Monday, February 28, 2011

The Meek ARE Inheriting The Earth

Was having a look around the web for a Sten Gun magazine and happened upon the following from J&G Sales:

California- No mags over 10rds without a high-cap mag permit.
Hawaii- No handgun mags over 10rds.
Massachusetts- No mags over 10rds.
Maryland- No mags over 20rds.
New Jersey- No mags over 15rds.
New York- No mags over 10rds made after 1994 (i.e. none marked Law Enforcement only).
Chicago-No mags over 10rds.
Washington DC- No mags over 10rds.

Not that I wasn't aware of such shenanigans, but seeing it like that sent a shiver down my back. Permission to buy a magazine. Imagine that. Men can actually live in a place they're forced to meekly ask permission from their masters. To exercise a right. Permission. Now, Hawaii is for savages; Massachusetts too for that matter, and Jersey is run by some fat bastard who has the rubes fooled. Mary's Land is occupied by Mary's, D.C. by crooks, and Chicago and NYC by lefties who sent anyone with stones packing a long time ago. But the left coast was supposed to be a fresh start for the adventurous. Ha.

How Shocking! "Ted Kennedy Rented Brothel In Latin America"

The late Sen. Ted Kennedy arranged to "rent" a brothel for a night while on a visit to Chile and other Latin American countries decades ago, according to a 1961 State Department memo obtained and published by the watchdog group Judicial Watch. 

Also included in the file was a 1963 memo, first published by Judicial Watch in September, that described an effort by Kennedy and brother Robert, the attorney general, to secure a visa for Katalin Karady, a "former Hungarian actress of unsavory reputation." The memo detailed a host of allegations against Karady, including suspicion she was a "communist collaborator," a prostitute and the fiancee of a Hungarian Nazi operative during World War II. The former actress was living in Brazil at the time and denied communist and Nazi connections. After intervention from the Kennedy brothers, she received a visa. 

At least Bobby was prevented from doing any more harm, and yep, the guy who put the hit on Marilyn Monroe deserved everything he got and then some. That was the Kennedy badge of dishonor. Killing women. And of course inviting every living lefty over for coffee and flag-spitting.

Gone Is The Last Doughboy

He didn't seek the spotlight, but when Frank Buckles outlived every other American who'd served in World War I, he became what his biographer called "the humble patriot" and final torchbearer for the memory of that fading conflict.
Buckles enlisted in World War I at 16 after lying about his age. He died Sunday on his farm in Charles Town, nearly a month after his 110th birthday. He had devoted the last years of his life to campaigning for greater recognition for his former comrades, prodding politicians to support a national memorial in Washington and working with friend and family spokesman David DeJonge on a biography.

Lemuel Cook (1759–1866) - Last official veteran of the Revolutionary War.
Hiram Cronk (1800–1905) - US Army; last member of the War of 1812.
James L Allen (1815–1901) - Texan courier at the Alamo.
Albert Woolson (1847–1956) - Last Union Veteran of the Civil War
Pleasant Crump (1847–1951) - Confederate (last verifiable veteran) of the War of Northern Aggression.

My Great-Great Grandfather died in 1954, and at one time was listed as both a Union and Confederate Veteran without ever having served a day as a member of either army.

Born in 1849, he was a surveyors apprentice with a NYC company that had been given the job of creating new maps of our Southern States, and as a civilian, was "captured" in 1861 while traveling through North Carolina* with several other apprentices and their supervisor. The boys, believed to be dupes for their boss whom the Confederates thought was a spy, did little else but step and fetch-it work, were recaptured by Union troops in 1864 while on a work detail, and originally classified by the Yankees as Confederates.

I have little recollection of his passing, but for some time the family thought he might very well have been the last living "veteran" of the War, right up until the New York Journal American printed the obituary for Mr. Woolson.

*To his passing day my Great-Great Grandfather never actually knew which Southern State they were in when captured. Whenever the children asked about their whereabouts...which, knowing kids had to have been at least a dozen times a day, every day...their forever drunken boss would reply "South, sons, evermore south". The General Land Office flipped a coin and decided it had lost its surveyors somewhere between North Carolina and Cuba, finally settling upon North Carolina as the best guesstimate just because.

Mr. Fits Meets The Future

So we got a new pc. Laptop from Acer. 8 gigs of memory skillfully perambulating an Intel iCore 7 processor, whatever the hell that means. Well, what it means is that the thing goes like a bat out of hell, much faster than the desktop I'm working on now which has a quarter the memory and a medieval brain in comparison. Lots of other whistles and bells, not many I would ever use but there just in case. 

One of the more interesting aspects of this entry deep into the bowls of the 21st Century is the router that now seems to run my entire life. Playstation3, printer, Netflix et all beaming from the HiDef flat panel, all zipping along sans the heretofore ubiquitous trail of cords. My finger has barely finished completing its task of clicking PRINT from the wireless mouse when the HP Photosmart begins regurgitating to beat the band. The TV in all its 1086 glory takes seriously the command from the wireless universal remote and whisks the inquisitor to movies and sitcoms and even Have Gun Will Travel.

And a helluva lot faster than back when my Father would growl, "Put on Bonanza". Which lessens the necessity for having lots of slaves kids and therefore something the Chinese should begin instituting immediately in order to save themselves from inevitable starvation.

Processors faster than ever I'd dreamed, a wire free environment, and Richard Boone. With the touch of a button, the landline Panasonic can answer calls from cell phones as well as those still employing Mr. Bell's baby. And not to forget that Bluetooth thing, too. Just the other day, I answered a call, pushed some buttons and stuck on an ear piece. Then realized I'd just phoned myself, left a message, responded back, and somewhere in the middle of it all sent money to the Fraternal Order of Police.

