Tuesday, January 31, 2006

State Of The Union

"...and make our dependence on Middle Eastern oil a thing of the past..."

W was good tonight. Said the above in explaining the need to wean ourselves away from foreign energy sources. And it's word for word what Jimmy Carter said in 1976. Not going to happen anytime soon. No secret international cabal in the way as the moonbats would have you believe, just hard facts. We do not have the technology to displace fossil fuels in automobiles. We DO have the technology for replacing these energy sources in homes and business, but the Democrats scream bloody murder at the mere mention of nuclear.

"A life of personal responsibility is a life worth living."

"Judges must be servants of the law and not legislate from the bench."

Then he went on to talk about "human life is a gift from our creator," in dismissing cloning and I let him off on this one because it's what he truly believes in. Better a man that speaks from the heart and not from the a puppeteer. Cloning is here to stay and there's nothing W nor anyone can do to squeeze the genii back.

Overall, I give him a B. I do not agree with everything he says but do applaud his sincerity.


Iran Said to Have Nuclear Warhead Plans

VIENNA, Austria (AP) - The U.N. nuclear watchdog agency said in a report Tuesday that Iran obtained documents and drawings on the black market that serve no other purpose than to make an atomic warhead. Tehran warned of an "end of diplomacy" if plans to refer it to the U.N. Security Council are forthcoming.

In other breaking news, ice has been determined to be very very cold, and fire very very hot.

Explains a lot

Fun with Babelfish. Try entering something into one of those online translating sites then re-translating it back to English. Tried it out for myself and here's what I got.





Translate to Japanese, then back again:

Rule i: All guns is always loaded the

Rule ii: which It destroys and you the flag put out the muzzle assuredly and anyone which it does not do you hang but it supplies it does not make to dry,

Rule III: Your spectacle will be in the target and until the trigger to fall defend your finger

Rule IV: Under certainty of your target be.

Sounds like a moonbat trying to make a point, doesn't it?

See Misha Disect...

...Moonbats galore as they sniffle over Sammy's coronation. For life. Over the next 3 frickin decades or so, he helps to overthrow every last unconstitutional piece of bench legislation the irritating little cricket people snuck past us. And Joannie Ginsberg is holding on by the skin of her teeth and praying that a Democrat get's elected President in '08. Can you imagine if another Republican gets the nod? That'd mean TWO more conservative justices.

Hey, a boy can dream, can't he.

Sammy Gets In

Not exactly breaking news (no kidding) here, but Sam Alito was confirmed as Associate Supreme Court Justice today by a 58-42 vote, which proves, despite what Ann Coulter says, that there are loons a'plenty on the Democratic side of the aisle. Said loons STILL favor abortion on demand, gun control, gay "rights", affirmative action or what it really is...quota systems...the banning of anything remotely resembling religion be it anywhere NEAR a government entity, Global Warming, the sanctity of the UN, and enough other nutjob credos to write a doctoral thesis on. Some of them even feel that it's fine to drown young women and get away scot free, but that's another tale.

Congrats, Sammy. Now go do us proud.
"An angry James Frey reader sued the disgraced author and his publisher, Random House, yesterday for $10 million, claiming that she was "injured" by his debunked "memoir.""

Hell, why not sue Oprah for enabling this asshole and making him the toast of the town. Oh I forgot. She apologized. Her ratings shot up when she had Frey give his weepy synopsis of the made-up memoirs and again with his even weepier retraction. How anyone falls for these scams is beyond me.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Jungle Fever

I could hear the Mau-Mau's straining at the wall.

It was a fair distance but my hearing remains unimpaired and there is no mistaking that sound. That primordial wail to summon whatever gods would assist them in surmounting a barrier that gainsayed their advance. An old hand at this, I made ready the first line of my defense and waited. At 300 yards a 30.06 will take a man down before his companions hear the crack of the powder, and as others begin to fall the remainder slow their advance.

But just for a time. The shouting then takes on a life all it's own as fear supplants bravado, and since there is really only one way to go, they charge. At that point in time it is a wise thing to switch rifles or break all records in working a bolt. I prefer the former. A semi-automatic .308 can topple a charging warrior every 3 seconds if a cool hand is on the trigger, and while no man can ever know what his aim will bring on any given day, one who has done it many times before has at least an inkling.

Fortunately, two police cruisers approached and the "neighbors" across the way scattered in as many directions as there were scatterers.

It happens one or two times a week. Very nearly every week. The police say that if they were to respond to every call of unruly men screaming as they ran through the darkness they'd soon run out of jail cells. So they turn on the sirens and herd them away.

And I await the day they scale the fences.

Over At NRO...

THE DANES ARE WRONG [Jonah Goldberg ]
Those Danish cartoons were "appalling" evidence that bias against Muslims is threatening to become the new anti-Semitism according to Bill Clinton.

CLINTON AND THE DANES [Andrew Stuttaford]

"Jonah, the strange thing about that comment from Clinton, who is (whatever else he may be) usually a very well-informed guy, is the degree of ignorance it reveals. Odd that.By contrast, while the role of the EU's political class in this affair has, typically, been mixed, the French foreign minister was saying the right things today: "You can never put question marks around the freedom of speech in any European country, and therefore we have all declared our solidarity with the Danes."Yes, he was exaggerating. As Tony Blair's proposed new law on religious hatred reminds us, European politicians these days are all too willing to limit free speech if it suits them, nevertheless they do appear to understand that, in principle (if nothing else) it is something that should be defended.

Does Bill Clinton?"

Well but of course he does NOT. Haven't been popping in over to NRO lately. Been feeling too uber conservative to tolerate goings on such as "... tut-tut, Percival, the definition of torture must be grokked by the torturee not the torturer; what say you, Biff?"

And come on, guys. Fer chrissake everybody knows that Willie's new game is propping himself up for US Ambassador To The Galaxy, hence the defense of moslems. The ONLY folks that tolerate ANYTHING these monsters do are the ones with a hand out for a handout. When RodHam becomes President Willie gets to tour the world and the frickin Islamic countries have more billions than they know what to do with. That, plus the added bonus of being king shit again and the interns will lining up around the block to toot his horn. The man is an avowed weeper for all those who hate America, tried to persuade someone to lie to a court of law so he could get off the hook on rape charges, fudged about it to Federal investigators, used the Oval Office as if it were the D.C. outlet for Hooters, and this piddling little remark is so unlike him?
The whining, whinging, weeping, band of boogerhookers calling themselves Democrats, along with one RINO, had a stab at filibustering Judge Alito, but were bitch slapped like the ho's they are. Read more below and over at Fox News.

WASHINGTON — "More than a dozen Senate Democrats supported ending debate on Sam Alito Monday, setting up a final confirmation vote for the Supreme Court nominee on Tuesday morning.
On a 72-25 vote, senators succeeded in passing the 60-vote threshold to prevent a filibuster and allow a simple majority vote Tuesday. At least 57 senators have said publicly they will vote for the nominee.
Alito could be sworn in as early as noon Tuesday, in time for a formal introduction to the nation by President Bush during his State of the Union address Tuesday night.
Alito will become the 110 Supreme Court justice, replacing Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.
Efforts to filibuster Alito began last week when both Massachusetts Democratic Sens. Edward Kennedy and John Kerry announced they would try to lead the charge against Alito. Their efforts won the support of several liberal Democratic senators, including some who had initially opposed a filibuster. Ultimately, though, the senators could not put the brakes on a final confirmation vote."

Sorry...I DO Have A Heart, But..

This is bogus.

Kidnapped Journalist Appears in New Video CAIRO, Egypt (AP)

"Al-Jazeera aired a new videotape Monday of kidnapped U.S. journalist Jill Carroll, showing her wearing an Islamic veil and weeping as she purportedly appealed for the release of female Iraqi prisoners. The video is dated Saturday, two days after the U.S. military released five..."

Ms Carroll is a freelance writer for The Christian Science Monitor, and an avowed anti-war, anti-Bush, anti-US moonbat extraordinaire. Why they'd want to kidnap a fellow loon is beyond my ken. What's that? They didn't REALLY kidnap anyone and it's all a ploy?

Good point. Any bets she's released without a hair on her head ruffled?

Half Baked

I defecate you not; those crazy old guys over at The Box O' Truth are shooting rounds of ammunition into...


To have a shooting range in one's back yard is the dream of most devotees of the bang-bang, and it seriously quivers my quails to see these dudes wasting their time and energy on such folderol. I've even offered to send them MODERN ammo, free of charge, if they'd only work up some fun things to shoot at, but no dice. In this particular deal, they respond to one of the oldest and most debunked shooting myth of all times. The canard that a loaf of bread can stop a bullet. And guess what...

Damn but I wish some young shooters would rig up a system like the Box boys. Maybe then we'd get to see what ammo designed after the Civil War would do against various obstacles. It's like AOL, and Google, and dare I say even the Pajama Party. No one else is interested in doing the same thing so we're left with half ass.

