Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Long Gorgeous Legs And Large But Firm Breasts...

Yep. The email from Google's AdSense has led me to experiment.

And an ass to die for...

Okay, let's see what ads they try and match to this.

Google's No-Sense...

Received this email today:

Note from the Google AdSense Team

Over the past few months, AdSense has gone through quite a few changes – some big, some small, all designed to make the program that much better for our publishers. In case you missed any of these updates, we've outlined them below and provided links to resources with more information. We hope you'll learn more about and take advantage of the new features and improvements to get the most out of your AdSense account.
If you have any comments after reading our updates, we encourage you to share them with us, so that we can continue to improve the features and services we offer through AdSense in the future.

The Google AdSense Team

Translation: We still haven't the foggiest idea of how to match content with advertising, so we'll muddle along because it's really really hard. And yes, you DID mention gourmet food one day and we did spend the next three days advertising brazilian kaba-nuts because we thought your readers would like that, but wow, our bad.

Okay Everybody...It's Emulate A Big Blog Evening...

"Hmm. It's my personal belief that Hillary Clinton became far too enamored of her husband's wag the dog form of governing, and her latest fence sitting approach to discussing Iraq is proof positive that the lady is a herdsmistress of many faces.

She finds herself distrought that the war wasn't handled better...although what IS better escapes her time and time again...but stands firm in agreeing with the fact that yes, she did support the war to begin with.

And herin lies the cow, strike that, rub. Anything we can look up for ourselves Ms Clinton afirms as indeed being the truth. But it's my personal belief that her...wait I already said that...

I can't go on, sorry. Tried to sound like one of the guys at Powerline but it's nearly as hard as reading something on Pajama's Media.

Thought it was a good idea but mainstream drivel can be found anywhere so why pay for internet service just to get the same old obvious, unsophisticated tripe from guys who didn't even know they lived in a blue state until the day after the last Presidential election.

Mea culpa.

LGF Shills The Same Old Story

And that's sadness personified. The original Bush-Memo dime-dropper himself, Charles Johnson is now reduced to barking for the yak woman to get somebody, ANYBODY over to Pajama Media.

Believe me, Charles, we'd go if there was something to see. Claudia Rosett going on and on about how it'd be a bad thing for the US to relinquish control of the internet to the UN isn't news. It's blogworthy if someone gives it a heartfelt rant, but this tepid, look-I'm-almost being-funny-and soooooooo-dissing-the-hallowed-halls-at-Turtle-Bay is pathetic.

We surf the net for something DIFFERENT, Charles, not same-old yellowstream media bullswaddle.

Here's the link, only because I link to all sources and not because I want to promote the yawn that is the Pajama party.

Blogging like you're the Washington Post isn't going to work. Someone tell them this before they make me go over there.

Please do.

Louisiana Gets Something Right?

Has Hell just turned a tad chilly?

Stop The ACLU » Blog Archive » Louisiana Legislature Could Be the ACLU’s Worst Nightmare

"The Louisiana Legislature has approved a resolution urging Congress to pass the Constitution Restoration Act, a bill that would prohibit federal courts from ruling in cases involving government officials who acknowledge God “as the sovereign source of law, liberty or government.”

Read the whole thing, please do.

This protesting anything even remotely resembling a Christian deity has gone way too far, even for those nutjobs at the ACLU, and Wet & Wild Louisiana wants it stopped. Like yesterday.

When The Commander in Chief Becomes Absolute Ruler...

Was watching this horrid show as I was working on something and didn't know whether to laugh or cry when the following happened:

A Woman President Can Do Anything!

[Matthew J. Franck 11/29 10:25 PM]
So I'm kind of half-watching ABC's deeply silly Commander in Chief this Tuesday evening and I want to know where to send the hit men to whack someone in Hollywood for writing a script that misinforms countless, careless, blameless Americans about how our constitutional system operates. After much agonizing, President Geena Davis (sorry, can't retain her character's name on the show) decides to commute the sentence of a death row inmate, on Thanksgiving Day no less. The only trouble is, the murderer is languishing on Texas's death row — perpetrator of a crime under state law, convicted under state law, awaiting execution by state authorities. No one told the writers or producers of this stupid show that a president has no power to pardon, or to commute the sentence of, such a prisoner, but may do so only in the case of persons enmeshed in the federal criminal justice system. They even showed the moment of decision, when the president calls . . . the governor of Texas, to tell him her executive order is on its way! In the real world, such a phone call would be answered by the governor saying, "well, thanks for your opinion of our business, ma'am, but what the hell do you think you're talking about?"I hope the Alito hearings are more informative than this product of the Hollywood disinformation factory. With Arlen Specter in the chair, I don't expect it, but I can hope."

If you're serious about the hit men, Mat, email me. Gonna be costly but do-able.

The NY Post Continues It's Attack On The 2nd Amendment...

Yesterday we commented upon a strange tail of woe. Woe-laden because it was a of NYPD's finest was killed by a madman with a gun, and strange because some blathering idiot of a Docto was ranting the usual liberal cannon of despair regarding firearms.

Today the assault continued...

New York Post Online Edition: news

"The Glock carried by suspected killer Allan Cameron was stolen in Florida in 1999, and was used last June to shoot up a Brooklyn nightclub by a man who was angry over being told to put out his cigarette, cops said yesterday.

On May 17, 2002, Jeffrey and several colleagues were walking to the subway after their night shift at the nearby 70th Precinct — the same station house where Stewart was assigned.
Someone fired at them from the roof of 142 St. Paul's Place in Flatbush. Jeffrey was struck in the arm.

A .38-caliber revolver found in Henry's apartment was linked to the shooting. But a jury acquitted him at trial; one juror said the prosecution didn't have enough evidence.
Though cops think Cameron's Glock was once in Henry's possession, they aren't sure of any connection between the two men.

Cameron's Glock also differs from the .380-caliber pistol he allegedly used to shoot off-duty cop Wiener Philippe in a robbery in Crown Heights on Nov. 19.

The bullets fired at Stewart are too degraded to be tied to Cameron's Glock, police sources said."
So this bad actor had at least 3 different guns, we'll wager all stolen, and yesterday's sob story from the little Doc that couldn't save the cop is made moot.

Stolen. Erase all handguns tomorrow and they'll steal shotguns and have the barrels cut down for better concealment. Rifles too. Hell, it isn't all that hard for a chop-shop to MAKE a disposable gun and lots of THEM are on the streets too. What's next, Doc, banning power tools as well?

And the poorly written, disjointed and fumbling story continues. Seems that the killer was the same jungle creature who shot a drunken cop just a week or so ago. Cop returning from a party is accosted, draws his weapon, fires nine shots, misses everything but the neighborhood street lamps and living room windows.

New York Post Online Edition: news

"When Officer Wiener Philippe heard another cop had been shot early Monday, he rushed to the hospital to try to offer special words of comfort to his wounded comrade's family.
The two cops had never met, but less than a week earlier, Philippe had spent several days at the same hospital recovering from gunshot wounds he sustained in a vicious mugging — and knew firsthand the kind of support any injured cop and his kin would need."

"I wanted to tell him and his family, 'Hey, I was wounded and made it through, and I and other people will be here for you,' " an emotional Philippe told The Post yesterday.

The wounded officer, Dillon Stewart, later died — and a stunned Philippe would learn only hours later the chilling crucial link between his own brush with death and Stewart's mortal injuries."

Connections. The cops refer to it as having a godfather. When you have connections you can empty your pistol at a bad guy, shoot up half the neighborhood and still remain on the force.

THESE are the folks who are out there to "protect" us, and this newspaper was at one time considered to be of a conservative bent.

Bottom line? Animal procures a stolen gun and kills a cop. Surgeon at the hospital weeps about how horrible guns are, and doesn't see the abject nonsense in complaining about illegal hand guns in NYC. WHEREVER the gun laws are the strictest, you can bet your life that's where you'll find the most guns.

But instead of law abiding citizens owning them for protection you have gangstas killing anything that moves.

And idiotic liberals screaming for our firearms to be taken and melted down to raise a staute for whichever cold-blooded murderer they've fallen in love with as of late.

PS: I'll bet cash money that when it comes time for this cop killing animal to be sentenced, the Doctor and all of his liberal pals sign as many petitions for clemency as they can scrawl their Hancocks on.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Science In The News: Around The Corner And Up Your Street...

Group: Cannibalism in Video Games Is Too Violent

Wherein real cannibalism is quite tame and friendly...

Iran Wants Full-Fledged Space Program

Lots of us want to send 'em to the moon, yes...

Japanese Have Thruster Trouble

Guess size does matter, but it still seems like a personal problem...

Japan Nabs Man for Fake News Web Site

Then what'll become of the AP, the Washington Post, NY Times, and Reuters?

What France Should Do With It's Poor, Disinfrancized Yutes...

Anklebiting Pundits has the perfect solution. Thousands of French homeless freeze to death each winter. Thousands of French yutes burn cars each winter. If the government could find a way for them to burn cars near the freezing homeless...