I still gotta get up to fetch pretzels from the microwave but I suppose that's good. Then again, I really haven't read all of the manuals that came with all of the gadgets so who knows. Oh yeah and lemme pass on some good advice. The thing trespassing across the floor of your den might in fact be a ROOMBA the better half just uncrated from Amazon so try not to shoot first because dammitall no blasted critter is sneaking into my space. Trust me. Forgiveness is a long time coming. And good luck trying to convince Amazon that the ROOMBA arrived full of all that buckshot.

Cue Twilight Zone Music...And Roll The Potsteel

" Whew. Sigh. Yawn. Camera's on? Hey there I think I should win an Oscar. Maybe somebody should tell Frost to make me an Oscar outta some knife."
Todd Boone

I happen to agree with Mr. Boone. Unfortunately, Worst Public Persona By A Lying Untalented Piece Of Shit is not a category.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dumbest President Since...

Shortly after the most recent State of the Union speechifying, the following was released and I disremembered to post the thing. This is of course not really news for anyone harboring even a modestly open mind concerning Stuttering Boy Barry's lack of intelligence, education, and bearing. But does raise the question of which Barry-O the angry left is talking about when lavishing praise upon such imaginary genius. And I apologize for forgetting where I found the thing.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Dumb Teachers ALWAYS Means Dumb Kids Who Then Become Dumb Teachers Who Then...

 Wisconsin union backers defame Virginia, flunk basic math, spread false factoids, and as far as we can tell, do not use near enough deodorant...

Wisconsin is one of the most heavily-taxed states in the country, and its government employees are paid much better than the state’s taxpayers.   

Even if the Wisconsin governor’s proposed restrictions on collective bargaining and restrictions on employee benefits become law, Wisconsin government employees will still be paid better than in most states, and have more collective bargaining rights than in many states – like in the states of Virginia, Georgia, Texas, and the Carolinas, where collective bargaining by government employees is banned.  They will also have less work to do than employees in other Midwestern states like Indiana, which have far fewer public employees per capita.

It’s also not true that “tea baggers” or “right-wing Republicans” are responsible for Virginia’s ban on collective bargaining in government agencies. As Edwards notes, Virginia’s ban is contained in a 1993 law signed into law by a Democratic governor (with bipartisan support)."

Wisconsin teachers needing help in understanding basic math and English are encouraged to contact someone smarter for remedial assistance. In the meantime, please try understanding the following: There is NO MONEY to pay you what you wish to be paid. Not only is that a fact, but in order to right many years of giveaways that would make a potentate blush, teachers and other lazy people are going to have to take LESS and learn to live with it. This is not a joke, or a fairy tale. Grownups refer to it as REALITY.

Friday Funny

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Public Service Announcement For Frost Cutlery...

Seeing as how Mr. Todd Boone was unfamiliar with the new Frost knife they've named the 'Lachlainn', I'm more than happy to pass this along:

World of Warcraft. "Lachlainn the Fighting Dog". Suitable, isn't it?

Cue Twilight Zone Music...Roll Cutlery Corner...

", well, ah, ah, um, well, this here's a doctor's knife but they're callin' it a pasitions knife. P-p-p-pie-piesition? A fancy way to say 'doctor'? Huh? Well they're spellin' it p-h-y-s-i-c-i-a-n-s. What? Some kind of Latin word for doctor, maybe? Phy-sition? Let's just call it the pie-sitions knife then. What? Well it starts with a 'p' so it's got to be pie-somethin', right? Uh-huh. Sure. The 'h' is silent then. P-or-pie-sition."

Mr. Todd Boone

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Here's the deal in a nutshell:

Certain HMO's and insurance companies in Florida have been pushing doctor's to inquire about firearms in a patients household. To their credit, many doctor's have either refused to do so, or told their patients that they did not have to answer the question but he had to ask. While others have gleefully jumped on the liberal bandwagon and are asking totally inappropriate questions that are NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS.

This is nothing less than an end-around gun grab.

Senate Bill 432, introduced by Senator Greg Evers (R-2)was heard yesterday, February 22 in the Senate Criminal Justice Committee and PASSED by a vote of 4 to 1.

SB 432
would stop anti-gun doctors from asking children and parents if they own guns and then telling them to get rid of their guns.  It further stops doctors from denying care to children if the parents refuse to answer questions about gun ownership.

This bill is designed to make doctors practice medicine NOT practice gun ban politics in their examination rooms.  As a parent or a patient you have a right to protect your privacy about gun ownership.  How many guns you own and where they are stored is your personal and private information.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is pushing its anti-gun agenda of banning and removing guns from homes in Florida.

Voting to uphold the law and the Constitution and to protect your firearms rights were the following:

Senator Greg Evers (R-2)
Senator Charlie Dean (R-3)
Senator Andy Gardiner(R-9)
Senator Chris Smith (D-29)

(Senator Gardiner was substituting for Senator Paula Dockery (R) who had an excused illness.)

Voting against protecting the privacy rights of gun owners:

Senator Gwen Margolis (D-35)

We've been warned, the word is out, and these SOB's aren't going to win. And yes; unfortunately, the majority of political anti-gunners are female and simply know better than the rest of us as to how to raise the kids.

Environmentalist fraud and manslaughter

DDT and other insecticides to combat malaria. Up to half a billion people are infected annually by this vicious disease, nearly a million die, countless survivors are left with permanent brain damage, and 90 percent of this carnage is in sub-Saharan Africa, the most impoverished region on Earth.

