Monday, November 28, 2005

A NRO Reader Chimes In On Seattle...

Seattle Is The Liberal Armpit Of The Nation Because...

) It is against the law for any city of Seattle employee, including the police, to ask anyones immigration status.

2) The Seattle School District is 20 million in the hole yet the Seattle city council pays someone to read poetry at council meetings:

3) We have a 10 year plan to end homelessness which contains 6 principle actions. The first one listed... "Prevent Homelessness".

Not sure why we need the other 5
actions. of page 19 if you care to verify.

"I could give you more examples but I have to work so I can afford the taxes to pay off the 200 million dollar debt for a monorail system that is now not going to be built."

And frequent NRO contributor Jonah Goldberg has this to say about Seattle:

IN SEATTLE [Jonah Goldberg]
I'm heading back to DC in a few hours. I always have such mixed feelings about Seattle. On the one hand, there's a lot to like about this town and this region. It's my kind of weather, my kind of food, etc. But I'm always amazed at how pre-Giuliani so much of the downtown is. I'm baffled at how the business community and the tourist industry can cave to the drug-addict romanticizers and panhandler enablers. There is so much skeeviness and bummery going on right at the heart of why people come to this town in the first place. And, it's not just to prey on the tourists, there are half-way houses, methadone clinics, etc all near Pike's. I don't folllow Seattle politics so I don't know how the arguments play out, but I'd have to guess there are West Coast versions of the same jackasses who thought drug dealing, transvestite hookers, and robbery were what gave Times Square its authenticity and "charm."

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