Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cutlery Corner...The Grift Is Back

" this here is a Combs Custom..."

"...another Custom Design from Ocoee River..."

"...and look at this Hen & Rooster Custom..."

Frost Cutlery has once again taken to referring to ANYthing that is in ANY way, shape or form different from a run of the mill knife as a custom product, and that is simply a lie.

Frost makes no custom products. Occasionally they offer low quantity or limited run knives but that is a world of difference away from custom. Custom, in case they happen to be listening, refers to a ONE-OFF product, or more accurately, a knife made from a customers specifications.

Thousand-run chinamen blade cutlery has never, nor will ever, qualify as being custom. And its a shame too, because for a while there they were dropping the "custom" appellation and saying "limited run", but you can take the grifter away from the grift but you can't take the grift away from the grifter. Con men are what they are so don't be fooled by that old queen's lies because you are NOT getting anything custom made or collectable.

Then there's the "Blade Master" knife sharpening kit that has been running "low on stock" for the past 18 months, and these unconscionable fools haven't the honor to even make a new commercial for the piece of junk. "Better git it now because it won't be here long" means sometime in the 22nd Century the chinamen who make the product will run low on pot steel.

And the lies concerning assisted-opening folding knives are slowly slithering their way back into the Frost lexicon. There is nothing to even suggest that  assisted knives are doomed to be legislated out of production but whenever Frost needs to sell a slow mover he flat out lies about either its availability or legality.

Just like the pitch to buy abalone handled knives because abalone is soon to be placed on the endanger species list.


And we close with: "I've purchased trainloads or German steel to have those knives made..." says the old queen James A. Frost.

Distance from Solingen Germany to Dalian China? 5071 miles. An awful lot of train tracks to lay. Countries to run through, treaties to be made. Mountains to be tunneled. 

And know what? 99.9% of his customers believe his bullshit. Why? Are some folks born stupid, or do they become stupid? But why in all hells do they stay stupid when all the the world's knowledge is a mere click away.

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What did P.T. Barnum say?
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