These chemicals don’t cure malaria — they prevent it. Used properly, they are effective, and safe. DDT is particularly important. Sprayed once or twice a year on the inside walls of homes, DDT keeps 80 percent of mosquitoes from entering, irritates those that do enter, so they leave without biting, and kills any that land. No other chemical, at any price, can do this.

Even better, DDT has few adverse side effects — except minor, speculative and imaginary “risks” that are trumpeted on anti-pesticide websites. In the interest of saving lives, one would think eco activists would tone down their “ban DDT” disinformation. However, that is unlikely.

Finish reading the story here. If you've a strong enough stomach, and don't mind the fact that a million poor people die every year just to be absolutely, positively, beyond a shadow of a doubt certain, that some eagle eggs might somehow suffer even though there is no scientific connection whatsoever.

Wednesday Funny Paper

Messenger Exclusive: Michael Yon Discovers From Whence Frost Cutlery Will Be Importing Their New Pot-Steels...

Tennessee license plates. Or "tags" for those who can still remember when they were the size of playing cards and made of industrial-strength cardboard. Click to enlarginate and then please follow the headline link to Mike's new posting from Afghanistan.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

States Against Obamacare...

On Feb. 17, Alaska Governor Sean Parnell took a stand against the continued implementation of the unconstitutional ObamaCare by the federal government in the wake of Federal Judge Roger Vinson’s ruling overturning the law. He announced that “We will not proceed down an unlawful course to implement this law. The court’s declaratory judgment that the federal health-care law is unconstitutional is the law of the land as it applies to Alaska.”
Parnell said implementing the voided law would violate his oath. He’s right. Now Parnell joins the company of both Florida Governor Rick Scott and Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen who have taken similar stands affirming the Vinson ruling.

On Feb. 16, Americans for Limited Government (ALG) had sent a letter to Governor Parnell and 27 other state governors a party to the Florida and Virginia suits, plus New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, urging them to take immediate action against the implementation of new regulatory processes forbidden by Judge Vinson’s ruling.

Two things; Where is Texas on this? What will RINO Chris (spit) Christie do? I think that Texas is busily crossing the t's and dotting the i's. I also think that Chris (spit) Christie doesn't dare act too conservative in what is one of our most liberal of states. 

Tuesday Toon

The Messenger Stumbles Yet Again

Stepmom Indicted in Death of N.C. Girl as Autopsy Reveals Her Head Is Still Missing

Dreadful story. Amazing that they had to conduct an autopsy in order to determine that the head was missing.

Then there's this:

Police eventually found the girl's remains in different places around western North Carolina, and Elisa Baker told authorities that she had been dismembered according to warrants.

Try as I might, I had no luck in finding "warrants" detailing the proper method for dismemberment. 

Record Valentine's Day Alligator Gar

Looking for all the world like the cross between an alligator, a fish and dinosaur, the alligator gar is the largest freshwater fish in America. And with two rows of teeth, the predatory fish is also terrifying.
So you can imagine his surprise when Kenny Williams, from Vicksburgh, Miss., stumbled across what is being called the largest one ever caught on February 14. The tremendous fish measured 8 feet, 5 inches long, weighed 327 pounds, and was 48 inches around, reported 
Wow. I wonder what the record is for February 15th?

Republicans On The March...

Republicans are on the march in Congress.  Late last week, House Republicans passed a budget bill containing $61 billion in cuts.  It's not the $100 billion that conservatives aimed for, but it's substantial and can be considered a down payment.  The House Republican proposal now goes to the Senate.  The budget process wrangling is just in its first phase.  Moving forward, the GOP will have multiple opportunities to push more cuts. 
And look what else House Republicans are doing.  They're using the budget process to hamstring Obamacare by denying it funding.  Shutting down and then nixing ObamaCare would be an historic victory in the fight to end liberalism's nearly hundred-year dominance; it would be one of those critical turning points in history -- like Vicksburg and Gettysburg -- a momentum shifter that leads to other key victories, such as entitlements reform.

Also, Indiana Republican Mike Pence offered and passed an amendment cutting funding for the odious abortion mill called Planned Parenthood.  Another amendment, offered by Oregon Republican Greg Walden, that passed, chokes off funds for the Federal Communications Commission's net-neutrality gambit.  Net -neutrality would concentrate more power in the FCC's hands and stymie free speech across the internet.  Net-neutrality could well have been made in China. 

Of course, the revolution just beginning isn't confined to the Halls of Congress.  Chris Christie* (spit), New Jersey's intrepid Republican governor, fired the first shots last year in the burgeoning struggle to bring sanity back to state affairs.  Christie's efforts aren't limited to balancing state budgets and reining in taxes, important as those things are.  Christie is working to limit government and expand the playing field for the private sector.  As we're seeing, government without proper limits is a ruinous beast.  California is a prime example.     

Now newly elected Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is making headlines because he dares to say that his state is broke and that the public employees' gravy train needs to end.  Governor Walker wants to end collective bargaining for public employees, excepting police and firefighters, on the simple, common sense premise that employees shouldn't be negotiating the hours they work, among other things. 

In Ohio, Governor John Kasich is gearing up to slash budgets, rollback taxes, cut regulations, and confront the Buckeye State's public employee unions.  There'll be fireworks aplenty in Columbus.
All this is good and well but never forget how beholding Ma and Pa Kettle are to the Mainstream (spit) Media. Which of course is totally on the side of those poor teachers who are starving in a van down by the river. One of the biggest reasons we're in this mess to begin with is Mammy and Pappy's need to stride the fence and cringe whenever real men decide to call a halt to the proceedings. Already there's rumblings of compromise, meaning of course that you just forget whatever it is that you stand for and let the other side...namely the

Throughout history, no one who has EVER been right has had to compromise.

