Saturday, May 05, 2012

Time To Once Again Corner The Cutlery Thieves

My latest theft of the month regarding Frost Cutlery is as follows:

A new knife of theirs has been named " The Grape Ape", which of course is the property of Hanna-Barbera.

Another piece of worthless crap is "The Punisher", and that name belongs to Marvel Comics.

And I'll never stop excoriating them for their constant use of  the word "Teflon", as the Chinese have never purchased said material from DuPont nor any of their distributors, relying instead upon their knock off Polytetrafluoroethylene , or PTFE, then calling it "Teflon" which is in violation of more laws than can be listed in a short posting.

Roaches usually scuttle away when a light is shone upon them, and I sent a copy of the above information directly to Mr. James A. Frost hisseff so lets see what goes down.


badanov said...

Good to see ya back. Very good.

Fits said...

Thanks pal.

My first real job after leaving the Corps was at a chemical plant. From the head chemist to the janitor, no one said "Teflon" just in case someone from DuPont happened to be taking a tour or simply visiting.PTFE has been around for some time but it isn't "Teflon", just like grape juice isn't fine wine.

NO reputable outfit dares to knowingly incur the wrath of DuPont, but Frost is far from anything remotely resembling reputable, and steals from anyone who isn't looking. Some of it is ignorance, but most is criminal theft of intellectual property.

My fondest desire is for him and his band of merry fools to be incarcerated, but DuPont would probably settle for a few million in fines.