And the never ending saga of why moslems weep at Koranimations...

The Religion of Pus Carries Their “Jihad” Against Denmark to Cyberspace.
From LC & IB Viking Observer:

"A large number of Danish papers´ web versions have crashed. Suspicions immediately center on the hacker attacks being because of the Mohammed-drawings in Jyllands-Posten. .."

Slide on over to Misha's joint. He's of Danish extraction and takes this shit personally. Sticks and stones I worry about and don't take internet muscles seriously but Misha's one dude I wouldn't want pissed at me. Probably because of the fact that I like and respect him, his ranting bullswaddle would get under my skin were I to get on his shit list.

PS: Tried to post one of the pics that has the Islamo-Scumbo's all a'twitter but Blogger is playing hard to get today.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Bbbbbut...They Have Gggguns!!!!

Felons, Parolees Getting Hunting Licenses HELENA, Mont. (AP) -

Hundreds of people barred from having guns because they are felons on parole or probation are still able to get hunting licenses in Montana with no questions asked, an Associated Press investigation found. Montana may not be alone.

"There are plenty of ways people can hunt even though they are barred from using conventional weapons," added Gary S. Marbut, president of the Montana Shooting Sports Association. "My guess is that there are a lot of them that are being perfectly decent citizens."

The problem is, no one knows for certain."

So when in doubt, scream and shout. Guilty before the crime. Typical liberal bullshit. And were this to be a REAL "investigation", the ASSociated Press would have dug into how many times prior to this a crime was committed with a hunting license. Then follow this years crop of hunters to see how they are fairing as well.

But that isn't the point. The point is to frighten people. No evidence at all establishing a link between hunting and criminal activity but the AP'ers go the loon route and create a fuss without a harm nor foul.

Now let a felon get out of jail without having his VOTING rights restored, and watch the apeshit. The moons do so love their criminals when it comes to signing on the dotted line, but restoring other rights is out of the question. Fact of the matter should be simple; if someone has paid their debt to society in full then why in all hells are they still being punished?

Violent criminals, well sure. Keep firearms way from those who have harmed others. But for the love of mercy, Martha frickin Stewart can't own a gun?

Seriously now, I need some help with this. All you liberals, are you afraid of Martha packing?

Piss off a moslem...buy Danish

Misha is promoting products from Denmark, and what better way to show our appreciation, the appreciation of all people of good will towards those scrappy Danes. When the religion of meatbombery threw a hissy fit at the Koranimations featured in a local newspaper the Danes said that it was all in good fun and go fuck yourself if you can't take a joke.

My kind of people.

Sometimes, Simple Is The Best Way To Go...

And that's me. Simple. This little beauty of a holster slids inside the waistband with little or no fuss and is as strong as I need for a Glock 27. Click for a bigger version.

She Wore A Brand New Jersey

And were it you or I we'd have had ours fashioned in prison-orange.

January 29, 2006 -- "After an intense grilling, a state Senate committee last week voted to approve the dubious nomination of Zulima Farber as Gov. Jon Corzine's choice for attorney general of New Jersey. Her confirmation is assured, probably tomorrow, which is a shame.
Three years ago, then-Gov. Jim McGreevey tapped Farber for a state Supreme Court seat — only to withdraw her name once news broke that she'd gotten 13 speeding tickets over the years, had her driver's license suspended and had two bench warrants issued against her (in 1996 and in '02) for failing to show up for court hearings.
That was reason enough to keep her off the Garden State's highest court. It certainly should also have been enough to keep her out of New Jersey's top law-enforcement job."

Then, you ask, how is it that such a scofflaw gets to be Attorney General? Zulima is Hispanic. Zulima is female. This makes the Jersey loons literally quiver with unbridled glee.

Cuban Bread

Was fussing around with making some Cuban bread. Made the slurry yesterday...yeast and sugar and flour...let it sit in the fridge for 24 hours or so, then used it in the finished recipe. 4-5 cups of flour, 2 additional packets of yeast, two tablespoons of sugar, and a teaspoon of salt. Add ebnough water to make a flexible but not sticky dough. But instead of lard I used 4 tablespoons of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter just to see what would happen and this stuff is damned good. Punch down the rise after an hour or so then split into 4 sections. Roll each into a 14 or 15 inch long tube and cover with a moistened cotton cloth for another hour or so. Bake at 350 for approximately 35 minutes and this is one fine finished bread. LOTS tastier than using straight lard as the shortening.

Taking up knitting next. Then maybe get some new drapes. Testosterone level is still high so I guess I'm not going homo.

Better check to be sure? Okay, brb.

Nah. Looked at a picture of Kerry and still wanted to strangle the traitorous bastard.

Best Leathers Come From...

Well some of the best some from Australia. Was talking to this detweiller the other day and he called BS when I said that my Kangaroo leather wallet was 8 years old and still going strong. Picture became blurried when I resized it, but clicking will enlarge the thing. Dial-up beware.

Starting to worry...

Been two whole days since I was last called a scumbag by a commenter. You know the type. The one's like this guy who race to blow up some kids on a schoolbus but pull the pin too early. Moonbats who could fuck up a steel ball.

Taking A Stand, Dammit

It's never too late to admit you've been wrong, and Charles of LGF and Pajama Party fame has convinced me that sweetheart deals with China are morally reprehensible. And this will pain me to no end, but dammitall I'm forging ahead. We moved to Florida 3 months back and one of the delightful finds was an authentic Chinese laundry. Fantastic work, good pricing, and polite as all hells people running the show.

Fuck them. All Wang ever does is prattle on and on about how he's glad the business is doing so well because he can afford to send more of his money home than he ever imagined.

Can you believe this prick? Sending money to China? When I asked his opinion of the Google fiasco he shrugged and said he doesn't even know how to access the internet, and listen, I was born at night but not last night. Nearly pulled the little frig over the counter. I mean, I read LGF every damned day and know better. And what's with this shit of making like he couldn't even pronounce it? "Googer? What Googer, Gunny?" Frickin lucky I noticed Lisa hanging from the arm I was reaching for him with. She carries a stun gun for situations like this, times when it's hard to get my attention, but I'm a modern, caring, and sensitive representative of the male gender so I let him go.

Thanks for opening my eyes, Charles and PJ'ers. Opening my ROUND eyes.
Watching the second season of The Sopranos. One way for a boy to tell that he's been away from The City too long is to believe that, aside from Gandolfini's brilliant job, this show resembles anything remotely connected to real life. I grew up around those neighborhoods and those people. Think of a picture taken from a dim reflection of the Mona Lisa compared to standing next to the genuine article. I DO need to go home soon. For a while at least. Before this crap starts sounding for real.
This was all over the net, in particular the gun boards.

Tragedy! Cop guns down fellow Finest

"A drunken off-duty cop holding a man at gunpoint outside a Bronx White Castle was shot three times by a veteran officer in a tragic case of mistaken identity early yesterday, police and hospital sources said. "Drop the gun! Drop the gun!" the uniformed cop yelled." FULL STORY

Happens a lot. Maybe not every day, but drunken off-duty cops being mistaken for bad guys or getting mugged and shooting up half a neighborhood as they return fire is not unusual. Catch the movie Prince Of The City. NYPD truly feels the town belongs to them, and why shouldn't they? The citizens have been disarmed and anyone ELSE with a gun must be another cop or a bad guy. If it's another cop they're confronting over some nebulous wrong they soon find out then go get drunker and laugh it off. If it's just a citizen then there's big trouble. And NO ONE, not even other cops can stop them from teaching the clueless who really runs NY.

That particular White Castle sees a "unique" crowd. Everyone knows that the biggest mouth in the joint MUST be a cop so you part the line to let them go to the front, but that place sees some rawboned clientele who at times don't give good part.

Now we wait for the Mayor to start caterwauling that the off duty cops gun came from Florida.

The above was the breaking news from Fox. The AP is saying they were "seriously injured", adding the following:

"Woodruff and cameraman Doug Vogt were hit by an improvised explosive device near Taji, Iraq. They were embedded with the 4th Infantry Division and traveling with an Iraqi mechanized vehicle."

Serious to a moonbat is warm coffee spilled on white pants so we'll be keeping tabs.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Was putting together my own take on this when AOL crashed and I lost the work in it's entirety. Too frickin tired to start at the beginning, so let's let the Anklebiters have a go at it, shall we:

Ann Coulter v. Julianne MalveauxPosted by bulldogpundit on Saturday, 28 January 2006 (11:06:58) ESTContributed by bulldogpundit

Surely by now you have heard about this comment from Ann Coulter regarding Justice Stevens:

"We need somebody to put rat poisoning in Justice Stevens' creme brulee," Coulter said at Philander Smith College in Little Rock, Ark. "That's just a joke, for you in the media."

Who Am I...