* Republican Governor Rick Scott has said that he'll gladly sign any bill from the Florida legislature that legalizes open-carry.

Republican in name only Chris Christie (spit) has said that there will never be concealed carry for the common person, EVER, in New Jersey. 

The Pakistani's Get One Right...

'Nuff Said

Monday, February 21, 2011

Finally: Something ELSE To Do With All Those GLOCK Magazines And AR Parts You've Been Hoarding...

Just released! JR (Just Right) 40S&W Carbines. They feature a 16 inch barrel, flat top upper with a AR style quad rail forend and collapsible stock. This firearm uses Glock 9mm magazines.*
* Caliber 40S&W
* Ambidextrous (bolt charging handle and ejector/ejection port)
* Glock magazine included
* Simple and reliable blowback operation
* Lightweight 16 1/4 Inch tri-flatted barrel design for stability and cooling during rapid fire
* Tri-flatted barrel made by O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc.
* Receiver is made of aerospace grade 6061 aluminum
* Grip and butt stock made of polymer (standard AR15)
* Utilizes standard M4/AR15 furniture & trigger components
* Overall length: butt stock extended 33 Inch, collapsed 30 Inch * All AR15 accessories are compatible with flat top receiver & quad rail forend * Made in the U.S.A. in New York.

*Well obviously a .40 caliber carbine won't take 9mm magazines but aside from that the fella's over at J&G Sales have got themselves a winner. 

And this carbine isn't just for giggles and grins. A suitable .40 caliber round has the ballistics of a 7.62X39 (think AK-47) and is actually designed...gasp...for stopping people, not varmints.

With any kind of luck I'll be shooting one soon...won't be buying until I get a feel for how they work...and reporting back. If I remember.

Oh and yeah; I've done business with J&G and they're first rate.

Man shot dead for eating popcorn too loudly during movie

Police said they had arrested a 27-year-old man suspected of shooting a 42-year-old fellow audience member who later died of his wounds.
The conflict took place as the credits rolled during a screen of the Oscar-nominated film "Black Swan", according to police in the Baltic state.
Witnesses told the Latvian news agency Leta that it arose over how loudly the deceased man was eating his popcorn.

The inconsiderate behavior of fellow moviegoers is one of the reasons we rarely go to flicks anymore. I've oft times suggested that each individual seat should have a sort of ejection device capable of catapulting the occupant somewhere nasty should enough people target his or her location as warranting drastic action.

Shooting is good too though.

Wish Us Luck

So here's the deal. Come Tuesday, the Florida senate will begin deliberation on Senate Bill 234. 

The bill will create A) open-carry for anyone in possession of a Concealed Weapon Permit. B) Remove the prohibition of carrying on college campuses. C) Tidy up the weapons-in-vehicle parking lot law, and allow the purchase of long guns from other states without an act of Congress. Too little freedom, too much paperwork, too many uninformed members of law enforcement, equals a chinese fire drill of epic proportions and Bill 234 will address some of these issues.

Basically, if a cop sees a bulge in your shirt and that bulge covers a firearm he can write you up for open carry, and while it doesn't happen all that often once is once too much, so allowing open-carry will put that bad actor to rest. The current law says that concealed-carry means carrying in a manner to conceal, and since using a word to define itself is flat out stupid and the original framers of the law thought police would simply employ common sense, we want want everyone to land together on planet earth. Understanding that if it isn't spelled out in no uncertain terms, some cop, some where, will take it upon himself to lock up an innocent man.

This has been a time consuming endeavor but worth every last second of angst. Between me and you, I don't think we'll get the whole nine yards but open-carry would be a damned good start.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

66 Years Ago On Iwo Jima

Operation Detachment, otherwise known as the battle for Iwo Jima, began this day in 1945. 18,000 Imperial Japanese troops faced approximately 70,000 Marines, of which my Father was one. After 35 days, 216 Japanese soldiers were all that was left of the Imperial forces, with close to 7,000 Marines killed and over 19,000 wounded.

Valentine's Day Is Over So It's Time To "Commemorate" Something Or SomeONE Else...

Cutlery Corner began celebrating Valentines Day 2 weeks before the fact, and I was curious as to what they'd replace that particular holiday with in order to sell off as many chinaman-made pot steel products as humanly possible:

But the 10th anniversary of Dale Earnhardt's death has arrived and not a moment too soon, so....

" Dale was named as the Intimador (Intimidator), and I've never not seen a knife like this..." Todd Boone

"That's raht (right) Todd, last tahm (time) I seen Dale we were standin' by his car holler (hauler) in Atlanta and ole Dale was sahnin' (signing) autoygraffs (autographs) left and raht (right), so's in his memry (memory) Ah'm gonna read off some names of people who've called me and told me hows much they admired Dale and all our knaavs (knives) made fer him. Now don't be upset as I read off them names cuz I'm terrible at misspelling names..."

These are the same folks who came up with the September 11th Commemorative Special, complete with one of the Twin Towers etched on the blade. The same folks who were pushing the SouthWEST Asian War Commemorative Knife right on up till enough Vietnam Vets called to tell them that the war was fought in SouthEAST Asia. We also asked them to learn what the word "commemorative" actually meant, for as far as I know, nary a person aside from Jane Fonda celebrates our loses in Vietnam.

Well, Jane Fonda and Frost Cutlery. If it'll dishonor a veteran or sell a knife. But as Todd is fond of saying, it's all a mute point.

