Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bidding A Fond Farewell To The Old Light Bulb...

...And The Even Older Concepts Of Liberty

"If a CFL breaks while you are relighting Christmas decorations or changing out any of the other lighting sources in your house, it is important to air out the room where it broke.  If it fell and broke on a hard surface, you can carefully scoop up the broken pieces and place them in a canning jar or a zip-tight plastic bag.  Be sure to not sweep or vacuum the area.

If the bulb breaks over a rugged or carpeted area, then you can vacuum the area once you have all the visible pieces of glass and powder picked up and sealed in either a jar or plastic bag. But, according to the EPA’s guide, you then need to wipe clean your vacuum’s canister or remove the vacuum bag and place it inside another plastic bag. If you do have to vacuum, there are more instructions on how to set your vacuum on the proper settings."

The old incandescents government removed from shelves in January, and all incandescent lighting totally eradicated by 2015. So heed the above advice lest you poison the entire neighborhood when, after you've finally switched, a mighty gust of wind comes along and rips them from their moorings after you've spent so much time decorating the front forty.

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