"I am just so happy I don't know whether to shit or go blind! After all this time it is kind of sad that I am about to become a famous screenwriter when all of my blogging friends remain little nobodies...did I mention that the production company liked my script and has made an offer?

Ha, yeah I know, a thousand gazillion times, but an ego this size bears stroking, then repeat. So I'm going to be rich! At the very least the movie they'll adapt from my work will rival Titanic in gross sales, and since even an entry-level screenwriter gets 2% of the money spent on making the movie...with a backend that'll knock your socks off...let's figure something along the lines of a million-eight up front and the sky's the limit after that!

And I'm not playing softball when they come begging for the sequel. Nope. Ten percent of the budget upfront and an iron clad backend guaranteed to deposit another few mill into my account or they can get in line for the bidding wars.

Going to be hard for me to keep up will all of the email during this. Really hard. So don't be too upset if I can't answer you all, personally, for a while. Am thinking of getting some part-timer to reply to the tidal wave of congratulations, but you my loyal fans will get a hello back even if I have to do it myself.

But no matter how much you adore me you can't come close to feeling how I feel about me so don't think you care half as much as you should. None of you.

Ah hell, this isn't the time to bitch about the fence-sitters who don't tune in anywhere's near as often as they should. This is about how wonderful I feel after at long last being discovered for the absolute genius I have forever been."

And just think of how much more you'll love me after the whole world knows!"

Meanwhile, Over At NRO...


"The row rumbles on. Norway’s (fairly new and very regrettable) leftwing government has now apologized to Muslims for any offense caused by the decision of a Norwegian publication to republish the controversial cartoons first published in Denmark. Here’s what the foreign minister had to say:
“I am sorry that the publication of a few cartoons in the Norwegian paper Magazinet has caused unrest among Muslims. I fully understand that these drawings are seen to give offence by Muslims worldwide. Islam is a spiritual reference point for a large part of the world. Your faith has the right to be respected by us.The cartoons in the Christian paper Magazinet are not constructive in building the bridges which are necessary between people with different religious and ethnic backgrounds. Instead they contribute to suspicion and unnecessary conflict.Let it be clear that the Norwegian government condemns every expression or act which expresses contempt for people on the basis of their religion or ethnic origin. Norway has always supported the fight of the UN against religious intolerance and racism, and believes that this fight is important in order to avoid suspicion and conflict. Tolerance, mutual respect and dialogue are the basis values of Norwegian society and of our foreign policy. Freedom of expression is one of the pillars of Norwegian society. This includes tolerance for opinions that not everyone shares. At the same time our laws and our international obligations enforce restrictions for incitement to hatred or hateful expressions.”
What, exactly, does he mean by that last sentence?
Denmark’s government, by contrast, is continuing to show that it understands the meaning of free expression. Naturally, therefore, the Saudi regime, which knows a thing or two about hate speech, has recalled its ambassador to Copenhagen for “consultations.”

The Danes should not allow him back."
Via (as usual on this topic) the Brussels Journal.

"Tolerance, mutual respect, and dialogue..." With bloodthirsty, savage killers. Yeah right. Bend over a little more.

Just when I thought I'd scream if I saw one more advertisement or story about losing weight...New Years Resolution Fall-Out...Dennis The Peasant returns to blogging with the announcement that he's been dieting.

But Den follows this up with a rip-roaring full frontal assault on the absolute lack of savvy seeping from the GRAVITAS monster otherwise known as Pajamas Media.

..."here it is...
The Big Scoop on how Pajamas Media is going to give advertisers orgasms! And it's big enough (the scoop... not the orgasm) that I'm breaking it into three seperate parts...
A businessman who had contacted Pajamas Media and requested an advertiser's kit in mid-November finally got - well - the following Power Point presentation in mid-January. He sent it to me because he couldn't believe what he'd received. Beyond the fact that Pajamas Media couldn't turn around a request for an advertiser's kit (which this sure as spoot ain't) in under 60 days, it seems - and this is incredible to me - that as of mid-January, 2006 the company still doesn't have a real advertiser's kit."

Dennis presents an in-depth study of how NOT to launch a start-up company by using examples from the PJ's. I at first was calling to call bullswaddle, thinking that old Den was trying to slip a fast one by us, but it looks to be for real. They went to war and no one remembered to bring the ammo.

Fucking incredible.

All of them CANNOT be this dumb. For chrissake couldn't they have just read a book or asked a friend? As part of two different start-ups I can vouchsafe everything Dennis has said to be spot-on. Newbees AGONIZE over every last detail when going into business. They personalize their ad-kits to suit the perspective client, they have specialists in their individual areas of responsibility tailoring and catering to the needs of advertisers.

But not the GRAVITAS monster that ate blogdom.

But okay, so you forgot the most important thing to do. Shit happens. You've spent your time on making every last damnable thing so frickin sophisticated that the folks with the product and the cash give you a gentle nudge because you've shown them your messkit ain't nothing to sneeze at.


Look at the insert. "Blogs are viewed as a good place to measure buzz..."

What? How about "Blogs are a fantastic place to both measure AND create Buzz!"

This shit is easy, kids. And when they fuck up the easy the hard will drop them like getting hit with a ton of bricks.

Cannot make this stuff up. IowafrickinHawk couldn't do a parody half as funny as PJ's reality.

Dennis, you have no idea how lucky you are that Roger screwed you over. Imagine being there and trying to sort out this mess.

Forget the esoteric bullswaddle...

And the most important trait in a mate is...

The answer is fidelity no matter what the avant garde say.

No thanks, had Humuhumunukunukuapuaa for breakfast..

State Fish Dethroned in Hawaii


Britain and Germany warn Iran could still face sanctions

The trembling you feel is the entire country of Iran quaking in their boots.

J-Pod Gets It Right

Or: Even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

by John Podhoretz

January 27, 2006 -- "THE Palestinians have voted in a terrorist group that has been involved in killing Americans, attacking Israeli civilians and seeks the destruction of Israel and its replacement by a Palestinian state stretching from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.
So? What else is new?

Yes, Hamas, the dangerous terrorist organization, has won a stunning victory at the polls. It replaces Fatah, the party of Yasser Arafat. People are screaming in horror. Why?
Fatah is no better than Hamas. It has a comparably monstrous history of Jew-killling, including the murder of Americans. During the last intifada, the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade — which was a wholly owned subsidiary of Fatah — stood second to none in its bloodthirsty slaughter of Israelis as they dined in cafes or rode on buses.

Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.

There are two distinctions to be drawn between Hamas and Fatah. First, Fatah has supposedly given up its goal of destroying Israel and has supposedly accepted the principle of a two-state solution. Big deal. The Palestinian educational system created by Fatah preaches Israel's destruction from kindergarten through college, as do the state-run media. Fatah remains philosophically committed to Israel's destruction, even though it has adopted a more pragmatic stance politically."

We said as much yesterday, much to the disdain of the teeth-gnashers and lovers of girly Emanuele Ottolenghi, who believe that Islamic terrorists can be broken down into really dangerous cave dwellers and really-really dangerous cave dwellers. They preach the destruction of Israel and America and pretty much anyone else who doesn't love the smell of camel piss in the morning, right up until it's time for a handout and up pops the peace lovers who'll do their level best to stop the bloodshed.

Yeah right.

When Moons Collide

Gay Unions Fracture Md.'s Black Caucus

"Maryland's African American lawmakers are deeply divided in the emerging debate over same-sex marriage, which forces them to balance their communities' bedrock religious convictions against a traditional commitment to civil rights."

Was only a matter of time before the ultra-liberal attitudes and lifestyles of the far left clashed with conservative black standards. Time to come home, brothers and sisters.

Ann Coulter

Welcome to AnnCoulter.com

"The Democrats are trying to "reframe" their message to make people think they believe abortion is wrong. I think this is going to be a hard sell if they plan to continue ferociously defending abortion-on-demand right up until the moment the baby's head is through the birth canal. But both The New York Times and The Washington Post have recently run op-eds by liberals calling for Democrats to abandon their single-minded devotion to Roe v. Wade.
In The New York Times, William Saletan gently counseled feminists that it was time to admit: "It's bad to kill a fetus." And they say liberals have no values! Even Jimmy Carter, the Democrats' idea of an Evangelical Christian, has allowed that "I don't believe that Christ would approve of abortions." (Though Carter added that Christ would approve of abortion if "the mother's life or health was seriously endangered or the pregnancy resulted from rape or incest" — or if Jesus really, really needed the feminists to vote for him.)
One by one, the Democratic Party keeps having to abandon all the insane positions that have made it the funny, silly party we've come to know and love. The gun control fanatics were thrown overboard after President Bill Clinton and a Democratic Congress passed the 1994 crime bill that banned so-called "assault weapons" — i.e., otherwise completely legal semiautomatic weapons that looked scary to Dianne Feinstein. As a result, the Democrats lost Congress for the first time in 40 years and lost the South forever. When is the last time you heard a Democrat use the words "gun control"?"

