep under insecticide-treated nets. Millions now get diagnosed quickly and receive decent care and medicines.

These anti-malaria programs “saved nearly 750,000 lives over the past ten years.” the World Health Organization enthusiastically asserts. “That represents an 18 percent reduction in child mortality, compared with 2000.” That’s wonderful news. But it’s not good enough.

We would never tolerate 18 percent as “good enough,” if American or European kids’ lives were at stake, or if a 70-90 percent reduction in disease, misery and death rates were possible. And it would be possible, if we could end the lies and obstructionism that restrict access to mosquito killers and repellants (SIC) that can dramatically reduce infection rates and the need to treat a quarter-billion cases of malaria every year.
But the lies and obstruction are prevalent, and effective. Here are just a few of the most egregious.

“Nets are just as good as insecticides.” Prevention should always be the first line of defense. That’s why we chlorinate drinking water and vaccinate people against measles, mumps, polio and flu. Insecticide-treated bednets (ITNs) certainly help and should be used. But they are a supplement to, not a substitute for, larvacides, insecticides and DDT that kill mosquitoes and keep them away from people.
Bednets help if they’re used regularly and properly. They don’t help if they’re torn, people are working, there are only enough nets for a family’s small children and pregnant women, or it’s too hot to sleep under one. Indoor residual spraying (IRS) eliminates behavior as a consideration; it protects everyone in the house, 24 hours a day.

“Bednets are more cost-effective than indoor spraying.” This assertion is backed by several studies that anti-pesticide groups and ITN manufacturers allegedly financed. However, the studies compare bednets with IRS using pyrethroids like ICON, instead of DDT. Pyrethroids are far more expensive and must be applied more often than DDT, which raises IRS costs significantly. The studies also fail to include all the costs associated with manufacturing and distributing the nets. Independent analyses found that nets are actually four times more expensive than spraying the inside walls of homes with DDT.

Much more important, spraying DDT once or twice a year keeps 80 percent of mosquitoes from entering the home, irritates those that do enter, so they leave without biting, and kills any that land. No other chemical, at any price, has these repellency (SIC)  and irritation features. DDT helps doctors treat more patients with often scarce ACT drugs and dramatically slash disease and death rates — often by 90 percent or more.

All ready now?  Then repeat after me; DDT does not kill little birdies. Mosquito's DO kill little babies. 

But if there is one thing liberals enjoy doing is killing babies. Anything that so engorges their god-complex is a thing they'll go to the mattresses over, and the mere thought of sickening 250 MILLION people a year...10 percent of whom will die or be rendered so debilitated they'd wish they simply too thrilling to let go.

And know what? I couldn't give a rats ass if DDT DID soften egg shells. I happen to like babies lots more than birdies but that's just me.

Obama Should Embrace Race and Gender Neutral Initiatives that Outlaw Government Sanctioned Discrimination

By an overwhelming margin, Arizona voters approved a ballot initiative in November that explicitly forbids government agencies from discriminating on the basis of race, sex and ethnicity. Despite the best efforts of far-left pressure groups to mislead the electorate and intimidate supporters, Proposition 107, also known as the Arizona Civil Rights Initiative (ACRI), prevailed with 60 percent of the vote.

As Americans celebrated and recognized Martin Luther King Jr. for his commitment to equality and the ideals of the founding period on January 17th, now would be the opportune moment for President Obama to express support for ACRI and other race neutral initiatives that enjoy broad support. ACRI is part of a larger national effort that began with Proposition 209 in California back in 1996.

In December, a federal judge rejected legal challenges to the law, which also passed by a substantial margin. Ward Connerly, a former University of California regent, who is now president of the American Civil Rights Institute (ACRI), has been the galvanizing force behind the civil rights measures. Thus far, the initiatives have prevailed in Washington State, Michigan and Nebraska.

The Arizona law amends the state constitution to read as follows: “This state shall not grant preferential treatment to or discriminate against any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education or public contracting.”

Unfortunately, President Obama’s administration continues to advance race and gender preferences as a matter of policy. Although he campaigned as a racial healer, open to a socio-economic form of affirmative action that would not exclude white Americans, Obama has thus far failed to follow through on public policy measures that would advance King’s vision; quite the opposite in fact. He also on record as opposing Connerly’s initiatives.

Diana Furchtgott-Roth, a scholar with the Hudson Institute, has identified some of the key provisions that open the way to preferential policies.

Nah-nah-NAH! The Federal government, on the other hand, will NEVER stop discriminating; especially the party of slavery, aka Democrats.
Government agencies and private contractors must now incorporate racial and gender preferences into their employment practices under Section 324 of the Dodd-Frank finance bill. This key provision calls for the creation of at least 20 new Offices of Minority and Women inclusion. The healthcare bill also directs the Secretary of Health and Human Services to award preferences to those with “underrepresented backgrounds.
There is no escaping the conflict between the discriminatory language folded away into the legislation and the Obama Administration’s rhetorical opposition to racial profiling. In a joint White House news conference with Mexican President Felipe Calderon last May, Obama characterized Arizona’s immigration enforcement law, SB 1070, as a “misdirected expression of frustration” that would subject law abiding individuals to unfair racially motivated scrutiny.

