Monday, August 27, 2012

Ignorant AND Stupid..Dorm Segregation Seperating Gun Owners From The Rest Of The Students

The University of Colorado may want to check with its law professors on this one. The university system is releasing new Plessy v. Ferguson-like rules that would segregate its gun-owning students from the rest of their peers.

The university system is apparently planning to house students who have Right-to-Carry permits in separate dormitories on its Boulder and Colorado Springs campuses. Guns would be prohibited in other dormitories, as well as at football games, concerts, and other ticketed events.

The university's action is akin to the response of the District of Columbia Council to the Supreme Court's ruling in District of Columbia v. Heller (2008). Miffed at having its beloved handgun ban struck down as a violation of the Second Amendment to the Constitution, the council adopted new gun control laws not covered by the Court’s ruling.

In the Colorado instance, the university is carving out a very limited exception for student permit-holders to comply with the Colorado Supreme Court's ruling that a total gun ban on campus is impermissible.

Kudos to the editorial staff of the Colorado Springs Gazette on this subject.  On Tuesday, the paper pointed out that mass murders typically take place in so-called "gun free zones."  "Given these observations," the newspaper said, "it is beyond belief that members of the Colorado Board of Regents have indulged a publicity stunt that establishes new 'gun‑free' zones on college campuses. Their actions could get students killed. . . . Don't think for a moment they are just trying to protect the young students from violence. They are grandstanding at the potential expense of safety."

Ya know, it isn't the guns or the gun owners that liberals fear, but the possibility of being ruled WRONG on anything. They know best, and to disagree with such sage know-it-alls should trigger (whoops!) a death sentence. Which is precisely what they are leveling upon the innocent by morphing them into defenseless sheep. And of course Colorado has long been a bastion of liberal stupidity, so why is this newsworthy.

Oh, and sorry about my problems with links lately. The new and improved Blogger has difficulties importing them. The above story was taken from an NRA email.


Vorwarts said...

I wouldn´t mind to be given an special building, separated from the defendless sheeple.

They the ones that are "officially" being marked as easy prey.

Fits said...

Even then,when the body count reaches the stars in the sheep pen, liberals will continue to opine that guns are useless as protection.