Monday, April 30, 2007

Found This Over At Lems...

Iran ban on (Insert The Most Ridiculous Thing Imaginable Here)

"Iranian police have warned barbers not to give men Western hairstyles or use make up on them.

The move is part of an unusually fierce crackdown on what is known locally as bad hijab, or un-Islamic clothing, that this year is also targeting men.

Hair stylists have been warned that they could lose their licences if they do not comply."

Hell, why not. There'd be a time when one would rightfully inquire as to where men such as these enforcers might be found, but you needn't look any farther away than your own backyard. The Iranian Constitution does not grant men the right to be sheared as to their own wants and needs, but OUR Constitution clearly allows for the owning and bearing of arms but we seem to find plenty enough gestapo-wannabees to enforce such unlawful "laws". There have been a plethora of studies that point to the fact that men with exceptionally small penises make the best modern enforcers, and while one might not believe that so very many pindicks exist in one place, the truth wins out over incredulity time and time again.

This means of course that women are to blame for permitting such weeny-weiners to procreate, but in the case of modern LE one cannot rule out rape so until all the data is in we'll hold back on declaring our distaff majority to be of unsound mind.

Bottom Line: Without enough men of unscrupulous character no dictatorial system would work.

Lez Means More

"LESBIANS are twice as likely as heterosexual women to be overweight or obese, which puts them at greater risk for obesity-related health problems and death, US researchers said.

The report, published in the American Journal of Public Health, is one of the first large studies to look at obesity among lesbians.

Ulrike Boehmer of the Boston University School of Public Health and colleagues looked at a 2002 national survey of almost 6000 women, and found that lesbians were 2.69 times more likely to be overweight and 2.47 times more likely to be obese.

“Lesbians have more than twice the odds of (being) overweight,” the authors wrote.

This would put them at a higher risk for diabetes and heart disease, among other ailments.

“Our findings indicate that lesbian sexual identity is linked to a greater prevalence of overweight and obesity,” the authors wrote in the study, released this week.

They reviewed smaller studies that have suggested a higher prevalence of obesity among lesbians and the possible reasons why.

“The results of these studies indicate that lesbian women have a better body image than do heterosexual women,” they wrote.

But the authors said they placed little confidence in the idea that lesbians were more muscular than straight women, and thus were more likely to have a high body mass index, or BMI, while having little body fat."

Lesbians have a better body image. Okay. Lard is better to them. But please now; the fattest women on the planet are American blacks and spanish. Not even close. Not even in the same dimensional plane. Once again "researchers" leave out the most important part of the equation but that isn't anything new, now is it.

Bears' Tank Johnson pleads guilty

WAUKEGAN, Ill. (AP) - "Chicago Bears defensive tackle Terry "Tank" Johnson pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor weapons charge Monday as part of an arrangement with prosecutors that will keep him from serving additional time in jail.

The 25-year-old Johnson pleaded guilty to one count of possessing a firearm without an owner's identification, said Mary Stanton, chief of the Lake County Court's misdemeanor division.

He was ordered to serve 45 days in jail, which will be served concurrently with a four-month sentence he's already serving in the Cook County Jail for violating his probation, she said.

Johnson also was ordered to donate $2,500 to the Gurnee Police Department and $2,500 to the Gurnee Exchange Club's child abuse prevention program.

"I want to say that I very much regret the mistake in judgment that brought me here today," Johnson said during the 25-minute hearing. "My plea today is intended to convey that I accept responsibility for my actions."

What a great scam. The big black man didn't register himself so he gets to fork over two and a half grand to the local police department as part of his punishment. Bear in mind that no crime was committed other than the "law" he broke by owning a firearm without first asking permission to do so.


Today was hot and hazy and smelled of smoke the livelong day. Southern Georgia is ablaze, over 82,000 acres have gone up in smoke and the reek is more than a little strong here in north central Florida.

The kooks of course are walking outside then rushing immediately back in to call their local foundation-savers, and the neighborhood news channels are awash with pleas not to do so, which means monkey-see, monkey-do-so and the engines have today been a-roarin'. We just wish those damned northerners would put the bloody fire out before the stink reaches Orlando and chases the New Englanders home before they spend all their money.

Hillary Spares The Rod

ALBANY, N.Y. — "While she is known to millions simply as "Hillary," New York's junior senator is having something of an identity crisis in her official life.

When it comes to running for president, she is "Hillary Clinton," according to her campaign Web site. But when it comes to her official Senate releases, she is still "Hillary Rodham Clinton."

The Clinton camp appeared to be at a loss to come up with an explanation when the Albany Times Union newspaper asked about it.

"I haven't, I haven't," Clinton said with laugh when asked about her apparent name change.

A strategic decision? Clinton campaign spokesman Howard Wolfson told the newspaper: "That's a fair question, but there's no plan behind it."

The name game has been going on for some time in Clinton's world.

When Hillary Rodham married Bill Clinton in 1975, she kept using her maiden name as he pursued his political career in Arkansas and she built her reputation as a lawyer in Little Rock. But, in the wake of his loss in a re-election race for governor, she began using "Hillary Clinton." He won back the governorship.

"Hillary Rodham Clinton" became the standard in 1993 as the Clintons moved into the White House. She continued to use that when she ran for Senate from New York in 2000."

Back when she was running for the NY Senate seat, some enterprising journalists discovered that Hillary Rodham had never legally changed her name to Clinton. In a flurry of tomfoolery, the Clinton machine poo-poo'd the findings, offering that she indeed HAD submitted the requisite paperwork but that it was lost somewhere along the way.

In other words, they lied. The woman has switched names more times than an identity-thief, yet gets a pass from the willing press.

You try it. Try changing last names whenever it pleases you, on legal documents, no less. And as far as anyone can still determine, RODHAM remains her legal name, the one she pays her taxes on, the one she is issued a drivers license for. I fully understand that becoming a lawyer is little other than learning how to thwart the law, but do upon occasion feel that those who would LEAD us have some semblance of respect for what is the right thing to do.

Gun Purchase Loophole...No More

RICHMOND, Va. — The governor on Monday closed the loophole in state law that allowed the Virginia Tech gunman to buy weapons despite a court ruling that he was a threat and needed psychiatric counseling.

Gov. Timothy M. Kaine issued an executive order requiring that a database of people banned from buying guns include the name of anyone who is found to be dangerous and ordered to get involuntary mental health treatment.

Seung-Hui Cho was told to get counseling in 2005 after a judge ruled that he was a danger to himself.

But because Cho was treated as an outpatient and never committed to a mental health hospital, the court's decision was not entered into the database, which gun dealers must check before selling a weapon.

"Whether that treatment is to be provided in an inpatient or outpatient facility is of no moment," Kaine said.

Cho did not disclose his mental health problems or the court-ordered treatment in a form he completed before buying the guns.

"His lie on the form would have been caught," had the order been in place before Cho attempted to buy the guns, Kaine said...

The executive order does not apply to people who seek mental health care of their own will. After the report is added to Virginia's state police database, it becomes part of a federal database that gun dealers nationwide use."

ORDERED to get mental health treatment means so very many things it is impossible to calculate the potential fallout from this.

Who orders whom and for what reasonable cause? Come on folks, you don't need anyone to offer a thousand-word essay on this.

Think about it.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Deputy in Taped Shooting Heads to Trial

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. — "The grainy amateur video seems to show a deputy shooting an Air Force enlisted man three times as the serviceman struggles to obey an order to get up from the ground.