Huh? Someone wanna translate Kenyan into English for me? Basically, our president...small 'p'...thinks it isn't discriminatory to discriminant against those he's decided it's okay to discriminate against.

Sound familiar? It should. Its the same rationale the African slavers used back in the days they lassoed their slower footed brethren and sent them packing to America and other places in need of slower footed Africans.

A real man says, hey, wait a minute. This is just a modern version of slavery. A real man then drop-kicks whomsoever brought the idea up in the first place and apologizes for even thinking about something so lame.

In other ain't gonna be Barry Boy. Lazy, good-for-nothing no-account slacker the liberals hired, in spite of all we tried to tell them he wouldn't do squat. Not squat. And to top it off, now I can never look at the White House the same. Ever again. Just thinking of Michelle Obama waltzing that fat ass and giant critter-mouth through those hallowed halls has me sick to my stomach.

Camden NJ Loses Half Its Police Force

 Recently, the police chiefs of five major Northeastern cities gathered privately at a Philadelphia hotel to brainstorm ways for the Camden, N.J., police department to weather the impending layoff of nearly half its police force.

Among the solutions they came up with, according to Newark Police Director Garry McCarthy, were to have Camden partner with federal agencies like the Drug Enforcement Agency; streamline the bureaucracy so each precinct operates independently rather than answering to a larger bureau; and try to build morale among the remaining officers. 

When Newark cut its force in 2010, McCarthy says, he looked at its thinned ranks as a positive change. "We've become like the U.S. Marine Corps, that does everything with nothing," he says. 

But Camden's getting hit a lot harder than Newark. Newark lost 164 officers, or 16 percent of its police force. On Tuesday, Camden's budget crisis forced the city to lay off 168 officers, cutting its force by 46 percent. (Camden also laid off 67 firefighters and more than 100 other municipal workers.) As a result, the city's police chief says his department can't respond to traffic accidents in which no injuries are reported. Same with vandalism and petty theft. Long-term investigations will take a back seat to short-term emergencies.

Imagine the indignity foisted upon the heads of a police department that must now...gasp...actually hire competent people to do the policing, as opposed to the affirmative action types that were brought onboard for not much else than their generous smiles. Everyone with a well-worn birth certificate remembers a time when police used to stop bank robbers and all sorts of ne'er do wells, but that changed once municipalities saw how lucrative it could be to teach cops to do not much more than hide behind billboards and issue summonses, and lurk throughout the darkest hours waiting to spring rolling DUI-stops.

Friday Morning Cartoon

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Marine Shoots Afghan Cop

KABUL, Afghanistan -- A U.S. Marine shot and killed an Afghan policeman after an argument Saturday in southern Afghanistan, NATO said.

The military coalition said the two men had a dispute at a patrol base in Sangin, a volatile district of Helmand province.

After the dispute, the Afghan policeman reportedly made threats and handled his weapon carelessly, NATO said. The Marine reported the behavior to his superiors.
NATO said the Afghan policeman left his post but returned and pointed his gun at the Marine, who shouted at him to put the weapon down. When he didn't, the Marine fired two rounds, killing the Afghan policeman.

Standard Operating Procedure is clear on this. No fuzzy area. Someone points a weapon, you shoot him. Preferably in the brain housing group. You may, at your discretion, and in whichever language you are fluent in, shout in a loud and clear voice "Lower your weapon". It isn't written in stone but your superiors will ask you about this, each and every one of them. More than once. It'll go in your permanent record if you reply in the negative, but there's not a damn thing they can do about it. And any superior worth his salt wouldn't want to do a damn thing about it.

Cue The Tap-Tap-Tap...And....Action


No tapping? Damn.

Just a soft rustle. Todd can't be there. Todd taps. O'Dell doesn't even bother to look at the run sheets so who could it be waiting for the theme music to go away, just standing there and rustling the run sheet because that's what amateurs do...

Man Hands. Damn X2. As interesting as waiting for water to boil. No personality. No verve or elan, and stupid enough not to realize that the product indicator at the corner of the screen is telling one and all that the knife is a "Bargin". 

Yeah. A Bargin. 

Todd is supposedly on vacation. In other words, back in the drunk tank. Sheila is giggling. That's the sum total of her capabilities. She stutters, then giggles. Guess I'll just hit the hay. Those bigass longshoreman  hands are spooky.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Florida Concealed Weapon Or Firearm License

Recently I've received some inquiries concerning renewal of  the Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm License, and since there have been some relatively new changes to the system, I'll post them here:

New or renewed licenses are valid for 7 years from the issuing date. Prior to this, the licenses were good for only 5 years.

Home addresses are no longer featured on the license. This is in response to many suggestions that all indications of town or county be removed, and the state finally agreed that it was unnecessary to include the licensees home address on the license itself. If the licensee changes his address, said change must be reported to the Division of Licensing within 30 days and this can be done easily enough by Googling Florida Concealed Carry, or clicking the link below where you can do it all online. They've been toying with the idea of requiring a 10 day turn-around in moving then reporting, but to my knowledge haven't written it in stone.