Kel-Tec HANDGUN. PLR-16. Awesome. Just Think Of All The Loons You'd Piss Off...

Torture... the hot topic over at National Review Online. Tune in to observe the discourse between marvelously naive people of good will as they try and find the silver lining in so odious a subject. a person, I like those guys and dolls but here's a free clue; it happens every day. During times of war it happens more frequently. HAS happened for something going on several thoudands of years and isn't changing as long as devoted men and women strive mightily to protect their country from those that would do it harm. Are they as guilty as the terrorists themselves for "sinking" to the lowest common denominator?

For people who need help in answering that question....there IS no answer. You either have an understanding of how the real world works or you don't.

Click And See Stop-The-ACLU's Ad From The Washington Times...

Sadly, I cannot because the main page does not load properly for me. I suppose that those with a high speed connection or an ISP OTHER than AOL might be able to view this marvelous blog on a regular basis, but as usual we dial-uppers are last in line and can only dream of what might be.

Sweet mother of pearl winge a little more why don't ya...

Tragedy Of An Officer Down Provides Fuel For The Loons

New York Post Online Edition: commentary

Another Doctor just doesn't get it about guns. Not a big surprise, but the fact that the conservative NY Post would give him the venue to preach his clueless words of unwisdom is. A policeman was killed, and before anyone has had the time to determine from whence the weappon of his demise came from, the attending physician began to scream for more gun control.

"New York, as we all know, has very restrictive gun laws and a very active police force that works very hard to get guns off the streets."

But when the whole country is deluged with guns, and when people can buy guns very easily in Florida, Georgia, and Virginia and bring them up here, they're much too easily available."

Untrue. One does not just walk into a shop and purchase a handgun as if it were a loaf of bread, ANYWHERE in the country. They are, 99.9% of them, stolen from private owners and gunshops, and before even knowing of the disposition of the weapon that killed a NYC officer the Doc preaches to the liberal choir but makes no sense to anyone else. And of course just doesn't get how stupid it sounds to say that NY laws don't keep guns from the hands of criminals so we should enact the same laws elsewhere.

"Consider what would have happened yesterday with stricter federal gun controls in effect.
If this man — suspect Allan Cameron — were angry at Officer Dillon Stewart, he might have punched him instead of shooting him."

Yes, Doc, homicidal maniacs are known to simply punch people and leave it at that. 85% of federal and state prison inmates agree that were handguns to disappear they'd simply find other deadly weapons, and find them in a heartbeat. Quite the shame the Doc didn't spend SOME of his time learning human nature as well as what little medicine he practices.

"But the armaments industry controls the National Rifle Association, and the NRA has intimidated politicians, both Republican and Democratic, making it impossible to pass suitably restrictive gun laws.

The restrictions made five or six years ago have been stripped away."

The senseless restrictions of 5 or 6 years ago wouldn't have prevented this tragedy, and the countries that ban handguns see 3 TIMES the violence the states does because bad people will find a way to hurt good people, case closed. But I guess the Doc thinks that a Glock is an assault rifle or some other such flummery and the man simply should stick to doing what he does best. Then again, maybe we need tougher laws to certify physicians who seem to allow an awful lot of cops to die. Maybe they aren't up to snuff. Maybe we need better Doctors. Yeah I know, that sounds almost as silly as what the Doc said but I'm in a rambunctous tit-for-tat mood.

"The city police are not patsies on this. They're very effective and focused.
But there's just so much you can do when these guns creep in from other places and people can get guns with virtually no screening. Some days at KCH we're deluged with victims of guns and other violence."

Again untrue. Florida has a thorough background check AND a 3 day waiting period on the books in order to purchase a handgun, and each and every word out of the Doctors mouth is as wrong as a person could be and still be capable of tying his own shoelaces unassisted.

"We've lectured against violence and we've let people know how important gun control is.
We've visited local schools and churches showing pictures of the unspeakable — bodies ripped apart by gunfire.

But so far it's been a losing battle.

Hopefully, the death of Officer Stewart will reignite the people's passion to bring the gun lobby to heel."

Lecturing. Ah yes, the liberal answer for every problem. Instead of executing criminals we lecture them. NYC thugs know that they'll be lectured a lot but never face the death penalty. The death of the officer is lamentable, but what the Doc wants to do to solve the problem is punish the innocent for the deeds of the guilty. Look at thae homicidal maniac in California, the one the loons have embraced. The one that brutally murdered several people 24 frickin years ago but still draws breath. Why? Because the jerkwads support the guilty and to hell with the victim.

What an asshole. And ya know what? His bilgewater DOES incite me to call for better laws that PUNISH these madmen in kind, and yep, we OBVIOUSLY need better Med Schools as well. But then again, this is an individual who considers himself to be a Renaissance man par excellance and such hubris permits him to speak of things he not only knows nothing about, but never will because he's too lazy or predisposed to believe the leftwing nonsense.

Used to amaze me how otherwise intelligent people could be so very wrong each and every time they opened their mouths. Then I had my 10th birthday and was wise enough to figure the loons out.

Irish Magazine Proclaims Israel Does Not Have A Right To Exist...

"Why is The Dubliner, which claims to be "widely regarded as the definitive guide to Irish culture", publishing an op-ed piece that not only disputes Israel's right to exist but also denigrates Jewish history and culture at the same time?

In the immediate aftermath of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's call to 'wipe Israel from the face of the map', this magazine's November issue publishes an opinion piece alluding to the same idea by former Irish Labor Minister Justin Keating. While couched in less violent terms than Ahmadinejad, Keating claims:

"...the Zionists have absolutely no right in what they call Israel, that they have built their state not beside but on top of the Palestinian people, and that there can be no peace as long as contemporary Israel retains its present form."

Click the headline and read the whole thing, please do. Europe as a whole pretty much feels the same way as the Irish, and it's difficult to tell if such pronouncements are born within the clacketty synapse of a totally deranged mind or a frightened one. In other words...made-up shit from one detweiller or another, or lets get behind the Arabs before they head here and begin killing OUR women and children as well.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Nuff said.

Super...[fill in the blanks]

The new Superman. He's gay, the director is gay, and we KNOW the writers gotta be gay. Please now, have you ever SEEN Roger Simon?

Anyways, it'll be interesting to see Superlisp, strike that, Superman on the big screen again, and I for one don't care that he's light in the sneakers, but judas priest what a horrid costume and could you have asked the dude to put on a LITTLE frickin' muscle maybe? Click the pic for a gigunda version of it and take a gander at the phony-looking S.....decal from Wal-Mart, maybe? And sheesh...Thunderthighs, No Upper Body Man is more like it. But the gals & gays will love the package I suppose.

Michell M Is In A Dither...

We gave 'em the vote but was that good enough? Now they blog and this weepy reaction to anything remotely untowards is beginning to get on my nerves.

Seriously, Michelle Malkin is all flubadubbed over this cartoonist, and save me lord but I actually got a laugh from the thing. Sure, the guy's a whack job lefty from the get-go, but he's got just as much right to be an asshole as say, the Pajama guys, so chill, Shelly, chill.

The zillion folks who click into your blog...and spend an average 3 to 7 seconds there...will check this dude out and he's a hero for a few days while the hit count skyrockets, so what did you prove besides making sniff-sniff at some tasteless cartooning. Or is that an oxymoron? Shouldn't ALL cartoons be tasteless or what's the point?

Now, if the jerkwad in the cartoon was a Marine...

Full Frontal Factoid

According to the U.N., spit, the most dangerous "developed" country in the world is Scotland. Followed by England and Wales. Violent crimes in all three of those locations are approximately 3 times the level per capita of the US.

According to the U.N., spit, the country with the strictest gun control law is Scotland. Followed by England and Wales.

This Just In...

Brits Believe Bush Bombed Kosovo While Governor Of Texas!

Sunday Times Online Exclusive...

by Simon Jenkins...

"...That Blair and Bush should have discussed bombing the Al-Jazeera building in Qatar is hardly surprising. They agreed to bomb the headquarters of Serbian television during the Kosovo war."


Oh but this is rich. Trying to run a modern nation with 6th century schematics just ain't workin' so well, is it hoss?

BREITBART.COM - Fatah Halts Primaries in Gaza

"The Palestinians' ruling Fatah Party halted its primary election across the Gaza Strip on Monday after angry gunmen shot in the air at several polling stations, stole some ballot boxes and destroyed others.

Fatah officials said the votes cast Monday would be nullified, and the primary would have to be rescheduled. The election violence highlighted the ongoing lawlessness in Gaza's streets."

Rescheduled for when? When the moslems stop killing anything that moves? When they join the human race? When hell freezes over?

And there actually were people who that that this could work. The primate section of any halfway decent zoo will feature hundreds of apes living together with far less friction than two moslems and only one attractive goat.

This just in....

The PJ Special Report Editors have determined beyond a shadow of a doubt that the internet is unlike communicating face to face.

