Saturday, September 26, 2009

Obama Talks About G-20 And The Iranian Nuclear Threat

PITTSBURGH (AP) - President Barack Obama says the G-20 summit in Pittsburgh was relatively tranquil and protesters should realize that world leaders are trying to shape a global economy that helps poor people.

Also, when the President was asked his opinion of the latest Iranian nuclear threat, he responded with, "Forget weapon systems, all that Iran really needs are two things. Number 1, a universal health care program such as the one I am creating for America, Number 2, a global warming initiative to make certain that future generations of Iranians have plenty of breathable air after the Israeli's nuke the shit out of them, and Number 3, the creation of an Iranian Black Caucus that would supervise the establishment of an ACORN-like entity that would assure equality for Iranian prostitutes the country-over, and just like our ACORN find the absolute best 13 year-0ld chinamen girls to ship in-country as sex slaves."

"And isn't it a kick in the ass that we blacks finally get to have and supervise slaves like ACORN is helping to promote? I'm telling you we're genuinely dancing in the streets about that shit. Hey, that recorder isn't on, right...?

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