Last week.

When NY's Mayor Bloomberg was caterwauling about the evil guns that were killing police officers...who by the way are killed far less than "civilians" as the result of injuries sustained from firearms...Senators Schumer and Clinton nearly choked on their lattes as they raced to proclaim that gun control was the job of Congress and not some silly little governor. Bloomberg is the farthest thing from a Republican as a man can be, but calls himself one so the Wack Jobs masquerading as elected representatives were in an uproar when he had the audacity to try and take gun control off of their plate and on to his. And it's happening in other states as well. States that have passed concealed carry laws only to see a Democratic Governor veto the legislation. Some prominent Dems are rethinking their strategy, but fer crissake Kerry himself is sounding just like the old Dems as he whines about everything the baby killers hold so near and dear.

Kerry Defends Senate Filibuster on Alito as 'a Vote of History'

"Republicans mocked Kerry's role in extending the debate from Europe on Thursday, and they continued their sarcasm yesterday. The filibuster strategy "was apparently hatched in Davos, Switzerland, where Senator Kerry now is with those masters of the universe that are out there trying to figure our world economy out," Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) said in a Senate speech..."

The NRA is predicting a long, hard battle to keep the Dimwits at bay during this years election. They STILL want unregulated abortion and highly regulated guns, and no mild protestations from one idjit editor or another is going to change that. I understand that Ann likes to take whatever victories she can as notches for her lifelong duel with the socialists, but come crunch time...and that means money-time...the liberals will bend to whichever wind is blowing them the most cash.

And what is the foremost reason the liberals are stating in their opposition to Judge Alito? Bingo. Yeah, they don't like the fact that he believes in the Constitution regarding Presidential powers during wartime, but it's his stance on ABORTION that had every Democrat on the Judiciary Committee vote against him. And guess who wants to filibuster?

Hil's for filibuster
"Sen. Hillary Clinton yesterday backed a rebel band of Senate Dems seeking to filibuster a vote on the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Samuel Alito."FULL STORY

"Rebel" Democrats my ass. ANY Democrat having visions of Oval Office's dancing in his or head, and that has to include RodHam. Nothing has changed if only 4 of the Senate Democrats intend to vote for Alito. Roberts got a better deal then that, so if anything things are getting worse.

Friday, January 27, 2006

And it seemed as if it would take me as long to post this picture as it took for the holster to be delivered. Gotta love Blogger.

Just a cheapie Uncle Mike's but it's as comfortable as all hell. Holds the Ruger GP-100 snugly and without drama.

Next up is the monster belt guaranteed to support one of the strands to the Brooklyn Bridge. Maybe I'll get Lisa to model the whole schmear. I'd do it but, the children. The children.

PS: click for a bigger pic.

Wither FedEx...

So one of the holsters I purchased from Cheaper Than Dirt remains on the FedEx truck, and it's 6:40 or so my time.

And I'm worried. Not about losing the holster, hell, it was a cheapie, and both Cheaper and FedEx will make good if lost. No, I'm worried that the driver took a wrong turn and wound up in a nearby neighborhood. Bad place. Wouldn't send one of the troll-moonbats who call me names there.

Last entry from FedEx reported that the vehicle left Ocala at 7:30 this morning, and it does not take 11 hours to reach Gainesville so it looks like the cannibals got the poor dude. I know that government money comes along and establishes welfare neighborhoods under the guise of lots of pretty names (Preserving the GLADES for ALL" and other such bilgewater) and that lots of states gobble that cash up to house the savages, but it's a crying shame they can't all be huddled together instead of spread out so as to catch the unawares. The inhabitants percolate out of the homes they've trashed and ooze into other areas like kudzu that then retreats from the dawning day. They hoot back and forth to one another all through the night, sending signals that they must feel to be indistinguishable from wildlife noises, but in fact sound like stoned crackheads imitating ruptured ducks. I've lived in the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, and Way The Frig Out West, and they all sound the same. They skulk to the borders of civilization and test the defenses much as bacterium do when invading a healthy body.

Hope the driver didn't have any kids.

UPDATE: God Was His Co-Pilot...

FedEx dude just drove away, not a half hour over my worrying for his life. And yes, he DID get sidetracked but thankfully he made it out of Little Nairobi before full darkness fell. I thanked him profusely and even offered a ten buck tip for his troubles but he said nah. Sees a lot of such shit and doesn't let it bother him much anymore. Brave man.

What's New From Bob Parks...


New Horizons, which is on its way to Pluto, is the fastest spacecraft ever built. Even so, the trip will take nine years. At the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics meeting last year, an award was given for a paper about a new propulsion system that could do it in a day. So why are we doing it the old-fashioned way? Because it works. There are two worlds. There is the world that sends robots to explore Mars, finds a vaccine for cervical cancer, unravels the structure of DNA, invents Global Positioning, etc. And then there is an alternate world that discovers cold fusion, homeopathy, the Podkletnov gravity shield, hydrinos, and the Heim space drive. Inhabitants of both worlds speak similar languages, look alike, even have identical DNA. It's not just that things don't work in the alternate world, that can happen even in the real world. But in the alternate world it doesn't seem to make any difference.

THE HYDROGEN CAR: TRANSPORTATION IN THE ALTERNATE WORLD. Huge gaps in virtually every field of science would have to be overcome for a hydrogen car to be feasible. The goal is for hydrogen vehicles to be in showrooms by 2020, 12 years after Bush leaves office. Energy Secretary Bodman kicked off the Washington Auto Show on Tuesday with the announcement of $119M in funding and a "Research Roadmap." It's a roadmap of the alternate world.

Mr. Parks is a bit of a moonbat, but I forgive most of his lunacy because he keeps a jaundiced eye on everything. For Hydrogen cars to be cost effective and REALLY fuel efficient we need to learn how to make Hydrogen from other sources. Burning 10 gallons of fossil fuel to make 2 gallons of Hydrogen has the moonies quite gleeful because math was never their forte. The pollution and "waste" of energy is therefore location specific so they feel all smug and shit without realizing that their little crap box might not be using irreplaceable energy while it's on the road, but the process of making that energy is out of the question were it to be employed nation-wide.

Dick Morris Says...

Since the the people calling themselves Palestinians voted for Hamas, we should...

1) Cut off all direct subsidy of the Palestinian refugee population or its political or charitable organs.
2) Demand that the United Nations follow suit.
3) Immediately suspend all payments to the United Nations until it does so.

Jimmy Carter Says:

“The Palestinian Government is destitute, and in desperate financial straits. I hope that support for the new government will be forthcoming,”

I've linked to Morris but if you want to see all of what Carter spewed you'll have to go find it for yourself. Sorry. Don't want to be an enabler.

Huffington Roasts...

Not that I like calling attention to poorly done blogs...oh yeah, then why mention PJ Media...and the Huffington affair is as bad as bad gets, but anything that gets Tim Russert's goat is fun to watch:

New York Daily News - Home - Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Big fuss over claims about Little Russ

"Celebrity blogger Arianna Huffington regularly attacks "Meet the Press" moderator Tim Russert as a Washington insider who gets chummy with the powerful. Usually there's no response.
But now Huffington has really gotten under Russert's skin - to the point of drawing blood.
Yesterday the entire NBC News publicity machine went ballistic on the impresario of Huffingtonpost.com, whose Web site is eight months old.
"The last time we heard from Ms. Huffington, she was hiring private eyes to investigate reporters," NBC News flack Barbara Levin E-mailed me yesterday, resurrecting an old charge that Huffington has repeatedly denied, including personally to Russert in 1996."

Ah yes. To be wealthy with a lot of time on your hands. I mean Huffy not Timmy. Two lightweights prospering from the attention of the easily fooled masses.

Cluelessness 101

You can read the following in it's entirety over at National Review Online, and it would be difficult to find a more childish version discussing the implications of the Hamas victory in make-believe Palestine.

"Hamas’s favored outcome was not victory, but a strong showing that would leave Hamas with the best of both worlds: It would remain in opposition (or would be invited to join a coalition as a junior partner) but would impose severe limitations on the Fatah-led government on how to manage its relations with Israel. Hamas could thus claim to reject Oslo, decline to recognize the Palestinian Authority and its commitments under the Oslo accords and the roadmap, and continue to use its rising political clout and its military strength to sabotage any effort to revive the moribund peace process.
What victory does to Hamas is to put the movement into an impossible position. As preliminary reports emerge, Hamas has already asked Fatah to form a coalition and got a negative response.."

How incredibly naive. Hamas winning means they get the BEST of all possible worlds. They get to play act as if they are split along the lines of destroy Israel/negotiate with Israel, showing a kinder, gentler side. They blame the inflammatory rhetoric upon the old Hamas, not the brandy new Hamas that has just won a great victory and wants to show the world how marvelous they are. They wring their hands when talking to the clueless Euro's as they agonize over the militant minority within their ranks and get a LOT more funding to placate the killers. I am unfamiliar with the author Emanuele Ottolenghi, but it seems she teaches "Israel studies at Oxford University".