Mr. James A. Frost appears to be keeping time with Mr. Boone for the remainder of the morning, so I do believe I'll VDR the rest and give myself a break from those who cannot read, write, or speak English yet have accumulated untold wealth scamming the ignorant.

Friday, February 18, 2011

So Where IS All That Sunshine Obama Was Going To Bring To The World?

Ahmadinejad: Obama can't spell his own name

 Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad attacked Barack Obama on Friday, saying the American president "doesn't even know how to spell his own name properly."

During a visit to Bushehr ahead of a scheduled rally in support of his regime, the Iranian leader said, "Obama wants to rule the world, but he can't even control his own emotions."

Sweet moses on a pogo. I agree with Imadinnerjacket. Better see if I can find a Kennedy and ask what the temperature in hell is.

Obama Versus The Constitution...

Even though a federal court has ruled his law completely void, he (Barack Hussein) continues to implement new regulations. The Obama Administration has not even taken the basic step asking the courts for a stay of that decision. Instead it is as if the court decision doesn’t exist or didn’t even take place.

“The problem is that the executive branch has no power to implement regulations based on voided legislation,” says Bill Wilson, president of ALG. “These actions are explicitly barred by Judge Vinson’s ruling.”
America’s leaders going beyond the legal bounds of the Constitution should be no small matter. ALG’s Wilson had hoped more states would fight against the implementation of the health care law and even sent a letter to governors involved in the Virginia and Florida lawsuits urging them to return to court and stop Obama from further advancing his law.

History has proved that more government involvement and instances of pushing beyond the limits of the Constitution result in unnecessary government spending and if it continues will very soon bury America under a mountain of debt so deep there will be no hope for recovery.

“Obama must cease and desist from all implementation of this defunct law,” ALG’s Wilson states. “To waste taxpayer money putting something into effect that has been found to be unconstitutional is a dereliction of duty.”
Past Presidents have gotten away with it, will Obama as well?

For the sake of America, the judicial branch and powers of the state need to be made equal again to Congress and the President. Otherwise these current years will go down in history as when America voided out the Constitution for the sake of a health care law.

I've seen plenty of politicians and even some sheriff's who believed themselves to be above the law, but most had the good graces to give lip service to what is inherently right or wrong. "Politician" is derived from the Latin phrase "low-life scumdog feeding off the nation's teat", and "sheriff" comes from the Old English description for "gall bladder infection". Terrible people all, yet possessing a modicum of civility and understanding of when to at least look embarrassed.

Not so with Boy Barry. Disgraced his oath, disgraced his office, and is forever attempting to disgrace America, all with a straight and haughty face.

George Will Wants To Untie Gulliver

Americans must say "an affectionate thank-you" to the last century's major social welfare programs -- then sunset them, after those Americans "currently or soon to be enrolled" in them have passed from the scene. Social Security and Medicare should be updated to conform to Americans' "increasing longevity and good health." Medicare 2.0 should respect Americans' dignity and competence by empowering them to make "their own decisions" by delivering its dollars directly to individuals and expecting them to "pay for more of their routine care like the discerning, autonomous customers we know them to be."

Americans aren't living longer' American babies are living longer.

Take my Great-Grandmother. Seven children. 4 died before their 1st birthday, the remaining three lived past 80. 80 times 3 =240. 244 divided by 7 total children = 34.85 as the average life span of her kids.

Was it that bad for everyone? Nah. More than half the babies would live to see 20. The other half perhaps not 10. Her generation had an average life span of approximately 62 years of age. The baby boomers, of which I am one, began popping out to say hiya at about the same time many of the major baby-killing diseases were themselves killed, or rendered for all intent and purpose, impotent. So my generation is living to 77 or thereabouts, and lots more are dying before 80 than my Great-Grandmother's generation, and if her memory can be believed, her grandmother's people lived into their 90's if they made it out of the teen years. Without "modern" medicines.

The moral of all this? Be careful with numbers. My only wish is for children and the elderly to be taken care of, and that does happen to mean a certain level of entitlements. Going back to the bad old days means taking less care of the helpless and I'll personally fight like hell to prevent that.

On the other hand, anyone capable of contributing to society MUST do so. We've all seen or heard of the baby machines, the Medicare frauds, the lifelong unemployed who somehow seem to be forever on the dole. Mr. Will wants to see American businesses unfettered and so do I but never at the cost of reanimating disease and injury and the attendant medical nightmares attributed to the sweat-shops of ages gone by.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Swiss Say No To National Gun Registry

Swiss voters have rejected a plan that would have greatly restricted firearms ownership.

“In Switzerland, where all able-bodied men are required to perform military duty,” the Canadian Press reported, “many choose to take their army-issued rifle home with them even after completing military service.
Gun clubs, too, remain a popular feature of village life in rural parts of the country, with children as young as 10 taking part in shooting competitions.” But a newly proposed law would have required, “military-issued firearms to be locked in secure army depots.” 

It also would have established a national gun registry and made it much harder to buy a variety of firearms.  This in a nation of 8 million people, who have an estimated 2.3 million firearms in their households, “more guns per capita than almost any other country except the U.S., Finland and Yemen.”

Just over 56 percent of Swiss voters rejected the proposal. “There was a clear division between cities where voters were more in favour of the initiative and the countryside where people were mobilised against it,” Claude Longchamp, head of research institute gfs.bern, told the Reuters news agency.

See? Even in the land of holey-cheese them city dwellin' liberals can't stand the thought of someone having the wherewithal's to defend himself. 