But it's what the video doesn't show that could take center stage at the trial beginning this week of former San Bernardino County sheriff's Deputy Ivory J. Webb Jr.

Webb told investigators he thought 21-year-old Senior Airman Elio Carrion was reaching for a weapon _ something that's not clear on the 40-second video clip.

Authorities later determined Carrion, who was hospitalized for several days, had been unarmed.

Still, experts say the deputy's contention could prevail, based on acquittals in previous high-profile police brutality trials..."

Stop the music, stop the music. Fox won't provide a link to the video, but I will so here it is. Make up your own mind.

Here's Hoping More Municipalities Begin Feeling The Pinch...

Privatizing Law Enforcement in Southern Oregon

Replacing local law enforcement with private gun owners.

Brian O'Connor wrote me that:

Interesting things happening here in Josephine County in lovely southern Oregon. It looks like the county budget's going to take a huge hit because federal funds are drying up. In particular, the Sheriff is saying he's going to have to eliminate all patrols for the county -- which is pretty big -- unless voters vote in favor of a levy to support law enforcement. It's highly unlikely that the levy will pass, and everyone knows it.

The upshot is that handguns are flying off the shelves of the local gun shops (I confirmed this with the people at Bradbury's Gun-N-Tackle Thursday) and the Sheriff has scheduled 4 seminars to teach people how to fend for themselves. (We have a fairly large Meth problem in the county.)

I've included a clipping from today's Grants Pass Courier, 4/28/07. (The paper is not available online.)

Via Blogonomicon.

Good lord but thats the best news I've seen in some time. Chasing the loons out of office is going to be a helluva lot easier than supplanting the gestapo, so here's hoping they begin withering-off on their own. And make no mistake; law enforcement has devolved into a special branch of public servant that is neither public nor servile. It's a private club that places itself head and shoulders above the ones holding the Constitutional derived authority.


The query that now begs retort is how in all hells did people need to be taught how to defend themselves.

What. All the men moved and left no forwarding address.

Florida Wants To Throw A Roadblock At Abortion...

TALLAHASSEE - "A woman seeking an abortion in Florida would have to wait 24 hours before going through with it under a bill passed Friday by the state House. The measure could also make it more likely that she would see an ultrasound image of the fetus before undergoing the procedure.

The House may be as far as that idea goes this year, however, with the waiting period and the effort to require more pre-abortion ultrasounds unlikely to be accepted by the Senate.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Trey Traviesa, R-Orlando, would require abortion providers perform ultrasounds before almost all abortions, instead of just those in the second or third trimesters as required by current law.

Viewing the images would be optional, but women would have to sign waivers stating they declined the doctors' offers to do so.

The bill (HB 1497) passed 71-42, mostly along party lines with Republicans in favor.

The 24-hour waiting period and ultrasound sections of the bill were tacked onto what had started out as a less controversial measure that was meant to help judges make decisions in cases in which a minor is seeking to have an abortion without notifying her parents."

George over at Stuck on Stupid had emailed me about this but I'd already checked it out in the Gainesville Sun and was preparing something to say.

And yes, but of course it passed along party lines and thank the heavens we're top-heavy with Republicans in the House.

Doesn't go anywhere NEAR far enough, but I'm not the sort to demand someone else think the same way and act the same way and feel the same way.

Just stop killing babies.

It is NOT an acceptable method of birth control.

Nuff Said

My How We've Diminished

"Here's another newspaper story from the past, courtesy of Tom Mayhew:

Here's the text, as best as we can jointly make it out. Feel free to correct us or fill in any missing words, denoted by an underscore, in the "Comments", below.

Johnny Totes Gun Along to School

__ United Press (Leased?) Wire

WENATCHEE, Wash. Feb. 2--

Johnny, typical boy of the nearby mountain districts, is going to school these days with the traditional bookstrap over one shoulder.

But over the other shoulder he carries a gun.

Since Jimmy (Feilhaber?) was killed and partly devoured by a cougar ___ weeks ago it has become common for lads who can handle a gun to go to school well armed for protection against wild animals.

Animals driven in by the winter have (come down?) to (some?) of the (isolated ranches?) where they have (threatened? encountered?) human beings.

Much like the ___ of (49?) years ago in the country school house of (pioneer?) days, (in? is?) the cloak room of a school house in the mountain district. A boy hangs his gun up with his hat and his lunch box.

Whew. I remember balancing a .22 rifle inside of the baskets on my bike as I drove to shooting practice when we'd vacation in Vermont, and the only time a member of law enforcement would bring it to mention was to suggest I might want to find a sturdier carrier least I drop the gun.

Yeah. The soccer moms won.

Click the headline that'll whisk you to The War on Guns.
Bloggers been down for me on and off all morning and I'm tired fussing with it.

Goin shootin

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Stopping Power

Cartridge : Federal Tactical rifled slug (Load # LE127RS)

Firearm : Pump-action shotgun with cylinder-choked 20" smoothbore barrel

Calibration : All Depths corrected (From 9.1cm @ 586 ft/sec)

"Single shot fired to center of block from 10' distance. Shot impacted at 1321 ft/sec, penetrated to 14.4" and was recovered at 1.010" average diameter. Interestingly, the recovered bullet resembled a donut in that the center of the expanded slug had split from the main portion of the projectile. This fragment was recovered butted up against the alongside the front face of the expanded slug.

The 16x6x6 inch block, upon being struck with the projectile, flipped 1.5 feet into the air and off of the test stand. Permanent cavity was 6” in diameter, until 10.5” depth."

Ballistic gelatin is not the media to use for testing shotgun slugs; no fault of the man performing the tests, mind you, but its obvious that the gello cannot stand up to a .73 caliber 438 grain projectile hurtling along at 1300+ fps. The fellow doing the work should be applauded for his efforts, but I simply cannot read most of his writing as it is internet-choppy to the 9's. Kudos anyway.

An interesting point is that Federal's LE127RS is their Hydra-Shok hollowpoint, and the slug inside the gello block looks nothing like the advertised recovered Federal round using the same media. Would have been nice to extract the slug and post a pic but there I go being all critical again. I'll put in a call to Crazy Jay to see if he can't line up something like this, and before the turn of the next millennium we should get the results.

Anyhoot, click the pic to see the devastating punch this slug can generate. Bearing in mind that Federal also makes a faster version that spins along at 1600 fps.


Now imagine a Remington Buckhammer. All 602 grains zipping merrily along at 1500 fps. This is where I begin to drool.

Actual Quotes From The Range

1. All Guns Must Be Treated As Being Loaded All The Time

Gotcha. So it doesn't matter if it's really loaded or not when I need it because it's always loaded. Best thing to do then would be to always load it. Right?

2. Always Keep The Muzzle Pointed In A Safe Direction

Cool. Then when do I get to point it at a bad guy?

3. Never Aim At Anything You Are Not Prepared To Destroy

Guess that rules out dry fire.

4. Keep Your Finger Away From The Trigger Until You Are Ready To Fire

The bad guy is doing this too, right?

5. Firearms Should Be Unloaded When Not Actually In Use

Cool X 2. Is there a warning buzzer or something like it that tells me when I'll be putting it to "use"? Or is stopping the action in the heat of battle by calling out in a loud and clear voice, "Wait. I must first load my firearm!" considered a universal Marquis of Queensbury? Is sitting on my nightstand considered in-use?

6. Be Sure Of Your Target And What`s Beyond It

Is this only for civilians?