Thursday, January 26, 2006

Some Nice Work Here...

I highly recommend the gentleman who does this fine work.

That is one helluva G-27.

PS: The dude who left the comment here has an unusual blog. For adults only.


Good Deals...

Product Wizard has good pricing and that's much appreciated because everyone likes a relative bargain.

Hate being ripped off for holsters and the like, just hate it. I know that businesses need to make much dinero but for god sakes we're talking pieces of leather and/or plastic-vinyl here and most retail outlets seem to think these things are lined with precious metals as well.

Pictured is a Don Hume IWB (Inside the Waistband) holster that's really all anyone would need for a good carry. $28.95 and the shipping is reasonable because they have outlets in several states. Compare this holster with many other $60-100 and UP versions, and I can speak from experience that it's the real deal. Durable, attractive (although I'm not one who needs to make a fashion statement with a concealed carry holster fer chrissake), and enough versions to fit practically every gun you own.

Unlike some people who won't pass along a desired product unless they're getting a piece of the action, I think it's flat out cool to share the wealth when something worthwhile comes my way. Hey, we need to stick together ya know or what's the point. I'll be looking at some sturdy belts and other holsters soon and will let you know if anything else is decent.

Busy Day

Hence the scarcity of postings. Things ARE going on, but I'm too pooped to pop. Like you really needed to know that, yeah.

Kerry And The Crew...

Call for a filibuster on Sammy...

Senate GOP Seeks to Force Vote on Alito WASHINGTON (AP) - Die-hard Democratic critics of Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito threatened on Thursday to block a vote on his confirmation, and Republicans countered with a move designed to force his approval by early next week. "It is time to establish an end point" in the debate over...

Enough already with the kid gloves when dealing with these swine. We've got the votes so confirm the man and be done with it. Of course the interesting thing in all of this is the Dems conceding the right and even the middle as they forge ahead to placate the left. All it means is re-election to their own little kingdoms but if they believe they can carry the country with such nonsense they're even dumber than they look and act.

Thursday's Blogburst...

The ACLU’s Hypocritical Legacy

by Jay on 01-26-06 @ 12:00 am Filed under ACLU
Convincing liberals that the ACLU is leading us down a dangerous path is about as productive as talking to a rock. Perhaps this is because I mostly deal with far left liberals who share the same insane views and have the same radical agenda as the ACLU. Anyone who believes that the ACLU is there to purely defend the Constitution is naive at best. Surely there are some moderate liberals out there that can concede that the organization is in need of reform.
A balanced society can not survive resting in the fringe. A Nation only concerned with security will drift toward a police state, and one that follows the absolutist views of liberty like the ACLU will drift toward anarchy.
The ACLU proudly display a banner that states, Keep America Safe and Free, but any honest person will admit that the ACLU have done nothing for the safety of America. As a matter of fact, all evidence leads to quite the opposite. The ACLU are always ready to put the security of America at risk in the pursuit of its absolutist views of liberty.

This was a production of stop/' href='http://www.stoptheaclu.com" href="stop/'>http://www.stoptheaclu.com">Stop The ACLU Blogburst. If you would like to join us, please email Jay at Jay@stoptheaclu.com or Gribbit at GribbitR@gmail.com. You will be added to our mailing list and blogroll. Over http://www.blogger.com/" target="_blank">115 blogs already on-board.
January 26, 2006 -- "WHEN Osama bin Laden crawled out from under his rock last week, it was a chilling reminder that our nation is still at war with an evil enemy. But Osama's "offer of truce" pointed to something else: Al Qaeda's ability to attack our homeland is massively diminished.
Bin Laden's impotence is due not to a lack of trying, but rather to new and enhanced U.S. security measures. Since 9/11, U.S. officials and forces have disrupted 150 terrorist threats and cells, incapacitated 3,000 operatives worldwide and captured or killed nearly two-thirds of al Qaeda's senior leaders.
One key element has been the Patriot Act, which finally armed law enforcement and the intelligence community with the legal means to detect, disrupt and stop terrorists before they could strike."
But not for long. The Liberals...meaning of course the elected representatives of those fearful their library cards are implanted with super-dee-duper tracking devices, and the mainstream media that keeps them in office...will do everything in their collective power to return Osama to his former state of glory. That's the deal when dealing with American politics. Wait long enough and eventually the sheep will displace the wolves and make the flock ripe for the shearing. Bush retaliating shook the world of radical Islam and they long for the days when one might try to blow up the World Trade Center and the sitting US President doesn't retaliate.

So it's hunker down in whatever hole you call home and await the rise of Hillary.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

But I kinda like this one best

Or this one...
If I take the job of firearms intructor I might have this made into a business card.

Run hoser, he's got a gun eh...

Wednesday, January 25, 2006; Posted: 9:57 a.m. EST (14:57 GMT) BLAINE, Washington (AP)

"A high-speed chase that ended in gunfire closed the U.S.-Canadian border crossing near here for hours Tuesday, authorities said. Two men sought in a California homicide were arrested after one of them was shot and wounded.The crossing is one of the busiest on the U.S. northern border. Traffic was diverted to the Pacific Highway crossing about a mile to the east as police investigated.

An unspecified number of Canadian border agents, who are unarmed, left their posts during the incident because they were concerned about their safety, said Paula Shore, a spokeswoman for the Canada Border Services Agency."

Yes. They fled. The new government had promised to provide weapons for the Border Patrol Agents and times a'wastin'. Until then, maybe some really cool running shoes. Eh?

Moxie's Back

moxie: Jesusland expands...

Stop The Presses...

This Just In From The NY Post:

Ex-Athlete Turns Out To Be Lowlife Scumbag...

January 25, 2006 -- "Isiah Thomas is a foul-mouthed, slobbering harasser who propositioned the Knicks' former top marketing exec for sex — and even plotted to lure opposing teams to boozy strip joints to throw off their games, an explosive new lawsuit charges.
"I know you think I'm inappropriate, but I'm in love with you," Knick President Thomas allegedly cooed to statuesque, then-Vice President Anucha Browne Sanders, according to her suit, which was filed in Manhattan yesterday.
Sanders — an attractive ex-college basketball star and married, 43-year-old mom of three — charges that Thomas' fouls began almost immediately after the former Detroit Pistons hoop legend took over as president of the Knicks at the end of 2003."
I am shocked, SHOCKED I tell you. And the funniest part of this non-news is the fact that the Daily Snooze headlines only featured the word "harrassment", not mentioning the sleezy sexual part at all. They only get down and dirty when it comes to frothing at the mouth over handguns, and simply can't get it up when one of their fave's does something true to course.

So here's how long Google has been sleeping with the Yellow-Peril...

Check the date in the article below. All of a sudden because the Pajama Party discovers yet another tidbit of old news it's, well, news again. Did anyone in total possession of their faculties imagine an outcome different than when ANY western institution does business with China? They buy and sell kids to work in their Wal-Mart factories, and please, been there, seen this shit, so no protestations to the contrary. We still shop Wally World and the Big K and Target. I personally have stopped purchasing anything made in China, anything I have a hand at stopping of course. Cannot dig into the innards of a PC or disassembly one thing or another just to be rid of the Chinese influence, but if I HAVE a choice I don't buy from China. Plain and simple. Don't use Goggle except to blog and that's because Messenger is as anti-Google as I can make it.

And now because the Chinese are having their internet access frigged with it's the end of civilization as we know it. Where have the PJ's been spending their time if this miniscule piece of fluff stirs them to recoil in such horror. These Warlords* enslave their people, have the destruction of the West still on the agenda, are monstrosities beyond imagining, but the wake up call was trifling with search engines.


*The Chinese Warlords, not the Pajama Media ones.
Google keywords knock Chinese surfers offline
16:39 13 September 2002 <------------------
NewScientist.com news service

"A mysterious new obstacle has emerged for Chinese internet surfers attempting to use the Google search engine - entering politically sensitive search phrases crashes their internet connection.
The development follows the apparent lifting of a two-week blockage of Google inside China. But Ben Edelman, of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School, has now reported the new restriction.
"If you enter one of these keywords, such as the Chinese president's name, you loose all IP connectivity for five minutes," Edelman told New Scientist. "I suspect they may have had this system in the wings all along."
Edelman operates a service for remotely testing China's internet restrictions. He says he confirmed the situation using this system but adds that sources inside China report the same result."

Yeah and it's gotten worse. Google is selling out like every company in every country has sold out, just to get access to the Asian horde. Well, the French really didn't sell out, not in the traditional sense at least. They've ALWAYS been backstabbing frigs out for a buck, so for them it was business as usual.