Also...the crack staff is working on a breaking scientific announcement that could once and for all prove that ice is just really really cold water...

by Claudia Rosett

"Watch this space for a Pajamas Media special report. Should the Internet be governed by the United Nations, or is that just a recipe for a bytes-for-food scandal down the pike--or worse?"

Wowsers. How topical. How cutting edge. How so LAST FRICKIN MONTH.

Tune in next time, same PJ-Time, same PJ-Channel, for another breathtaking scoop from Pajamas Media. Quick, Look! Roger Simon just shot an elephant in his it got into his pajamas he'll never know...

Brought to you in part by Preparation H...the perfect product to keep on hand to remind you of the painful assholes who wish to single-handedly give blogging a bad name.

"Mr. Moore Said He'd Be Here...Mr. Moore Said He'd Be Here...MR. MOORE SAID HE'D FRICKIN BE HERE..."

Let Loose The Dogs Of Vomitus...

That traitorous scum Ramsey Clark is off to Iraq to defend Sodammned Insane.

And "STOP" has a good take on it all.

A NRO Reader Chimes In On Seattle...

Seattle Is The Liberal Armpit Of The Nation Because...

) It is against the law for any city of Seattle employee, including the police, to ask anyones immigration status.

2) The Seattle School District is 20 million in the hole yet the Seattle city council pays someone to read poetry at council meetings:

3) We have a 10 year plan to end homelessness which contains 6 principle actions. The first one listed... "Prevent Homelessness".

Not sure why we need the other 5
actions. of page 19 if you care to verify.

"I could give you more examples but I have to work so I can afford the taxes to pay off the 200 million dollar debt for a monorail system that is now not going to be built."

And frequent NRO contributor Jonah Goldberg has this to say about Seattle:

IN SEATTLE [Jonah Goldberg]
I'm heading back to DC in a few hours. I always have such mixed feelings about Seattle. On the one hand, there's a lot to like about this town and this region. It's my kind of weather, my kind of food, etc. But I'm always amazed at how pre-Giuliani so much of the downtown is. I'm baffled at how the business community and the tourist industry can cave to the drug-addict romanticizers and panhandler enablers. There is so much skeeviness and bummery going on right at the heart of why people come to this town in the first place. And, it's not just to prey on the tourists, there are half-way houses, methadone clinics, etc all near Pike's. I don't folllow Seattle politics so I don't know how the arguments play out, but I'd have to guess there are West Coast versions of the same jackasses who thought drug dealing, transvestite hookers, and robbery were what gave Times Square its authenticity and "charm."

Off With His Head...

When Sodamned Insane was in charge of Iraq, such conduct would result in an immediate trip to the firing range where one would learn an up close and personal lesson about daring to contradict or speak up in front of his majesty:

Sodamned Harangues Judge...

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Saddam Hussein harangued the judge at the second session of his trial on Monday before it was adjourned to grant co-defendants time to find new counsel after one of their lawyers was killed and another fled Iraq.

After less than three hours of hearings, including videotaped testimony from a witness who has since died, Judge Rizgar Mohammed Amin ordered a one-week adjournment until December 5, just 10 days before Iraq holds parliamentary elections.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Highlights From The Religion of

Jihad du Jour (News of the Day)

Iraqis Campaigning in Spite of Violence...
Sharia Comes to California...
Chinese Prisoner Humiliated as Qur'an is Read...
U.S. Rep. Says al-Qaeda Operative Captured at Mexican Border...
'Islamic Personality of the Year' Prays to 'Terminate' Jews...
Is Jacko Going Muslim?...
Christians Join Protest Against Kidnapping, Forced Conversion of Hindu Girls...

I'm just so glad that someone is keeping a running tally of moslem atrocities around the world, ya know? Was threading through GlockTalk the other day and came across a post from a world class bigot proclaiming how he's rather buy his firearms from "commie" countries than Israel, because of all the terrorist things the Jews do. His source? Say's he saw lotsa things at Yahoo news about how badly the Jews have been treating the Palestinians, and right before my eyes I saw the effect of the mainstream media at work. Here's a guy barely capable of spelling Cat if you spotted him the c and the t, and he's an expert on middle eastern affairs from reading Yahoo.

"If'n the damned jews would have left the arabs alone we wouldn't have had 9/11."

Think I'll toss a link to in my profile at GlockTalk. Couldn't hurt, and all of us must do what we can to fend off the bullshit from the like of the ASSociated Press, and al-Reuters.

Anyway, 3,321 islamic terrorist attacks since 9/11. And counting. But it's just a few of them. Bare handful. Most of the moslem world loves us. Yes.

Swoon Over His Ciggy

No Smokes For You

KANSAS CITY (AP) - "A recent change in the photo of a well-known children's book illustrator to remove a cigarette from his hand has drawn criticism from a Kansas City bookstore.

Pete Cowdin, owner of Reading Reptile, said he noticed the change about six weeks ago while selling a copy of "Goodnight Moon," a popular classic written by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Clement Hurd that was first published in 1947.

The photograph of Hurd published in the book for years showed him with a cigarette in his right hand, but in new copies brought out recently by HarperCollins Publishers, the cigarette has been digitally removed.

Cowdin, surprised by the change, reacted by setting up a Web site,, to protest what he says is censorship.
"This is one of the best-selling kids books of all time," he said. "There are certain responsibilities and obligations on the part of the publisher as a steward - not just a marketer - to what I consider an archival document. To go in and do something like that is the pinnacle of arrogance."
The company defends the altered photo. Kate Morgan Jackson, editor-in-chief for HarperCollins Children's Books, said the company contends the issue is about smoking.
"One of our responsibilities is to make sure we are publishing" the book "the right way throughout the ages and making it healthy for every generation," she said.
Cowdin includes both versions of the photo on his Web site and ask readers to vote "smoke" or "no smoke."

While saying "everybody agrees" that smoking is bad, Cowdin said changing the photo suggests that Hurd is "attendant to some moral lapse," although the photo was taken decades ago when attitudes about smoking were different."

Doesn't matter WHEN the pic was taken, or how different the attitudes were, it's simply the epitome of nonsense to perform an edit just for the sake of pc'ness.

What's next? Pics of Patton sans the ivory handle revolver because folks today are more afraid of guns? Or better yet, how's about the old shots of FDR with his long-ass cigarette holders? Edit him too?

It's called rewriting history you asswipes, and a form of censorship so vile that if you were told to do so you'd put up as much of fuss as your little selves could muster. Lord almighty but what must it BE like to live in such constant fear of EVERY thing.

Thanks to Michelle Malkin for the link and the picture of the now smokeless illustrator.

Traffic Jam Of The Brain Housing Group

Blog Jams: The turkey that laid a golden egg

Ever listen to someone that talks a lot but never seems to make any sense? Along the way you've bound to have had teachers or professors who'd utter something akin to the following:

Most importantly, what is needed are several steps to begin ascertaining the viability of not only projecting the essence of what is important, but to achieve even greater respect by promulgating the very definition of levels of importance pertinent to each and every nuanced and even boldfaced attempts at detailing what most feel would be in error.

Words strung together that make no sense, no sense at all. I took a netride over to Pajamas Media to have a look at their Blogjam, and sweet lord of the mornin' it's scary:

"Today's panelists, all members of Pajamas Media's Editorial Advisory Board, will be carving up the turkey that was OSM (Open Source Media) and has now been reborn as Pajamas Media. What is our new identity, and what does it mean for us moving forward? Weighing in are:
Adam Bellow,Tammy Bruce, Clifford May, Glenn Reynolds.

Glen Reynolds: I think that overall the Pajamas / OSM operation has relied too much on the services of consultants and experts. They know stuff, but the results tend to be, well, corporate and sterile. And don't even start me on the "branding" experts. I hope the check hasn't cleared yet. . . . .
Chime in, folks!

Tammy Bruce: When I first spoke to Roger L. Simon about this adventure, one of the things I warned him about was the tendency to routinize a revolution. I noted while organizing is a good thing, as a part of the feminist establishment I saw the decay of an important movement when it became too controlled. I think the whole name issue reflects the potential problem (and seduction) of going corporate, but then we got back to what makes the blogosphere so incredible—it was noticed, and then changed. The environment itself invites this sort of dynamic, and I’m personally thrilled we’re back in our pajamas.

Now, okay, Glen feels as if too much GRAVITAS was given to the "experts" opinion on this or that, but these same experts work for YOU, nothing is written in stone, and the CUSTOMER is the one who must be pleased and give the okay. Who was making these decisions to go with what the experts said, Johnson and Simon? If so, blame Johnson and Simon.

I spit a pumpkin seed at the screen laughing over what Tammy Bruce said...and with a name like that she should be into country music and not superstation-blogging...and what exactly WAS she trying to say? Adventure? Organization? Feminist? Revolution? Did she think someone was asking for a resume? Or the synopsis for a new Anne Rice novel?

Click into the thing and read it all if you've a mind to. Then have the common decency to explain to me what the hell this is all about.

Please do.

Definition of a Model 1911...