Ranger-T's Get A New Look

4/12/2007/Winchester Press Room

Winchester Ammunition is taking its best, and making it better for law enforcement officials.
The enhanced Ranger T Series handgun ammunition—for law enforcement only—comes from the same design as the original Supreme Expansion Technology (SXT) bullet, but it’s better.

Like the original SXT bullet, the enhanced T Series has a hollow point nose that expands into a six petal configuration. The patented reverse taper jacket has been strengthened to form a bigger mushroom and the expanded petals also open into a right angle from the shaft of the bullet, resulting in improved terminal effectiveness.

“The engineering behind the enhanced Ranger T Series make it the best law enforcement load we have ever produced,” said Dick Hammett, president of Winchester Ammunition. “We understand the threats that our law enforcement community faces and will continue to provide officers with the highest quality ammunition possible.”

Key features of the enhanced Ranger T Series bullet:
• Rapid and reliable expansion, controlled by patented jacket design
• Excellent penetration and weight retention through a variety of barriers
• Six re-engineered and strengthened petals for maximum performance
• Great expansion over a wide range of velocities

Enhanced Ranger “T” Series ammunition will be offered in:
Caliber Bullet Weight Muzzle Velocity
45 ACP 230 grain 875 feet per second
40 S & W 180 grain 990 feet per second
9 mm+P 124 grain 1180 feet per second

Additional calibers and grain weights will receive design enhancements on a rolling schedule during 2007."

Rumor has it that Federal was making too many waves with the HST, and Winchester burned some midnight oil to come up with this nasty looking round. I'll be doing my best to come up with some for a look see and will report back when I've some hard data regarding expansion characteristics. My usual supplier is running LE-Only special pricing and from the moment I saw that I fired off an email saying via con dios. So if anyone sees these new rounds out there, be so kind as to drop me a line.

Guns On Campus

"Guns allowed on college campuses? After the Virginia Tech massacre it's a thought that sends a chill down the spine of some but some students at the University of Central Florida think it should be allowed. News 13's Karen Castillo talks to these students in a story you see only on News 13.

Look for trouble and stare down the barrel of his 12-gauge shot gun.

"You are not really safe unless you can defend yourself," an unidentified UCF student said.

The student is setting down his weapon in the same location he sets down his books to study. He has two roommates and is also living with his gun. We're not revealing his identity, ironically, for the same reason he made this purchase, because he's scared.

"I am not saying that I am waiting for someone to come in so I can shoot them, but if there is adequate provocation that is all I can do,” the student said.

The gun owner is part of a growing number of students who tell News 13 they keep their guns in their apartments.

"I'm really worried about the safety for students on campus,” the student said.

Kyle Hunt with the Student Government Association wants more. When he heard a man was arrested last week for roaming the campus with an AK-47 and 54 rounds, he began drafting a resolution arguing guns should be allowed on campus.

"At first I thought faculty and stuff, but not I think it is kind of limiting," he said. "I think the more guns we have on campus, the better."

A spokesperson with the University of Central Florida says even if they had an opinion on the subject they can't do much because state laws say you cannot carry a gun on college campuses. The spokesperson said if the student really wants change he has to go to the legislature. Hunt plans to do so.

He is still writing this resolution and plans to submit it to the Student Government Association in the next few months.

At UCF, Karen Castillo, Central Florida News 13."

Not gonna happen. Not this year, not so soon after the korean massacre. Politicians are being bombarded by mommies and daddies demanding that something be DONE with those stinky old guns, and since half of us are Fudds to begin with it's an uphill battle to get the truth out. I'll be speaking to a local college group next week regarding many firearms issues, I know damned well that this will come up and will tell the kids one simple thing. It's your life. If you are legally eligible to keep and bear arms (the 2nd Amendment is only a recommendation regarding public buildings after all) then you are the ones who must petition the system. Speak with mommy and daddy about it. Get as much training as you can afford to. Join and help gun groups whenever possible. If a group of students a thousand or more strong held a rally on one of the local campuses demanding the right to defend themselves, it'd make waves, but the police simply don't want the hassle and that's that.

Quick...Okay, Hillary, What Would YOU Do...

US forces on Friday detained four members of a gang suspected of smuggling armour-piercing bombs from Iran to Iraq and sending back militants for "terrorist training", the military said.

A statement from US command in Iraq said the suspects were picked up in an early morning raid on the east Baghdad suburb of Sadr City, a known stronghold of radical Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr's Mahdi Army militia.

"The individuals targeted during the raid are suspected members of a secret cell terrorist network known for facilitating the transport of weapons and explosively formed penetrators, or EFPs, from Iran to Iraq," it said.

The EFP is a form of roadside bomb in which the detonation of an explosive charge inside a steel tube causes a copper disk to deform into a fist-sized chunk of supersonic molten metal that can scythe through armoured vehicles.

American commanders say the design is exclusively Iranian and in January alleged that at least 170 US troops had been killed by EFPs since May 2004."

No one done tol me it'd be ez. Ah'd sen them mofo's back to they crib wiff one mofo strong ass lettah of protests.

Man Arrested in Mugging of Woman, 101

NEW YORK (AP) -- She was brutally mugged in a crime that outraged New Yorkers, but the 101-year-old victim said the attack hasn't intimidated her.

"I'm not fearful at all," Rose Morat said Friday as police made an arrest in the case. "Whatever is going to happen is going to happen."

Jack Rhodes, 44, was arrested on charges of robbery, grand larceny, burglary and assault, police said. They did not have an address for Rhodes, who was also accused of robbing an 85-year-old woman the same day Morat was attacked, police said."

Is there any among us who wouldn't blindfold this SOB and prop him against a wall.

Ancient Camel Bones Found in Arizona

PHOENIX (AP) -- Workers digging at the future site of a Wal-Mart store in suburban Mesa have unearthed the bones of a prehistoric camel that's estimated to be about 10,000 years old.

Arizona State University geology museum curator Brad Archer hurried out to the site Friday when he got the news that the owner of a nursery was carefully excavating bones found at the bottom of a hole being dug for a new ornamental citrus tree.

"There's no question that this is a camel; these creatures walked the land here until about 8,000 years ago, when the same event that wiped out a great deal of mammal life took place," Archer told The Arizona Republic.

Wal-Mart officials and Greenfield Citrus Nursery owner John Babiarz have already agreed that the bones will go directly on display at ASU.

Archer said some of them may be placed on display very soon, but most will take several months "to get sorted out and stabilized."

"In my 15 years at ASU doing this work I can think of six or seven times when finds this important have been made," Archer said. "This is the first camel. Others have been horses, once a mammoth on Happy Valley Road. This sort of thing is extremely rare."

Pictured: Artists conception of how the beast may have appeared in real life.

Can Novak Be THIS Dense?

April 28, 2007 -- "SEN. John McCain, who was the darling of the political press corps during the 2000 election cycle, complains to friends that he is getting much rougher treatment from the news media than his competitors for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination, Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney.

McCain feels that his support for President Bush's Iraq policy has soured his erstwhile reporter friends. Although Giuliani and Romney also have been criticized by the media, McCain privately expresses the view that they have gotten off easy.

A footnote: McCain insiders, worried about his campaign balance sheet, feel the campaign must raise $20 million in this quarter and fear that might be a goal too high. Friends of the senator say his staff is too large and spends too much money."

When The Manchurian Candidate was dissing the Bush White House he WAS all the rage. Now that it's time to submit his own resume, duh.