And please, no "but we'll westernize them by doing business with them," bullswaddle. The trade monies go directly into the greedy little hands of the warlords and nowhere else. All we do is make it easier for them to buy antiquated military technology from the Russians and the Frogs. So if they ever go to war with the Russians or the Frogs it's a toss-up.

ACLU Wins Boy The Right To Dress Like A Girl

And how proud they all must feel.

"A male high school student can wear a skirt to school after the American Civil Liberties Union reached an agreement with school officials. The ACLU announced the deal Tuesday. It will allow a Hasbrouck Heights School senior to wear a skirt to protest the school’s no-shorts policy. The district’s dress code bans shorts between Oct. 1 and April 15, but allows skirts, a policy 17-year-old Michael Coviello believes is discriminatory. “I’m happy to be able to wear skirts again to bring attention to the fact that the ban on shorts doesn’t make sense,” Coviello said in a statement."

As Jay states, it's a bit ridiculous to call any attention to this drivel. And as I states, there's one reason and one reason only for these moonbats...the ACLU and the clients they adore...to promote such nonsense. Exhibitionists, generally speaking, are those who never received enough love as a child and spend the rest of their lives calling attention to whatever will make someone stop and take notice. Sad. Stupid. And certainly NOT something that should be taking up valuable court time, but lawyers being lawyers make the ACLU a double-headed monstrosity. Lunatics with law degrees. Who take damned good care of their pet politicians. So don't expect to see the return of sanity anytime soon.

Solution? Large caliber weapon. Load, aim, fire. Repeat as needed.

The Rotting Apple

News from the city that disarms its citizens then weeps when...

Punks abduct, rape a mom
"In a horrifying sex attack, three thugs pounced on a woman as she walked down a Brooklyn street last week, dragging her into a van and raping her, police said.FULL STORY

The 24-year-old victim was surrounded by the trio and forced into the vehicle at knifepoint at the corner of E. 15th St. and Avenue Z in Sheepshead Bay about 11 p.m. Thursday.
Two men raped and sodomized her inside the white van, tearing her clothes - then kicked her out on the sidewalk near Hubbard St. and Shore Parkway, police said."

And instead of 3 hispanics recovering from gunshot wounds in a prison infirmary we have a young woman traumatized for life because she's forced to be the plaything of a city that NEEDS such criminals to compliment it's political base. But the loons will lose sleep over their Google-trail.

Anxiety Thy Name Is Moonbat

Quote of the Day

"I told him I'd Googled 'rent boy,' just in case I got whisked off to some Navy prison in the dead of night," Kathryn Hanson, a former telecommunications engineer who lives in Oakland, Calif., tells the New York Times, about the anxiety she shared with her boyfriend after Googling a phrase that means "young male prostitute" that she had heard on the BBC. Ms. Hanson's reaction arose from last week's reports that as part of its effort to uphold an online pornography law, the Justice Department had asked a federal judge to compel Google to turn over records on millions of its users' search queries."

But isn't that what being a loon really is? One anxiety attack after another in the race to see who can win the Lefty-Paranoia gold cup? These are grown men and women, these loons, quivering in their dimly lit rooms as they fashion tinfoil defenses against whatever imaginary black aircraft has been following them as of late.

But what would we do without them. Sad and funny and everything in between.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Yeah yeah, I know. What idiot advertises stuff for free. This idiot when it's something too funny to let slip by. Boss ass teeshirt and I'm getting me one.

Sweet christ but this woman's been the laughing stock of the country for well over a decade and is still the Dems best bet? RodHam, not the model. (That's in case any liberals wandered in here without someone to 'splain things.)
And with a tad more practice, my money says she stacks up against even the mighty Swedish Bikini Team.

For Baby Blue

Here's Lisa's new gun. But shhhhhh...she doesn't know yet.

Perfect for someone nicknamed BabyBlue, dont'cha think?

Got an email today asking me if I've intentionally backed off laughing out loud at the Pajama Party. In a way, I guess so. Shooting fish in a barrel isn't much fun. They try to be all things to all people and wind up being a shadow of what they could be, of what blogs are supposed to be. And they've been quiet lately, at long last realizing that cursing and screaming at those who've found their GRAVITAS to be somewhat lacking akin to feeding the pirahna's. And now I'm feeling sorry for them, too. But I shouldn't. Such world class hubris deserves to be held to the light of day and derided for all it's worth, but it's back to the fish in a barrel syndrome, yadda yadda. Plus there's the part of me that still expects it to be revealed as some sort of hoax. Hard to believe that such displays of incompetence are for real. They cannot defeat the biased MSM with such flubdubbery, and indeed they make the brick and mortar types appear far more pertinent and professional when compared to something that calls itself Pajamas and wants to be taken seriously.

Maybe if Dennis generates a good enough rantarooni I'll become inspired enough to forget that punishing animals and children and the retarded is a bad thing.

But on to something important; anyone know where I can find a #6 follower for a .40 caliber Glock magazine?

Supply And Demand...Through The Eyes Of A Moonbat..

Subtitled: Your UN Hard At Work

Nations Urged to Create Gun-Free Zones

United Nations 19 January, (IPS): "The widespread proliferation of small arms and light weapons can be curbed more effectively by reducing demand than by merely cutting off supplies, according to a new report on arms control released here. "Unless the motivations and means for gun acquisition are understood, arms reduction interventions will fail," warns the 68-page study titled "Demanding Attention: Addressing the Dynamics of Small Arms Demand".

Yes. The motivations are distracting ones indeed. The desire to live and not be forced to surrender your belongings or watch your family rapped and murdered can be a powerful thing. But to cure such an addiction, the simple way out is to make all weapons of self defense illegal...and in turn a lot more expensive....and this then creates more criminals. More criminals means the UN gets to commission more fact finding studies, and that means more jobs for left wing lunatics.

"Demand reduction must be taken more seriously than has hitherto been the case," the report says, pointing out that arms control programmes designed to reduce violence should adopt a demand perspective."

No. "Gun Free Zones" would do nothing of the sort. It would INCREASE demand as it forced people to skirt the law in obtaining the means to defend themselves, or haven't these idiots heard that criminals pay little attention to laws and would still have all the guns they wanted?

Typical liberal, kindergarten approach. The whole class gets punished because the bad kids act up. Heaven forbid the monsters in Africa and other dirty places would simply be shot dead in the street like the dirty dogs they are, and be done with it.

And, in calling attention to the Annex to Hague Convention IV Respecting the Laws and Customs of War on Land of 18 October 1907, which prohibits the employment of "arms, projectiles, or material of a nature to cause superfluous injury, I hereby submit that, to all peoples of good will, the United Nations is one of the greatest enablers of superfluous injury the world has ever seen, and as such should be disenfranchised post haste.

Thanks to Misha for the link to the story.

In a shocking turn of events, Alito is confirmed by a strictly partisan vote...

FOXNews.com - Politics News - Alito Gets Partisan Thumbs Up From Senate Judiciary Committee

Then there's this from NRO's Bench Memo's:

"Another Sign of the Intellectual Bankruptcy of Liberal Academia"

"Geoffrey R. Stone, a professor of law at the University of Chicago, has offered his view that the Senate should not confirm Judge Alito. Here’s the critical link in his argument:

“Whatever else Judge Alito may or may not have made clear about his views on such issues as abortion, federalism, and religious freedom, he has certainly made clear that he has no interest in restraining the acts of this commander-in-chief.”

Unfortunately, Stone does not see fit to offer a single piece of evidence in support of this contention. All he offers is his naked assertion.

Has Stone actually examined Alito’s record? Might he even deign to try to put together something resembling an argument on this point?"

To be surprised that the clueless, surrender at all costs, cut and run left has a genuine argument against anything, is in itself a sign of misunderstanding both their motives and core values. Socialists value the concept of utopia. It is their religion. And as with all matters of faith, needs nothing more than the strong belief that one's reasoning is correct because they have faith that it is. Now, I'm not saying that smart folks, or most smart folks don't understand that liberals must fight anything that encourages the fall of Shangri-La. Everyone needs to rant, and the presumption is that the good people over at NRO wish to vent a certain amount of their frustration, hence the plethora of question marks.

John Podhoretz finds the time to stick it to the working man...

"It is beyond appalling that these transit workers, whose salaries derive from working stiffs who tend to earn less on average than the members of the TWU, have been getting a free health-care ride while the rest of us have had to pony up. To complain about having to pay a relative pittance toward their own health care is, quite simply, disgusting."

Now, I'm not sticking up for the transit workers in New York. Despite the god-awful jobs they have and the sicknesses they have FROM these jobs and the danger and lunacy of dealing with millions of NY'ers each and every day, they make a decent enough salary. But it pisses me off when a white collar guy like Podhoretz jumps all over blue collar guys, the same blue collar guys he earns two to three times more money a year than. Why is it that these ultra-conservatives, most who wouldn't know one end of a workingmans tool from another, have so many problems with those who work their health and youth away from backbreaking jobs. They ain't smart enough so they shouldn't earn enough? A political column writer is more valuable than a bus driver or sanitation worker? The old canard that entertainers, which after all is what Podhoretz is, should always earn more than doers? If the columnists of America went on strike would we care?

