Friday, July 31, 2009

Tired Of seeing All-Obama-All-The-Time, Iowa Woman Selling Her TV's

A 78-year-old Carroll woman says she's so tired of seeing President Barack Obama on the airwaves that she's selling her television sets - two of them.

Deloris Nissen, a retired nurses' aide and former Kmart employee who was raised on a farm near Audubon, placed a classified advertisement with The Daily Times Herald for Friday's paper.

In the $5.50 ad, Nissen tells readers she has two television sets for sale.

The reason: "Obama on every channel and station."

In an interview Nissen said she is serious about selling two TVs - and genuine about her disgust with what she believes to be an overexposed president.

"I just got tired of watching him on every channel," Nissen said. "I thought, my gosh, does he ever stay at the White House?"

Well no, actually. He's the frontman you see, Ms Nissen, and as a fella who's never really done anything other than shill for socialism, he's simply doing what he was hired TO do.

And then there's the liberal Carroll, Iowa editorial obligatorially (?) attached to the tale...

"Obama's own advisers and political observers across the ideological spectrum have for months debated whether the now popular president is overexposed."

Amazing, since his popularity wanes with every passing moment. But since having the media on his side was the reason he was elected to begin with, perhaps not all that amazing at all.

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