Thursday, January 31, 2013

Women May Soon Be Drafted

Females may be included in the Selective Service and qualify for a potential draft should one be ordered by the president, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said.
The U.S. military’s civilian leader lamented that he didn’t know who ran the Selective Service, but whoever does will “have to exercise some judgment based on what we just did,” Panetta said at a Pentagon press conference Thursday.
On Thursday, Panetta and Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, lifted the official ban on women serving in combat roles, removing gender barriers from jobs in the military.

There's a reason why women have their own sporting venues. Simply put, they cannot compete with men.

War isn't tennis or golf, and to dilute the combat efficiency of an all-male unit is nothing short of criminal.

Besides the fact that not one free nation in the world uses women in combat roles. A lot of this ludicrous hubbub began back when some Israeli gals from the steno pool hopped on a passing tank after the 3-day war, and a myth was born.

Draft them? Sure. Every unit could use some extra clerk-typists. But you all know what will really happen, now don't you. The standards will be lowered. As usual. Real life isn't some Hollywood war flick where oh so tough gals not only keep pace with but often exceed what their male counterparts are capable of.

Pardon my Fwench but bullshit. They are slower, weaker, and far more prone to become over emotional, and over emotional in combat means they'll get someone else killed and it isn't going to be the enemy. And forget the fact of what the moose-limbs do to the women they own. Be prepared for a video of Sally Soldier being tortured, raped, then beheaded.

Just another reason to despise the Obo administration. 


badanov said...

On the plus side, we have four more years of this. Plus the contraceptives are free, so we have that going for us...

Anonymous said...

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Fits said...

Bad you do always tend to look on the bright side.

Wes said...

While some feminists may not agree, you make some solid, factual points.

Fits said...

Just my opinion, Wes. But as all of our armed services strive to be better and stronger and capable of doing more with less, here we have the government strapping an anchor to the process. In real life there is no GI Jane. Elite military forces are akin to badass athletes and show me one athletic endeavor that is coed. I remember back when Billy Jean King was all the rage and was watching one of the matches and piped a gender mixed audience...that there are thousands of male college players who could beat her in straight sets without breaking a sweat.

The uproar was uproarious. The truth may be painful to some but it's still the truth. The gals were entitled to their own opinion but not their own laws of physics.