The useful idiot served his purpose now thinks they'll let him join their club, and Novak is as blissfully unaware as McCain himself?

And An Aussie Will Lead Them...

Prime Minister John Howard, one of America's staunchest allies in the War on Terror, decried the Democratic vote in Congress to set a timetable for withdrawal, saying: "I don't think it is doing anything other than giving great comfort and encouragement to al Qaeda and the insurgency in Iraq."

Added Howard: "They are looking at all this . . . and they say, 'The American domestic resolve is weakening, therefore we should maintain our resolve.' "

And that, he said, "will be an enormous victory for terrorism."

Which is a lot more sense than was heard onstage in South Carolina the other night.

No. I won't bust Aussie chops by ranting on and and on about their hoplophobia. Julie Annie, like most Republicans, says that the best way to fight terrorism is to stop it before it becomes a problem. The Democrats believe that calling in FEMA is a good way to begin, or as Hillary said, "to retaliate". Retaliate with what? Let's hope more than harsh language as when her husband was faced with the same dilemma.

Moslem Shooting Team Disappears...ACLU On The Side Of Justice?

From The Shooting Wire:

Korean Broadcast Service (KBS) is reporting the national team of Kyrgyzstan has disappeared during the International Shooting Sports Federation World Cup in Changwon, South Gyeongsang Province. The team of 12 athletes and seven staff members, who arrived last Tuesday, did not participate in the qualifying rounds for the event that began last Friday. Police have been searching for the team's whereabouts since checking their rooms and finding only their belongings. The event's organizing committee said the group was not carrying any guns but suspected they had planned to go underground and stay in the country illegally. The 12-day long ISSF World Cup will end on April 24th.

Asylum? Then there's the news from Texas...

"In Texas, some very unusual collaborators are taking on a group of Texas prosecutors who appear to be taking the law into their own hands - at least when it comes to Texas' concealed weapons laws.

In a report called "Above the Law: How Texas prosecutors are placing their own judgment over that of the Legislature and the law of the land" the American Civil Liberties Union has collaborated with the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition and the Texas State Rifle Association to unveil the actions of some Texas prosecutors who don't care for the clarifications made to Texas' concealed-carry laws. The clarification states, simply, that citizens have the right to carry a legal handgun in a private vehicle.

Some Texas prosecutors didn't like that new law — to the point several directed local police to ignore the statute.

In the joint report, it appears that in at least 13 jurisdictions in Texas, that is, indeed the case. 13 county/district attorneys, including district attorneys for counties in large metropolitan areas like Houston and Fort Worth, have instructed police officers to interrogate Texans unnecessarily, arrest Texans, or take their guns even if they are legally carrying the gun in a car under HB 823 standards.

According to the report, one County Attorney One "advised police officers that it's simply too complicated to try and determine whether a Texan is legally carrying a stowed gun in the car, so officers should arrest for "unlawful carrying" as before and let the prosecutor's office 'sort out the legal niceties.'"

Those are fighting words to the authors of "Above the Law" and they have countered by naming those County Attorneys, citing examples of their having instructed officers to either circumvent or ignore the law, and publishing a guideline of "what to do if you're stopped".

The report hit the streets this week, and it's expected that the County Attorneys named in it will be hitting the ceilings.

Should make for some interesting conversations over the next few weeks."

It's easy to find lawyers (in this case prosecutors) scumbagish enough to search for law enforcement with the same attitudes on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but it's particularly painful to learn of such goings on in Texas. A great many of the giants from our history became larger than life in the Lone Star State, back before the mexicans made so many inroads in taking it all back.

They want you to be cowering little eloi awaiting the call to slaughter. Why? Because in a land bereft of Kings there will always be those who want to stand taller than mere nature allows.

Some feel there are no bad apples, only bad barrels. That any of us can be tainted by the right disease. But not everyone remains immature enough to blindly follow the rantings of the madmen, and it'd be so very nice to see some of these loons finally grow up.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Weapons Stolen From Utah County Sheriff's Truck


KUTV) LEHI "A Utah County Sheriff's pickup was broken into overnight and the thief got away with several items including an assault rifle and high-power shotgun.

The robbery occurred sometime between the hours of midnight and 7 a.m. outside an officer's Lehi home.

Officers say having the weapons out on the street is of great concern.

"They're restricted, for law enforcement use only. One of them was a Mossberg 12-guage (sic) shotgun with a 14-inch barrel. The other was an assault rifle, a G36 H & K," said Lehi Police Sgt. Jeff Swenson.

Other items taken from the truck included a laptop computer, a first aid kit, spike strips, a fingerprint kit, a flashlight, binoculars, gas cards, portable breathalyzer testing equipment and a camera.

Those responsible could face felony and federal charges if caught.

A reward for information about the burglary has been offered. Anyone with information should contact Lehi police or the Utah County Sheriff's Office."

So a shorty shotty with less potential smackdown than a peon-legal version is HI-POWERED because...?

Must be because it uses a guage, whatever that is. And please now. H&K's G36. Named that, because jamomatic-piece-of-donkey-turd was already taken, probably.

Note to self: Never leave a shitload of expensive gear in the car overnight. Unless of course it's no skin off my ass if taxpayer-funded stuff gets swiped.

Texas Baptist leader's advice: Attack a gunman

DALLAS — "The head of a Southern Baptist seminary told male students they should charge an attacker if confronted with a situation like last week's Virginia Tech shootings.

Paige Patterson, president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, made the comments at a chapel service April 18, two days after Seung-Hui Cho fatally shot 32 people before killing himself.

"All you had to do was have six or eight [students] rush him right at that time and 32 people wouldn't have died," Patterson said. "You don't let things like that happen, guys. We just don't do it."

Wow. Someone with some actual stones gets his words published in a real newspaper, with no editorial reply telling us how bad this advice is?

"Sgt. Allan Baron of Texas A&M University police told The Dallas Morning News, which first reported the remarks on its Web site Tuesday, that he would not recommend that someone without training charge an armed assailant.

"The best advice you could probably give to somebody in those type of situations is to look for a way to escape and get help immediately," he said."

Whoops. Spoke too soon. So let me get this straight now...get help as in call the police? Who were already THERE while he was shooting the last 30? This is his BEST ADVICE?

What, someone else previously covered how to fall to your knees and beg like a schoolgirl?

Ah's Nevah Had Me No Mean-Ass Gat

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Interesting Shot Loads For The Inquisitive Shotgunner

12 GA. "Exploder"
A stabilized, finned slug with a deep hollow core for loading combustible materials. The exploder round has curved finns in the rear of the slug for stability. Recent D.O.T. regulations require that the "Exploder" hollow cavity be shipped unloaded. This allows you to load the cavity yourself, safely with no tools required. Use our formula or yours. Complete instructions included. Can’t be shipped to California, Florida, Illinois, or New York City addresses. 23/4 round

12 GA. "Piranha"
This 12 gauge round contains dozens of razor sharp steel tacks that blast out at high velocity which virtually guarantees that there will no response from the perpetrator. Each round is buffed with #12 shot thus creating a double shock to the wound area. Absolutely will not harm your shotgun. To be used no closer than 10 feet and no further than 50 feet. Cannot be shipped to: P.O. Boxes, APO, GU, FPO, IL, HI, AK or PR.. 2 3/4" round.