"A 1911 is: A 39-ounce, all steel, 5-inch, single-action, 7-round (Not 8!) pistol with a slide-locking manual safety and a pivoting grip safety with an inertial, spring-loaded firing pin that doesn't NEED a blocking device if the spring is changed every few years. It has a barrel bushing and a single, linear-rate recoil spring, and an internal extractor made of good, spring-tempered steel, and if it has a true, captive half-cock, it can be carried in Condition One for a hundred years as safely as a loaded gun can be carried. It is also more durable and probably more functionally reliable than anything you can buy...assuming that everything within the gun is correct and in-spec...and halfway decent ammo is loaded into good magazines.

A Colt Commander is NOT a 1911. Neither is an Officer's Model or Defender.Ditto for a Para P-14 or LDA. If ya wanna get really picky, the 1911-A1 isn't even a 1911...but I ain't gonna get that picky."

This from one of the moderators nicknamed 1911 Tuner, over at THR - Powered by vBulletin

The man has FORGOTTEN more than I ever knew about .45 semi-automatics, his word is gold, and, as you can see from the above quote, he's quite persnikety when it comes to describing precisely WHAT a real model 1911 is.

And if that's the case, then I'm at a loss to describe a modern day version of the 1911 as actually being one. External extractors, MIM parts, barrel lengths down to 3" in some cases...yuck.

A firearms manufacturer, ANY firearms manufacturer that set down to make a genuine 1911...and keep the beancounters away from the drawing board...would make a mint.


And stop right now, just stop before you go ahead and say that the government issue .45's were inaccurate because I've heard it all and then some.

"Remember to shake out yer gun every mornin' kid to be sure you scoot out alla them little forest critters who crawled in fer the night", was in reference to the supposed gaping tolerance the old .45's had, and let me say this about that:

At 100 yards I could hit a 12" circle on a 55 gallon drum and do that all day long. And forget about practice targets for a moment; the .45 I carried in a shoulder holster took it's share of walking ones.

More than it's share. It fed, fired, and flung without a hitch and saved my undeserving ass more than once. And now I'm basically a revolver guy because so many of today's semi-auto's are too finnicky to trust my life to. I'll plink with 'em, but unless it's one of the two or three makes and/or models I've wrung out and believe in, gimme a wheelgun any day.

Google's Booger Breaks Own Record For Ineptitude

4 hours and 40 minutes to publish.

Mother of mercy are these people for real?

Can you imagine trying to live-blog a special event from this crapfest disguising itself as a blogging service?

Soldiers That Burned Bodies Will Be Disciplined...But Not Court Martialed - U.S. Soldiers Will Not be Charged For Burning Taliban Bodies

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan -- "Four U.S. soldiers face disciplinary action for burning the bodies of two Taliban rebels, but they will not be charged with crimes because their actions were motivated by hygienic concerns, the military said Saturday.

...Islamic clerics criticized the findings. "These soldiers should be severely punished," said Khair Mohammed, a senior cleric in Kandahar. "Foreign soldiers in Afghanistan must respect our religion. If they continue to do things like this, every Muslim will be against them."

Well of course the raghead shamen were pissed, burning something for the sake of cleanliness would never enter their minds, so I give them a pass until they've been around US troops long enough to realize that modern folks bathe and don't enjoy being around germ-ridden corpses.

But sweet moses on a pogo stick, what were these men thinking, what do ANY of them think when they photograph and videotape themselves doing wacky shit? And please, none of this...they're really only kids away from home and don't know any better...becasue that's bullswaddle. I was in the SAME frickin position as these "kids", did far worse than burn dead bodies, and if I'd have been caught for even half the stuff I got away with I'd STILL be making license plates for Uncle Sam.

They don't deserve being reprimanded for burning the dead terrorists but this is what happens when a country misplaces it's testicles. The nannies take over and the nannies HATE this shit so for chrissake be frickin careful what you are caught doing, DUDES.

Is it ANY Wonder

I get so few hits during the daytime hours, when Booger can take up to FOUR and A HALF HOURS to publish what I've posted?

So I'm worrying over something as silly as a hit-count? Nope. I began THIS blog to say the things I COULDN'T say over at AOL's afterbirth of a blogsite, and certain of my folks WERE stopping by here, but not anywhere near as many because of the ludicrous lag time.

So then I post twin blogs, the naughty one here and the COMMUNITY FUCKING STANDARDS one at AOL, and get asked why I'm using two blogs to say the same frickin' thing, and I'm starting to ask myself the same questions. Same deal but one is somewhat censored and the other is not.

Can't win when awful services such as Blogger and AOL are involved, but I am trying to find a happy medium so bare with me. (not a typo)

The Cut & Runners Fire Back...

...Over the flubbadub about the postal "service" bending over, WAY over for the negative nabobs of the lunatic left by dismissing the Maddonna and Child for the Cookie Monster. Or something like that.

See what Stop The ACLU » Blog Archive » REAL Teen Under Fire From the Left is saying about it, and saunter on over to Real Teen from his link.

If you'd be so kind.

Pajama Media Hasn't Had A Name Change In Over 48 Hours...

...And I'm beginning to worry.

Not that it'll fail, that's pretty much in the cards unless their anonymous sugar daddy keeps the cash a-flowin' through times of thin and thin, no, I worry that someone ELSE really owns this name as well and wouldn't it be a hoot for them to have to change it again to Little Green Rogers or something like that.

At first blush I was really hoping they'd succeed, you know, the KICK-THE-MAN'S ASS, BRO'S, more power to ya, blah blah. Then I read the part about GRAVITAS, and threw up a little in my mouth. Then came the lies about who owned the OSM name and I went from feeling ill to being pissed.

Whatever it is they are trying to do has nothing to do with blogging. So okay, they're Drudge-wannabe's. Maybe. No one has seen hide nor hair of a mission statement beyond GRAVITAS so who can predict what the Pajama boys will evolve into. Damn, I said evolve and there goes my Christian readership for the frickin month.

Steve over at Hog On Ice has his daily take on the underwear bloggers from the outer quadrant of GRAV-1, so give him a look. He gets alla the dirt long before I do and gets to think about how far he'll go to lambast the little darlin's, while I react to snippets that still make no sense to me.

Is it ever GOING to make sense?

Cindy The Seasick She-Serpent Incurs The Wrath Of The Rot

Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler » Blog Archive » Watcha Gonna Spew

Egads, could the Washington Post spin this Cindy Shitcan crap any more desperately?

Mother’s Iraq Protest Plays to Smaller Crowd
Fewer Take Part
Than During August

Back in August, damn few were actually there, especially if you ignore
the neo-Nazi groups like Stormfront who circle like flies every time the press
bows to worship yet another leftist blaming all the world’s problems on the evil

CRAWFORD, Tex., Nov. 26 — Dancing to reggae music and hugging her
supporters, Cindy Sheehan led an anti-Iraq war rally Saturday at a one-acre
campsite adjoining the ranch where President Bush is spending his holiday

I’m forced to wonder if the reggae tune was the theme from Cops

Read it all and check out the rest of his ravings while your at it. Nobody does full frontal rant like Misha.

Pro Picks

21-9 on the season for me, and 67-50 for the perfect pot of pigskin prognostications, so here goes another stab at my being any better than random chance: (Season total: 88-59)

Jacksonville over Arizona
Carolina over Buffalo
Cincinnati over Baltimore
St. Louis over Houston
Kansas City over New England
Minnesota over Cleveland
New Orleans over the NY Jets
Oakland over Miami
Green Bay over Philadelphia
NY Giants over Seattle...although I really wanted to call this a "pick-em"
Chicago over Tampa Bay
Tennessee over San Francisco
San Diego over Washington
Indianapolis over Pittsburgh...Monday Night Football

The Thanksgiving Day Picks Were:

Denver over Dallas
Atlanta over Detroit

Okay, so we went 13-3 this week, and that's not all that bad considering the Giants kicker missing 5 field goals and leading them to a loss. On the last kick his approach to the ball was so slow the refs are still waiting to see if it's wide-right.

34-12 with me picking, for a season total of 101-62.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Secrets Of The Great Chefs...

"At Bay Wolf, a restaurant in Oakland, Calif., the $22 grilled sea bass
comes topped with a complex sauce of pureed roasted peppers, cilantro and
blanched almonds. But the ingredient that gives it a distinctive flavor? A
high-class version of Mrs. Dash. Chef Michael Wild sprinkles a brick-red powder
into the sauce to "round out the flavors and bring everything together," he

As complicated as today's haute cuisine has become, many of America's top
chefs rely more than you might think on a smidgen or squirt of something simple
from the pantry. At Wallse© in Manhattan, the deep roasted, nutty flavor of the
salads comes from a spoonful of Styrian pumpkin-seed oil that chef Kurt
Gutenbrunner calls a "staple." Roy Yamaguchi, chef and founder of 32 Roy's
restaurants, says that when he hosts a private dinner, he drizzles argan oil on
sashimi and carpaccio. In San Francisco, Nancy Oakes of Boulevard uses vin
cotto, a syrupy vinegar that she says rivals the taste of 50-year-old balsamic,
at a fraction of the cost."

