Saturday, July 16, 2011

RAM'ing It Home

So the memory "upgrade" seems to have been ironed out. Weird thing...after installing the new chip or whatever the heck they call the thing, my bookmarks didn't work and we had to enter Blogger through a rather backdoor route. I think it's because we removed the battery first but what do I know.

I couldn't resist a deal Tiger Direct had on a refurbished Acer; decent enough processor with 4 GB of RAM that I'm using as an interface between HBO-GO and the TV. One VGA port to the other and anything on the net can be watched on the boobtube. But the thing came with 2 GB in each memory slot, rather than 4 GB in one with the other empty, so instead of the 8 RAM I wanted its 6, and now I need another 4GB thingamajig yet it sure seems wasteful to stow the original memory in a drawer someplace. As the Frogs opine, say-la-vee. If anyone could use them lemme know and I'll get it off to ya.


David said...

Buy your memory upgrade from Crucial and ask 'em if they'll purchase your old memory.

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