The fee for renewal is $65. This along with a passport-style photo taken within the past 30 days is to be sent along with the renewal form that you've had a Notary bear witness to.

In conclusion, I'd like to reiterate my long standing admiration for this particular department. Florida takes the 2nd Amendment seriously, and even if one waits until the last moment they'll have the form approved, printed and mailed within a week to ten days. From there on its the Post Office you must deal with. Their phone lines contain the most clear and concise information I've ever seen, and they'll tell you over the phone where your license is at any given point in time. You are not shunted about from pillar to post but routed directly towards the area you are looking for. 

Do I agree with the need for a license? No. But the people who work there are good people and should be recognized as such, particularly in a time when customer service is but a fleeting memory.

For additional information please click here. Get those licenses, use them, and as always thank you for your support.

Hawaii governor can't find Obama birth certificate

Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie suggested in an interview published today that a long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate for Barack Obama may not exist within the vital records maintained by the Hawaii Department of Health. 

Abercrombie told the Honolulu Star Advertiser he was searching within the Hawaii Department of Health to find definitive vital records that would prove Obama was born in Hawaii, because the continuing eligibility controversy could hurt the president's chances of re-election in 2012. 

Donalyn Dela Cruz, Abercrombie's spokeswoman in Honolulu, ignored again today another in a series of repeated requests made by WND for an interview with the governor. 

Toward the end of the interview, the newspaper asked Abercrombie: "You stirred up quite a controversy with your comments regarding birthers and your plan to release more information regarding President Barack Obama's birth certificate. How is that coming?"
In his response, Abercrombie acknowledged the birth certificate issue will have "political implications" for the next presidential election "that we simply cannot have." 

Suggesting he was still intent on producing more birth records on Obama from the Hawaii Department of Health vital records vault, Abercrombie told the newspaper there was a recording of the Obama birth in the state archives that he wants to make public.

Know what is interesting?
Nowhere in the article do you find the Governors political affiliation.
Strange, ain't it?
I mean, the former Governor was Linda Lingle (R), and pretty much everywhere I looked there it was, that parenthetical 'R' staring me right in the face. Had to look high and low elsewhere for the 'D' associated with this freaks name but finally found it.
Former Governor was a Republican and banned any searching into Obama's real birth certificate. This charlatan is a democrat and wants to PROVE, prove mind you that Barry is an Hawaiian born lad but dangitall, just can't  jury-rig find any proof. 
But give him time. Wouldn't want him to pull a Rather and muck it all up.
Because, want in on a little secret? Sure you do.
Barry himself doesn't have a clue where or to whom he was born. Or who sired him. Momma and Granny and Auntie Em told the boy so many different stories because its what illegal immigrants do with their kids so they can't go blabbing the real deal. An old acquaintance of mine searched high and low for his real mom and dad after discovering that the lady who raised him was no blood relation at all. Two decades later he was no closer than the day he started in part because certain immigrants are allowed to legally carry half a dozen names so as not to upset their, um, heritage.

Barry was born in Kenya. Case closed and Katie bar that damn door.

NYPD 'buys back' missing gun stolen from cops locker...

A gun swiped from a police lieutenant's locker - sparking a probe into whether it was an inside job by disgruntled officers - was sold to an NYPD buyback program for $100.
The discovery is alarming because it means that if cops took the 9-mm. pistol from their supervisor as a retaliatory prank, they dangerously let it out of their possession.
"We've had guns disappear in the past because malcontents stupidly thought that was a way to make their cause known, but they usually showed up late in the same precinct," a police source said Tuesday.

"For police guns to be floating around like this - shameful."

The handgun is one of two weapons discovered missing from lockers - secured with combination locks - in the 103rd Precinct stationhouse in Jamaica, Queens, on Saturday.

First off: hahahahahahahahahahahahaha...gasp...hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Whew okay.

Disgruntled, alarming, shameful, malcontents. Let's add dumbass, moronic gun-grabbing elite-in-their-own-minds-asswipes to the mix, and you've got yourself a GENUINE journalistic review of the story. And seriously, what better way to score some weekend drinking money than by selling a gun to the NYPD.

And never you mind the insert. The Daily Snooze wouldn't know a Walther from a GLOCK from a frickin Luger.

And before I forget, don't fail to miss CBS's Blue Bloods, the Tom Selllout Selleck snoozefest that moves from its usual Friday spot to Wednesday, just because. The production values are first-rate in this insiders view of New York City royalty; now if they'd only do something about the writing, directing, acting, and while they're at it why not add even more unbelievable derring-do done by never-dids as they make life safer for criminals citywide. I suppose since Sellout Selleck couldn't get a movie role for love nor money, dropping back to TV where liberals can now gloat over Mr. NRA turning coat and becoming a bonafide gun-grabbing prig must be warming the cockles of his traitorous heart.