One school of thought* suggests that weaklings flock to big cities for protection, but its the sheep sort of protection they're after, not establishing just a larger wolfpack.

*Um, mine.

RIP Uncle Leo

Actor Len Lesser, best known for his role as Uncle Leo on 'Seinfeld,' is dead, the Associated Press reports. The veteran character actor died at home in Burbank, Calif., from cancer-related pneumonia. He was 88.

In a statement, Lesser's daughter, Michele Lesser, said, "Heaven got a great comedian and actor today. ... Thank you to all the people who helped make my father's last journey special, and surrounded with love. The doctors, nurses, and staff have been outstanding, and Dad was in phenomenal hands. His passing was peaceful, with great dignity, and surrounded by those who loved him dearly."

In addition to his widely known role on 'Seinfeld,' Lesser appeared on many other television series over the course of his 60-year career, including 'Get Smart,' 'That Girl,' 'The Munsters,' 'The Monkees,' 'thirtysomething,' 'ER' and 'Everybody Loves Raymond.' His most recent TV appearance was on TV drama 'Castle.'

Mr. Lesser was one hell of an actor. The Seinfeld gig surprised me because he usually played if not the heavy then someone you liked to dislike. Did his share of movies, too, and must have had a really good agent because most of his films turned out to be classics.

Outlaw Josey Wales, Kelly's Heroes, Somebody Up There Likes Me, and Papillon just to name a few.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Florida Governor Joins Two Others in Rejecting Federal High-Speed Rail Spending

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is canceling a proposed high-speed train line between Orlando and Tampa, rejecting more than $2 billion from the federal government in a move echoing decisions by Republican governors in Ohio and Wisconsin.

The debate has been a vociferous one here in the Gunshine State, but at the end of the day it boils down to understanding the simplicity of disagreeing with the democrat plan to make even more of the populous dependent upon yet another government subsidy.

There is not a rail system anywhere in the world that breaks even let alone generates a surplus, and that means higher taxes to pay for substandard  service. Substandard because, after all, the government has its grubby fingers in the till and everything the government touches is guaranteed to do two things lickety-split. Lose money at a prodigious rate and lose competence even quicker.

Ann Coulter Continues That Downward Spiral With Her Crush On Jersey's Mr. Blubber

For the second time in a week, conservative commentator Ann Coulter said this country needs N.J. Gov. Chris Christie to run for president, reports The Hill.
“I don’t care if [Chris Christie] wants to run, his country needs him, it appears,” Coulter said in a Monday interview with Fox News. “There are a few things he’s a little bit soft on… We have to run somebody and if we don’t run Chris Christie, it’s going to be Romney because Republican primary voters for some reason refuse to do any research before voting. They vote for the name of anyone they’ve ever heard before.”
During her speech at Saturday’s Conservative Political Action Conference, Coulter said President Barack Obama will be reelected for a 2012 presidency if Christie decides not to run against him.
“If we don’t run Chris Christie, Romney will be the nominee and we’ll lose,” Coulter said.
Then we lose. Chris Christie is a liberal politician who paid attention in Economics 101. Nothing more. Ann has not only taken leave of her senses, she's taken leave of me and any support I could generate for her or Mr. Orca, scant though it may be.

Knowing full well that Christie is an open-border gun-grabber shows Ann's true stripes quite well and she is officially dead to me. Does provide even more impetus to fight long and hard to prevent that fat son of a bitch from ever seeing the inside of the White House. Check that; someone has to park the cars and that about sums up his qualifications.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

CBS Newswoman Attacked And Sexually Assaulted In Egypt

" took a horrific turn for CBS News correspondent Lara Logan on Feb. 11, the day that former president Hosni Mubarak resigned.

CBS News has issued a statement saying on that day, Logan was physically and sexually assaulted by members of the crowd when she was separated from her news crew. The photo here was taken moments before the attack began.

Logan "was covering the jubilation in Tahrir Square for a '60 Minutes' story when she and her team and their security were surrounded by a dangerous element amidst the celebration," according to the statement. "It was a mob of more than 200 people whipped into a frenzy."

"She was surrounded and suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating before being saved by a group of women and an estimated 20 Egyptian soldiers," the statement continued.

This happens because the cult that calls itself moslem considers women to be property and done with as men please. Filthy place, filthy people, and maybe above all, criminally negligent for CBS to send a woman amongst such madmen.

Global Warming And Its Nazi Birthplace

One of the primary pioneering theorists on apocalyptic global warming is Guenther Schwab (1902-2006), an Austrian Nazi.[i]  In 1958, Schwab wrote a fictional novel built off of Goethe's (1749-1832) Faustian religious play entitled "Dance with the Devil."  While a few scientists since the late 1800's had contemplated the possibility of minor global warming coming from industrial pollution, Schwab used Goethe's dramatic approach to convert the theory into an apocalyptic crisis.  The book outlines many looming environmental emergencies, including anthropogenic global warming.  Guenther Schwab's very popular novel was an apocalyptic game changer.  By the early 1970's, it had been translated into several languages and had sold over a million copies

At one point in his novel, Schwab opines on the fragile relationship between oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.   Assuming the planet has only about 100 years remaining, Schwab frets over the continuing rise of carbon dioxide that "will absorb and hold fast the warmth given out by the earth.  This will cause the climate to become milder and the Polar ice will begin to thaw.  As a result, there will be a rise in the level of the ocean and whole continents will be flooded."
Sound familiar? Sure does. You didn't REALLY believe that Al Gore, THAT Al Gore could dream this up all by his lonesome? 
Did ya?
Nah. The mindset that started WWII and set up concentration camp franchises throughout Europe is one of the few spawning grounds on earth from whence to initiate such unbelievable nonsense, but lets not get all giddy here. America is one of the few places from whence to GROW such tripe. 
Liberals love Nazi's. Nazi's hate Jews, Nazi's hate freedom. Match made in hell. Where, both Nazi's and liberals deserve to spend eternity together. 