12 GA. "Macho Gaucho"
The device made famous by the Argentine Cowboy is called the "bolo". This device consisted of two heavy balls connected by a string and was thrown at and wrapped around an animals legs causing it to trip. Now this idea has been adapted for the 21st century in the form of a 12 Gauge shotgun round. This round consists of two lead slugs connected by a steel wire that whirls and twirls during flight devastating your target. Try your hand at being a 21st century cowboy today. 2 3/4" round. Cannot be shipped to: P.O. Boxes, APO, GU, FPO, IL, HI, AK or PR.

12 GA. Terminator-X
The lethality contained within the hollow core slug of our terminator 12 GA. almost can't be advertised. Upon impact, This slug mushrooms and expands to nearly 2 inches, stopping the slug from totally penetrating your objective. This rapid expansion forces the dozen of tiny pellets to spread through your objective like a cancerous disease, opening an area at the impact point equal to a softball! The cavity created has the shock effect of 95%! That means only 5% of any living being could survive this kind of hit.2 3/4 round

I've seen the "Gaucho" in action. Nasty.

Second Amendment Foundation Has It's Say...

New Anti-Gun Attack Hiding Behind Campus Tragedy

"Alarming details about the Virginia Tech tragedy underscore the importance of a citizen’s individual right to keep and bear arms.
A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." --Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

There were abundant warning signs that gunman Cho posed a serious threat to the campus community, yet here he was running loose and committing mayhem. And all that seems to be on the minds of many in the media and at the offices of gun control extremists is figuring out how to exploit this horrible tragedy to erode and eventually destroy the right, and the means, of self-defense.

The immortal words of Edmund Burke ring loud and clear in the wake of the events at Virginia Tech. "All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing."

DONATE NOW--The rights you save may be your own!

If this case demonstrates anything, it is the ineptitude of a system that is damaged if not broken beyond repair. Taken to a psychiatric hospital for evaluation in December 2005 by the police a Montgomery County district court ruled Cho a danger to himself or others. But doctor found Cho’s "insight and judgment" to be "normal," and he was only given outpatient treatment.

Now the Anti-Gun Coalitions are trying to use these events to destroy the right of Americans to keep and bear arms to protect themselves under the law. They are attacking and hiding behind an Anti-Terrorist Agenda while getting political and financial support from:

  • George Soros a Hungarian-born billionaire bank rolling efforts with his check book and spending more that $100 million to destroy the Constitution.

  • Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (NY) has consistently sought to trample the Second Amendment.

  • Sen. Dianne Feinstein (CA) admitted that “guns would be banned and confiscated” if she could have her way.

  • New York City’s rogue Republican Mayor Michael Bloomberg, is trying to ride the removal of your gun rights into the White House as a third party candidate.

  • The United Nations actively pushes globalism seeking to disarm all Americans.

We must Stop the Anti-Gun Coalition and get ready for the biggest gun control fight of the year from coast to coast. We can not do that without your support.
DONATE NOW--The rights you save may be your own!

Good Americans possess the strength of heart and the ardor to protect their fellow human beings from being harmed. Honorable people do exist, and they are far more common than their antithesis, the Cho’s of the world.

That is not the view that Washington anti-gun lobbyists hold. In the aftermath they seek to capitalize on the situation in order to further their agenda, of the disarmament of the American people. They seek to make it a law, that the good people of the world are not even able to do anything in the face of evil.

They want you, the good people of the world, to be the first one to duck for cover behind a desk. To be the first to save your own skin. When faced with dreadful evil, their first response is to run, and hope you're the fastest runner. Now they seek to force the selfless people of the world to abandon the means to defend themselves and follow the liberal’s cowardly ideals.

Stand up against this evil! Stand up for the right to not only defend yourself, but to defend your family, your children, your friends, and your classmates!

These tragedies should never happen, but they do when people are denied the means to fight back. If we learn anything from this, it is the value of the Second Amendment and self-defense. Those who believe in the true worth of life and liberty must have the means to protect it.

Place your faith in the good-hearted people of the world and support the SAF in standing up for the rights of American citizens to bear arms."

DONATE NOW--The rights you save may be your own!

Sincerely yours,

Alan M. Gottlieb
Founder, Second Amendment Foundation

P.S. Be sure to send this Alert to EVERYONE you know who wants to help keep the second amendment secure. Thank you! For more information about SAF, go to

The Floridian Benedict Arnold Calling Himself Representative Will Kendrick ...NRA News

In all probability, Kendrick made himself some new friends in big business and laid the foundation for losing his day job. Clotheslining the gun owners of Florida with the relatively minuscule accounts of those evil guns gone wrong without one mention of the thousands of times those necessary weapons PREVENTED injury and loss of live and/or property is despicable.

"Below is a statement from Representative Will Kendrick (R) published in the April 25, 2007 issue of THE APALACHICOLA & CARRABELLE TIMES.

Representative Will Kendrick attempts to defend his actions to help defeat HB 1417 in the House Environmental & Natural Resources Committee on Wednesday, April 18, 2007. It is pure anti-gun rhetoric. HB 1417 protects your right to have a firearm in your private vehicle for lawful purposes when it is parked in a business parking lot.

Representative Kendrick was a co-sponsor of this legislation last year and told us he was going to co-sponsor HB 1417 this year, but he broke his word and did not have the courtesy to let us know he had switched sides. Kowtowing to corporate giants instead of representing the citizens of his district.

Representative Kendrick NEVER expressed a concern with the bill nor did he ask us to change one word in its numerous provisions. Instead, he deliberately blindsided the National Rifle Association and Unified Sportsmen of Florida. That is a big no-no for people who are supposed to be on the same side fighting for a just cause. Friends just don’t do that. By his actions, Representative Will Kendrick turned his back on Florida’s gun owners and hunters.

Representative Kendrick’s OP-ED is anti-gun nonsense right out of the gun banners camp. To view Representative Kendrick’s Op-Ed please click here. "

"I think America is ready for a multilingual president,"

Mrs. Clinton believes that talking in blackface makes one multilingual.

Mrs. Clinton also believed that Bill would be faithful to her.

Let's not tell her about Santa and the Easter Bunny.

Lets DO show her the door. Sho 'nuff, Kingfish. She done gipped us fo da lass tahm.

New York Trooper Killed by Friendly Fire During Search for Cop Shooter

ALBANY, N.Y. — "Friendly fire apparently killed a New York State trooper as he searched a farmhouse Wednesday for a suspect in the shooting of another trooper the day before, officials said Friday.

Trooper David C. Brinkerhoff, a member of the force's elite mobile response team, or MRT, was shot as he and another trooper went into a farmhouse that was destroyed later in the day by flames during a police assault.

"The fatal wound was made by a .223 tactical round that was believed to have been fired by an MRT member," said acting State Police Superintendent Preston Felton.

"It's our belief he was killed almost instantaneously," he said.

The suspect in the case, 23-year-old Travis Trim, was later found dead with a rifle in the burned shell of the home.

Felton said Brinkerhoff was wearing a Kevlar helmet when he was shot in the back of the head and Trim fired a small caliber round that hit him in the chest but was stopped by his body armor.

"In a firefight such as this, and our members are highly trained, what it appears happened here is that Trooper Brinkerhoff was struck in the chest and was knocked back," Felton said. "Other members came to his aid and started to return fire at the shooter. At some point Trooper Brinkerhoff ended up getting hit by a round. Common? No. They train for that. This was a very volatile situation."

