Thursday, May 27, 2010

Question: What's Slimier Than Millions Of Gallons Of Spilled Crude Oil...

Answer: The Obama Presidency

So then; TransOcean and British Petroleum got the okay to drill in the Gulf of Mexico just last year, something I wasn't aware of until recently.

Some rumblings are occurring at the tree-huggers, beg pardon, EPA, that go something like this:

BP dumped scazillions into the Obama campaign and in return was awarded at least one sweetheart deal so far. That's the well that's pumping our crude oil into the Gulf. The usual environmental impact and safety studies weren't conducted beforehand, in order to allow BP a running start at what was predicted to be one hell of an oil deposit.

Turns out they were correct. It IS one helluva mother-lode of dead dinosaur droppings.

So why hasn't the Yellowstream Media jumped all over this? Now, we know that the Obama White House is infested with more rats than a Harlem tenement, so the real question is when do they start jumping ship? The only true standard liberals have is a double-standard, and dollars to doughnuts someone or someone's will crash the guys presidency long before his one-term-and-out comeuppance goes down.

But doesn't that mean the media must do its job?

Or can the new media step in and give this felon his just desserts?

Oh and by the way, don't be looking for Barry on the tube this Memorial Day weekend. You know, the usual spot where the sitting President visits Arlington and lays a wreath, etc.

Barry is going on vacation and won't be available.

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