Now to find a specialty shop and get cracking once more at making palatable meals. In the midwest, high-seasoning means spicy-mustard or yellow, and it'll be simply marvelous to have boutique-quality flavorings available.

Professor...Frag Your Officers...Daly Tenders His Resignation...

And MICHELLE MALKIN has all the scoop.

The Shopping Frenzy

Yesterday, it was interesting to speak with befuddled WalMart employees who were complaining that customers were NOT buying items on "Blitz" as WalMart refers to it's Black Friday offerings of shoddy merchandise.

The Stampede-Effect had taken hold, and stores throughout the area sold far more of their everyday items than before simply because consumers had had enough doom & gloom for the year, thank you very much, and were trudging in and out of the stores grabbing anything that wasn't bolted down. I watched the fuss surrounding a pallet laden with 23" TV's for $99.00, and it was only until I edged closer that I saw folks wrestling over the 20" TV's for $70.00 that I finally spoke with several store associates and learned that yes indeed, the run-of-the-mill products were going a lot faster than the specialty items because, well, they didn't know why-because.

One asks oneself that if the stores could afford to sell products so cheaply one day out of the year, why they don't generate the same crowds by selling the same items at the same low prices all year-round and the answer is simple. People NEED to feel they are part of an amazing event and will buy something they do not need nor want, but NOT every day of the week.

I myself couldn't find anything worth the money, but did locate several items at regular price that deserved consideration once I've checked the prices elsewhere, so the venture wasn't a total waste of time.

Hate giving the money to WalMart, and I'm almost certain that the due diligence will return items at nearly the same cost in a retail outlet that actually pays it's employees a decent wage. Now, I'm not saying that I am willing to get ripped-off but a few dollars here or there certainly won't break the bank, and was somewhat proud of myself for not participating in the hysteria by scoffing up whatever had the biggest signage proclaiming that for all intents and purposes we were all committing a felony by stealing the bread from the WalMart diner table.

Yes, I was tempted. What helped to being me back to reality was the memory of an experience several years ago. I made the mistake of standing too close to a shrouded pallet of goodies that was attacked once the coverings came down, and had to wrestle myself out of the way before I hurt one of the people trying to stomp me into the ground in order to get closer to whatever wonder of wonders was in the offering.

The initial retail sales figures are huge, so I guess the loons will have to look elsewhere for signs that the Administration is ruining the economy, and for that I am duly grateful.

I still NEED a bagless, lightweight vacuum cleaner with edge-guard and HEPA filters, and a retractable power cord, and an automatic sensor that determines the nap of the carpet and switches by itself from deep-pile to bare-floor, and is just the right color and has those big rear wheels to make the turning radius bearable, and...


It's somewhat fashionable for men to bitch, moan, complain, and profess their high testosterone count by declaring the hatred they have for crowded malls and shopping centers this time of year.

I love it. The people, the noise, the priceless collection of humanity and those posing as such is a yearly event that I try not to miss. can venture into the forest and bring home enough food to feed a dozen starving people but it's too much of a strain to go shopping?


On Torture... Charles Krauthammer

DURING THE LAST FEW WEEKS in Washington the pieties about torture have lain
so thick in the air that it has been impossible to have a reasoned discussion.
The McCain amendment that would ban "cruel, inhuman, or degrading" treatment of
any prisoner by any agent of the United States sailed through the Senate by a
vote of 90-9. The Washington establishment remains stunned that nine such
retrograde, morally inert persons--let alone senators--could be found in this
noble capital.

...the only purpose of detention in ... is to prevent the prisoner
from becoming a combatant again, he is entitled to all the protections and
dignity of an ordinary domestic prisoner--indeed, more privileges, because,
unlike the domestic prisoner, he has committed no crime. He merely had the
misfortune to enlist on the other side of a legitimate war. He is therefore
entitled to many of the privileges enjoyed by an ordinary citizen--the right to
send correspondence, to engage in athletic activity and intellectual pursuits,
to receive allowances from relatives--except, of course, for the freedom to
leave the prison.

Second, there is the captured terrorist. A terrorist is by profession, indeed by
definition, an unlawful combatant: He lives outside the laws of war because he
does not wear a uniform, he hides among civilians, and he deliberately targets
innocents. He is entitled to no protections whatsoever. People seem to
think that the postwar Geneva Conventions were written only to protect
detainees. In fact, their deeper purpose was to provide a deterrent to the kind
of barbaric treatment of civilians that had become so horribly apparent during
the first half of the 20th century, and in particular, during the Second World

The idea was to deter the abuse of civilians by promising
combatants who treated noncombatants well that they themselves would be treated
according to a code of dignity if captured--and, crucially, that they would be
denied the protections of that code if they broke the laws of war and abused
civilians themselves.

Breaking the laws of war and abusing civilians are what, to understate the matter vastly, terrorists do for a living. They are entitled, therefore, to nothing. Anyone who blows up a car bomb in a market deserves to spend the rest of his life roasting on a spit over an open fire. But we don't do that because we do not descend to the level of our enemy. We don't do that because, unlike him, we are civilized. Even though terrorists are entitled to no humane treatment, we give it to them because it is in our nature as a moral and humane people. And when on rare occasions we fail to do that, as has occurred in several of the fronts of the war on terror, we are duly disgraced.

The norm, however, is how the majority of prisoners at Guantanamo have been treated. We give them three meals a day, superior medical care, and provision to pray five times a day. Our scrupulousness extends even to providing them with their own Korans, which is the only reason alleged abuses of the Koran at Guantanamo ever became an issue. That we should have provided those who kill innocents in the name of Islam with precisely the document that inspires their barbarism is a sign of the absurd lengths to which we often go in extending undeserved humanity to terrorist prisoners.

Read it in it's entirety, please do. The loons will throw Abu Ghraib into ANY discussion of our treatment of captured terrorists as if it were the norm rather than the oddity. People make mistakes, stupid people make stupid mistakes, and conduct during a time of war can and does evolve into missconduct. It is not our policy to trot 'em out and dress 'em up, regardless of what the loons believe, and the government has apologized profusely for the inappropriate actions of a few. The fact remains that no prisoner of any war has ever been treated as well as those we hold today. We do need to get smarter, we do need to stay on top of our game, but terrorists, as Mr. Krauthammer says, do not deserve to be treated BETTER than the run of the mill POW simply because it's fashionable to defend Islam, and/or show how wonderfully merciful we can be. It's prison. They are there for a reason, and they are lucky we do not execute them for such atrocities against humanity.

Rumsfeld profitting from the Bird-Flu?


President Bush went to Congress early this month to ask for $7Bto prepare
the nation for a possible outbreak of Asian bird flu . The federalgovernment
has since become the world's biggest customer forTamiflu, produced by the Swiss
pharmaceutical giant, Roche. Thatwas good news for Secretary of Defense
Rumsfeld, who doesn't havebird flu. He doesn't have stock in Roche either,
but he doeshave millions of dollars worth of stock in a company named
GileadSciences, having been Gilead's Chairman prior to joining the
Bushadministration. Low-profile Gilead Sciences owns the rights toTamiflu,
which it outsources to Roche. There is little evidencethat the antiviral
drug would help much in a flu pandemic.

Quite troubling if it's true, and I'll try to add more later but Booger is kicking my ass this day and I'll be lucky to slip this post past the glitch-gremlins.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Charles Krauthammer Waxes Poetic...

"America has long proclaimed this principle, but in the post-Sept. 11 era, it has pursued it with unusual zeal and determination. Much of the world hears America declare the spread of freedom the centerpiece of its foreign policy and insists nonetheless that America's costly sacrifices in Iraq and even Afghanistan are nothing more than classic imperialism in search of dominion, oil, pipelines or whatever such commodity most devalues America's exertions. The overwhelming majority of Americans refuse to believe that.

Whatever their misgivings about the cost and wisdom of these wars, they know how deep and authentic is the American devotion to liberty.
Many around the world find such sentiments and the accompanying declarations hard to credit. Europeans, in particular, with their long tradition of realpolitik, cannot conceive of a Great Power actually believing such hopeless idealism.

The skepticism is misplaced. It is not just that brave Americans soldiers die to permit Iraqis and Afghans to vote for the first time in their lives. There is evidence closer to home and of older pedigree. The skeptics might take a stroll through America's other great capital. Up New York's Sixth Avenue with its series of seven sculptures to Latin American leaders, culminating at Central Park with magnificent statues of Bolivar, Marti and San Martin. To Washington Square Park, where they will find the Italian revolutionary Garibaldi, while his more republican counterpart, Mazzini, resides along West Drive not very far from Lajos Kossuth, now of Riverside Drive, hero of the Hungarian revolution of 1848.

This is not for show. It is from the heart, the heart of a people conceived in liberty and still believing in liberty. How can they not? It is written in stone all around them."

Um, Charles? The statues in NYC? They were erected for and by the various ethnic groups that were allowed to do so because every good politician knows the benefit of something really-really written in stone. The people remember who gave the okay, who herded it through the various committees that take several years and more to decide upon switching to a different sort of parking meter so as not to upset the aesthetics of a particular neighborhood.