And Podhoretz mentioning working-stiffs as if he's a member of the working class is, quite simply, disgusting.

Monday, January 23, 2006


Hoss and Joe travel to Monterey carrying a large amount of cash for the purchase of a prize bull. Along the way they have to deal with bandits, a duel, a boy who runs away with the bull, a love struck young woman who stows away in the Cartwrights wagon, and hungry

Now THAT was an episode. Can you imagine Ben Cartwright giving Little Joe and Hoss more cash than they could buy candy with? I was 9 or 10 at the time and even I knew that only bad things would happen when either of those two was given anything important to do. But sending Adam along meant there'd be no shenanigans and the tip-off to a funny episode versus a serious one always revolved around Adam.

When I was a kid I thought every TV western featured Texans. Probably came from one of my favorite shows Tales of Texas Rangers. Five years old at the time and from that point on if a mad rode a horse and carried a gun he was from Texas. Finding out that the Ponderosa wasn't in Texas was and remains a shock to the system.

And this show wasn't a western but was another terrific example of television at it's best. See if you can tell from some of the words to the theme song...

"The soft island breeze brings you strange melodies, and they tell of, the exotic spell of the.."

Again with the Immediate Release...

Just kidding. This is stuff you won't get from the MSM so somebody's got to release it.


FORWARD OPERATING BASE HIT, Iraq – Eight days of back-breaking searches through villages and fields along the western Euphrates River valley have yielded thousands of pieces of ordnance as Iraqi Army soldiers and U.S. Marines continue Operation Wadi Aljundi (Koa Canyon) in Iraq’s Al Anbar province.

Aimed at isolating insurgents and their weapons, the combined Iraqi and U.S. force began the latest sweep Jan. 15, and have uncovered a staggering amount of weaponry. The soldiers and Marines are making their way inch-by-inch through caves, fields, wadis, and islands in an attempt to disrupt the insurgents.
So far, the combined force has found and destroyed more than 4,300 artillery and mortar rounds, rockets, and mines; 267 kilograms (590 pounds) of explosive powder, 10,000 rounds of various types of ammunition (ranging from small-arms to tank main gun rounds), 300 blasting caps, approximately 100 ft. of detonation cord, and several working machine guns and mortar systems.
"Every piece of ordnance that is uncovered is one less potential IED [improvised explosive device] that may be used against Iraqi civilians, Iraqi Security and Coalition forces." said Marine Col. Kenneth F. McKenzie, Jr., the commander of the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable). McKenzie also stated that the future of the Iraqi Army is bright, based upon the individual courage of the Iraqi soldiers. "The basic ingredient is courage, and these Iraqi soldiers are showing it," said McKenzie.
The Iraqi Army soldiers are with the 1st Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 7th Iraqi Army Division and the Marines are with the 22nd MEU (SOC).
The 22nd MEU (SOC) is comprised of its Command Element, Battalion Landing Team 1st Bn., 2nd Marines, MEU Service Support Group 22, and Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron (Reinforced) 261. The 22nd MEU (SOC) is conducting counterinsurgency operations with an Iraqi battalion in the Al Anbar province under the tactical control of the 2nd Marine Division.
More Operation Wadi Aljundi updates will be posted as additional information becomes available. For more information about the 22nd MEU (SOC) visit the unit’s Web site at www.22meu.usmc.mil or contact Maj. Eric Dent, denter@22meufwd.usmc.mil.
Have you heard that Ted Kennedy has a dog named Splash? Leno commented that it's akin to O.J. owning one named Slash.

Think he doesn't give a shit or is too old and drunk to really remember much?

And as far as Teddy being a member of the elite and sexist Owl Club, well that doesn't count because the Senator has, according to a spokesperson, a "lifelong commitment to fighting for civil rights, equal rights and justice."

No comment to the contrary is expected from Mary Jo Kopechne.

Bad reporting and boldfaced lies...

New York Daily News - Home - Firepower's expensive, addictive & 'glamorous'

...And impossible to hit anything with. But it's an attention-grabbing headline so who cares. Here's more in the NY Daily Snooze's latest series of attacks on handguns:

"Dangerous military-style weapons, like the automatic Uzi first used by the Israeli Army in the 1950s, have been returning to the city's streets since a federal ban on assault weapons expired in 2004, experts say."

The expiration of the "assault weapon" ban has done nothing to add to the proliferation of automatic weapons...weapons rarely seen in NYC at all by the way...because automatic weapons have been illegal since the 1930's. "Dangerous military style weapons" are considered dangerous by the loons because they look evil, so they must be evil. The Clinton-Ban froze the sale of anything that resembled a modern weapon, with no regards as to performance characteristics. And guess who the "experts" they are quoting are?

The clueless cops and the liberal gun haters. Same thing if you live in NYC. The police are some of the worst trained in the country because the standards must be lax so as to allow certain minorities on the force. And the weapons they use are a joke, because they are as afraid of guns as any lefty you can think of.

If I'm a cop I WANT some clown to pull a ridiculous weapon out of his coat just because he thinks it's cool and doesn't realize he can't hit shit with it. Let them have their Uzi's and Mac-10's. Inefficient firearms that require a great deal of training to be capable of hitting two things: The ground and/or the sky. Man turns on me and draws a Heckler & Koch in any caliber or a Glock 21, and in an instant I can tell at least one thing, he knows his weapons. In another instant anyone proficient in the schemes of modern weaponry can tell from his stance and demeanor if he knows how to use the gun, and that's FAR more important than the weapon itself.

And the creature who used the Uzi wasn't charged with carrying a "machinegun" because, as I suspected, the weapon in question was semi-automatic. They'll nail him on carrying without a license, having an illegal weapon (for the city of NY), and attempted murder for pointing it at the cops. He points it at you or me, by the way, and it isn't attempted murder, just "menacing".

We're just civilians. Sheeple. And according to the loons have less rights than the chairborne commandos who play cops and robbers. Or those wealthy enough to hire professional bodyguards to carry their guns for them.
Condi's Revolution?

January 23, 2006 -- RICE REFORMS FOR STATE DEPT.

"OSAMA'S latest plea for attention suckered the media into blowing last week's real story: Secretary of State Condeleeza Rice's declaration of war on her dysfunctional department.
In a speech at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service, where students are deformed into diplomats, Condi cancelled the tea party. Her message was revolutionary and essential. As a result, she may go down in history as the SecState most hated by Foggy Bottom bureaucrats.

Here's what "Killjoy Condi" had to say:"

New York Post Online Edition: postopinion

Now, I'm all for anything that reforms any government institution, but when did Ms Rice ever do any heavy lifting of her own? Don't get me wrong as I'm something of a fan of hers but please now. An impressive resume but in essence she was trained as and remains a budget director. A tough as nails beancounter who got a taste for world travel and now wants to send...ah, read about it for yourself and see what you think.
We had packed up the campsite and I was inside the lean-to that everyone kept referring to as the cabin. The size of a decent walk-in closet the rickety shed was far from a cabin but I stopped correcting them after soon coming to the conclusion that it would fall on deaf ears. And they'd left me the most useless utensil known to man. An unloaded gun. No big deal. Frank was in charge of packing up the ammo and he'd done the job almost to a fair thee well. Hanging from a rusted hook that would have made Peter Pan's nemesis proud, my S&W Model 29 was empty and ready for the travel home when the first shudder ran through the cabin. Something was outside, something big was outside, and wanted in. The door sprang a bracer-bar as it began buckling inward, holding on for dear life and looking like something from a Kubrick horror flick. Rubber bends like that, not wood, not even old wet wormy wood, but this one did. Either the fellas's were playing a joke on me or something nasty was a push & shove away from making my acquaintance so I snatched the 29 from it's holster and gave one last frantic looksee for ammo.

Midway Pin Grabbers. Used exclusively for pin matches, the bullets were tipped with a jagged edge, just the thing for sending recalcitrant bowling pins flying from their perches but who had ever used such a thing for what had to be, just had to be a hungry black bear on the prowl? But Frank had forgotten to pack the old box of them he'd brought along that we'd never gotten around to using so I opened the flap and am proud to say I only dropped one round while feeding the revolver.

Slam. The shed shook stem to stern, the door buckled nearly off it's ancient hinge, and sure enough it was a huge blackie on his hind legs with a not to be denied look about him. The cabin wouldn't take another push so I took aim, center of the door, and about chin high to myself and let off a round. It coincided with his last mighty heave and the center of the door exploded outward and so did the bear. From fright. A .44 magnum is one helluva round but it's not knocking a 500 pound bear off his feet so the creature must have thought that the door reared up and bit him. Next thing I knew there were more rounds going off outside and stepping over the wreck of the doorway I saw the beast lying there not 15 feet away. Frank and Doc had finished him off with their 30-30's and it wasn't until just an hour or so ago I remembered the Midway Pin Grabbers from an old advertisement I came across.