Thank the lord and every lucky star in the heavens that these keystone cops aren't exchanging fire with multiple targets from a shallow fighting hole in the middle of the night while taking RPG and mortar and grenade intrusions being severely outnumbered after being awake for days on end with a last meal but a memory as it comes down to hand to hand. Thank all of the above for them never having to lay down cover fire for friendlys' mere inches from the line of sight. Here's hoping someone, anyone, gets them to practice lots and lots more.

Trim fired a small caliber round into Brinkerhoff, yet Brinkerhoff was knocked back? Brinkerhoff may have JUMPED back, but Brinkerhoff was not KNOCKED back. Don't know what stinks on ice more; the tactics or the make-believe stories concocted for ass-covering purposes. Someone is going to screw the pooch. It happens. When it does, you get down to the bottom of it, admit it, and do everything possible to prevent it from happening again. You DON'T lie about it. That NEVER saves future lives and is the mark of a 3rd rate outfit.

Hussein Debates Mrs. Clinton

"...Clinton came down the strongest when all the candidates were asked how they would respond to simultaneous terror attacks in two major American cities.

"I think a president must move as swiftly as is prudent to retaliate," she said."

Yes. And retaliate as well against those whose efforts to protect us failed miserably, such as when your hubby was in charge and allowed all sorts of shenanigans to go unpunished.

The left is weak, our enemies know they'd rather debate than fight, and electing Mrs. Bill or Hussein or any of the portside sob sisters is an open invitation for American deaths the world over. Our security and way of life is far too important to leave in the hands of an incompetent hag or childish, and nearly as racist dolt with no experience.

Shrillary Fears For The Weepy Eyes-Of-The-World

WASHINGTON - "Sen. Hillary Clinton says it's finally time for the Bush administration to close the controversial military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

"Guantanamo has become associated in the eyes of the world with a discredited administration policy of abuse, secrecy and contempt for the rule of law," Clinton said at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing yesterday."

This is the creature who wants the top job. Think she'll take good care of us and protect us from the bad men? All they probably need is to be welcomed with open arms and put on welfare. Right?

Miracle On 204th Street...

"A Queens man collapsed and died yesterday after struggling with cops who responded to a 911 call from his girlfriend that he was acting strangely, cops said.

Patrick Ryan, 40, attacked the officers with a broom after they entered his 204th St. home in Hollis after the 4:23 a.m. call and then ran upstairs to his bedroom, police said.

After cops subdued and handcuffed him upstairs, Ryan fell unconscious and stopped breathing, cops said."

Don't ya hate when that happens. When you fall unconscious for no reason and stop breathing. Good thing the police were there to make sure someone notified the coroner's office.

Friday Boggle

My heart aches. Of course I mourn the passing of the thirty-two Virginia Polytechnic University students, as do we all throughout the globe. Nevertheless, I cannot forget how my heart hurts for the thirty-third victim, the one the media never seems to count among those killed, Seung-Hui Cho. On April 16, 2007 thirty-three lovable and fragile individuals passed.

Betsy L. Angert of the Daily Kos

Even the media isn't dumb enough to include this murderous hate monger who was poisoned by one of our blame-America-first schools of lower learning, Betsy. Might get too many people to thinking. People thinking is a bad, bad thing. They might wonder how's a come big old NO-GUNS signs don't work and why herding the unarmed into kill-zones isn't the best of ideas.

My heart aches as well, Betsy. For the 32 he killed, and the likes of absolute morons such as yourself who've proved too low on the food chain to even know when you've been sacrificed on the altar of modern liberalism.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


I'd chosen the Winchester 12 gauge #1 buck, 24 pellets, as an interesting load to trifle with, and lo and behold someone ran a series of tests on it.

First, through 3/4" plywood. Behind it, the gelatin block was covered with 2 layers of 10 ounce denim.

Also, the tester admits to a chronograph malfunction, and I'd agree based solely on the results received from Crazy Jay who ran 5 such shells through his Chrony and averaged a shade under 1200 fps.

Click here for the full scoop.

24 .30 caliber pellets at close range has just gotta sting, and it might be safe to say that sans the plywood barrier, he'd have seen some interesting penetration, probably along the lines of 16-17 inches.

Glock 19 Full Rock & Roll

All the rage in the sandbox, this I do know. Full-auto conversions exist for every GLOCK model, but as you would expect, the 9 mm's are the most popular. Cyclic rate of fire is 20 rounds per second, and to this date not a gun has malfunctioned or shot out but time will tell.

Patriots And Traitors...Roll Call

Grouped By Vote Position, Iraq Accountability Appropriations Act
YEAs ---51
Akaka (D-HI)
Baucus (D-MT)
Bayh (D-IN)
Biden (D-DE)
Bingaman (D-NM)
Boxer (D-CA)
Brown (D-OH)
Byrd (D-WV)
Cantwell (D-WA)
Cardin (D-MD)
Carper (D-DE)
Casey (D-PA)
Clinton (D-NY)
Conrad (D-ND)
Dodd (D-CT)
Dorgan (D-ND)
Durbin (D-IL)
Feingold (D-WI)
Feinstein (D-CA)
Hagel (R-NE)
Harkin (D-IA)
Inouye (D-HI)
Kennedy (D-MA)
Kerry (D-MA)
Klobuchar (D-MN)
Kohl (D-WI)
Landrieu (D-LA)
Lautenberg (D-NJ)
Leahy (D-VT)
Levin (D-MI)
Lincoln (D-AR)
McCaskill (D-MO)
Menendez (D-NJ)
Mikulski (D-MD)
Murray (D-WA)
Nelson (D-FL)
Nelson (D-NE)
Obama (D-IL)
Pryor (D-AR)
Reed (D-RI)
Reid (D-NV)
Rockefeller (D-WV)
Salazar (D-CO)
Sanders (I-VT)
Schumer (D-NY)
Smith (R-OR)
Stabenow (D-MI)
Tester (D-MT)
Webb (D-VA)
Whitehouse (D-RI)
Wyden (D-OR)
NAYs ---46
Alexander (R-TN)
Allard (R-CO)
Bennett (R-UT)
Bond (R-MO)
Brownback (R-KS)
Bunning (R-KY)
Burr (R-NC)
Chambliss (R-GA)
Coburn (R-OK)
Cochran (R-MS)
Coleman (R-MN)
Collins (R-ME)
Corker (R-TN)
Cornyn (R-TX)
Craig (R-ID)
Crapo (R-ID)
DeMint (R-SC)
Dole (R-NC)
Domenici (R-NM)
Ensign (R-NV)
Enzi (R-WY)
Grassley (R-IA)
Gregg (R-NH)
Hatch (R-UT)
Hutchison (R-TX)
Inhofe (R-OK)
Isakson (R-GA)
Kyl (R-AZ)
Lieberman (ID-CT)
Lott (R-MS)
Lugar (R-IN)
Martinez (R-FL)
McConnell (R-KY)
Murkowski (R-AK)
Roberts (R-KS)
Sessions (R-AL)
Shelby (R-AL)
Snowe (R-ME)
Specter (R-PA)
Stevens (R-AK)
Sununu (R-NH)
Thomas (R-WY)
Thune (R-SD)
Vitter (R-LA)
Voinovich (R-OH)
Warner (R-VA)
Not Voting - 3
Graham (R-SC)

McCain cannot even show up to vote. And wants OURS. Dream on, John.