Yes indeed, it is to our tribute that we remember the greats of other countries, but let's not forget the REAL reasons these tributes were allowed to happen in the first place.

As a descendant of great-grandfather had one of his walking canes...I kinda have heard of this stuff my entire life so it's okay that Charles gets all teary-eyed and doesn't understand the real deal.

It's even better that way. No one is ever happy to learn there is no Santa Claus.

Anyhoot, read all of what Charles has to say, please do.

Florida, Ah, Florida

Sort of reminds me of Australia but with decent food.

Yes, we've been in the Sunshine State over a month now and today was one of those days that made me appreciate being out of doors with virtually nothing to do. Most times, we're outside for a reason; going to and fro, beaching it, just catching some z's, or as I did today, nothing but sit down with a good book in 76 degree, low humidity weather and catch the air for all it's worth.

We came here from Iowa. Uh huh, that means the weather would have been nicer than any place not called Moscow, so it isn't as if I'm comparing this place to Georgia, or California so take it with a grain of salt, but not a very large grain at all.

Australia...the southeast where Sydney is...has the same sort of weather patterns; hot & muggy in the summer, and by the by they're just heading into their summer now, and temperate in the winter. Gets maybe 45 degrees on a blustery winters day and that's it. If the sky is clear we're talking high-50's, low-60's and that isn't bad ny a longshot.

But I did mention food, didn't I?

Therein was my rub. Like "chips"? Big old french fries, that is? Pile 'em up next to some battered fish and that's 90% of their cuisine. Washed down with a pitcher of beer of course, and on pleasant days the office would head out to one of the marvelous waterfront "restaurants"...think diner with most of the seats outside overlooking the harbor...and get moderately plastered before returning to work. Do it each and every day and that pitcher of beer hardly gives you a buzz, and yes, I DID have to acclimate my alcohol consumption tolerance because if you don't drink, you don't get much business done, and not like anyone was bending my arm, but I had to drink beer and a lot of it in order to fit in.

Wasn't peer-pressure but business-pressure. They just don't trust a man who doesn't wash down a mint with a schooner of something fermented, and if you pop two mints it better be two schooners. Australia, like the UK, has this problem with wanting to order their brew in pints, but since they went metric years ago it's really something close to half a liter and they still call it a pint because that's what the Brits do, and whatever the Brits do the Ozzies do, but better.

Order a pizza in Australia and it's like ordering one in say California, where they toss a ton of stuff on a sheet of dough and call it pizza. That's becoming prevalent nearly everywhere I've been and so many people are missing out on the real thing it makes me weep.

But back to Florida. Used to come here relatively often, stay for a week tops then head back north to the Apple. That's when I kind of liked the seasons. Now I think seasons suck. Six days from December and I'm outside in shirtsleeves, short shirtsleeves at that, and reading Crichton's "State of Fear" and loving it. The weather that is. The book is replete with cardboard cutouts posing as interesting characters but it's okay for a fluff-read. Something to do when staring at the trees gets boring and you want to go inside but know that you shouldn't waste such a wonderful day.

And that's one of the northerner things I have to get out of my mindset. The good days aren't going to go away and be replaced with a minimum of 6 months of ice and snow, but I still feel like I'm cheating myself in not appreciating the blue sky. And it's wonderful to see a blue sky, something rare indeed in Iowa. That's where we came from, and don't ask how a NYC boy wound up in Iowa. Even in the "summer" going outdoors was a challenge because the midwest is WINDY. Sit and read a book in July? Better have a firm grip or it'll flat out blow away the first time you forget yourself and relax. Iowa isn't for relaxing. Iowa is sitting indoors even when it's pleasant out because you KNOW that its a phony pleasant that will get even with you for letting down your guard and daring to do nothing but veg. If it's warm out that means growing season and growing season means fertilizer and the main branch of the bank we did business with had to get special filters for the air conditioning because the smell of cow manure would be objectionable to the point way past distraction and into disgusting.

The locals made like it didn't bother them, but show me one woman who doesn't think having her hair smell like the stockyards and I'll show you a good liar. And me, I hadda be cursed with a ridiculously keen sense of smell, and no, it wasn't as bad as some of the jungles I've lived in, and no, it wasn't as bad as getting off of the plane in Jakarta and taking a deep whiff of what passes for air there, but it was home, and home is supposed to be where the heart is, NOT where the surgical mask must be used. It started snowing in late October, blizzards by mid-November, and if the farmers were lucky it'd be safe for the seedlings some time in early May, but even early May sees frosty nights so better be careful and only plant the hardier strains of corn.

I don't like the neighborhood we're in, and it was my fault for not coming here at night when things get interesting, but say la vee as the Fwogs like to utter. We'll get out of here to someplace that doesn't have roving bands of whatever they are, trading drugs into the wee hours of the can tell they're native Floridians because the "cold" nights have driven them inside and that's a good thing so we have until spring to find new digs and that shouldn't be too difficult an undertaking.

I still like it here. Soon I'm going to love it here and it's always good to picture things getting better.

My name's Bob, thank you for reading, and for once no Liberals were harmed during the typing of this blog.

How True. How Sad. How Funny.

Click the headline for the scoop on "Operation Nativity".

Now For Something Absolutely Positively Guaranteed To Piss You Off...

Stop The ACLU

"It is official, the United States Postal Service has now folded to the anti-Christmas PC movement. Postal employees are no longer allowed to say to customers “Merry Christmas.” And if that isn’t enough, no more Christmas stamps.

The busiest time of year for the USPS is the Christmas/Chanukah season. More letters, greeting cards, and packages are shipped via the USPS during the last week in November and the first 24 days in December than the rest of the year combined.

We, in our 21st century need for instant gratification, now rely on email, instant messaging, and mobile telephones to do our communication. We no longer take the time to hand write letters and other communications, place a stamp on an envelope, and drop it in a blue box. We now boot up the computer, connect to the internet, type out a message, click send and it’s there. No need for a stamp. No waiting days for it to arrive and days more for a reply.

The USPS has decided that the traditional “Madonna and Child” had to be replaced with “Holiday Cookie” stamps.

From the USPS...

Head on over to STOP and be prepared to be pissed to the nines at this abject bullshit. This has GOT to end soon, this unbelieveably stupid anti-American, anti-Christian values nonsense that tries to take all of the pride and honor and ethical foundation of what we are as a nation.

Thank your local Dumbo-Crats who masquerade as the peoples representatives for this full frontal fuckery, and from their point of view, why the hell not? They hate the country, they hate our military, they hate you, me and even themselves, so why should they care if a magnificent work of art is displaced for...for...cookies.

Great day in the morning but everything stupid is coming to pass faster than I can keep up.

Moonbats In Space...Cue Close Encounters Music...And...Action...

Former Canadian Minister Of Defence Asks Canadian Parliament Asked To Hold Hearings On Relations With Alien "Et" Civilization...

PRWEB) - OTTAWA, CANADA (PRWEB) November 24, 2005 -- A former Canadian Minister of Defence and Deputy Prime Minister under Pierre Trudeau has joined forces with three Non-governmental organizations to ask the Parliament of Canada to hold public hearings on Exopolitics -- relations with “ETs.”

By “ETs,” Mr. Hellyer and these organizations mean ethical, advanced extraterrestrial civilizations that may now be visiting Earth.

On September 25, 2005, in a startling speech at the University of Toronto that caught the attention of mainstream newspapers and magazines, Paul Hellyer, Canada’s Defence Minister from 1963-67 under Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prime Minister Lester Pearson, publicly stated: "UFOs, are as real as the airplanes that fly over your head."

Mr. Hellyer went on to say, "I'm so concerned about what the consequences might be of starting an intergalactic war, that I just think I had to say something."

Paul? Ah, I really don't know how to break this to you easy, so here goes nothin'. Those movies, those aliens land and meet the people of earth movies? They weren't for real, Paul. They were filmed on soundstages and used lotsa cartoons and stuff, and some of them were pretty darned good, but, and I KNOW this is a shock to you, but they they were make-believe, Paul.

Make-believe means it never happened. Make-believe means it was a work of fiction. Now, I know this must be a dreadful shock for you to hear this, but there are NO FUCKING ALIENS YOU STUPID, DERANGED, ASSHOLE.

Sweet christ on a crutch but is it any wonder Canada is fucked to the nines?

The Pajama's Who Say NEE...

aaron aaron » OSM has gone somewhat daft in his ridicule of the pajamarama Source-er People, but it's funny as hell so have a look.

Thanks to Hog On Ice for the link.

RIP Mr. Miyagi

BREITBART.COM - Actor Pat Morita Dies at 73

Pat brought his impeccable comedic timing to virtually every role he took, and will be sorely missed. Rest well, Pat, and save us a seat.

Time To Come Clean...