Apple Sent CEO To Ask Chinese Factory Not To Kill So Many Workers

After nearly a dozen workers committed suicide at a contract manufacturing facility in China last year, Apple sent then-chief operating officer Tim Cook, now its acting CEO, to visit Foxconn International Holdings and press the company to improve working conditions there, Apple said in a report Monday.
Cook made the trip in June. Details of the visit were contained in the company's annual survey of contractors and suppliers.

So lemme get this straight. China is in essence still a warlord-level society where peasants are thought of in the same breath as lice. Knowing this, companies such as Apple happily do business with the yellow-peril, but every once in a while have to make the journey in order to preach to the masters about how they should be treating their slaves. 

I see. 

Hypocritical sons of bitches. Not that I despise those tree-hugging worms at Apple, but...wait a minute...I DO despise though tree-hugging worms, so they should all die of slow stomach cancers that first withers their balls off.

Tuesday Toonishness

Monday, February 14, 2011

All Hands...Special Cutlery Corner News...All Hands...

Now I know this is going to be perhaps too exciting for most to bear, but reluctantly I'm passing the news along anyway.

On Monday, March 7, Cutlery Corner will be broadcasting on the ION Network beginning at 12:30 PM. No one on the show happened to know what day of the week March 7 was, but I looked it up so there. Todd and his cronies were braggin' on how much it was going to cost in order to present the program during the daylight hours, but they were lying as usual because all ION does during the day is broadcast one infomercial after another. So James A. Frost kicked off the AB-BLASTER for a day, whoop-dee-frickin'-do.

Thing is, most of his stupid-ass loyal followers will take this as yet another sign that Big Jim is looking out for them, but if you can't TiVo or DVR the bloody thing during the overnight hours what's the big difference in not being able to TiVo it during the day when most of the customers will be working? Us retired folk don't really care when we get to laugh at these grifters, but one thing is a stone cold guaran-frickin'-tee...

Jolly Fat Jim and Stutterin' Toddy and Alzheimer Tommy and Man-Hands Sheila will be boasting about how they broke the ION record for programming during that time slot.

I might even be tempted to place yet another order, even though I'm banned.

So circle your wagons calendars folks. Big Jee-am (Jim) has done it a-gee-an (again).

Sunday, February 13, 2011

"B.H. Obama: Shameless Imperialist"

We’ve just watched Obama commit an act of imperialistic aggression against a peaceful sovereign state. Mubarak’s Egypt threatened no one. It was the great pillar of stability in the Middle East for thirty years. Its government was far more civilized than Iran, China, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and fifty other corrupt and tyrannical members of the United Nations.
Obama’s whole spiel to the Left has been that he is an anti-colonial socialist; that’s why he wrote Dreams from My Father. Obama Sr. was a big anti-colonialist. Obama has claimed (at various times) to be the new Nelson Mandela, as well as the new Abe Lincoln, and most recently, the new Ronald Reagan. 

Obama’s ego is Napoleonic. He needs to expand his power without limits. That’s the nature of malignant narcissism.
Civilized and democratic peoples suffer when Napoleonic characters take power. We can’t see the end game yet. This might or might not end in a major war or worse. But we have a riverboat gambler running the ship of state, and he loves to play with the power of “audacity.”
That was Napoleon’s motto: “L’audace, l’audace, toujours l’laudace.” Which worked fine for Napoleon’s field marshals, but not so well for all the defeated peoples of Europe and the Middle East. And in the end, Napoleon’s audacity died in the snows of the Russian winter.
With the radical Obama administration, the United States has now embarked on a perilous course. Instead of keeping the dominoes from toppling, Obama is malignantly pushing them into the arms of Islamic radicals. That kind of gamble has never before worked to the betterment of humanity.
On the contrary: It has always led to disaster before.
Whether Obama the magic trickster can now pull it off in the nuclearizing Middle East is very doubtful, and therefore very dangerous.
Israel will soon be fighting yet another war against radical islam, but this time around won't be able to rely upon the United States for help.

The Jews will (probably) win. They've got better generals and better weapon systems than their enemies, but at the end of the day logistics always trumps tactics and I flat out do not know if they've the reserves to go toe to toe with so many foes.

The one who does know is Barack Hussein. That's why there is reason to worry. The man is the most deranged egotistical maniac since Napoleon and all bets are off when it comes to figuring out what he'll want his legacy to be.

A stronger America? Not a chance. Israel handed to the arab world on a silver platter? Maybe.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

There's A New Rhino In Town...

...and boy is it ugly...
Chiappa firearms of Dayton, Ohio has a different take on the venerable revolver. Square. Click the link for more, or enlarge the pics if that's all you have time for. It's okay. Really. The lower link is to a pdf file and since I despise pdf with a purple passion I'm not going in. Any firearm maker that 1) makes something so ugly, 2) needs to hide the pricing, and 3) warns you that you'll need to re-learn how to shoot is dealing with 3 too many strikes in my book. Something new to gawk at, that's all.

Warning: the low position of the barrel requires a specific grip style, please Click Here to view instructions

Friday, February 11, 2011

We Get Letters

" complain about every Frost Corner Proiducts because everything has got to be so perfect. When  I was young I did to aklways wanted a Rollox then finally got one and laerned the difference between good and bad but not everything has to be so good."