Still don't know how they did on pins. Do know they downed the biggest blackie I'd ever seen. Nowhere's near a record, bears in that neck of the woods went 600 easy and just last December a hunter shot a 750 pounder that was terrorizing the locals. The fella who owned the land we'd camped on hooked it up to his Deere and dragged the carcass to a horse weighing scale a mile or so down the road, and 535 pounds of teeth and muscle is nothing to sneeze at.

Frank always left something behind. For years it was always watch Frank pack then follow behind him snatching up what he'd miss. And just that once I was glad. Nearly kissed the old fool smack on the bald spot.

But it was Pennsylvania not Brokeback Mountain so I just shook his hand.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

To Be King...

Was reading a piece on the cost of incarcerating convicted criminals, felons mostly, and it's a staggering sum. Lost the bloody thing and won't make a bigger ass of myself by tossing out numbers I am unsure of, but wowsers.

Eventually, pretty much any transgression will be considered felonious so I do understand that there's a difference between violent nutjobs and someone getting caught doing what used to be perfectly legal. But it's the violent offenders I and society should be worried about, and no, I'm not saying give the grifters a free ride but for the love of pete it's high time for the madness to end. Federal penetentiaries are nothing more than graduate schooling for villains thieves and scoundrels, and I do suppose it's going to take some sort of revolution to get the country back on track. Cruel and unusual punishment USED to mean torture and bread and water but the liberals have reformulated the concept to mean no internet access and less than a score of conjugal visits per month.

Barracks environment for those capable of living with other inmates. Cellblocks for those who need to be behind bars. Barbed wire, the German kind, strung several feet deep and a dozen or so feet high. Beyond that, mine fields. Want to escape, be our guest. Commit a REAL felony, in other words steal or harm another person or persons and it's a quick 20 in the can, with parole ONLY for those who've demonstrated a genuine willingness to return to society as valued members, not childrens-stories-writers or Jesus freaks. The death penalty for those who've been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to have killed another human being while committing a rape or robbery. In the can, on to death row, and have it all neat and tidy in less than a year before throwing the switch.

All this could be done were it not for the loons. Less prisons, a safer society, and of course I'm so full of shit my eyes are turning browner by the nanosecond. Pipedreams. But it'll get worse before it gets better and to get better probably means we'll have to throw the rascals out. New York is the financial center of the universe, and as such serves a useful purpose so it gets to stay, and Massachusetts too because a lot of the Founding Fathers thought it was cool digs.

But California has no reason to exist except as housing for those who are a bad example to all of humanity, so it goes. Everyone who wants out gets out, then email Mexico and tell them it'll be okay to move back in as soon as the fences are ready. Particle beam weapons are being tested in Iraq and will most likely be available once the last section of the wall is up. Anyone trying to scoot over...zap.

Then, on to the politicians. Wait a sec...maybe we should save a spot near Frisco to house the loons we've just forceably removed from office. That'll screw up my map but I can be flexible.
"They tell us, sir, that we are weak; unable to cope with so formidable an adversary. But when shall we be stronger? Will it be the next week, or the next year? Will it be when we are totally disarmed, and when a British guard shall be stationed in every house?"

Patrick Henry.

From his Give Me Liberty speech. They were some amazing men. Just imagine if all that were around back in the good old days were the likes of Kennedy, or Kerry, or Murtha. We'd be calling one another mate, the food would be awful, and since baseball would probably not have been invented not a one of us would have anything resembling hand-eye coordination and be left to kicking things across an open field and calling it a sport.

Thanks for everything, Pat. Especially Willie, Mickey, and The Duke.

Letters, We Get Letters...

"I wanted to tell you about my experience at Landsthul (US Army Hospital). I was there for only three days and I had to return to Hohenfels because of medical coverage. Long story but we take care of the troops. When I was at LRMC, I was in the Emergency Department. I was on duty the day the Marines arrived from Iraq. These Marines were the survivors of the IED attack following their awards ceremony. They think it was an inside job because they were in a secure area. Anyway, when the bus arrives with the incoming wounded, we would go out and load them on stretchers, wheelchairs, etc. and bring them into Intensive Care.

They were less than 24 hours from the attack and had received buddy care and BAS (Battalion Aid Station) treatment, that kind ofstuff. Their wounds were extensive and fresh. One Marine, a non-com, young, MAYBE 22 years, had lost his right arm just below the elbow and still had a field dressing covering it. He was supervising the unloading of his troops. HIS troops, I know you understand.

He would not go into the hospital until he knew all his men were taken care of. When I walked up to him, he turned in my direction and snapped a solid salute at me, with half an arm.

I told him, "Son, you don't have to do that now." He responded to me, with his troops in sight, "Yes Sir, I do!'

Robert Lefler, Maj.

Semper Fidelis, Bob. Thanks for taking care of our boys.

Gimme That Old Time Religion

An entry of Steve's brought to mind an old story of mine. Steve was explaining the reasoning behind deleting a troll-comment, and the folks replying to his post began discussing male-female relationships throughout the ages, etc.

Interesting thing about the old-school female-male hierarchy/relationship is the fact that there remain places where one may go to see what life was like thousands of years ago. Africa for one, but I never lived among the tribesman for any length of time and commenting upon it would include far too many secondhanded anecdotes. I did live in Borneo long enough to discover that those who can lift that barge tote that bale remain far more valuable than the herb gatherers. When a jungle cat wants one of the children, or an elder, they don't call for the smaller folks to come help and that's reasonable. Size is very important. So much so that there was this one time when Swinny and I were stranded in a village for several days. A rising tide had covered the only bridge we could use to continue our journey and arrangements were made for us to be housed with a friendly chieftain. We needed his permission to traverse his domain, and also wished to hire some of his more able bodied men so it provided a good opportunity for the old fox to fleece out of of every last nickle we had.

I am not small, and neither was my Australian guide Peter, aka Swinny. Some day I'll find the pictures of this particular village and post them, but suffice to say they were opportunists par excellance. All people that live off the land are. To seal the deal that had been agreed upon, the chief informed us that he would be most pleased were we to...freshen...as many of the village females as was possible during our stay. Swinny speaks many dialects but even he had a hard time translating what the sly old horsethief was asking of us.

"He's saying something about big children, Bobbo. I reckon he wants to trade for some."

Now where in all hells were we going to find big children? Then sell them? Sweet geez. Better to head home with our tail between our legs because slavery isn't in the cards no matter how many men we could hire or how many rivers would be more easily forded.

"Christ, Swinny, tell him no. Be nice about it but tell him no. We can make it back the way we came and..."

"Good on ya Bobbo, but hold a tic..." He answered as his eyes squinted, a sure sign he was doing all he could to understand what the chief was really trying to say.

"No buyin' or sellin, mate. His nibs wants we should make some."

We were far from gods but for out of the way villagers we were the closest thing they were going to get. They promised to rename the biggest trees and boulders and fish in the area after us. Swinny wanted to hold out for at least a small hill or two, but Aussies are like that.

The REAL Reason The Mets Traded Chris Benson...

Anna Benson Enterprises

Lighting Up Some Perfectly Good Cubans...

This frustrates liberals to no end. The Cuban immigrant dilemma. On one hand, here's a ready supply of jobless, penniless, unskilled laborers ripe for the plundering, but the hero of loons everywhere doesn't want his people coming here. If Fidel is against it must be bad, right? And how smart and loyal and trustworthy can these immigrants be if they don't see the genius of Fidel?

January 22, 2006 -- "President Bush's announcement that he plans to meet with Cuban-American leaders to discuss U.S. policy for Cuban migrants couldn't be more timely.
Bush's move follows outrage over news that the Coast Guard returned 15 Cubans who thought they'd arrived safely in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

Gov. Jeb Bush was vocal in his disapproval, and then came a much-publicized hunger strike by Ramon Sanchez, president of the Cuban activist group Democracy Movement. Sanchez ended his 11-day strike Wednesday, after he was notified of the meeting.
U.S. policy is that Cuban refugees who "touch U.S. soil, bridges, piers or rocks" get to stay in America, while those intercepted at sea are returned to Castroland.

Unfortunately for the 15 who reached Old Seven Mile Bridge, its unattended state has left it eroded and disconnected from land. The Coast Guard used this to justify immediately sending the refugees back.

"Because they reached an old bridge and not a new bridge, there's a judgment they didn't reach American soil? The semantics used to return these men and women — who have risked so much to reach freedom and are now returned to an uncertain future — are an embarrassment," said Sen. Mel Martinez (R-Fla.), himself a Cuban immigrant."