BREITBART.COM - N.M. Gov Admits He Wasn't Baseball Pick

Yes, influenced by New Mexican Governor Bill Richardson's admission that, after careful consideration and due diligence, he came to the conclusion that he was NOT drafted by Major League baseball, I've decided to admit that I also was not drafted by the Kansas City Athletics, nor was I an astronaut who flew many secret missions in space for the CIA, a counter-intelligence submarine racer, or the first man to climb K-2 and back down again in a little over an hour and a half.

Not that I've ever told anyone that I did those things, but hey, now that I think about it I should have, and am somewhat ashamed for not having embellished my accomplishments.

In The Great Tradition Of The British Theater...


Marlowe's Koran-burning hero is censored to avoid Muslim anger

By Dalya Alberge, Arts Correspondent

"IT WAS the surprise hit of the autumn season, selling out for its entire run and inspiring rave reviews. But now the producers of Tamburlaine the Great have come under fire for censoring Christopher Marlowe’s 1580s masterpiece to avoid upsetting Muslims.

Audiences at the Barbican in London did not see the Koran being burnt, as Marlowe intended, because David Farr, who directed and adapted the classic play, feared that it would inflame passions in the light of the London bombings.

Simon Reade, artistic director of the Bristol Old Vic, said that if they had not altered the original it “would have unnecessarily raised the hackles of a significant proportion of one of the world’s great religions”.

This is how wussified the Brits have become. A MARLOWE play is altered because it might "unecessarily" raise a hackle. We're not talking the Vagina Monologues now, this is Tamburlaine the Great, but so sorry old chap we can't go around upsetting people. Bad form. Sticky wicket.


And I won't even go-there about "one of the world's great religions".

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Reflections on a full stomach

Too bad we can't hit our enemies where they live, so to speak. Years ago the Marines found that carrying around freshly cured pigskins pretty much stopped certain folks from acting up, but can you imagine the screams coming from the left where we to use psychological warfare against those of the islamic persuasion?

Steve over at Hog On Ice made me remember such things when he tossed off a line saying that he was going to rub some bacon grease on his Corbons, and were the A-rabs to know of such things it would be interesting to see their response. I mean if we really did stuff like that.

What are Corbons, you ask? Boutique ammo. Lighter weight rounds that are somewhat jacked up to give them some extra zing. 99.99% of their business is done via the net, hard to find them in gunshops and I don't thinkWalMart would special order them but it might be fun to ask and see.

Anyway, I'm going to send some email to a friend or two over in the sand box and ask if they've considered using the dreaded hogophobia against their foes, wrap one in pigskin when he dies and he can't go to his virgin reward and stuff like that...not that they'd be able to flat out admit that they'd even considered such tomfollery, heavens forbid we inflict an uncomfortable feeling in those who've tried to kill us, but I might just get a reply somewhat akin to wink-wink, nudge-nudge.

If you know what I mean. Might be cool to tell Iran to go ahead and build their nuclear reactors and if they do we'll drop several thousand yards of old footballs specially sewn together to cover the frickin things in the dreaded heaven-locks to beat all heaven-locks.

"It was not MY fault, Allah, the American satan's did this to meeeeee...u-ululululuuuu..."

See what happens when I eat too much.


I have not a single clue as to what Bill Clinton was trying to say in his essay for today's Wall Street Journal. Perhaps he felt it important to emphasize that he was one kick butt Prez himself, or somehow atone for the fact that he has been dissing the current administration at every opportunity and wanted to tone down the rhetoric.

Nah. Once a slimeball forever a slimeball. Takes some kind of nerve to pull a Jimmy Carter then sit down to a back-patting session of how wonderful was I, and nothing coming from this mans mouth surprises me.

In so very many ways he was a disgrace to his office and to his country, and I do suppose that it's somewhat fair for the Journal to allow this traitorous wretch the space to applaude himself in the face of so much criticism.

I wouldn't. And here's the link before I get too angry and ruin the day. - American Engagement

Ann Gives 'Em Hell...

"The Democrats are giving aid and comfort to the enemy for no purpose other than giving aid and comfort to the enemy. There is no plausible explanation for the Democrats' behavior other than that they long to see U.S. troops shot, humiliated, and driven from the field of battle. They fill the airwaves with treason, but when called to vote on withdrawing troops, disavow their own public statements. These people are not only traitors, they are gutless traitors."

Check out the whole thing at Welcome to

The party of CUT & RUN has nothing ELSE to offer on the matter, and since they are also the party of CONTRARIANS, these weeping willies have precisely one platform and one platform only. Whatever George Bush says is wrong. And they don't CARE who they hurt to get that message across.

See, I promised not to use cuss words today and it's working out rather well.

Seen Any Beaver Lately, Ward?

The following is a link to Grant Crowell's calling out of Chief Choking The Chicken, otherwise known as poser extraordinaire Ward Churchill:

Hawaii Reporter: Hawaii Reporter

"If you haven’t been told by your attorney, let me remind you that you’re under investigation by your own school for copyright thievery and plagiarism. (Who can forget you getting caught by CBS News for stealing a real artist’s work, tracing over it and selling it to someone else as your own.)

Your entire academic history is based on misuing copyrighted work from others; not only from authors and scholars who say you stole from them and quote them completely the opposite of what they actually say, but even from other Web site owners, including from the Web site. You claim an atmosphere of McCarthyism, yet I’m sure when the CU Inquiry board hauls you in one last time and announces the final decision on your fate, it is them who will be asking if you have no decency.

Put your money where your mouth is, Ward. Let's have a neutral party decide on this … ."

Please read it in it's entirety, and thanks to The Rot for the link.

Happy Birthday William F. Buckley

So what's with all of these "Happy" headlines. Two in a row makes me shiver but since both are more than deserving I'll de-grinch for a time to continue the love fest.

William F.'s rather "in" to simply refer to him as Bill but I don't know the man nor do I mind typing the word William, is 80 today, and while that bespeaks a life of monastic living I'm glad he took care of himself for all of these years.

And so does George Will.

"November 24, 2005 -- IN his 40th anniversary toast to his Yale class of 1950, William F. Buckley said, "Some of us who wondered if we would ever be this old now wonder whether we were ever young." Those who were not young 40 years ago, in 1965, can have no inkling of what fun it was to be among Buckley's disciples as he ran for mayor of New York vowing that, were he to win, his first act would be to demand a recount."

Happy Thanksgiving

From our house to yours, and from the folks at STOP THE ACLU. We link to Stop for several reasons; the stories are timely, well done, and effect all people of good will. Not that I want to get on a soapbox on Thanksgiving Day [too late], but you can bet that the un-American Crazed Lunatics don't take take a day of respite from their constant attack on pretty much anything America holds near and dear. There is a place for an ACLU that deserves the word American in it's name, a true defender of those incapable of defending themselves, and who wouldn't enjoy watching a group of lawyers ready to do battle with other lawyers, a real-life monster movie, a Frankenstein Meets The Wolfman Before the Bar, if you will.

Click into STOP to find the people who do just that, who out-chase the amublance chasers themselves.

I'm giving thanks for my life, my liberty, my family, and most of all my better half who makes me a better man in every way. I remember the days of spending Thanksgiving in places I wouldn't want to visit let alone live, and it's true that you don't know what you've got 'till it's gone. Live is precious, and to some of us freedom is even more so and standing amidst the ruins of it's absence is like having a piece of you taken away. Many have fought for it, and continue to do what they can to wage the constant battle against those who would fetter our lives and our spirit, and I'll get down from the podium now so it's okay to let the animals and small children back in the room.

Semper Fidelis.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

So Lemme Get This Straight...All He Had To Do Was Go To A Cave And Wait For A Voice To Tell Him It Was Cool To Rape 9 Year Olds?

NINE YEARS OLDS? Yes, 9 year olds.

From lgf: Ayaan Hirsi Ali: The Muslim "Life of Brian"

Dutch MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali wants to film the Muslim “Life of Brian,” in a test of Western courage. (Hat tip: Fjordman.)
You have said that you would like to make a Muslim “Life of Brian”.
“Yes, Muhammed is a much more colourful personality than Jesus. Such a film could be a learning instrument for muslims. There are some islamic films but they don’t show the image of Muhammed and they are not really about him. They are more about how islam was established. I would really like to make a critical film about him. I could write a script very quickly.”
Would you dare to put in some of the details of his life such as the affair with Aisha, who Muhammed married when she was six and had sex with when she was nine?

“Oh yes. When I say colourful, Muhammed was of course a messenger of God like you read in the Bible about Noah and Moses, and you could make a beautiful film about that. But it would be much more interesting to describe that he was also a conqueror. He was superstitious. Every time he would need the support of his people, he would go to the cave to listen to the angel Gabriel. Putting that in a film would be very colourful, because whose voice is it going to be? Who could act as Muhammed?”

“Muhammed had many wives. He was a sensuous man. He talked lot about sex and sexuality, about women. You can read that in the Koran and in the Hadith. They are very detailed on the sexuality business. For the Americans it might be too much but I’m sure that the Europeans would find it very colourful. I would put all of that in there in graphic detail, but also the moral dilemmas. Muhammed had adopted a son who was married to Zaynab. He fell in love with Zaynab and wanted her, but morally, of course, he could not demand to have her although his adopted son said that he could have his wife. So Muhammed had to go the cave and came back with a message that it was all right.”