The Republican traitors from Oregon and Nebraska vote Nay, and McCain shows his sorry ass, and it's a tie. Bastards all.
Johnson (D-SD)
McCain (R-AZ)

Huckabee Jr. Gets Caught With His G-27...In An Airport No Less

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — "David Huckabee, a son of Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, was arrested at Little Rock's airport Thursday after a federal X-ray technician detected a loaded Glock pistol in his carry-on luggage.

"I removed the bag and asked Mr. Huckabee if he knew what he had in the bag," Little Rock police officer Arthur Nugent wrote in a report after being summoned to a security checkpoint. "He replied he did now."

Huckabee, 26, later pleaded guilty in Little Rock District Court after being charged with possessing a weapon in a prohibited place. District Judge Lee Munson gave Huckabee a one-year suspended jail sentence and ordered him into 10 days of community service — which Huckabee can avoid by paying $100. Huckabee will be on probation for a year. Fines and costs totaled $605.

The son of the former Arkansas governor holds a concealed weapons permit. The elder Huckabee, who said last week that Virginia Tech gunman Cho Seung-Hui perhaps could have been stopped if a teacher or student had also been armed, also has a concealed weapons permit.

Nugent said David Huckabee had a .40-caliber Glock pistol in his black carry-on bag. Eight live rounds were in the gun — none in the chamber — and a nine-round clip was also in the bag. The weapon and ammunition were detained by Little Rock police while David Huckabee's gun permit was seized and given to the Arkansas State Police.

Little Rock Police Lt. Terry Hastings said it is not unusual for people to forget they have a gun in their carry-on luggage.

A Transportation Security Administration worker summoned police after seeing the image of a gun on an X-ray machine. Little Rock police checked the bag and found the gun and ammunition, said Sari Koshetz, a TSA spokeswoman in Miami.

Now, a G-27 isn't the biggest of handguns nor the heaviest, but I've personally never forgotten I had one on me and it's a rare day I do not. I guess accidents DO happen, but sheesh. A good reminder to always pack your OWN luggage. Might also wanna be sure you ditch any of them CLIPS, too. Get some decent magazines. You'll thank me.

RIP Bobby Boris Pickett

NEW YORK — "He does the "Monster Mash" no more.

Bobby "Boris" Pickett, whose dead-on Boris Karloff impression propelled the Halloween anthem to the top of the charts in 1962, making him one of pop music's most enduring one-hit wonders, has died of leukemia. He was 69.

Pickett, dubbed "The Guy Lombardo of Halloween," died Wednesday night at the West Los Angeles Veterans Hospital, said his longtime manager, Stuart Hersh. His daughter, Nancy, and his sister, Lynda, were at Pickett's bedside.

"Monster Mash" hit the Billboard chart three times: when it debuted in 1962, reaching No. 1 the week before Halloween; again in August 1970, and for a third time in May 1973. The resurrections were appropriate for a song where Pickett gravely intoned the forever-stuck-in-your-head chorus: "He did the monster mash. ... It was a graveyard smash."

Out from his coffin Drac's voice did ring

Seems he was trouble by, just one thing

He opened the lid and shook his fist, and said

Vat ever happened to my Transylvania Tvist?

"Lenny sat down at the piano and began futzing with various four-chord progressions and I stood next to the piano. Like me, Lenny was a major horror movie fan from childhood. He loved Bela Lugosi as Dracula. He knew I had the Boris Karloff voice pretty nailed, although in reptrospect, I feel that what I actually had was a very cartoonish rendition of that wonderful actor's voice. In any case, we'd both seen how the audiences had loved it when I was with the group and we'd sing “Little Darlin'” and I did the monologue in the middle of the song in Boris's voice. We agreed that the Karloff voice was the most obvious one to tell the story. And what was the story?

“Well,” Lenny suggested, “Maybe the Frankenstein monster should start a dance craze.”

“That's it!” I said."

Bobby Pickett was one of the reasons, Paul Winchell and Frank Gorshin the others, that I incessantly practiced impersonations as a lad.Good on ya, Bobby. Save us a seat.


Stuffed and mounted. The bears. Cannot be sure about the guy. Makes my upcoming hog and gator shoots seem downright sissy by comparison.

Are you a "capitalist pig"?

  1. Minimum wage laws are good for young and unskilled workers. (True/false?)
  2. The male/female "wage gap" results from "gender discrimination," not genuine economic considerations (True/false?)
  3. Higher tax rates results in higher government revenues. (True/false?)
  4. Capitalism was the cause of the Great Depression, and FDR's New Deal cured it. (True/false?)
  5. Rent control makes more affordable housing available to the poor. (True/false?)

Sign Zee Papers Subhumans

"Maybe I'm sensitive to it, because the last big lawsuit I filed against a public official, was against my county sheriff for trying to make a "doctors note," attesting to mental health, a part of the application requirements for a CCW. It was illegal under PA law, and I don't think I have to itemize all the ways it could have been (and probably was) abused before my suit put a stop to it. Now, I'm supposed to cheer because the same thing that I fought and won against at the county level, is going to be imposed on us via a 24/7 electronic system at the state/national level that WILL eventually be linked to NICS/PICS?

And by "pro-gun" people?"

If perspective police officers needed doctors notes...

There'd be meter maids and little else.

Read it all here.

LA Times Sportswriter to Change Gender

"A veteran sportswriter for the Los Angeles Times revealed in a published column Thursday that when he returns from vacation in a few weeks, he will do so with a new name — and gender.

Mike Penner, a 23-year veteran of the newspaper, will continue covering sports as Christine Daniels, he said in the column titled "Old Mike, New Christine."

Click here to read Penner's column.

"I am a transsexual sportswriter," he wrote. "It has taken more than 40 years, a million tears and hundreds of hours of soul-wrenching therapy for me to work up the courage to type those words. I realize many readers and colleagues and friends will be shocked to read them."

Penner, who has covered the NFL, tennis, the Olympics and the Los Angeles Angels in his tenure at the paper, said the transition from man to woman has been arduous, but that his friends have been supportive despite the initial shock.

"When I told my boss Randy Harvey, he leaned back in his chair, looked through his office window to scan the newsroom and mused, 'Well, no one can ever say we don't have diversity on this staff,'" Penner wrote."

Time was, someone so mentally ill would first seek treatment. But since society began condoning the insane, it isn't met with much more than a blink of an eye.

Wanting to lop of your penis isn't crazy.

Then what, precisely, is.

Wonder if he'd be able to ever own a firearm. Probably. Not that he'd want to. Transsexuals are always liberals. The cult of the loon accepts anything in the name of "liberalism", except for common decency.

"Elect A Democrat And Lose The War On Terror"

April 26, 2007 -- "Rudy Giuliani reduced his Democratic rivals for the White House to spittle- flecked fury yesterday.

To wit:

* "Rudy Giuliani has taken the politics of fear to a new low." - Barack Obama.

* "Divisive" - John Edwards.

* "Political rhetoric won't do anything to quell those threats." - Hillary Clinton.

But what had Rudy said?

That electing a Democratic president in 2008 would thrust America on the defensive in the War on Terror.

Know what? Rudy's right.

"The Democrats do not understand the full nature and scope of this terrorist war against us," he said. "If one of them gets elected, we are going on defense."

Specifically, Giuliani predicted, under a Democratic president "we will wave the white flag on Iraq. We will cut back on the Patriot Act, electronic surveillance, interrogation. And we will be back to our pre-Sept. 11 attitude of defense."

That pretty much summarizes the Democratic position. Even Obama and Hillary would have to agree.