If you cannot spell "Rolex", you shouldn't be allowed to own one. Fits' Law.

Friday Toon

Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Enhanced Combat Helmet" Takes A Licking And Then Some

Army officials said that recent tests of the so-called "Enhanced Combat Helmet" showed the helmets were so strong that engineers didn't have equipment powerful enough to penetrate them with simulated IED fragments.
"The test lab we sent it to couldn't calculate an [average ballistic rating] because … the test guns they had couldn't shoot fragments fast enough to penetrate the helmet," said the Army's top protective equipment buyer, Col. Bill Cole. "We don't know exactly what the [average strength] is, but it's better than we've ever seen before."
"We're going to have to build stronger test guns to figure out how good it is," he added.

Scuttlebutt has it that the new helmets will take an AK (7.62x39) round at 10' with not much more than a ding and a scratch at point of impact. About damn time too.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Florida Continuing To Fight Off Firearms Preemption Violations

Senate Bill 402, introduced by state Senator Joe Negron (R-28), was heard today, February 8 in the Senate Criminal Justice Committee.  SB 402 PASSED by a vote of 3 to 2.

SB 402 would provide penalties for government officials, local governments and agencies that willfully and knowingly violate the state firearms preemption law. There are no penalties currently in the law.

Certain liberal municipalities...can you say 'Miami' and/or 'Jacksonville'...have been trying to put together their own set of laws regarding firearms. Just like in the bad old days, liberals are doing everything in their power to create a sub-race of humanity, one beholding to the government for everything up to and including personal defense. 

The fact that negroes and hispanic peoples can go out, any day of the week, mind you, and buy a firearm appalls the liberal mindset to distraction; which is why everywhere negroes and hispanics make up a big chunk of the population...all over the country, not just in Florida...liberals are certain to enact severe penalties for their believing themselves to be free men. To liberals, you see, slavery never really ended it just learned how to hide behind laws designed to keep folks chained to the governments wishes.

Luckily for us here in Florida, the majority of us are men of good will and rush to stop the slavers who revel in the thought of capturing then chaining negroes and hispanics who've made the mistake of crossing over into a different county...with...gasp...a gun.

Telling these modern day slavers that they cannot do such dastardly deeds is one thing, but attaching severe penalties to their felonious works is another, so for some of the more egregious instances we're attempting to tack on a $4 million dollar fine for the municipality that passes then enforces such "laws".

Even in good financial times $4 million smackeroos isn't anything to laugh at, and in today's reality is a fine that would be devastating to these present day plantation overseer wannabees. 

We'll let you know how this all works out when it works out.

The above highlighted information was sent to me via an NRA emailing and I tried but couldn't find anywhere on the NRA legal site from which to generate a link so you'll just have to believe me on this one.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Teen Shooting Ruled Justifiable Homicide

Memphis, Tn - "Unfortunately, when you end up in a situation where only two people know what happened and one is dead, you're pretty much stuck with what the other says unless there's some physical evidence or other witnesses."
Tom Henderson with the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office hopes the right call was made in the death of 15 year old Cordova High School student Demario Burnett.
The person who shot Burnett has not yet been identified, but has been released from police custody.

The DA’s Office determined that the shooting was a justifiable homicide.
Last Thursday, Police responded to a shooting at Breezy Ridge Trail and found the teen collapsed on the lawn, suffering from a gunshot wound to the back. Investigators say he was participating in a robbery when it happened.
"Justifiable Homicide in Tennessee is one done in defense of self or others and in Tennessee you're authorized to use deadly force to defend yourself against deadly force," said Henderson.

When asked if a gunshot wound to the back was justifiable as self defense, Henderson responded, "There were multiple shots and determining the order of the shots in impossible. You can tell one shot is here, one shot is there, but you can't determine the order."

He ran, then turned, saw the gun, turned and ran, turned back again and still saw the gun so he turned and ran...

On and on. One does not need to take the chance that someone who is fleeing then not fleeing is going to sooner or later get the drop on you. Not saying this is what happened. Am saying that taking chances with  lowlife scum isn't the best way to remain on the green side of the grass.

Utah Woman Wrestles Burglar Over Gun

A Pleasant Grove woman defended herself and her home against an intruder Sunday afternoon.
The 46-year-old woman told police she was home alone when a man broke into her house in the 700 South block of 1150 East around 3 p.m. She armed herself with a gun and confronted the man.
The two fought, and the man was able to take the gun from her. A shot was fired during the scuffle, Capt. Michael Smith said. The woman ran, locked herself in her bedroom and armed herself with a shotgun. At least one other shot was fired, Smith said.
She called police from the bedroom, but they did not find the intruder. Smith said there is no indication the intruder was injured.

Shootist-Interruptus. Chicken-Fingers. He who hestiates, yadda yadda. If you find the need to point it, you most probably should shoot it. 
Kudos though, for her keeping a shotgun in the powder room.

Barry-The-Tarball Pic Gets Employees Fired

Lawsuits were filed against the Centers for Rehab Services by two employees who were fired over an e-mail comparing President Barack Obama to a tar ball washing ashore in the Gulf of Mexico.
The company said the e-mail was inappropriate, but the employees said they were just expressing their political views and were wrongfully fired.Team 4 investigator Paul Van Osdol reported that the e-mail in question was circulated last summer while the federal government was trying to contain the massive Gulf oil spill.

It showed an image of Obama walking along a Gulf beach with the caption, "Another tar ball washed up on the shore."

Wonder why, I do, how's a'come people weren't getting canned back when Bush was drawn and quartered on a regular basis...