Hmm. Even the French might find this too disgusting for words. But now ya know why the moslems love Paris. Like-pervs think alike.

Proof That Islam Found The America's First...

Ruins reveal chilling massacre of Maya royalty - Yahoo! News

One Night In Bangkok Made THIS Hard Man Humble...

BANGKOK (AFP) - Skintight shirts and short skirts with revealing slits have raised the ire of Thai university administrators, who were urging female students to tone down their sexy school uniforms.

June, Rajabhat Mahasarakham University officials in northeastern Thailand have campaigned against rising hemlines, saying their students' penchant for "inappropriate" dress sets a bad example.

"Soon we will post color posters showing the correct uniform so they can dress in the right attire," said director of student affairs Kittikorn Bamroongboon on Wednesday. The posters would show more modest clothes such as knee-length skirts and loose-fitting shirts."

Nothing against the Thai's. I've traveled to every clime and place where I could take some fun, well, work mostly, and for the past 4 decades at least Bangkok has been known throughout the world as having the most prostitues per square mile than any place not named Las Vegas. I mean, with a name like that...

Guess The ASSociated Press Didn't Get The Word About That Little Vote Deal...

Leaders Sound Hopeful on Iraq Troop Cuts

WASHINGTON - The Bush administration and military leaders are sounding optimistic notes about scaling back U.S. troops in Iraq next year, as public opposition to the war and congressional demands for withdrawal get louder.

She's Too Sexy For Her Cell, Too Sexy For Her Cell..

Former middle school teacher Debra Lafave leaves the Hillsborough County Courthouse Tuesday morning Nov. 22, 2005, after pleading guilty to two counts of lewd and lascivious battery. Lafave, 25, whose sexual liaisons with a student made national headlines was spared a prison term because it would have been cruel and unusual punishment for someone of her beauty.

Hmm. If I'm ever in such a fix I'll be sure to have my lawyer plead the converse. "It's simple, your honor, subjecting the inmate population to someone of his abject uglyness would be tantatmount to doubling their time..."

On the Catwalk...

And An Apology To Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews in an email to

"I told the students that my way to deal with terrorists was to do what Golda Meir did after the killing of Israeli athletes at the Olympics: track them down and kill them one by one and be rough about it.
I don't know why the reporter chose to ignore my clear statement was the appropriate response to terorism [sic], why he chose to skip to my strong belief that we need to get behind this massive hatred we're facing in the Muslim world.
Check with the University for confirmation. I was invited by the political science students. I'm pretty sure they taped it because that had an audi-visual [sic] person there putting on my microphone.
Anyway there were many witnesses who can recall what I said if somebody asks."

Everyone who frowned upn Mr. Matthews wussyness should indeed be offering this same, mea culpa, and here goes; Sorry, Chris. I was quick to jump upon the statement and take it for a little ride. If you didn't say what was reported you should of course never speak with such cretins again.

And while you're at it, don't speak with ANY liberal loons because the slightest facial tic can mean you agree that Bush lied, people died, the Constitution has a privacy clause, babies aren't really babies until they're old enough to vote, and and that straddling a state line with a lemonade stand could ruin the entire US economy, particularly if a frog happened to jump from your pocket.

Be careful out there, Chris.

Stop-The-ACLU Get's The Ad Out...

Stop The ACLU » Blog Archive » Start Spreading The News

Start Spreading The News
by Jay on 11-23-05 @ 1:09 pm Filed under Uncategorized

"Remember that full page ad in the Washington Times Weekly you all gave me money for? Well its out there somewhere. Its on the backpage, and in color in this week’s issue. One small snag for me. I can’t find a copy anywhere! I wanted to scan it and show it to you all, but I’m having a real hard time finding a copy. We did contact them and asked for a copy, but it could be a few days before we get it. If anyone out there can hunt down a copy, it is not the Daily, but the Washington Times Weekly, it would be awesome if you could email me, and we could get a picture of it up on the internet."

And as soon as Jay or someone else posts the ad we'll crank up a link to it. With the MSM going all out in it's push to rewrite history, all we've got are blogs like Jay's to tell us the real deal, and when the smoke is clear, when all is said and done, and when the chicken's come home to roost, history will look back on the birth of blogdom in awe.

Well, maybe in Huh? because there ARE the Kos Kids too.

Yeah, Yeah...She's Packin A Snarky Mousegun But It's The Thought That Counts...

Open Sores Media...

Gotta hand it to the Hog On Ice; the man has his ear to the ground when it comes to blogdom, and his recipes are nothing to sneeze at too. Found this link Open Sore Media at Hog's hut, and it's a wonderful tribute to the massive ego's that have banded together to GRAVITAS us all to tears.

Plus, and I like to plus a lot, Steve (Hog) figures that even WITH the $3.5 mill the Pajama Party has it won't get near as many hits as Knowledge Is Power because Sondra has a world class ass.

I'll try, with the emphasis on try, to post the banner from Sondra's site because it should be a stand alone deal. Especially when I've already cluttered this posting with far too many links.

On To The New Crusades...

Hamas: No plan to renew truce - Yahoo! News

Hamas has NEVER honored ANY truce. Their word has never been their bond, and dealing with Islam has always meant dealing with a group of people who have no sense of honor as we consider it to be.

Of COURSE they'll CONTINUE to attack Israel at every opportunity and what did al-Reuters really expect them to say? That all of their past actions were mistakes and oh yeah, maybe it's time to stop killing women and children because they won't convert?

To the Chris Matthews of the world I have only this to add: Evil exists. Pure, unadulterated evil is alive and well and has declared itself to be our enemy. Grow. The Fuck. Up.

Holiday Travel Tips For Expectant Mothers...

VDOT Travel Center: HOV Lanes - Rules & Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
I'm pregnant. Do I count as one person or two?

In the HOV world, you're one person. However, babies of any age count as a person.

Except in California and certain other liberal states that allow the traffic authorities to consider pregnant women as two people, but should the rigor of all that driving while pregnant cause them to reconsider the pregnancy, they can then abort the agglomeration of rapidly growing cells that are in fact NOT another person.

Got that? It's called "anything but anything to win the vote and fuck all this nonsense if it's really a baby when you don't wanna."

Bethca Feinstein asks Alito what his thoughts on expectant moms using HOV are.

The MSM weighs in on CNN's "glitch"

"Red-faced CNN officials yesterday were forced to run an on-air report defending the network against charges of political bias over a big black "X' that flashed over Vice President Dick Cheney's face.

The network insisted the "X" — which appeared twice as Cheney delivered a speech blasting Iraq war critics on Monday — was a "technical malfunction."

Bloggers fumed that the network, founded by super-liberal Ted Turner was showing it leans left. CNN said it was an "unfortunate but very brief graphic" and expressed regret in a statement — but no one from CNN called Cheney's office to apologize, said the vice president's spokeswoman, Jennifer Mayfield.
In CNN's on-air report, anchor Daryn Kagan blamed the problem on a mechanical "switcher," and said the "X" was meant to cue up a CNN logo that was supposed to come on at the end of Cheney's speech.

But a skeptical Republican strategist said, "If it's a glitch, then, by definition, it's something that happens with some frequency. Let's see them [CNN] document some other occasions."
CNN spokeswoman Christa Robinson said the "X" glitch has happened a few other times — but couldn't give any specific examples.

Republican strategist Mary Matalin, who worked for Cheney, said it's odd that CNN didn't call the vice president, adding, "If it was an accident, they're not sufficiently apologizing."

It'd kill them to make a quick call to the VP's office and say, oops? You know, one big shot exec to another. Laugh it off, apologize and be on your way. Even kids know to say they're sorry when they goof, but apparently not CNN.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

We End Our Blogging Day With The Following Words Of Wisdom From Nancy...

Used to blog all night but the service has been so very horrid of late it's becoming less fun, and who wants to spend one's spare time frigging with the combination of AOL and Blogger. Were both services offered to the terrorists at Gitmo I'd AGREE with the ACLU that it was cruel and unusual punishment. Anyways. take it away Nancy baby...

New York Post Online Edition: postopinion
Rep. Nancy Pelosi (Calif.)
House Minority Leader

Before: "Saddam Hussein has been engaged in the development of weapons of mass destruction technology, which is a threat to countries in the region, and he has made a mockery of the weapons inspection process . . . As a member of the House Intelligence Committee, I am keenly aware that the proliferation of chemical and biological weapons is an issue of grave importance to all nations." (Dec. 16, 1998)

"Yes, he has chemical weapons. Yes, he has biological weapons. He is trying to get nuclear weapons." (Oct. 10, 2002)

After: "This war has been a grotesque mistake that has diminished our reputation in the world and has not made America safer." (Sept. 25, 2004)

"Speaking specifically to Iraq, we have a situation where — without adequate evidence — we put our young people in harm's way." (May 20, 2004)