After all, under the last Democratic president - a fellow named Bill Clinton - America suffered one hit after another from al Qaeda and its terrorist offshoots:

* The 1993 World Trade Center bombing, which killed six.

* The 1996 Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia, which killed 19 U.S. airmen.

* The bombings of two U.S. embassies in Africa, which killed 224 - including 12 Americans - and wounded 5,000.

* The 2000 bombing of USS Cole, which killed 17 sailors.

Then came 9/11.

"They were at war with us before we realized it," says Giuliani. "We didn't get it - that this was a war."

And yet it seems the Democrats still don't understand that this is a global war with many fronts. And that, right now, Iraq is the central front in that war.

It's a battle that won't be won by treating terrorism as a law-enforcement issue. Or even by capturing or killing Osama.

It certainly can't be won by forcing a U.S. surrender in Iraq.

That's precisely what Rudy Giuliani was saying: It's not the politics of fear - it's the politics of sober reality.

For all their tough talk, the Democratic candidates for president have made clear, as Giuliani rightly noted, that they will not aggressively pursue terrorists.

Rather, they will hope simply to deter future attacks.

That's not how you wage a war.

Where is the Democratic candidate who says, with Giuliani, that "the freedoms we have are in conflict with the perverted, maniacal interpretation of their religion"?

You don't hear that from Barack Obama. Or Hillary Clinton.

And certainly not from Harry "White Flag" Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

"America will be safer with a Republican president," says Rudy. Right on."

The last Clintonista duel-presidency was a disgrace, and a failure of epic proportions. And incompetent Bill probably wasn't as bad as today's lefties that are fanning their cult fires, talking in black-face, and offering to surrender to the lowest bidder.

Good people tend to do good things, evil people tend to do evil things, and good people who do evil things do so because they've been trapped by a cultish religion. That's the only way I can describe the otherwise sane and intelligent beings who've embraced modern day liberalism. They pander, speaketh in tongues (Hillary, and Hussein), lie (Algore but really all of them), and predict conflagration and cataclysm if their views are not taken as fact.

They've turned being liberal into being Jim Jones.

We Get Letters

"...Most effcieicnt calibers for large bears...?

Winchester. .458. 510 grains. 2040 fps. 4712 KE. Will drop a Kodiak or Grizz or Brownie or whatever they're calling the big bear family these days. A cousin in the great state of Alaska swears by this round, but has always spoken of it's stout recoil. Others fawn over the .375 H&H Magnum, but I do not like a 270 grainer against a 1200 pounder. If a 12 gauge better floats the boat there are 600 grain slugs kicking up a 1600 fps storm that wouldn't be so bad an idea. I have come across several very large (for the species) black bears in my time, and it's a toss up as to whether or not the impact of several .44 magnum rounds loaded to the max, or, as witnesses seem to avow, my screaming, crying, nose-running begs for mercy, did the trick. Since I've never personally crossed the path of an angry Brown, this remains secondhand mootness but the general rule of thumb is to use the biggest gun you can handle. Then go up a step.

Another good idea is to always travel with a companion that is slower of foot.

You Heard It Here FIRST...

The cat's out of the bag! GLOCK introduces revolvers.

"A New Bern police officer left his department-issued revolver in the bathroom of a sandwich shop Friday afternoon.

An employee at the Subway on Dr. M.L. King Jr. Boulevard found the gun, and police were called, according to Ed Preston, deputy chief of the New Bern Police Department.

Preston said the gun had not be in the bathroom very long before it was found, but he did not provide a specific time. He did say the officer was on duty at the time.

Preston said another officer went to the Subway to get the gun and take a report.

He refused to say what type of gun was left, but New Bern officers are traditionally issued a 45-caliber Glock as their revolver.

He said because the incident is considered a personnel matter, limited information would be released.

A Subway worker answering the phone confirmed the gun was found but had no comment."

And they must be tiny little things too. One doesn't just lose a .45 and not feel it missing. Not even an ONLY ONE. I put a call in to GLOCK at Smyrna GA, and they want me to email them the story but they're not fooling me at all. Either come clean about the revolvers or I call the NRA.

Pizza Guy Kills Thug....Police Saddened

"Catarino Piedra, 41, kept a gun underneath the counter at the Coliseum Pizza and Taqueria that he owned in East Oakland because his drivers had been robbed many times while making deliveries.

Allen Joseph Hicks III, 22, was an accused batterer on probation for a drug conviction and an aspiring rap artist whom everybody in his neighborhood knew as "Boonie."

The lives of the two men intersected tragically at about 9:30 p.m. Thursday when Hicks, armed with a pistol and joined by two other men, tried to rob Piedra inside the popular pizzeria at 89th Avenue and International Boulevard. Fearful that the assailants might hurt him, his wife and three children -- all of whom were inside the restaurant -- Piedra pulled out his 9mm semiautomatic pistol and opened fire, killing Hicks, police said.

In the chaos, Piedra may have accidentally shot and wounded his 17-year-old son, who was not seriously injured, police said.

Piedra acted in self-defense and won't be charged with a crime, Alameda County Assistant District Tom Rogers said Friday.

"I was scared," Piedra told The Chronicle in an interview Friday. "I had to defend my family. I was in fear for me and my kids."

He added that he took no satisfaction in taking Hicks' life.

"I wish this never happened," Piedra said. "I don't want anybody, any business to be in this kind of situation, with anybody putting a gun in your face."

Piedra said he has owned Coliseum Pizza for 18 years. The pizzeria used to be on 98th Avenue until it moved to International Boulevard in 2005.

The drama began at 9:37 p.m. when three men walked into the pizzeria. Hicks was armed with a pistol and walked up to Piedra, pointed the weapon at him and said, "This is a robbery," according to police and Piedra.

Piedra said his 17-year-old son, 19-month-old son and 13-year-old daughter were inside the restaurant at the time. Piedra said he was afraid that the assailants would shoot him or hurt his family, a contention supported by Oakland police who nevertheless cautioned against citizens taking direct action against criminals.

"There is definitely a balance," said Officer Roland Holmgren, department spokesman. "This thing had potential -- who knows where the suspects were going to take the situation? But by no stretch of the imagination are we agreeing with or justifying what the owner did."

Holmgren said, "We're not saying that we want citizens to go out there and arm themselves and take the law into their own hands. We want citizens to be good witnesses, to be good report-takers and to identify suspects."

WTF? Well of course he took the law into his own hands.

We ARE the law. The people. The police, you see, are the ones we hire to ENFORCE the law, but they are not the law.

WE ARE. And now our employees believe themselves to be the masters? Did I miss the memo? Was the Constitution changed and someone forgot to email me?

The police are the law?

That's like the garbage men telling us to cut down on trans fats because they've noticed TV dinners in the trash.

Might be just about that time for our employees to get back to working for us, and not the other way around...

Thanks to The War on Guns

Fallout From The Korean Massacre Begins....

CDNN Investments was a great place to buy guns. You couldn't select one online, but their catalogs were always chockablock with great deals.

Now they are hedging. Several phones calls to them have resulted in several different responses. In an attempt to preempt the anti's, CDNN is going low profile BIGtime, and has frantically altered their 2007-3 downloadable catalog so badly that it is nearly indecipherable when looking for handguns.

Their website is hosted by Yahoo, and it is there contention that Yahoo will pull the plug should they make handguns available, even via a catalog.

Are they, or are they NOT still in the handgun business?

There will be many, many, angry emails over this, and I only mention it as an update on the anti's neverending attack.