Saturday, March 16, 2013

Germany's Green Energy Fiasco Comes Home To Roost...

Because renewable power sources have been so unreliable, Germany has been forced to construct numerous new coal plants in an effort to replace the nuclear energy it has taken offline. In fact the country will build more coal-fired facilities this year than at any time in the past two decades — bringing an estimated 5,300 megawatts of new capacity online. Most of these facilities will burn lignite, too, which is strip-mined and emits nearly 30 percent more carbon dioxide than hard coal.

In other words Germany is dirtying the planet in the name of clean energy — and sticking its citizens with an ever-escalating tab so it can subsidize an energy source which will never generate sufficient power.

Now of course Merkle the Turkle is a libtard who did a full frontal kneejerk when the Japanese tidal wave wrecked one of their nuke plants, but doesn't she know that Germany doesn't get all that many tidal waves? 

Wind turbines DO NOT WORK as advertised.

Guess not.

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