Thursday, November 17, 2011

BAT-FU Says Pot Scrubbing Pads Are Firearms

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Firearms Technology Branch has deemed “Chore Boy copper cleaning pads, along with fiberglass insulation,” a firearm, subject to registration and a $200 transfer tax, an official letter obtained recently by Gun Rights Examiner reveals.  The response to an attorney inquiry by John R. Spencer, Chief, Firearms Technology Branch, offers one of the more creatively restrictive assessments since ATF declared a shoestring to be a machinegun.

Yes, it is a given that our masters seek to continue the enslavement, and the following comment accompanying the article at Gun Rights Examiner  is all one need know how they manage to do it:
"While I can see restricting the possession of permanent, structural suppressor parts, (my comma...Fits) trying to include short lived consumable parts is absurd..." 

Fudds. Can't live with 'em...Can't trust them. All the while professing their undying loyalty to Freedom as they march us all off the cliff.

We're doomed. The Minutemen have devolved into The Mi-Nute Men.


DamDoc said...

and i just read on another blog about more than one lime being dubbed a weapon in britian....

Fits said...

I sort of expect that in the UK. But I thought it'd be a lemon.