Monday, June 25, 2012

Emperor Barry Defies The Constitution Yet Again

Effective immediately, the President said, the United States would no longer try to deport any young people who are in this country illegally. If they were brought to this country as children and are not yet 30 years old, they’ll get a free pass for the next two years. The only stipulations are that they have no criminal record and have completed high school, earned a GED diploma or served in the military.
No one knows for sure how many illegals will benefit from the new rule, but estimates are that the number could be as high as 800,000. And no one knows how many votes this ploy will garner the President in November, but it could be several million.

So, once again, we have the disturbing specter of the President of the United States — the Numero Uno government official who, per the Constitution, is responsible for seeing that Federal laws are fully and fairly enforced — blithely announcing that he is going to ignore the law of the land and do whatever he wants.
Of course, this isn’t the first time such a thing has happened. It isn’t even the fourth or fifth time it’s happened. It’s been a hallmark of Obama’s Administration almost from his first year in office, when he said that the Federal government would not enforce the Defense of Marriage Act.
Right now, the Justice Department is waging war on officials in Florida because the Governor there wanted the election rolls purged of any people who are not legal residents of this country. That sounded pretty reasonable to me. But I guess someone in Washington realized that a lot of those illegal aliens were voting for Democrats, so maybe the Florida officials should be stopped.

Florida is basically Conservative and many of us were shocked when the state...barely mind you...went for King Barry The First in the 2008 elections.

Now we know how this was possible. Today, even to renew one's driver license in Florida requires proof of citizenship. That means TWO forms of identification, one with a picture, and a birth certificate alone isn't enough, they want proof of address as well. That means bringing along mail addressed to the licensee, and not even a voter registration card will suffice. No fly by night itinerant with forged paper can get a new license and that's how it should be, so but of course Barry hates the fact that the far southern and northern parts of the state can't truck in bus loads of illegals to vote for him.

In other words, Barry himself would not be allowed to vote here because his birth certificate wouldn't pass muster, and his prior Chicago address changed from day to day depending upon which way the wind was blowing.

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