Friday, February 08, 2013

LA Cops Go On Shooting Spree...Awaiting The Reaction From Nancy Pelosi

LOS ANGELES — Thousands of police officers throughout Southern California and neighboring states hunted Thursday for a disgruntled former Los Angeles officer wanted for going on a deadly shooting rampage that he warned in an online posting would target those on the force who wronged him, authorities said.
Police issued a statewide "officer safety warning" and police were sent to protect people named in the posting that was believed to be written by the fired officer, Christopher Dorner, who has military training. Among those mentioned were members of the Los Angeles Police Department.

The hunt for Dorner led to two errant shootings in the pre-dawn darkness Thursday.
Los Angeles officers guarding a "target" named in the posting shot and wounded two women in suburban Torrance who were in a pickup but were not involved, authorities said. It's not clear if the target is a person or a location. Beck said one woman was in stable condition with two gunshot wounds and the other was being released after treatment.

"Tragically we believe this was a case of mistaken identity by the officers," Beck said.

Minutes later Torrance officers responding to a report of gunshots encountered a dark pickup matching the description of Dorner's, said Torrance Sgt. Chris Roosen. A collision occurred and the officers fired on the pickup. The unidentified driver was not hit and it turned out not to be the suspect vehicle, Roosen said.
"We're asking our officers to be extraordinarily cautious just as we're asking the public to be extraordinarily cautious with this guy. He's already demonstrated he has a propensity for shooting innocent people," said Smith, the LAPD commander.

Just for a moment try to envision the response you'd get after shooting innocent people because they happened to be driving a vehicle resembling someone on a wanted list. Whoops, sorry about those bullet holes, just a case of mistaken identity, and what's an "errant" round or two between friends?

Teaching cops when, where, and how to shoot is really the only form of gun control needed. But they, you see, are the ones trusted to own and carry virtually any firearm in existence because their little boys club would otherwise pout if denied the right to shoot more innocent people than criminals.


badanov said...

Slightly off topic, Gunny. What do you think about some of the pro-gun, pro military blogs such as Bob Owens (Confederate Yankee), Max Velocity and Western Rifle Shooters?

badanov said...

What do you call an LA police officer who empties his weapon at a target and manages to hit it twice?


Fits said...

LMAO at the 2nd comment, as to the first, never heard of either of them, but I'll check it out.

Fits said...

Max seems like a man after my own heart. Not for nothing but do ALL gun owners have to arrive at a rally dressed like Larry The Cable guy, as in the pic over at Western Rifles?

My camping outfit is better looking than that and like it or not, clothes DO make the man. No excuse for sloppiness.

badanov said...

I was looking over Mountain Guerrilla The owner is a SOF doggie, but he has a lot of good advice, it seems.

Fits said...

Some notes on Mountain Guerrilla:

Motor oil IS the best lubricant in the world, but only if you use the best motor oil. Mobil 1 is the best motor oil..aside from the spec stuff I had made... and will prevent rust and corrosion as well.

We went through several fairly recent wars without chromed barrels and I for one never saw anyone's cleaning rod stuck in the barrel. Not to say a chromed barrel isn't preferable, but it certainly isn't do or die. The newer 16's were chromed because the doggies couldn't bother cleaning their weapons.

And yes; eat well, drink plenty of water, and rest as often as possible. Whenever I hear or see the word "hydrate" it tells me someone is either a medical professional or an asshole, but I repeat myself.

I do not own a pair of jeans. or any camouflage underwear either. What we used to call "painter's pants" are as comfortable as anything out there and don't announce to the world that you are in truth G.I. Jane.

Overall good advice for the neophyte, yes. Or for old timers who forget stuff.

Anonymous said...

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